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06/20/2018Gambian Asylum Seeker Arrested After Sexually Abusing and Robbing 90-Year-Old Woman
06/19/2018Migrants Devise New Route to Europe Through Bosnia
06/19/2018Sweden: Three Dead After Drive-By Shooting in Multicultural Malmö
06/19/2018‘Violently Changed Culture’: Trump Says Germans ‘Turning’ on Merkel and Open Borders
06/19/2018Tunisian Migrant Who Murdered Elderly Couple for Supporting Populist Politics Gets Life
06/18/2018Man knifes himself to death after believing vest was stab proof, inquest hears
06/18/2018Man left in critical condition after east London noxious substance attack, police hunt launched
06/18/2018‘Destiny Day’ for Merkel as Allies Set to Issue Migration Ultimatum
06/17/2018More Than 1,000 Europeans Murdered, Maimed in Attacks by Islamist Asylum Seekers Since 2014
06/16/2018Delingpole: Shock! Antarctica Still Doing Just Great
06/12/2018Europe Uses Immigration to Force Acceptance of Gay Marriage
06/12/2018Youth Gang Violence Set to Have ‘Unprecedented Rise’ During Summer
06/12/2018Iraqi Asylum Seeker Confesses to Murder of 14-Year-Old Jewish Girl
06/12/2018‘Brexit Betrayal’: May Begs Pro-EU Tories to Back Key Vote, Minister Resigns
06/12/2018Austria’s Kurz receives death threats after shutting down mosques
06/12/2018‘Free Tommy Robinson’ protest: MSM media reporting subdued as demonstration descends into riot
06/12/2018Not another bloody bridge! Boris Johnson flirts with project to link Britain to Northern Ireland
06/12/2018Father of stabbing victim demands police declare incident a terror attack
06/12/20181,500-plus South African Jews and Christians learn to counter BDS
06/12/2018Iran warns North Korea: Don’t trust Trump
06/12/2018WATCH: North Korea’s Mideast allies watch Trump-Kim summit closely
06/11/2018Police Defend Thousands of Hours Spent Investigating ‘Hate Incidents’ Amidst Crime Epidemic
06/11/2018Sadiq Khan: 'I’d do everything in my power to cut stop and search'
06/11/2018Farage Slams Labour for Post-Brexit Open Borders Move
06/11/2018May pleads for unity on crucial Brexit votes as warnings of Tory rebellion gather pace
06/11/2018Left-Wing Mayors Defy Populist Government, Inviting Banned Migrant Delivery Ships to Dock
06/11/2018Teen left critical, man murdered as London crimewave continues
06/11/2018Forget natural disasters: Man-made risks may cost global cities $320bn annually
06/11/2018Rothschild scion takes banking dynasty crown
06/11/2018Earthquake hits England, minor tea spillages and Bazza’s bed rocks for first time in ten years
06/11/2018Palestinians protest Abbas’ sanctions leveled against Gaza
06/11/2018Analysis: The Pyongyang-Tehran-Gaza City axis
06/11/2018IDF destroys Hamas underwater terror tunnel
06/11/2018WATCH: Terror victims praise blocking of tax revenues to Palestinians
06/11/201818-year-old woman stabbed in apparent terrorist attack in Afula
06/11/2018Palestinian leader blames US for ‘killing peace process’
06/11/2018WATCH: Netanyahu spars with British Tory leader over Israel’s Gaza policy
06/11/2018Iran’s top leader clarifies ‘eradicate Israel’ tweet
06/11/2018Kim Jong Un’s 12-man running bodyguard team is back – VIDEOS
06/10/2018Indian man slaughters 4yo daughter to ‘appease God’
06/10/2018Left-liberal Press Celebrates Remainer Editor’s Daily Mail Takeover
06/10/2018Muslim Indicted for Shaking Baby to Death Blames Ramadan Fasting for Making Him ‘On Edge’
06/10/2018Iraqi Fugitive Back in Germany After ‘Confessing’ Jewish Teen’s Rape, Murder
06/10/2018Erdogan Predicts ‘War Between the Cross and Crescent’ over Austria Mosque Closures
06/10/2018'Failed, weak, shambles': Lord Truscott gives scathing analysis of Theresa May to RT (VIDEO)
06/10/2018Khan’s London: Man Found Guilty of Stabbing Young Father to Death in Front of Partner for Rolex
06/10/2018‘Ultimate narcissist’ Trump wants to ‘destroy the world’ – George Soros
06/10/2018Geert Wilders joins ‘free Tommy Robinson’ march in London (VIDEO)
06/10/2018Trump won't endorse G7 joint statement, attacks 'weak & dishonest' Trudeau
06/10/2018‘Islam Means Submission. Will You Submit, Or Resist?’ – Batten, Waters, Kassam at #FreeTommy Rally
06/10/2018Kim Jong Un, the ‘perfect dictator,’ gets ready for spotlight in Singapore
06/08/2018If Russia Invades, US Special Operations Forces Have an Unconventional Plan to Liberate the Baltics
06/08/2018Europe Under Siege: Hundreds of African Migrants Storm Border Fence
06/08/2018Pope Francis Decries ‘Exodus of Climate Migrants and Environmental Refugees’
06/08/2018Hungary Slams Pro-Mass Migration UN Compact: ‘Its Clear Victim Is Europe’
06/08/201814-Year-Old German Girl Found Murdered, Asylum Seeker Suspect Flees to Iraq
06/08/2018Brexit battle: Theresa May and David Davis in showdown over Irish border ‘backstop’ - but who won?
06/08/2018Hezbollah Terrorist Flags Ready to Fly in London Al-Quds March
06/08/2018Trump negotiating Brexit ‘would be a fantastic idea’ – leaked Boris Johnson recording
06/08/2018‘I want to be the father’: Trans man who gave birth refuses to be labeled ‘mum’ on birth certificate
06/08/2018‘Fighting political Islam’: Austria to shut down 7 mosques, may expel up to 60 imams
06/08/2018Merkel urges Europe to unite in New World Order
06/08/2018Palestine – Failing the test of history
06/08/2018Iranian president demands mass demonstration for anti-Israel ‘Quds Day’ events
06/07/2018London Crime Wave: Nearly 90% of Knifepoint Robberies Go Unsolved
06/07/2018Police Arrest Suspect in Fatal Mugging of 100-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor
06/07/2018Germany’s Der Spiegel Calls Italians Ungrateful ‘Moochers’
06/07/2018‘Blasphemy’: Pubs Remove Saudi Flag from World Cup Bunting
06/07/2018Islamic terrorists among hundreds of radicalized prisoners to walk free next year – French minister
06/07/2018REVEALED: 60 moped muggings a day as crime scourge grips London city
06/07/2018'Like a body in a concentration camp’: Mother allowed teen son to rot to death in nappy, court hears
06/07/2018Facebook Suspends Hungarian Activist for Posting Breitbart London Article
06/07/2018More than 4-in-9 Black Americans in Swing Districts Say Immigration Has Made Life ‘Worse’
06/07/2018Car crashes into gates at US Embassy in South Korea
06/06/2018Saudi women get driving licenses – but still can't do these 8 things
06/06/2018Iran to boost production of uranium enrichment material – state atomic agency
06/06/2018German MPs want US ambassador expelled over his desire to 'empower Europe's conservatives'
06/06/2018Soros perpetuates myth of Russian bogeyman, blames Putin for Italian anti-immigrant party
06/06/2018Shock as up to 220,000 disabled people will have to wait until end of summer for benefit payments
06/06/2018Italy’s Populist New PM Vows to ‘Bring an End to the Immigration Business’, Welcomes ‘Populist’ Label
06/06/2018Swedish Government Poll Shows Populist Party Surge as Migration Issues Take Centre Stage
06/06/2018Delingpole: The Archbishop of Canterbury Has a Bad Case of Brexit Derangement Syndrome
06/06/2018Teen Left with ‘Life-Changing Injuries’ After ‘Racist’ Attack by Asian Mob
06/06/2018EU Stands with Iran: Says Uranium Enrichment Plan No Breach of Nuclear Deal
06/06/2018PICTURES: Veterans Gather in Normandy, France to Commemorate 1944 D-Day Landings
06/06/2018Palestinian threats push Argentina to cancel soccer game with Israel
06/05/2018REVEALED! Queen Elizabeth gives MEGA gift to newly weds
06/05/2018Primary school in Berlin evacuated due to suspected 'dangerous situation'
06/05/2018UK teenager, 18, guilty of plotting ‘grenade and gun’ terrorist attack on British Museum
06/05/2018Abandon ship – Theresa May heads for Davy Jones’ Locker
06/05/2018Amnesty claims US-led coalition disregarded civilian lives in Syria
06/05/2018Iran’s Supreme Leader: We will increase nuclear enrichment capacity
06/05/2018Liberman: Ayatollah’s uranium enrichment statement ‘a sign of hysteria’
06/04/2018England’s Top Family Judge: Society Should ‘Welcome and Applaud’ the Decline of Nuclear Families
06/04/2018Dunkirk: Lorry Driver Stabbed by Migrants Trying to Break into Britain
06/04/2018Italian Populist: We’re Going in the ‘Right Direction’ If Soros Is Worried 469
06/04/2018Delingpole: The Martyrdom of Tommy Robinson
06/04/2018Iran: We won’t leave Syria
06/04/2018Jordan’s King threatened by protests as Prime Minister resigns
06/04/2018Gazans infiltrate Israel, torch heavy equipment
06/04/2018Burn photos of Lionel Messi if he plays in Israel, says Palestinian soccer chief
06/03/2018Jordanians protest government’s austerity plan
06/03/2018Hundreds of jailed Palestinians to launch hunger strike
06/03/2018Urged by BDS activists, Japan store bars wine from Israel’s Golan Heights
06/03/2018Israel in, China out for world’s largest naval exercise in Hawaii
06/03/2018German politician: Nazi era a ‘speck of bird poop’ in German history
06/03/2018Syrian civilians from ground zero expose chemical hoax
06/01/2018WATCH: Hamas’ Leadership Must be Brought to Justice!
06/01/2018Algerian Gets 10 Years in Prison for Interviewing Israeli
06/01/2018Hezbollah Chief is Worth $250 Million, Mostly from Drug-Trafficking
06/01/2018Iran is Losing, Israel is Winning
06/01/2018Haley to veto Security Council measure calling to protect Palestinians
06/01/2018Abbas Snubbed Visiting US Democrats, Refused to Meet Them
06/01/2018Top MSNBC star on the edge of a cliff… (FIRED!?)
06/01/2018‘Finally!’: Denmark Cracks Down on Islamic Burqa and Niqab
05/31/2018White House Official Feels ‘Duped’ By FBI Informant Who Sought Ambassadorship
05/31/2018Denmark bans Islamic veils for women
05/31/2018Analysis: Israel is splitting Europe
05/31/2018UN’s Mideast envoy calls to condemn Hamas for warmongering
05/31/2018Assad denies there are Iranian troops in Syria
05/31/2018WATCH: ‘Outrageous’ not to condemn Hamas, Haley says
05/31/2018Palestinians Bomb Their Own Power Plant, Send Parts of Gaza into Darkness
05/31/2018Countries Around World Condemn Hamas’ Attack on Israel
05/31/2018Israel approves construction of almost 2,000 new homes in Judea and Samaria
05/31/2018UN Security Council refuses to condemn Palestinian rocket terror
05/30/2018REPORT: Kim Jong Un cried over Trump sanctions
05/30/2018UK Judge Admits Tommy Robinson Sentenced Without Due Process
05/30/2018Iran Plotting With U.S. Allies to Skirt Trump’s New Sanctions
05/30/2018Exclusive: ‘Western Europe Is Consumed by Self Hate’ — German Populist Leader
05/30/2018EU in ‘Existential Crisis’: ‘Everything that Could Go Wrong Has Gone Wrong,’ Says Soros
05/30/2018Poland offers $2 billion to US for permanent American military presence in country
05/29/2018Terrorist shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ kills three in Belgian city
05/29/2018WATCH: Amid Abbas health concerns, debate over his successor intensifies
05/28/2018IDF hunt for Palestinian murderer sparks riots
05/28/2018Syrian rebels dug up graves in search of missing Israelis, Palestinian official says
05/28/2018WATCH: Europe, Iran struggle to salvage nuclear deal
05/28/2018Palestinians fly bomb-carrying drone into Israel
05/28/2018Report: Russian jets force Israeli F-16s away from Lebanon
05/28/2018In Jordan, Israel and Iran secretly negotiate future of Syria – report
05/28/2018How Activists and Media Used Lies and Leftist Talking Points to Dupe Abortion Voters in Ireland
05/28/2018Abbas Caught Reading Anti-Semitic Newspaper
05/28/2018ACT Now! Urge Switzerland to Move its Embassy to Jerusalem
05/28/2018Surprise meeting by North and South Korean leaders was requested by Kim Jong Un
05/27/2018WATCH: Is Turkey’s stance on Israel anti-Zionist or anti-Semitic?
05/26/2018Kim, Moon meet to discuss rescuing summit with Trump
05/25/2018Hungary’s Experiment Could Rebuild a Sense of Nation in Europe
05/25/2018Swastikas over Gaza: What Does That Say About the Border Protests?
05/25/2018Opinion: What Would a Post-Abbas Era Mean for Israel and the US?
05/25/2018WATCH: The Iranian People Demand Freedom
05/25/2018Analysis: There is No Palestinian Nation, Says Arab Historian
05/25/2018ACT Now! Urge Switzerland to Move its Embassy to Jerusalem
05/25/2018WATCH: Failed Iran Deal Gave Tehran a Path to Nuclear Weapons
05/25/2018Arab-American leader calls for probe of US Jews who join IDF
05/25/2018ACT Now! Urge Switzerland to Move its Embassy to Jerusalem
05/25/2018Palestinians: Americans Now Legitimate Targets
05/24/2018Palestinian Delegate Storms Out of International Forum after Show of Support for Israel
05/24/2018Iranian Leader: US Plots Against Iran All Fail Like a ‘Tom and Jerry’ Cartoon
05/24/2018Palestinians: Americans Now Legitimate Targets
05/24/2018North Korean official calls Pence 'political dummy,' renews threat to cancel Trump summit
05/23/2018‘US afraid of facing Iran head-on in battle,’ declares Tehran
05/23/2018Germany: Asylum Seekers Should Be Trained as Truck Drivers
05/23/2018Outlawing of corrupt payments to political parties blocked by Tories
05/23/2018Irish Students Offered Grants to Fly Home and Vote ‘Yes’ to Abortion
05/23/2018Cocaine fuels soaring violent crime rate as UK set to become Europe's coke capital, warns MP
05/23/2018Eye-popping surge of illegal immigrants abducting children
05/23/2018WATCH: Iran Supplies Hamas with ‘Money, Equipment, Expertise,’ Terror Leader Confesses
05/23/2018Swastikas over Gaza: What Does That Say About the Border Protests?
05/22/2018European Court Estimates Over 90 Million EU Residents Are First- or Second-Generation Migrants
05/22/2018Hamas’ Theater of the Absurd: ‘Cannibals in Gaza’
05/22/2018Gaza: Palestinian Sets Himself on Fire to Protest Hamas’ Oppressive Rule
05/22/2018Iranian Commander Threatens Pompeo With a ‘Strong Punch to Mouth’
05/22/2018‘No Action’: Rees-Mogg Attacks May for Brexit Backsliding
05/22/2018Soros-Funded Far-Left ‘Anti-Hate’ Group Included in Ministry of Defence Paper on Left-Wing Violence
05/22/2018German Antifa Far-Left Extremists Release ‘Riot Tourist’ Instructional Terror Handbook
05/22/2018Four Young Men Stabbed in Mayor Sadiq Khan’s London in Five Days
05/22/2018Netherlands: 1,400 Underage Dutch Girls Forced into Sex Slavery Each Year by ‘Migrant Background’ Males
05/22/2018Palestinian ‘Peaceful Protest’ Instructions: ‘Bring a Dagger or Handgun’ to Murder Israelis
05/21/2018Jailed for being homeless: How councils across Britain are targeting the UK's most vulnerable
05/21/2018‘Teen prostitutes back on streets because police won’t give back bus’, charity tells RT (VIDEO)
05/21/2018Harry and Meghan's Official Wedding Portraits Are More Stunning Than We Could've Imagined
05/21/2018Russia Makes Bold Move to Try to Solidify Control Over Crimea
05/21/2018Kuwait Demands UN Force to ‘Protect’ Gazans From Israel
05/20/2018Seven Dead After Attack on Orthodox Church in Russian Province of Chechnya
05/20/2018Belgium: Toddler ‘Held Out Window’ of Migrant Smuggling Van Dies in Police Chase
05/20/2018Brexit Boom: British Car Industry to Create 320,000 New Jobs by 2030
05/19/2018Secrets of the Royal Wedding Revealed!
05/19/2018Witness the Exact Moment Prince Harry Saw His Stunning Bride, Meghan Markle, For the First Time!
05/19/2018The Ways Harry and Meghan Honored Princess Diana at Their Wedding Will Warm Your Heart
05/18/2018China’s mass indoctrination camps evoke Cultural Revolution
05/18/2018Broadcaster: Ramadan an ‘Old German Custom’ Celebrated Longer than Oktoberfest
05/18/2018Germany Will Use UN Seat ‘to Promote Openness and Fight Populism’
05/18/2018Ireland Makes Common Market ‘Warning’ as May Prepares New Brexit Fudge
05/18/2018Macron wants to build French-led new world order – but no-one is listening
05/18/2018With Iran sanctions Trump made Europeans look like the fools they are
05/18/2018UN Warns of Gaza Fuel Crisis After Hamas Destroys Border Crossing
05/18/2018WATCH: Why Hamas is the Enemy of Palestinians in Gaza
05/18/2018Dutch Christians Present Huge ‘Happy Birthday, Israel’ Cake at Hague Parliament
05/18/2018Crazed gunman opens fire in Trump resort (scary!)
05/18/2018You’re FIRED! Leakers on edge as White House cracks down
05/18/2018Kellyanne Conway Is About To End The Deep State For Good
05/18/2018At Least 8 Dead In Shooting At Texas High School, Sheriff Confirms
05/18/2018President Trump calls reports of FBI informant on campaign ‘biggest political scandal’
05/18/2018Multiple fatalities in Texas school shooting, gunman in custody
05/18/2018Robert Mueller Realized He Was In Big Trouble When He Saw This Interview
05/18/2018Jordan B. Peterson’s NYT profile claims star author undermines ‘liberal efforts to promote equality’
05/18/2018Trump Resort Shooter Identified
05/18/2018It's Official: Prince Charles Will Walk Meghan Markle Down the Aisle
05/18/2018Hamas Co-Founder: Calling Gaza Riots ‘Peaceful Resistance’ Is ‘Deceiving the Public’
05/17/2018Nikki Haley Walks Out of UN As Palestinian Envoy Starts Speaking
05/17/2018Ukrainian court orders 60 days’ detention for chief of Russian-linked news agency amid outcry
05/17/2018Media vilifies Israel for 8-month-old Palestinian killed during Gaza protests — here’s the caveat
05/16/2018Knesset Speaker in France: Move Your Embassy, Support ‘Historic Justice’
05/16/2018Australian Prime Minister Blames Hamas for Palestinian Deaths on Gaza Border
05/16/2018Israel’s ‘Friend’ Guatemala Moves Embassy to Jerusalem
05/16/2018WATCH: Nikki Haley Slams UN’s ‘Double Standard’ Against Israel
05/16/2018Hamas Co-Founder: Calling Gaza Riots ‘Peaceful Resistance’ Is ‘Deceiving the Public’
05/16/2018Nikki Haley Blasts Hamas for Gaza Border Deaths: 'Make No Mistake, Hamas Is Pleased'
05/16/2018Europe to ditch US dollar in payments for Iranian oil – source
05/16/2018Let them have weed, UK nurses say
05/16/2018 Scottish Parliament rejects May’s Brexit bill in symbolic, but significant act
05/16/2018‘Put an Empty Space to Better Use’: Irish Urged to House Migrants in Spare Beds
05/16/2018Chechen Migrant Murdered, Put in Trash Can Seven-Year-Old Girl Because he Had a ‘Bad Day’
05/16/2018British Teenager ‘Wept’ During Forced Marriage to Man Who Impregnated Her at 13
05/15/2018Turkey recalls ambassadors from Israel and US, cites ‘genocide’
05/15/2018Whose side will Putin take in the Israel-Iran conflict?
05/15/2018Report: Iran group offers $100,000 to bomb US Embassy in Jerusalem
05/15/2018Everything You Need to Know About Royal Weddings, From A to Z!
05/15/2018George Soros’ Open Society foundation ends operations in Hungary
05/15/2018Soros’s Hungarian Empire on Verge of Collapse as University Ready to Leave
05/15/2018Rebellion: Boris Johnson and Rees-Mogg Attack May’s ‘Crazy’ Brexit Customs Plan
05/15/2018Macron, Merkel Call for ‘Full Force’ EU Integration, Vow Brussels Won’t Tolerate Resistance to Migrant Quotas
05/15/2018May Attacks Rees-Mogg over Clean Brexit Support to ‘Send a Signal’ to Brexiteers
05/15/2018Alleged Forced Marriage Victim Ran ‘Screaming’ from Family During Rescue
05/15/2018Pew: Left/Right Categories Giving Way to Populist/Establishment Divide
05/15/2018Forget the NHS, spend on defense – US ambassador tells UK
05/15/2018Amid Italy Coalition Talks, Populist Leader Blasts EU for ‘Unacceptable’ Immigration Interference
05/15/2018Brexit deadlock: May-Mogg clash over Irish border as EU left scratching head over lack of progress
05/15/2018North Korea threatens to cancel Trump-Kim summit over US-South Korea military drill, Yonhap says
05/15/2018Iranian Group Offers $100,000 to Blow Up New U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem
05/15/2018WATCH: The Real Story Behind ‘Palestinian Catastrophe Day’
05/15/2018Gazans Reveal: Hamas is Pushing Us to Charge Israel’s Border
05/15/2018Al-Qaeda Declares Jihad Against US in Response to Jerusalem Embassy Move
05/15/2018Scandinavian Approach to Counterterrorism, Islamist Ideology Is Flawed
05/15/2018Ireland Lowered Its Corporate Tax Rate. Here’s What Happened.
05/14/2018Prince Harry, Meghan Markle seek ‘understanding and respect’ after report her dad will skip wedding
05/14/2018Soros-Backed Miliband and a Parade of Has-Beens Campaign to Kill Off Brexit
05/14/2018London Knife Crime Epidemic: Man Stabbed Yards from BAFTA Awards Venue Hours Before Ceremony
05/14/2018MI5 Boss: Radical Islamic Terror Threat ‘Shows No Sign of Abating’, 25 Plots Foiled Since 2013
05/14/2018Polish Immigrants Returning Home Cite Fear of Terrorism, Anti-White Racism by Black Brits
05/14/2018Spy plays politics: MI5 chief uses terrorism and Russia threat to beg for Brexit clemency
05/14/2018Paris: ISIS terrorist murders 1, injures 4 in stabbing attack
05/14/2018Iranian president attempts to salvage nuclear deal after US’ exit
05/14/2018Russia will not send S-300 anti-aircraft system to Syria
05/14/2018WATCH: Can economic sanctions alone stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions?
05/14/2018IDF: Hamas planning Monday ‘massacre’ of Israelis, over 100,000 rioters expected
05/13/2018Thousands of Foreign Gangsters Awarded British and EU Citizenship
05/13/2018French Govt Seeks to Prosecute Citizens’ Group for DEFENDING Border from Illegal Migrants
05/13/2018Farage Downplays Rumours He Will Join DUP to Enter Parliament
05/13/2018UN Rapporteur from Zambia Claims Brexit Made Britain More Racist, Minorities Face ‘Overwhelming Oppression’
05/13/2018Migrant Arrested for Suspected Terrorism Is Accused of Financing Further Crimes
05/13/2018‘Allah Akbar’: One Killed, Attacker Shot Dead in Paris Knife Attack
05/13/2018Brexit battle: May divides cabinet into rival teams in attempt to break customs deadlock
05/13/2018Fall of 'Jupiter'? Macron's popularity down, as hopes for the 'political wonderboy' seem to vanish
05/13/2018Gaza Palestinians Destroy Access to Their Own Humanitarian Aid
05/13/2018Iran Cleric: ‘We Will Raze Tel Aviv and Haifa to the Ground’
05/13/2018Palestinians to mark US Jerusalem embassy opening with ‘huge day of rage’
05/13/2018OH BOY! Iranian Regime Threatens to Release Names of Western Officials Who Took Bribes to Pass Nuke Deal
05/12/2018North Korea says it will dismantle nuke test site May 23-25
05/12/2018North Korea has scheduled a ceremony to dismantle its nuclear site on May 23rd inviting international press to attend says state media
05/11/2018Caitlyn Jenner Trashes Trump in Britain: He’s Set Transgender Rights ‘Back 20 Years’
05/11/2018Academic ‘Brexodus’ Fails to Materialise as EU Profs Flock to British Universities
05/11/2018Govt Logs 1,200 Forced Marriage Cases in One Year, But ‘Full Scale’ Not Known
05/11/2018‘I’ve Done Nothing Wrong’: London Mayor Khan Dismisses Crime Wave Criticism
05/11/2018Italian Populists Ready to Form Next Government After Berlusconi Grants Green Light
05/11/2018Syrian Granted Asylum Despite Being Convicted of Selling Drugs to Children
05/11/2018London’s Khan Moves to Ban ‘Junk Food’ Adverts
05/11/2018The dancing bear of British hypocrisy over Russia
05/11/2018The 'witch-hunt' that wasn't: The actual figures behind Troubles legacy investigations
05/11/2018‘Are we America’s vassals?’ France vows to trade with Iran in defiance of US ‘economic policeman’
05/11/2018Trump signs law helping Holocaust survivors secure restitution; Poland irate
05/11/2018ACT NOW! Urge UN to Condemn Hamas ‘Fire Terror’
05/11/2018Bahrain backs Israel’s right to strike in Syria
05/11/2018Hamas: Riots on Day of US Embassy Opening in Jerusalem Will Be ‘Decisive’
05/11/2018Mystery as washed up human FOOT found on beach – for FOURTEENTH time since 2007
05/11/2018European Leaders Set to Abolish the EU, Signed Agreement to Create European Superstate
05/10/2018Israel and Iran are attacking each other — and it could lead to outright war
05/10/2018Klein: Obama Accuses Trump Of ‘Flouting’ Agreements, But Ex-Prez Did Just That By Betraying Israel
05/10/2018Police Warned Over Legality of Gang Crime Database Because Majority of Entries are Black Males
05/10/2018Mayor Khan Works With European Commission to Launch Pro-Mass Migration Brexit Campaign
05/10/2018Sweden To Reconsider Not Studying Relation Between Migration and Crime Following ‘High Demand’
05/10/2018Belgian Imams Being Trained With Anti-Semitic, Radical Islamic Literature
05/10/2018New grants to help refugee families settle in Scotland
05/10/2018Albanian Gangsters Linked to South American Cartels Taking Over British Drug Scene
05/10/2018Iran Threatens Harsh Reprisals After U.S. Exits Nuclear Deal
05/10/2018Syrian air defense engages Israeli rockets near Damascus – State media
05/09/2018Palestinians Slam Arab Nations’ Participation in Israeli Race as ‘Stab in Back’
05/09/2018Iranian Lawmakers Burn US Flag in Parliament
05/09/2018Iranian forces fire 20 rockets at Israel!
05/09/2018Taiwanese Deputy Minister: Chinese Military Exercises Aimed at the U.S.
05/09/2018Iran says Trump’s corpse will be ‘food of worms and ants’ while Iran lives on
05/09/2018Disarmed Countries – What Do They Look Like?
05/09/2018Open Borders Lily Allen Claims No Space for Migrants in Her Luxury London Pad
05/09/2018Swedish Police Called Out to One Asylum House 150 Times in 18 Months
05/09/2018Just 18 Per Cent of Flemish Belgians Say Islam is Compatible with the West
05/09/2018E.U. Stands with Iran: Mogherini ‘Determined to Preserve’ Obama’s Nuclear Deal
05/09/2018Delingpole: From Paris and Korea to Iran, Trump Is Making the World Great Again
05/09/2018Swedish Police Agree to Allow Mosque to Publicly Broadcast Islamic Call to Prayer
05/09/2018Concern After Police ‘Admit Concealing Migrant Shopping Centre Rape’ From Public
05/09/2018Lords rebel against May’s Brexit plans: Tory and Labour peers unite in call for UK to remain in EEA
05/09/2018Police ‘suppressing’ case of teens killed by drunk driver because of 'nationality' ― father (VIDEO)
05/09/2018Missile launched at Saudi capital, Houthis claim responsibility
05/09/2018Iran talks tough, Israel braces for worst after Trump pulls out of nuclear deal
05/09/2018Iranian Lawmakers Burn US Flag in Parliament
05/09/2018Iran plots next move under nuclear deal after US withdrawal
05/09/2018Iran-backed rebels in Yemen fire missiles at Saudi capital
05/09/2018WATCH: Iranian MPs torch American flag during parliament session
05/09/2018Signatories to Iran deal vow to stay in it, despite Trump pull out
05/08/2018Iran military base in Syria attacked, sources say
05/08/2018Iran will remain in nuclear deal, US withdrawal illegal - Rouhani
05/08/2018BDS Fails to Sabotage Israel’s Eurovision Contestant
05/08/2018WATCH: Israel, Cyprus & Greece – Securing our Future Together!
05/08/2018Terrorist Butcher Who Murdered 3 Family Members to Receive $3 Million from PA
05/08/2018Delingpole: Rees-Mogg Proves He’s Ready to Lead
05/08/2018Swedish Anti-Mass Migration Leader Åkesson Dominates Election Leader’s Debate
05/08/2018PEACEFUL PROTEST? ‘The Jews’ Hearts Will Burn,’ Threaten Gaza Rioters
05/08/2018Kim Jong Un has secret meeting with China ahead of North Korea-US meeting
05/08/2018Swedish Newspaper Admits Migrants Are Vast Majority of Gang Rape Convicts
05/08/2018Feminism Over Multiculturalism: Germany Backs ‘Values’ Classes for Refugees
05/08/2018Private police force will hit streets of Britain to fill void created by austerity
05/08/2018London’s Khan Wants to Meet Trump and Lecture Him on Diversity and Islam
05/08/2018Theresa May ‘shouldn’t be believed’ on alleged Syria chemical attack – John Pilger to RT (VIDEO)
05/08/2018Turkey says it will retaliate if U.S. halts weapons sales
05/07/2018German rappers to visit Auschwitz following uproar over song deemed anti-Semitic
05/07/2018Iranian president: Nixing nuclear deal would be ‘historic regret for the US’
05/07/2018WATCH: Gazan ‘wounded’ by IDF gets off stretcher when filming stops
05/07/2018Report: Iran preparing for revenge missile attack on northern Israel
05/07/2018Fox News’ Worst-Rated Show Just Delivered Brutal Punishment to CNN
05/07/2018House Democrats Lie About Mueller Investigation In Fundraising Emails
05/07/2018Trump winning over Democrats with his handling of key issues, CNN poll finds
05/07/2018Robert Mueller Just Got The Bad News He Never Wanted To Hear
05/07/2018Rich & powerful distract us with imagined threats to cling onto their gains
05/07/2018Shootings, stabbings & acid attack: London rocked by violence on holiday weekend
05/07/2018Gun-Free Britain: Four Shootings in 48 Hours in Sadiq Khan’s London
05/07/2018Video, Pix: Thousands Attend Day For Freedom Rally, Media Blackout
05/07/2018Sweden to Spend Millions for Migrant Sexual Education
05/07/2018Over 20,000 Migrants Cross Sea to Europe in First 122 Days of 2018
05/07/2018Russian Ka-52 helicopter crashes in Syria, both pilots killed – MoD
05/07/2018WATCH: Why Do Many in the US Support the Gaza Protests and Blame Israel?
05/07/2018Putin sworn in for fourth presidential term (FULL VIDEO)
05/07/2018Finland’s Supreme Court Rules 20-year-old Migrant Having Sex with 10-year-old ‘Not Rape’
05/06/2018Pakistan’s interior minister wounded in gun attack
05/06/2018Abbas’s ‘Apology’ for Anti-Semitic Rant Widely Rejected
05/05/2018Multicultural Wales Gets First Female Genital Mutilation Clinic
05/05/2018Navy to re-establish 2nd Fleet as Russia increases activity in the Atlantic
05/04/2018German Cardinal Slams Move to Put Crosses in Government Buildings
05/04/2018Going Nowhere Fast: Bureaucrats Claim Britain Can’t Leave EU Customs Union Before 2023
05/04/2018‘Dangerous Fantasy’? Brussels Launches €13 Billion Fund for EU Army
05/04/2018Study: ‘Collective Narcissism’ Drives Liberal Belief in Fake News
05/04/2018Showdown: EU and Ministers Reject May’s ‘Customs Partnership’ 61
05/04/2018Amid London Crimewave, Concern About Crime Surges to Seven-Year High, Brexit Top National Concern
05/04/2018Belgian Islamic Party Founder Fired from Bus Driving Day-Job For ‘Islamic State’ Comments
05/04/2018WATCH: Italy’s Secret Holocaust Hero and Cycling Champ
05/04/2018Abbas apologizes for anti-Semitic remarks
05/04/2018Man accused of planning to bomb Downing Street and murder May pleads not guilty
05/04/2018US ‘freezes funding’ for White Helmets as group’s Douma chem attack claim falls apart
05/04/2018UK drones firing organ-destroying ‘vacuum bombs’ on the rise in Syria - FOI request reveals (VIDEO)
05/03/2018Police Storm Asylum Home After 150-Strong Migrant Mob Uses Violence to Halt Deportation
05/03/2018EU in Disarray as Brussels Demands Bigger Budget Contributions After Brexit
05/03/2018Foreign Collusion: Soros Group Uses Facebook Ads, Leaflet Drops to Interfere in UK Local Elections
05/03/2018Taiwan Unlikely to Overcome Chinese Roadblock to World’s Top Health Summit
05/03/2018Ukraine Fortifies Its Airwaves Against Russian TV Broadcasts
05/03/2018China is aiming lasers at US military pilots in Africa, Pentagon says
05/03/2018North Korea releases U.S. detainees, bows to another Trump demand
05/02/2018French President Macron Has Embarrassing Gaffe in Australia After Media Praises His English
05/02/2018One killed, another injured in north London shooting, bringing murder death toll to 63
05/02/2018Brexit tensions boil over: Divided Tory party set to wage war over ‘customs partnership’
05/02/2018Trump’s UK visit: Brexiteer Rees-Mogg giddy with excitement — ‘The red carpet must be spotless’
05/02/2018Iran threatens to respond to Israeli strikes in Syria
05/02/2018Lost in Translation: French President Macron Says Aussie Leader’s Wife ‘Delicious’
05/02/2018Most Brits Still Support ‘Hostile Environment’ to Illegal Immigrants After Windrush Scandal
05/02/2018Netherlands: 85 Per Cent of Refugees Still Unemployed
05/02/2018Delingpole: The British Establishment Cannot Be Allowed to Torpedo Brexit
05/02/2018Trudeau pins Canada’s illegal-immigration woes on Trump administration
05/01/2018Anti-fascists gear up to take on Tommy Robinson, Milo Yiannopoulos at free speech rally showdown
05/01/2018‘Support gay marriage’: Cake row case to be heard at Supreme Court
05/01/2018Drag queens and kings organize rally to oppose Donald Trump’s UK visit
05/01/2018Charlie Gard's Parents Send Heartfelt Message to Parents of Toddler Who Was Refused Treatment
05/01/2018Macron: Migrant Violence, Terror Is Europe’s Fault, ‘Not Linked’ to Mass Immigration
05/01/2018Outrage After Arabic Lesson Students in Swedish Schools Were Just Learning The Quran, Islamic Prayer
05/01/2018Trade Minister Slams ‘Unelected’ Lords Voting to Block ‘Will of the People’
05/01/2018Jewish Politician in Toulouse Faces Sack After Claiming ‘Too Many Arabs’ In the City
05/01/2018UK Terror Police Arrest Man Travelling by Coach From France
05/01/2018What impact will Israel’s stunning revelations on Iran have on the nuclear deal?
05/01/2018Abbas threatens ‘difficult steps’ against US, Israel
05/01/2018Iran bans messaging app Telegram used by 40 million, state TV says
05/01/2018Palestinians Should ‘Come to the Negotiations Table or Shut Up,’ Saudi Crown Prince States
05/01/2018Report: 200 missiles destroyed in Syria were meant to strike Israel
04/30/2018Somali Migrant with Multiple Weapons Convictions Jailed for Stabbing Woman After Sex Attack
04/30/2018Poland Slams EU Funding Change Which Would Deprive Patriotic, Low Immigration Nations of Cash
04/30/2018Child Grooming Offences Rise Five-Fold in 12 Months, Youngest Victim Two Years Old
04/30/2018Three Years Later, Desecration of 215 Christian Graves Declared ‘Hate Crime’
04/30/2018Senator: Major Terror Attacks May Not Have Happened Without Migrant Crisis 165
04/30/2018In EU-Wide Poll, Majority Think Migrant Integration ‘Unsuccessful’, Figure Rises to 73 Per Cent in Sweden
04/30/2018Car Crash: Diane Abbott Fails Six Times to Give Labour Policy on Illegal Immigrants
04/30/2018Return of the Migrant Crisis: Greece ‘Overwhelmed’ as Illegals Surge Across Turkish Land Border
04/30/2018Canada wants US to better enforce immigration laws to help combat the Canadian refugee problem
04/30/2018Israel reveals 100,000+ secret docs that show Iran ‘brazenly lying’ about nuclear weapons program and Iran deal
04/30/2018Deputy Foreign Minister Appears To Signal Iran’s Imminent Withdrawal From Nuclear Deal
04/30/2018EU gets tough on UK, setting June deadline for agreement on Irish border
04/30/2018Accusing Russian bots new ‘default’ position for ailing governments – ex-intel officer
04/30/2018WATCH: Why Does Iran Support the Syrian Regime?
04/30/2018Palestinians Should ‘Come to the Negotiations Table or Shut Up,’ Saudi Crown Prince States
04/30/2018Kim Jong Un will abandon nukes if US promises not to invade, South Korea says
04/30/2018Paraguay to Move Embassy to Jerusalem
04/30/2018Amid skepticism, North Korea to close nuke test site in May
04/30/2018Dozens in Poland protest US bill demanding restitution of Jewish property
04/30/2018Romanian president blasts PM’s ‘secret’ Israel trip, demands resignation
04/29/2018US intelligence eyes Iranian weapons shipments to Syria
04/29/2018Palestinian UN agency faces financial crisis, may cease services
04/29/2018New US Secretary of State Pompeo arrives in Saudi Arabia, Iran is main agenda
04/29/2018IRONIC: Composer Wagner’s anti-Semitic letter fetches fortune in Israeli auction
04/29/2018Analysis: A closer look at US-French ‘new Iran nuclear deal’
04/29/2018Are Israel and Iran heading to war?
04/29/2018Al Qaeda Using Google Maps to Plan Jihadist Attacks
04/29/2018Pacom Nominee: China Military Islands Now Control South China Sea
04/29/2018Car ploughs into pedestrians outside Birmingham mosque injuring two
04/29/2018Fact check: Mayor Sadiq Khan thinks London is ‘one of the safest’ cities in the world
04/29/2018London infested with toxic caterpillar that causes skin rashes & breathing problems
04/29/2018NKorea's Kim Vows to Open Nuclear Sites to US Experts as Trump Demands Full Denuclearization
04/29/2018THE TIMES: Spanish Police Break Up Jet Ski Migrant Smuggling Ring
04/29/2018Revealed: ‘Poisonous’ Anti-Semitic Posts Litter Jeremy Corbyn’s Facebook Page
04/29/2018Sweden: Syrian Migrant Claims He Didn’t Know Sex With 12-Year-Old Was Illegal
04/29/2018Italian Police Arrest Two North African Migrants After Night of Death and Bloodshed
04/29/2018European Union Advocates For Soros-Funded ‘Independent Fact Checkers’ to Combat ‘Fake News’
04/29/2018Brexit Secretary Ally Warns May Will be Ousted if She Surrenders to EU on Customs Union
04/29/2018Brexit Leaks: Amber Rudd Proposes Surrendering Border Controls, Giving EU Migrants Access to Benefits and NHS
04/29/2018Norway party to seek ban on Islamic call to prayer
04/29/2018Victory in Spain: Legal action brings removal of online anti-Semitic content
04/29/201880% of Gazans Killed During Hamas-Led Riots Linked to Terror Groups
04/29/2018Classified US Report: Palestinian Refugees Number Only 30,000
04/29/2018Arab Commentators Urge Mideast Countries to be More Like Israel
04/29/2018Kim Jong-un says he’ll give up nukes if U.S. promises not to attack
04/29/2018North Korea promises to close nuke test site in May – South
04/28/2018Kim Jong Un Made a Surprising and Revealing Comment to S. Korean President
04/28/2018North Korea leader Kim Jong-un’s ‘top dog’ powerplay REVEALED
04/28/2018‘Absolutely Heartbroken’: Alfie Evans Has Died After Surviving Almost a Week Without Life Support
04/28/2018'WE'RE HEARTBROKEN' Alfie Evans dies almost five days after doctors turned off his life support following parent’s harrowing legal battle
04/27/2018UN Falsely Accuses Israel of Using ‘Lethal Force’ Against Gaza Terrorists at Israeli Border
04/27/2018North and South Korea vow to end war [pics]
04/27/2018Tory MP Threatens Rebellion, No Confidence Vote if May Abandons Clean Brexit
04/27/2018‘Virtue Signalling’ Khan Slammed for Urging Anti-Trump Protesters to Use ‘Free Speech’
04/27/2018Prince Named Louis For Royal Mentor Earl Murdered by IRA
04/27/2018Alfie, Isaiah, Charlie: The Ill Children Mandated to Die by Hospitals Against Their Parents’ Wishes
04/27/2018Populist’s Electoral Success Forcing Europe to Think Twice About New Mass-Migration Schemes
04/27/2018Iceland wants UK to join Nordic alliance of non-EU countries
04/27/2018New era, no more war: Two Koreas agree on complete denuclearization
04/27/20183 dead, 611 injured as IDF clashes with #GreatReturnMarch protesters – Pal. health ministry
04/27/2018Germany Agrees with Palestinians: Jerusalem NOT Israel’s Capital
04/27/2018Russia to provide advanced air defenses to Syria
04/27/2018Report: Assassinated Hamas engineer was arms dealer
04/27/2018‘Kippah’ rally in Berlin draws thousands protesting anti-Semitism
04/27/2018Shocking! Osama bin Laden’s former bodyguard collecting welfare
04/26/2018220 Airstrikes on Palestinians in Syria; World Yawns
04/26/2018China Steps Up Disinformation Effort Against Dissident
04/26/2018REVEALED! The real reason Kim Jong Un shut down his nuclear test site
04/26/2018Cheat, lie and abuse – Danish immigration minister hits out at migrants
04/26/2018Small Town Mayor Forced to Quit for Following Kassam, Steyn, Wilders on Social Media
04/26/2018Alfie Evans Supporters Planned to Storm Alder Hey Hospital
04/26/2018German Police Study Finds Africans Most Criminally Prone Asylum Seekers
04/26/2018Academics Find ‘Climate Change’ Not Responsible for Displacement, Conflict in Africa
04/26/2018Delingpole: Please Kanye West – I Need You to Save Me from a Bunch of Angry Welsh People
04/26/2018Accused Fraudsters, Anti-Semites, and Terror Apologists Standing for Birmingham’s Labour Council
04/26/2018Mosque Leader, Father of Jihadists Dislocates Woman’s Shoulder Trying to Exorcise ‘Demon’
04/26/2018Iranian Naval Commander Threatens To Sink US Ships, Create “Catastrophic Situation” If Trump Kills Deal
04/26/2018UK Government Seeks to Play God in Denying Alfie Evans Life Support
04/25/2018Alfie Evans Clings to Life as Parents Fight Courts to Take Their Son Abroad
04/25/2018‘Even gospel is violent’: French open letter calling for Koran revisions met with Muslim pushback
04/25/2018Palestinians Name Kids Camp for Arch-Terrorist Who Helped Murder 125 Israelis
04/25/2018Iran Threatens to Resume Nuclear Program if US pulls out
04/25/2018Germany Agrees with Palestinians: Jerusalem NOT Israel’s Capital
04/24/2018The doctors and judge starving Alfie Evans are committing crimes against humanity
04/24/2018Parliament Offers ‘Islamist’ Group Opportunity to Create Official ‘Islamophobia’ Definition
04/24/2018Ten Dead As Rental Van Hits Pedestrians in Toronto
04/24/2018EU to Cut Funds to Patriotic Nations, Allocate Cash on ‘Values’ Basis, Including Accepting Mass Migration
04/24/2018Three Teenagers Stabbed in London Overnight Amid Crime-Wave
04/24/2018Parliament to Consider Petition on Abolishing House of Lords After Anti-Brexit Vote
04/24/2018AMEN! This state makes HUGE announcement on Christianity
04/24/2018Palestinian factions brawl in Gaza ‘mourning tent’
04/24/2018Assassination in Malaysia struck a heavy blow to Hamas
04/23/2018World watches as Alfie Evans’ life hangs in the balance - live updates
04/23/2018French president Emmanuel Macron says he respects President Trump because they’re both ‘mavericks’
04/23/2018Sole Surviving Paris Attacks Suspect Found Guilty Over Brussels Shootout, Handed 20-Year Sentence
04/23/2018New EU-Mexico Deal ‘Virtually Eliminates Tariffs’, Proves Non-Members CAN Trade Without Free Movement, EU Court Oversight
04/23/2018Stench of hypocrisy: British 'war on terror' & strategic ties with radical Islam
04/23/2018Child ‘Beaten in Unprovoked Attack’, Police Say Not ‘Cost Effective’ to Investigate
04/23/2018Clean Brexit: Prime Minister Promises UK Will Leave Customs Union
04/23/2018Iran dumps dollar for euro in foreign trade transactions
04/23/2018UK seeks to extend MI5 & police powers and will target those ‘vulnerable to radicalization – report
04/23/2018WATCH: The State of Israel’s Survival is an Ongoing Miracle!
04/23/2018Royal baby! Kate Middleton’s new son to be named…
04/23/2018Head of Romanian Government: We Will Move Embassy to Jerusalem
04/23/2018PA historian: In 1917 "there was nothing called a Palestinian people"
04/23/2018Arab Historian Admits there is No Palestinian People
04/22/201857 killed by suicide bomber, 119 injured in Afghanistan while waiting to register as voters
04/22/2018Death For Rape Of Children Below 12, Says Government, Clears Executive Order
04/22/2018China Aid: President Xi Jinping Views Christian Churches as ‘Severe National Security Threat’
04/22/2018Austria’s Conservative-Populist Govt to Confiscate Migrant Cash to Cover Asylum Costs
04/22/2018TELEGRAPH: May Could Back Down on Customs Union Exit, Tie UK to Regulations Making Non-EU Trade Deals ‘Impossible’
04/22/2018London Woman Stalked, Stabbed Repeatedly by Man Waiting for a Victim
04/22/2018Muslim Convicted of Child Abuse ‘Married’ 15-Year-Old To Have Sex with Her
04/21/2018Rip-Off: Brexit Bill Could Be BILLIONS Higher than Govt Estimate, Auditors Warn
04/21/2018Alfie Evans’ Parents Lose Supreme Court Case, Judge Says Hospital Can Yank Life Support Without Their Consent
04/21/2018French Police Investigate Two Suspicious Deaths in Prison Notorious for Islamic Radicalism
04/21/2018Schools Ditching Head Boy, Head Girl Roles in Ongoing War on Gender
04/21/2018EU ‘systematically & forensically annihilates’ May’s Irish border plans
04/21/2018Scottish Karate Fighter Escapes Illegal Migrants Who Planned to Rape Her by ‘Kicking Them in the Balls’
04/21/2018Leading Surgeon Says Violence in Khan’s London ‘Like South Africa’, Predicts ‘Summer of Carnage’
04/21/2018‘Peers Against the People’: Rees-Mogg Slams ‘Cave Dweller’ Anti-Brexit Lords
04/21/2018English Mosque ‘Took £250,000 from al-Qaeda Sympathiser’
04/21/2018Royals Gather Around Queen Elizabeth II to Celebrate Monumental Day
04/21/2018OPCW confirms visit to site of alleged chemical attack in Syria
04/20/2018The Queen Makes Unexpected Speech About Who Will Lead Commonwealth After Her
04/20/2018Rich union boss CAUGHT plotting school shutdowns
04/20/2018Britain pledges to ban plastic straws, stirrers, and cotton swabs under environmental initiative
04/20/2018Finland Terror Trial: Attacker at ‘War Against Women’, Stabbed Them to ‘Strengthen the Islamic Kingdom’
04/20/2018German 7th Grader: ‘I Am Marginalised Because I Am German and Eat Pork’
04/20/2018Hungary: George Soros Plotting with Brussels to Overturn Patriotic Election Result
04/20/2018Rotherham Council Ordered to Apologise to Whistleblower Who Exposed Grooming Scandal
04/20/2018SELLOUT: May Tells Voters Continued Influence of EU Law and EU Court After Brexit a ‘Hard Fact’
04/20/2018Sky News Broadcasts Ethnic Minority Kids Reading from ‘Rivers of Blood’, Slips ‘White’ Into Speech Where Enoch Never Said It
04/20/2018Kassam: 50 Years On, It’s Clear to Me That Enoch Was Right
04/20/2018Man attacked in Berlin for wearing kippa is Israeli Arab
04/20/2018Soros foundations to quit Hungary amid political hostility
04/20/2018Britain should ‘move towards friendship’ with Assad – ex-UK ambassador to Syria
04/20/2018Bleak reality of UK’s poorest families revealed: Households without power & food
04/19/2018‘Pushing Back on Iran’: One Expert’s Strategy to Confront the Islamic Republic
04/19/2018Smuggling cartels fuel surge in border jumpers from terror-prone Bangladesh
04/19/2018Ban Immigration-Critical Parties to Stop Genocide, Sweden Told
04/19/2018France: Majority ‘Unhappy’ with Globalist President Macron
04/19/2018Mexico faces power struggle as over 80 politicians and candidates killed since September
04/19/2018Where’s the motive? Another ex-British military chief questions Syrian chemical attack
04/19/2018Staged suffering? Interview with boy in Douma video raises more doubts over ‘chem attack’
04/18/2018Turkish president calls snap election to expand his authority
04/18/2018British intelligence services are the masters of propaganda and false flags
04/18/2018'It just doesn't ring true': The leading UK figures questioning 'proof' of Douma 'gas attack'
04/18/2018Britain stokes tensions with Russia & Syria… while armed forces ‘woefully’ understaffed
04/18/2018‘Peaceful’ EU Wants Laser Weapon Which Can Disintegrate Human Heads
04/18/2018Brexit Boost: School Choice Increases, Salaries Rise Due to EU Migrant Drop
04/18/2018More Migrants Reporting Themselves for Terrorism to Avoid Deportation
04/18/2018Unelected Anti-Brexit Peers Set to Defeat Govt Multiple Times in House of Lords
04/18/2018Thames Valley Police Seek ‘Asian’ Man After Teen Beaten, Sexually Assaulted
04/18/2018Singer Morrissey Says Sadiq Khan Can’t Speak Properly, Calls Halal Meat ‘Evil’, Blasts Mainstream Media
04/18/2018Macron Calls for ‘European Sovereignty’, Urges EU to Purge ‘Populism’ Across the Continent
04/18/2018As US-China Trade War Looms, Ukraine Stands to Gain
04/18/2018Soros-Backed Group Lies Over Enoch Powell Opposition to Intermarriage to ‘Prove He Was Wrong’
04/18/2018Europe Hires Hundreds of Customs Officers in Anticipation of ‘Hard Brexit’
04/18/2018Compulsory Biometric ID Announced by European Commission
04/18/2018Canada’s Liberal party to consider making all illicit drugs legal
04/18/2018Macron: Europe Entering Age of ‘Unprecedented’ Mass Migration, ‘Shares Destiny’ with Africa
04/18/2018Riots, Cars Burned After Woman Ordered to Remove Full-Face Islamic Veil
04/18/2018London Stabbing Law Student Is Latest Victim of City Crime Wave, 60 Dead This Year
04/18/2018Rees-Mogg: Mayor Khan Must ‘Take Responsibility’ for London Crime Wave
04/18/2018After barring chemical inspectors, Syria finally grants access to attack site
04/18/2018Can US and Palestinians reign in firestorm of rhetoric?
04/18/2018WATCH: Hamas holds Gazans hostage, uses them as human shields
04/18/2018Hezbollah threatens Israel: Killing Iranians ‘will be met with response’
04/18/2018Is Iran imminently planning to attack Israel from Syria?
04/16/2018Syria strikes: Evidence and democracy are such nuisances when there are missiles to launch
04/16/2018‘No war in history has begun with so little support’ – Galloway slams PM over Syria (VIDEO)
04/16/2018German Paper Accuses Jews of ‘Settling Arab Land’ in Israel
04/16/2018WATCH: Israeli Opens Up About Psychological Damage Caused by Palestinian Terror
04/16/2018WATCH: UK Admiral Questions Syria Chemical Weapons Intelligence Claims Live on BBC
04/16/2018London: Two Killed in 30 Minutes Overnight, U.S. Visitors Fearful of ‘Crazy’ Violent City
04/16/2018Acid Attack Epidemic Spills into Home Counties from Sadiq Khan’s London
04/16/2018Russia, Iran prepare multi-level response for US-led precision strike on Syria
04/15/2018Declassified French government report presents evidence of Syrian chemical attacks
04/15/2018For the Second Time in a Week, Iranian Official Threatens to Destroy Tel Aviv, Haifa
04/15/2018Report: 4 more Syrian bases bombed; Iranian soldiers killed
04/15/2018WATCH: American Astronaut’s Holocaust Message from Space
04/15/2018SICK: Palestinian Drags 3-Month-Old Baby to Violent Gaza Riot
04/15/2018Netanyahu Expresses Israel’s ‘Full Support’ for US-Led Syrian Strike
04/15/2018'Security Council, unite’: US, UK & France want UN to back their illegal Syria strikes
04/15/2018'Double standards: US, UK, France stand by Saudis in Yemen but pose as moral crusaders in Syria'
04/15/2018British PM May says it was ‘right and legal’ to take military action in Syria
04/15/2018Machete Attack Every 90 Minutes in ‘Gun-Free’ Britain
04/15/2018Refugee Family Set to Win Millions from NHS for Not Using Foreign Language to Explain Importance of Feeding Newborn
04/15/2018Nigel Farage Slams Theresa May over Syria, Strikes ‘Not in National Interest’
04/15/2018Establishment Launches Anti-Brexit Campaign ‘People’s Vote’ to Overturn… the People’s Vote
04/15/2018The facts behind the ‘staged’ video of kids’ chemical weapons drill in Syria
04/15/2018Barbara Bush’s health failing
04/15/2018SHOCKING: Here’s Proof the Holocaust Could Happen Again
04/14/2018U.N. Security Council rejects Russian bid to condemn U.S.-led strikes on Syria
04/14/2018Haley: No One Is Buying Russia’s Lies, Cover-Ups
04/14/2018BREAKING: Russian Ambassador to US warns of ‘consequences’ for Syrian missile strike
04/13/2018Claim: Hospital, Police Block Alfie’s Parents ‘Legally’ Removing Him
04/13/2018Global Islam Body Demands Europe Ban Religious Hate Speech
04/13/2018More Than Half of German Welfare Recipients Come from Migrant Backgrounds
04/13/2018‘Allah hu Akbar’ Shouting Woman Threatens to Blow Herself up at Cannes Festival
04/13/2018Man on Bail for Sexually Assaulting Teen Kidnapped, Raped, Trafficked for Sex 12-Year-Old Girl
04/13/2018Goldman Sachs Boss Admits He Got it Wrong on Brexit… ‘UK Should Remain Europe’s Financial Centre’
04/13/2018WATCH: ‘Scope of the Holocaust is Just a Rumor,’ Lies Egyptian Journalist
04/13/2018Russia claims UK ‘staged’ Syria chemical attack – Britain says ‘blatant lie’
04/13/2018Russia to stop exporting titanium to Boeing in counter-sanctions against US – draft law
04/13/20181 dead, more than 150 injured as IDF fires on Palestinians at #GreatReturnMarch (VIDEOS)
04/13/2018Fort McMurray's Muslim community plans an ambitious, multicultural mosque
04/13/2018Interior minister investigating entry by anti-Israel Irish politician
04/13/2018Russia appears to move warships away from Syrian danger zone
04/13/2018WATCH: 30th annual March of the Living held in Krakow, Poland
04/13/2018White House – PA rift may sideline Trump peace plan
04/13/2018Killing Jews is not ‘freedom of expression’
04/13/2018WATCH: Remembering the Righteous Diplomats who saved Jews during the Holocaust
04/13/2018Iran threatens Israel’s ‘very existence,’ warns secretary of state nominee Pompeo
04/13/2018Putin warns Netanyahu not to threaten Syria
04/12/2018Europe’s Jews Facing Resurgent Anti-Semitism, Highest Levels ‘Since the Second World War’
04/12/2018Russia slams Facebook's removal of accounts tied to Russian troll farm
04/12/2018Convicted Child Rapist Busted After Illegally Crossing Texas Border
04/12/2018VOTE: California to split into 3 new states!? (map)
04/12/2018Trump SLAMS “failing” New York Times
04/12/2018Nancy Pelosi Will Impeach Donald Trump After What Paul Ryan Just Did
04/12/2018Robert Mueller Is Holding One Nuclear Option To Ruin Trump For Good
04/12/2018Pompeo Says He 'Could Imagine' a Ground Invasion of North Korea
04/12/2018Facebook's Data Breach Falls on Zuckerberg's Shoulders, But Our Need for 'Likes' Enabled It
04/12/2018Mike Huckabee Bashes Comey Over Book Promo: 'He's Out for a Little Bit of Revenge'
04/12/2018Pompeo Reveals He Was Interviewed by Mueller in Russia Probe
04/12/2018FCC Refuses Senate Dems’ Push To Revoke Sinclair’s Broadcasting License
04/12/2018Corbyn attacks Trump as Labour leader demands vote for MPs before Syria strikes
04/12/2018Britain's ex-MI6 chief thinks Western intervention saves lives, really wants to bomb Syria
04/12/2018Approaching 13 Per Cent of All German Residents Are Foreign Born
04/12/2018For Scotland, Continued Access to Mass Migration is Top Brexit Priority
04/12/2018Current world Jewish population still falls below pre-Holocaust figures
04/12/2018UN ambassadors visit Auschwitz on Holocaust Remembrance Day
04/12/2018The Hamas Gimmick That Failed
04/12/2018Sugihara's Holocaust Survivors: The High Cost Of Obedience
04/12/2018Europe's Civilizational Exhaustion
04/12/2018Research Reveals Allies Knew About Holocaust Years Earlier than Assumed
04/12/2018‘Hitler was Daring’: How the Palestinians Revere the Nazis
04/12/2018Poland cancels ceremony honoring anti-Semitic author
04/12/2018Iranian Cleric: Hezbollah will ‘Turn Haifa and Tel Aviv into Ghost-Towns’
04/12/2018Russia appears to be readying for a naval battle with the US near Syria — but it could be a bluff
04/12/2018WATCH: Where Are the Jewish Tombstones in a Polish Town?
04/12/2018WATCH: Horrific Details of Hitler’s Final Solution Known to ‘Indifferent’ Free World in 1943
04/12/2018The Holocaust Photo that Offended Facebook
04/12/2018Hamas Operative was Slated to Work for Norwegian NGO
04/12/2018Sick Lie: Palestinians Depict Holocaust Victims’ Photo as ‘Arabs Killed By Jews’
04/12/2018WATCH: How Hamas Engineered its Violent Gaza Riots
04/12/2018WAR DRUMS: Syria prepares for war as Assad moves military jets in response to Trump missile threat
04/11/2018Putin: The world is getting more chaotic, but we hope that common sense will prevail
04/11/2018Two ex-British ambassadors question claims that Assad ordered chemical attack as threat of war grows
04/11/2018Mayor Khan Celebrates as London District Bans Pro-Life Groups Helping Women
04/11/2018Government to Crack Down on Homeschooling over ‘Extremism’ Fears
04/11/2018Revealed: George Soros Pumps a Total of £800,000 into Anti-Brexit Campaign
04/11/2018Children Treated for Stab Wounds in England Rises 60 Per Cent
04/11/2018WAR DRUMS: Syria Missile Strike ‘within hours’: Eastern Mediterranean on Alert for ‘possible launch’
04/11/2018Haley Blasts Russia for Blocking U.S.-Backed Resolution on Syria Chemical Attack: ‘It’s a Travesty’
04/11/2018U.S. Denounces Cuban Crackdown on Dissidents Traveling to Summit of the Americas
04/11/2018Saudi air defense forces intercept missile over Riyadh…
04/11/2018Any US missiles fired at Syria will be shot down, launch sites targeted – Russian envoy to Lebanon
04/11/2018WAR DRUMS: Russia Warns It Will shoot Down US Missiles Fired At Syria, Attack Launchpads
04/11/2018WATCH: Murder of 11 was ‘Greatest and Most Wonderful Quality Operation,’ Fatah Says
04/11/2018Palestinian ‘Journalist’ Killed on Gaza Border was Hamas Operative, Israeli Officials Confirm
04/11/2018WATCH: Hamas is Destroying Gaza in a Relentless Pursuit of Hate
04/11/2018Iran Confirms 7 Iranians Killed in Strike on Syrian Airfield
04/11/2018Nazi hunter: Europe must confront ‘urgent problem of Holocaust distortion’
04/10/2018Queen Elizabeth compared Obama to… a helicopter!?
04/10/2018Donald Trump, Barack Obama Won't Be Invited to Upcoming Royal Wedding
04/10/2018Nikki Haley to UN on Chemical Weapons: 'Only a Monster Does This' Read Newsmax Article: Nikki Haley to UN on Chemical Weapons: 'Only a Monster Does This'
04/10/2018Museum of Brexit, ‘Centre of European Disintegration Studies’ to Launch, Collecting Artefacts
04/10/2018Two Teen Asylum Seekers Stabbed in Latest Inter-Ethnic Brawl
04/10/2018EU’s Threat to Hungary After Resounding Election Victory, Claims Bloc Will Prevent ‘Dictatorships’
04/10/2018Norway Defies EU and Backs Tariff-Free Trade with UK After Brexit
04/10/2018Honduran president cancels participation in Israel’s 70th-anniversary ceremony
04/10/2018WATCH: Iceland gets its first rabbi
04/10/2018‘Terrorism’ – Turkish Style
04/10/2018Hamas’ Gaza is nothing Like Martin Luther King’s Selma
04/10/2018WATCH: Why UK Jews are saying ‘enough is enough’ of Labour Party anti-Semitism
04/10/2018Iran threatens Israel and ‘its masters’ after striking Syrian, killing 7 Iranians
04/10/2018Russia jams U.S. drones over Syria to stop airstrikes: Report
04/09/2018Iran Threatens to Restart Nuke Enrichment Program in Matter of Days
04/09/2018International Criminal Court investigates Israel for war crimes on Gaza border
04/09/2018WATCH: Will Pledged $2 Billion in Aid Actually Help Victims of Yemen’s Civil War?
04/09/2018WATCH: Australians remember the Holocaust in a powerful way
04/09/2018Iran’s president: US will ‘regret’ collapse of nuclear deal
04/09/2018WATCH: Hamas sends civilians to die for media coverage
04/09/2018‘Package has been delivered’: UK press devours questionable Skripal claims from anonymous ‘insiders’
04/09/2018Exclusive £36,000-a-year boarding school allows boys to wear skirts amid gender confusion
04/09/2018Don’t offend the PC brigade by teaching ‘British values,’ Scottish govt warns teachers
04/09/2018Corbyn’s Jewdas ‘anti-capitalist’ beetroot could be yours for £60k
04/09/2018Bloody Nose for Brussels: Landslide Triumph as Anti-Globalist, Anti-Soros Orban Wins Third Term in Hungary
04/09/2018Six Held as Police Foil Islamist Terror Plot on Berlin Half-Marathon
04/09/2018Confirmed: Two-Thirds of ‘Child Refugees’ Questioned in UK Are Adult
04/09/2018EU Head Juncker Slams Poland for Taking in Ukrainian Migrants But Not Muslims
04/09/2018At Last: Tory Housing Minister Admits Mass Migration Has Pushed House Prices Up 20 Per Cent
04/09/2018Concerned About ‘Giving Oxygen to Racists’, MPs ‘Ignored Our Cries for Help’: Rotherham Victim
04/09/2018French Police Bust Network of Identity Fraud Fake Underage Migrants
04/09/2018WATCH: ‘We Will Tear Israelis’ Hearts Out,’ Threatens Gaza Riot Leader
04/09/2018Polonium-210 that killed Litvinenko was in UK before arrival of Russians accused of murder – Moscow
04/09/2018Israeli Athletes Banned from Taekwondo Competition in Tunisia
04/09/2018BREAKING: Airstrike on Syria’ reports of fighter jets and missiles over Lebanon
04/08/2018Party Directive Reveals Increased Chinese Theft of U.S. Technology
04/08/2018AFP: 45,000 Children Return to School in East Syria After Assad Retakes Territory from Jihadists
04/08/2018Belgian Islamic Party Announces ‘100 Per Cent Islamic State’ as End Goal
04/08/2018Swedish Security Service Claims to Receive New Terror Threats Every Other Day
04/08/2018Expert: Islam, Not Social Factors, Driving Radicalisation in France
04/08/2018Germany: Rising Security Threat as Authorities Warn Islamic Extremists Have Doubled to 11,000
04/08/2018World seeing ‘greatest monetary policy experiment in history’ - Rothschild
04/08/2018China to make it rain over area 3 times the size of Spain
04/08/2018Watch: This is the longest, deadliest wall in the world that nobody talks about
04/08/2018German media cites ‘right wing’ affiliation after man drives van into crowd in Germany, killing two
04/07/2018WATCH: Gaza ‘Human Rights’ Protesters Fly Palestinian Flags with Swastikas
04/07/2018Palestinian rioters burn tires, attempt to infiltrate Israel in latest Gaza border clashes
04/07/2018Several Killed After Driver Ploughs Into Pedestrians ‘Deliberately’ in Munster, Germany
04/07/2018Soros Organisations Seeking to ‘Break Hungary’ Ahead of Sunday Election, Says Government
04/07/2018SPECTATOR: Sadiq Khan Is a Lousy London Mayor. Why Hasn’t Anyone Noticed?
04/07/2018Terror in London: Passengers Injured as Device Detonates on Tube, Islamic State Claims Responsibility, Manhunt Underway
04/07/2018Vehicle crashes into German crowd, leaves 3 dead, 20 injured
04/07/2018Holy Bible Removed from Amazon and Other Online Stores in China
04/06/2018South Korea’s ex-president sentenced to 24 years in prison for corruption
04/06/2018Iran Continues to Hide Past Nuclear Weapons Work
04/06/2018Western Nations Try to Impose Radical ‘Sexuality Education’ at the UN
04/06/2018Tory councillor says political correctness undermining anti-extremist Prevent Program
04/06/2018Farage brands London crime epidemic Sadiq Khan's 'mess' as Mayor widely criticised
04/06/2018BREAKING POINT REDUX: Hungary Throws Down the Gauntlet on Mass Migration with UKIP-style Poster
04/06/20182,000 Asylum Seekers Waiting to Apply for Asylum Living on Streets of Paris
04/06/2018French Conservative Given Suspended 5,000 Euro Fine for Mentioning ‘Migrant Invasion’
04/06/2018Influx of Asylum Seekers ‘Major Factor’ In Rise of Children Receiving Welfare Payments
04/06/2018London: Multicultural District That Voted to ‘Ban Trump’ Facing Almost 40 New Corruption Claims
04/06/2018Six Stabbed in Another Night of Violence as Sadiq Khan Dodges Blame For London Crime
04/06/2018Hamas Vows ‘Millions of Martyrs’ and Cash for Injuries and Deaths in New Gaza Border Clashes
04/06/2018Failed Pakistani Asylum Seeker ‘Slit Daughter’s Throat to Punish Wife’
04/06/2018Sweden Saw Biggest Ever Increase in Gonorrhoea Cases in 2017
04/06/2018Great Return March: 5 Palestinian protesters killed after IDF fire on Gaza border (VIDEOS)
04/05/2018Daughter of Russian double agent speaks for first time since being poisoned with nerve agent
04/05/2018Ireland: Aborted Babies Pointedly Ignored in Pro-choice Empty Shoes Campaign
04/05/2018Muslim Home Office official was ringleader of $8,400,000 conspiracy that allowed 437 illegal migrants into UK
04/05/2018Arabs hack Israeli sites
04/05/2018WATCH: Will anti-Semitism scandal bring Corbyn down?
04/05/201820 percent of Central, Eastern Europeans do not accept Jews as fellow citizens
04/05/2018Armed Palestinian killed in Israeli airstrike in northern Gaza
04/05/2018WATCH: Gaza terrorist fails to infiltrate Israeli terrority
04/05/2018Hamas pays families of killed, wounded protesters
04/05/2018Haley rebukes Assad over continued use of chemical weapons
04/05/2018Italy: Populist, Anti-Mass Migration Lega Passes Establishment Democrats in Latest Poll
04/05/2018Khan’s London: Lead Surgeon Says Hospital Like Afghan War Zone, Two More Killed Overnight
04/05/2018Twitter Transgender Critic ‘Questioned by Police and Banned from Leaving UK’
04/05/2018Down & out at Porton Down: Embarrassment for the UK's 'Rush to Blame Russia' brigade
04/05/2018ACT NOW! Demand Twitter Kick Hamas Off its Platform
04/05/2018Russia wants results of OPCW probe on Skripal poisoning made public – envoy to UK
04/05/2018Water crisis spurring protests in Iran
04/05/2018Russian-Israeli Jew beaten to death in St. Petersburg
04/05/2018UK Funds textbooks that teach children to blow themselves up
04/04/2018Australian State Premier Challenges Catholic Priests’ ‘Seal of Confession’
04/04/2018Terror Arrests in Dewsbury Muslim Enclave Home to ‘Army of Darkness’ Radical Group
04/04/2018UKIP LIVES — £300,000 Raised to Save Party From Insolvency After Sadiq Khan Toasts Death of Movement
04/04/2018Southern Poverty Law Center Correspondent Crumbles When Asked to Debate ‘No Go Zones’
04/04/2018No Jail for Men Who Entered Convent Demanding Nuns Convert to Islam
04/04/2018Anti-Mass Migration Sweden Democrats Polling First Among Young Voters
04/04/2018Trump to Mobilize National Guard to Help Secure the Border
04/04/2018Return of the postcode wars: How UK govt allowed London to be carved up into gangland
04/04/2018People Smuggling from Africa Increasing, Terror Threat High, Says EU Borders Boss
04/04/2018Anti-Russia alliance under threat? Merkel ally and Labour MPs question May’s Salisbury ‘evidence’
04/04/2018Unidentified: Porton Down scientists CANNOT confirm nerve agent used on Skripals was made in Russia
04/04/2018Outrage as Concrete is Poured on World’s Oldest Known Temple at Göbekli Tepe
04/04/2018China Military Tells Russia ‘We’ve Come to Support You’ Against U.S.
04/04/2018British Labor Leader Attends Virulently Anti-Israel Passover Seder
04/04/2018WATCH: 5 Key Facts About Hamas’ ‘March of Return’
04/04/2018WATCH: Gaza Schools Teach Kindergarten Children to be Terrorists
04/04/2018PROPHECY WATCH: Will Saudi Prince’s ‘Changes’ Lead to Peace with Israel?
04/04/2018Government backing plans to create ‘military schools’ to help poor children
04/04/2018Opinion: The Gaza march and the worthlessness of international opinion
04/04/2018WATCH: With 97% of vote, Egyptian president elected to second term
04/03/2018French Overwhelmingly Back Deporting Terror Suspects, Banning Radical Islam
04/03/2018EU Plans Social Media Crackdown on Eurosceptic ‘Disinformation’ as Guardian Retracts Key Details in Cambridge Analytica Story
04/03/2018Identity Fraud Migrant Sentenced After Claiming To Be Child, Woman, and Then a Man
04/03/2018Crimewave: Teenage Girl Shot Dead as 16-Year-Old Shot, Stabbed in Sadiq Khan’s London
04/03/2018UN Easter Message: Migration Is ‘Inevitable – Desirable – Necessary’
04/03/2018Forced to watch ISIS execution videos: 4 siblings call authorities over ‘anti-white’ parents
04/03/2018Molotov cocktails hurled at N. Ireland police vans during republican parade
04/03/2018Palestinian ‘March of Return’ Goal: To Destroy Israel
04/03/2018Muslim population in France
04/03/2018THIS IS NEW: Saudi Prince Acknowledges Israel's Right To Exist
04/02/2018Time for Knife Control? London Had a Deadlier February Than New York City
04/02/2018Russia, China Merging Satellite Tracking Systems
04/02/2018Majority of Dead from Gaza Riots Were Hamas Terrorists
04/02/2018Palestinian ‘March of Return’ Goal: To Destroy Israel
04/02/2018Palestinian Official: ‘US Joins Extremist Zionists, Fundamentalist Christians and Racist White People’
04/02/201860 Violent Criminals, Thousands of Dangerous Suspects Released onto Streets of Britain Last Year
04/02/2018WATCH: More Than 50 Armed Migrants Go On Rampage in German City
04/02/2018Vegan Who Said She Had ‘No Sympathy’ For Butcher Killed in Terrorist Attack Found Guilty Under Terror Law
04/02/2018French Overwhelmingly Back Deporting Terror Suspects, Banning Radical Islam
04/02/2018‘Predatory’ Romanian Migrant Raped Homeless Woman in Front of Passersby
04/02/2018Islamic Centre Leader Arrested After Training Students To Become Jihadists
04/02/2018Russian embassy in UK warns citizens about possible provocations in Britain
04/02/2018UK government accused of quietly rewriting ‘torture guide’ for MI5
04/02/2018UK funding 33,000 teachers promoting jihad & martyrdom in Palestine schools, minister admits
04/02/2018UK may have staged Skripal poisoning to rally people against Russia, Moscow believes
04/02/2018Authorities ‘Still Failing’ Grooming Gang Victims in Telford After Historic Abuse Scandal
04/02/2018WATCH: Gaza Riot’s Choreographed Violence Was No ‘Peaceful Protest’
04/02/2018Turkish President: ‘Netanyahu is a terrorist, Israel is a terrorist state’
04/01/2018US blocks UN attack on IDF’s response to violent Gaza riot
04/01/2018Pyongyang getting ready for seventh nuclear test despite thaw: Japan’s Taro Kono
04/01/2018Belgian deputy cabinet minister: Jerusalem is Israel’s capital
04/01/2018UN calls for probe into IDF clashes with 30,000 ‘protesters’ at Gaza border
04/01/2018Arab media claims Israeli jets secretly flew into Iran
04/01/2018Authorities ‘Still Failing’ Grooming Gang Victims in Telford After Historic Abuse Scandal
04/01/2018Brexit: Germans Hope Russia Spy Poisoning Will Persuade Britain to Stay in EU
04/01/2018Murders in London Overtake New York for First Time Since 1800 Under Sadiq Khan
03/31/2018Why Israel did not condemn Russia for poisoning spy in Britain
03/31/2018WATCH: Is the US calling for a Palestinian leadership change?
03/31/2018Belgian deputy cabinet minister: Jerusalem is Israel’s capital
03/31/2018UN calls for probe into IDF clashes with 30,000 ‘protesters’ at Gaza border
03/31/2018UK Government ‘Lost’ 600,000 Foreign Visitors in Two Years
03/31/2018Imprisoned, Tortured French Teen Was Forced to Use Knotted Sheets to Escape Illegal Migrant Boyfriend
03/31/2018Anti-Grooming Gang Protests in Telford After ‘1,000 Girls Raped’
03/31/2018‘I’m Used to It, This Is a Very Violent Place’ – Witness to Birmingham Gang Brawl Ended by Stabbing, Acid Attack
03/31/2018British ISIS torturers 'regret' beheadings, say revoking citizenship 'unfair'
03/31/2018All E. Ghouta towns liberated, key Damascus highway open after 7yrs of blockade – Syrian military
03/30/2018EU official: No Palestinian state ‘without Gaza, nor with Gaza alone’
03/30/2018Time running out to fix Iran nuclear deal, Israel envoy tells UN
03/30/2018Palestinians pay terrorists directly, thumb nose at Taylor Force Act
03/30/2018Putin launches ‘Satan 2’ nuclear missile again, Boasts of ‘invulnerable’ arsenal
03/30/2018Churchgoer Is 19th Homicide Victim in Sadiq Khan’s London This Month
03/30/2018Australia: Staying in EU Customs Union Would Turn Britain into ‘Irrelevant, Humiliated Dependency’
03/30/2018Algerian Illegal Migrant Arrested After Italian Church Attempted Terror Attack
03/30/2018‘Israel is an Example of a Model State,’ Says Bulgarian President
03/30/2018Hamas Sends 7-Year-Old Girl to Face Off with IDF Troops
03/30/2018Palestinians riot in violent clashes with IDF; several killed at Gaza border
03/30/2018ACT NOW! Urge Dublin City Council NOT to Boycott Hewlett-Packard Over Ties to Israel
03/30/2018NATO Braces For Putin’s Next Military Move In Eastern Europe
03/30/2018Palestinians Reveal ‘True Intentions’ by Directly Funding Terrorists
03/30/2018Experts debunk Palestinian census claim of Arab population parity with Jews
03/30/2018Thousands march in Paris to honor murdered elderly Holocaust survivor
03/30/2018WATCH: Response to violence at Gaza-Israel border will be strong, IDF warns
03/30/2018Analysts: Planned Gaza march on Israeli border is a ‘futile publicity stunt’
03/30/2018Palestinians furious at US Ambassador for saying Abbas is ‘replaceable’
03/30/2018Weeks Before Royal Wedding, Meghan Markle Is Losing Sleep Over 1 Detail of Day She Says ‘I Do’
03/29/2018Google Tracks Massive Amounts of Your Data – Here’s How to Find It
03/29/2018French Study: Average Jihadist is Young Under-educated, Petty Criminal Born in Migrant-Heavy Suburbs
03/29/2018Blair Backs May, Says She Should Stay on After Brexit Defeated
03/29/2018The Tommy Robinson problem: Does everyone have the right to 'free speech?' (VIDEO)
03/29/2018Students ‘Stomped On’, Beaten with Hammer in Third ‘Asian’ Gang Attack in Oldham This Month
03/29/2018‘Failed by the System’: Another Child Sacrificed by the EU and NHS
03/29/2018UK Taxpayers’ Foreign Aid Cash Offered to EU After Brexit
03/29/2018Manhunt After Driver Attempts to Run Down Soldiers in Southern France
03/29/2018World Leader Released from Hospital After Receiving Diagnosis
03/29/2018Israeli-run model Passover Seder at UN draws 60 envoys
03/29/2018German Government Aid Workers Spread Anti-Semitism on Facebook
03/29/2018Senior Palestinian Official: Female Terrorist Leaders Prove Our Gender Equality
03/29/2018Dublin City Council Seeks to Boycott Hewlett-Packard Over Israel Ties
03/28/2018UN Ambassadors from Over 60 Countries Participate in ‘Model’ Passover Seder
03/28/2018WATCH: Why is the UN Defining Judaism as a War Crime?
03/28/2018Palestinians Pay Terrorists Directly, Openly Defy US
03/28/2018Julian Assange’s outside communication CUT OFF after…
03/28/2018Public Furious After Dozens of Children Die in Mall Fire
03/28/2018Kim Jong Un’s trip to China confirmed
03/28/2018Vegans protesting against restaurant are horrified at owner’s revenge – and there’s video
03/28/2018Nazi-looted portrait returned to Holocaust victims’ heir
03/28/2018Tunisia: Jewish candidate runs for city council in Muslim party
03/28/2018Scholar who triggered Holocaust debate mulls new Polish law
03/28/2018NATO joins in expelling Russian diplomats after UK spy poisoning
03/28/2018French Jews will not stay silent after slaughter of Holocaust survivor in Paris
03/28/2018Spread of Wahhabism was done at request of West during Cold War – Saudi crown prince
03/28/2018Chemical weapons experts rebut claims that Russia was behind Skripal attack
03/28/2018UK schools on lockdown after threats to ‘mow down’ children received
03/28/2018Teacher who trained teen ‘mini-militia’ to be ISIS terrorists jailed for life
03/28/2018MP’s Son Shot Dead in Sadiq Khan’s Gun Free London – 10 Dead in 12 Days
03/28/2018Sweden: Deadly Violence at Highest Level Since Records Began
03/28/2018Claim: French Intelligence Agencies Do Not Have Manpower To Track Everyone on Terror Watchlists
03/27/2018Liberal leader arrested after THIS disgusting tweet
03/27/2018Russia’s Pravda: ‘We Are in a State of Real and Full-Scale Cold War’ over Salisbury Poisoning
03/27/2018North Korean mystery train makes visit to China
03/27/2018Global anti-Russia campaign is taking us dangerously close to disaster
03/27/2018University safe spaces could be having ‘chilling effect’ on free speech, MPs warn
03/27/2018Tony Blair sends Twitter into overdrive as he warns Tories ‘Corbyn govt certain if Brexit continues’
03/27/2018NATO To Announce ‘Measures’ Over Russian Spy Poisoning
03/27/2018Russia’s Pravda: ‘We Are in a State of Real and Full-Scale Cold War’ over Salisbury Poisoning
03/27/2018Police in German City Declare Centre ‘Dangerous Area’, Start Random Stop and Search Programme
03/27/2018REUTERS: Eurozone Falls in March, Casting Doubt on Growth Outlook
03/27/2018Deported Asylum Seeker Illegally Returned to UK and Raped Teenager
03/27/2018UK Jewish groups accuse Labour leader of harboring anti-Semites
03/27/2018WATCH: Iran-backed Houthi rebels deepen humanitarian crisis in Yemen
03/27/2018German foreign minister urges Palestinians ‘not to tear down bridges’
03/27/2018France: 2 arrested in brutal murder of Holocaust survivor
03/27/2018Vote Leave 'cheating' could have swayed Brexit – Cambridge Analytica whistleblower to MPs (VIDEO)
03/27/2018Facebook shutters Palestinian news site’s page for inciting terror
03/26/2018Sweden Votes to Stop Recognising Child Marriage Despite Resistance from Government Parties
03/26/2018Swedish Preschools Recast Children’s Gender in Social Engineering Experiment
03/26/20185 Ways the Remain Camp Cheated During Brexit…. And Still Lost!
03/26/2018Gun-Toting Switzerland Has No Mass Shootings
03/26/2018Saudi Arabia opens airspace to Israel for first time ever for Air India flight bound for Tel Aviv
03/26/2018Another Grooming Gang: Abuse on ‘Massive Scale’, Men Drugged and Raped Girls in ‘Sh*g Wagon’
03/26/2018Times’ Matthew Parris Bemoans Brexit NHS Pledge, Wants Funding for ‘Royal Opera House, Arts Councils’
03/26/2018Yorkshire Ripper needs white stick to get around jail after botched op leaves him blind
03/26/201837 People Dead, 69 More Missing in Massive Fire at Shopping Mall
03/26/2018Belgium: Geography Lessons Incite Anti-Semitic Hatred of Israel
03/26/2018BREAKING: Kim Jong Un makes surprise secret visit to China, sources say
03/26/2018China warns of ‘trade war’ with United States
03/26/2018Thousands rally in Tel Aviv in support of illegal migrants
03/26/2018WATCH: Synagogue vandalized in Toronto suburb
03/26/2018French-Jewish Holocaust survivor found burned, stabbed to death in Paris apartment
03/26/2018UN Human Rights Council calls for arms embargo against Israel
03/26/2018Palestinians demand US envoy to Israel be put on global terror list
03/25/2018Beijing warns of ‘people’s war’ against U.S.: Chinese consumers now global superpower
03/25/2018Demonstrators at French Consulate: ‘Stop Subversive Activities Against Israel’
03/25/2018Ex-Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont detained in Germany
03/25/2018Palestinians likely to claim Dead Sea Scrolls at next UNESCO meeting
03/25/2018Taylor Force Act, cutting US aid to Palestinians over terror funding, signed into law
03/24/2018French cop who swapped himself for hostages has died, official says
03/24/2018Pakistani Court Frees 20 People Suspected of Burning Christians Alive in Industrial Kiln for ‘Blasphemy’
03/24/2018Fake News: BBC Describes Refugee Terror Bomber from Iraq as ‘Surrey Teenager’ – Again
03/24/2018Ten Algerians Arrested For Sexual Abuse of Underage Girls
03/24/2018May Govt Excludes Whites from £90 Million Youth Fund Raided from Dormant Bank Accounts
03/24/2018#DeleteFacebook? Assange never had account with ‘giant intel database controlled by megalomaniac’
03/24/2018MoD gave Cambridge Analytica parent company top secret defence files, MP demands probe
03/24/2018Cambridge Analytica: How the Royal family became embroiled in a data harvesting scandal
03/24/2018Canadians Could Be Jailed or Fined for Using Incorrect Gender Pronouns
03/24/2018Two dead as car bomb explodes in Egyptian city of Alexandria
03/24/2018Cambridge Analytica headquarters raided by British data regulators
03/24/2018France Rocked By Islamic Terror, Google Suppresses Syrian Connection
03/24/2018PROPHECY WATCH: Iran said to be building military facilities in Syria near to Russian positions
03/23/2018Union protests erupt in France against government labor reforms
03/23/2018Deadly ISIS supermarket attack ends in hail of gunfire
03/23/2018‘Allah Akbar’ Attacker: Three Dead, Dozen Wounded in Carcassonne Attacks
03/23/2018Je Ne Bregret Rien: Only 22% of Britons Want to Stop Brexit
03/23/2018Veterans Group: Govt Plotting ‘Below the Radar’ Deal Keeping UK Military Tied to EU After Brexit
03/23/2018ACT NOW! Urge Sportswear Giant Adidas NOT to Heed Call to Boycott Israel!
03/23/2018‘Terrorist’ hostage taker shot dead in France after killing 3 & injuring several (VIDEO)
03/23/2018‘ISIS’ gunman kills butcher, takes hostages, shoots cop in French supermarket…
03/23/2018Facebook bans 2 million-person ‘Britain First’ group and its leaders’ profiles
03/22/2018‘No smoking gun’: Smack in the face for May as EU fails to back British escalation over Skripal
03/22/2018'Christianity as default is gone': the rise of a non-Christian Europe
03/22/2018Christians go into hiding as Turkish forces seize Afrin
03/22/2018Indian government writing Christians out of country’s history
03/22/2018Hungary Warns of ‘Global Government’ That Will ‘Strip People of Religious, National, Family Identities’
03/22/2018Sh*thole Mayor Sadiq Khan Slips Cash to Somali Mosque Amidst £1.4m Handout for Knife Crime Campaigns
03/22/2018Berlusconi Proposes Coalition Between Right-Wingers and 5-Star Which Could ‘Pierce Brussels Through the Heart’
03/22/2018Why Is ‘Washington Post’ Author Defending Palestinian Terror Payments?
03/21/2018CRIMEWAVE: Shoplifting Doubles as Police Drop Theft Investigations, Focus on ‘Hate Crime’
03/21/2018Chilling: Police investigate stay-at-home mom for tweets against transgenderism
03/21/201825 Rare Pictures From Inside North Korea
03/21/2018Finance minister cuts through red tape to speed up US embassy move
03/21/2018Palestinian cold war heats up as reconciliation efforts fail
03/21/2018WATCH: How the UK is working to fight anti-Semitism
03/21/2018Nigel Farage tosses dead fish into Thames over May’s Brexit ‘betrayal’
03/21/2018Dutch Tourists ‘Drugged, Gang Raped’ by ‘African Descent’ Men on Trip to Belgium
03/21/2018Anti-Trump dossier author Christopher Steele to be deposed in libel lawsuit
03/21/2018Germany’s Merkel Tells Ireland she Will Keep Border Open After Brexit
03/21/2018Far-Left Activists, Illegal Migrants Storm Basilica Holding The Tombs of French Kings
03/21/2018BDS Suffers Another Defeat in Spanish Court
03/20/2018British MPs seek to summon Facebook’s Zuckerberg for questioning over data scandal
03/20/2018REPORT: Police Lose Track of Nearly 500 Sex Offenders Including Paedophiles, Rapists
03/20/2018In Britain, 28 Per Cent of School Children Are from Immigrant Families
03/20/2018US Ambassador Friedman: ‘New’ Antisemitism Worries Me More than the Old
03/20/2018WATCH: ‘Palestinians Paid $3 Million to My Father’s Killers’
03/20/2018WATCH: ‘Palestinians Paid $3 Million to My Father’s Killers’
03/20/2018Putin claims crushing victory in Russian presidential vote
03/20/2018Will consulate employee’s gun smuggling impact Israel-France relations?
03/20/2018Abbas blames Hamas for trying to kill Palestinian PM
03/20/2018US Ambassador Friedman slams Palestinians for silence on recent terror attacks
03/20/2018WATCH: Saudi crown prince on Trump, Kushner, Jerusalem embassy move
03/20/2018Palestinian Chief Abbas Calls US Ambassador Friedman ‘Son of a Dog’
03/19/2018Rees-Mogg’s Ultimatum to May: If Britain Bends to EU on Trade Policy It Will Become ‘Joke Nation’
03/19/2018Surrender to Brussels Agreed: Britain Obeys all EU Laws, no Control of Fisheries, Open Borders to 2020
03/19/2018UK will either have to offer facts on ‘Russian traces’ in Skripal poisoning or apologize – Kremlin
03/19/2018Saudi Crown Prince Slams Islamic ‘Extremists’ Ahead of Trump Meeting
03/19/2018Leftists Enraged by ‘Ridiculously Racist’ Australian Proposal to Help South Africa’s White Farmers
03/19/2018Thousands Gather in London’s Speakers’ Corner to Hear Tommy Robinson Deliver Banned Right-Wing Activist’s Speech
03/19/2018Telford: Police Failed to Act While Shahzad Khan Made £2,000 a Night Selling Victims at ‘The Rape House’
03/18/2018U.S. Monitoring Possible North Korean Military Base in Syria
03/18/201820-Year-Old Syrian Charged With Plotting Mass Casualty Terror Attack
03/18/2018Sadiq Khan Reads Mean Tweets About Himself Before Threatening MORE Hate Speech Laws at U.S. Liberal Festiva
03/18/2018Left-Islamist Rotterdam Coalition Collapses After ‘Israel = ISIS’ Tweet
03/18/2018‘Unforgivable’: Kremlin blasts Boris Johnson for blaming Putin for Skripal poisoning
03/18/2018UK to 'consider next steps' after Moscow announces expulsion of British diplomats - May
03/18/2018Politicians Furious after MP Warns Chain Migration Bill Could Bring Germany-style Terrorism, Sex Attacks to UK
03/18/201865-Year-Old Swedish Woman On Trial For ‘Hate Crime’ Describes Intensive Harassment from Police
03/18/2018UN Health Chief Praises Israeli Cancer Treatment and Care
03/18/2018UN Watchdog: Goal of US Aid Cuts Should be to Dismantle UNRWA
03/18/2018WATCH: The Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s Sick Anti-Semitism
03/18/2018South African BDS Activists Deface Anne Frank Image, Commit Anti-Israel Vandalism
03/18/2018WATCH: Fatah Honors Murderer of 10 Israelis, Says ‘We Need More Men Like You’
03/17/2018Police Uncover Antifa-linked Hoard of Chemicals, High-Explosives, Mobile Bomb Factory in Germany
03/17/2018Child Sex Crimes Soar by 30 Per Cent in Sadiq Khan’s London as Public Anger Over Grooming Gangs Grows
03/17/2018Sh*thole Watch: Air Ambulance Called to More Stabbings and Shootings than Road Accidents in Sadiq Khan’s London
03/17/2018WATCH: Quilliam’s Maajid Nawaz Blasts ‘Complicit’ Politicians and Police in Pakistani Grooming Gang Coverup
03/17/2018‘Islam Belongs to Germany’, Merkel Insists After Minister Highlights Nation’s Christian Heritage
03/17/2018UK: Ross Kemp Had to ‘Wear the Same Body Armour I Wore in Syria’ for Documentary on Multicultural Birmingham
03/17/2018Survey: Three Quarters of Germans Say Islam Does Not ‘Belong’ in Germany
03/17/2018German Teen Murdered by Asylum Seeker After She Refused to Convert to Islam
03/17/2018‘Despicable’: Police Memo Said Telford Girls ‘Consented’ to Sex Abuse with Groomers
03/17/2018Honduran Migrant Pleads Guilty to Islamic State Plan to Bomb Miami Shopping Mall
03/17/2018Mexican Cartel Torches Michoacán After Exposé Triggered Kingpin’s Arrest
03/16/2018Rio councilwoman murdered after speaking out against police killings in Brazil
03/16/2018Establishment Politicians Hysterical After UKIP Peer Invites Tommy Robinson to Parliament
03/16/2018Hamas Water Contamination Threatens Agriculture in Southern Israel
03/16/2018Who are Real ‘Refugees’: Jews from Morocco or Palestinians?
03/16/2018Polish official protests Israeli Holocaust exhibit, ‘will do everything to change it’
03/16/2018‘The days of trusting our government are over’ – RT’s Afshin Rattansi on BBC Question Time
03/16/2018France: Illegal Immigrants Run ‘Free Hugs’ Scam to Steal Victims’ Phones
03/16/2018Saudi Crown Prince warns 'we will follow suit' if Iran develops nuclear bomb
03/16/2018Back Down: Brussels Says UK Can Sign Trade Deals During Brexit ‘Transition Period’
03/16/2018WATCH: Afghan Migrant Storms Toward Merkel, Has ‘Psychological Problems’
03/16/2018EXPOSED! Major Islamic pedophilia ring uncovered
03/16/2018Palestinian UN agency scours EU for funding after US pull out
03/16/2018Egypt’s president ‘ready to don combat fatigues’ and join fight against terrorists
03/16/2018Will Pompeo take the US out of the Iran nuclear deal?
03/16/2018WATCH: US and allies release joint statement blaming Russia for chemical attack
03/16/2018Analysis: Who tried to assassinate the Palestinian Prime Minister?
03/16/2018Saudis warn Iran’s ‘New Hitler’: We will also develop nuclear bomb
03/15/2018Police respond to another ‘suspicious package’ sent to parliament
03/15/2018Putin ‘extremely concerned’ over UK’s ‘destructive, provocative’ stance in Skripal case – Kremlin
03/15/2018BBC and Police Play Down Telford Child Rape Scandal, Slam ‘Unhelpful Headlines’
03/15/2018Justice Minister: UK Prison System ‘Preparing for Influx of Returning Jihadis’, Must Instill ‘British Values’
03/15/2018German Court Forces Volkswagen to Rehire Islamic Extremist Fired for Alleged Terrorist Threat
03/15/2018Demonizing Israel is Anti-Semitism, Declares Macedonia
03/14/2018UN Palestinian ‘Refugee’ Agency Begging World Powers for Cash After Trump Funding Cuts
03/14/2018OBR: £37 Billion Brexit ‘Divorce Bill’ Will Not Be Paid Until 2064
03/14/2018Austrian Government Considers Overhaul of Asylum Laws After Recent Violent Migrant Attacks
03/14/2018‘Brazen Act of War’: MPs and Ministers Rail Against Suspected Nerve Agent Attack
03/14/2018770,000 People in UK Don’t Speak English, Govt Announces New Crackdown on Sharia Law
03/14/2018KASSAM: The Week In Which Britain Locked Up Journalists for Being Right Wing
03/14/2018Mexican immigrants say wall might slow them down but won’t stop them from crossing illegally
03/14/2018London counterterrorism unit investigating death of former Russian oligarch in the UK
03/14/2018Angela Merkel elected for 4th term as German chancellor
03/14/2018Palestinian activist supports Israel’s account of deadly 2010 flotilla incident
03/14/2018WATCH: ‘Women can die in a more spectacular way than men’
03/14/2018Israel joins Arab states at historic White House meeting
03/14/2018Shadowy Terrorist Group Emerges in Iraq
03/14/2018Accountant of Auschwitz escapes justice through death
03/14/2018UK issues ultimatum to Russia over poisoning of former spy
03/14/2018WATCH: Gaza municipality pays residents to kill dogs
03/14/2018Palestinian PM’s convoy bombed in Gaza assassination attempt
03/14/2018Palestinians to Sue US at International Criminal Court over Jerusalem Recognition
03/13/2018Pedophiles Rule the World
03/13/2018The Truth About Broken Britain
03/13/2018India slashes Monsanto's GMO seed royalty, says US firm 'free to leave' anytime
03/13/2018Father subjects daughter to FGM twice to ‘punish her,’ Old Bailey hears
03/13/2018Kassam in Paris: Reveals Eurostar Death Threats During ‘Fake News’ Awards Keynote
03/13/2018Judge: Acid Attacks a ‘Growing Problem’ in Sadiq Khan’s London
03/13/2018Macedonia marks 75th anniversary of Jewish deportations in Holocaust
03/13/2018UN hypocrisy: Pro-women’s rights and pro-Hamas?
03/13/2018BBC staff to testify at UN on Iran targeting free press
03/13/2018Palestinians reject US invitation to discuss Gaza humanitarian crisis
03/12/2018Sadiq Khan Warns Silicon Valley on ‘Hate Speech’ and Fake News, Blames Donald Trump
03/12/2018Public Anger at ‘Diabolical’ Response as Authorities Only Admit Risk to Public Days After Salisbury Attack
03/12/2018Delingpole: Britain Says ‘Yes’ to Jihadists, ‘No’ to Free Speech
03/12/2018EU vows to 'stand up to bullies' in response to Trump's car-tariff threat
03/12/2018Britain officially blames Russia for INSANE chemical attack
03/12/2018Palestinians Exploit International Women’s Day to Promote Terrorism
03/12/2018Israeli Anthem Played at Moroccan Judo Tournament; Arabs Blast Organizer
03/12/2018Former Syrian General: Hezbollah has Chemical Weapons
03/12/2018Kim Jong Un Let The World In On A Secret That Could Change Everything
03/12/2018Berlin: Arab guards accost Israelis at trade fair
03/12/2018WATCH: Russia touts new hypersonic missile as ‘ideal weapon’
03/12/2018Iran sentences woman to 24 months for removing hijab
03/12/2018To AIPAC’s CEO: Picture the perils of ‘Palestine’
03/12/2018Palestinians make eighth attempt to blow up Israeli court
03/12/2018WATCH: Threat of US military force has Kim Jong Un’s attention
03/12/2018Palestinian TV lies: Israel ‘tortures’ and ‘executes’ children
03/12/2018Jerusalem exhibit at UN shows ancient Jewish ties, despite UN ‘disclaimer’
03/11/2018Palestinians Blast Arab World’s Inaction, Which ‘Encouraged US Jerusalem Decision’
03/11/2018Foreign language ban, army presence, de-Islamization: 5 most radical anti-ghetto plans in Europe
03/11/201875 Per Cent of First-Time Young Italian Voters Marked Their Ballots For Populist Parties
03/11/2018Vatican Seeks to ‘Change the Narrative’ on Immigration by Emphasizing the Positive
03/11/2018Mob of Migrants Terrorise Small Town Fair Sexually Harassing Women and Fighting Locals
03/11/2018Revealed: Police Failed to Act as 1,000 Girls Beaten, Pimped, Raped, and Even KILLED Over 40 Years in Britain’s Worst Grooming Scandal
03/11/2018Arab Gangs Targeting Berlin Police With Threats And Sex Rumours To Intimidate Officers
03/10/2018DUP Leader Arlene Foster Says Brexit Threats Are ‘Insulting’ to the People of Northern Ireland
03/10/2018Still at Breaking Point: EU Braces for Fresh Migrant Surge
03/10/2018UK: Just Five Per Cent of Illegal Migrants Sent Back, Thanks to ‘Completely Useless’ EU Rules
03/10/2018Claim: Appeaser Theresa to Make Further ‘Concessions’ to EU on Brexit Migration, Cabinet Ministers Told
03/10/2018With Friends Like These: EU Threatens to SUE the UK if Trump Exempts British Steel Industry from Tariffs
03/10/2018Council to Give Out ‘Pronoun Badges’ in Drive to ‘Educate Public on Trans Identities’
03/10/2018Brussels on the Brink: EU’s Hostile Front Against UK Faces Collapse as Italy Election Winners Back Brexit
03/10/2018Tony Blair lauded for outstanding contribution to democracy (yes, really)
03/10/2018School Shootings And Cover-Up In Britain
03/09/2018‘Ireland first!’ EU accused of ‘gangster’ behavior as it halts Brexit talks over border issue
03/09/2018Berlin Teachers Complain of ‘Religious Bullying’ from Muslim Students
03/09/2018EU Demands £2.4 Billion Fine Ahead of Brexit Talks, Claims UK Can’t Control Borders
03/09/2018Horror in Khabarovsk: Dozens of cut-off hands found dumped in the snow (GRAPHIC)
03/09/2018Iran: We can resume uranium enrichment in less than 2 days
03/09/2018WATCH: Spanish town bans anti-Israel boycott
03/09/2018Abbas: Peace with Israel is ‘treason’
03/09/2018WATCH: 50 years since Poland purged 20,000 Jews
03/09/2018Palestinian minister slams Arab League for failure to confront US
03/09/2018Abbas’ heir apparent a ‘Nablus warlord,’ warns expert
03/09/2018Turkish daily close to Erdogan calls for ‘army of Islam’ to fight Israel
03/09/2018Hezbollah declares emergency, fears surprise Israeli attack
03/09/2018Palestinians: The Arab World Does Not Care About Us
03/08/2018Women in Iran Are Standing Up to Oppressive Policies
03/08/2018Russia’s Gas War on Ukraine Flames Out
03/08/2018Watch: Hungarian Minister Censored by Facebook for Claiming Mass Migration Had Raised Crime Levels
03/08/2018Windows Smashed, Far-Left Extremist Caught Carrying Garrote at Jordan Peterson Speech
03/08/2018Belgium hands out millions of iodine pills in case of nuclear accident
03/08/2018Iran Tripled Missile Production, Boasts Iranian General
03/08/2018BDS Pressures Uruguay Celebrity Natalia Oreiro to Cancel Israel Gig
03/08/2018Palestinians: The Arab World Does Not Care About Us
03/08/2018WATCH: What on Earth is Iran Doing on the Israeli Border?
03/08/2018Czech president wants country’s embassy move to Jerusalem expedited
03/08/2018Canada’s Supreme Court Just Announced Most Beastiality Acceptable
03/08/2018Palestinians Increase Payments to Terrorists in 2018 by $56 Million
03/08/2018John Zmirak: China Is ‘Arming Faster than Hitler Was Arming in the Thirties’
03/07/2018Exclusive: Tiny Irish Town Taking Hundreds of Migrants Had No Say, Locals Fear Being Called Racist
03/07/2018Labour’s 'TERF' war: Mass walkout threats over transgender acceptance
03/07/2018Brit detained in Abu Dhabi for 'sending insult on Facebook'
03/07/2018Putin: I didn’t try to recruit Melania, even though I used to love doing this
03/07/2018Sri Lankan Migrants Scalp Man and Cut Off His Arm in Paris Restaurant
03/07/2018‘Keep Going Orbán!’: Farage Blasts EU for Sanctioning Poland and Hungary, Ignoring Catalonia Violence
03/07/2018Swedish Municipalities May Be Forced to Raise Taxes to Pay for Mass Migration
03/07/2018Britain First Leaders – Who Trump Retweeted – Convicted of ‘Racially Aggravated Harassment’
03/07/2018Iraqi Who Arrived in UK as ‘Child Refugee’ Built Parsons Green Bomb to Cause ‘Maximum Harm and Carnage’
03/07/2018Iranians Upset About New Tehran Mosque: ‘Too Jewish’
03/07/2018Abbas Rejects US Peace Initiative, Won’t ‘End Life as a Traitor’
03/07/2018WATCH: British MP Demands End to ‘Abhorrent’ Palestinian Terror Funding
03/06/2018London Closes 500 Churches; Opens 423 New Mosques
03/06/2018Russian ex-spy POISONED by dictator Putin!?
03/06/2018Merkel: No need to make German national anthem gender-neutral
03/06/2018Turkey arrests 4 ISIS terrorists for plotting US embassy attack
03/06/2018Argentina’s former president on trial for alleged cover-up in Jewish center bombing
03/06/2018WATCH: Louvre displays Nazi-looted art in effort to find owners
03/06/2018Iran must curb missile program or face sanctions, says top French diplomat
03/06/2018British soccer head apologizes for equating Star of David with swastika
03/06/2018Guatemala’s ‘direct aggression’ enrages Palestinians
03/06/2018Report: Polish president not welcome at the White House
03/05/2018Iran Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei applauds the idea of guns being banned in US
03/05/2018VICTORY! Italy just elected their “Trump” (election STUNS liberals!)
03/05/2018Appeaser Theresa: EU to Have a Say in Setting UK’s Post-Brexit Immigration System
03/05/2018Hungary Challenges United Nations Plan to Facilitate Global Mass Migration
03/05/2018New York Times Reveals Trump, Breitbart Right On Gang Crime, Grenade Attacks in Sweden
03/05/2018After Bahrain Visit, Rabbi Says Gulf State Will Establish Ties with Israel Within 2 Years
03/05/2018Iran’s Wrestling Chief Slams Iranian Government for Neglecting Athletes Who Boycott Israel
03/05/2018Lebanese ex-spy framed actor accused of aiding Israel
03/05/2018WATCH: Abbas scrambles for a new strategy
03/05/2018WATCH: Arab terrorist rams into pedestrian in northern Israel
03/05/2018Report: Guatemala, like the US, plans embassy move to Jerusalem in May
03/04/2018Berlusconi Advocates ‘Marshall Plan’ For Africa To Stop Mass Migration
03/04/2018Social Democrat members approve ‘grand coalition’ with Merkel, pave way for her 4th term
03/04/2018‘No more!’: Trump threatens EU with car tariffs as war of words over trade escalates
03/04/2018WATCH: A Look Inside a Double Terror Tunnel!
03/04/2018Spanish Court Rules Anti-Israel Boycott Illegal
03/04/2018WATCH: European Rabbi Confronts BDS Leader: ‘What is Your Real Agenda?’
03/04/2018Arab Terrorist Hits 4 Israelis in Car-ramming Attack
03/03/201893 Per Cent of Irish Locals Vote Against Plan to Dump 115 Migrants in Small Historic Town
03/03/201817-year-old Sentenced for Plotting Islamic State Attack on Justin Bieber Concert in Wales
03/03/2018NGO: China Using ‘Predictive Policing’ to Put Thousands in Communist ‘Education’ Camps
03/03/2018After $1Billion in Govt. Subsidies ‘Green’ Tesla Fined $139K for Air Pollution
03/03/2018Jihadist Found Guilty of Trying to Create ‘Army of Children’ for London Terror Attacks
03/03/2018Humiliated: Overwhelming Majority Back Hard Brexit in Loaded Tony Blair Poll
03/02/2018Brits recruited by Ukrainian Neo-Nazi paramilitary organizations
03/02/2018Watch the sea freeze as ‘Beast from the East’ batters the UK (VIDEO)
03/02/2018Sex scandal in Scottish parliament, 200 allegations revealed
03/02/2018‘Bury the Filthy Disbeliever’: UK Islamic Radio Fined for Hate Speech
03/02/2018Tommy Robinson Suspended from Twitter for Stating Statistical Fact About Muslims in Grooming Gangs
03/02/2018Migrant Attacks Italian Asylum Home Worker over Lack of Wi-Fi Internet
03/02/2018New arms race started by US pulling out of missile treaty – Putin
03/02/2018Appeaser Theresa to Drop Commitment to ‘Bind’ Britain to EU Rules, But Will Still ‘Mirror’ Them
03/02/2018Palestinian anti-Semite accuses Jews of using blood to prepare Purim pastries
03/02/2018SHOCKING! Tucker Carlson SLAMS Trump (must see)
03/02/2018Dangerous Islamic “no go” zones in Europe confirmed by German leader
03/02/2018China & Russia Military Build-Up Challenges US Dominance
03/01/2018Turkey Threatens to Invade Greece and Seize Aegean Islands
03/01/2018EU Prez Refuses to Back Down on Plot to ‘Annex’ Northern Ireland Before Crunch Meeting with May
03/01/2018Brexiteers round on former PM John Major’s Brexit ‘hypocrisy’ (VIDEO)
03/01/2018Merkel Admits ‘No-Go’ Zones Exist in Germany
03/01/2018Marine Le Pen Indicted by French Court for Highlighting Islamic State Abuses on Twitter
03/01/2018Abbas’ Party Gives Apartment to Family of Terrorist Who Murdered Israeli
03/01/2018Satellite Images Reveal New Iranian Military Base near Damascus
02/28/2018Moon to get first mobile phone network
02/28/2018Iran to Host Festival Celebrating Israel's Imminent Demise
02/28/2018Danish Government: Double Punishments in Largely Migrant ‘Ghetto’ Areas
02/28/2018Italian Populist Leader Slams Pro-Migrant Bishop: ‘The Gospel Doesn’t Say to Welcome Everyone’
02/28/2018Appeaser Theresa Struggles to Keep UK Outside EU Customs Union After Promising ‘Alignment’
02/28/2018EU-Backed ‘Social Justice’ Group Behind Rise in Social Media Hate Speech Prosecutions
02/28/2018Major Malfunction: UK PM Who Gave Rise to UKIP Slams Brexit Britain, Denies ‘British Exceptionalism’
02/28/2018WATCH: Could Modern Day Iranian City be Purim Story’s Actual Locale?
02/28/2018Palestinian Religious Leader Threatens ‘Disasters’ of Holy War if US Moves Embassy
02/28/2018When Elected, Canada’s Conservatives ‘Will Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital’
02/28/2018Iran’s ‘Hourglass Festival’ celebrates countdown to Israel’s destruction
02/28/2018William, Kate, Harry, and Meghan Giggle Their Way Though Their First Onstage Appearance Together
02/27/2018Liam Fox Savages Labour’s ‘Betrayal’ Brexit Plan with UK in EU Customs Union
02/27/2018Labour Appoints Racist Transgender Activist as Equalities Policy Adviser
02/27/2018‘Unaccompanied Minor’ Jailed for Raping Pregnant Woman at Knifepoint
02/27/2018China’s Xi to Assume Greater Dictatorial Power
02/27/2018#WeRemember Holocaust Memorial Campaign Reached 1 Out of 11 People on Earth
02/27/2018Palestinians View All of Israel as ‘One Big Settlement’
02/27/2018IDF Exposes Yet Another Palestinian Blood Libel
02/27/2018'They beat our a--es': Russian mercenaries talk about humiliating defeat by US in reportedly leaked audio Business Insider•February 25, 2018
02/26/20185 Dead, 5 in Hospital After Leicester Shop Explosion
02/26/2018Report: UK Taxpayer Hands £6 Million a Year to Islamic Charities Working to ‘Damage Our Society’
02/26/2018Corbyn Snubs America: Says Labour Would Ignore U.S. Partnership in Favour of Declining EU Customs Union
02/26/2018Police ‘Don’t Know’ Why Rape Is Up 20 Per Cent in Sadiq Khan’s London
02/26/2018BBC Presenter: Corporation Obsesses over Sex and Ethnic Diversity While Working Class Pushed Aside
02/26/2018Wrong Again: Forecasters Reverse Post-Referendum Growth Downgrade, Country Set for £15 Billion Windfall
02/26/2018Israeli Judoka Wins Medal After Iranian Opponent Gains Weight to Avoid Match
02/26/2018WATCH: Iranian Risks Life to Send Israel Message of Love
02/25/2018Report suggests North Korean Olympic cheerleaders are sex slaves for the dictatorship’s regime
02/25/2018Corbyn Warned Against Backing Blair Plot Against Brexit
02/25/2018France Cuts Funding to Anti-Israel Organization
02/25/2018WATCH: Netanyahu Thanks Trump, Celebrates US Embassy Move to Jerusalem in May
02/25/2018Arabs Fume as Israel Eagerly Awaits US Embassy Move to Jerusalem in May
02/25/2018Austria’s Kurz Slams Merkel for Linking EU Funding to Migrant Quotas
02/25/2018Parent Backlash as Cross-Dressing Men Sent Into Primary Schools to ‘Promote Tolerance’
02/25/2018Archbishop Welby Attacks Brexit, Tells Brits to Welcome Mass Migration and ‘Change with the Newcomers’
02/25/2018Mexico Running Scared After Trump Insists Border Wall Is Happening
02/25/2018A Son Plotted to Have His Parents Killed—So They Went Along With It to Get Him Arrested
02/24/2018Irish Govt ‘Paid Press’ to Promote Plan to Grow Population by One Million With Mass Migration
02/24/2018‘Heaping up Britain’s Funeral Pyre’: Kassam Quotes Enoch Powell, Blasts Mayor Khan in CPAC Speech
02/24/2018Pakistani Migrants Arrested For Rape of Young Italian Boy At Railway Station
02/24/2018Swiss Islamic Council Justifies Female Genital Mutilation
02/24/2018Migrant Convicted of Sexually Abusing 10-Year-Old Received Asylum Status Despite Known Criminal History
02/24/2018Zimbabwe 2.0 – South Africa’s New President Vows to Seize White Farms Without Compensation
02/24/2018‘Serious’ Russian influence: Ex-UKIP leader Farage admits to Russian (vodka) connection
02/24/2018Keeping up? Here's a brief guide to what might have just happened in Brexit
02/24/2018PROPHECY WATCH: Russia deploys advanced stealth jets in Syria with warning aimed at Israel
02/24/2018PHOTOS: Justin Trudeau Mocked for ‘Cultural Appropriation’ of Indian Outfits
02/23/2018WATCH: Why the Palestinian Authority is the Real ‘Apartheid’
02/23/2018WATCH: Lone assailant attacks US embassy in Montenegro
02/22/2018WATCH: ‘The Polish government has made a big mistake’
02/22/2018Europeans Censor Israeli Exhibition Slamming Iran’s Human Rights Abuses
02/22/2018Succumbing to BDS is ‘totally anti-Semitic,’ declares US pop singer
02/22/2018WATCH: Abbas Runs Away from Peace – Literally!
02/22/2018Lebanese Journalist: Israel Excels and Arabs Have Failed a Century After Balfour
02/22/2018Analyst: ‘Abbas at UN behaved like an angry child’
02/22/2018Europeans rip Trump on climate change, import record amounts of U.S. coal
02/21/2018Iran: Trump Administration Violating Nuclear Deal
02/21/2018Iranian Wrestler Sanctioned for Refusing to Face Israeli Opponent
02/21/2018The Rev. Billy Graham, famed evangelist, has died at age 99
02/21/2018Rees-Mogg Tory Group Send Clean Brexit ‘Ransom Letter’ to Appeaser Theresa
02/21/2018EU Rejects Hungarian City from Capital of Culture Contest for Having Too Many ‘Happy White People’
02/21/2018Labour Campaign Says UK Needs Open Borders Because Brits are ‘Old and Creaky’
02/21/2018‘Brexit Betrayal at Its Contemptible Worst’ – Appeaser Theresa Asks EU for INDEFINITE ‘Transition’ Period
02/21/2018Diane Abbott Says She Was ‘Frightened’ by Enoch Powell’s Speech — But Half of Britain’s Coloured Immigrants Agreed With Him
02/21/2018‘Military Arm’ Party of Remain Movement Launched to Stop Brexit
02/21/2018Abbas Falsifies History at UN: ‘Palestinians Are Descendants of Canaanites’
02/21/2018Assad regime assault kills more than 100 in Syria
02/21/2018Iran warns it will ‘level Tel Aviv,’ threatens Netanyahu’s life, if Israel attacks
02/21/2018Russia: ISIS terrorist kills 5 churchgoers
02/21/2018Abbas calls for int’ peace conference, urges recognition of ‘State of Palestine’
02/21/2018WATCH: How Much Longer until Fierce Israel-Hezbollah War?
02/21/2018Palestinians attack Qatari aid official in Gaza
02/21/2018Russia’s foreign minister slams Iranian threats to destroy Israel
02/21/2018‘I will not shut up,’ Haley tells Palestinians at UN
02/20/2018Turkey, Iran Threaten To Overwhelm West With Refugees
02/20/2018Are Russia And Israel On A Collision Course Over Syria?
02/20/2018US ambassador warns against Jewish expulsion from Judea and Samaria
02/20/2018Iran: ‘We will Level Tel Aviv,’ Capture Netanyahu, if Israel Attacks
02/20/2018EU Border Chief Warns More Migrants Will Reach Europe Via Spain
02/20/2018Sturgeon: ‘Scotland Needs Mass Immigration Because Scots Were Emigrants Once’
02/20/2018Campaigners Warn Reported Sex Crimes Against Children at Record High
02/20/2018Number of Rotherham Rape Gang Victims Rises to 1,500, Officers Expand Operation
02/20/2018WATCH: Gaza Couple Names their Triplets ‘Jerusalem,’ ‘Capital’ and ‘Palestine’
02/20/2018World War 3: Lebanon THREATENS all out WAR with Israel 'at any cost' in SHOCK warning
02/19/2018Guy Verhofstadt: ‘Not Acceptable’ for UK to Limit Immigration After Brexit
02/19/2018Brains for Brexit: UK Intellectuals Break Ranks with Pro-EU Academic Establishment
02/19/2018Teen in Sweden Beat Sister with Baseball Bat for Refusing to Wear Islamic Veil
02/19/201830,000 crimes in Northern Ireland linked to suspects on bail
02/19/2018WATCH: 5 Ways Hamas Abuses Palestinians to Fund Terror
02/19/2018New York Times Claims Gaza Poverty Causes War With Israel
02/19/2018WATCH: Does Anyone Care About the Palestinians Suffering in Syria?
02/19/2018US Envoy Slams Hamas’ ‘Cowardly Acts’ of Terrorism Against Israelis
02/19/2018WATCH: A Brave Polish Voice Stands Up Against Anti-Semitism
02/19/201833 Dead, 130 Injured in China Knife-Wielding Spree
02/18/2018Corbyn’s Tragic Rough Sleeper Was Twice-Deported Migrant Paedophile from Angola
02/18/2018Iranian General: Israel’s Zionist Regime ‘Will Not Last’
02/18/2018WATCH: Muslim-Israeli Emergency Medical Volunteer Works to Help Others
02/18/2018UK Parliamentarians ‘Shocked by Sophistication’ of Hamas Terror Tunnels
02/18/2018TIMES: Tories Gamble on Public Safety By Pushing Prison Governors to Release Thousands of Criminals Early
02/18/2018May Govt Refuses to Consider Paring Back £13 Billion Foreign Aid Bill Amid Oxfam Scandal
02/18/2018Islamic State Fighter On Trial Admits Terror Group Sent Him Disguised As Refugee
02/18/2018London’s ‘Modest’ Fashion Show Celebrates Sharia-Compliant Clothing Weeks After Women Burn Hijabs in Iran
02/18/2018Former Communist Spy Claims Corbyn Was Paid to Inform on Britain During the Cold War
02/18/201870,000 attend anti-terror, pro-Israel rally in India
02/18/2018WATCH: The fake disease that saved Jewish lives in Italy
02/18/2018American Jewish leaders find friends in the Emirates
02/18/20184 IDF soldiers wounded, 2 seriously, by explosive device at Gaza border
02/18/2018Israel strikes multiple targets in Gaza; Rocket hits Israeli home
02/18/2018Queen: Princess Margaret's SHOCK three words to Elizabeth as she found out she’d be ruler
02/17/2018German Journalist: More and more citizens wake up and realize that something is totally wrong here
02/17/2018Interview with a German journalist: “Like many other women in Germany, I no longer feel safe.”
02/17/2018Will The British Government Control Sexual Values Of Its Citizens?
02/16/2018Former UN official says United Nations aid workers have raped tens of thousands
02/16/2018WATCH: Palestinian Incitement Leads to Attempted Murder
02/16/2018Top Serbian lawmaker: relations with Israel a ‘high priority’
02/16/2018Canadian opposition supports moving embassy to Jerusalem
02/16/2018ACT Now! Tell the Nobel Committee to Reject BDS’ Peace Prize Nomination
02/16/2018WATCH: 70,000 Indians Rally for Israel and Jerusalem as Eternal Capital
02/16/2018Thefts by Moped Gangs in London Rise 2,138% In Two Years
02/16/2018Soros Backed Pro-Mass Migration NGO Has Funds Frozen Amidst Sex Abuse, Fraud Claims
02/16/2018Mainstream Media in Meltdown over Hungarian Plan to Tax Soros ‘Charities’ Supporting Illegal Migration
02/16/2018Farage Slams Osborne-Backed Plot to Overturn Brexit by Allowing 16-Year-Olds to Vote
02/16/2018U.S. Commander: China ‘Could Soon Challenge the U.S. Across Almost All Domains’
02/16/2018Italian Criminologist Says Ruthless Nigerian Mafia Is ‘Colonizing Italy’
02/16/2018Six Stabbed in Northern Paris as Acts of Violence Escalate Across France
02/15/2018Northern Ireland crisis: What’s going on & why it’s crucial to Brexit negotiations
02/15/2018Israel said to fear Assad chemical weapons spillover into Golan Heights
02/15/2018Iran-Backed Terror Group Claims Half-a-Million Missiles Aimed at Israel
02/15/2018Failed Asylum Seeker with 19 Fake Identities Who Eluded Deportation Four Times Arrested
02/15/2018Leaked Assange Messages Pour Cold Water On One Trump Collusion Theory
02/15/2018For the First Time in 53 Years, an Israeli Diplomat Visits Malaysia
02/15/2018WATCH: British Lawmakers Attack Palestinian Authority’s Incitement to Violence
02/15/2018Palestinian who murdered 3 Israeli family members gets 4 life sentences
02/15/2018WATCH: Beautiful Views of the Holy Land from Space!
02/15/2018‘European Politicians Won’t Accept Western World Is at War’: Czech Security Analyst
02/15/2018Six Stabbed in Northern Paris as Acts of Violence Escalate Across France
02/15/2018Government Too ‘Politically Correct’ to Back Schools Banning Islamic Hijab
02/15/2018Iraqi Refugee Ran ‘Factory’ Producing Hundreds of Fake Claims Against British Troops
02/15/2018Turkish Prime Minister Says Turkey ‘Will Fight’ U.S. If Necessary, After Erdogan Threatens ‘Ottoman Slap’
02/15/2018Swedish Bishop Claims He Is ‘Looking Forward’ to Hearing Muslim Call to Prayer in Sweden
02/15/2018Belgium: Jewish community shocked by anti-Semitic attack
02/15/2018WATCH: Egyptian army continues crushing ISIS in the Sinai
02/15/2018Iranian official: Mossad, CIA use lizards to spy on Iran
02/15/2018WATCH: Screaming demonstrators in UK disrupt Israeli’s speech
02/15/2018Palestinians make second attempt this week to blow up Israeli court
02/15/2018WATCH: How Saudi Arabia can cash in on Jewish tourists
02/15/2018South African President Jacob Zuma Resigns
02/14/2018Hungary submits anti-immigration 'Stop Soros' bill to parliament
02/14/2018The Socialist Nightmare of Venezuela Is so Horrible Parents Are Now Abandoning Their Children
02/14/2018He Escaped From a North Korean Prison Camp. Now He’s Showing the World His Torture Scars.
02/14/2018Norway Forcibly Removes 12-Y-O Son After Christian Family Decides to Homeschool (Video)
02/14/2018Palestinians Enraged at PA Police for Helping IDF Soldiers Escape Lynching
02/14/2018Palestinian Diplomat: ‘We’ll Keep Teaching Our Kids to Throw Rocks!’
02/14/2018Bayeux and Brexit: What the tapestry says about the UK’s shared European heritage
02/14/2018Number of Illegal Migrants Crossing Sea to Italy DOUBLES in One Month
02/14/2018Swedish Whistleblower Cop Put on Notice for Claiming Gang Rape ‘Cultural Phenomenon’ Linked to Mass Migration
02/14/2018Sadiq Blows £6m on Toilets for London Bus Drivers, Says He Doesn’t Have Cash to Catch Terrorists
02/14/2018Islamic Extremist Policewoman Arrested in Paris No-Go Zone Suburb After Stealing Firearms
02/14/2018WATCH: Russian plane crash claims 71 lives
02/14/2018Palestinians launch 6th attempt to blow up Israeli court
02/14/2018Abbas in Moscow pushes to oust US as Mideast peace broker
02/14/2018Syria says it has more ‘surprises’ for Israel in next attack
02/14/2018Oxfam Faces Fresh Child Sex Abuse Allegations Among ‘Sex For Aid’ Claims
02/14/2018Revealed! George Soros’ cash found… WHERE!? (jaw dropping)
02/13/2018WATCH: Britain Honors Officer Who Saved 10,000 Jews in the Holocaust
02/13/2018Time Is Ripe For Removal Of The Iranian Mullahs
02/13/2018Seriously Ill American Imprisoned in Iran Rushed to Hospital Late Sunday
02/13/2018Chinese Conglomerate Facing U.S. Sanctions
02/13/2018Iran Unveils New Homemade Nuclear-Capable Ballistic Missiles Amid Massive War Celebrations
02/13/2018Tech Figures Warn: Anti-Brexit MPs Could Sabotage UK-U.S. Trade, Congressman Urges Clean British Break from EU
02/13/2018‘We Are Not Visitors’: Muslims in Sweden Demand Mosque Call to Prayer
02/13/2018Scout Leader Fired for Criticising Promotion of Islamic Face Veil
02/13/2018Somali Migrant Plotted to Kill Queen and Jewish Londoners, Court Hears
02/13/2018How new Russian submarine tactics are threatening to overwhelm aging U.S. fleet
02/13/2018Oxfam Deputy Chief Executive Resigns Over Charity Sexual Abuse Scandal
02/12/2018Row Over Proposed Enoch Powell Blue Plaque, 50 Years After ‘Rivers of Blood’ Speech
02/12/2018Farage Warns of Brexit Crisis if ‘Theresa the Appeaser’ Bows to Establishment and Soros
02/12/2018‘Not a Short Story’: Russia’s Invasion of Crimea Spurred This Young Man to Leave His Homeland in Search of Freedom
02/12/2018Soros responds to Brexiteers’ ‘toxic attacks’ by pumping extra funding into pro-EU campaign
02/12/2018Pro-EU PR firm self-funds questionable research to blame Russia for Brexit
02/12/2018Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran threaten Israel’s borders
02/12/2018Trump: ‘Palestinians are not looking to make peace’
02/12/2018WATCH: 5 Examples of Hamas Exploitation of Humanitarian Aid
02/12/2018After Decisive Response to Iran, IDF Ready to Strike Again
02/11/2018Italian Police Arrest Two More Immigrants for Murder and Dismemberment of Teenage Girl
02/11/2018Appeaser Theresa Considers Plan to Keep UK Partially Inside Single Market After Brexit
02/11/2018Damian Collins: Britain’s Russian Inquiry Chief is a Hardline Remainer, Quoted Soros, Spread Govt Fake News Over Brexit
02/11/2018Irish Muslim Leader Backs Female Genital Mutilation
02/10/2018Hungarian Government Slams Anti-Brexit Plot: ‘Why Do We Say “Stop Soros”? Just Ask the British People’
02/10/2018Professor Claims Soros ‘Missionaries’ Bragged About Toppling Governments in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East
02/10/2018Judge Warns Rampant Knife Crime Threatens ‘Very Existence’ of Notting Hill Carnival in Sadiq Khan’s London
02/10/2018Canadian PM Trudeau: Sharia law is compatible with democracy
02/10/2018North Korean 'army of beauties' rock throwback outfits hand-selected by Kim Jong Un
02/09/2018A “Stupid German Whore” Changes Her Mind
02/09/2018What Lies Behind North Korea’s ‘Charm Offensive’ at the Olympics
02/09/2018Europe’s War on Free Speech
02/09/2018World Remains Silent as Palestinians Violate Human Rights
02/09/2018Gaza ‘humanitarian crisis’ actually a ‘hoax,’ experts maintain
02/09/2018UK: Huge Rise in Knifepoint Rapes, Fatal Stabbings While Police Focus on ‘Hate Crime’
02/09/2018EU Will Demand Northern Ireland Stays Locked in Single Market and Customs Union
02/09/2018Farage: Money Soros Gave to Anti-Brexit Campaign Is ‘The Tip of the Iceberg’
02/09/2018Teachers Seek Help to Cope with Rising Islamic Extremism in the Classroom
02/09/2018ACT NOW! Tell the Europeans to Take Their Hands Off Jerusalem
02/08/2018For London cabbies battling Uber, the map is in the mind
02/08/2018Swiss Watchdog Group: Council On Foreign Relations Controls U.S. News Outlets
02/08/2018Watch Justin Trudeau Get Downright Annihilated By A Few Good Canadians
02/08/2018Family of performers accused of the repeated rape and abuse of three boys facing 69 charges including filming alleged sadistic sex acts and 'blood rituals' - as top cop says it's the 'most disturbing' case he's ever seen
02/08/2018‘Death Squad of Allah’: Terror Suspect Teacher Showed Islamic State Video to Children, Blamed ‘Fascists’
02/08/2018REAL COLLUSION: Foreign Billionaire Soros Pumps Cash into Brexit Reversal Campaign
02/08/2018Islamic Extremist Numbers More than Triple in German Region
02/08/2018‘Hungary First’: Orbán Vows to ‘Fight Those Who Want to Change the Christian Identity of Europe’
02/08/2018Prince William Surprises Students With a Powerful Speech About Cyberbulling and Mental Health
02/08/2018Berlin New Year’s Eve Sex Assault Numbers Three Times Those Previously Reported
02/08/2018A Very Bad Polish Joke
02/08/2018Palestinian Official Slams US Ambassador, Blames Violence on ‘Occupation,’ not ‘Incitement’
02/08/2018WATCH: Behind the Scenes of IDF Forces Caring for Syrian Victims
02/08/2018Israel Responds to Terror: Minister Proposes 800 New Housing Units
02/08/2018WATCH: ‘I’m Glad Jerusalem is Israel’s Capital,’ Declares Muslim Human Rights Activist
02/07/2018Pilot Refuses Jihadist Capture… Declares “This Is for Our Guys” Before Self-Detonating Grenade
02/07/2018Freemasons in British police ‘obstacle’ to reform – ex-chief
02/07/2018Police Officer Working to Deport Illegals Threatened at Home by Muslim Extremists
02/07/2018UK Police Threaten Public over ‘Islamophobic’ Tweets on FGM Awareness Day… Despite ZERO FGM Convictions
02/07/2018REVEALED: British Government Promotes ‘Liberation’ of Hijab at London Event, Avoids Commenting for A Week
02/07/2018Over 2,000 Germans March Against Mass Migration in City Experiencing Wave of Migrant Crime
02/07/2018Denmark to Become Latest European Nation to Ban the Burqa
02/07/2018Latest FBI Texts: ‘Hillbillys,’ ‘OUR Task,’ Obama ‘Wants to Know Everything’
02/07/2018European Central Bank Says Prepare for Hard Brexit and No ‘Transition Period’
02/07/2018How US Diplomacy Derailed Ireland’s ‘Boycott Israel’ Law
02/07/2018Who stole Yasser Arafat’s secret diaries? (Shhhh….)
02/06/2018WATCH: ‘Zionists Suck Children’s Blood,’ Claims Egyptian Politician
02/06/2018US Ambassador Slams Palestinian ‘Leaders’ for Praising Terrorist Who Killed Rabbi
02/06/2018Iran ‘Mass Producing’ Drones Strapped with Smart Bombs
02/06/2018Trump Admin Thwarts Irish Effort to Boycott Israel, Criminalize Trade
02/06/2018North Korea sends Winter Olympics propaganda fliers to Seoul: website
02/06/2018Report: China Moves 300,000 Troops Closer to North Korean Border
02/06/2018Leading German Cardinal Opens the Door to Church Blessings of Homosexual Couples
02/05/2018Palestinian Official: ‘Nikki Haley Needs to Shut Up’
02/05/2018UN Demands Iran's Islamic Regime Give Christians a Fair Trial
02/05/2018Film debunks U.N. denial of Israel's Jewish roots
02/05/2018 Secret Masonic Lodges for politicians and journalists operating at Westminster
02/05/2018Tory infighting, plots & bungled EU talks: The signs Theresa May is about to fall
02/05/2018Iranian Leader’s Heir: ‘Soon We Will Witness the Liberation Of Jerusalem’
02/05/2018WATCH: Arab Media Reveals Booming Economy in ‘Besieged’ Gaza
02/05/2018EU Slams Israel for ‘Touristic Settlement’ of Historic Jerusalem
02/05/2018‘Intimidating’ Politicians and Campaigners to Be Criminalised by May Government
02/05/2018Downing Street Claims Britain Will Not Stay in Customs Union With EU Following Coup Rumours
02/05/2018Palestinian murders Israeli in Samaria stabbing attack
02/05/20184,400-year-old tomb discovered outside Cairo
02/05/2018WATCH: Russian jet shot down over Syria; pilot captured and killed
02/05/2018Palestinians pursuing diplomatic war against US and Israel at UN
02/05/2018Hamas says war with Israel is only days away
02/04/2018The State Of The Democrat Party, Part 1
02/04/2018Democrats Cheer Republican Train Crash
02/04/2018Father who lunged at Larry Nassar comforted by deputy who pinned him down: 'I understand'
02/04/2018GOP rep calls for prosecution of ‘traitors’ identified in FISA memo
02/04/2018Black Lives Matter issues Super Bowl ‘travel alert’ warning about alleged St. Paul police brutality
02/04/2018Knife attacks by Syrian teenagers prompt round of protests in Germany
02/04/2018EXPOSED: Palestinians Reveal the Real Cause of their Suffering
02/04/2018Europe: Making Islam Great Again
02/04/2018Father of 11-Year-Old Terror Victim Ebba Akerlund to Sue Swedish Government
02/04/2018Low Sentences for ‘Twisted Tag Team’ Who Raped Woman at Gunpoint Behind Mosque, in Alley and Her Own Home
02/04/2018Mysterious mass grave likely contained 300 Vikings from ‘Great Heathen Army’
02/04/2018EXPOSED: Palestinians Reveal the Real Cause of their Suffering
02/04/2018WATCH: How Bulgarians saved their Jewish neighbors from the Holocaust
02/04/2018Russian fighter jet downed in Syria, pilot ejected and killed
02/04/2018Taking aim at Iran, US hits Hezbollah with new sanctions
02/03/2018Funds Sent to Georgetown Group that Promotes Traditional Marriage Ends Up Allocated to LGBTQ Group
02/03/2018In Speech, Sessions Touts Successes in Fighting Human Trafficking
02/03/2018Judge Dismisses Suit Against Mulvaney Appointment to CFPB
02/03/2018FBI Used Dossier Funded by Clinton Election Campaign to Spy on Trump Adviser
02/03/2018U.S. to Deploy Smaller Nuclear Warheads to Counter Russia’s Low-Yield Arms
02/03/2018ranian Police Arrest 29 Women for Participation in Anti-Hijab Protests
02/03/2018Belgian Senator: Multiculturalist Elites Manipulated Stats to Transform Society with Mass Migration
02/03/2018High radiation detected at Fukushima plant
02/03/2018UK Education Giant Unveils Hard-Left, Identity Politics-Pushing LGBT Classroom Programme
02/03/2018UK will seize assets held by foreign criminals, says security chief
02/02/2018GEERT WILDERS: Lessons from the East for the West
02/02/2018SKY NEWS: Headteacher Warns of ‘Rotherham-style’ Scandal in Thanet, Kent
02/02/2018Opinion: Time to End the Big ‘Palestine Lie’
02/02/2018WATCH: Palestinian TV Teaches Kids to Idolize Terrorists
02/02/2018Anti-BDS group rallies Canadian support for Israeli businesses
02/02/2018British Defense Chief: ‘Israel is a Beacon of Light and Hope’ in Mideast
02/02/2018Italian Teen Girl Killed and Chopped Into Pieces, Nigerian Migrant Arrested
02/02/2018KURTEN: While Western Liberals Celebrate World Hijab Day, Women in the Middle East Risk Their Lives Resisting the Veil
02/02/2018WATCH: UK-Based Imam Strikes Burka-Clad Woman with Table During Muslim Exorcism
02/02/2018ACT NOW! Protest Poland’s Whitewashing of the Holocaust
02/02/2018UN publishes partial ‘blacklist’ of corporations that do business with Israel
02/02/2018German FM in Israel rejects US Jerusalem move, warns of European ‘frustration’
02/02/2018Hamas calls Trump ‘mentally ill’ after US blacklists arch-terrorist
02/01/2018Merkel’s coalition buckles to US pressure and SCRAPS plan to reduce carbon emissions
02/01/2018Russia Steadily Cultivating Electronic Warfare While U.S., NATO Lag Behind
02/01/2018UN Publishes Partial Blacklist Targeting Israel’s Business Partners
02/01/2018Polish Senate approves controversial Holocaust bill
02/01/2018Children's TV teaches mass murderer 'a role model'
02/01/2018Europe is sitting on a mountain of secret debt
02/01/2018Solar Sh*thole: Mayor Khan Finds £34m for Green Projects, Same Amount Could Pay for Over 1000 Police Officers
02/01/2018Mogg Leads Fightback After May’s Trade Minister Says Brexiteers Should Learn ‘To Live with Disappointment’
02/01/2018WATCH: Remembering the First Israeli Astronaut, Ilan Ramon
02/01/2018Ireland Advances Bill Making it Criminal to Buy Israeli Goods
01/31/2018Corbynite Labour Group Marks Anniversary of Beheading of Charles I by Calling for Execution of the Queen
01/31/2018NHS: Doctors Told Hang Rainbow Flags to Make GP Surgeries LGBT ‘Safe Spaces’
01/31/2018Trump Supporting Italian Populist Leader: Islam Endangers Italy, Vows to Fortify Borders
01/31/2018Poland Signs into Law Anti-Sunday Shopping Legislation, Aims to Give Families More Time Together
01/31/2018Russia Reports 'Biblical Bombshell' as River Turns Blood Red, Experts Searching for Cause (VIDEO)
01/31/2018Human Rights Organizations Refuse to Assist Arab Victims of Palestinian Torture
01/31/2018WATCH: Nikki Haley is Ready to Help Israel
01/31/2018Ireland Advances Bill Making it Criminal to Buy Israeli Goods
01/31/2018Hamas official dies of mysterious gunshot wounds
01/31/2018WATCH: Former Israeli ambassador blasts Palestinians negotiator’s threats of violence
01/31/2018Obama’s envoy to Israel agrees with Trump’s Jerusalem stance
01/31/2018Israel to reopen embassy in Jordan, ending 6 month diplomatic crisis
01/31/2018Netanyahu-Trump position impacting world views on limiting Iran’s ballistic missiles
01/31/2018US delegation flees Palestinian mob in Bethlehem
01/31/2018Sweden Grants Custody of Children to Iraqi Who Got 13-Year-Old Cousin Pregnant by Rape
01/31/2018RUMORS OF WAR: Is There A War Brewing Between Israel And Lebanon?
01/30/2018Executions On The Rise In Kim Jong Un’s North Korea, Top US Commander Reveals
01/30/2018Pro-Sovereignty Populists on Course to Dominate European 2018 Elections
01/30/2018Bread riots a daily reality in socialist Venezuela
01/30/2018WATCH: Jail Time for Calling Auschwitz ‘Polish’?
01/30/2018US Envoy Slams Hamas for Sabotaging Gaza’s Chances for Success
01/30/2018Palestinians Blast NY Times for ‘Time for Abbas to Go’ Article
01/30/2018Prominent Saudi Cleric: ‘Holocaust Denial is a Crime that Distorts History’
01/30/2018Theresa May faces fresh revolt as Tory donors and MPs call for her resignation
01/30/2018‘Ghost ships’ filled with dead sailors make landing on Japanese shores (VIDEO)
01/30/2018Canada: Police say Jewish billionaire, wife apparently murdered
01/30/2018Severed doll heads doused in red paint left at Tel Aviv immigration office
01/30/2018Drug trafficker killed in border shootout with Israeli police
01/30/2018Can Trump and Netanyahu get Europe to push back against Iran’s ballistic missiles?
01/30/2018Israel, Poland agree to jointly formulate Holocaust bill
01/30/2018Netanyahu warns Putin: Israel ready to act against Iran
01/30/2018'Radioactive' mutant fish with HORNS ‘spawned by Vladimir Putin’s nuclear rocket tests’
01/29/2018In Ukraine, Putin’s Words Ring Hollow as the War Drags On
01/29/2018#TrumpMorgan: President Blasts Brussels, Backs Britain, Disavows Modern Feminism
01/29/2018BBC Bias: Report Finds Corporation ‘Kept Pro-Brexit Voices Off Air for a Decade’
01/29/2018Theresa May faces the boot – and here’s what insiders are saying
01/29/2018Palestinian Leaders Mourn Murderer of Israeli Father of 6
01/29/2018WATCH: Palestinian Children Play ‘Stab the Jew’ Game
01/29/2018Israel Ranked 8th Most Powerful Nation
01/29/2018Tory MPs call on Theresa May to grow Brexit backbone or face leadership spill
01/29/2018In First, Council of Europe Tells Palestinians to Stop Funding Terror
01/29/2018Arab vandals scrawl ‘Hitler’ graffiti in southern Israel
01/29/2018Israeli envoy to UN: Iran has 82,000 fighters in Syria
01/29/2018WATCH: EU Parliament Holocaust event speakers stress ‘Never Again’
01/29/2018PA official claims US has never given Palestinians ‘anything of substance’
01/29/2018Heavy rains expose 12 bombs on Palestinian road
01/29/2018Holocaust experts denounce Polish law as ‘whitewash’ of culpability
01/28/20185 Takeaways From Soros at Davos: U.S. Gerrymandering, Court Rigging, And Forcing the EU to Give 20% of Its Annual Budget to Africa
01/28/2018Human Rights Council ‘Most Anti-Israel of All UN Groups’
01/28/2018US Envoy: Abbas Lacks What is Needed to Achieve Peace
01/28/2018Since 2015 Nuclear Deal, Iran Fired 23 Missiles
01/28/2018Suicide bomber kills 95, wounds 158 in Afghanistan
01/28/2018WATCH: Will the Iran protests die out?
01/28/2018Palestinians want US involved in peace talks, but refuse to deal with Trump
01/28/2018Palestinians burn effigies of Trump, Pence
01/28/2018PA officials claim Palestinian borders include all of Israel
01/28/2018Poland moves to ban references to Nazi-era ‘Polish death camps’
01/27/2018This British Professor Will Make You Want to Scream
01/27/2018While Khan Blames Crime Wave on Cuts, Fall in Police Numbers Could Be Plugged by Redeploying ‘Hate Crime’ Officers
01/27/2018Miloš Zeman wins second term as Czech president
01/27/2018UK: Rough Sleeping Reaches Record Levels While ‘Refugees Welcome’
01/26/2018Poland: 3 Neo-Nazis arrested for Hitler birthday event
01/26/2018WATCH: ISIS focuses on Libya
01/26/2018Netanyahu to visit Putin in Moscow, will discuss Syria and Iran
01/26/2018Netanyahu pushes world leaders for changes in Iran nuclear deal
01/26/2018White House: No contact with Palestinians since Jerusalem declaration
01/26/2018Palestinians buy $50 million private jet for Abbas
01/26/2018Jordan says US involvement key to Israeli-Palestinian peace talks
01/26/2018WATCH: Netanyahu thanks Trump for historic Jerusalem decision, ‘forever etched on the hearts of our people’
01/26/2018Palestinians ‘will get what they need’ without US aid, analysts say
01/26/2018ACT NOW! Protest Amnesty’s Anti-Israel Decision Silencing Free Speech
01/25/2018President Trump and PM May Talk at Davos: ‘We Continue to Have That Really Special Relationship’
01/25/2018Police Data: UK Violent Crime Wave Grows Even Faster, London Knife Attacks up 40 Per Cent
01/25/2018Trump Warns Palestinian Authority No More Money Without Peace Talks
01/25/2018Report: Kerry Urged Abbas to ‘Hang On and Not Give In to Trump’
01/25/2018South Africa Reasserts ‘the Lie of Israeli Apartheid’ at Biased UN
01/25/2018European lawmakers grill Iranians on terror plots and Holocaust denial
01/25/2018WATCH: Israel interrupts Arab rep at UN session for calling Israelis ‘occupiers’
01/25/2018Mideast experts fear strong US support may haunt Israel
01/25/2018PA Fumes as Israel uses their funds to compensate victims of Palestinian torture
01/25/2018WATCH: Palestinian chief negotiator claims peace process ‘is over’
01/25/2018Kerry coaches Abbas: ‘Stay strong, Trump will soon be out of office’
01/25/2018Ugandan president praises Trump for his frankness: 'Africans need to solve their problems'
01/25/2018Putin rival 'Russian Paris Hilton' invited to Trump prayer breakfast
01/25/2018Tony Blair at Davos: Brits Will Reject Brexit Because UK ‘Needs’ EU Migrants
01/24/2018UK Government Creates Agency to Tackle ‘Fake News’
01/24/2018Police Call for Courts to ‘Follow Through’ with Harsh Sentences to Deter Knife Crime in Khan’s London
01/24/2018Number of ‘Asylum Seeker’ War Criminals Discovered in Sweden Doubles in Two Years
01/24/2018Irony Alert: A Thousand Private Jets Deliver Globalist Elite to Davos for Climate Change Summit
01/24/2018Afghan Failed Asylum Seeker on Trial for Murder of Christian Convert
01/24/2018Palestinian Boycott of Scarlett Johansson’s Women’s March Speech ‘Contemptible’
01/24/2018German leader Merkel says the current world order is under threat
01/24/2018Entitled Muslim Migrants Reportedly Leaving In Droves Due To Simple 2-Word Requirement
01/24/2018Arab League seeks to block Israel’s UN Security Council bid
01/24/2018Analysis: Time to demand the Palestinian Authority’s unconditional surrender
01/24/2018Muslim model quits ad campaign after anti-Israeli slurs revealed
01/24/2018Abbas fails to garner European support for ‘Palestine’
01/24/2018Senior Al-Qaeda Leader Calls on Muslims ‘Everywhere’ to Kill Jews, Americans over Jerusalem
01/23/2018Masked Alt-Left Extremists Surround Catholic Campaign Bus, Throw Burning Smoke Bombs at Pro-Life Marchers
01/23/2018Thatcher’s Chancellor: Civil Servants Want to ‘Frustrate Brexit’
01/23/2018Nine in Ten ‘Underage’ Moroccans in Sweden Caught Lying About Their Age
01/23/2018Health Minister: Social Media Accounts Should be Linked to Government Issued Identity Cards
01/23/2018Uganda president: “I LOVE Trump!”
01/23/2018Amnesty International Boycotts UK Jewish Group, Silences Debate on Israel
01/23/2018German nurse charged with 97 more murders at hospitals
01/23/201890,000 mosques invoke 'conquest' prayers against infidels
01/23/2018UK Bans Entry of Notorious Holocaust Denier
01/23/2018Palestinian Factions Compete to Show Who Hates Israel and US More
01/23/2018Amnesty International Boycotts UK Jewish Event to Support BDS
01/23/2018British ambassador says founder of Revisionist Zionist movement deserved more respect
01/23/2018WATCH: Turkey attacks US-backed Kurdish militia in Syria
01/23/2018Abbas in Belgium, seeks European recognition of Palestinian state
01/23/2018Iranian fighter jets fire on Saudi-led coalition warships
01/22/2018Palestinians Honor Murderers of IDF Soldier as ‘National Examples’
01/22/2018Hamas: Pence’s Visit ‘Unwelcome’
01/22/2018Abbas Disqualified as Peace Partner, Concede Left-Wing Groups
01/22/2018Abbas Seeks EU Recognition of ‘Palestine’ with Jerusalem as Capital
01/22/2018DISGRACE: Arab Lawmakers Disrupt Pence Speech at Knesset
01/22/2018Oxford University increases math, computer science exam times so women can get better grades
01/22/2018Turkey INVADES Syria – tanks and soldiers cross the border
01/22/2018Netanyahu: It’s a ‘disgrace’ that Arab lawmakers are boycotting Pence
01/22/2018‘No substitute for US leadership,’ Netanyahu says, welcomes Pence’s arrival in Israel
01/22/2018Will Netanyahu meet Jordan’s King Abdullah this week?
01/21/2018‘Sexual Emergency’ Migrant Who Raped 10-Year-Old Boy Has Sentence Reduced
01/21/2018Lawyer Raj Chopra Says Woman Assaulted in Pool Would’ve ‘Forgotten About It in Two or Three Days’
01/21/2018School Reverses Hijab Ban for Small Children After ‘Islamophobia’ Accusations
01/21/2018Veterans Launch Political Party After SAS Hero Left Homeless While Govt Lavishes Money on Foreign Aid, EU
01/21/2018Racism: Labour Party Charges White People Extra to Attend Corbyn Rally
01/21/2018700,000 Sign UWI’s ‘Jerusalem Declaration’ Supporting Eternal, Undivided Israeli Capital
01/20/2018Who Are the Deranged Teens Responsible for Perm, Russia School Stabbing Attack?
01/20/2018'The school is a butcher's shop': Pupil, 16, FIREBOMBS classroom and waits at the door to hack at fleeing children with an AXE in second attack at Russian school this week
01/20/2018‘They took out knives & stabbed the teacher’: Witnesses recall horrifying Perm school rampage
01/20/2018Sixteen-year-old axeman bursts into Russian school and wounds dozens of pupils in THIRD attack in weeks 'inspired by Columbine massacre'
01/20/2018The World Has Never Seen an Oil Spill Like This
01/20/2018London: Muslim Enclave Votes to ‘Ban Trump’
01/20/2018Paris Gets ‘No-Go-Zone’ Warning App
01/20/2018Italian Election Favourite Blasts Brussels: ‘The EU Can Go F*ck Itself’
01/20/2018Germany Becomes the New Poster Child for Climate Change Hypocrisy
01/19/2018WATCH: PA Student Leader Calls Terrorist ‘Role Model’ for Women
01/19/2018While 14,000 Failed Asylum Seekers Await Deportation, Govt Plane to Afghanistan Flies With 166 Empty Seats
01/19/2018Failed Asylum Seekers Steal Police Sidearm, Take Hostages During Deportation Attempt
01/19/2018Appeaser Theresa Will Pay for France’s Border Security, Take More ‘Child’ Migrants
01/19/2018WHITES NEED NOT APPLY: BBC Still Advertising Positions Which Exclude White People
01/18/2018International Court Pushes Gay Marriage on 20 Latin American Nations
01/18/2018Hamas: Iran is Only Country that Supports Us
01/18/2018WATCH: ‘We in Fatah Have Never Recognized Israel’
01/18/2018Migrant Crisis: 77 Per Cent of Belgians ‘No Longer Feel at Home’
01/18/2018As Security Service Warns of Terror Risk, Swedish Govt Sends Emergency Advice Booklet to Every Home
01/18/2018Study: Muslim Migrants Have Medieval Attitudes Towards Jews, Gays, Women, and ‘Infidels’
01/18/2018Better Late Than Never: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Arrive in Cardiff After Train Delays
01/18/2018Pakistan: Muslim Clerics Issue Decree Against Suicide Bombings
01/17/2018‘We will not be blackmailed’: MEP demands May fight Macron on migrants & money (VIDEO)
01/17/2018North And South Korea Agreed To Do Something No One Ever Expected
01/17/2018Another false missile alert issued: This time it’s in Japan
01/17/2018Pakistan: Muslim Clerics Issue Decree Against Suicide Bombings
01/17/2018Palestinian Aid: ‘International Obligation’ or ‘Fraud’ on the World?
01/17/2018Report: Soros to Make Millions from Collapse of UK Construction Giant
01/17/201880 Percent of This Town in Australia Lives Underground!
01/17/2018WATCH: Balcony at Indonesian stock exchange collapses, dozens injured
01/17/2018Germans search for Iranian spies who spied on Israel
01/17/2018Palestinians declare Oslo Accords null and void, withdraw recognition of Israel
01/17/2018The world according to Abbas: denying Jewish ties to the Holy Land
01/17/2018Geller: Another Hate Crime Hoax — Police Find No Evidence of Random Scissor Attack on 11-Year-Old’s Hijab
01/17/2018‘Lack of Trust’: MPs Slam Govt Immigration Policy, Call for Data on Illegals and ‘Honest Debate’
01/17/2018115,000 Crossing Attempts from Calais in 2017 as Illegals Brawl with Knives, Iron Bars
01/17/2018EU Backtracks on Deal, Demands Unlimited Mass Migration for Years After Brexit
01/16/2018Netanyahu: Abbas Finally Shows His True Colors
01/16/2018WATCH: Abbas Tears Off His Mask
01/16/2018United with Israel Reaches 5 Million Supporters with Former Spanish Leader Aznar!
01/16/2018School bans hijabs & fasting as chairman begins ‘crusade’ against Islamification of kids (VIDEO)
01/16/2018Raheem Kassam Blasts Sky News, Sadiq Khan Over 'Shithole London'
01/16/2018WATCH: The People of India Welcome Netanyahu – in Hebrew!
01/15/2018Hijab ‘Attack’ Condemned By Canada’s Prime Minister Was A Hoax
01/15/2018Brooklyn Holocaust museum focuses on faith, survival
01/15/2018French PM: ‘Antisemitism is alive in France, hides behind new masks’
01/15/2018WATCH: Palestinian leader calls Trump’s plan a ‘slap in the face’
01/15/2018Israel slams Abbas for anti-Semitic, Holocaust-denying speech
01/15/2018Philippine High School Adopting Israeli Science Curriculum
01/15/2018Trump will Cut Tens of Millions in Funding for Palestinian ‘Refugees’
01/15/2018WATCH: The People of India Welcome Netanyahu – in Hebrew!
01/15/2018Soros Pledges Renewed Fight Against ‘Dominant Ideology’ of Nationalism, Says EU ‘on Verge of Breakdown’
01/15/2018Macron Believes EU Military Integration Plans Cannot Work Unless Britain Is Incorporated
01/15/2018The Palestinian Terror Party: Celebrating Murder
01/15/2018Abbas Curses Trump: ‘May Your House Be Destroyed’
01/15/2018Lebanon: Senior Hamas official hit in car bombing
01/15/2018Shin Bet arrests ISIS sympathizer who plotted attacks in Israel
01/15/2018Palestinian envoy accuses Israel of war crimes, demands release of violent teenage girl
01/15/2018Palestinians to redefine relationship with Israel, reject US-led peace talks
01/15/2018WATCH: New Delhi square renamed in honor of Haifa
01/15/2018Israeli analyst on Iran deal: ‘Trump talks the talk, but does he walk the walk?’
01/15/2018Abbas says town bordering Jerusalem offered as capital of Palestinian state, rejects Trump plan
01/15/2018OUTRAGEOUS: After Iran Murders Protesters, EU Seeks Friendly Talks
01/15/2018PICTURES: Historic German Church Demolished as Mosques Multiply Across the Country
01/14/2018Palestinians Mock Trump, Demonize US
01/14/2018WATCH: British Imam Incites Arab World to March En Masse on Jerusalem
01/14/2018Here it comes ... the U.N.'s next 'cheap ploy'
01/13/2018Journalist: I was fired for criticizing Islam
01/13/2018Iran's Foreign Ministry Says New Sanctions 'Crossed All Red Lines' And Will Cause A 'Serious Reaction' From Islamic Republic
01/13/2018Police Hunt Down Facebook Users Who Made ‘Offensive’ Comments About Muslim Grooming Gangs Online
01/13/2018British Government Shutting Down Illegal Migrant Bank Accounts to ‘Encourage’ Them to Leave ‘Voluntarily’
01/13/2018North Korea is arming and training CHILDREN for World War 3 - general shock warning
01/12/2018Commentary: Mother of H&M model has a perspective-shifting response to ‘racist’ ad
01/12/2018Putin calls Kim Jong Un ‘shrewd and mature,’ says North Korean dictator ‘won this round’ against US
01/12/2018Germany Becomes the New Poster Child for Climate Change Hypocrisy
01/12/2018WATCH: How Denmark saved its Jews
01/12/2018Zulus in South Africa Urge Close Ties with Jewish State, Citing Israeli Aid
01/12/2018Trump Cancels UK Trip to Open New ‘Bad Deal’ U.S. Embassy, Sad Khan Celebrates
01/12/2018Yorkshire: Twenty Men Arrested for ‘Sexual Exploitation’ of Teenage Girl
01/12/2018French Media Pushing Pro-Migrant Narrative: Claims It is ‘Beautiful’ To Be ‘Invaded By Migrants’
01/12/2018New United Nations Boss Unveils Plan to Promote Global Mass Migration
01/12/2018WATCH: Muslim woman called ‘racist’ for fighting radical Islam
01/12/2018Following PA request, Israel restores power to Gaza
01/12/2018WATCH: Social media campaign for Holocaust remembrance reaches hundreds of millions
01/12/2018French prime minister’s nephew stabbed in Eilat
01/12/2018Hamas ‘blesses’ fatal terror attack as ‘heroic operation’
01/12/2018WATCH: Netanyahu baffles world-famous mentalist
01/12/2018Rock-throwing Palestinian teens killed in violent clashes with IDF
01/12/2018Netanyahu: No doubt we will catch terrorists who murdered Israeli father
01/12/2018Israel sanctions family of blonde-haired blue-eyed Palestinian girl who attacked IDF soldiers
01/12/2018Iran: ‘All Options on the Table’ if Trump Quits Nuclear Deal
01/12/2018‘Scientific American’: Climate Change May Have Helped Spark Iran’s Protests
01/11/2018China’s President Tells Troops: Prepare for War
01/11/2018European Court Rejects Swedish Proposal to Deport Terrorist Migrant
01/11/2018Swedish City Sees 300 Per Cent Increase in Shootings in 2017
01/11/2018Kassam Breaks with Farage over 2nd Referendum Call – ‘I Don’t Give a Monkey’s What Blair Wants’
01/11/2018WATCH: Female Terrorists Are ‘National Symbols,’ Claims Palestinian Women’s Union Leader
01/11/2018India says $500 million missile deal with Israel will move ahead
01/11/2018Palestinians Celebrate ‘Killed Settler,’ Glorify Murder of Israeli Father of 6
01/11/2018Palestinians accuse US envoy of adopting ‘occupation’s policy’
01/11/2018Historic Tunisian synagogue set on fire
01/11/2018Austria: Jewish students fined for waving Israeli flag
01/11/2018Germany to Iran: Don’t spy on Israel in our country
01/11/2018Hamas leader shot, in critical condition
01/11/2018Report: Saudis negotiating purchase of Israeli arms
01/11/2018WATCH: Palestinian official defends terror attack that killed Rabbi, father of 6
01/10/2018Russia says it now recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital
01/10/2018South Korea's Moon: Trump Played 'Huge' Role in Talks with North Korea
01/10/2018French Women Slam #MeToo Movement Saying It 'Takes on Hatred of Men and Sexuality'
01/10/2018South Korea's President Gives 'Big Credit' to Trump for Talks With North Korea
01/10/2018I’m A Jew. I Had No Idea I’d Be Spending Christmas Among Neo-Nazis
01/10/2018BREAKING: Drones used in attack on Russia’s bases “could only be shipped from US”
01/10/2018US Ambassador Friedman: Palestinian incitement is the reason there is no peace
01/10/2018Tens of Thousands of Migrants in Germany Unable to Read or Write
01/10/2018London Islamic State Sympathiser Planned to Bomb ‘Smart People’
01/10/2018Top female-only state school ditches the word ‘girl’ in fear that it might offend trans students
01/10/2018Malaysian opposition names 92-year-old as leader
01/10/2018Muslims to outnumber Jews in the US by 2040, new research shows
01/10/2018Syria claims it thwarted Israeli missile attacks
01/10/2018Couple who met on Muslim dating site convicted of UK bomb plot
01/10/2018WATCH: Should Trump kill the Iran deal to help the protesters?
01/10/2018Palestinians paid terrorists almost $350 million in 2017
01/10/2018Father of 6 murdered in drive-by shooting terror attack
01/10/2018Palestinians say no peace talks until US reverses recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel
01/09/2018EU Prez Juncker: Brexit Will Happen, No Second Referendum
01/09/2018Former British PM David Cameron thought Barack Obama was one of the 'most narcissistic and self-absorbed people' he had ever met
01/09/2018Orbán: Europe’s Migrants Aren’t Muslim Refugees, They’re ‘Muslim Invaders’
01/09/2018WATCH: Palestinian Songs Demand Horrific Violence Against Israelis
01/09/2018French kosher grocery torched on anniversary of supermarket attack
01/09/2018Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are All Smiles as They Make Their First Appearance of the Year
01/08/2018Death of Peter Sutherland, Mass Migration Advocate Dubbed ‘Father of Globalisation’
01/08/2018Police Chief: Islamic State Terror Threat Still High
01/08/2018Deportations Proposed as African Street Gangs Invade Homes, Terrorise Residents in Melbourne
01/08/2018WATCH: Remembering the Charlie Hebdo Terror Attack
01/08/2018WATCH: Hezbollah ‘not worried about situation in Iran’
01/08/2018Palestinians Protest Harsh Conditions in Hamas-Ruled Gaza
01/08/2018UN Launches Campaign to Blacklist IDF for Child Abuse
01/08/2018Muslim Doctor Refuses To Save A Christian Man’s Life On Flight From New York To Las Vegas
01/08/2018Is Hezbollah eating the Iranian People’s bread?
01/08/2018Report: Former Iranian president Ahmadinejad arrested for anti-regime remarks
01/08/2018WATCH: Is the world’s response to Iran protests different than in 2009?
01/08/2018Germany: Man sentenced to prison for making fun of Holocaust
01/08/2018Despite government claims, Iran protests not over, Israeli expert says
01/08/2018Iranian President: Trump Wrong to Sympathize With Iranians After Saying They Live in a 'Terrorist' Nation
01/08/2018Before Olympics, North Korea Offers Direct Talks With South Korea
01/08/2018Pakistan Responds to Trump Criticism: US Gives Nothing But 'Invective & Mistrust'
01/07/2018Solider used a spade to decapitate ISIS jihadist during Afghanistan gun battle
01/07/2018Terror Fights Terror: ISIS Declares War on Hamas
01/07/2018Report: Pro-Palestinian Activists in US Advocate Violence, Express Support for Terror
01/07/2018Palestinians should make Ramallah their capital, says Egyptian officer
01/07/2018Campaign launched to preserve hard-fought religious protections
01/07/2018‘You’re Not Welcome’ – Migrant Gangsters Tell British Police to Stay Away from ‘Kurdish Street’
01/07/2018EU Boss Praises Communist Cuba and Obama Era on Havana Visit, Ignores Human Rights Abuses
01/07/2018Canadian Liberal MP Labels Anti-Islamic State Protesters ‘White Supremacists’
01/06/2018UK Govt Doesn’t Know Where Hundreds of Returned Islamic State Fighters Are
01/06/2018Asylum Seeker on the Run After Attacking Several People with an Axe
01/06/2018IDF chief: Iranian threat looms above all regional threats
01/06/2018WATCH: Hezbollah still laundering drug money in US
01/06/2018Appeaser Theresa Could Keep UK Tied to EU Customs Union After Brexit
01/06/2018New Year, old faces: Bad-penny Blair is back offering opinions no one asked for
01/06/2018North Korea has opened a crisis hotline with South Korea to try to avoid war
01/05/2018Iceland’s Equal Pay Regime Will Hurt, Not Help, Women. We Don’t Need It.
01/05/2018Fatah Celebrates Anniversary by Honoring Murderers of 179 Israelis
01/05/2018Impact of new Germany ‘hate speech’ law felt by media, politicians
01/05/2018Big Government at Work – New Law says Men Cannot be Paid Higher than Women!
01/05/2018WATCH: The UN’s response to the Iran protests
01/05/2018Study: Young Muslim male migrants fuel rise in violence in Germany
01/05/2018WATCH: What is going on in Iran?
01/05/2018WATCH: How likely is war with Hezbollah in the near future?
01/05/2018Trump: Palestinians left peace table, ‘why should we make payments to them?’
01/04/2018North Korea Appears To Have Bombed Itself In Botched Missile Test: Report
01/04/2018Somali Immigrant Allegedly Tried To Rape Woman In Labor
01/04/2018Swarthmore College Offers ‘Queering the Bible’ Course with ‘Trans Readings of Scripture’
01/04/2018BLIAR: Ex-PM Uses NHS Crisis to Fuel Brexit Fears, Contrary to Evidence
01/04/2018As Britain’s Health Care System Nears Collapse One Brave Doctor Speaks Out About the Real Reason: Migrants Gaming the System
01/04/2018Poland and Hungary Unite Against Eurocrats: ‘We Don’t Want to Live in an Empire’
01/04/2018German Foreign Minister Under Fire for Comparing Israel to South African Apartheid
01/04/2018WATCH: Why UN Wants ‘Palestinian ‘Refugees’ Around Forever
01/04/2018Ontario Just Raised Its Minimum Wage to $14 Per Hour — And It Just Got Bad News About Jobs
01/04/2018ACT NOW! Israel Stands with the Iranian People, So Should You!
01/04/2018WATCH: Tunisians trash Holocaust exhibit, call genocide a ‘myth and lie’
01/04/2018Report: French tax authority targets Jews; France denies allegation
01/04/2018Opinion: Palestinians always on the wrong side
01/04/2018WATCH: Escalating violence boils over in Iran protests
01/04/2018Analysis: US Threats to end Palestinian aid unlikely to revive peace talks
01/04/2018Palestinians to Trump: Threats to cut aid are ‘blackmail’
01/04/2018US threatens to cut funds to Palestinians unless negotiations resume
01/03/2018Jewel thieves pull off insane museum heist
01/03/2018Woman who punched male groper defends actions and attire: 'A human’s body is their own'
01/03/2018Iran protests spread nationwide, now 'far bigger than 2009'
01/03/2018Religious Liberty Is Eroding in Canada. Here’s What Americans Should Learn.
01/03/2018N. Korea responds to Trump’s shocking tweet with… (wow!)
01/03/2018Liberals admit refugees behind HUGE crime wave
01/03/2018Farage: Sadiq Khan Should Stop ‘Grandstanding’ About Trump and Fight Crime
01/03/2018‘Third World Conditions’: UK’s Socialised Health Service Forced to Cancel All Non-Emergency Operations
01/03/2018French Car Burning Continues to Rise as Experts Insist the Acts of Arson Are ‘Playful’, Not Political
01/03/2018Study: Young male refugees fueling violence in Germany
01/03/2018‘Cowardly and Criminal Lynching of Police’: France NYE Mob Attack on Female Officer Caught on Video
01/03/2018U.N. brings back image of 3rd pagan god
01/03/2018Can The Deep State Remove Donald J. Trump From Office? Part 2
01/03/2018A New Year’s Message From An American Iranian
01/03/2018WATCH: Ayatollah Khamenei blames Iran’s ‘enemies’ for unrest
01/03/2018At least 13 dead as Iran protests intensify
01/03/2018WATCH: Will Trump’s support help protesters overthrow Iranian regime?
01/03/2018WATCH: Iranian regime ‘is failing at every level,’ says Trump
01/03/2018Palestinian official: ‘United Jerusalem’ law destroys peace process
01/02/2018German Political Leader Under Police Investigation Over Tweets About Muslim Rape Gangs
01/02/2018Tebbit Savages Pro-Corbyn Heseltine over Brexit, Rips Labour’s Keith Vaz over Male Escorts and Drug Allegations
01/02/2018London’s Met Police Won’t Investigate Minor Crime, Only ‘Hate Crime’
01/02/2018Spate of New Year’s Eve Sex Attacks in Berlin and Cologne
01/02/2018Populist Leader First Casualty of New German Law Censoring Free Speech
01/02/2018‘Thought he was safe – wrong’: Migrant stabbed to death in London after family slain by Taliban
01/02/2018‘Blood on her hands’: Theresa May’s police budget cuts blamed for NYE stabbings
01/02/2018Iran Protests Turn Deadly: Photos, Video Show Demonstrators Risking Lives to Oppose Extremist Regime
01/02/2018Mainstream media, Twitter slammed for promoting Iran’s hardline leaders as ‘moderates’
01/02/2018Olympic leaders hopeful as North Korea extends olive branch to Games
01/02/2018Germany says women at risk outside ‘safe zones’ instead of preventing attacks – former MI5 officer
01/02/2018Freemasons in British police ‘obstacle’ to reform – ex-chief
01/02/2018WATCH: The Truth about the Palestinians’ Blonde-Haired, Blue-Eyed, Soldier-Slapping Starlet
01/01/2018UN Security Council holds session on Israelis held by Hamas
01/01/2018WATCH: Security top priority for New Year’s Eve in Europe
01/01/2018Egypt: Terrorist kills 9 Christians in shooting attack
01/01/2018WATCH: Romantic Music Entices Palestinian Youth to Become ‘Martyrs’
01/01/2018Iran blocks social media amid reports of dead protesters
01/01/2018UN rejects funding increase for Palestinian ‘refugees’
01/01/2018Opinion: Iranian unrest can bring peace for Israel and beyond
01/01/2018Report: Iranian government kills at least two protesters, censors social media
01/01/2018Nukes, Missiles, And A Touch Of Terror: It’s Been A Really Crazy Year On The Korean Peninsula
01/01/2018Kim Jong Un Rings In The New Year With A Stark Warning
01/01/2018How Islamic Jihad Used a School Play to Train Children to Kill Israelis
01/01/2018Spanish Courts Suspend Anti-Israel Boycotts in 3 Cities
01/01/2018Several arrested in Berlin, Cologne over suspected sexual assault during NYE celebrations
01/01/2018WATCH: Hamas Uses Children to Attack President: ‘Trump, You Idiot’
12/31/2017UK officials call for Franklin Graham to be barred from entering the UK — see their reasoning why
12/31/2017Mike Huckabee just compared Trump to… WHO!?
12/31/2017Anti-Israel Boycotts Declared Illegal in Popular Spanish Tourist Destination
12/31/2017Palestinians Use Christians as a Pawn, Israel Protects Them
12/31/2017WATCH: ‘Death to Hezbollah,’ Chant Iranians Tired of Funding Terror
12/31/2017US Envoy: Palestinians’ Reaction to Trump Jerusalem Recognition ‘Ugly’ and ‘Anti-Semitic’
12/31/2017SCOTSMAN: Edinburgh’s Hogmanay Marred by Bag Checks, Record Armed Police, Anti-Terror ‘Ring of Steel’
12/31/2017‘They Won’t Change Our Way of Life’? – London NYE Celebrations Overseen by Rooftop SAS Snipers
12/31/2017Hamburg Police to Deploy Mass Camera Network to Prevent New Year’s Sex Attacks
12/31/201715-Year-Old Girl Stabbed to Death by ‘Child Migrant’ in Drug Store
12/31/2017UK NHS Patient Asks for Female Nurse for Cervical Smear, Gets Tattooed Trans Man With Stubble
12/31/2017WATCH: Israel regrows accident victim’s bone
12/31/2017UNESCO ‘regrets’ Israel’s withdrawal
12/31/2017Palestinians threaten to declare themselves ‘state under occupation’
12/31/2017Iranian and Shiite forces edging to Israel’s border
12/31/2017WATCH: Iranians chant ‘Death to Rouhani’
12/31/2017Protesters in Iran: ‘Never mind Palestine, think about us’
12/30/2017State Dept issues statement on protests against Iranian gov’t – here’s what it said
12/30/2017North Korea is receiving fuel from a major country in violation of UN sanctions
12/30/2017Photos: Christians Celebrate Christmas in Iraq Without Islamic State: ‘People Have More Hope’
12/30/2017Identity Politics: Activists and ‘Diversity Champions’ Big Winners in New Year Honours List
12/30/2017New Year’s Eve Berlin: ‘Safe Zones’ supplied to protect women from sexual assaults
12/30/2017Lebanese FM castigated for saying Israel has right to exist
12/29/2017Ten Basic Facts About the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
12/29/2017Revived Ottoman Empire Under Turkey To Replace ISIS?
12/29/2017UK Forced to Accept Every EU Law Nation Opposed Since Brexit Vote
12/29/2017‘Accept the Will of the People on Migration, Culture, or Hit the Road’: Orbán Tells Europe’s Leaders
12/29/2017Report: Iranian synagogue desecrated, Torah scrolls ripped up
12/29/2017Guatemala not ‘moving,’ but ‘returning’ to Jerusalem, says Foreign Minister Jovel
12/28/2017Latest Lunacy From The Swedish Government
12/28/2017The Anti-Palestinian Apartheid No One is Talking About
12/28/2017Palestinians Publish Online Guide to ‘Rock-Throwing Terror’ for Kids
12/28/2017Hamas Leader: Iran Pledges Support in ‘Battle for Jerusalem’
12/28/2017London Police ‘Could Be Sitting on a Rotherham Style Sexual Grooming Gang Situation’
12/28/2017Pictures: Russia Bomb Confirmed as Terror, Putin Calls for Terrorists to Be ‘Liquidated on the Spot’
12/28/2017Meghan Markle must not get royal title – petition
12/28/2017Russian hacker claims he can prove he hacked the DNC on orders from the Russian government
12/28/2017The Anti-Palestinian Apartheid No One is Talking About
12/28/2017Terrorist who slaughtered 3 family members convicted
12/28/2017Norway joins nations slashing funds to Palestinian BDS groups
12/28/2017WATCH: Anti-Semitic driver calls Hitler ‘a great man’
12/28/2017Terror cell planned abduction prior to murder of IDF soldier
12/28/2017Hamas threatens to kill Israeli lawmaker for confronting families of terrorists
12/27/2017‘Deliberate Attempt to Kill’ — Explosion Rocks Christmas Market In Russia
12/27/2017In Response to the US and Its Allies, Iran Declares Jerusalem as the Capital of Palestine
12/27/2017British Military Posted PC Suggestions in Bathrooms to Avoid Gender-Based Language
12/27/2017British military will remain neutral in future conflicts… gender neutral
12/27/2017Asylum Seeker Pair Arrested After Sexually Exposing Themselves to Girls as Young as Ten
12/27/2017Merry Brexmas: Support for Staying in the EU Collapses to 39 Per Cent
12/27/2017French Magazine Recalled for Publishing Israel ‘Not a Real Country’
12/27/2017WATCH: ‘Bilateral Relationship is Expanding,’ Japan’s FM Tells Netanyahu
12/27/2017Palestinians: Trump is Hitler, No Difference
12/27/2017WATCH: Why is the UN General Assembly Obsessed with Israel?
12/27/2017ISIS has lost 98 percent of its territory -- mostly since Trump took office, officials say
12/27/2017Hamas ‘just waiting for Abbas to die’ as Palestinian unity deal falters
12/27/2017Opinion: France’s Macron submits to the Arab world
12/27/2017WATCH: Guatemala played a key role in Israel’s creation
12/27/2017Abbas’ party tweets ‘Trump equal to Hitler, US same as ISIS’
12/27/2017EMBOLDENED BY TRUMP: 10 More Countries May Move Their Embassies To Jerusalem
12/27/2017British government fears Prince Harry will incur Trump’s wrath with Obama wedding invite
12/27/2017Defector Caught Carrying Biological Weapon Out of North Korea!
12/26/2017Indian Hindu kills man & posts murder online as part of fundraiser against Muslims - police
12/26/2017Washington Post Takes Cheap Shots at White Christians
12/26/2017Archbishop of Canterbury Uses Christmas Address to Lash Out at Populists
12/26/2017USA moves Embassy to Jerusalem, Other Nations to Follow Suit?
12/26/2017WATCH: Trump’s Declaration ‘Not Worth the Urine of a Jerusalem Child,’ says Abbas Adviser
12/26/2017Japan Strengthens Ties with Israel Despite UN Vote
12/26/2017Arab States Furious at Abbas Over Response to Trump
12/26/2017Remainiac George Osborne Hints at Political Return, Urges ‘No Radical Clamp Down on Immigration’
12/26/2017WATCH: ‘We Will Cut Off Tongues that Support Peace,’ Palestinians Chant
12/26/2017Muslim nations spar over suspected ISIS fighters’ return
12/26/2017WATCH: North Korea calls new UN sanctions an ‘act of war’
12/26/2017Iran sentences to death nuclear scientist accused of spying for Israel
12/26/2017Palestinians, Jordan rail against Guatemala’s Jerusalem embassy announcement
12/26/2017Report: Saudis and US looking to oust Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas
12/26/2017At least 10 countries discussing embassy move to Jerusalem, says deputy foreign minister
12/26/2017Tell the United Nations Goodbye and Good Riddance
12/25/2017Topless FEMEN activist tries to kidnap baby Jesus from Vatican nativity scene (PHOTOS)
12/25/2017Council Forced to Continue Supplying Non-Stun Halal to Christian Schools
12/25/2017UK: Whites Scared, White-Owned Businesses Stoned in a Racially Divided Bradford ‘Heading for Disaster’
12/25/2017Hungarian Christmas Message: ‘We’ll Protect Christian Culture, Not Retreat Behind Concrete Blocks and Watch Our Women Harassed on New Year’s’
12/25/2017Animal Brothels Open in Germany as Migrant Population Hits 22 Percent
12/25/2017Palestinians Cynically Manipulate Children for Anti-Israel Propaganda
12/25/2017WATCH: ‘Terror’ Means Cash and Glory for Palestinian Authority
12/25/2017WATCH: Anti-Semitism Rears its Ugly Head in Berlin
12/25/2017Guatemala is First to Follow Trump on Embassy Move to Jerusalem
12/25/2017Making Good on Trump's Promise, Nikki Haley Takes an Ax to Spending for the UN
12/25/2017Iraqis Celebrate Christmas While Europe Ditches Holiday for Fear of Muslims Terror
12/25/2017The Royal Family Heads to Church On Christmas Day, But All Eyes Are On Meghan
12/25/2017Romania Considers Following Trump with Embassy Move to Jerusalem
12/25/2017Saudi Arabia bans Israeli chess players from competition
12/25/2017Hamas official: ‘Trump gave Jerusalem to descendants of pigs and apes’
12/24/2017Women Who Exposed Culture of Sexual Harassment in Brussels Accused of ‘Populism’ and Damaging the EU’s Image 133
12/24/2017Exclusive: Nigel Farage snubbed for a knighthood for services to Brexit - again
12/24/2017Part and Parcel: France Deploys 100,000 Soldiers and Police Officers for the Holidays
12/24/2017WATCH: Jewish History in ‘Palestine’ is a ‘Zionist Invention,’ Says PLO Official
12/24/2017Bangladesh Declines Israeli Aid, Citing Political Sensitivities
12/24/2017Denmark Ends Funding for Terror-linked Palestinian Organizations
12/24/2017Romania Considers Following Trump with Embassy Move to Jerusalem
12/24/2017Russia warns US decision to arm Ukraine encourages 'new bloodshed'
12/24/2017Saudis intercept Yemen rebel missile targeting royal palace
12/24/2017WATCH: ‘Abbas is turning the Jerusalem declaration into a religious war’
12/24/2017Exclusive: Leading US voices condemn Abbas for ruling out US role in peace process
12/23/2017The New York Times Left Socialism’s Role Out of Its Report on Venezuela’s Devastation
12/23/2017‘Orwellian’: London Assembly Votes to ‘Arrest and Prosecute’ Pro-Life Christians
12/23/2017Latest North Korea missile test prompts new sanctions from the UN
12/23/2017Hundreds of Swedish Women Protest After Multiple Gang Rape Cases in Malmo
12/23/2017Triggered: Hysterical EU Loyalists Claim Blue Brexit Passports Will Cost £500m, Get Squashed for Fake News
12/22/2017Palestinian president Abbas says he will 'no longer accept' any peace plan proposed by the US as Putin and Erdogan agree on the creation of a Palestinian state after Trump's Jerusalem decision
12/22/2017MORE WINNING: Germans Fear Huge Loss of Jobs from U.S. Tax Cuts
12/22/2017May 'aware' of reports of Russian spy in No 10
12/22/2017Germany: Authorities pursue 9 suspected Nazi criminals
12/22/2017Trump: Iran behind missile attack on Saudi palace
12/22/2017South Africa’s ruling ANC party moves to downgrade ties with Israel
12/22/2017UN vote condemns as ‘null and void’ US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital
12/22/2017Trump Approves US Lethal Weapons Sales to Ukraine, Angering Moscow
12/22/2017Living Torah: How Did Wagons Convince Jacob that Joseph Was Alive?
12/22/2017Tel Aviv Joins Prestigious Network of Worldwide Cities Tackling Climate Change
12/22/2017Israeli Fights German Court’s Approval of Kuwait Airways’ Anti-Semitic Discrimination
12/22/2017WATCH: Is the United Nations a ‘Theater of the Absurd’?
12/22/2017Support for Anti-Trump, Pro-Palestinian UN Resolution ‘Significantly Lower’ than Expected
12/22/2017George Soros Was Just Caught Doing Something Extremely Illegal
12/22/2017WATCH: Is the United Nations a ‘Theater of the Absurd’?
12/22/2017British Blue Passports to Return: ‘I Couldn’t Be Happier’ – Farage Hails Symbolic Victory
12/22/2017Young Britons ‘Paying The Price’ for Decade of Mass Migration, Housing Crisis Report Finds
12/22/2017Chinese State Media: ‘China Is Not Ready’ for Head-On Competition with U.S.
12/22/2017Nikki Haley Threatens to Yank Funding from U.N. over Jerusalem Resolution: ‘This Vote Will Be Remembered’
12/22/2017Netanyahu Blasts UN as a ‘House of Lies’
12/21/2017Raul Castro to stay in office until April as Cuba extends term
12/21/2017U.N. General assembly votes Jerusalem declaration “null and void”
12/21/2017Trudeau calls returning ISIS terrorists “extraordinary voices in our community”
12/21/2017George Soros Illegally Bankrolling Campaign To Amend Ireland’s Constitution, Government Watchdog Says
12/21/2017WATCH: Why the BDS Movement Destroys Any Chance for Peace
12/21/2017Australia: 19 wounded in car-ramming attack
12/21/2017Prestigious Travel Magazine Includes Israel on List of Top Places to Visit in 2018
12/21/2017WATCH: How Bashing Israel Became the UN’s Obsession
12/21/2017Arabic media teems with anti-Semitic images after Trump Jerusalem move
12/21/2017Hamas Warns Gazans Not to ‘Like’ Israel’s Arabic Facebook Page
12/21/2017WATCH: Jingle Bell Rock? Palestinian Santa Claus Throws Slabs at IDF
12/21/2017Christmas Sidelined at German School After Muslim Complains Over Carols
12/21/2017France Brings First of 3,000 Migrants Directly from African Under New Migrant Plan
12/21/2017Acid Attack ‘No Go Zones’ in London, Admits Labour MP
12/21/2017Car Rams Pedestrians in Melbourne, Australia, Police Confirm ‘It Was a Deliberate Act’
12/21/2017Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Release Their Official Engagement Photos
12/20/2017Nearly a Quarter-Million Security Forces to Guard Christmas in Egypt Following Church Bombings
12/20/2017‘Israel gave Palestinians a state in Gaza, they turned it into Afghanistan’ – education minister
12/20/2017Article 7: European Union Launches Full Frontal Assault on Poland
12/20/2017UN Human Rights High Commissioner Labels New Austrian Government ‘Dangerous’
12/20/2017Mosque Raided by Armed Police as Islamic Radical ‘Christmas Market Bomb Plot’ Foiled
12/20/2017Tower Hamlets: Postal Voting to be Monitored In Area Where Muslim Mayor Was Banned for Electoral Fraud
12/20/2017UN chief: Iran may be defying UN on missiles
12/20/2017Syrian government blocks aid, causes hunger in Damascus
12/20/2017WATCH: North Korea behind massive ‘WannaCry’ cyber attack
12/20/2017Palestinians bringing anti-US measure to UN General Assembly
12/20/2017Palestinians urge US to ‘give Israel Washington, not Jerusalem’
12/20/2017EU Demands Theresa May Attack Patriotic Poland to Prove Britain’s Loyalty to ‘EU Values’
12/20/2017For the Arab World, is it Really About Jerusalem?
12/20/2017Twitter Exec Says It’s ‘No Longer Possible To Stand Up For All Speech’
12/20/2017Police Clash With ‘Anti-Fascist Protesters’ In Italy [VIDEO]
12/19/2017German Foreign Minister Revives Israel ‘Apartheid’ Slur
12/19/2017For the Arab World, is it Really About Jerusalem?
12/19/2017Nikki Haley: U.S. will NOT be told where to locate OUR embassy
12/19/2017Brett Decker: Five Ways U.S. Elites Enabled China
12/19/2017Populist Leaders: EU ‘Existential Threat’ to Europe, ‘Drowning It in Migrants to Destroy Our Diversity’
12/19/2017‘Merkel Has the Blood of My Son on Her Hands’: Mother of Terror Victim
12/19/2017German Foreign Minister Revives Israel ‘Apartheid’ Slur
12/18/2017Half of Germans Want to Scrap Euro, Bring Back Deutsche Mark
12/18/2017Austria: New Government To Resist "Islamization"
12/18/2017US vetoes UN resolution on withdrawing Trump’s Jerusalem decision
12/18/2017Putin Calls Trump To Thank Him For CIA Tip That Thwarted St. Petersburg Bombings
12/18/2017Dubious Trump dossier producer now targeted by Russian oligarchs for ‘smear campaign’
12/18/2017Putin just thanked Trump for an intelligence tip — here’s what he said
12/18/2017Canadian PM Justin Trudeau gives Trump high marks, despite strained NAFTA talks
12/18/2017Commission: EU Too White, Mass Third World Migration Must Be ‘New Norm’
12/18/2017Muslim Women Cause Havoc at Swimming Pool, Threaten Employees
12/18/2017Federal Europe Advances: Merkel and Macron to Agree Single Eurozone Budget and Finance Ministry Plans
12/18/2017Chance of ‘Hard Brexit’ Grows as EU Head Negotiator Rules out Tailored Deal: ‘UK Must Face the Consequences’
12/18/2017Arab Students at Israeli University Call for Violence Against Jewish State
12/18/2017WATCH: How Kuwait Airways Openly Discriminates Against Jews
12/18/2017Palestinians Beware, Chanukah is Here!
12/18/2017WATCH: Does the Arab World Have Anything to Offer Israel?
12/18/2017Saudi Academic: Arabs Should Accept Israel’s Historic Right to Jerusalem
12/17/2017Intimidation by ‘A Mixture of Islamic Extremists and Hard Left’: School Inspectors Called ‘Racist Paedophiles’
12/17/2017Brexit: Petition Demanding Britain Walk Away from ‘Spiteful’ EU Immediately Breaks 100,000 Signatures
12/17/2017Sweden Forced to Raise Retirement Age To Pay For Mass Immigration Policy
12/17/2017WATCH: ‘Our Enemy is the Same Enemy,’ Muslim Woman Tells ‘Settlers’
12/17/2017Hamas marks 30th anniversary at low point of Gaza rule
12/17/2017Haley: UN report on Iran shows ‘violation after violation’
12/17/2017Muslim mayor of Nazareth uses Christmas to protest Trump’s Jerusalem move
12/17/2017Rocket from Gaza misses mark, hits terrorist’s home
12/16/2017Watch [GRAPHIC]: Israeli police shot, wounded Palestinian wearing suicide belt
12/16/2017Far-right Freedom Party enters Austrian govt as anti-migrant sentiment creeps across Europe
12/16/2017Christmas Is Canceled: Nazareth’s Muslim Mayor Bans Traditional Christmas Celebrations in Christ’s Childhood Home
12/16/2017Muslims may lose Mecca if they fail to hold on to Jerusalem – Erdogan
12/15/2017Medina Story In London
12/15/2017Brexit or die: 11 Tory rebels threatened with death or deselection after turncoat vote
12/15/2017Exodus: Jews Flee Paris Suburbs over Rising Tide of Anti-Semitism
12/15/2017German president: Immigrants must reject anti-Semitism, it’s ‘non-negotiable’
12/15/20172 terrorists killed in ‘work accident’
12/15/2017WATCH: What provokes a lone wolf terror attack?
12/15/2017US Ambassador Haley provides ‘undeniable’ proof than Iran sends missiles to Yemen
12/15/2017IDF seizes incitement materials in Palestinian universities
12/15/2017Tillerson: Jerusalem embassy move at least 3 years away
12/15/2017Netanyahu: ‘Palestinians would do well to recognize reality, work toward peace’
12/15/2017WATCH: Undercover IDF soldiers arrest Palestinians at violent riot
12/15/2017WIN Exclusive: Palestinians seek upper hand over US by snubbing VP Pence
12/15/2017Miss Iraq’s family forced to flee due to her friendship with Miss Israel
12/15/2017Abbas says America’s role in middle east peace process is over
12/14/2017North Korean defector tearfully pleads to return: ‘Forcefully detained’ in South Korea for 7 years
12/14/2017EU Council President Tusk Warns of Bruising Brexit Battle Ahead
12/14/2017Traditional Depictions of Mothers to be Banned in Adverts From Next Year Amid Ongoing War On ‘Gender Stereotypes’
12/14/2017Reuters: Finnish Presidential Candidate Would Take Nation Out of EU, Tighten Immigration Rules
12/14/2017Jerusalem Has Belonged to the Palestinians for 5,000 years, Says Abbas Adviser
12/14/2017India, China and Russia Refrain from Recognizing ‘East Jerusalem’ as Capital of ‘Palestine’
12/14/2017Iran Vows to Support Palestinians Against Israel in Battle for Jerusalem
12/14/2017WATCH: Is Europe Responsible for the Next Mideast Massacre?
12/14/2017Saudi Interview Reveals Israel’s Vision for Regional Cooperation
12/14/2017Palestinian Muslim Boycott of Pence is Unacceptable at Christian Holy Site
12/14/2017Palestinians threaten to end post-Oslo peace agreements with Israel
12/14/2017Turkey’s President Invokes Islamic Text Sanctioning Killing Jews
12/13/2017Following Trump, These Countries Also May Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital
12/13/2017Farage: Appeaser Theresa is Dancing to the EU’s Tune and Has Given in on Virtually Everything
12/13/2017Primary school curriculum should include transgender books, teachers told
12/12/2017Gazans meet Bahraini interfaith group with hostility
12/12/2017Lebanon: Mob storms US embassy over Trump Jerusalem declaration
12/12/2017WATCH: UN chief says Trump’s Jerusalem announcement ‘risks’ compromising peace
12/12/2017North Korean defector details horrific treatment: forced abortions and dead bodies fed to dogs
12/12/2017Hamas Slams Arab Peace Delegation Visiting Israel
12/12/2017Veil-Wearing Muslims Leave Austria as the Niqab Ban Kicks In
12/12/2017Austrian City Labelled Radical Islamic Extremist ‘Stronghold’
12/12/2017German Police Union Boss: Politicians Give Empty Words Against Antisemitic Incidents While Migrant Policies Make It Worse
12/12/2017Schulz’s ‘United States of Europe’ is an insane pipe dream that will never happen
12/12/2017Scholar of Islam: Muslims Have No Religious Basis to Rule Jerusalem
12/12/2017Less Than 1 Year After Trump Took Office, Iraq Declares Victory Over ISIS
12/11/2017Teacher Who Was Fired For ‘Misgendering’ A Student Slaps School With Lawsuit
12/11/2017N. Korea makes INSANE claim (yes, they’re serious!)
12/11/2017As China Invests in Ukraine, Russia Stands to Gain
12/11/2017The French Ambassador Insulted US on Pearl Harbor Day. Here’s Why He Shouldn’t Be Talking.
12/11/2017Guatemala: We Support Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration
12/11/2017‘Asylum Seekers’ Using Fake Passports To Enter Germany Up 70 Percent
12/11/2017Suspected East London Grooming Gang ‘Targeted Girls as Young as Thirteen’
12/11/2017British Schools to Be Rated on How ‘Transgender-Friendly’ They Are
12/11/2017Wilders: The Pew Report on Muslim Migration to Europe is a Wake-up Call — It is Time to Get Tough
12/11/2017Microbes by the ton: Officials see weapons threat as North Korea gains biotech expertise
12/11/2017Iraq celebrates defeating ISIS
12/11/2017Terror Continues: 2 shooting attacks today in Samaria
12/11/2017Early signs do not point toward a new ‘Jerusalem intifada’
12/11/2017Palestinians use ambulance as cover during riot in Ramallah
12/11/2017Palestinians push UN to reverse US recognition of Jerusalem
12/11/2017WATCH: Muslims at London Anti-Israel Protest Celebrate Massacre of Jews
12/10/2017Union Urges Gay Teachers to Come Out in the Classroom, Teach LGBT Experiences
12/10/2017Czech President: EU ‘Cowards’ Supporting ‘Pro-Palestinian Terrorist Movement’ Over Israel in Jerusalem
12/10/2017Polish PM-Designate Dreams of ‘Re-Christianised Europe’, Defends Poland’s Migrant Policy
12/10/2017Number of Islamist radicals ‘at an all-time high’, warns German intelligence chief
12/10/2017WATCH: Time for a ‘Reality Check’ at the UN, Israeli envoy says
12/10/2017Czech President Ridicules European ‘Cowards’ Over Jerusalem Stance
12/10/2017‘Dead terrorists can’t harm us’: Defence secretary vows to kill Brits who left UK for ISIS
12/09/2017Brexit bill confirmed: Downing Street says London will pay Brussels up to £39bn
12/09/2017‘Jerusalem is ours!’ Most dramatic moments of Muslim protests across the world (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
12/09/2017Confusion Strikes after Buyer of $450M Da Vinci Painting of Jesus Revealed
12/09/2017Not Good Enough! EU’s Verhofstadt Demands Easier Migration After Brexit, EU Court Power ‘Binding’ in UK
12/09/2017British Hindus Object to Muslim Centre in Non-Muslim Area
12/09/2017Amnesty International Refuses to Return Illegal Soros Donation to Fund Pro-Abortion Activism in Ireland
12/09/2017Trump Touts Rejection of U.N. Plan to Force Mass Third World Immigration
12/08/2017Strong US jobs figures, Brexit hopes, lift global stocks
12/08/2017Abbas’ response a ‘tragedy’ for Palestinians, says top Israeli minister
12/08/2017Vice-President Pence ‘unwelcome in Palestine,’ PA says
12/08/2017WATCH: Palestinians ‘warn’ Trump, will respond with ‘twice the strength’ over recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital
12/08/2017Row of trees planted in memory of group of First World War heroes are set to be cut down after council ignores public pleas to save them
12/08/2017‘Pathetic’ – Appeaser Theresa Makes Heavy Concessions on Money, Regulatory Alignment, and the EU Court as Brexit Deal Struck
12/08/2017Pope criticizes Trump’s decision to move US embassy to Jerusalem
12/08/2017Abbas, Jordanian king coordinate response to US Jerusalem declaration
12/08/2017Analysis: The real Palestinian response to Trump’s Jerusalem speech
12/08/2017Which countries will follow Trump to Jerusalem?
12/08/2017World reacts with alarm, rage to US recognition of Jerusalem
12/07/2017Brexit Saboteur Theresa May Flakes on Israel, Opens Up ANOTHER Front With Trump’s America (Which Britain Needs a Trade Deal With)
12/07/2017Record Number of UK Terror Arrests, Up 54 Per Cent in a Year
12/07/2017Vatican Newspaper: With Jerusalem Move ‘Trump Inflames the Middle East’
12/07/2017Kim Jong-Un Made The Last Mistake Of His Life With This Threat To Trump
12/07/2017Brussels Official: UK Will Be ‘Protectorate’ of EU Under Appeaser Theresa’s Brexit Plan
12/07/2017Barack Obama Said The One Thing About Trump That You Will Never Forgive
12/07/2017The Shocking Video That Will Destroy Barack Obama’s Legacy
12/07/2017Trump ‘declaring war on 1.5 billion Muslims’ by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, PA says
12/06/2017In Ukraine It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, and a Lot Less Like Russia
12/06/2017European Union to Mark Human Rights Day by Defaming Israel
12/06/2017Pope makes ‘heartfelt appeal’ to preserve ‘status quo’ in Jerusalem
12/06/2017‘Declaration of war’: Trump’s Jerusalem decision lights Middle East powder keg
12/06/2017Attacked from all sides: PM facing another Tory revolt amid signs she’s pushing soft-Brexit
12/06/2017Security Services Foil Islamist Plot to Blow Up Downing Street, Kill Theresa May
12/06/2017Merkel’s Crisis Continues As Key Ally Rejects Socialists’ Pro-Migration Coalition Plans
12/06/2017Swedish Chief Prosecutor: No-Go Zone Rinkeby Is Like a ‘War Zone’
12/06/2017Outcry in French Village After Hotel ‘Bought in Secret’ to Be Turned into Migrant Centre
12/06/2017China shuts down female subservience school: Teachings ‘went against socialist core values’
12/06/2017DUP ‘Saves Brexit’: Dodds Warns of ‘Aggressive’ Republic of Ireland, Says ‘We Were Right to Leave the EU’
12/06/2017Not Part and Parcel: Hungary Refuses to Accept Radical Islamic Terrorism as ‘Something We Have to Live With’
12/06/2017Swedish Government to Ban Websites that List Ethnic Origin of Criminal Suspects
12/06/2017Turkey threatens to sever ties with Israel over US embassy move
12/06/2017Palestinians threaten ‘3 days of rage’ in response to US embassy move
12/06/2017Palestinian official confirms Trump warned Abbas about embassy move
12/05/2017BUSTED! Russia admits to Oct. nuclear disaster (millions exposed!)
12/05/2017Israel Joins US Project to Bring Power to Africa
12/05/2017CIA Confirms Israel’s Developing Ties with Saudi Arabia
12/05/201710 Reasons Why Trump Should Recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel
12/05/2017Pence Meets Iraqi Archbishop to Discuss US Aid to Christians Rebuilding Their Lives After ISIS
12/05/20177-Y-O Christian Boy Killed in Pakistan Terror Attack; Believers in 'Great Fear' Ahead of Christmas
12/05/2017Canadian School District Quits Operation Christmas Child Over Gay Marriage Stance
12/05/2017Susan Boyle finally safe from rowdy Scottish teens
12/05/2017British Police Warn Bumping Into Someone Under the Mistletoe Without Consent ‘Is Rape’
12/05/2017Palestinian mob attacks activists asserting Jewish presence in Samaria
12/05/2017Palestinians struggle to stop US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital
12/04/20175 gruesome pics of radiation horror (Warning: Disturbing!)
12/04/2017Blair Admits He Is Actively Working to Reverse Brexit
12/04/2017Irish Law Proposed Demanding Five Years in Jail for Promoting ‘Fake News’
12/04/2017Divided Kingdom: Anger as Appeaser Theresa Looks Set to Sacrifice Northern Ireland to the EU
12/04/2017Another Rotherham Grooming Gang in Court for Abducting and Raping Young Girls
12/04/2017North Korean defectors claim nuclear test sites have resulted in ‘ghost disease’
12/04/2017Kim Jong Un Got Some Very Bad News When Trump Ordered The Military To Do This
12/04/2017Palestinians Scramble to Block US Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital
12/04/2017WATCH: Former US ambassador cautions ‘time is running out’ on North Korean nukes
12/04/2017Arab delegates boycott women’s rights speech by Israeli lawmaker
12/04/2017Report: Several Iranians killed in IDF strike on Syrian base
12/04/2017WATCH: Experts warn North Korea’s missiles could reach entire US
12/04/2017Palestinians threaten violence if US recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital
12/04/2017UN passes 6 anti-Israel resolutions in 1 day, denies Israeli ties to Jerusalem
12/03/2017US pulls out of UN pledge to protect migrants as Europe struggles with refugee tide
12/03/2017Frankfort Mayor Slams Germany for Denying Israeli Ownership of Dead Sea Scrolls
12/03/2017New Digitized Program Will Help Solve Dead Sea Scrolls Puzzle
12/03/2017Wrestling’s Governing Body Probing if Iranian Lost Match to Avoid Israeli
12/03/2017Historic First: 6 African Heads of Parliament to Attend Conference in Israel
12/03/2017WATCH: Song on Palestinian TV calls for attacks on Jews
12/03/2017Jewish leader: Anti-Semitism growing in Germany
12/03/2017Lebanese actor charged with spying for Israel
12/03/2017WATCH: Egyptian leader authorizes ‘brute force’ to root out terrorists in Sinai
12/02/2017Migrant Starts Fire in Asylum Home Because He Was ‘Frustrated’
12/02/2017Senior Brexiteer: ‘EU Students Must Not Be Given Automatic Residency Rights in UK After Brexit’
12/02/2017German Government Demands ‘Backdoor’ Access to Phones, Computer, Cars
12/01/2017UK gov’t official proposes ban on prayer vigils outside abortion centers
12/01/2017WATCH: ‘Death is Sweet,’ Palestinian TV Tells Youth
12/01/2017ACT NOW! Urge the Pope Not to Give in to Palestinian Demand to Boycott Israel
12/01/2017HORROR! The ugly truth about Fukashima nuclear radiation
12/01/2017UN votes 151-6 against Israel, an ‘occupying power’ with no rights to Jerusalem
12/01/2017Report: Palestinian unity deal in jeopardy, handover of Gaza to Fatah delayed
12/01/2017Palestinian shot during lynch attempt on Israeli hikers
12/01/2017Int’l Criminal Court prosecutor will not reopen Gaza flotilla probe
12/01/2017UN chief urged to ‘repudiate anti-Israel hate’ on 70th anniversary of resolution to establish Jewish state
12/01/2017Analysis: PLO office open, path to peace closed
12/01/2017WATCH: Trump slams British PM for condemning his anti-Muslim tweets
12/01/2017Arab Knesset member blasts Israel at UN, pushes to erase Jewish state
11/30/2017EU Migrant Policies Rejected by 74 Per Cent of People in Central Europe
11/30/2017IDF bombs Gaza terror targets in response to mortar fire
11/30/2017Kim Jong-Un Heard The Eight Words That Changed His World For Good
11/30/2017Latest North Korea missile launch appears to put DC in range
11/30/2017Trump Retweets Controversial ‘Britain First’ Activist Jayda Fransen
11/30/2017Art Museum to Close After Former Nearby Migrant Camp Decimated Visitor Numbers
11/30/2017Former Tory Minister Slams Appeaser Theresa, Says Tell EU to ‘Sod Off’ for Money
11/30/2017European Lawmakers Urge Severing Ties with Anti-Israel Groups
11/30/2017WATCH: November 29, 1947 – The Miracle of UN’s Vote to Establish State of Israel
11/30/2017Palestinian Daily Claims US, Israel Behind Sinai Mosque Massacre
11/30/2017Saudi Arabia hosts 41 Muslim countries for counter-terrorism summit
11/30/2017WATCH: Why did anti-Israel mouthpiece Linda Sarsour sit on anti-Semitism panel?
11/30/2017WATCH: Convicted war criminal drinks poison in court, dies
11/30/2017WATCH: If the Arabs had accepted the UN partition plan in 1947…
11/30/2017Israel’s Fight to End Hunger Gains Record Support at UN
11/29/2017[Disturbing video] War criminal drinks poison in court
11/29/2017Egyptian security official to mediate between Fatah and Hamas
11/29/2017Analysis: Egypt looking for answers to Islamic terror in Sinai
11/29/2017German state parliament urges federal ban on Kuwait Airways over anti-Semitism
11/29/2017WATCH: First Bangladeshi ever to visit Israel is converting to Judaism
11/29/2017WATCH: Iran to send warships to America’s backyard
11/29/2017Soccer fans display huge portrait of Hitler in Sudan
11/28/2017Pagan Goddess of War Statue Unveiled at United Nations
11/28/2017ISIS brides returning home and raising the next generation of jihadist martyrs
11/28/2017Fake News: German Media Falsely Proclaims Arrest of Identitarians When It Was Far-Left Extremists Who Were Arrested
11/28/2017UK: Books in Islamic Schools Teach Marital Rape and Domestic Violence
11/28/2017Roger Waters Pays Price in Germany for Promoting BDS
11/28/2017WATCH: Iran wrestler fakes loss at championships to avoid playing Israel
11/28/2017Jews in Australia experience hike in anti-Semitism
11/28/2017Israeli president invites Prince Harry and fiancée to honeymoon in Israel
11/28/2017Israel and US racing to prevent publication of UN business ‘blacklist’
11/28/2017‘I’m a Human Being Just Like You’: 21-Year-Old Woman With Down Syndrome Delivers Powerful Rebuke to the UN
11/27/2017How Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ Explains Why Prince Harry Is Allowed To Marry Meghan Markle
11/27/2017Church of Sweden Opts for Gender Neutral Terms, Drops ‘He’ When Referring to God
11/27/2017[Alert] Japan plans release of Fukushima radioactive water
11/27/2017What's next for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?
11/27/2017WTO Boss: Brexit No Deal is No Problem — ‘Half of Britain’s Trade is Already on WTO Terms’
11/27/2017Girlguiding UK Allows ‘Transgender’ Guides to Share Showers, Tents with Girls
11/27/2017Media Reports Russia Has Stronger and Deadlier Nuclear Submarine, Calls It the “Vlad Monster”
11/26/2017Merkel’s Gift to Europe: Anti-Terror Barriers ‘Lovingly Wrapped’ for Christmas
11/26/2017Germany: Six Injured as Car Ploughs Into Nightclub Crowd
11/26/2017LISTEN: Bannon Mocks Macron and Merkel as the ‘Ken and Barbie’ of Globalism
11/26/2017DUP leader insists party will oppose any ‘internal barriers’ in Brexit negotiations
11/25/2017Berlin Senate To Investigate Why Migrant Crime Stats So High
11/25/2017Almost Half Of ‘Underage’ Migrants In Hamburg Are Adults
11/25/2017Revealed: Labour Opened Borders to Eastern Europe to ‘Lower Wage Growth’
11/24/2017'They shot at ambulances': 235 dead, scores injured in bomb & gun attack at Sinai mosque (GRAPHIC)
11/24/2017When horses can be dogs: Swedish book for toddlers promotes transgender lifestyles
11/24/2017WATCH: Did the UN Actually Create Israel?
11/24/2017Opinion: An Unlikely Bedfellow Delivers a Wake-up Call
11/24/2017Iran Promises ‘Eradication’ of Israel in Next War
11/24/2017WATCH: Israel is Not an Occupier, Says Kuwaiti Writer
11/24/2017Iran’s leader is ‘the new Hitler,’ Saudi prince asserts
11/24/2017More than 150 Killed in Sinai Terror Attack
11/24/2017Soros-Backed ‘Conservative’ Think Tank Urges Government to Make ‘Gender Identity’ Law
11/24/2017Soros Launches ‘Media Blitz’ Against Hungary
11/24/2017EU Army: ‘Continental’ Defence Force Progressing at ‘Full Speed’
11/24/2017UK police at reported incident at Oxford Circus station
11/24/2017UN envoy: Failure of Palestinian unity will lead to conflict
11/24/2017UK to buy Israeli Iron Dome to defend Falklands
11/24/2017Pakistan frees mastermind of deadly 2008 Mumbai terror attacks
11/24/2017In Paris, top Saudi officials make first synagogue visit ever
11/23/2017 ADVERTISEMENT When The Nazis Realized They Were Losing WWII, Hitler Decided To Unleash Operation Werewolf
11/23/2017India Ditches Iran, Bids for Israeli Offshore Exploration
11/23/2017Arab social media blasts Israeli for peace-seeking visits to mosques dressed as Muslim
11/23/2017Prominent Saudi Cleric Denounces Violence Against Israel as ‘Un-Islamic’
11/23/2017EU on the Brink: ‘No Deal’ Brexit Leaves Brussels With No Money for France, Germany
11/23/2017ISIS Beheads 15 Of Its Own Fighters In Afghanistan
11/23/2017WATCH: Lebanese army chief orders preparations for hostilities with Israel
11/22/2017Dramatic Footage Shows North Korean Soldier Fleeing and Being Shot as He Risks it All for a Better Life
11/22/2017UK Launches ‘Separation’ Prison Wings for Extremists and Jihadists
11/22/2017Budget Day: ‘Remainer Phil’ Announces Brexit War Chest
11/22/2017Migrants Paying People Smugglers for Luxury ‘All-Inclusive’ Travel to Spain
11/22/2017White Candidates Banned from Applying for Job at BBC, Where Ethnic Minorities Already Over-Represented
11/22/2017Russian radioactivity recorded 986 times higher than usual as toxic cloud sparks nuclear accident rumours
11/22/2017Legendary Rocker Morrissey: BDS is ‘Absurd and Narrow-Minded’
11/22/2017Palestinian Children’s Magazine: Muhammad Ordered Kids to Throw Rocks at Jews
11/22/2017Palestinian Libel Continues: Israel Poisoned Arafat, US helped
11/22/2017Lebanese Army Chief: Soldiers Must be ‘Fully Prepared’ to Fight Israel
11/22/2017Palestinians Cut All Ties with US Over its ‘Unacceptable Measures’
11/21/2017Giant Nazi-era swastika unearthed in Germany
11/21/2017Spain: Court suspends anti-Israel boycott motion in Seville
11/21/2017Lebanon’s premiere says he will be in Beirut within days
11/21/2017WATCH: Palestinian TV repeats libel that Israel poisoned Arafat
11/21/2017WATCH: First footage of Syrians crossing Israeli border for medical care
11/21/2017Hezbollah admits: We are arming Palestinian terror groups
11/21/2017Northern Ireland accountant stole £161,000 from dead soldier's trust fund
11/21/2017'Fresh start' as Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe resigns
11/21/2017The Crucifixion Of Truth In The United Kingdom
11/21/2017Palestinians: If You Do Not Give Us Everything, We Cannot Trust You
11/21/2017WATCH: 40th Anniversary of Historic Egyptian-Israeli Peace Deal
11/21/2017BREAKING: Palestinians freeze ties with US
11/21/2017May Expected to Offer EU £40 Billion – But Leavers Ask: What Are We Getting in Return?
11/21/2017The Migrant Crisis and the Fall of a Giant: Five Times Breitbart London Exposed Decline of Angela Merkel YEARS Before Establishment Media
11/21/2017Muslim Street Prayers Forced Off Paris Boulevard After Angry Clashes
11/21/2017WATCH: Syrian Mothers Seeking Israeli Medical Aid ‘Love’ Israel
11/21/2017Palestinian Children’s Magazine: Muhammad Ordered Kids to Throw Rocks at Jews
11/21/2017What a Jihadist in Canada Just Revealed About Islamic 'Tolerance'
11/20/2017WATCH: Russia vetoes UN resolution on chemical weapons in Syria
11/20/2017First in a decade: Egypt opens Gaza border crossing under PA control
11/20/2017WATCH: Could a terrorist hijack an airplane with a cyber attack?
11/20/2017Arab League harshly criticizes Iran, brands Hezbollah a terror group
11/20/2017India scraps $500 million dollar missile deal with Israel
11/20/2017Giant worms found inside the intestines of a North Korean defector
11/20/2017WATCH: Terror Statistics Hide the Horror that Actual Victims Endure
11/20/2017German Justice Ministry: Punish Kuwait Airways Over Discrimination Against Israelis
11/20/2017Rees-Mogg: UK Can Reject EU Demands, Negotiating Position Is Strong
11/20/2017French Postal Service Refuses to Deliver to Migrant ‘No Go Zone’ Citing ‘Danger to Staff’
11/20/2017Sweden: Crimes Against the Person Surge to New Highs Following Migrant Influx
11/20/2017CRISIS: Germany Has Failed to Form a New Government for First Time Since 1949 — Snap Election Looms
11/20/2017WATCH: ‘Now or never’ for Sunni Muslims to stand up to Iran
11/20/2017Israeli flag banned as Israeli driver takes third place in Bahrain race
11/20/2017WATCH: 40th anniversary of Egyptian leader Anwar Sadat’s visit to Israel
11/20/2017Court orders Palestinian Authority, terrorists to pay victims’ families millions
11/20/2017Palestinians threaten to suspend ties with US if it closes PLO mission
11/19/2017Soros and his ‘226 EU friends’ thrust into spotlight by Farage – so who are they?
11/19/2017WATCH: Tennessee Imam Claims Israel Plans to Destroy Holiest Muslim Site
11/19/2017WATCH: UK Prime Minister Slams Russian ‘Cyber Espionage’
11/19/2017WATCH: Lebanon’s president accuses Saudi Arabia of holding PM Hariri hostage
11/19/2017Germans indict Palestinian who tried to ‘kill as many Christians as possible’
11/19/2017Saudi Arabia has issued its strongest warning yet to Iran to end its aggression in the region, saying, “Enough is Enough.”
11/18/2017Seeing The Effects of Mass Migration in Western Europe Turns Young Poles Populist
11/18/2017Three German Cities Ban Asylum Status Migrants From Settling
11/18/2017Claim: Authorities Failing as Birmingham Faces ‘Tsunami’ of Child Sex Abuse
11/17/2017Zimbabwe Jews urged to stay at home amid coup
11/17/2017Germany: 2 Nazi SS guards indicted for Holocaust murders
11/17/2017Hamas again claims Mossad killed drone mastermind
11/17/2017WATCH: British Activist Shows Ignorance of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
11/17/2017Tunisian-Born Film Producer Blasts Arab World’s Anti-Semitism
11/17/2017Palestinian wounds 2 in Gush Etzion car-ramming, stabbing attack
11/17/2017Palestinian state – Enhancing or Eroding US National Security?
11/17/2017Report: Saudi Prince promises Israel billions of dollars to defeat Hezbollah
11/17/2017Crimes reach record high in Sweden years after refugee crisis – report
11/17/2017ISIS threatens ‘Christmas blood’ attack – and names the target
11/17/2017Big Brother: Mass Migration Forces Sweden Police to Install Hundreds of No Go Zone Microphones to Detect Crime
11/16/2017UKIP Blasts Local Authorities for ‘Deliberately’ Housing Migrants Before War Heroes
11/16/2017‘Davos Man’: Mass Muslim Migration Makes Europe More Secure
11/16/2017Netanyahu: Iranian Leaders’ Hate for Israel Greater Than Love for Their Own People
11/16/2017WATCH: Iran Builds Permanent Military Base Near Israeli-Syrian Border
11/16/2017Zimbabwe: Army deposes president, takes control of capital
11/16/2017Palestinians: Saudi Arabia won’t normalize ties with Israel before peace
11/16/2017France: Muslims in, Jews out
11/16/2017Russia insists Iran near Israeli border is ‘legitimate’
11/15/2017Unmasked: Students for Justice in Palestine is a Terror-Affiliated Anti-Semitic Network
11/15/2017Pathetic! Desperate Dems trying to impeach Trump
11/15/2017You won’t believe North Korea is saying about Trump
11/15/2017Zimbabwe Army Has Mugabe, Wife in Custody, Controls Capital
11/15/2017Danish-Born Islamic State Fighter Stripped of Citizenship
11/15/2017Govt misled public on ‘uncomfortable truth’ behind Britain’s housing crisis
11/15/2017Iran Turned Down Israeli Aid Offer After Earthquake
11/15/2017Death toll from Syrian market airstrikes climbs to over 60
11/15/2017WATCH: Hope running out for trapped victims of Iran earthquake
11/15/2017WATCH: Will Saudi Arabia and Iran go to war?
11/15/2017Lebanese website reveals details of Israeli-Saudi peace deal
11/14/2017Europol to Tackle Migrant Routes Under Leadership of New Conservative-Populist Austrian Government
11/14/2017Farage: Soros and EU Allies Engaged in ‘The Biggest Level of International Political Collusion in History’
11/14/2017Report: Mexico to stop voting in favor of Palestinians in international bodies
11/14/2017Palestinian Authority Resumes Security Cooperation with Israel, Hamas Slams Move
11/14/2017WATCH: US ambassador reacts to daughter wrapped in Israeli flag at Auschwitz gates
11/14/2017Labor party chairman: Impossible to evacuate 100,000 ‘settlers’
11/14/2017WATCH: Israeli city fights pollution with electric car-sharing service
11/14/2017Watchdog calls on Prince Charles to repudiate anti-Semitic letter
11/14/2017WATCH: Hariri says he’s free to leave Saudi Arabia, will return to Beirut
11/14/2017Offensive ‘Hitler at Auschwitz’ display at wax museum removed after outcry
11/13/2017Defence Specialist Warns Armed Forces Will Be ‘Pawns in Brexit Negotiation Game’ After EU Signs Military Pact
11/13/2017Major Step Towards EU Army as European Leaders Sign Military Pact – And Britain May Be Sucked In
11/13/2017North Korean Soldier Shot by Own Troops as He Defects to the South
11/13/2017Rise of the machines: Is it time to take killer robots seriously? (VIDEOS, POLL)
11/13/2017Want to Beat BDS? Stop Promoting a Failed Peace Process
11/13/2017WATCH: Imam Chides Muslims for Not Attacking ‘Bloody Zionists’
11/13/2017Pop Icon Morrissey Puts Out New Pro-Israel Song, Slamming its Haters
11/13/2017WATCH: Saudi Arabia Places Normalizing Ties with Israel ‘On the Agenda’
11/12/2017Prince Charles blamed ‘influx of foreign Jews’ for Mideast troubles
11/12/2017WATCH: Terror attack thwarted in French town devastated by 2016 truck-ramming
11/12/2017WATCH: ‘Death to America, Israel!’ Chants Iran on Anniversary of US Embassy Takeover
11/12/2017Tens of thousands of Palestinians salute arch-terrorist Arafat on anniversary of his death
11/12/2017WATCH: Terrorists release frightening video of Israelis in line of fire
11/12/2017Christian Teacher Suspended for ‘Misgendering’ Pupil
11/12/2017Birmingham Muslims Claim Grooming Doesn’t Happen in Pakistan, Say British Society ‘Encourages’ Abusers
11/12/2017Watch: Palestinian Children Commit Anti-Israel Terror Attacks for Status Enhancement
11/12/2017Brexit border row: DUP slaps down Brussels over 'bully-boy tactics' to weaken integrity of the UK
11/12/2017Hamburg knife attacker wanted to kill Christians to avenge Muslim injustices – prosecutors
11/11/2017Muslims protest by worshipping on Paris streets – here’s how the French are responding
11/11/2017The Independent Attacks Leave Voters Telling Them: ‘Don’t Bother Wearing a Poppy’
11/11/2017The Collapse Of China's Wealth And Power (Full Documentary)
11/10/2017“The UN Spends Half its Time on Israel, Other Half on Rest of World”: Nikki Haley
11/10/2017The Hamas War Against Israel
11/10/2017Prestigious Business School in India Opens Israel Center
11/10/2017WATCH: Hamas is Destroying the Palestinians’ Future
11/10/2017Hamas-Fatah unity deal in jeopardy as Hamas refuses to give up arms
11/10/2017ACT NOW! Protest Indian Farmer Association’s Ungrateful Boycott of Israel
11/10/2017MSM Push Anti-Brexit Article 50 Author Lord Kerr, Who Said UK Needs Migrants Because Brits ‘So Bloody Stupid’
11/10/2017Man Who Came to Aid of Underage Girl Attacked in Berlin ‘No-Go Zone’
11/10/2017‘Insane’ wait time of 4.5 years for new patients to see specialist, Canadian doctor says
11/10/2017WATCH: Is the world closer to a nuclear war in the Trump era?
11/10/2017WATCH: Is ISIS or Iran a bigger threat to the US?
11/10/2017Dutch court excuses ISIS supporter who called Jewish teens ‘Zionist terrorists’ and ‘future child murderers’
11/10/2017Saudi Arabia, Kuwait order citizens out of Lebanon as tensions flare
11/10/2017WATCH: Israeli Christians make secret pilgrimages to Lebanese religious sites
11/10/2017Police show up at Netanyahu’s residence for 5th round of questioning
11/10/2017Druze Zionist: ‘Our children ‘fall through the cracks’ [WIN Exclusive]
11/10/2017WATCH: Is Europe warming up to polygamy among Muslim refugees?
11/09/2017As Communism Turns 100, a Brief Look at the Death and Destruction It Has Wrought
11/09/2017Q&A: Daniel Hannan on the Biggest Brexit Myths and Communism’s 100 Years of Cruelty
11/09/2017Domestic Workers’ Salaries’ Surge As Migrant Labour Declines in Brexit Britain
11/09/2017Is this justice? Here’s a list of those who HAVE and HAVE NOT been awarded legal aid
11/09/2017Scottish children & adults could soon choose to have no gender at all
11/09/2017Top British Writers: Anti-Zionism ‘Has No Place in a Civil Society’
11/09/2017Palestinians Protest UN Removal of Anti-Israel Incitement from School Curriculum
11/09/2017WATCH: Palestinian Terrorist Flag Raised in London, Police are Helpless
11/09/2017French policeman enter Muslim no-go zone, what happens next will shock you
11/09/2017Experts: World ‘pretending not to see’ Iran’s nuke deal violations
11/09/2017WATCH: Palestinian unity deal makes peace harder to achieve
11/09/2017WATCH: ‘Jew chasers’ attack man selling Dead Sea products in Scotland
11/09/2017British minister likely to be fired over meetings with Israeli officials
11/09/2017UN accused of building illegal compound in Jerusalem
11/09/2017Iran counters Saudi accusations over missile attack with threats
11/09/2017WATCH: Saudi minister calls Hezbollah ‘Lebanese party of the devil’
11/09/2017The Israel-Saudi connection: Iranian aggression is the matchmaker
11/08/2017Q&A: How the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia’s Views on Islam, Economy Could Change Country
11/08/2017Soros NGO: EU Urged to ‘Pump Funding’ into Left-Wing Groups Because Public ‘Duped’ Into Opposing Mass Migration
11/08/2017Supporting BDS Means Opposing Peace, Rivlin Says in Spain
11/08/2017WATCH: Palestinian Mansions and Luxury Cars Shatter Myth of Arab Poverty
11/08/2017Revealed! N. Korea nuke tests KILLING babies
11/08/2017You Won’t Believe Who’s Paying Palestinian Rock-throwers!
11/08/2017WATCH: Saudi band’s ‘Born to be Wild’ parody celebrates women drivers
11/08/2017Vandalism complaint leads to exposure of terror plot
11/08/2017Saudi army intercepts Yemenite missile targeting airport
11/08/2017Argentina: Death of prosecutor who investigated Jewish center bombing was homicide
11/08/2017WATCH: BBC host silences former Labour Party leader for telling Holocaust ‘joke’
11/08/2017Opinion: Britain should apologize for undermining the Balfour Declaration
11/08/2017WATCH: Iran-backed rebels in Yemen fire missile at Saudi Arabian capital
11/08/2017Saudis blame Hezbollah and Iran for missile attack, call it an ‘act of war’
11/08/2017WATCH: Palestinian terror group threatens IDF with pinpoint snipers, war
11/07/2017Saudis Warn Iran: Latest Missile Launch Could be Considered 'Act of War'
11/07/2017Palestinians Again Push to Oust Israel from International Sports Body
11/07/2017WATCH: Where Are the Jews of Morocco?
11/07/2017New Allies: Israel and Saudi Arabia?
11/07/2017Palestinian Cartoon Depicts British PM as Pig
11/07/2017WATCH: Zionists in London Not Cowed, Hit Back at Anti-Israel Marchers
11/07/2017US Professor Defends Syrian Dictator, Accuses Israel of Organ Trafficking
11/07/2017German Military Planners Prepare for ‘Conceivable’ Collapse of European Union by 2040
11/07/2017Saudi Arabia warns Iran after missile launched at its airport
11/07/2017Expert: Iran-North Korea nuclear collaboration is Israel’s ‘worst nightmare’
11/07/2017Netanyahu: Bodies of 5 terrorists to be used in exchanges with Hamas, ‘No free gifts’
11/07/2017Palestinian Historian: ‘There Was Nothing Called a Palestinian People’
11/06/2017WATCH: South African Politician Slams Apartheid Slander Against Israel
11/06/2017Palestinian Historian: ‘There Was Nothing Called a Palestinian People’
11/06/2017WATCH: The UN’s Epic Failure to Achieve its Historic Mission
11/06/2017‘Anti-Nationalist’ White Poppies Banned from Remembrance Service
11/06/2017Brexit Is ‘the Humiliation of Britain’, Says Soros-Backed Migrant Charity Boss David Miliband
11/06/2017As US prepares to leave UNESCO, envoy urges deep reforms
11/06/2017WATCH: Iran singles out US as number one enemy
11/06/2017British PM praises Balfour Declaration at centenary gala
11/06/2017WATCH: Lebanon’s PM resigns, fears for his life
11/06/2017President Rivlin in Spain: ‘We must not surrender to anti-Semitism’
11/06/2017WATCH: ‘Iran is devouring one nation after the other,’ Netanyahu warns November 5, 2017
11/05/2017Muslims raising funds for Royal British Legion hit back at critics who say the poppy is a 'racist' symbol
11/05/2017Rejection of Balfour Declaration is ‘Another Example of Hateful Palestinian Incitement,’ Says Israeli Envoy
11/05/2017Opinion: In 2017, the Palestinians Need the Balfour Declaration
11/05/2017WATCH: UN Permits Most Abusive Nations to Sit on Human Rights Council
11/05/2017Iran Marks Anniversary of Takeover of US embassy with ‘Death to Israel and US’
11/05/2017WATCH: ‘No Contradiction’ in My Identity, Says Muslim Zionist
11/05/2017WATCH: US Ambassador Haley vows to end Obama’s ‘cowardly betrayal’ of Israel
11/05/2017Lebanese PM’s Resignation a ‘Wake-up Call’ to Counter Iranian Threat, Netanyahu Warns
11/04/2017Acid Attack Capital: London Corrosive Liquids Crime Surges 186 Per Cent in 15 Years
11/04/2017Austria’s Right Wing and Populist Parties Agree to Slash Migrant Benefits, Taxes in Coalition Talks
11/04/2017WATCH: Danish Immigration Minister’s Car Runs Over Immigrant After Attempt to Assault Politician
11/03/2017Hungary Asks ‘Is Everyone Entitled to Religious Freedom Except for Christians?’ After Anti-Cross Ruling
11/03/2017Political Correctness and Failed Integration Helps Islamist Terror: Community Cohesion Czar
11/03/2017WATCH: ‘When You Blame the Occupation, You Need to Look Inside’
11/03/2017Hamas and Hezbollah terror leaders meet in Lebanon
11/03/201720 Palestinians indicted over massive agricultural theft in Israel
11/03/2017Palestinians Falsely Accuse Israel of Using Poison Gas for Terror Tunnel Explosion
11/03/2017WATCH: UK foreign secretary calls Balfour Declaration a ‘Pride Moment’
11/03/2017Ethiopian-born ‘Miss Israel’ once dreamed of the Jewish state, now advocates for it on US campuses
11/03/2017WATCH: Palestinians Sue Britain over ‘Ominous Balfour Promise’
11/03/2017UK Prime Minister Honors Balfour Declaration, Celebrates Israel
11/03/2017Muslim migrants harass commuters in Hong Kong. They had no idea what would happen next.
11/03/2017Sweden Legalizes Child Marriages For Immigrants
11/03/2017Swiss army’s activities in Golan Heights contradict nation’s official policy on Israel
11/03/2017German soccer fans distribute anti-Semitic stickers of Anne Frank
11/03/2017Khamenei points fingers at ‘nefarious’ US, Iran’s ‘major enemy’
11/03/2017Bin Laden’s ties to Iran exposed by CIA files
11/03/2017Historian: Red Cross failed to help Dutch Jews during Holocaust
11/03/2017Hamas hands over control of Gaza crossings to Palestinian Authority
11/03/2017WATCH: Palestinians demand UK apologize for Balfour Declaration
11/03/2017Arab-Israelis: 21% of the population involved in 57% of murder cases
11/02/2017WATCH: European Football’s Anti-Semitism Problem
11/02/2017Hamas Behind Anti-Israel Demonstration in London, Israeli Minister Charges
11/02/2017WATCH: UNESCO provides United Arab Emirates another venue to snub Israel
11/02/2017Assassinations in Ukraine’s Capital Raise Specter of a Russian ‘Shadow War’
11/02/2017Canada to admit nearly 1mn immigrants by 2020 to ‘prosper & grow’
11/02/2017Cost of Asylum Seekers Up 73 Per Cent in One Year to Over Nine Billion Euros
11/02/2017UK Spending Almost £1m a Day in Foreign Aid on Asylum Seekers and Illegal Migrants in Britain
11/02/2017British woman killed autistic teen to cross murder off ‘bucket list’
11/02/2017Berlin Police Instructor Claims Muslim Recruits ‘Enemy in Our Ranks’ in Leaked Recording
11/02/2017Russia and Iran are teaming up to build a gas pipeline to India
11/02/2017Russia begins building Iran nuclear power station
11/02/2017Russia rejects US demands for changes to Iran nuclear deal
11/02/2017’Glamour' Names Pro-Sharia Sarsour Woman of the Year
11/02/2017UK Offers ‘Housing and Counseling’ to Returning ISIS Terrorists
11/02/2017Experts: Next Hezbollah war with Israel inevitable, will be devastating
11/02/2017WATCH: PA President denies promise that Hamas ministers will recognize Israel
11/02/2017London: Jewish girl told ‘be patient, Jews come last’ in shop
11/02/2017Jewish businessman among victims of Manhattan terror attack
11/02/2017WATCH: Vehicles are now the terrorists’ weapon of choice
11/02/2017The Hamas-Fatah Love Affair: What It Means for Israel
11/02/2017Experts: Next Hezbollah war with Israel inevitable, will be devastating
11/02/2017Two Austrian Classrooms Now Consist Of 100 Per Cent Migrant Children
11/01/2017UK Syrian Refugee Resettlement ‘Discriminates’ Against Christians Fleeing Islamic State
11/01/2017WATCH: Worshipers at Toronto Mosque Pray Daily ‘To Purify Temple Mount from Filth of Jews’
11/01/2017WATCH: How the Arab World Reacted to the Balfour Declaration
11/01/2017Abbas Denies Demanding that Hamas End Support for Israel’s Destruction
11/01/2017Brexit Boom: World Bank Ranks UK Far Above Germany, France, Manufacturing Strengthens
11/01/2017The A75 Kinmount straight: Trip on 'most haunted' road
11/01/2017Hungary Warns Europe Is in Danger as Leak Reveals Soros Network’s List of ‘Reliable Allies’ in EU Parliament
11/01/2017WATCH: North Korea conducts rare evacuation and blackout drills
11/01/2017Iraqi lawmakers outlaw Israeli flags, ‘Zionist’ symbols
11/01/2017WATCH: Hezbollah tweets menacing photos of Israeli communities
10/31/2017200 said dead in tunnel accident at North Korea nuclear test site
10/31/2017Hungary Warns Europe Is in Danger as Leak Reveals Soros Network’s List of ‘Reliable Allies’ in EU Parliament
10/31/2017Swedish Students and Vulnerable Pushed to Back of Housing Queue for Migrants
10/31/2017Report: Muslim Lobby Group Mend ‘Promotes Extremism’, Works with MPs and Police
10/31/2017WATCH: Canadian Jihadist Claims Israelis Not Part of ‘Mankind’
10/31/2017WATCH: Iranians Openly Deny Holocaust, Call for Israel’s Annihilation
10/31/2017UN Launches ‘Unprecedented’ $1.3 Billion Legal Campaign Against Israel
10/31/2017WATCH: Migrating pelicans get free Israeli lunch
10/31/2017India arrests 2 ISIS supporters who planned attack on synagogue
10/31/2017WATCH: Future Saudi king vows to ‘destroy extremist ideas today’
10/31/2017UK Labour Official Uses Balfour Celebration to Promote Palestinian Issues
10/31/2017WATCH: UK Labour’s Balfour ‘celebration’ rife with anti-Israel rhetoric
10/31/2017United Arab Emirates gives gifts to every UNESCO member except Israel
10/31/2017Saudi Daily: Hamas Has Founded an ‘Iranian Emirate’ In Gaza
10/31/2017Iran’s president turned down Trump invitation to meet
10/30/2017Couple Plotted Terror Attack After Meeting on Muslim Dating Site
10/30/2017Britain’s Left Demands NHS Serves the World, Is Actually INTERNATIONAL Health Service
10/30/2017Russia Field-Tested Hybrid Warfare in Ukraine. Why That Cyberthreat Matters for US.
10/30/2017Palestinians Again Fail to Oust Israel from International Sports Competition
10/30/2017WATCH: Is it Time to Repeal and Replace the United Nations?
10/30/2017New UN Plan Pumps $18 Million into Anti-Israel Organizations
10/30/2017WATCH: A Crash Course on the Balfour Declaration’s 100th Anniversary
10/30/2017Palestinian Statue Honoring Saddam is a ‘Poke in America’s Eye,’ Diplomats and Leaders Say
10/30/2017WATCH: Hamas Brags Iran is Top Funder of Palestinian Terror
10/30/2017Blind Man Straps Camera To Guide Dog’s Back. When Wife Sees Video Later She’s Horrified
10/30/2017Argentine ex-president in court over Jewish center bombing
10/30/2017Canadian stock exchanges look to attract Israeli companies
10/30/2017WATCH: How a Muslim FBI agent infiltrated radical groups
10/30/2017Palestinian-American ISIS terrorist gets 20-year sentence
10/30/2017WATCH: Anti-Israel activists verbally attack pro-Israel Arabs at NYC event
10/30/2017Gaza security chief wounded in ISIS assassination attempt
10/30/2017Arab judo officials apologize for anti-Israel conduct on world stage
10/29/2017UK: Furious Muslims Plan Boycott After Ban on Non-Stunned Halal Meat in Schools
10/29/2017British Islamic State Terrorist Begs to Return to UK and Face Justice
10/29/2017Body of UK expert on Iraq weapons moved from grave after exhumation threat from suicide skeptics
10/29/2017‘Soros network’ in Brussels plots creating ‘Europe of mixed population’ – Hungarian PM
10/29/2017WATCH: American Leaders Have Called Iran a Danger to the World for Decades
10/29/2017McGill University Embroiled in BDS-Propelled Anti-Semitism Scandal
10/29/2017WATCH: How to Make a Terrorist, Step-by-Step Guide [Spoof]
10/29/2017WATCH: Muslim Protester Slanders Pro-Israel Arabs as ‘Rats’ and ‘Garbage’
10/29/2017Israeli Amb. to UN: Human Rights Chief Acts Like ‘BDS Activist’
10/29/2017WATCH: Politics and Anti-Semitism Enter Sports World
10/29/2017UK Labour Leader to Snub Netanyahu, London Balfour Celebration
10/28/2017Politician exposes “SATAN’S Soros Plan”
10/28/2017University ‘Acted Lawfully’ by Expelling Christian Student for ‘Biblical Marriage’ Facebook Comments
10/28/2017North Korea on Verge of Catastrophe at Nuclear Test Site, China Warns Newsweek John Haltiwanger
10/28/2017Homes Of Members Of Underground Church Raided By Iranian Authorities, Members Arrested
10/27/2017Madrid sacks Catalan government, snap elections scheduled for December 21
10/27/2017Animal welfare or Islamophobia? ‘Unstunned’ halal meat banned in school meals by Lancashire council
10/27/2017Israel and South Korea ‘team up’ to make unmanned aircraft
10/27/2017UN Forced to Retract Honor for African Tyrant after International Outcry
10/27/2017WATCH: New Einstein Museum displays artifacts never seen before
10/27/2017Italian soccer fans embroiled in anti-Semitism
10/27/2017Poland discriminates against Holocaust survivors in property law
10/27/2017ISIS Threat at Israel’s Doorstep, Despite Losses Elsewhere
10/27/2017Crime Soaring, But Arrests Fall by 48 Per Cent as Police Focus on ‘Hate Crime’
10/27/2017Catalonia Declares Independence
10/27/2017Report: Voters Say Country Is Full, Support Partial Muslim Immigration Ban
10/27/2017Opinion: Spain clamors for two-state solution, but not in Catalonia
10/27/2017Germany Probes Kuwait Airways Over Discrimination Against Israelis
10/27/2017Yad Vashem completes list of 500,000 Hungarian Holocaust victims
10/27/2017Canada: Students Defeat BDS Motion at University of Winnipeg
10/27/2017BBC complains to UN about Iran targeting its Persian service
10/27/2017WATCH: Why are US aircraft carriers converging on North Korea ahead of Trump visit to region?
10/27/2017Palestinian land grab continues near historic Sebastia
10/27/2017UN circulates blacklist of corporations that do business with Israel
10/27/2017WATCH: Israeli wins judo gold medal, Arabs refuse to fly flag and play anthem
10/27/2017WATCH: Shocking footage captures child shooting at Israelis on Gaza border
10/26/2017Rothschild musical detailing family’s rise to riches & power to show in London
10/26/2017Hezbollah plans to leave Syria by 2018, preparing for war with Israel
10/26/2017WATCH: Australian police apologize for showing terrorists as Palestinians in training film
10/26/2017French ‘human rights’ group honors father of terrorist for defending massacre of Jews
10/26/2017WATCH: Hebron terrorist slams rock onto 12-year-old boy’s head
10/26/2017Saudi crown prince: Kingdom returning to ‘moderate Islam’
10/25/2017North Korean defector describes 'life of hell' for Christians
10/25/2017London Council Slammed for Censoring Objections to Controversial Mosque
10/25/2017Another Rotherham Grooming Gang in Court for Raping Young Girls
10/25/2017Hamas: What Took Us 51 Days We Could Now Do in 51 Minutes
10/25/2017Palestinians Erect Memorial in Honor of Saddam Hussein
10/25/2017Hamas: What Took Us 51 Days We Could Now Do in 51 Minutes
10/25/2017WATCH: Why Mideast Reporters Attack the Nation that Gives them the Most Freedom
10/25/2017Lebanese film director banned from Palestinian festival for visiting Israel
10/25/2017WATCH: Will vanquished ISIS regroup in Africa?
10/25/2017Polish archaeologists unearth mass grave at Gross-Rosen death camp
10/25/2017Judo federation demands end to Arab discrimination against Israel
10/25/2017Opinion: Thanks to Obama, America is two steps behind Iran in Middle East
10/25/2017Saudi officials support Trump’s tough stance on Iran
10/25/2017Iran to execute ‘Mossad agent’ for killing Iranian scientists
10/24/2017‘Soros Plan’: Hungary Slams EU ‘Institutionalisation of Mass Migration’ with New Asylum Rules
10/24/2017After question on foreign meddling in Brexit, UK says democracy secure
10/24/2017Hamas: Iran Will Continue Support for ‘Resistance in Palestine’
10/24/2017WATCH: Palestinian TV Host Compares Netanyahu to Hitler
10/24/2017Controversial Rutgers Professor Accuses Israel of Sparing Palestinian Lives in Order to Control Them
10/24/2017UN No Longer ‘Home Court’ of the Palestinians, Israeli Envoy Says
10/24/2017Anti-establishment billionaire wins big in Czech Republic elections
10/24/2017Syria: ISIS slaughters scores in act of revenge
10/24/2017US envoy: Hamas has brought only ruin and misery to Palestinians
10/23/2017UK Police Slammed for ‘Propaganda’ Video Promoting Islam
10/23/2017Identitarian Activists Unfurl Giant ‘Defend London, Stop Islamisation’ Banner on Westminster Bridge
10/23/2017Hamas Terror Group Applauds as Jeremy Corbyn Says ‘No’ to Balfour Centenary Dinner
10/23/2017Radical Islamic terror massacre uncovered
10/23/2017After Syria Civil War Ends, Guns Will Be Turned on Israel
10/23/2017‘World is a dangerous place’: US prepares to put B-52 nuclear bombers on high alert
10/23/2017Far-right ‘Identitarian’ movement aiming to launch UK branch, but who are they?
10/23/2017World's Youngest Leader Bans George Soros from Austria: 'Rothschild Next'
10/23/2017Palestinian Diplomatic Mission Calls for Israel’s Destruction
10/23/2017UN Envoy Condemns Hamas for its Calls to Destroy Israel
10/23/2017WATCH: What Has Iran Done Since Nuclear Deal Was Signed?
10/23/2017BBC Slammed for Imbalanced Reporting that Whitewashes BDS
10/23/2017WATCH: Palestinians Reap All Benefits of Peace Accords, But Refuse to Uphold Their Promises
10/23/2017WATCH: You Won’t Believe How this Muslim Woman Defends Israel on Arab TV!
10/23/2017UK officials want new UN treaty to use term ‘pregnant people’ instead of ‘pregnant women’
10/22/2017London rejects Palestinian campaign targeting Israel and Balfour Declaration
10/22/2017Over 65 Palestinians arrested in unprecedented agriculture heist
10/22/2017Iran Praises Hamas Threats to Destroy Israel and Defy US
10/22/2017UN Agency Makes Mugabe ‘Goodwill Ambassador’ One Month After He Endorsed Killers of White Farmers
10/22/2017LONDON IS FALLING: UK Capital Now More Dangerous than NYC… More Rape, More Robbery, More Violence
10/22/2017Weinsteingate Comes to Brussels: EU Parliament ‘An Absolute Hotbed of Sexual Harassment’
10/22/2017Surge For Right-Wing Eurosceptic ‘Czech Trump’ at Worst Election in Czech History for Left Party
10/22/2017UN Slams President Trump for Cutting $31 Million From Its Abortion Agenda
10/21/2017Foreigners who joined IS faced almost certain death in Raqqa
10/21/2017North Korea sends Australia an ‘unprecedented’ letter – and it’s about Trump
10/20/2017‘A Deal in Our Time’: Appeaser Theresa Begs EU for Bare Minimum on Brexit
10/20/2017EU Finally Gives ‘Green Light’ to Brexit Negotiations After Theresa’s Appeasement, Brexit Betrayals
10/20/2017Hungary Fears ‘Soros Influence’ in Election After Open Borders Activist Injects $18bn into Foundation
10/20/2017WATCH: What do North Korean Nukes Have to Do with Israel?
10/20/2017Mother of terrorist who killed rabbi and 3 children causes outrage in court
10/20/2017ACT NOW! Urge US Lawmakers to Support a Resolution Affirming Israel’s Deep Connection to Jerusalem and Condemning UNESCO
10/20/2017Hamas to Trump: No Talks on Recognizing Israel, Only Wiping it Out
10/20/2017Ukraine under fire for erecting monument for mass murderer of Jews
10/20/2017Chinese social media star cries during meeting with Holocaust survivor in Israel
10/20/2017Israeli-Arab who joined ISIS with entire family sent to prison
10/20/2017Hungarian who helped Jews flee Holocaust honored in Budapest
10/20/2017Iran threatens to speed up missile program
10/20/2017Shock News: DOJ Blocked Witnesses from telling Congress about Russia’s Clinton Bribes
10/19/2017No more safe spaces! Universities failing to protect freedom of speech on campus to be fined
10/19/2017Commentary: UK single-payer health system’s new policy targeting obese people, smokers is horrifying
10/19/2017WATCH: Czech President a ‘Deep Friend of Israel,’ Demands Hamas and Hezbollah Disarm
10/19/2017Iranian General: ‘Not Acceptable for Zionist Regime to Violate Syria Any Time it Wants’
10/19/2017Israel’s Ambassador to UN: ‘When Terror Strikes, a Trail of Bloody Footprints’ Leads to Iran
10/19/2017WATCH: How Dictators Hijacked UNESCO to Persecute Israel
10/19/2017Minister Says Russia Should Export Pork to Muslim-Majority Country, Putin Can’t Contain His Laughter
10/18/2017MI5: Islamist Threat Has Increased ‘Dramatically’, Danger Level at 34-Year High
10/18/2017Arab Illegal Immigrant Raped British Woman, Abused Female Police Officer
10/18/2017OECD Says UK Should Remain in EU to Boost Economic Growth
10/18/2017Ontario votes to fast-track ban on free speech outside abortion clinics
10/17/2017Raqqa: IS 'capital' falls to US-backed Syrian forces
10/17/2017France to deport all criminal undocumented migrants – Macron
10/17/2017Elite Snipers Shot Dead ISIS Militants Seconds Before They Beheaded Christian Family
10/17/2017Christian-Killing Al-Shabaab Is Behind Somalia's Worst-Ever Bombing
10/17/2017Quebec lawmakers pursue ‘burqa ban’ for 3rd time in 10yrs
10/17/201729 French nuclear reactors vulnerable to natural disaster – safety watchdog
10/17/2017Muslim hate monitor to lose backing
10/17/2017WATCH: Canada doubles down on funding Hamas via UN agency
10/17/2017Austrian University Students Overwhelmingly Condemn BDS Movement as ‘Anti-Semitic’
10/17/2017WATCH: Palestinian Shocked US Students Don’t Openly Call for Israel’s Destruction
10/16/2017Here are the world’s 10 most dangerous cities for women and what they have in common.
10/16/2017Pope Francis: ‘Wars and Climate Change’ Are Root Causes of World Hunger and Migration
10/16/2017Why Brexit and Catalonia Could Rekindle Scotland’s Independence Movement
10/16/2017WATCH: Why Does this Indigenous Man from New Zealand Stand with Israel?
10/16/2017President Trump Warns North Korea’s Rocket Man
10/16/2017ISIS Rockets from Sinai explode near southern Israeli communities
10/16/2017Saudis Join Israel in Applauding Trump’s Strategy on Iran
10/15/2017Remain-Backing MPs Unite Across Party Lines to Block No Deal Brexit
10/15/2017Muslim public holidays in Germany? Interior minister’s proposal met with furious backlash
10/15/2017Palestinians: Dying for Allah Will Create State of Palestine
10/15/2017Palestinian ‘unity’ must include recognizing Israel, disarming Hamas, Netanyahu says
10/14/2017Coptic Orthodox Bishop Killed outside Cairo, Egypt
10/14/2017EU Prez Thanks British for Saving Europe During the War, But Adds: ‘Now They Have to Pay’
10/14/2017‘Fire Hammond for Trying to Sabotage Brexit,’ Demands Senior Tory
10/14/2017Hungary’s Orban: Protect Middle East Christians or Anti-Christian Persecution Will Come to Europe
10/13/2017German Intelligence Claims Hezbollah, Hamas Fighters Among Asylum Seekers
10/13/2017German Supermarket Giant Lidl Caught Erasing Crosses from Pictures of Churches Yet Again
10/13/2017Appeaser Theresa Delays Brexit Bill After 300 Amendments Demanded by Labour, Pro-EU Tory MPs
10/13/2017Court Rules: Muslim School’s Segregation of Boys from Girls Is Unlawful Sex Discrimination
10/13/2017North Korea Just Issued Their Craziest Threat Yet
10/13/2017Denmark to UN: ‘Pregnant woman’ is transphobic term. Men can be pregnant too
10/12/2017Islamic Primary School Director Arrested over Underage Sex Abuse Claim
10/12/2017‘Deadlock’: Barnier’s Refusal to Move Talks on Increases Chance of No Deal, Full Brexit
10/12/2017British Police Force Uses ‘Positive Action’ to Ban White Men from Recruitment Workshops
10/12/2017Richard Branson’s Brexit strategy: Wait for Leave voters to die, then rejoin EU
10/12/2017Iran moves to sidestep ballistic-missile sanctions with German weapons companies
10/11/2017UK Policeman Fired For Facebook Comment About Wrapping Terrorists in Bacon
10/11/2017Senior Official Admits Million-Plus Illegal Immigrants in UK ‘Unlikely to Ever Be Removed’
10/11/2017Opinion: Concessions to Palestinians – choking or inflaming terrorism?
10/11/2017WATCH: ISIS mass surrender yields scant coverage of US triumph
10/11/2017Belgium freezes Palestinian funding over terror incitement
10/11/2017WATCH: Hezbollah ‘determined’ to add attack inside US to ‘terror playbook’
10/11/2017Over 90 Per Cent of Asylum Seekers Investigated in Denmark Caught Lying About Their Origin
10/11/2017Remainer Phil’s Treasury Refuses to Prepare Budget for Clean Brexit
10/11/2017UK Policeman Fired For Facebook Comment About Wrapping Terrorists in Bacon
10/11/2017Swedish Man Prosecuted for Assaulting Muslims with Bacon
10/11/2017Palestinians: A State Within a State?
10/11/2017UK Man Sentenced For ‘Offending’ Muslims On Police Facebook Page
10/11/2017Belgium Latest Country to Freeze Palestinian Funding Over Incitement to Terrorism
10/11/2017WATCH: ‘Jordan is the Ultimate Apartheid State’
10/11/2017Americans United With Israel: The Value of Priorities
10/11/2017A New Low: Al-Jazeera Used Undercover Agents within Pro-Israel Group to Produce Israel-Bashing Film
10/11/2017WATCH: UN Blacklist Targeting Israeli Business Partners to be Released Soon
10/10/2017Government Reveals Plans to Walk Away from EU with ‘No Deal’
10/10/2017‘Christian duty to fight Satan’s Soros plan to bring migrants into Europe’ – Hungarian MP
10/10/2017Mysterious spike in radioactive particles across Europe baffles scientists
10/10/2017UK newspaper urges tourism to Israel
10/10/2017WATCH: How Germany allows SS death squad members to age in peace
10/10/2017Report: Iran made dozens of attempts to illegally buy nuclear technology after it signed deal
10/10/2017WATCH: Up close and personal with Benjamin Netanyahu
10/10/2017Turkey Has Imprisoned an American Pastor for a Year. It’s Time We Take a Stand.
10/10/2017Leading Tory Slams Treasury For Working with EU to Undermine Brexit
10/10/2017Ireland Honours Marxist Mass Murderer Che Guevara as ‘Son of Irish Rebels’ with Commemorative Stamp
10/10/2017Oxford College Bans Christian Group to Make Freshers’ Fair a ‘Secular Space’
10/10/2017New Film on Roger Waters Exposes Vicious Hatred and Anti-Semitism
10/10/2017Palestinian Hijacker Charged with Supporting Terror in Spanish Court
10/09/2017Resolution to investigate ISIS genocide brings hope
10/09/2017Britain on North Korea war footing, could rush new aircraft carrier into service
10/09/2017Hamas destroys unique archaeological site in Gaza
10/09/2017WATCH: Growing number of Chinese tourists opt for Israel vacation
10/09/2017Iranian general threatens to attack US bases in Middle East
10/09/2017Farage Tells Hillary Clinton to ‘Stop Whinging’ After She Demeans Brexit Voters
10/09/2017WATCH: Arab Village Chief: ‘We Want to Live Under Israel, Not the PA’
10/09/2017Report: Renewable Energy Is Bigger ‘Scam’ than Bernie Madoff and Enron
10/09/2017Jewish group urges Poland to fire publisher of works by Holocaust denier
10/09/2017Jewish child in Paris hospitalized after anti-Semitic beatings
10/08/2017Israeli, Pakistani Tennis Players Win Match Together, Send Message of Peace
10/08/2017Police: London crash that hurt 11 is not terror
10/08/2017WATCH: Palestinian TV depicts Hasidic Jews Stealing Arab Houses
10/08/2017Palestinians Murder Jewish Employer in Samaria
10/08/2017May Ramps up Preparation for ‘No Deal’ Brexit Amidst Calls for Her Resignation
10/08/2017Taxpayer Funded Transgender Charity Banned from Contacting Boy, 7, Forced to Live as Girl
10/08/2017Israeli university’s online course to be ‘attended’ by Pakistani, Afghani students
10/08/2017Hamas names mastermind of attacks on Israel as deputy
10/08/2017Iranian chess player, banned for not wearing hijab, switches to US team
10/08/2017Iran president: 10 Trumps can’t roll back nuke deal benefits
10/08/2017Report: Arab states withdraw anti-Israel UNESCO resolution for first time
10/08/2017'It's Juncker's TOTAL obstructionism!' Farage says EU not capable of 'sensible trade deal'
10/08/2017Britain's 'secret Brexit weapon': Employers urged to hire army veterans 'US-style'
10/07/201711 people injured after car mounts pavement outside London's National History Museum
10/07/2017Watch: Tory Brexiteer’s Call For EU Hard Brexit, WTO Rules ‘Christmas Ultimatum
10/07/201711 Inured, One Arrested as Car Rams Pedestrians Outside Natural History Museum, London
10/06/2017Is Europe scared of Boris Johnson becoming prime minister?
10/06/2017‘Mafia Effect’ Keeps Islamic Terrorism at Bay in Italy: Report
10/05/2017Dozens of Tory MPs to Call for May to Resign After Conference Shambles
10/05/2017Rotherham: 12 More Men Charged with Child Sex Abuse Offences in Grooming Gang Investigation
10/05/2017EU Endorses Police Brutality in Catalonia as ‘Proportionate Use of Force’
10/05/2017EU Brexit Negotiator: Catalan Vote ‘Fixed’, Region Belongs ‘Embedded in a Multicultural Federal Europe’
10/04/2017Egyptian Government Crackdown on Homosexuals Spreads with More Anal Examinations
10/04/2017THERESA'S BRITISH DREAMPM’s pitch to woo young voters with ‘personal mission’ to ‘restore hope’ to a new generation
10/04/2017Hamas leader vows terror group will never give up ‘armed struggle’
10/04/2017WATCH: Media Reports Only Half of Abbas’ Terror ‘Condemnation’
10/04/2017Trudeau Government to Move Border-Jumping Migrants from Tents to Trailers
10/04/2017Canadian PM Justin Trudeau omitted mention of Jews in dedicating National Holocaust Monument
10/04/2017Why isn't NATO bombing Madrid for 78 days? - fmr British diplomat
10/04/20171mn Brits identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual – official stats
10/04/2017Spain may no longer exist after Oct. 9
10/03/2017ACT NOW! Encourage Renowned Chefs to Attend World Culinary Tour in Israel
10/03/2017Las Vegas attack: Theresa May hopes US will be shocked into rethinking gun laws
10/03/2017Psychiatrist Warns of ‘Time Bomb’ in Germany: ‘Today’s Migrants Are Not Integrable’
10/03/2017In Wake of Attempted Paris Bombing, French Government Says ‘No-One Is Safe’
10/03/2017Farage Slams ‘Antidemocratic’ EU Silence over Brutalised Catalan Voters
10/03/2017Spectre of N. Korean atmospheric nuclear test prompts emergency plans in Seoul & Tokyo
10/03/2017Catalonia: 90 percent vote for independence from Spain
10/03/2017Germany investigating 2 former SS death squad members
10/03/2017Hamas terrorist who murdered father of 5 sent to prison for life
10/03/2017Is ISIS leader still alive? Al-Baghdadi allegedly calls for more attacks
10/02/2017ISIS claims responsibility for France stabbing
10/02/2017WATCH: Radical Islamists strike in Canada and France
10/02/2017Report: Egypt caught secretly buying weapons from North Korea
10/02/2017Marseilles Knife Terrorist ‘Illegal Migrant,’ Islamic State Claims Attack
10/02/2017Video of Canada Terror Attack Emerges; Suspect Named as Somali Refugee on Police Watch List
10/02/2017Theresa May Cried, ‘Crisis of Confidence’ After Election, ‘Infuriate’ Queen
10/02/2017Cuban sound attack targets U.S. spy ring?
10/02/2017Passenger reading aloud from Bible causes panic on London rush hour train
10/01/2017North Korea Just Got Bad News From A Country That Will Surprise You
10/01/2017Puerto Rican mayor reveals truth behind San Juan mayor’s attack on Trump — and it explains a lot
10/01/2017Budapest and Warsaw Under Attack Because ‘Hungary and Poland are Standing in the Way of George Soros’
10/01/2017OSCE: ‘The Threat of Terrorism Will Occupy Europe For Many, Many Years’
10/01/2017Terror in Canada: Bloody Police Chase After Man With Islamic State Flag Rams Police Barricade, Stabs Officer
10/01/2017Car ramming, stabbing in Canada; ISIS flag found in vehicle
10/01/2017Two slain in French stabbing attack; Islamist motives suspected
10/01/2017WATCH: Discover the Real Story of Israel – Meet the People!
10/01/2017Israeli, Jewish Groups Provide Emergency Aid to Hurricane-Stricken Puerto Rico
10/01/2017Israeli Intelligence Helped Foil Dozens of Terror Attacks Worldwide
10/01/201750 arrested in Sweden at violent pro-Nazi march on Yom Kippur
10/01/2017State Dept Rejects Amb. Friedman’s Statement that ‘Settlements Are Part of Israel’
10/01/2017Hezbollah Leader Warns ‘Jewish Immigrants’ to Leave Israel before ‘Demise’ in Next War
10/01/2017Terror in France: Man Shot by Army in Marseilles Railway Station After Stabbing Passers-by to Death
10/01/2017‘Filthy’ White Girls to Blame for Their Abuse, Says Wife of Muslim Groomer
09/30/2017Report: China Orders Muslim Families in Xinjiang to Hand Over Qurans, Prayer Mats
09/29/2017Theresa the Appeaser Set to Make MORE Concessions, £40 Billion Divorce Bill
09/29/2017EU Negotiator Mocks Appeaser Theresa for ‘Backstabbing and Betrayal’
09/29/2017UN: No longer able to monitor Iran nuclear deal
09/29/2017‘Attitude Toward Israel and Jews Has Gotten Worse’ in UN Palestinian Schools
09/29/2017Adults Posing as Child Refugees Deprive Vulnerable British Children of Care
09/29/2017Boris Johnson Challenges PM, Demands Short Brexit ‘Transition Period’
09/29/2017Swiss Parliament Votes to Ban Foreign-Funded Mosques and Arabic Preaching
09/29/2017400 Children Rescued/348 Adults Arrested After Police Take Down $4 Million Child Porn Empire
09/29/2017Swedish court reroutes Nazi march away from synagogue on Yom Kippur
09/29/2017WATCH: Saudi women celebrate end of driving ban
09/29/2017Poll: Most Arab citizens have positive attitude towards Israel
09/28/2017WATCH: Egyptian Journalist Exposes Hypocrisy of Muslim ‘Occupation’ in Mideast
09/28/2017WATCH: Is Iran Developing a Nuclear Bomb? Is it Too Late?
09/28/2017UK: Labour Activists Condemn Israel, Condone Anti-Semitism
09/28/2017WATCH: Palestinian Leaders Stunned as Hamas Founder’s Son Defends Israel
09/28/2017Grassroots Tory Plan to Take Back Party Control from Appeaser Theresa
09/28/2017British Islamic State Hate Preacher Who Radicalised Children Jailed
09/28/2017Dublin hotel cancels pro-life event after protest from abortion advocates
09/28/2017Hope evaporating, a grim wait for relatives after Mexico quake
09/28/2017Convicted Palestinian Terrorist Addresses European Parliament
09/28/2017Afghanistan: US defense secretary escapes rocket attack
09/28/2017Iran threat looms despite fake missile test, Israel warns
09/28/2017WATCH: Can North Korea shoot down US bombers?
09/28/2017In a first, US synagogue group to visit Bahrain at king’s invitation
09/27/2017Iran Expands Axis of Evil to Hamas in Gaza and Lebanon
09/27/2017Which Came First – Arab Terror or the ‘Occupation’?
09/27/2017WATCH: What is Behind the Canadian Labor Union’s Support for BDS?
09/27/2017Iranian General: Kurdish Independence Vote an Israeli Plot
09/27/2017International Police Admits ‘State of Palestine’ as Full Member
09/27/2017Palestinian Leaders Unite in Praise of Deadly Terror Attack
09/27/2017In blow to Israel, Interpol admits Palestine as full member
09/27/2017Saudi Arabia Agrees to Let Women Drive
09/27/2017Parts of Appeaser Theresa’s Brexit Speech ‘Pretty Much Dictated’ by EU, Gloat Eurocrats
09/27/2017Boris Johnson launches ‘hard Brexit’ think tank... in another challenge to Theresa May’s authority
09/27/2017New World Order: Muslims to be majority in Europe within two generations
09/27/2017Turkey threatens to sever ties with Israel over support for Kurdish independence
09/27/2017WATCH: Trump refuses to meet Pakistani leader over terror support
09/27/2017Kurds vote on independence, raising tensions in Middle East
09/27/2017WATCH: London mayor says Trump rhetoric similar to ISIS terrorists
09/27/2017Belgium: Holocaust denier’s punishment – visit concentration camps
09/26/2017After Disaster Election, Potential Merkel Coalition Partner Demands Migration Cap
09/26/2017Euro Council Prez HUMILIATES Appeaser Theresa May at Downing St: ‘No Sufficient Progress’
09/26/2017Islamist on Terror Watch List Becomes Police Officer
09/26/2017In Ukraine, Peace and Post-Revolution Reforms Remain Elusive
09/26/2017Vatican auditor: I hired security to ensure Holy See wasn’t spying on us
09/26/2017Hamas Prosecutes Journalist for Exposing Its Corruption in Gaza
09/26/2017Palestinians Urge International Court to Investigate Israel for ‘War Crimes’
09/26/2017Report: Iran Missile Launch was Fake
09/26/2017Shocker: Toronto Palestine Film Festival rejects Israel boycott
09/26/2017WATCH: Islamic Cleric Calls Muslims ‘World’s Headache,’ Praises Jewish Contributions
09/25/2017Merkel’s days as German Chancellor are probably now numbered
09/25/2017London Mayor Sadiq Khan Compares Donald Trump to Islamic State
09/25/2017WATCH: PA Says Killing Palestinian Children was Birthday Wish of Former Israeli PM
09/25/2017Poll: Majority of Palestinians Demand Abbas’ Resignation
09/25/2017German elites prepare Russian hacking claim in case elections don't go their way - ex-MI5 officer
09/25/2017WATCH: Why is Israel singled out for BDS attacks?
09/24/2017Death of Argentine prosecutor who investigated Jewish center bombing a homicide
09/24/2017WATCH: Earthquake reported in North Korea near site of nuclear test
09/24/2017Jewish community alarmed by nationalists’ surge in German election
09/24/2017United Arab Emirates: Iran is main obstacle to peace
09/24/2017WATCH: Terrorist who murdered Jewish students hugged and kissed before deportation from US
09/24/2017Trump After Iran Missile Test: ‘Not Much of an Agreement We Have’
09/24/2017Iran unveils latest missile capable of reaching Israel
09/24/2017Egyptian leader urges Palestinians to accept coexistence with Israel
09/24/2017At UN, Abbas deplores creation of State of Israel
09/24/2017Right-wing AfD enters German parliament for 1st time, Merkel’s CDU leads vote – exit polls
09/24/2017Florence & the MAY-chine? Britons ridicule PM’s Italy speech as Brexit hangs in the balance
09/24/2017Panic in London Shopping Centre as Six Injured in ‘Mass Acid Attack’
09/24/2017KASSAM: How May Plans to Blame Trump for Brexit’s Failure, and Why the Tory Party Needs to Remove Her NOW
09/24/2017Migrant Ikea Killer Demands Permission to Leave Prison So He Can Visit McDonald’s
09/24/2017Seven Muslim Men Kidnap Christian Boy, They Beat Him And Then Take Turns Sodomizing Him, The Police Refuse To Arrest The Muslims And Tell The Boy ‘You Are Lying’
09/24/2017UNESCO declares Islam as the most peaceful religion
09/23/2017China detects 3.4 N. Korea earthquake, fears of new nuclear test unfounded
09/23/2017Jailbird? Briton faces prison in Dubai for flipping middle finger in road rage incident
09/23/2017Jacob Rees-Mogg Draws ‘Red Line’, Demands May Clarifies European Court Jurisdiction During Transition
09/23/2017Fake News: Hungary Blasts MSM for Claiming ‘Soros Plan’ for Mass Migration into Europe Doesn’t Exist
09/23/2017Merkel shouldn’t have opened borders without parliament’s approval, internal report finds
09/23/2017Macron Rejects May’s Brexit Speech, Demands EU Citizens’ Rights, Divorce Bill Are ‘Clarified’
09/23/2017EU ‘Will Want Vengeance on Brexit Britain’, Says Whistleblower
09/22/2017North Korea may consider H-bomb test in Pacific, Kim calls Trump 'deranged'
09/22/2017What to Look for in Germany’s Upcoming Election
09/22/2017Fears May Will Keep UK in EU Until 2021 Through Guise of ‘Transition Period’, Pay Hefty Brexit Bill
09/22/20175 things everyone should know about Kim Jong Un’s latest move
09/22/2017Ahmed Hassan, 18, charged with attempted murder over Parsons Green bombing
09/22/2017London says it won't renew Uber's license
09/22/2017Trump’s war strategy hailed by Afghan president: ‘A difference of day and night’
09/21/2017Sixth Arrest Made by London Police in Parsons Green Bomb Investigation — Arrests Made at ‘Refugee Housing’
09/21/2017Lampedusa: Island Symbolising ‘Beacon of Hope’ for Open Borders Campaigners Is ‘Collapsing’
09/20/2017Netanyahu hails Trump’s ‘courageous’ UN speech blasting Iran
09/20/2017London bombing update: Police make 3 more arrests
09/20/2017N. Korea threatens US with ‘horrible nuclear strike and miserable and final ruin’
09/20/2017Romania honors memory of renowned Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel
09/20/2017Canada Prepares for Illegal Migrant Surge from U.S. into British Columbia
09/20/2017Hundreds of Migrants Waiting To Break Into Britain Evacuated from Makeshift Dunkirk Camp
09/20/2017WATCH: Trump tells UN that Iran Deal ‘an embarrassment’ to US
09/20/2017Polish party leader denounces anti-Semitism, praises Israel
09/20/2017Netanyahu holds first official meeting with Egypt’s al-Sissi
09/20/2017At UN, Trump threatens ‘total destruction’ of North Korea
09/20/2017WATCH: Netanyahu applauds Trump’s ‘brave’ UN speech slamming Iran
09/19/2017Rosh Hashanah Message: British PM Theresa May Salutes ‘Remarkable’ Israel, Vows to Fight Anti-Semitism
09/19/2017As Trump Expresses Hope for Peace, PA Moves Towards Unity with Hamas
09/19/2017Putin orders to end trade in US dollars at Russian seaports
09/19/2017WATCH: Hamas Cleric Says Quran Requires Extermination of Jews and Destruction of Israel
09/19/2017Furious Muslim worshippers turn on police when they enter their mosque without taking off their shoes
09/19/2017Parsons Green Bomb Suspect Named as 21-Year-Old Syrian Yahyah Farouk
09/18/2017‘Europe is the past!’ Jacob Rees-Mogg says UK to enter glory days with Boris' Brexit plan
09/18/2017Plain-clothes SAS troops deployed on London Underground with ‘shoot to kill’ orders
09/18/2017May to Offer EU £30bn Brexit ‘Divorce Bill’ With ‘Almost Unanimous’ Cabinet Support
09/18/2017Jihadists eye ‘train derailments & food poisoning in Europe’ – French media
09/18/2017Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism Linked, Landmark UK Study Shows
09/18/2017WATCH: Hamas Cleric Says Quran Requires Extermination of Jews and Destruction of Israel
09/18/2017A New War Footing
09/18/2017WATCH: Arab League Meeting Becomes Shouting Match over Qatar’s Terror Ties
09/17/2017'I was just doing my job': Soviet officer who averted nuclear war dies at age 77
09/17/2017Meet The Family Where Mom Is Dad, Dad Is Mom And 4-Year-Old Son Is Raised As Gender Neutral
09/17/2017Police Arrested Suspected ‘Refugee’ Attacker Two Weeks Before London Terror
09/17/2017Danish woman deported to Tunisia for refusing to remove niqab at Belgian airport
09/17/2017Outrage! Judge suspended without pay… for supporting Trump
09/17/2017In shocking quote, British Parliament Member says ‘country would be better if LOCALS learned from ISLAMISTS’
09/16/2017Forget Brexit, now even France and Germany want the right to end EU free movement
09/16/201751 Iraqi migrants, incl 17 children, found crammed in Berlin-bound truck (PHOTOS)
09/16/2017Hungary Builds a Wall, Cuts Illegal Immigration by Over 99 Per Cent
09/16/2017What you need to know about the latest London terror attack
09/16/2017Former Muslim in Egypt Reveals Islamic Extremists Paid Him to Kidnap Christian Girls, Force Them to Deny Christ
09/16/2017Kim Jong Un just crossed a red line that has unthinkable consequences
09/16/2017Theresa May Declares Martial Law In London
09/16/2017Soldiers drafted in and extra armed police on the streets as Theresa May raises terror level to CRITICAL after ISIS claim Tube bucket-bomb attack was carried out by a cell of several jihadis
09/15/2017UK terrorism threat level raised from 'severe' to 'critical – PM May
09/15/2017Petrodollar end looming as China & allies dump it in oil trading - Jim Rogers
09/15/2017Radical Islamic terror strikes London tube
09/15/2017London Parsons Green IED 'similar to Boston Marathon bomb,' only partially detonated
09/15/2017Man shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ attacks two women with hammer in France
09/15/2017WATCH: Historic Landmark in Colombia-Israel Ties
09/15/2017Opinion: Cheering for Illegal Settlers as Long as They’re Not Jews
09/15/2017Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán Launches New Campaign Against Soros
09/15/2017United States says North Korea endangers whole world after missile test
09/15/2017Rapist in Sweden who attacked 12-year-old girl not in prison, 2 months after attack
09/15/2017Israel, Colombia pledge cooperation in post-conflict era
09/15/2017Australia: Senator promotes burqa ban in public places
09/15/2017Egyptian historian protests textbook acknowledging Israel’s existence
09/15/2017North Korea threatens to sink Japan, beat US like ‘a rabid dog’
09/15/2017Palestinian terror worse after ‘failed’ Oslo accords, warns Israeli official
09/15/2017WATCH: Did Saudi Arabia’s crown prince make a ‘game-changing’ visit to Israel?
09/14/2017WATCH: Neo-Nazis on the Rise in Sweden
09/14/2017WATCH: Israel and South Africa – What Do They Have in Common?
09/14/2017Opinion: The Palestinians’ ‘Jewish Problem’
09/14/2017Netanyahu Warmly Received in Colombia, Signs Deals, Sees ‘Enormous Progress’
09/14/2017Terrorism arrests in Britain hit record high, up 68%
09/14/2017Seoul detects radioactive gas from N. Korea nuke test
09/14/2017Australia Day Cancelled: Socialist Politician Says Marking National Day ‘Like Celebrating the Nazi Holocaust’
09/14/2017N. Korea vows to sink Japan for ‘dancing to US tune’ & reduce US to ‘ashes and darkness’
09/14/2017Boys, girls &… RT investigates gender dilemma dividing schools, parents & kids in Britain
09/14/2017Man shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ arrested after attacking passers-by in Toulouse, France – media (VIDEO)
09/13/2017Christian Convert Attacked in Migrant Populated Area for Wearing Cross
09/12/2017Report: UK Most Powerful Nation in Europe Ahead of Brexit, Second Only to U.S.
09/12/2017Germany confirms stolen Syrian passports as EU govts 'bury heads in sand’ over migrants & terrorism
09/12/2017MPs Back European Union Withdrawal Bill, Passed with Majority of 36
09/12/2017Finland: 70 Per Cent of Migrants Denied Asylum Convert to Christianity, Appeal
09/12/2017UN Security Council unanimously adopts tougher sanctions on North Korea
09/11/2017Former Labour Europe Minister Slams Own Party for Trying to ‘Kill’ EU Withdrawal Bill
09/11/20172 men arrested near Paris planned terrorist attack, wanted to join ISIS – French prosecutor
09/11/2017N. Korea threatens US with ‘greatest pain & suffering’ over sanctions push
09/11/2017Berlin’s Mayor Denounces Anti-Israel Boycott Movement
09/11/2017WATCH: Arab Mob Attacks Jewish Family with Rocks in Jerusalem
09/11/2017Why You Should Know About Israel’s Air Attack in Syria and Why You Should Care
09/11/2017WATCH: Israel Remembers 9/11 in World’s Only Memorial Outside USA
09/11/2017Palestinian Authority Arrests Peace Activist for Hosting Israeli Lawmaker at his Home
09/10/2017DIVIDE AND CONQUER: Theresa May urged to leave with NO Brexit deal to tear EU unity apart
09/10/2017'Hypocrisy beyond the pale' Farage DESTROYS Blair in furious rant over migration U-turn
09/10/2017Borders-Opener Blair Calls For Immigration Controls to Stop Brexit
09/09/2017‘Forcing EU states to accept illegal migrants is ticking time bomb for European unity’
09/09/2017Terrorist Who Beheaded British Soldier Lee Rigby Claims £100,000 for “Psychiatric Injury”
09/09/2017Firemen Abandon House Blaze After Being Attacked in Swedish No-Go Zone
09/09/2017Austrian Populist Surges in Popularity on Social Media Ahead of Election
09/09/2017In Interview, Top Indonesian Muslim Scholar Says Stop Pretending That Orthodox Islam and Violence Aren't Linked
09/09/2017Nigel Farage sends warning to Theresa May at anti-immigration rally in Germany
09/09/2017Iraqi on Trial for Child Rape, Assault, ‘Used Shop to Seduce Young Girls’
09/08/2017Councillor Who Criticised Shariah Enclaves, Mass Migration to Be ‘Dealt with’ by Irish Premier’s Party
09/08/2017Israeli Rescue Team Prepares to Help Mexico’s Earthquake Victims
09/08/2017Israeli president warns Germans: Iran could ‘sink whole region into war’
09/08/2017WATCH: Why Didn’t Palestinians Choose Peace in 1966?
09/08/2017ACT NOW! Urge Cybersecurity Company to Stop Protecting Hamas-Linked Websites
09/08/2017ISIS encourages food poisoning in Western supermarkets
09/07/2017Veiled Woman Assaults Shopkeeper for Selling Lingerie Near Headscarves
09/07/2017Germany: Churches Sheltering Hundreds of Bogus Asylum Seekers
09/07/2017Kassam: Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Mogg
09/07/2017Rape gang victim sleeps next to knife and is losing hair after ordeal
09/07/2017WATCH: The First Bangladeshi to Visit Israel Counters the Anti-Semitic Lies
09/07/2017UK: 4 soldiers linked to neo-Nazi group planned terror attack
09/07/2017Cybersecurity company urged to stop protecting Hamas-linked websites
09/07/2017WATCH: What Do ‘Moderate’ Muslims Think About Blowing Up Israeli School Buses?
09/07/2017Mount Doom: N. Korea nuke test site could cave in & spread radiation – Chinese experts
09/07/2017WATCH: Palestinian Christian Says ‘There is No Such Thing as Palestine’
09/06/2017Jacob Rees-Mogg Breaks UK Political Taboos: Announces Opposition to Abortion, Gay Marriage
09/06/2017Memories Of Summer Camp: Classes In Martyrdom
09/06/2017Survey: Migrants Less Keen on UK/U.S. Following Brexit, Trump Victories
09/06/2017WATCH: Zionist-themed art like you’ve never seen before
09/06/2017WATCH: Jews and Muslims in Argentina embrace coexistence
09/06/2017Hamas chief bars Red Cross from visiting Israeli captives
09/06/2017UN confirms: Syrian government launched April’s gas attack
09/06/2017Former IDF intelligence chief: Trump must preemptively strike North Korea
09/06/2017Netanyahu: Ties with Arab world ‘stronger than ever’
09/06/2017Hamas Refuses Red Cross Request to See Israeli Captives
09/05/2017This Ukrainian Regiment Began With Civilian Volunteers. Now It’s Going Pro.
09/05/2017Brexit Scaremongers in Retreat as British Manufacturing and Retail Sales Surge
09/05/2017‘Everyone’ Wants a Free Trade Deal with UK Post-Brexit, Says Iceland
09/05/2017Soros-funded alt-left spreading N. Korea propaganda
09/04/2017EU Threatens to ‘Teach’ Britons the ‘Consequences’ of Brexit
09/04/2017Anti-Semitic Hate Preacher Who Called for Destruction of U.S. and Britain Heading to UK
09/04/2017Soldier who shot wounded terrorist saves lives of 2 soldiers in prison
09/04/2017Palestinians Get 4 Times More Aid Than Other Refugees
09/03/2017‘Betrayal’: MPs using Home Office immigration hotline to report own constituents
09/03/2017Pyongyang conducted nuclear test, Tokyo says after ‘artificial earthquake’ strikes N. Korea
09/03/2017EU Boss Demands Brexit Cash Until 2023, Amid Claims May Has Secretly Agreed to Pay £46bn
09/03/2017Putin & Xi agree to ‘appropriately deal’ with N. Korea test, urge all sides 'to show restraint'
09/03/2017N. Korea: New nuclear bomb test a success
09/02/2017‘Lost years’ & ‘stagnation’? Doubts linger as longtime leader Merkel on way to securing new term
09/02/2017BREAKING: North Korea Reveals Newest Target For Attack
09/02/2017Channel 4 Doc Reveals British Teachers Telling Pupils: ‘There’s a Lot of Similarities Between Hitler and Trump’
09/01/2017EU delaying in hope Westminster MPs will derail Brexit, MEP tells RT (VIDEO)
09/01/2017UN Says Iran Remains In Compliance With 2015 Nuclear Accord
09/01/2017Petition to declare George Soros ‘terrorist’ and seize his assets gains 80k signatures
09/01/2017‘Blackmail’: Brexit Secretary Slams EU Divorce Bill that Includes Aid to Africa
09/01/2017‘Allah Akbar’ Sword-Wielding Bangladeshi Heritage Uber Driver: ‘The Queen Will Be in Hellfire’
09/01/2017UN Refugee Agency Says They Want at Least 380,000 Migrants in Europe Per Year
09/01/2017Counter-Terror Chief: Europe Home to ‘More than 50,000’ Islamic Radicals — With Up To 25,000 in UK
09/01/2017WATCH: Terrorist bomber claims all Palestinians celebrated Sbarro murders
09/01/2017ACT NOW! Urge Ambassador Haley to Act Against UN’s Blacklist of Israeli Businesses
09/01/2017WATCH: Muslim Mother Teaches Children to Shoot Israelis on Temple Mount
09/01/2017Hezbollah Chief Demands Lebanon Capture Land from Israeli Golan Heights
09/01/2017‘They beat me & threatened my family’: Italian bus driver attacked by migrants (VIDEOS)
08/31/2017Just ‘Good Friends’: EU Spin Machine Mocks Britons as Blair Shares ‘Kiss of Death’ With EU Prez Juncker
08/31/2017Syrian Migrants Arrested After Stealing Car… To Drive to Asylum Application Police Station
08/31/2017China says it will never allow war or chaos on its doorstep as tensions escalate on Korean Peninsula
08/31/2017Why did Princess Diana's car crash? 20yrs after her death, conspiracy theories abound
08/31/2017WATCH: Iran reunites with Hamas, Turkey joins with PA
08/31/2017Summer camp run by Arab-Israeli political party promotes terror
08/31/2017Human Rights Leader Equates Zionism with White Supremacy
08/31/2017WATCH: UN chief tours Hamas terror tunnel with IDF general
08/31/2017How the Palestinians Tricked UN Chief into Meeting Mother of 5 Terrorists
08/31/2017UN chief orders release of $4 million in aid to Hamas-ruled Gaza
08/31/2017Hamas leader admits Iran is aiding terror group
08/31/2017Abbas gives up $6M mansion amid backlash concerns
08/31/2017Security Council resolution to combat Hezbollah a ‘victory for Israel’
08/30/2017Dunkirk 2.0: Merkel slaps UK with hefty Brexit bill in another effort to break the Brits
08/30/2017Germany Agrees Migrant Deal with Egypt, Will Open ‘Refugee Reception Centre’ in Africa
08/30/2017Russia’s plans to conduct ‘West’ war games as it condemns US/South Korea military drills
08/30/2017Theresa May refuses to rule out military and cyberattacks on North Korea
08/30/2017UN To Create "Blacklist" Of Companies Doing Business With Israel
08/30/2017UN chief: Remember Jews’ ‘enormous contribution’ to world
08/29/2017EXCLUSIVE: Tragic Jill Dando probed BBC PAEDO ring
08/29/2017North Korea Fires Missile at Japan: ‘We’ll Take Utmost Efforts to Protect the Public,’ Says PM Abe
08/29/2017China warns tensions on Korean Peninsula at ‘tipping point’ after Pyongyang missile launch
08/29/2017Jewish Group ‘Concerned’ About Canada’s Funding of Anti-Israel UN Agency
08/29/2017WATCH: Arabs ‘Living in Dark Ages,’ Says Libyan Politician
08/29/2017Israeli Leaders Confront Guterres About UN’s Biased Agenda
08/29/2017WATCH: Will the UN Turn a New Page in its Relationship with Israel?
08/28/2017Rivlin to UN chief: End discrimination against Israel at UN
08/28/2017Families of Israeli captives in Gaza meet with UN chief, appeal for help
08/28/2017Netanyahu demands UN prevent Iranian threat at Israel’s border
08/28/2017Pilgrimage to Mecca inspired Palestinian to murder Israelis
08/28/2017WATCH: Netanyahu complains to UN chief about ‘absurd obsession with Israel’
08/28/20175-year-old Christian girl reportedly ‘distressed’ after government placed her with Islamic families
08/28/2017Teen with Down syndrome saves young girl from drowning
08/28/2017Buckingham Palace Terror Attack
08/28/2017Hamas Slams Sudanese Minister for Talking Normalization with Israel
08/28/2017US Peace Push Met with Palestinian Skepticism and Griping
08/28/2017Palestinian Incitement: Attack a Jew and Get a Passing Grade at School!
08/28/2017At Least 150 Injured After ‘Chemical Haze’ Rolled onto Popular English Beach
08/28/2017Judge Used EU Laws to Block Deportation of Barcelona Terror Mastermind Abdelbaki Es Satty
08/28/2017WATCH: Palestinian ‘Ethics’ Expert Praises Female Terrorists as ‘Wonderful’ Heroines
08/27/2017Bombing Outside Australian Christian Lobby HQ by Gay Activist ‘Not Political’
08/27/2017North Korea launches trio of missiles amidst US-South Korea military drills
08/27/2017Study: Advertisers Reject Straight, White Britain for Fear of Being Called Racist, Homophobic
08/27/2017Belgium: Terrorist shot dead while attacking soldiers
08/27/2017Islamic terrorist charged at UK police with 4-foot sword; 3 injured
08/27/2017Belarus allows construction of luxury homes atop Jewish cemeteries
08/27/2017US promises Palestinians a peace plan in 4 months
08/26/2017'Liar, liar’: Merkel heckled by anti-refugee crowd at election rally (VIDEO, PHOTO)
08/26/2017Man with 4ft sword arrested in Buckingham Palace terrorist incident shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ – police
08/26/2017WATCH: These British Muslims Support Jews Praying on Temple Mount
08/26/2017Iran’s ‘ugly teacher’ guidelines ban applicants with acne, moles or bad teeth
08/26/2017Gender ‘X’: Canada introduces gender-neutral passports
08/26/2017N. Korea launches first missiles since nuke threats row with US
08/25/2017Man detained on suspicion of attacking London police near Buckingham Palace, 2 officers hurt
08/25/2017Human Rights Group Slams Palestinians for Crushing Freedom of Expression
08/25/2017WATCH: Mysterious little ‘American ISIS boy’ calls Trump ‘puppet of the Jews’
08/25/2017Man shot in Brussels after knife attack on soldiers
08/25/2017North Korea threatens Britain with ‘miserable end’ if it joins with US forces
08/25/2017Russia flies nuclear bomber near Korean Peninsula as warning to US and South Korea
08/25/2017BBC Claim: Israel ‘Carved Out of Palestinian Land’
08/25/2017100 suspected sex slaves stopped & turned back at Scottish airport
08/25/2017Migrant traffickers brag about bribing British-backed Libyan coastguard
08/25/2017Muslims Declare That They Must Cannibalize Human Flesh For Allah, They Take An Innocent Man, Carve His Heart Out And Eat It In Islamic Ritual
08/25/2017Iran freezes assets of BBC’s Farsi service staff
08/25/2017Holland: Bombing of rock concert thwarted
08/25/2017WATCH: Chilling footage of Barcelona terrorists preparing for attack
08/25/2017Iran boast on uranium enrichment serves as warning to Trump
08/24/2017Shock as 'UFO portal opens up in skies above China'
08/24/2017Report: Iran Building Missile Factory in Syria
08/24/2017WATCH: Camp Hamas – Sports, Bonfires, Songs and… What?
08/24/2017Switzerland Cuts Funding to Palestinian Organization over Incitement to Terror
08/24/2017Lebanese Beauty Queen Stripped of Title for Visiting Israel
08/24/2017Palestinians Pessimistic about US Peace Efforts
08/24/2017Catholic Archbishop: ‘I’d Rather Go to Prison Than Report Child Abuse to Police’
08/24/2017Non-British Population of UK Surges 8 Per Cent in a Year, One in Seven Now Born Abroad
08/24/2017US bombers land in Britain ahead of NATO war games
08/24/2017Germany ‘will not automatically side with US’ in war with N. Korea - Merkel
08/24/2017Refugee hate preacher received $620K in social benefits in Switzerland – media
08/24/2017The Man Which Hitler Described As “the Antichrist”
08/23/2017Barcelona Terrorists Planned to Kill Hundreds and Strike Cathedral, Says Suspect
08/23/20176,000 Child Abuse Allegations in Muslim Grooming Gang ‘Hotspot’ Sandwell in Five Years
08/23/2017Soros-Funded UK Far Left Group Pledges to Create Spy-Ring in U.S.
08/23/2017Report: Palestinians to Give US Ultimatum on Peace Process
08/22/2017Journalist Who Exposed Elite pedophile Ring, Found Dead
08/22/2017Scotland ‘wholly unprepared’ for nuclear weapons accident on its roads – report
08/22/2017'The Left really does hate Britain’ Fury at shock demand Nelson’s Column should be TOPPLED
08/21/2017ISIS links with Britain uncovered: Men, money & a small office in Wales
08/21/2017Big Ben bongs for the last time until 2021 (VIDEO)
08/21/2017Queen will not stand aside to make way for ‘unpopular’ Prince Charles, insist royal insiders
08/21/2017Catholic Church ‘exploits legal loophole’ to avoid compensating child sex victims – report
08/21/2017Sweden to deport 106yo Afghani woman, world’s ‘oldest refugee’ – reports
08/21/2017EU enabling ‘free movement of terrorists’ – Farage
08/21/2017One Dead, One Injured After Truck Rams Into Two Bus Shelters in Marseille, France
08/21/2017Mass Migration: Number of Non-European Workers in Britain Surges to 3.3 Million
08/20/2017Iran Just Made Sickening Challenge To Trump
08/20/2017Multiple Migrants Storming Canadian Border Found with Child Pornography
08/20/2017‘This Place Is Lost’: Barcelona Chief Rabbi Tells Spain’s Jews to Head for Israel
08/20/2017One in Three British Jews Consider Leaving UK, Majority Thinks Labour Party Harbours Anti-Semites
08/19/2017WATCH: EU Propaganda Video Says Europe ‘Needs’ Migrants Released on Day of Terror Attacks
08/18/2017UPDATE: 2017 Has Seen a Terror Attack Attempted in Europe Every SEVEN Days
08/18/2017Muslim imams to form national council for more progressive British Islam
08/18/2017UN Resolution 2334: The Nations Turn Against Israel
08/18/2017​Jews are leaving France in record numbers amid rising anti-Semitism and fears of more Isis-inspired terror attacks
08/18/2017Farage claims ‘direct link between immigration & terrorism,’ despite evidence to contrary
08/18/2017BREAKING: Spanish Police Kill ‘Several’ Near Barcelona Responding To Second Attack
08/18/2017Opinion: The Palestinian Authority is a Genocidal Terrorist Entity and Should be Treated as Such
08/18/2017WATCH: Iran makes nuclear threats; parliament chants ‘Death to America’
08/18/2017Remnants of major pre-Holocaust European synagogue exposed
08/18/2017WATCH: Iran building a missile arsenal at Israel’s doorstep
08/18/2017ISIS suicide bomber in Gaza kills and wounds Hamas officials
08/17/2017Australia: Neo-Nazi group puts up anti-Semitic posters in schools
08/17/2017Van plows into crowd in Barcelona; at least 13 dead, 100 injured
08/17/2017WATCH: Barcelona terror suspect railed against ‘Israeli occupation’
08/17/2017Spain Terror Attack: Up to 13 Dead After Truck Ploughs into Crowds, Two Arrests
08/17/2017Spain Terror Attack: Up To 13 Dead After Truck Ploughs into Crowds
08/17/2017Majority Says Immigrants Should Adopt American Culture, Poll Finds
08/17/2017No Go Zones: ‘No Whites Allowed After 8 PM’ Graffiti Appears in Birmingham, England
08/17/2017Report: Iran Building Missile Factory in Syria
08/17/2017Analysis: For the Palestinians, Honeymoon with US is Over
08/17/2017North Korea and the Israeli Connection
08/17/2017South African Push for Boycott of Africa-Israel Summit Falters
08/17/2017Nikki Haley: Iran can’t use nuclear deal to hold world hostage
08/17/2017WATCH: Al Qaeda publishes guide for train attacks
08/17/2017Palestinian leader cozies up to North Korean dictator
08/17/2017WATCH: ‘When I make a statement, I like to be correct,’ Trump asserts
08/17/2017American tourist assaulted after giving Nazi salute in Germany
08/17/2017You’ll Never Believe What Kim Jong Un Just Did
08/16/2017Open Borders Activist ‘Migrant Rescue NGO’ Ship Boarded at Gunpoint, Crew Arrested by Libyan Coastguard
08/16/2017Brexit: Employment Hits Record High – And Fifth of Unemployed Are Migrants
08/16/2017The World Moves Closer to the Mark
08/16/2017Rough justice? Swedish prisoners protest coarse toilet paper
08/16/2017Pedophile hunters Dark Justice report online grooming ‘epidemic’ (VIDEOS)
08/16/2017Israel Provides Aid to Victims of African Flooding
08/16/2017WATCH: Victims of 1982 Paris Terror Attack Still Await Justice
08/16/2017UN Blasts Hamas for Digging Terror Tunnel under Palestinian School, Endangering Children
08/16/2017WATCH: How to Stand Up for Israel in Just 30 Seconds!
08/16/2017Abbas Wishes North Korean Despot ‘Health and Happiness’
08/16/2017North Korea Just Got Some Very Bad News
08/15/2017Migrant Gets Suspended Sentence for Sexually Abusing Children as Young as Five
08/15/2017‘Brexit Betrayal is Now Government Policy’: Britain to Be Blocked From New Trade Deals For Years to Come
08/15/2017Man jailed for slapping Muslim teenager with bacon (VIDEO)
08/15/2017North Korea has backed down on attacking Guam, awaits action from US
08/15/20172 Israeli Arabs indicted for supporting ISIS
08/15/2017Report: Tony Blair’s Mideast ‘peace’ work secretly bankrolled by Arab state
08/15/2017Hezbollah head threatens Israel on Second Lebanon War anniversary
08/15/2017Abbas condemns US senators for supporting anti-terror legislation
08/14/2017Just 0.4 Per Cent of German Asylum Seekers Did Not Come Via Safe Nations
08/14/2017Merkel to UN: ‘European Union Can Take 40,000 More Migrants’
08/14/2017Brussels ‘Propaganda’ War Chest Spending €3 Million to Kill Euroscepticism, Brexit
08/14/2017Tony Blair bankrolled by wealthy Arab state while Middle East peace envoy – leaked email
08/14/2017We call for the FCO unequivocally to reject the recent Wilton House report calling for global suppression of Christian belief
08/14/2017Queen to effectively ‘abdicate’ at 95, Charles becoming king in ‘all but name’ – palace sources
08/14/2017Britons should be advised to leave Korea amid ‘real risk’ of nuclear war – ex-Navy chief
08/14/2017U.S. official sends chilling warning to North Korea
08/14/2017Chinese teen dies less than 48 hours after entering internet addiction camp
08/14/2017Hezbollah Chief Says Israel ‘Has Hit Rock Bottom’
08/14/2017Israelis Train Palestinian Farmers to Grow Avocados
08/14/2017Celebrity Conan O’Brien on his Way to the Holy Land
08/14/2017Palestinian Authority Threatens to Wage ‘Diplomatic Intifada’ Against Israel
08/14/2017Tony Blair’s Mideast ‘Peace’ Work Funded by United Arab Emirates, Report Shows
08/13/2017WATCH: Hamas Camp Holds Revolting ‘Jew-napping’ Drills
08/13/2017Fox and Hammond Promise Clean Brexit Outside Customs Union, Single Market
08/13/2017Merkel Ally: Deportation of Quarter of a Million Failed Asylum Seekers ‘Almost Impossible’
08/13/2017Another NGO Suspends Migrant ‘Taxi Service’ After Libyans Block ‘Rescue’ Ships
08/13/2017Claim: ‘English Version of Donald Trump’ Rees-Mogg Considers Tory Leadership Bid
08/13/2017Guam Gov. Eddie Calvo to Trump: ‘I Have Never Felt More Safe or Confident’
08/13/2017Israel Continues to Be Flooded With Messages of Support From Iraq
08/12/2017Muslim Pupils Take Over School To Pray, Principal Just Has PERFECT Announcement
08/12/2017‘Conspiracy of Silence’: Britain’s Towns Where Girls Were Raped by Muslim Grooming Gangs for Decades
08/12/2017NGO Suspends Migrant ‘Taxi Service’ in the Mediterranean
08/12/2017North Korea says 3.5mn volunteers ‘ready to retaliate against US’
08/11/2017Brexit Boost: Hiring and Salaries Rise as Supply of Cheap Foreign Workers Falls
08/11/2017DUMBEST WOMAN ON EARTH: Angela Merkel says Islam is ‘not the source of terrorism’
08/11/2017Libyan coast guard 'threatens to shoot’ NGO rescuing migrants (VIDEO)
08/11/2017Pyongyang may hit US targets in S. Korea if provoked by Americans – Russian general to RT
08/11/2017China will prevent US first strike against North Korean regime – govt daily
08/11/2017Vegans Angered as Bank of England to Keep Animal Fat in Banknotes 480 0
08/11/2017Evidence Iranian Gangs Smuggling Illegal Migrants to UK on Boats
08/11/2017U.N. Spending $798K on Making North Korea More Ozone-Friendly
08/11/2017Libyan coast guard 'threatens to shoot’ NGO rescuing migrants (VIDEO)
08/10/2017‘Missiles to fly over Japan & land near Guam’: N. Korea’s strike plan vs US to be ready in ‘days’
08/10/2017Grooming Gang: ‘White Women Are Good for Only One Thing – for People Like Me to F*** and Use as Trash’
08/10/2017‘Guinea pig’ Canadians offered ‘world’s first’ GMO salmon
08/10/2017‘Africans will be biggest losers after letting foreign military into their continent’
08/09/2017North Korea Release Shocking Images Of Tanks Lined Up For War With West
08/09/2017London Police Find Violent Gangs, Acid Attacks, and Moped Crime ‘Linked’
08/09/2017Who Are the Palestinians?
08/09/2017Children as young as five expelled from schools for sexual misconduct, charity warns
08/09/2017North Korea responds to Trump threat, and it’s not good
08/09/2017Vehicle rams into French soldiers in Paris suburb, 6 injured
08/09/2017Atheists FURIOUS! Lost city of Jesus Christ’s apostles found (this is BIG!)
08/08/2017Poland Tells EU: We’ll Take Immigrants from Europe – But Not North Africa and the Middle East
08/08/2017Iranian drone buzzes F/A-18 Super Hornet during carrier landing
08/08/2017Contaminated Eggs, Killer Pork, Horse Burgers: Failures of Europe’s Free Movement of Food
08/08/2017Iranian journalist, granted refuge in Israel, nabbed by Turkish authorities
08/08/2017WATCH: Haley applauds 15-0 sanctions vote as ‘gut punch’ to N. Korea
08/08/2017Notorious neo-Nazi Ernst Zundel dies in Germany
08/08/2017Analysis: Al Jazeera – the terrorist propaganda network
08/08/2017WATCH: ‘Stunning shift’ in alliances as Iran now helps Sunni Taliban
08/08/2017WATCH: Australian activist calls synagogue ban ‘win for Islamists’
08/08/2017Report: Arab League undermines Israel’s bid for Security Council seat
08/08/2017American ambassador tells UN to fight Hezbollah, not Israel
08/08/2017Jordanian king’s rare trip to Ramallah seen as warning to Israel
08/08/2017Man found guilty of trying to smuggle pipe bomb onto UK flight
08/07/2017A Nuclear Japan
08/07/2017The World Must Turn Back Venezuela’s Growing Dictatorship
08/07/2017Value of US Weapons Goes Far Beyond Battlefield, Ukrainian Troops Say
08/07/2017New privacy laws will offer Brits ‘right to be forgotten’ from social media
08/07/2017North Korea vows 'thousands-fold' revenge in response to United Nations sanctions
08/07/2017‘Big mistake for US to think it’s safe’ – N. Korea hits out after new UN sanctions
08/07/2017Prime Minister Denies UK Will Pay £36 Billion Brexit Bill After Backlash
08/07/2017British jihadists trained by secretive ISIS unit to launch UK suicide attacks
08/07/2017UK: Acid Attacks Now at ‘Epidemic Levels’, Says Burns Surgeon
08/06/2017UN imposes tough new sanctions on North Korea
08/06/2017Australian court bans construction of synagogue, fearing ISIS
08/06/2017Hamas tightens ties with Iran
08/06/2017Iran blasts two athletes for playing against Israeli soccer team
08/06/20172 Muslim-Majority African Nations Send Ambassadors to Israel
08/06/2017Israel grants asylum to persecuted Iranian journalist
08/06/2017MALLOCH: Jacob Rees-Mogg Is Britain’s Best Hope For Clean Brexit
08/06/2017MUSLIMS ARE OFFENDED AT NATIONAL ANTHEM: They Say It’s Forcing Them To….
08/05/2017Pretty soon it will be Illegal to be Christian.: Christian woman prosecuted for TALKING about Christianity to a “Muslim colleague”
08/05/2017Britain needs a counter-radicalization program for its politicians, says terrorism expert
08/05/2017UN Security Council approves new sanctions against N. Korea (WATCH LIVE)
08/05/2017Canadian PM promises to take all Muslim migrants banned by Trump, and give them free housing and money at the expense of Canadian taxpayers
08/04/2017Western Muslims Just Banned 2 Basic Words They Find Offensive – This Is Only The Beginning Of Their Demands
08/04/2017Data Shows Three-Pronged Assault on Europe’s Borders Is Intensifying
08/04/2017Australia thwarts Islamic plot to ‘bring down an airplane’
08/04/2017Iran claims new US sanctions breach nuclear deal
08/04/2017US missile test sends message to North Korea
08/04/2017WATCH: Are Iran and North Korea colluding on nukes?
08/04/2017WATCH: Iran spent millions on violent Temple Mount riots
08/04/2017EU President Tusk Worried Poland Moving Toward Leaving Bloc
08/04/2017UN Demands UK Accept Twice as Many ‘Refugees’ Who ‘Revive’ Country
08/03/2017Charlie Gard’s parents give $1.5M in his memory to help other sick kids
08/03/2017North Korean Able To Strike U.S. Mainland With Nuclear Warhead
08/03/2017Disregarding Danger: Sweden to Deport Christian to Iran
08/03/2017Report: Half of Terror Plots in Germany by ‘Refugees’, Nation Targeted After Migrant Crisis
08/03/2017German Mayor Furious After Sudanese Migrant Molests Ten-Year-Old Girl
08/03/2017Pregnant Israeli woman murdered by Palestinian boyfriend who claims he did it ‘for prisoners’
08/03/2017WATCH: Hamas Summer Camp for Gaza Youth
08/02/2017Putin Made A Shocking Announcement About Russian Collusion
08/02/2017Man Who Raped and Murdered 3-year-old Girl is Shot Dead with Machine Gun at Point Blank Range
08/01/2017Burkini-Clad Holidaymakers Told Islamic Swimwear ‘Not Acceptable to Portuguese Culture’
07/31/2017WATCH: Hebron Arab sprints to Israeli police to save his son
07/31/2017Turkey: Tens of thousands call to ‘hit, hit Zionists’
07/31/2017Blocking Tony Blair’s prosecution for Iraq War ‘an attack on democracy’
07/31/201770 Virgins Made Young Palestinian Seek Death of ‘Martyr’
07/31/2017WATCH: Terrorist Defeated with a Pizza Platter!
07/31/2017Watch: Muslim woman goes crazy as she sees a Jew drinking water from a drinking fountain at the Temple Mount
07/30/2017Five-year-old girl 'forced into marriage with 22-year-old man in Pakistan'
07/30/2017Putin: 755 US diplomats to depart Russia, time to show we won’t leave anything unanswered
07/29/2017Entire US mainland in range of N. Korean nukes after latest test – Kim Jong-un
07/29/2017Mexico’s Violence Continues To Worsen
07/29/2017Bolivia’s President Declares ‘Total Independence’ From Rothschild Banks
07/29/2017Muslim woman explains "when a Muslim blows himself up, he does not feel pain, only pleasure"
07/29/2017UK: Muslims rampage through Liverpool attacking only non-Muslims who are white
07/29/2017Sniffer dogs offend Muslims
07/28/2017Major Muslim Leader With A Big Threat To All Christians: “If You Refuse To Convert To Islam, Then The Only Thing Between You And Us Is The Sword.”
07/28/2017Australian women need Muslims to 'fertilise them' - Islamic leader
07/28/2017LONDON Muslim Mayor Sets Up Task Force To JAIL Those Who “Annoy” Muslims Online
07/28/2017'Our beautiful boy has gone': Little Charlie Gard's parents announce that their brave warrior whose plight touched the world has finally died after battling devastating genetic illness he fought for so long
07/28/2017North Korea missile launch was ICBM – Pentagon, S. Korea military
07/28/2017WATCH: Murdering a Jew is Like Winning the Lottery
07/28/2017North Korea fires missile which lands in sea off Japan
07/28/201726 Venezuelan Jews Fleeing Crisis Arrive in Israel
07/28/2017Muslims Return to Temple Mount After New Security Measures Canceled
07/28/2017Jordan hounds Israel over released embassy guard
07/28/201710,000 Israeli Arabs attend ‘celebrity funeral’ for Temple Mount terrorists
07/28/2017WATCH: ‘Not fair’ to ask Palestinians to stop slaughtering Jews in their homes
07/27/2017EU Migrant Policy in Disarray As Court Rules Migrants Can Be Returned to Struggling Border States
07/27/2017EU court: Removing Hamas from terror list was mistake
07/27/2017WATCH: First Iranian missile launch expected since early in Trump presidency
07/27/2017WATCH: Terrorist’s mother gives out candies, encourages terror, gets arrested
07/27/2017Israel mocks Turkey’s call for Muslims to march on Jerusalem
07/27/2017Palestinians end boycott of Temple Mount
07/27/2017Report: Kushner spoke with Jordanian King to end crisis
07/27/2017WATCH [SHOCKING]: California Imam calls for killing Jews ‘down to very last one’
07/27/2017UK Teenage Girl Plotted Grenade Attack, Married Islamic State Fighter Online in Skype Ceremony
07/27/2017Muslim Gang Jailed after Rampaging Through UK Streets Attacking Non-Muslims
07/27/2017Calais Migrants Smash Driver’s Head With Brick to Hijack Truck
07/27/2017WATCH: This is how Palestinian leaders get people killed
07/26/2017Labour Commits to Full, Clean Brexit from EU’s Single Market, Customs Union
07/26/2017Terror Victim to UN: Act Against Palestinian Payments to Terrorists
07/26/2017Pakistani police arrest 14 village council members after teenage girl raped in ‘honor revenge’
07/26/2017‘People angry at money spent on migrants’ relocation’ – Italian mayor to RT
07/26/2017Brexit Boom: Amazon, BMW and Quorn Announce Major Investments in ‘Brilliant’ Britain
07/25/2017'He wants to be President of Europe!' Farage blasts Blair over 'loathsome' Brexit meddling
07/25/2017Scottish independence is BACK as scheming Sturgeon breaks promise to drop referendum
07/25/2017‘Annihilate them’: California imam calls on Allah to ‘spare no Jews’
07/25/2017US Navy patrol boat fires warning shots near Iranian ship…
07/25/2017Donald Trump working on ‘big’ UK trade deal, takes a swipe at EU
07/25/2017Palestinian Leadership: ‘O Allah, Liberate Our Mosque from the Occupation’s Filth’
07/24/2017Sweden to hold ‘biggest military exercise in decades’ with NATO amid fears over Russia
07/24/2017Soros and EU striving for ‘mixed, Muslimized Europe’, says Hungarian PM Orban
07/24/2017Hamas wages ‘ecological terror,’ sends Gaza sewage to Israel
07/24/2017WATCH: IDF Humanitarian Operation Plants Seeds of Friendship…and Security
07/24/2017Top Israeli Diplomat: World Must Stop Palestinian Incitement
07/24/2017Hours Before Murderous Attack, Fatah Encouraged Palestinian ‘Rage’
07/24/2017Charlie Gard's Parents: We Have Decided to Let Him Go
07/24/2017Charlie Gard parents end legal fight for 'beautiful' baby
07/24/2017Legal Experts: EU Powerless To Stop UK-USA Trade Deal
07/24/2017Bavarian President: ‘We All Know the Migration Wave Will Continue’
07/24/2017UN chief calls on Palestinians and Israelis to show ‘maximum restraint’
07/24/2017WATCH: IDF raids home of terrorist who slaughtered family
07/24/2017Turkish leader: Muslims won’t remain silent over Temple Mount
07/23/2017Principal Agrees To Make Elementary Girls Wear Hijab, Fierce Mama Bear Makes Him Regret It
07/23/2017Police officer explains why he killed bride-to-be Justine Damond
07/23/2017Thanks to the UN, praying is now officially an international war crime
07/23/2017Italian Girls Fined $3,500 each for Wearing Swimsuits Near Muslims on Italian Beach
07/22/2017Teen Girl Found Dead, Stuffed Into Freezer In Alleged Honour Killing
07/22/2017Something Major Is About To Happen With North Korea
07/22/2017North Korea Tested This Disturbing Weapon
07/22/2017No. 10 shuts down access to PM May for Scottish leader Sturgeon
07/21/2017BBC’s Top Earners Opposed Brexit and Controlling Migration
07/21/2017Council Officials Delayed Investigating Labour Paedophile to Improve Party’s Election Prospects
07/21/2017Population Growth in English Cities Fuelled Almost Entirely By Mass Immigration
07/21/2017Ethnic and Sexual Minorities Over-Represented at BBC, Despite Claims of Discrimination
07/21/2017After US Neurosurgeon Says He Can Treat Charlie Gard, the Baby’s UK Doctors Still Think He Should Die
07/21/2017WATCH: Netanyahu synagogue visit brings traffic jams to Budapest
07/21/2017Rivlin blasts Erdogan, says Turkey should condemn Temple Mount attack
07/21/2017WATCH: 5 Ways Hezbollah Violates UN Resolutions
07/21/2017Palestinians Significantly Boost Terror Funding in 2017
07/21/2017Abbas Appeals to Trump’s Son-in-law to Force Israel to Remove Temple Mount Security
07/20/2017‘Locust plague’: Insects invade southern Russian region (VIDEO)
07/20/2017Berlin Domestic Spy Chief: Left-wing Extremists Will Kill If Necessary
07/19/2017British Manufacturers and Veterans Groups in Disbelief As Royal Navy Steel Contracts Go to EU
07/19/2017Hamas Admits Muslims Enjoy ‘Complete’ Religious Freedom in Jerusalem
07/19/2017DEVELOPING: Tensions Continue to Rise at Temple Mount
07/19/2017Danish anti-Islamization group plays Muslim ‘prayer call’ to wake up city mayor (VIDEO)
07/18/2017WATCH: Ignorant Anti-Israel Anarchist Struggles to Explain Support for ‘Palestine’
07/18/2017WATCH: Hezbollah terrorists pose as environmentalists, spy on Israel
07/18/2017Soros EXPOSED in foreign collusion plot
07/18/2017North Korea Issued This Chilling Threat To Donald Trump
07/18/2017Dogwalker Hospitalised After Attack By Somalian Migrant Who Said ‘Dogs are Unclean’
07/18/2017Cabinet Minister Says Chancellor Philip Hammond Trying To ‘F*ck Up’ Brexit
07/18/2017‘Shocking’ Violence Against Police as Riots, ‘Migration Background’ Sexual Assaults Grip German Summer Festival
07/18/2017Canadian Development Minister Says ‘The Way To End Poverty Is To Murder Children From Poor Families’
07/18/2017Russia: Syrian ceasefire plan will consider Israel’s interests
07/18/2017Iran sentences US citizen accused of spying to 10-year term
07/18/2017French leader pushes two-state solution in meeting with Netanyahu
07/18/2017Jordanian lawmakers praise Jerusalem terror attack, criticize Israel
07/18/2017WATCH: Canada awards al-Qaeda terrorist $8 million, blocks victims from assets
07/18/2017Never Trumpers Eat Crow
07/18/2017McCain, Tunisian Leader Urge US Aid to Sow Democracy in Middle East
07/17/2017British Man in High Court Fight to Make Suicide Legal
07/17/2017UK’s First State-Funded Muslim School Taken Over by Govt After Pro-Rape Books Found
07/17/2017United Kingdom, European Union Begin First Round of Full Brexit Talks
07/15/2017Poll: 59 Per Cent of French Approve of President Trump Visit
07/15/2017‘She bled to death, nobody paid attention’: ISIS wives share chilling stories of life in ‘caliphate’
07/15/2017Tony Blair: It Is ‘Absolutely Necessary’ Brexit Does Not Happen
07/14/2017Islamist On CBS: “I Want Every Woman In This Country Covered From Head To Toe” (WATCH)
07/14/2017Radical Islam in UK Funded by Public Donations, Finds Government Report
07/14/2017Former UK Ambassador: Saudis Funding Extremist Mosques in Europe
07/14/2017France Is Once Again a Battleground for the Soul of Europe
07/13/2017Matt Walsh: Stop pretending you’re killing Charlie Gard ‘for his own benefit,’ you monsters
07/13/2017Shariah Law Enforcement Employs Terrifying Tactics in Refugee-Rocked Germany
07/13/2017Polish art exhibit shows Auschwitz through inmates’ eyes
07/13/2017UN Report Says Hamas-Ruled Gaza May Become ‘Unlivable’
07/13/2017Rivlin to Irish FM: If Jews Have No Ties to Jerusalem, Irish Have No Ties to Dublin
07/13/2017WATCH: Hamas is a ‘Political Party,’ Not a Terror Group, Palestinian Authority Official Tells UN
07/13/2017United Arab Emirates official blasts Al Jazeera’s anti-Semitism
07/13/2017Canada bans Israeli wines produced in ‘occupied territory’
07/13/2017Trump Must Stand Up for US Interests in Meeting With France’s Emmanuel Macron
07/13/2017Trump Defends the West
07/13/2017‘This Will Be Hell’ – Remainers Vow to Fight Brexit Bill to the Bitter End
07/13/2017Is ISIS leader al-Baghdadi dead?
07/13/2017Defying Saudi Arabia, Qatar continues support for Hamas-ruled Gaza
07/13/2017Analysis: UNESCO supports terror
07/13/2017Irish Foreign Minister Slammed by Netanyahu for anti-Israel Bias
07/13/2017More Ridiculous Rhetoric From North Korea as President Trump Mulls Action
07/13/2017WHAT A WRONG UN What nuclear weapons does North Korea have, who would Kim Jong-un target in a missile attack and will there be a war?
07/12/2017UNESCO declares Islam as the most peaceful religion of the world
07/12/2017Report: U.S. Moves Toward Unilateral Action on North Korea, as U.N. Security Council Stalls
07/12/2017Survey: Overwhelming Majority of Palestinians Support Terror Salaries
07/12/2017WATCH: Official Palestinian TV Glorifies Massacre of 22 Children
07/12/2017Poland to purchase Israeli defense missiles in new US deal
07/12/2017Israeli and Palestinian Emergency Responders Train Together to Save Lives
07/12/2017Grammy-winning Rocker Disgusted by Anti-Israel Protesters
07/12/2017Israeli Holocaust survivor shoots Palestinian home invaders
07/12/2017How Would YOU Spend $1 billion? Watch Palestinians’ Shocking Spending Habits!
07/12/2017US ambassador to Israel, not welcome in Ramallah, joins peace talks against Palestinians’ wishes
07/11/2017‘Sanctuary City’ Plan for Poland Fails as Opposition Party Clashes With Public Opinion
07/11/2017French Archbishop on ‘the Great Replacement’: ‘Muslims Calmly Tell You France Will Be Theirs One Day’
07/11/2017Austrian City Bans Pork in Kindergartens to Accommodate Muslim Children
07/10/2017‘Something has to be done about N. Korea, one way or another’ – Trump to Xi at G20
07/10/2017Israel backs Hungary’s anti-Soros campaign, saying financier ‘continually undermines Jewish State’
07/10/2017‘Damp squib’: May’s plan for EU migrants shot down by key negotiator
07/09/2017Iraqi PM declares ‘victory’ in Mosul over ISIS
07/09/2017London Mayor wavers, but supports UK Hezbollah ban
07/09/2017Anonymous Arab ambassador: ‘Sorry’ for UNESCO vote on Hebron
07/09/2017Former BBC Head Slams Network for Anti-Israel Bias
07/09/2017UNESCO Rewrites Bible: Declares Hebron is Palestinian
07/09/2017KASSAM: The Economist Panics As Trump Puts Tradition over Globalist Obsessions
07/09/2017Albanians Mass Migrate to Bulgaria for EU Passports, ‘Gateway to England’
07/09/2017North Korea warns of nuclear war after US bombers carry out ‘provocative’ live-fire drills
07/08/2017Jihadists Behead Nine Kenyan Villagers
07/08/2017Canadian PM meets the Queen in Edinburgh – but not Nicola Sturgeon
07/08/2017Major German Parties Ignore Migrant Crisis During Election Campaign
07/08/2017Muslim ‘Refugee’ SAVAGELY ATTACKS Girl for Wearing Dress… WATCH WHAT HAPPENS NEXT
07/08/2017BREAKING: Charlie Gard will get another chance in court, remains on life support
07/07/2017Hospital Keeping Charlie Gard’s Parents “In the Dark,” Not Inviting Them to Important Care Meetings
07/07/2017G-20 protests: Hamburg police call in more officers on 2nd day of demonstrations
07/07/2017VIDEO: ‘International Left-Wing Extremists’ Leave Hamburg in Flames, 130 Police Injured
07/07/2017BBC Slammed by Former Chairman Over Biased Coverage of Palestinian Terrorist Attacks
07/07/2017Car bomb in Sinai Peninsula kills 10 Egyptian troops
07/07/2017UNESCO Harming Itself with Anti-Israel Resolutions
07/07/2017Holocaust Survivors to Poland: Reject Palestinian Hebron Claim
07/07/2017WATCH: India’s sentimental attachment to Israeli terror survivor
07/07/2017Netanyahu seeks Russian buffer zone near Golan Heights
07/07/2017London Hosts Anti-Israel Hatefest Backed by Terror Supporters
07/07/2017WATCH: UN’s Fake History Changes Abraham’s Grave Site into ‘Endangered’ Mosque
07/07/2017Israel Blasts UNESCO for Designating Hebron an ‘Endangered’ Palestinian Heritage Site
07/07/2017Outrage! Melania Trump TRAPPED by angry protesters
07/07/2017U.S., Russia broker cease-fire in Syria: Report
07/07/2017WATCH: Arab blockade continues as Qatar refuses to halt terror support
07/07/2017Hamas praises UNESCO denial of Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem
07/06/2017DISTRESS OF NATIONS: 100,000 protesters from across Europe pouring into Hamburg
07/06/2017The Tragic Case of Charlie Gard Highlights the Importance of Parental Rights
07/06/2017WATCH: Trump Praises Populist Poland, Says West Must ‘Defend Civilization’ and ‘Faith’
07/06/2017Majority of Poles Would Rather Leave EU than Be Forced to Take Muslim Migrants
07/06/2017Russia nixes U.S.-drafted U.N. resolution against North Korea
07/06/2017Amen! Trump issues call to protect the Western world
07/05/2017Is radical Islam horrifying the West into paralysis?
07/05/2017US-backed Syrian forces breach ISIS capital
07/05/2017Abbas: I Will Never Stop Terrorists’ Salaries
07/05/2017WATCH: Indian Leader Meets Young Terror Victim, Hears Surprise from PM Netanyahu
07/05/2017Israeli security forces thwart major terror attack in Jerusalem
07/05/2017French president: ‘I will rule as a god of gods’ JULY 5, 2017
07/05/2017French president: ‘I will rule as a god of gods’
07/05/2017July 4 in North Korea: State Media Says ‘Yankees’ Cowardly Bluff’ Will Lead to U.S.’s ‘Final Doom’
07/05/2017UN Study: Libyan Migration to Europe is Up, Mainly Young Men and Economic Migrants
07/05/2017Emmanuel Bonaparte: Macron Declares He Will Govern Like a Roman God
07/05/2017Brexit Boom: Oxford Economics Predicts UK Will Outperform France, Germany, Entire Eurozone
07/05/2017Shocking and horrifying Muslim immigrant attack on woman in Holland caught on tape
07/04/2017Newborn baby may be the first to be registered ‘Gender Unknown’
07/04/2017Irish Pro-Life Rally Draws 70,000 in March Against Abortion
07/04/2017Freedom Isn’t Free: An Independence Day Reminder From the War in Ukraine
07/04/2017Swedish Intelligence: Country Now Has 2,000 Radical Violent Islamists
07/04/201795 Per Cent of Gang Criminals in Stockholm Have a Foreign Background
07/03/2017Doctors Back NHS-Funded ‘Womb Transplants’ for Transgender People
07/02/2017For 18th time in a week, IDF responds to Syrian fire
07/02/2017Germany targets online hate speech, anti-Semitism
07/02/2017Report: Hamas leader shunned by Arab countries
07/02/2017Israeli Arab lawmaker gets light prison sentence after aiding terrorists
07/02/2017Ambassador Haley slams UN over Inaction on Iran, Critical of Nuclear Deal
07/02/2017Israel Scores Symbolic Win at UNESCO over Hebron, Still Faces Uphill Battle
07/02/2017Italy Threatens to Seize NGO Boats as Mediterranean Migrant Crisis Intensifies
07/02/2017British Student Union Boss Welcomes ‘Islamic Takeover’, Wants to ‘Oppress White People’ For Revenge
07/02/2017Canada issues ‘unknown’ health card to gender neutral baby
07/02/2017Russian scientists design ‘stormtrooper’ uniform for military — and it looks incredible
07/01/2017‘No-Go Zone’ app allows Parisians to report & locate aggression, other crimes
07/01/2017Updated Ramadan Rage 2017 Final Death Count: 1,639 in About 30 Countries
07/01/2017Germany’s Gay Marriage Vote Likely to Benefit Merkel
07/01/2017Tories Backtrack on Brexit, Could Keep UK Tied to EU Courts
06/30/2017Man Jailed After Hitting Muslim Teenager With ‘Slab of Bacon’
06/30/2017European Human Rights Court Says Baby on Life Support Must Die, Parents Call Decision 'Heartless'
06/30/2017Paris to Build a ‘Wall’ Around Eiffel Tower as Terrorism Becomes Mundane in Europe
06/30/2017Palestinian Leader Tells UN: Hamas, PFLP Are Not Terror Organizations
06/30/2017Spain Exposed as Mass Financier of Anti-Israel Action
06/30/2017Ambassador Haley: US will block any appointment of Palestinian to UN post
06/29/2017Brexit could leave EU with €20bn budget hole, force bloc to scrap security ambitions
06/29/2017European Union Rattled by Trump’s Visit to Right Wing, Anti-Migrant Poland
06/29/2017Frankfurt Becomes First German City Where Natives Are Minority
06/29/2017Record-setting Canadian sniper also thwarted oncoming ISIS attack, official says
06/25/2017LISTEN: Polish MP Slams BBC, Defends Voters’ Rights to Reject Migrants
06/25/2017Abbas Has ‘Tense’ Meeting with US Envoy, Refuses to Cease Paying Terrorists
06/24/2017Human remains found in Korean palace may have been sacrificed to please ancient gods (PHOTOS)
06/24/2017Islam’s Onslaught Of America: Immigration And Birthrates
06/24/2017Sweden To Include ‘Gender Identity’ In Hate Crime Law, Says Race is Unscientific
06/24/2017WATCH: London’s Muslim Mayor Refuses to Stand Up for Jews
06/24/2017Macron Accuses Countries Resisting Mass Immigration of ‘Betraying’ the EU
06/23/2017It’s the Anniversary of Britain’s Independence Day – But Brexit Has Barely Left the Starting Blocks
06/23/2017British man is sentenced to nearly 2 years in jail for what he said on Facebook
06/23/2017North Korea says it's 'biggest victim' in US student's death
06/23/2017UN Criticized for Focusing Biased Sanctions Solely on Israel
06/23/2017WATCH: Being an Ally of Israel has Great Benefits, Canadian Minister Says
06/23/2017Palestinians abuse goodwill of Red Cross to fund terror
06/23/2017ACT NOW! Stop UNESCO from Declaring Hebron a Palestinian World Heritage Site
06/23/2017Abbas ‘greatly disappointed’ by meeting with US officials, insists on funding terror
06/23/2017Abbas accuses Netanyahu of ‘racist’ rhetoric for calling jailed Palestinian terrorists ‘terrorists’
06/22/2017Canada Legalizes Sex With Animals. What An Evil Wicked Generation Full Of The Devil And On The Road To Hell
06/22/2017Migrant Who Frequently Visited Kindergarten May Have Given Children Tuberculosis
06/22/2017UK Man Arrested over Finsbury Attack Facebook Post
06/22/2017Pakistan: Muslim refuses to pay repair bill, has Christian repairman jailed for blasphemy
06/22/2017Iran misses targets in missile attack on Syria
06/22/2017US shoots down Iranian drone in Syria
06/22/2017Turkey invests millions to return Muslim control over Jerusalem
06/21/2017Ambassador Haley Calls on UN to Designate Hamas a Terrorist Organization
06/21/2017Terrorist’s mother wished he’d killed 100 Jews
06/21/2017Saudi royal shakeup… is Trump’s doing!?
06/21/2017Ukrainian President Credits US Help in Defense Against Russia
06/21/2017Turkish Islamist Push Blamed for Destruction of Gallipoli ANZAC Memorial
06/21/2017Hungarians Declare: ‘Central Europe Stands United Against Mass Illegal Migration’
06/20/2017Soldiers ‘neutralize’ suspect after small blast at Brussels Central Station (WATCH LIVE)
06/20/2017Refugee rapes 79yo woman at German cemetery
06/20/20173 asylum-seekers in Germany accused of violently raping woman ‘3 times each’
06/20/2017‘Bigoted lunatic’: Piers Morgan explodes in debate against Islam critic over London terror attack
06/20/2017Labour Plotting to Frustrate Brexit Legislation
06/20/2017First Driver Death in Calais After Migrants Drag Tree Trunks onto Motorway
06/20/2017Front of the Queue? British Trade Minister Flies to U.S. to Sketch Out Post-Brexit Trade Deal
06/20/2017‘UK playing two-faced game: condemning extremism, while cultivating jihadists'
06/20/2017Canadians Could Be Jailed or Fined for Using Incorrect Gender Pronouns
06/19/2017The EU threatens Poland for not accepting Muslim refugees — here’s how they responded
06/19/2017Paris attack: Champs-Elysees driver had explosives and rifle, was flagged for extremism
06/19/2017Islamic terror attack on security forces in Paris fails
06/19/2017London: 1 dead in retribution attack on mosque
06/19/2017Iran strikes at ISIS targets in Syria with missiles
06/19/2017Jewish student brutalized in North Korean prison dies after return to US
06/19/2017WATCH: How the Media Turned Palestinian Terrorists into Victims
06/19/2017Netanyahu warns Iran: ‘Don’t threaten Israel’
06/19/2017Brexit Talks Begin on Time, Aiming for ‘Deal Like No Other in History’
06/19/2017How Dissidents Are Responding to Trump’s Change in Cuba Policy
06/19/2017Watch as Russian Fighter Jet Intercepts US Bombers Over Baltic Sea During NATO Exercise
06/19/2017Russia Threatens to Shoot Down Any Coalition Aircraft West of the Euphrates After US Destroys Syrian Jet
06/19/2017After US Shoots Down Syrian Fighter Jet, Russia Announces It Will Treat US Planes in Syria as Targets
06/19/2017One Dead, Multiple Injured in Attack Near London Mosque
06/19/2017Vehicle Hits Multiple Pedestrians in Finsbury Park, London
06/19/2017The War in Syria Just Escalated: US Shoots Down One of Assad's Fighter Planes
06/19/2017London police investigating incident of collision with pedestrians
06/19/2017WATCH: Israeli researchers find new inscriptions on ancient artifacts
06/19/2017ISIS claims responsibility for Jerusalem terror attack
06/19/2017Palestinian government bans news sites critical of Abbas
06/19/2017WATCH: Trump takes the fight to the Taliban
06/18/2017Expert: Cancelling Terror Payouts Would Be ‘Political Suicide’ for Abbas
06/18/2017BBC Slammed for Reporting Deadly Terror Attack as ‘3 Palestinians Killed’
06/18/2017WATCH: Thousands say goodbye to slain Israeli border policewoman
06/18/2017Netanyahu: ‘World must condemn Palestinian terror and those who praise it’
06/18/2017WATCH: Palestinian Terrorist Kills Border Policewoman, 23, in Jerusalem
06/18/2017Hezbollah flags fly in London on a Sunday afternoon anti-Israel march
06/18/2017As Macron Says UK Could Still Stay in EU, David Davis Tells Eurocrats: ‘Be In No Doubt, We Are Leaving’
06/18/2017Italians Rejoice as Soros Ally Mayor Awarded UN Prize for Welcoming Migrants Kicked Out of Office
06/17/2017Geert Wilders: Let’s Stop the Cowardice, And Tell The Truth About Islam
06/17/2017DUP Set to Spurn Tory Remainers and Back Full Brexit
06/17/2017Seven Crew Members Missing After Navy Destroyer Collided With Merchant Ship
06/16/2017Exposed! U.S ‘allies’ sending MILLIONS to North Korea
06/16/2017Chavez Tactics: Labour Calls for Property Seizures, Government Overthrow After London Fire
06/16/2017Parliament Placed on Lock-Down, Knife-Man ‘Tasered’ Outside Palace Gates
06/16/2017More ‘Asylum Seekers’ Going Back To Native Countries for ‘Holidays’
06/16/2017Polish PM implicitly defends stance on migrants at Auschwitz
06/16/2017Israeli envoy: Obama created ‘alternative universe’ to sell Iran nuclear deal
06/16/2017WATCH: Hamas Kindergarten Teaches 6-Year-Olds to Kill Jewish Children
06/16/2017PA Demands UNESCO Make Cave of the Patriarchs a Palestinian World Heritage Site
06/16/2017ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi killed!?
06/16/2017Russia claims it has killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
06/15/2017UN agency that authored 'apartheid' report strikes again
06/15/2017Scabies Cases Drastically Rising Amongst Migrants on Paris Streets
06/15/2017Leaked Report: Sweden Sees More Than 50 Per Cent Rise in ‘No-Go Zones’
06/15/2017UK Terror Arrests Reach Record High, Up 18 Per Cent
06/15/2017Gunman targets Republican lawmakers, wounds 5
06/14/2017Human Rights Watch censures Arab states for closing Qatar Media
06/14/2017Priests Demand Sweden Stop Celebrating ‘Poisonous’ National Holiday
06/14/2017Pressure Builds on London Mayor Khan to Cancel Anti-Israel Al-Quds Day March
06/14/2017EU refugee relocation plan ‘a disappointment’ – UN Refugee Agency chief
06/14/2017Germany to fingerprint 6yo asylum-seekers & monitor messenger apps over terrorism fears
06/14/2017UK Officials Say Donald Trump Should Visit Despite Protests: 'We Must Cement and Improve Our Relationship'
06/14/2017Anti Soros Law? Hungary Tightens Rules On Foreign-Funded NGOs
06/14/2017ISIS Kills 2 Chinese Missionaries Accused of Violating Visa Rules in Pakistan by Sharing the Gospel
06/14/2017Poland, Czech Rep. Slam Forced Migration Plan as EU Imposes Sanctions
06/13/2017London Mayor Called Tel Aviv for Counter-Terrorism Advice Following Attacks
06/13/2017Elbit unveils time-traveling airborne surveillance system
06/13/2017'What hurts is that the betrayal came from our own people'
06/13/2017Report: Three women ‘chanting the Koran’ and shouting ‘Allah’ attack London nursery school teacher
06/13/2017Identitarians Raise Over 65,000 Euros to Track NGOs in the Mediterranean
06/12/2017Rae Kushner helped lead a path to freedom through the longest escape tunnel of its kind in Nazi-occupied Europe
06/12/2017Red Cross presses Hamas to release captive Israelis, bodies of IDF soldiers
06/12/2017Hamas Terror Tunnel Exposed Under UN Schools in Gaza
06/11/2017Australia to build its first terrorist jail amid rise in Islamist-inspired attacks
06/11/2017Germany to test face recognition software to target terrorist suspects
06/10/2017British Muslims Were Urged to Vote Labour To Further Islamic Interests
06/10/2017‘Enlightenment values’: Austria enacts anti-burqa & compulsory integration law
06/10/2017London attack ‘could’ve been worse’ as terrorists tried but failed to rent 7.5-ton lorry – police
06/09/2017130 Italian families threaten to seek asylum in Austria over mandatory vaccinations – activist
06/09/2017May: I won't resign
06/09/2017ISIS claims responsibility for hostage, murder incident in Australia
06/09/2017North Korea fires cruise missiles
06/09/2017Gamble backfires as Tories remain UK’s largest party but lose majority
06/09/2017UNRWA Apologizes for Using Fake Photo to Attack Israel Over Gaza
06/09/2017WATCH: Palestinian-American imam radicalized London Bridge terrorist
06/09/2017WATCH: Kosher restaurants targeted in Manchester arson attacks
06/09/2017Who is this Palestinian Leader Lying to – Israelis or Palestinians?
06/09/2017US Ambassador to UN Human Rights Council: Stop ‘Chronic’ Israel Bashing
06/09/2017WATCH: Online Anti-Semitism is Alarmingly Violent and Widespread
06/09/2017UK election shocker! Results STUN Theresa May
06/09/2017Conservative Pundit Attacked, Fights Back and Chases off 3 Liberal Cowards
06/09/2017WATCH: ‘People Appreciate Truth,’ Netanyahu Tells Haley
06/09/2017Israel thwarts Arab plot to assassinate IDF officer
06/09/2017US Ambassador to UN visits Hamas terror tunnel
06/09/2017WATCH: Why Trump’s approval rating in Israel has bumped up
06/09/2017Abbas agrees to meet Netanyahu without settlement freeze
06/08/2017Donald Trump Just Shut Down This Muslim Mayor
06/08/2017Mosul: ISIS Using Thousands of Children as Human Shields
06/08/2017Meet the ‘Bernie Sanders’ of Britain Who Is Now Vying for Prime Minister
06/08/2017For Scotland, Independence, Not Terrorism, Is the Closing Argument to Thursday’s British Election
06/08/2017Britain Will Vote This Week. What’s at Stake for the UK and US.
06/08/2017London Bridge Attacker Inspired by U.S. Based Islamist Hate Preacher
06/08/2017Sadiq Khan is a Complete Idiot
06/07/2017Surprised? Islamic terror causes Europe to quietly mass deport refugees
06/07/2017ISIS claims ongoing Tehran attack
06/07/2017President Rivlin: Israel is no longer the UN's punching bag
06/07/2017Muslim who claimed visa denied by Trump ban, who Schumer got into US, arrested for sexual assault of 12-year-old girl
06/07/2017EU Free Movement Gave London Bridge Jihadist Backdoor to Britain After Failed Asylum Bid
06/07/2017Piers Morgan tears into London mayor’s excuses for not tracking terror threats
06/07/2017‘They filmed him before providing first aid’: Father of blood & dust-covered Aleppo boy to RT
06/07/2017KASSAM: London Cops Arrest Dozens for ‘Hate Crimes’ Since London Attack, But Mayor Says Police Can’t Afford to Track Jihadists
06/07/2017Ramadan Rage 2017: The Complete List of Jihadist Attacks Around the World
06/07/2017Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Iranian Parliament and Shrine Attac