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Doc Marquis is to many of you a world renown expert on the Illuminati, Biblical prophecy, and the occult perversions on the Bible, Holidays, etc. In recent years he has produced a number of new documentaries which are critical to the age we're living in--everything from UFO's to the Mayan Prophecies and the Rapture. One has but to do a Google Search and you will find page after page of his materials or articles about him. I'm as guilty as anyone when I see this kind of evidence that I assume the subject area expert is sitting pretty comfortable financially. How wrong I have been, and here is a personal testimonial why.

Some years ago my wife Belinda, son Cody and I were eating supper at a local Pizza Hut. The gentleman who took our order and brought the pizza to the table was very upbeat, high energy and efficient. Although we appreciated those qualities, I noted his accent didn't fit the area. Being the "bashful" person that I am, I soon stated, "You're not from around here, are you?" You see, this Pizza Hut employee was none other than the already legendary Doc Marquis, struggling just like many of the rest of us to make ends meet. When I did a Google search with his name I was shocked, and to coin one of my wife's expressions exclaimed, "Wow, it's a God thing that we met him tonight!" Come to find out we had some of his materials that a friend had shared with us, and hadn't made the initial connection.

I say all that to say this, Doc has several films with the material complete, but only needs to make the cost of filming them. Without divulging too much, suffice to say Doc lives quite modestly if not on the edge. He lives in a rental like many of you, and doesn't even own a car. The efforts he makes in this life are to advance the Kingdom of Christ, and do we ever need a move of the Lord in this world now! Would you please join my family in supporting this ministry and help Doc to do more of what he does best--which is to teach the truth to the masses who have been lied to, deceived, or kept in the dark.

Because this is not a 501C ministry, it is not tax deductible, and he is therefore under no government influence to tone down or distort his subject matter. Remember, no donation is too small to help, and you won't know until we get to Heaven, perhaps, just how much it helped.


Lynn M. Chelewski
Public Relations
"It's A God Thing Productions"