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The Rapture

The Blessed Hope, known as the Rapture (Figure 9)
Figure 1
, is the event prophesied in the Scriptures (I Thess. 4:16 – 18 i.e.) when Christ will appear in the clouds and gather up the elect or, those who are referred to as Born-Again Christians.

It must be understood that the Rapture is not “The Second Coming of Christ”; these are two separate and distinct events. Using Revelation 4:1 as a timeline, the Rapture would occur then and, from that verse all the way through Revelation 19:11 the Body of Christ, the Christian Church, is not heard of anymore. Only at “The Second Coming of Christ” in Revelation 19:11, when Jesus Christ descends from heaven with His armies (made up of his children; Born-Again Christians, {Jude 14}) will He “physically touch upon the face of the earth”. Once that has happened is Christ considered to be “physically” on the earth. This is what constitutes His Second Coming; (His physically appearance on the earth and not in the clouds during the Rapture).

There is an Illuminati card called “Tape Runs Out” (Figure 2)
Figure 2
. According to the first line, directly underneath the picture, the Illuminati claim that they are going to delay the Rapture. Some believe that the Illuminati will hold some sort of “fake Rapture” to cover up the real one that shall occur. Others believe that the Illuminati will simply try to explain it away. And, even worse, there are Christians who believe that the Rapture will not occur. In the “It’s in the Bible” section, I will be sharing with you the same teaching I have been using for over a dozen years on the Rapture and that, yes, it will occur.

There is a Biblical pattern which begins in the very first book of the Bible (Genesis) and threads its way through to the last book of the Bible (Revelation) which screams out of a Rapture occurring in the future. Many, many Pastors, Teachers, Christian Brothers and Sisters have thanked me over and over again for what was taught to them. And the one thing that amazed me the most was that they told me this was the best explanation for the Rapture that they had ever heard. And the reason this amazed me so much is because the Rapture is a very easy concept to understand and that this pattern has been in God’s word all along. And, trust me folks, I am no one special. I am just like every single one of you. So, I couldn’t understand why those great theologians and Biblical scholars haven’t seen this before. Be that as it may, please read about the Rapture in the “It’s in the Bible” section and then let me know what you honestly believe in the comment section.

One thing is certain, whether or not the Illuminati believe they can delay or, even prevent the Rapture from occurring, God has stated that that event shall occur and, therefore, it shall! All praise and glory unto God who shall keep us safe under the shadow of His Divine protection!

Figure 1

Figure 2