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05/31/2018A More Colorful Ancient Greece: Pigment Proves Classical Statues Were Once Painted
05/31/2018Ancient Mound Excavation in Peru Leads to Groundbreaking Discovery of Advanced Civilization Dating Back 15,000 Years
05/24/2018The Wallace Sword: Was it Truly Wielded by the Famous Scottish ‘Braveheart’?
05/24/2018Ivar the Boneless: A Viking Warrior That Drew Strength From His Weakness
05/08/2018Vikings in Ireland: Recent Discoveries Shedding New Light on the Fearsome Warriors that Invaded Irish Shores
05/08/2018Sem Priests of Ancient Egypt: Their Role and Impact in Funerary Contexts—Part I
05/08/2018The Great Boat of Khufu: The ‘Black Box’ to the Construction of the Pyramids
05/08/2018Setting the Story (Mostly) Straight: Archaeological Experiment Shows How Mycenaean Stone Masons Cut Stone
05/08/2018Death and Glory: Heroes in Search of Kleos
05/08/2018Skeleton Found in Pompeii Belonged to Child Seeking Shelter from Deadly Volcanic Eruption
05/08/2018450 Stolen Sumerian Tablets are on Their Way Back to Iraq, but it is Just the Tip of the Iceberg
05/08/2018Vikings in Ireland: Traces of Warriors Not Just Buried Beneath the Ground, They Are in the DNA
05/03/2018The Ultimate Betrayer or a Hero of the Roman Empire? Marcus Junius Brutus the Younger
05/03/2018The 10 Most Expensive Antiques Ever Sold at Auction
05/03/2018What Makes the Olmec Culture So Unique and Alluring?
05/01/2018In Ancient Mesopotamia, Sex among the Gods Shook Heaven and Earth
05/01/2018Exorcism – How Does it Work and Why is it on The Rise?
05/01/2018Gladiator Helmets: Fit for Purpose, Not Just Protection
05/01/2018Did an Astronomical Body Cause the Global Floods of Ancient Myths with Its Gravitational Tidal Floods? - Part 1
05/01/2018Why did Alexander the Great Really Invade the Persian Empire?
04/28/2018November 2015 AOM: Giants on Record: America’s Hidden History, Secrets in the Mounds and the Smithsonian Files
04/28/2018A royal find of ancient grapes and wine residue may help resurrect Canaanite vinting
04/27/2018Mystery of the biggest child sacrifice in history: Archaeologists probe Peru site where more than 140 children were ritually killed and their hearts RIPPED OUT in a single event 550 years ago
04/26/2018Tibet's Valley of the Kings: What Hidden Treasures Lie Within This Imperial Tibetan Graveyard?
04/26/2018Who was the Powerful Amazon Queen Orithyia and What Drove Her to Launch a Fated Attack on Athens?
04/26/2018One of Jamestown’s Greatest Mysteries – Who Lies Beneath the Knight’s Tombstone?
04/26/2018Was a Comet Swarm Memorialized on an Obelisk at Prehistoric Gȍbekli Tepe?
04/19/2018A Spellbinding Story of Discovery: A Medieval Grave for a Wizard and a Magical Artifact
04/19/2018Unravelling the Mystery Behind the East Bay Walls: Who Really Made Them and Why?
04/19/2018The Colossal Hand of Hercules, So Where is the Rest of Him?
04/19/2018Sandstorm in Iran Reveals Remnants of What is Possibly an Ancient City
04/12/2018Ancient Mummy 'With 1,100-year-old Adidas boots' Died After She Was Struck on the Head
04/12/2018What Did the Ancients See? Unidentified Flying Objects that Made an Impact on Early History
04/05/2018Bigfoot Is Not the Only Elusive Creature Said to Roam the Canadian Wilds
04/05/2018Evidence of A 2,300-Year-Old Mesoamerican State Society? Immense Palace Complex May Rewrite Mexican History
04/05/2018Legendary Lost City of Ucetia Has Been Found and Its Remains are Breathtaking
04/04/2018The Lost City of Thinis, First Capital of a United Egypt
04/04/2018South Indian Sudoku: Archaeologists Find Magic Square Puzzle Inscribed on Temple Pillar
04/04/2018Glastonbury: Archaeology is Revealing New Truths About the Origins of British Christianity
04/04/2018‘Holy Grail’ of Shipwrecks Comes Ashore 200 Years Later, Inscribed with Ancient Numbers
04/03/2018Largest dinosaur ever left its mark on Isle of Skye, scientists discover monster’s massive footprint
03/30/2018Art Relics Shed Light on Mysterious Ancient Civilization
03/30/2018The Encoded Crusader Sword: Can You Solve the Cryptic Code?
03/30/2018Half A Million Dollar Mask With Otherworldly Origins
03/30/2018Amazing Crystal Weapons Discovered Within 5,000-Year-Old Megalithic Tomb in Spain
03/28/2018Ancient Mythology Is Embedded Within the Constantine TV Series
03/28/2018The Langeid Viking Battle Axe and a Warrior Who Singlehandedly Held Off the Entire English Army
03/28/2018Mummy Juanita: The Sacrifice of the Inca Ice Maiden
03/28/2018The Ġgantija Temples of Gozo: A Mysterious Megalithic Complex of Maltese Giants and Dwarfs
03/28/2018Enigmatic Carvings on Underwater Ruins in China Mystify Investigators
03/21/2018Are We in Tyrannical Times? Has Plato’s Terrible Prediction Come True?
03/21/2018Nine Skeletons Discovered in a 3,600-year-old Tomb Could Be the Canaanite Elite of Megiddo
03/21/2018Reading the So-Called Sumerian Seals Relating to Gods from Outer Space
03/21/2018Zecharia Sitchin and the Mistranslation of Sumerian Texts
03/21/2018‘Shape-shifter’ Slaughtered in Sumatra in the Form of a Tiger!
03/21/2018Weapons Control in Ancient Greece: When an Accident was Deadly
03/15/2018Pagans in a Modern World: What is Neopaganism?
03/15/2018Who Was Zoroaster and How Did He Gain Religious Followers?
03/15/2018Archaeologists find Magnificent Statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep III and His Protector, the Lioness Goddess of War
03/15/2018Discovery of 3,600-Y-O Burial Chamber in Biblical Book of Revelation City 'Stuns' Archaeologists
03/09/2018Tuatha Dé Dannan, the Enchanting Predecessors of Irish Fairies and Elves
03/08/2018Weapons of Giants: Huge Bronze Axes Discovered in Denmark
03/01/2018Who Was Mithra? Sanctuary for a Mysterious Cult that Once Rivaled Christianity is Found on Corsica
03/01/2018The Legendary Prophetess Veleda: A Secret Weapon Against the Romans
03/01/2018Impressively Large Jade Pendant with Unique Inscription Discovered in Belize
02/27/2018Does the Negev’s Ancient Rock-Art Help Turn the Bible Exodus Story into Fact?
02/27/2018Thumbs Down for American Man Who Damaged $4.5 million Artifact
02/27/2018Lost Codes Discovered in Terrorist’s Treasure Tunnel
02/27/2018Toxicity at Gateway to Hell Explains ‘Miracle’ in Ancient City of Hierapolis
02/24/2018LiDAR Lifts the Veil on the Oldest Known Maya Settlement in Guatemala
02/22/2018The Amazing Story of Yasuke: The Forgotten African Samurai
02/22/2018Who Were the Ancient People that Built the Remarkable Megalithic Tombs of Malaga?
02/15/2018Why Did Parents in the Chinookan tribe Perform Cranial Deformation on their Babies?
02/13/2018Ancient Archaeological Sites Seen from Google Earth [Part I]
02/13/2018Archaeologists unearth stunning 'spider stones' created by Neolithic sun worshipers 5,000 years ago
02/10/20181,700-Year-Old Musical Instrument Found, and It Still Works
02/08/2018Is The Iconic Dendera Zodiac of Ancient Egypt The Oldest Horoscope in the World?
02/08/2018Why are Noses Missing from so Many Egyptian Statues?
02/07/2018Britannia, Druids and the Surprisingly Modern Origins of Myths
02/07/2018Discovered: Thor's Shattered Viking Army and their Sacred Hammer of the Gods
02/07/2018Is the Creature Carved Into Angkor Temple Wall a ‘Domestic’ Dinosaur?
02/07/2018Laser Scans Reveal 60,000 Previously Unknown Maya Structures Hidden in Guatemalan Jungle!
02/01/2018An Elite Class That Ruled Over the 99%. Sound Familiar? It All Began with the Patricians of Rome
02/01/2018Scientists Unravel Secrets of a Hidden Room Within a Hidden Room in English Tudor Mansion
01/29/2018Evidence of aliens in Mexico – of the E.T. kind
01/29/2018WATCH: Israeli archaeologists find oldest human ancestor outside of Africa
01/26/2018The Nine Worthies: Are These the Most Chivalrous Men in History?
01/26/2018The Ancient City of Palmyra: The Pearl of the Desert
01/26/2018Kivik Kungagraven: A Tomb Fit for a King
01/23/2018Tomb of Prominent Queen and Wife of Tutankhamun Could Soon Be Unearthed
01/23/2018Yorkshire’s First Woodhenge May have Served as an Ancient Sauna
01/23/2018Has the King Arthur Gene Been Traced?
01/23/2018Where do the names of our months come from?
01/23/2018Explainer: The Gods Behind the Days of the Week
01/23/2018An Unbreakable Story: The Lost Roman Invention of Flexible Glass
01/23/2018Zecharia Sitchin and the Mistranslation of Sumerian Texts
01/23/2018Anunnaki Revealed: Who Were These Beings of Ancient Astronaut Theory? What Do the Ancient Texts Say? – Part I
01/23/2018Anunnaki Revealed: Finding the Nephilim in Myth, Giants Among Men– Part II
01/18/2018The Heroic Story of Roland: A Valiant Knight With an Unbreakable Sword
01/18/2018Curses and Cures: The Magic and Medicine Found on the Spectacular Metternich Stela
01/18/2018Remaking the Mausoleum: One of the Seven Wonders of The Ancient World to be Revived
01/17/2018What Comforting Items Did Vikings Have That Are Still the Height of Luxury Today?
01/17/2018The REAL Bigfoot: Gigantopithecus Would Have Been Terrifying to our Ancient Ancestors
01/09/2018Hidden Passage Discovered Underneath Chichén Itzá
01/09/2018A Masterful $2.5 Million Dollar Rare-Book Heist Stuns Community
01/09/2018Secret Text in Ancient Mummy Cases to Be Revealed With New Tech
01/09/2018New Study Answers the Question - Did Medieval People Reach Old Age?
01/08/2018WATCH: NBC’s ‘Today Show’ Showcases Evidence of Biblical Truths in Ancient Jerusalem
01/06/2018Think dates are set in stone? Think again
01/03/2018Eltz Castle: A Majestic Medieval Pile Owned by the Same Family for 800 Years
01/03/2018Magical new 4,500 year old finds add to 'oldest toy collection in the world'
01/03/2018Skin Color Didn’t Matter to the Ancient Greeks and Romans
01/03/2018The Fomorians: Destructive Giants of Irish Legend
01/03/2018Why is Christmas Celebrated December 25th?
01/03/2018Remains of Ancient Roman Soldier Discovered in a 1,700-Year-Old Cooking Pot in Israel
12/28/2017Enheduanna: A High Priestess of the Moon and the First Known Author in the World
12/26/2017Is this Minoan Artistic Marvel a Miniaturization of the Heavens?
12/26/2017Face of Man Who Lived 9,500 Years Ago in the Biblical City of Jericho Brought Back to Life
12/26/20175,000-Year-Old Jewelry and Eyeliner Highlight the Power of Ancient Jericho
12/26/2017Peruvian Archaeologists Unearth Silver Artifacts, a Massive Temple and an Astronomical Observatory Near Cusco
12/21/2017Face of King Robert The Bruce is Brought Back to Life 700 Years After His Death
12/21/2017Medieval Ring Found in Robin Hood’s Forest Hideout May Net Finder a Small Fortune
12/19/2017Sayhuite Monolith: Can You Solve the Mystery of the 200 Designs Carved by a Forgotten Creator?
12/19/2017Adrift at Sea: The Long-Awaited Recovery of the Oldest Message in a Bottle
12/18/2017New underwater discoveries in Greece reveal ancient Roman engineering
12/14/2017The Gruesome Sacrifice Carvings of Cerro Sechín, 3,600-Year-Old Ceremonial Center of Peru
12/14/2017Buried Beneath the Sand, The Ziggurat of Jiroft May be Largest and Oldest of its Kind in the World
12/12/2017Puzzling Medieval Runes Found on Stone in Norway
12/12/2017Viruses Sleeping in Mummies—Could Ancient Corpses Lead to Modern Epidemics?
12/12/2017Researchers in Japan Discover the Secrets Behind Magic Mirrors and a Mysterious Shaman Queen
12/12/2017What is so Special About Sirius, the Dog Star?
12/12/20175,100-year-old Hydraulic System Found in China is the Oldest in the World
12/12/2017Student’s Lucky Find Worth £145,000 Is Rewriting Anglo-Saxon History
12/07/2017Behistun Inscription, The Rosetta Stone of Persia
12/07/2017Three Famous Sites in One – The Story of the Legendary City of Tanis
12/05/2017First Hard Evidence for Julius Caesar's Invasion of Britain Discovered
11/30/2017Galdrabok, The Medieval Grimoire That Sheds Light on the Occult Practices of Iceland
11/30/2017The Symbolic Key to a Viking Woman’s Independence
11/30/2017Family Accidentally Discovers 2,000-Year-Old Roman Stables in Their Backyard
11/29/2017Scientists discover an amazing truth about Jesus Christ
11/28/2017Military contractors told to prepare for DOMESTIC deployment
11/28/2017The Giants of Ancient Albion & the Legendary Founding of Prehistoric Britain
11/23/20175,600-Year-Old Ceremonial Center Found Near Stonehenge, Built 1,000 Years Before Stone Circle was Erected
11/22/2017Early Ideas About Extraterrestrial Life: What Might Inhabitants from Other Planets Look Like?
11/22/2017Anunnaki Revealed: Who Were These Beings of Ancient Astronaut Theory? What Do the Ancient Texts Say? – Part I
11/22/2017Anunnaki Revealed: Finding the Nephilim in Myth, Giants Among Men– Part II
11/22/2017Will We Ever Discover the Elusive Land of Punt?
11/21/2017Dead Sea Scrolls Written by Celibate Jewish Essene “Monks”, Qumran Skeletons Confirm
11/17/20174,000 Year Old Assyrian Marriage Contract Mirrors Biblical Abraham and Hagar
11/16/2017Sparta: An Ancient City of Fierce and Courageous Citizen Soldiers
11/16/20173,200-Year-Old Ancient Egyptian Mummy Discovered in Great Shape in Luxor
11/15/2017Egyptologists Discover Pits Filled With Giant Severed Hands in “Joseph’s Palace”
11/07/2017Hidden Chamber Found? Cosmic Ray Tech Reveals Large Void in Great Pyramid
11/07/20175 Important Egyptian Archaeological Discoveries that Provided Leaps in Our Knowledge of the Past
11/07/2017The True Aryans: Who Were They Really and How Were Their Origins Corrupted?
11/02/2017IDF, police arrest Palestinian terror suspects, seize weapons
11/02/2017Israeli archaeologists unearth intriguing find at King Solomon’s Mines
10/30/2017Crossing the Veil: The Pre-Christian Origins of Halloween and Samhain
10/30/2017How the Ancient World Invoked the Dead to Help the Living
10/24/2017Mystery of the Sphinx: An Ancient Message of Ethnic Diversity in Dynastic Egypt
10/19/2017Hidden Fourth Circle at Mysterious 4,000-Year-Old Standing Stones in Cornwall to be Investigated
10/17/2017Archaeologist Claims that King Arthur Was Not a Real Person But a Fictional “Celtic Superhero”
10/17/2017The Story of Osiris: How the First Ruler of Egypt Became God of the Underworld
10/17/2017The ‘Dynastic Race’ and the Biblical ‘Japheth’ – Part I: After the Deluge
10/17/2017The Common Western Depiction of the Yeti is Wrong
10/17/2017Ruins of Ramses II Temple Unearthed in Giza's Abusir
10/12/2017The Powerful Assyrians, Rulers of Empires
10/12/2017Vestiges of the Vikings: Magic Buried in a Viking Woman's Grave
10/12/2017Hidden Fourth Circle at Mysterious 4,000-Year-Old Standing Stones in Cornwall to be Investigated
10/10/20175 Pyramids of the Ancient World that You May Not Have Heard About
10/10/2017One Person Left on Earth Knows the Ancient Secret of Producing Sea Silk
10/10/2017BREAKING: 4,000-Year-Old Inscribed Obelisk Dedicated to Ancient Egyptian Queen Unearthed in Saqqara
10/10/2017Who Really Built the Pyramids of Giza? Thoth’s Enigmatic Emerald Tablets May Provide the Answer
10/10/2017The Big Egyptian Sphinx Cover Up: Hidden Chambers, An Unexcavated Mound and Endless Denial
10/03/2017Archaeologists Announce that New Discoveries Solve Mystery of How the Great Pyramid Was Built
09/26/2017Afterlife snack: Jar of toads popped open in 4,000-year-old Canaanite tomb dig
09/26/2017Ancient Egyptian mystery solved, researchers say
09/21/2017Gone and Forgotten: The Sad Fate of the Witches of Prussia
09/21/2017The Magic of Heka: Ancient Egyptian Rituals That Have Crossed Cultures and Time
09/21/2017The Ring of Senicianus: One Ring to Rule Them All
09/19/2017Was the Devil’s Dyke in England once Part of the Legendary City of Troy?
09/19/2017The Ascension of Gilgamesh: Did the Epic Hero Actually Exist?
09/19/2017Risky Wealth: Would You Dare to Open the Mysterious Sealed Door of Padmanabhaswamy Temple?
09/14/2017The Rocks, Stained Red with Blood: A Son of Hercules Slew Giants at Salcombe, Devon?
09/05/2017A Forgotten Sphinx and Faked Cartouche: Changing the Course of Ancient Egyptian History?
09/05/2017Decoding Göbekli Tepe: Secret Society AND Space Observatory?
09/05/2017A Rogue Archaeologist, Atlantis, and the Chac-Mool
09/03/2017Ancient artistry uncovered: Exquisite 1,700-yo Roman mosaic unveiled in Israel
08/30/201710 Photos that Prove Megalithic Engineers Predated the Inca Builders
08/26/2017Sine of the times: Mysterious 3,700yo tablet reveals ancient Babylonian trigonometry (VIDEO)
08/15/2017Female Statue in Turkey Challenges Common Perceptions of Women in the Ancient World
08/13/2017Unlocking Lovelock: Attack of the Red Haired Giants – Part 3
08/13/2017Unlocking Lovelock: Attack of the Red Haired Giants – Part I
08/13/2017Unlocking Lovelock: Attack of the Red Haired Giants – Part 2
08/10/2017Those Who Once Reigned: Experts Name Famous and Forgotten Ancient Gods
08/10/2017Sex abuse by Asian gangs unreported because informers fear being called racist – MP
08/10/2017Carved bone reveals rituals of prehistoric cannibals
08/09/2017Multiple Previously Unknown Prehistoric Burial Sites Detected Around Bryn Celli Ddu
08/08/2017The Evidence is Cut in Stone: A Compelling Argument for Lost High Technology in Ancient Egypt
08/02/20172,000-Year-Old Toddler Skeleton with Elongated Skull Unearthed in Crimea
08/02/2017Mysterious Map Emerges at the Dawn of the Egyptian Civilization and Depicts Antarctica Without Ice – Who Made it?
08/02/2017China Offers $15,000 for Each Deciphered Character of Mystery Text on Ancient Oracle Bones
08/02/2017The Maya Controversy: Startling New Evidence for an Antediluvian People who Influenced the World
08/02/2017The Vajra: An Ancient Weapon of War
07/27/201716,700-Year-Old Tools Found in Texas Change Known History of North America
07/25/2017Mysterious Map Emerges at the Dawn of the Egyptian Civilization and Depicts Antarctica Without Ice – Who Made it?
07/25/2017The Cold Case of Alexander the Great: Have Toxicologists Finally Explained His Untimely Death?
07/18/2017Discovery of Tower of Human Heads in Mexico Rewrites What We Thought We Knew about the Ancient Aztecs
07/11/2017The Great Smithsonian Cover-Up: 18 Giant Skeletons Discovered in Wisconsin
07/11/2017A Monumental Cover Up? Why did Gobekli Tepe End Up in the Dirt?
07/11/2017Archaeologist Accidentally Discovers Lost Temple of Thutmose I, Hidden in Plain Sight for 50 Years
07/11/201710 Secrets About Ancient Greece That Are Rarely Recounted
07/11/20173,200-Year-Old Human Remains Discovered in Biblical Gezer Support Destruction Theory
07/09/201710 Bible Scriptures that Speak of GIANTS
07/07/2017A War Ending Phenomenon: Total Solar Eclipse Occurring on August 21 in the US
07/07/2017Paradigm Shift Required? 3-Fingered Mummified Humanoid Found in Peru May Change the Story of Human Origins
07/04/2017Why were the Knights Templar so Interested in Harran, One of the Oldest Cities in the World?
07/02/2017The World of Stonehenge
07/02/2017Avebury stone circle contains hidden square, archaeologists find
07/02/2017Hidden Square Formation Found Within Avebury Stones
06/29/2017Unmasking King Richard: Does the Lionhearted King of England Have a Better Reputation Than He Deserves?
06/29/2017Was the Heretic Pharaoh Akhenaton in Fact the Father of Modern Monotheism?
06/29/2017Anubis – The Jackal God and Guide into the Ancient Egyptian Afterlife
06/29/2017Ancient Book Teaches Amazing Mental Abilities
06/29/2017Archaeologists Uncover Tantalizing Evidence of the Lost Colony of Roanoke
06/24/2017Human remains found in Korean palace may have been sacrificed to please ancient gods (PHOTOS)
06/23/2017WATCH: Yale archaeologists uncover oldest Egyptian hieroglyphs
06/20/2017Archaeological Digs May Change After Invisible Inscription Traced to Before King Nebuchadnezzar Is Found
06/20/2017The Double-Headed Eagle: An Everlasting Symbol of Power
06/20/2017Kailasa Temple: How Was This Massive Hindu Temple Carved out of a Single Rock?
06/15/2017Chinese Archaeologists May Have Solved the Mystery of the Lost Palace of Kublai Khan
06/15/2017Evidence Found for Secret Terror Weapon of the Romans
06/15/2017BREAKING NEWS: Enormous Monument Over 2,000 Years Old Discovered in Petra
06/13/2017Norimitsu Odachi: Who Could Have Possibly Wielded This Enormous 15th Century Japanese Sword?
06/13/2017What’s It Like to Travel the Oldest Road in the World? Think Dragon’s Blood and Neolithic Barrows
06/13/2017Erasing History: Why Islamic State is Blowing Up Ancient Artifacts
06/10/2017EASTER ISLAND PART 2: Ancient Paved Roads, Construction of the Colossi & Walking Statues
06/09/2017Revealing the truth about Jamestown, one bone at a time
06/08/2017Remote Sensing Satellite Uncovers Astonishing New Evidence of Viking Presence in Newfoundland, Canada
06/08/2017More than a Dozen Mysterious Prehistoric Tunnels in Cornwall, England, Mystify Researchers
06/08/2017A Tale of Two Brigids: a Celtic Goddess and a Christian Saint
06/05/2017What Makes the Olmec Culture So Unique and Alluring?
06/02/2017WATCH: Digging up a 4,000-year-old house near Jerusalem
06/01/2017Pensioner finds 2,300-Year-Old Pure Gold Crown Under Bed
06/01/2017The sacred and magical sistrum of ancient Egypt
05/30/2017Ancient Mound Excavation in Peru Leads to Groundbreaking Discovery of Advanced Civilization Dating Back 15,000 Years
05/30/2017Archaeologists expose Ottoman-era well in central Israel
05/26/2017Ancient pools serving Jews in Temple era discovered in Jerusalem
05/25/2017Female Druids, the Forgotten Priestesses of the Celts
05/23/2017The Exceptional Inscription on the Pokotia Monument – Evidence of Sumerian Script in Bolivia?
05/22/2017I Want to Believe: UFOs over Stonehenge, Parliament in UK’s last ‘X-files’ release
05/16/2017What’s in the Box? Burial Chamber of an Egyptian King’s Daughter Discovered in Recently Unearthed Pyramid
05/16/201717,000-Year-Old Sacred Site - Believed to be Gateway to the Underworld – Is Vandalized
05/16/2017Found: Dragon and Griffin Megaliths Dating Back 12,000 Years to End of Ice Age, or Earlier
05/10/2017Archaeologist unlocks gateway to the past
05/09/20174 Completely Different Versions of the Story of Moses
05/09/2017From Nazis to the Ark: Five Surprising Truths from the Indiana Jones Films
05/08/2017Ancient Babylonian Tablet May Depict First-Ever Image of Biblical Tower of Babel [WATCH]
04/27/20171,500-Year-Old Menorah Tablet Demonstrates ‘Clear Jewish Presence’ in Caesarea
04/21/2017WATCH: Eight mummies, a thousand statues unearthed in ‘Valley of Kings’
04/20/2017The Egyptian Goddess Isis, Found in India
04/13/2017Finger from Egyptian statue found on Temple Mount
04/06/2017More than 1,500 Petroglyphs, including a Solar Calendar, Found in Northern Arizona
04/04/20173 Ancient Anomalies Discovered “Down Under”
04/04/2017Remains of pyramid dating to Israel’s exodus discovered in Egypt
04/03/2017Remains of a pyramid discovered in Egypt
03/30/2017The Unique Sculptures of Thutmose…and a Secret Love for One of His Muses?
03/30/2017Making a Magical Substance for Health and Wealth - Discovery of Alchemy Transcripts by Newton
03/30/2017Was the Emperor Constantine a True Christian or Was He a Secret Pagan?
03/23/2017Xerxes The Great: The Achaemenid King Who Began the Decline of an Empire
03/21/20171,400-year-old rare coin treasure chanced upon in Israel
03/14/2017Archaeologists find Magnificent Statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep III and His Protector, the Lioness Goddess of War
03/14/20174000-Year-Old Mysterious Megalithic Tomb Discovered in the Golan
03/14/2017How Did an Enormous Statue of an Egyptian Pharaoh End Up Fragmented in a Mud Pit?
03/11/2017Giant 3,000-year-old statue of Pharaoh Ramses II found buried in a Cairo slum is hailed as 'one of the most important discoveries ever'
03/07/2017Secret Societies and Hidden Knowledge: The Explosive Star that Inspired the Modern World
03/02/2017The Powerful Curse of Jacques de Molay, the Last Grand Master of Templars
02/28/20177 Josephus Quotes about Ancient Giants
02/23/2017Spanish Leak Reveals Hidden Chamber in Tutankhamun Tomb is Full of Treasures
02/23/2017The Infinite Ogdoad: The Creation Pantheon of Ancient Egypt and Predecessor Gods of the Old Kingdom
02/22/2017Unlocking Lovelock: Attack of the Red Haired Giants – Part 3
02/16/2017REVIEW: “There Were Giants in the Earth” a Doc Marquis Film
02/14/2017Archaeologists In Israel Find Evidence That Proves Literal Truth Of Bible
02/11/2017Unlocking Lovelock: Attack of the Red Haired Giants – Part I
02/11/2017Unlocking Lovelock: Attack of the Red Haired Giants – Part 2
02/08/201770 years after Dead Sea Scrolls were found, new discoveries await
02/02/2017Exposing the Secret History of Giants and the Underground Hyperborean Gallery in Romania
02/02/201710 Bible Scriptures that Speak of GIANTS
01/26/2017Top Ten Giant Discoveries in North America
01/25/2017A Fossil Snake With Four Legs
01/24/2017Magic in Ancient Greece: Necromancy, Curses, Love Spells, and Oracles
01/19/2017Alchemy and Immortality – The Tale of Nicolas Flammel and the Lapis Philosophorum
01/19/2017Göbekli Tepe Shamans and their Cosmic Symbols – Part I
01/19/20174,000-year-old Ancient Egyptian manuscript measuring more than 8ft has been rediscovered in Cairo
01/17/2017Sumerians Looked to the Heavens as They Invented the System of Time… And We Still Use it Today
01/17/2017King David Era Wall Discovered in Israel: May Confirm Samuel 8:13