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Q: Hey Doc, it’s Mason, hey I just made a payment to stream your dictators of the illuminati dvd, and I was wondering, how exactly do I watch it, i figured it would redirect me to a place where I can watch it but it hasn’t, I went back to the website and it still hasn’t let me so I thought I’d ask you about it, thanks Doc!

A: Try going into the "DVD Streaming" section and try playing it from there. Now, if that doesn’t work, go the DVD section and trying playing it from there. Should neither of those work, please let me know and I’ll have my computer doctor take a look at it in the morning. In any case, I will make sure you’ll be able to view it. Please leave me your phone number so I can phone you should neither method work for you.

Take care Mason and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hi Doc. Could you elaborate on how you came up with the name of your website which includes 777? Why 777? Thanks. Craig

A: 777 is supposed the Biblical numbers that represents the Tri-Unity of God as opposed to the 666.

Take care Craig and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Just a little question.

Do you speak in tongues?

God bless you


A: Aside from wanting to know, why do you ask?

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Doctor, Thank You for your service in the Lord (Jesus Christ) . I have been saved and Jesus has blessed me beyond belief ! I stud-y out of the King James version (Thompson Chain Reference). You stated to read from the King James 1617 version . I have downloaded a version from the internet and have read from it along with my Bible as I do my Bible study.
Why do you recommend the King James 1617 version over the King James version . Just like to know your insight .
Thanks Doc , i will continue to pray for you and your website . I recommend it to people who are interested.

A: Must’ve been a typo. I read from the "1611" KJV. Sorry about the confusion.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

P.S. If you go to my web site @: you’ll see that I ONLY use the 1611 KJV..

Q: when christ reigning during the melenium- where do the souls of those who die during that 1000 year reign go? since Jesus is here on earth then where do the souls go who die during the time ??????

A: No one will die during the Millennial Reign of Christ!

Q: Hi Doc, your videos and interviews have been a blessing and inspiration in my life. Having been saved in the last 2 years I find myself in a bit of a dilema. I have worked in a catholic school as a caretaker for 17 years and make a decent living for my family and enjoy my job. I take no part in any catholic activities, masses, celebrations of holidays etc. and the school administration is fine with that. Should I quit my job because the school is associated with the catholic church? I am the only person with an income in my family and have been praying for an answer but still value your opinion.
Thank you.

A: There is nothing wrong with being a caretaker at a Catholic school so long as you don’t partake of their ritual Mass and such. You obviously do an incredible job; they’ve kept you on for 17 years now. So, stay and continue to do the good job you have been for so long.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Your website doesn’t "seem" to offer the chance to "continue to shop." Maybe I overlooked it somewhere. Thus, I only bought one DVD. Did I miss something somewhere?

A: Hmm, you could have. Tell you what, give me a call @: 402-228-9476 and I’ll personally take care of your order for you.

Take care Freezing and God keep you...Doc!

Q: I would like to thank you for your wisdom and ministry in sharing on the deception that we as a people have been fed. Over the many years I have asked questions that seemed to have no reasonable explanations. Through your ministry and life experience these pieces of the puzzle are becoming clearer. This is an unusual request since you probably have many people asking to meet you and time is valuable. However I have to ask, I am on business in Lincoln NE on March 11 and 12 and realized after making a donation to your ministry the address is in Beatrice. If there was any opportunity to meet you I would be honored. Also would love to buy you dinner if you felt comfortable in doing so. Please take this note not as being a groupie type but of someone that has deep respect for what you are doing and from someone who is trying to discover what God would have me do in the last days. Respectfully Craig

A: I could make it for March 11 so long as we don’t go out at a late time. I have tons of work I usually have to take care of in the evenings but, I believe I can make the 11th work. Give me a call @: 402-228-9476 if you can now, or before 5p.m. CST because I’ll be gone for most of the evening after that.

Take care Craig and God keep you...Doc!

Q: No other way to contact you I found so, posting here, a question I guess, why does the following theory make less sense than the theory that the white horse represents the anti-christ?

I believe that the 4 horses of Revelation chapter 6 clearly represent 4 periods of time and not any 4 specific people. This is evident by the time that has past, and by the fact that Job chapter 38 seems to be going in the same time order. God starts with creation in vs 4 then foreshadows Christ in vs 17 then foreshadows Hitlers loss in vs 22-23 and goes on to then talk about the herb springing forth.

I think Revelation 6 has mostly come to pass:

White - Christ to Napolean {about 1820 years}
(Rev 19:11 uses the same wording as Rev 6:2 to describe Christ... on a WHITE horse, what i’m saying is that the horses don’t represent "bad" people they represent the 4 big periods of time of the end of the world)
(Note what Christ was first saying when His ministry began! Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand. Indeed His first coming marked the beginning of the end)

Red - Napoleans defeat to the end of the cold war {about 161 years 1825 - 1989 or so}
(This period is so obvious I don’t know why people don’t see it, first off, you can’t talk about Hitlers loss without mentioning the winter and cold of those battles, the Russians (by the way called the, um, RED army)
were well and over equipped for the cold (fighting even with skis and all)
a big part of Hitlers loss was due to the cold - so Job 38:22-23 IS talking about WW2 - that’s key point 1 note also Christ is foreshadowed previously in vs 17 - 2. Hitler had a great gift of persuasion and captivating masses with his great speeches, so here is one person that actually specifically fits with everything said about the red horse rider. - caused worldwide war, had a great sword! there are many places in the Bible that speak of the mouth and tongue as a sword. Not only that, point 3! The first people that Hitler chose to attack, the last war they were in was during Napoleons time! So the 2 eras match up like a puzzle piece, white closing out then red culminating with Hitler. Then even after Hitler the "worlds" enemy was still a RED one, communism, interesting, so I think the period ended around when the Berlin wall came down)

Black - The black horse period of time is now, from the end of the cold war until?? This is increasingly becoming evident. Those in the know, know of the peek oil situation that is soon to have a great impact on the world, and would cause food prices to go sky high, which would be the clearest sign of the times, since that is what the black horse period is about according to Revelation.

Grey - It should be clear from the verse itself that the grey horse period of time is in fact the anti-christ period of time, since the rider of the horse is Death.

Why does the current Pope wear a cross that has Christs arms folded instead of spread out? Why does the current Pope embrace all religions even honoring Ramada during a speech on that day? Who is the current Pope?

I’m asking questions, lol, cause this is the question section.
Anyway I leave with some important things I think all of us should remember and hold dear.
God created outer space and all the stars, God created everything -
Revelation 4:11, Colossians 1:14-18

So, if some guy comes down in a spaceship, claiming to be Christ and that he is from some other plant, and that that is the answer to all things, please, please, don’t believe it, and do not think that you have been left behind.

I think the real Christ will come as lightning to save us very shortly after this other ’guy’ makes his first TV appearance. (not longer than 1 year)
This is based mainly on 2nd Thessaloninas 2:2-12 and the fact that in 1st Thessalonians Paul is clearly referring to the grand second coming because he mentions the trumpet, and putting Matthew 24 together with Thessalonians makes it all more clear, we can’t just look at one or two verses we must gather the context and meaning of all the collective passages about the end. And since it is very close to that end now we can see some of it that has already past us, therefore I strongly believe all I have said above is true, and will come to pass before this current Pope dies.

A: I don’t know which cross of the Pope’s you’re referring to. You will have to send me a photo or something that I can look at.

I don’t see the four horseman in the same light as you do. Each rider upon the horse is a part of "cause and effect" and this is explicitly explained after each Rider and Horse arrives on the earth during the Tribulation Period.

The current Pope is Francis the First and, the reason he’s embracing all religions (like a number of his predecessors had) is because the Bible prophesies that a One World Religion will rule the earth during the Tribulation Period which, in my humble opinion, can’t be that far off anymore given the prophecies.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: whats your views on martin luther?

A: You really need to be a lot more specific here. Do you mean, "What do I think of him a a "Reformer"? "What do I think of him as having been a Catholic Priest"? I need something more specific.

Take care Domino and God keep you...Doc!

Q: dear sir, my name is jonah i’m 11 and am wondering about the whereabouts of the templars and their enemies the hashashin. Are they still around, and if so in what form? thank you and God bless you.

A: Well, in theory Jonah, the Knights Templars are supposed to be everywhere with their hands into everything. I personally don’t believe that. I really think that there are only a few of them in any real position of authority or power. Most people will use them as an excuse for an event that had happened that they had nothing to do with but, it’s convenient to blame them when those folks have no real idea of who did what. The Hashashin, I would put under the same description.

As far as where are they; it’s a mote point. They so few in numbers now that you can’t give them any real headquarters like you could centuries ago. They are supposed to be an extension of the Catholic Church so, in theory, they could be headquartered in or around the Vatican or some other place of such ilk.

Take care Jonah and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Just giving info, but could this be of any significance?
Watch the Moon, Mars and star form a celestial triangle Wednesday night.

A: Actually, with such a conjunction if would be a perfect night for summonings (possibly of demonic forces depending on who’d be doing it).

Take care Joe and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hello Doc I am trying to order multiple Cd.The Web site want allow me to.

A: Please give me a call @: 402-228-9476 and I can talk you through it easily.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hi Doc, I have been trying locate a copy of your book on the protocols of Zion but find that it is extremely expensive. Is this book out of print? What is the best way to obtain a copy (even used)? Thanks for your help and all you do. God Bless You, Wendy.

A: That book, along with the others, have been pulled from the shelves because my old publisher just didn’t have the time to do them justice. Eventually, I will have them republished but that won’t be for quite some time. Sorry but, I do have a DVD called: "The Illuminati Protocols of Zion" on my web site @: that has the same things in it as the book would.

Take care Wendy and God grant you a GREAT weekend of it...Doc!

Q: Hey Doc! I was wondering on the symbols in the occult.. When a Hexagram is used to conjure demons, why do they choose that symbol? Also when you see one in a random places like graffiti on a random building would demonic forces be near it if nothing ritualistic had happened?


A: Unless the symbol is drawn with the proper ceremonial words and acts necessary in its creation, than nothing can nor will happen. Why they choose a hexagram to summon up demons; I really don’t know why. That would go back between 4,000 - 5,000 yeas and who knows what they were thinking back then when they were doing these things. Shrug.

Take care Brandon and God keep you...Doc!

Q: hi doc,my question is also about eric jon phelps;we are in agreement that adam weisthyupt was a Jesuit,this is no coincidence to me.lets talk about the oaths that the jessuit takeslike it is no murder to kill the heritic and without the blood of the heritic there is no salvation, and that’s the kindergarden stuff.No for you to immediately dismiss Mr. PHELPS SENDS ME A SUSPUCIOUS SIGNAL that I do not like. Why for example can you not say something positive about his beliefs? after all he brings up the REFORMATION SOMTHING that is hardly discussed at length. NOT to mention about breaking away from the pope,the preists,the biggest power in rome or anywhere else.just like the USA needs to break away for example from the FEDERAAL RESERVE.ITS ABOUT FREEDOM FROM those that would control others.its about fleeing the inquisition for a new start,its about that spector following the escapee’s to continue there head lock upon them espionage bribery, surely a history teacher like you can
appreciate so much intrigue please help me to understand.

A: So, because I don’t agree with everything Eric Phelps say, NOW you become suspicious of me? How can you accuse me of such a thing without a shred of evidence? That is exactly what Mr. Phelps does to others. He has falsely claimed that Pastor Butch Paugh, Jeff Rense, Dr. Stan Monteith (all of whom are my friends) that they are paid CIA agents and Vatican agents. There are many, many people in the Patriot Movement, Truth Movement and many different Christian communities who also say he is a fraud and a liar. I can’t speak for those people but, as I am friends with Butch, Jeff and Stan I take great offense to all the lies and false accusations he has made about them. I have known those people for many years and Mr. Phelps has done a very unChristian act by accusing them without a shred of evidence.

Since you believe Mr. Phelps is so honest, please ask him to produce the evidence on my friends that he claims he has. Afterall, if he is a genuine, sold out Christian he will have no problem providing you with all of the documentation of his claims.The Bible says to "try the spirits to see if they are of God." Well, try (test) him, put him to the test. Let’s see what so-called proof he can come up.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: hi doc have you ever listened to eric jon phelps?

A: You’re talking about that Israeli diamond trader whom many are stating is a fraud and that most of his prior information is also untrue. What about him?

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Do you believe the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings were a hoax? I ask because I know you showed excellent proof about the Boston Marathon bomb charade. I do not believe either of these events were anything more than wicked hoaxes in a long line of other hoaxes. There is a video that came out last week that shows the alleged child victims of Sandy Hook as they made an appearance at the Super Bowl in February 2013. I believe the maker of the video did an excellent job of matching the now 11 or 12 year old kids with the photos we were shown to be victims of six year old children. The photos that were proffered up for the public were taken when these kids were much younger, and I guess they thought nobody would ever be able to match them up.

A: There are more connections between Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon Running Bombing than most people have heard of. Yes, there are a number of connections; too many to enumerate right now in a simple email letter. However, around the first week of January we are going to release a new DVD called "False Flag Over Boston" which is DVD 12 in my series. It will show things most people in America have never seen before. I would like to see Obama try to explain this one away.

Q: hello doc whats your take on eric jon phelps?

A: A liar and fear monger as far as the all the evidence demonstrate. Why do you ask?

Q: Greetings & Blessings to You in the Lord, Doc!

Have you seen the recent flap about the supposedly "fake" sign language interpreter used during Obama’s and other word dignitaries’ speeches? He was supposedly hearing voices, hallucinating, struggling to maintain composure and ended up signing "jibberish" according to the media. To me, it seems to be pure demonization. But to what purpose?

Do you recognize any of the gestures as those used in placing spells or declaring a thing to be so?

Thank you for your time and ministry!

Your Brother in Christ Jesus,

A: There was no spell casting going on however, I did notice the occult gestures he was making. The big question should be, "For what purpose?" I’ll have to wait and gather more information on this event to see what was truly going on behind the scenes.

Take care Dane and God keep you...Doc!

Q: I believe it was Sir Francis Bacon that had said the saying "knowledge is power". Was he subtlety referring to occult knowledge rather than knowledge in general? Thank you and GOD bless you.

A: I really don’t know. I’d have to find out the source.

Q: whats your views on the black pope does he have more power than the pope?

A: Now that depends on what you mean by the "Black Pope."

Q: I ordered one of you DVD back in October and I have not received it yet. What happened to my order? Thanks

A: Please send me your full name, address and what your order was and I’ll take care of it immediately. My apologies, I really don’t know what could have happened but, I will personally fix this for you.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: I have also watched your occult holiday dvd and I think it was interesting and revealing. I do not think I will celebrate christmas after I have watched this dvd. But is it okay biblically to be with my family and eat good food and eating good cakes and drink good soda as long as we are not celebrating christmas on December 24? You said in this dvd that giving gifts on christmas to people was occult. Is it okay to give gifts to people that have birthday then?

USA celebrate christmas on December 25 and you said on this dvd that Tammuz was born on December 25, but here in Norway we celebrate christmas on December 24. Do that do any difference when it comes to celebrating christmas?

Have you watched the dvd that is called.: The star of Bethlehem? He use another bible translation in Matthew 2:1 where he use a translation that is used the word MAGI instead of the word WISE MEN and on this dvd he think that perhaps they was descendants from Daniels day. Daniel never went home. He stayed there till he died, and he is sure that he was training people that come behind him. And he wonder if the wise men or as he say magi that come and gave Jesus gifts was from jewish descent and of the school of good magi. But is there a thing called good magi?

He also claims in this dvd that the star that had shown them the way to Jesus baby when he was 2 years old was a real astronomical event and that it was on December 25 when they fell down, and worshipped him because the astronomical event show that the star which they saw in the east went before them, till it came and stood over where the young child was happened on December 25.

A: The answer is very obvious to all your questions; "Have nothing to do with Christmas!" It’s really that easy. And, people may state they can demonstrate Christ was born on December 25 but, as the DVD explained, Christ wasn’t even born during the wintertime.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hello doc whats your views on mitt Romney i know hes a Mormon is he part of the Illuminati?

A: Thus far I have found nothing that would state he’s in the Illuminati.

Q: Doc, you’ve discussed the Occult Holidays on your DVD collection, my question is it bad to decorate the home with Gingerbread Men or Snowmen?

When I first seen a VHS tape of your presentation on the Occult Holidays, as well as a booklet about the Holidays, I stopped decorating the house with trees, greens, wreaths...lights, so I was wondering if decorating with the other items was still participating in the Holiday. We don’t have a special meal that day and we don’t make or bake special desserts.

Another quick question, on a couple of different programs on tv "Christian" programming, they made mention of praying to God in a strange tongue in a prayer language. I’ve studied Scriptures for years and I haven’t found that item. Is there such a thing as a "prayer language"?

Thanks and God Bless, Carol

A: With the "praying to God in a strange tongue in a prayer language", that’s a lie. That’s been created to get Christians to join a particular religion or congregation that "claim" things that are not scriptural. So, please, stay away from such nonsense.

Don’t decorate your house with anything for Christmas or any other such holidays. It’s wrong and Christian are to be setting the example, not trying to find ways around it. Gingerbread men and snowmen should go.

You take care Carol and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Good afternoon. I saw recently your occult holiday DVD and I’m no longer going to observe this holidays. However, I don’t know how to break it to the family. Any advice would be much appreciated! God bless.

A: You could show them the DVD and then explain to them that the DVD has given you all the Biblical reasons why you won’t. You could also sit them down and try to explain it to them. Whatever you feel will work best but, I’m glad you’re honouring God but no longer participating in such obvious, occult holidays.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: What are your views on jack van impe?

A: He seems to "waffle" between the Catholic Church a lot. However, I do see so much truth in his teachings though, never forget to question anything you may doubt Domino. If he teaches something that sounds odd to you then you need to check it out.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hi doc whats your views on billy graham hes rumored to be a 33rd degree freemason?

A: I want to see the genuine facts before I do make such a comment.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hi doc whats your views on the coming collapse? lindsey williams says it will be in the next 3 months what do you think thanks?

A: I disagree. The Illuminati’s plans call for a financial collapse to occur to some nation in this world between the years 2014 - 2018. So you can see why I disagree with Lindsey.

Take care Domino and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hello Doc! I have a couple of questions 1st Doc, is the anti-Christ a type of reptilian race? second Will he be stabbed in his eye as written in Zachariah 11:17?

A: No to both questions.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: hey Doc do you think the boy scouts is a type of masonic occult? as a kid I was in the cub scouts then went into the boy scouts. I remember the cub scout book we had. It had something to do with God but never named his name. Also the goal we were striving for was called the arrow of light. Once we accomplished this goal there was a ceremony where our scout leaders and parents were there. there were torches lit and what would happen was to attain our arrow of light we crossed over this bridge to the other side and then we were given our arrow of light. Does that sound in any way occultist to you? I kind of feel like it was.

A: Not really. Unless there’s something in the literature that really leans towards occultism or symbols of the occult, I wouldn’t be concerned over it.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: I have been listening to you for about nine months now. Incredible teachings, I found you during my search to find truth through a few other sites that had endorsed or supported your teachings.
I have been trying to understand the Illuminati and the Masons for years but only knew very little. My grandfather was a 33 rd degree mason only learning of this at his funeral. It saddens me to know what he was involved with, though knowing truth I can move forward in my belief and faith in Christ.

Couple of issues I am struggling with is there seems to be so much emphasis on the Nephilim, super race, space aliens etc, that seem in depth to come from the book of ENOCH and only cover slightly in the Bible. What I read and understand that the book of ENOCH was not part of the scriptures due to errors or inconsistency in the writings and was not included as part of the Cannon. Secondly, I have listened to you and others teaching on coming out of Babylon,ie, the pagan holidays we have got involved with, Christmas,Easter etc. My struggle is I now understand the dangers of this, but my wife cannot accept this yet and with the holidays coming I feel stuck in that to keep harmony until she can come around to the truth. All this has been a great adjustment, your comments and guidance is greatly appreciate.

A: Well, as the head of the household you need to do the scriptural thing and lead by example. What you can try is to give up one holiday at a time per year, until they are completely purged out of your life and Christian walk with the Lord.

Have you shown any of my teaching materials to your wife, pertaining to the holidays, and what was her response?

Take care Craig and God keep you...Doc!

Q: hello doc the Illuminati take their orders from someone else and if so who?...thank you and God Bless

A: No, they GIVE the orders.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hello doc what is your views on the jesuits how powerful are they?

A: They’re no one near as influential as so many would believe. They take orders from the Illuminati and carry them out everyday.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hi Doc!
How and where you join the Illuminati group, before you get saved by Jesus Christ?

A: I was raised in a family that was in the Illuminati since 1789.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hi Doc and God bless you! I was reading the info you posted on the ancient worship of Moloch. Is this why Wall Street uses the symbol of the bull to represent a financially prosperous market?

A: Yes Alicia, that’s is the reason.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hi Doc

Just wondering if you have any knowledge on were all the other religions such as Hinduism and Islam came from.

God bless

A: There are a number of excellent sites out there that can give you an in-depth look in Hinduism and Islam. It will involve a lot of research on your part to ferret out all the answers you’re looking for but, it’ll be worth it. A simply word search will bring up a ton of sites for you to go through.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Your dvds sound fascinating. We are Christians who feel we are to be watchman in these last days. We live in the UK , do you deliver to the UK ? as we want to purchase the dvds. Thanks. God bless.

A: Yes, we do deliver to the UK. Placing your order through PayPal is the quickest way for me to receive your order directly. In any case, it usually takes around 7 - 10 business days for your package to arrive due to customs. Sorry about that.

Q: hi doc, thank you for working for the lord and god bless you and your family, me and a friend of mine was wondering if there are girl angels ? and if there are girl demons? we think it just boy angels , what your view on it doc?

A: The angels are gender neutral; in other words there is no gender assigned to them.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Are witches females and warlocks or wizards males in the occult world?

A: The common name would be "witch" for both genders unless you’re in a Satanic cult or something along those lines.

Take care and God keep you Doc!

Q: If we partake in Christmas will we go to heaven or partake in the rapture? God judges our heart so he knows we are not worshipping anyone but him.

A: If a person is saved they will go to Heaven no matter what. Even if they participate in pagan holidays like Christmas, Easter, etc. they still go to Heaven. And, since God has no birthday because He’s infinite, why are you worshipping his so-called birthday? Just a question, not a condemnation.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Not a question Doc. Just want to say thanks for standing up for the Bible! God continue to bless you. J.H. in Ohio

A: Thank you very much for your kind words J.H. I really do appreciate them.

Q: hi doc ok Jordan Maxwell says that the pope runs our world. true or false ? preacher.

A: No, the Illuminati gives order to the Pope ever since they took over the Vatican back in the 1850’s.

Take care John and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hello doc is henry kissinger a high level illiminati elite.

A: Yes.

Q: Dear Doc, My sister and I recently purchased the DVD on the Bohemian Grove and we wanted to say how blessed we are by your DVD teachings. We have all of them and we watch them over to gain insights on things we may have not caught the first viewing.

All of the videos have been great blessings understanding why things have happened as they have because of the hidden government. We also listen to your interviews through You Tube.

Thanks for your diligence in sharing these truths for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Also asking if there are plans for a future DVD and what the subject may be.

Thanks and God Bless, Carol

A: Thank you ever so much Carol for your kind words; they truly do mean a lot to me.

DVD 12 which is called: "False Flag Over Boston" should be ready for release in the next few months. DVD 13 (Part 1) & DVD 14 (Part 2) are called: "Illuminati gods at the Olympic Games" is presently being worked on. I still have around 10 - 20 more pages to write for DVD 13, which will bring it over the 4 hour mark. Eek! And, DVD 14 is looking to head the same way. Another...Eek! Like the other 2-parters in this series, these will be at the 8-hour mark if not over it. It depends on what can be done during the post-productions phase of it all.

Once I have completed this series, which is called "Secrets of the Illuminati", I have at least 4 more I want to produce which, have roughly, already been outlined. The next series will be called: "The Occult Takeover of the World". It’s shaping up to be about 14 DVDs long also but, we’ll see what the Lord has planned.

You take care Carol and God keep you...Doc!

Q: I wanted to ask your opinion about a photo that I found within my deceased Uncle’s things, in regards to whether it has anything to do with a purposeful manipulation of endtime events.

I found out after my Uncle died that he was a 32 degree Scottish Rite Mason. In his possession were books such as Pike’s ’Morals and Dogma’ and a type of Masonic dictionary.

Even though all of this seemed very odd to me after reading some of it, the thing that really caught my eye was a black and white photo of Jesus returning to Earth in the clouds as He is about to touch down.

Now this may be nothing more than a novelty item. However, after much reading I started wondering who would make copies of something that looked so real? Surely a dedicated Christian would know better than to cause some people to doubt what scripture says about Christ’s return.

I started wondering if by any chance that it was purposely used to cause people to think that Christ already returned... perhaps in the 50’s or so.

First thing that came to mind was two things. Area 51 and this scripture.

Matthew 24:26-27

26 Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not.

27 For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

The good news in all of this, is that some wonderful Christian gave my Uncle a book about the lies of Freemasonry and he left the meetings (even though I feel certain he was still a member) and rededicated his life to Christ.

If you could personally contact me about this, I would appreciate it very much. Thanks for all you do.

A: Without seeing the photo for myself there is no way I can make a honest judgment call on it. Sorry about that.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: hi doc just watching your aliens fallen angels or anti Christ. very interesting just so im clear ur saying the war of the world thing really happens and those things came from mars if so what where they aliens or what? you seem to allude heavily that there are no such thing as greys or aliens the way you describe the man made craft.
also when you talked about Roswell you never mentioned et bodies found in the craft? did that not happen or what? also the greada treaty between the greys and the us government did that happen?. Are you saying all ufos are simply man made because from what iv seen over the years they seem to disappear into thin air suggesting they are inter dimensional. what you position on that?

look forward to your response.

A: All the ones you see nowadays are not grey aliens from outer space. The ones before, which you spoke of, were demons posing as such. As far as were there bodies found at the Roswell crash; so many say there were and so many say there weren’t. The truth is, it doesn’t matter since those UFOs were created by our own government to give the illusion of alien life from outer space. If you’ll recall, this is all simply a 75 year old plan of the Illuminati to cover up the Rapture when it occurs.

Take care and God keep you Michael...Doc!

Q: Doc, I have a follow up question to a previous email: as a regular listener of prophecy in the news, I am aware of the prophecy summit that recently took place, with L.A. Marzulli having been a speaker there. He presents a wildly different viewpoint regarding fallen angels, nephritis and demons from you in that he believes that they are fulfilling a plan for satan to usurp human DNA by genetically creating humanoids that pass for human but are in fact physical bodies for demons. He presents evidence for this is his "Watchers" DVD series. What is your reasoning for believing this is not the case? Thank you for your time and input!

Love in Christ,

A: In my own presentation in DVD 9 & 10 (Aliens, Fallen Angels or Antichrist?) of my series I documented everything with more than 750+ photos, diagrams, charts, original Nazi documents, etc. the 75 year old plan of the Illuminati and how they’re going to cover-up the Rapture with their plan. Considering that the whole of those DVDs are around 8 hours long, you’d have to watch them for the full explanation so that it would all make sense to you; afterall, there is also 14 major sections you would have to go through to see it all. There is no way I can answer your question because it took 8 hours to go through it all on those DVDs.

Take care Mike and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hi Doc just wanted to ask but when the giants died back in genesis were did they go I know that they are left to try to destroy mankind and that they are demons but were did there spirits go

Thanks God bless

A: Like any other spirit, they ended up in hell because they didn’t get saved. Have you watched DVDs 9 & 10 where I explained all of this?

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: dear doc, do you think that Madonna is an illuminati witch? thanks,preacher..

A: No, but she certainly is a puppet of theirs.

Take care John and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Just wondering if you had any knowledge of Queen Elizabeth being in a underground base underneath Denver’s airport!

A: Not to my knowledge.

Q: In short if you could. Did the Elohim’s create us for the purpose of mining gold and your take on the Anunnaki!

A: That’s all part of a myth based on the Sumerian culture which has nothing to do with reality. It was GOD who created Man and NOT a bunch of fallen angels, a.k.a. DEMONS!

Q: Just wanted to get your take on Planet X or Wormwood in the bible. From August through November its passing will bring destruction. Planet dark for 3 days!

A: What scientific evidence do you base the destruction of the world between August through November? And I do mean empirical evidence please.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hi Doc,
I just wanted to write and say bless you. I listened to your interview with Doug Hamp, and while I love his work and have read one of his books, I do not agree with his stance on the Bible version issue. I was rather surprised at the reaction Doug had when the subject was mentioned. The KJV is the only version for me and I come from a family that believes the same way. My father made the comment in the early 70s, when the so called Living Bible came out, that it was not the true Word of God. How right he was! I cannot and will not read any Bible except the KJV...all of the translations have watered down the word of God and left out thousands of God’s words. When I read my KJV, I feel the power of the Holy Spirit...and that power is not in the translations. I believe along with you, that this was done intentionally...and I can tell by your passion for the KJV that you are not going to be giving up the battle. Anyway, I just wanted to say so...I listen to you every time I find
you doing an interview or on YouTube. I pray the Lord richly blesses you in all things.

A: I will NEVER change my stance in regards to the Authorize 1611 King James Translation of the Holy Scriptures. It is a perfect English translation while the other 100+ are nothing but Illuminati perversions designed to create confusion and dissension, along with making sure folks would have an almost near impossible time trying to get saved through those perverted texts.

You take care Mary and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hello doc what is your opinion on pastor Lindsey Williams he claims that he has inside information on the plans of the elite?Have you ever checked out

A: I vaguely remember that name. What is he saying that has you so concerned?

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hi Doc
I was wondering about something that the Bible talks about. So the Bible clearly states in multiple verses about death and how the dead sleep until the second coming of the Lord when he calls the dead up out of the tombs.

Ex- Matthew 27:52
Ex-Isaiah 26:19
Ex-John 5:28

And I was wondering does our spirt go to Heaven or Hell after death and in the last day our spirit returns back to the body for judgment. Or do you sleep untill he comes and wakes us up then judgment.

GOD Bless

A: The spirit goes to Heaven and then shall rejoin the physical body once the Lord comes back during the Rapture of the Church. And, no, it’s NOT "a secret Rapture" since we all know about it. LOL!

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hi Doc
I wanted to ask about resurrection first the bible says in John 5 28-29 and many other examples that when Jesus comes back. The dead in Christ will rise and so on but I was wondering does the spirit go to heaven and then come back to the body on the day of his return or do we wait until he comes back.

A: The spirit resides in Heaven until the day of the Lord’s return and then your body is miraculously brought back together through Christ.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: i recently listened to your interview with the hagmanns on 12-20-12. and some questions were raised in regards to the new town shooting and i think i may, for reasons i can’t explain or yet understand. know some of the things you only discuss with law enforcement. numerically speaking. ive always had a weird thing with numbers. and recently ive been seeing numerjcal patterns non stop. repeats numbers. constantly. i was raised catholic. fell away. and came back. the lord has quickened my pace of understanding in his word. however, the tone in your voice during that time in the interview sounds alot like my concsience when seeing these non stop patterns and numbers. can we talk sometime. i pray we can. take care doc. god bless you.

A: Was there anything in particular that wanted to speak about and, if so, do you wish to email me about it? Please let me know.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hello Doc. My name is Lorie. Just want to say Thanks for all you do and ask you a quick question. I am looking for information on MK ULTRA. Do any of your DVD’s touch on this subject? If so, I would gladly purchase if you can let me know which of your DVD’S to order. Thanks so much!

A: AS of yet, none of them do except in brief mentions because of the topic I was on. However, I can help you with the MK ULTRA programming if that’s what you’re really wanting to know about. Give me a call @: 402-228-9476.

Take care Lorie and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hi Doc,
Just heard you this week on Hagman and Hagman, and Doug Hamps show. I have two questions
-If there is not to be any day placed above the other then why did God provide a sabbath, and Jewish Holy feasts?
-As a Christian from a Reformed background I understand that we are to represent God in all areas of life, don’t we do that by "stealing all the witches holy days" and Christianizing or sanctifying them?
I loved your interviews,
thank you,

A: That was in the Old Testament; that was "The First Covenant" a.k.a. "The Abrahamic Covenant" which was put away when "The Second Covenant" was established, a.k.a. "The Covenant of Grace".

You don’t "represent God in all areas of your life" by "...stealing all the witches holy days". "Theft" is still "theft"! And, besides taking occult holidays and Christianizing them does not make them good nor Godly.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: is gene simmons of KISS an illuminati witch? I dislike that person much the same as I dislike manson;also,squeakey froam,tried to shoot president ford..was she related to the froam family that pastor Lindsey often refers to?thanks ,preacher..

A: No, Simmons just agreed to put out whatever messages the Illuminati wanted KISS to put out. Now, with Squeasky Froam, I really don’t know which family she is related to which Lindsey is referring to. Sorry.

Take care John and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hi Doc
I was just wondering if you have ever heard of the so called NDE experiences. And was wondering what your thoughts are on that and does the occult or satan have anything to do with it. Thanks and God bless

A: Way too long to go into depth but, suffice it to say I am convinced that they are of Satan. Scripture tells us that once the spirit leaves the body it either goes to heaven or to hell. So, I don’t believe the person died completely; we’re talking more of a "clinical death" and not a "biological one".

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Praise God for you, just heard you on an archive show from Hagmann & Hagmann. I had dabbled in the occult at one time and Jesus rescued me from that ugliness. I didn’t realize what I was getting into.

OK, most of my friends are died in the wool Republicans and love the Bush family. I’ve told them about the Bush family being big into the illuminati and my friends just won’t believe me. They especially defend Laura & Barbara Bush and I must admit Laura is very convincing and I have a hard time believing she is involved. However, I have seen many pics of her giving the 2 finger gester that looks like a wave but with the 2 middle fingers down & the index finger and little finger in the air. So my questions are 1)are the Bushes big time members of the Illuminati, including their wives? 2)Is that hand gester an illuminati symbol and what does it mean? 3)Daddy Bush used the phrase "a thousand points of light" often. Is that in reference to the Illuminati and what does it mean? 4)And finally, when will you be back in Branson, Mo? I missed you!

My God bless you and your work,

A: Well, if you wish me to come back and do some sort of seminar in Branson, you’ll have to host a 3 - 5 day seminar, whichever you would want. Now, George Bush Jr. and Sr. are involved in all of these Illuminati matters, but nothing says the wives have to be involved. For the thousand points of light, please refer to DVD 1 in my series because the answer involves quite a number o steps for all of that to make sense.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Doc, in regards to the Bohmemian Grove and Illuminatis’ selection of presidents, what is their process and how do they get around the election process? Is the American voting system "fixed" in order to get Illuminatis selection in office? Also, has any Pope ever attended the Grove?

Thank you, Doc!

A: It would take me many, many pages to answer those questions however, you will find those answers in DVDs 1 and 11. And, to the best of my past experience and knowledge, no Pope has ever been at the Grove.

You take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: A supposedly false truth is posted on your news page. How can we believe anybody if we can’t believe a Christian site? The article was about Pope Benedict resigning stating because he was gay. Here is what the publisher had to say: Originally published last February, the above "news story" is still making the rounds via social media. Before buying into it, folks would be well-advised to check the source, a satirical website called The Daily Currant which states unequivocally on its About page: "Our stories are purely fictional."

A: I’ll check into this. Thank you Kitty and God keep you...Doc!

Q: I just listened to your 3 hour interview on Hagmann and Hagmann and was very impressed. I like to note that the Illunati has their agenda and waits patiently for their plan to come into fruition. They carefully pick their "Frontmen" and place them in the right office at the right time. Yet, the Lord God in Heaven knows all this and more. He is the one that will bring into fruition and in the fullness of time His plan for redemption of His Creation and His people (The Jews and Christians).

Take care and God be with you each and everyday.

A: Can’t argue with that type of reasoning.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: God Bless Doc ......I have been hearing about a power failure set to happen nov 13 2013 and it has to do with the Gov and some kind of a drill their conducting there any truth to this...I pose this question to you because your knowledge of current affairs is much appreciated...thank you

A: And I’ve heard about that and so many other things in the past yet, nothing had happened. One of these days, those "guessers" may actually "guess" right about something. When they can show me "hard-core evidence to back up their claims" I will happily listen to them.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hey Doc,

How are you? I am happy to know you are well and and that the great Lord continues to bless you. My husband and I just got done listening to you on the Hagmann & Hagmann’s show. We support you in everything you do. Later this week we are going to purchase DVDs 9 & 10 & can’t wait to see what you have reveled. We wanted to know your opinion on The Georgia Guidestones & what you believe their purpose is? We have heard many rumors about HAARP, and how it may have been the cause of many natural disaters. We would like your input on the matter. Thank you for your time & hope to hear from you soon.

God bless you always,

Mare & James

A: The Georgia Guidestones were simply put there to get man to think into other areas of thought that they hadn’t considered before. Remember, the guidestones were built in the late 70’s and opened up on March 3, 1980. The guidestones call for the depopulation of hmanity down to half a billion. Back in those days, no one was considering such population controls ideas let alone euthanasia but, the guidestones led us into such new thoughts. etc. They are not part of the Illuminati plans.

The Haarp technology? Sorry, it would take too many pages and hours to try to answer that one. Please look at DVD 6 for that informaiton.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hi Doc, much respect. I’ve noticed there is a group of men that expose the NWO/Illuminati who have the same identifying number of 777. They add it to their url’s and email addresses. These include Steve Quail, Paul McGuire, John Baptist and you. Can you explain this number and why four influential Christian researchers/watchmen/radio hosts represent it? Why did you choose it? Are occultist numbers relative to the individual? Or do they mean what they mean? As you must know, 777 was worn by Aleister Crowley. I’m sick of being lied to. Thanks, Ty

A: My word, talk about reading too much into something. That the othesr have the same "777" is simply coincidental because in biblical gematria, "777" is the number for God!

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Dear Doc-this isnt a question - heard you on H&H for the first time. Know it was the Lord continuing to reveal all those things that have been hidden. Have and will continue to view your website and you tube videos. Cant thank you enough for your courage and brave stance and will keep you H&H et all in prayers for safety and blessings. Count it a privilege that you are my brother in Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. Keep contending for the faith once delivered to the saints and may He keep you in the shelter of the most High God sheltering within His wings...........suzanne

A: Thank you ever so much Susanne for your kind words; they really do mean a lot to me.

You take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Are videogames meant to distract a distinct percentage of the populace?

A: It can distract anyone who spends too much time in them instead of on more important things.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hello :) I know you’ve said a lot of organizations are satan-backed at the top and the lower people don’t have any idea about this. I’m an Amway distributor and so I’m wondering, is Amway satan-inpired at the top? I hope not but thinking about it, it could be.
Thank-you, Nancy

A: I never heard of Amway being connected to the Illuminati in any form or shape when I was in. So, that’s really the best answer I can give you.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hello Mr. Marquis... I have a comment and a question. First and foremost, Thank you for all you do for people who seek the Truth! You are much appreciated sir! My question for you: Can you comment regarding MK ULTRA and the supposedly Satanic Super Soldiers that will be released on the world at Christ’s second and final coming? Is there Truth in this topic? God Bless you and keep you safe.

A: That’s really a hypothesis a lot of folks have put together with no real evidence that could categorically prove such a plan exist. Just because something sounds good on a blackboard doesn’t make it so. Besides, I see nothing that even hints at something like that in any of the prophecies. It says the world will be facing demonic creature and forces, and NOT MK ULTRA super-soldiers. Now, just because something ISN’T mentioned doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen but, in this case, I want to see hardcore evidence of such plans.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Doc, I have a close friend who has been dabbling in tarot cards, and thinks they are not of the occult, can you explain to me how they really work involving the spirits attached to them. how would I best be able to use God’s Word to show this person the truth? This individual is spiritually deceived through art and there anything i can do?

A: The easiest way, Biblically speaking, to witness to them about NOT to touch them is that they are a form of "divination" which is forbidden in the scriptures. Just look up "divination, divinations, divine, etc." in a concordance and you’ll find a ton of stuff to work with.

You take care Geoff and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hi Doc,

Always enjoy listening to you. Heard you last night on Doug and Joe Hagmann’s program. You were talking about dvd’s 8 and 9. I looked through your Dvd’s and new dvd’s and can’t find anything listed like that.

Can you tell me which you were referring to as my husband and I are very interested.

May God continue to bless and protect you.

A: Doug, Joe and I were speaking about DVDs 9 and 10 which are: "Aliens, Fallen Angels or Antichrist?" (Parts 1 & 2), plus we were covering the new DVD 11: "Dark Rites and Rituals at the Bohemian Grove". To find them quite easily, please go to: and the "front page" will load. On the left hand side of the page you’ll see a "task bar" will a number of choices. At the top of that "task bar" the very first, two choices is where you’ll find all the DVDs listed and you can even read full description and watch a trailer.

You folks take care of yourself and God keep you both...Doc!

P.S. If you have anymore difficulties, please feel free to call me @: 402-228--9476.

Q: hello doc marquis i had another question about gen6:4 there were giants in the earth those days This Hebrew word should not have been translated "giants," and is very misleading. This verse should have been translated as follows:

"There were ungodly tyrants in the earth in those days."The word "giants" is from the Hebrew word "nephilim," and means "a BULLY and tyrant. The root word for "giants" is "naphal," meaning "to fall away."

A: I do not use the word "nephal" or "rapha" when dealing with giants because I know their meanings. Those are others who will use such words. however, there are at least 14 races that are clearly identified, by name, as races of giants. The words can denote something that is "huge" or "big" but, I have never seen a translation where they meant "a race of giants".

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: This is a question about the sons of god in gen chapter6 the sons of god having sexual relations with the women at that time period.according to gods word that is impossible.1stcorinthians 15-39,40"All flesh is not the same flesh: but there is one kind of flesh of men, another flesh of beasts, another of fishes, and another of birds. There are also celestial bodies, and bodies terrestrial: but the glory of the celestial is one, and the glory of the terrestrial is another.

A: The flesh of men (a physical body) was something that angels had and still had today. Angels have the ability to have either a physical form or a spiritual one which is constantly confirmed throughout the scriptures. Look at all the times they had manifested to man.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hi Doc,

Have you ever heard of David Owuor? He has about 100 accurate fulfilled prophecies on his website -

Because of his proven track record as a true prophet of God, it is amazing to have him point out that the pale green horse of the apocalypse has already been released on the earth

He also says that he knows who the anti-christ is

perhaps this is extremely weighty material if you haven’t heard of him before, which is why I wanted to send it to you, because the way you have exploited aliens and crop circles was a real light for me. even though I knew it was demonic, I wasn’t crystal clear about the balls of light that make them, but seeing those in haunted houses and graveyards is kind of obvious...haha anyway,

my main question is this - since we seem to already be plunged deeper into the book of Revelation than most people seem to be aware, do you think the mark of the beast will be in English numerals as 666, or will it be in arabic as is being suggested by some now, or will it encompass several languages. I know its hard to know, but to me it doesn’t seem like it requires a great deal of wisdom and understanding to just say well its 666 in the english language for abc reason. what do you think? Even though the arabic assumption requires a sort of calligraphy that requires the word ’Allah’ to be written TWICE, I do think it requires more wisdom and understanding to see it in a fashion like that. thanks.

A: "About" 100% doesn’t make him a genuine prophet of God. It’s either absolutely 100% or nothing at all. And, is he’s saying that the Pale Green Horse of the Apocalypse has already been released, then count him a liar and a false prophet.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: This really isn’t a thing you also overlooked when the pope was elected is that it was 7:06. That also can be looked at as the 6th hour and 66 minute. 666....

A: I knew that and I thought I had mentioned that. Did I actually forget to put that in my article?

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Thought you might be interested in an article on The Rothchild family as published a few days ago on Henry Makow’s website (do you know him?). In this online article there is a clear picture of Baroness de Rothchild’s satanic pendant:
I am praying for you and your good work for Christ, kind regards, Louise

A: Thank you very much for sending this material to me. No, I do not know Henry Makow but when I checked out that web site I did know just about everything on it. I’m really glad to know that others are taking a stance and spreading the truth to everyone who will listen.

Take care Louis and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Doc you are one interesting guy; honestly I still haven’t made my mind up about your credibility BUT I do consider myself a fan and find your talks, if anything, entertaining. Do you have an "official" facebook page? (I noticed several on there but wasn’t sure if it was your actual page or people pretending to be you). What’s your position on evolution? I was reading an earlier post on your Q&A and it kind of seemed that you rejected Darwins theory (or am I mistaken?). Thank you.

A: The easiest way I have always found to determine anyone’s credibility is in the material they present. It is straightforward enough so anyone could understand it? Those who are hiding something will not be straightforward with their materials; they cloud it over by making it vague or trying to sound so lofty no one would dare question them. Does the material present a "true depth" to it or, is it surface knowledge at best? Is the material unique and fresh or, is it the same old blah, blah but wrapped in a different package?

Evolution is a hoax, and a very bad one at that. How can I honestly believe that everything was an "accident" when I see continuity of form and purpose of mind behind creation? Let’s be honest; evolution has more holes in it then Swiss cheese.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Doc, my deaf cousin has all of a sudden found "PEACE" thru this site called "Little Birdy’s Healing Corner"....looks very demonic to me, photos etc....what can you tell me thanks so much...

A: Never heard of that web site so, I really can’t tell you anything about it. Sorry.

Take car and God keep you...Doc!

Q: What do you think about people saying it is necessary to believe in the rapture in order to participate in it?

It is my understanding that a belief in Jesus is the only requisite of participation and being right or wrong about the rapture will not disqualify your ticket.

Thank you for your time.

A: You’re right. Whether or not you believe in the Rapture, or if you hold to a Pre, Mid, or Post perspective has nothing to do with salvation and eventually meeting God face to face. Salvation is what will allow you entry but, the Rapture, or death is what sends you there. Two very separate and distinct events.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: This is Aaron from NH.remember me?1992?I thought you were pretty interesting then.Iam glad to see you have expanded your horizons.I dont believe that you are a fraud.My occult friends turned out to be ToS and Monarch, as well as OTO and TYphonian OTO and a good dose of Solar OTO.I joined for a while.I was very familiarized with the Illuminati card game you see the CIA Illuminati uses them to program the Satanic agents.Ok my question is this whats your problem with Kabbalah its all based on Gematria ?To me the Kabbalah offers the key to All religions .Well if you want to know what I have been doing you can google my name Thomas Aaron Clark CIA....God Bless

A: Ah, my dear friend "Thomas" (cough, cough). The problem with the Kabbalah is that it is based on a rabbinical tradition that is thousands of years old and does stem, indirectly, from the occult. It is believed that if you used the Kabbalah properly by formulating various patterns of numbers and letters you can actually glean hidden information from the mind of God Himself. Scriptures tells us that (God speaking in this verse Thomas): "For my thoughts are not yours thoughts, neither are my ways your ways...". In essence, they disregard the scriptures and do it anyways.

Take care my dear friend and God keep you "Thomas"...Doc!

Q: I have done some small research on the company called Monsanto. What I have gathered so far is that former employees from Monsanto now work for the FDA. As far as food goes, Monsanto seems to be the biggest company out there producing genetically modified foods to other companies. Monsanto seemed to have had the ability to where no individual or company could have a law suite towards Monsanto. More currently the company now seems to be hiring mercenaries for anti-gmo activists. Around 16 other countries have banned Monsanto products, yet America seems to be pushing 100% for them.

What do you feel is Monsanto’s overall goal for these "extreme" actions? The first thing that comes to my mind is population control / depopulation and Agenda 21 related events. Is there more to this company than that or something bigger to them?

A: You’re right; Monsanto is about population control because, when the NWO is in place, we will get the Monsanto food while the elite will get the good stuff. And the ONLY reason they’re untouchable (possibly even legally now) is because of Obama who wrote into law that Monsanto can’t be sued. though, that really is up to the courts.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: hi doc ...i have a question in reference to the black pope....their is an individual who goes by the name of Michael tsarion who says Count Hans kolvibach is the black pope there any truth to this...I would appreciate your input ...thank you doc and God Bless

A: No, he isn’t!

Q: I’m a Master Mason. Please tell me why you dislike us. I personally pray in Jesus’ name and find nothing wrong with them.

A: I personally have nothing against anyone in the Mason, it’s the Masonic religious system I have everything against, especially since in their own writings they worship Lucifer, the name of Christ means nothing to them, the Bible is only so much furniture, Christ doesn’t guarantee you entrance into Heaven, only Masonic oaths and following Masonic obligations can this be accomplished, etc. etc.

I would strongly suggest you get DVD 4 called "Magick, Mysticism and Masonry" which is part of my series. Please go to: and look under the DVD section you may view the trailer and such.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

P.S. As a member of the Blue Lodge you have only began to take the smallest glimpse into Masonry. Leave now and save yourself so much trouble and heartache down the road.

Q: Hey Doc! i just found about you a couple of weeks ago and I’m soaking in all that you’re talking about! I appreciate you talking straight and wish there were more like you out there in the church. I was a pastor about 15 yrs ago and left because the Senior pastor was bringing in secular teachers to sunday school to teach EVOLUTION! and he and his children were into Magic cards. As a result I left the church in that capacity because the denomination didn’t want to discuss it or support me even though their seminaries taught against it. This was an evangelistic denom and can’t believe where it went.

Anyway,I’m interested in knowing what what plans do the Iluminati have for us up to 2025 in general plans. You said when you were with them, they had plans up to that time period, so wondering outside of the financial collapse what else to expect.

Also, have you heard of the Lucifer telescope the Vatican uses in Arizona and their research on waiting for an "messiah" from the alien world? The times are truly evil and people I’m sure people will accept it as truth though it’s satan himself!

I have lots of questions for you. Please keep up the awesome work you’re doing for Christ!!!

A: Why don’t you give me a call @: 402-228-9476 because it would take way too long for to answer them via email.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

P.S. And I really feel terrible over everything that had to you at that other choice. God led you to leave, it seems to me, for something much better!

Q: Hello Doc, thanks for being there answering.
I’m a young woman from Barcelona in Catalonia just discovering your works, I just wanted to know about the reptilians, is it true? THANK YOU!

A: No. I know there are a lot out there who says there are reptilian races out there, etc. mainly purported by David Icke, but it’s nonsense. With all of the so-called sightings, why isn’t there even the tiniest bit of DNA that I could examine and use to determine if there was another such race as them? And with today’s highly sophisticated CGIs anyone could make something look good. But, looking good is one thing, what about the evidence and could it stand up to medical examinations and tests?

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hey Doc how are you? wanted to ask you what are your thoughts on guys like alex jones and mark dice they also know a lot about the new world order and illuminati. I know mark dice is not saved but what do you think about the info they are putting out there?

A: I wish I knew for certain but, like so many, I’m just not sure. Sometimes Alex Jones appears to be what he claims to be, and then other times he just comes off as a sensationalist wanting attention. At this point, I really can’t tell. sorry.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Dear Doc,
This morning, 4 July 2013, the day after president Morsi of Egypt has been forced to step down, I saw a photo on an online newspaper, showing an Egyptian demonstrator wearing a so called Guy Fawkes mask. These masks are worn a lot these days, all around the world, e.g. by young people of the Occupy (Wall Street) Movement. It has by now become a global symbol of resistance.
At first sight it looks like a good movement uniting young people to peacefully demonstrate against the establishment and for social justice.
But I think it is also a frightening sight, all these anonymous people wearing a black and white face mask with a grim smile, stating texts like, "Knowledge Is Free. We Are Anonymous. We Are Legion. We Do Not Forgive. We Do Not Forget. Expect Us".
Doesn’t sound very peaceful, let alone Christian! It reminds me of course of Mark 5,9, where Jesus asks a demon possessed man, "What is thy name?" The answer is, "My name is Legion: for we are many".
What is your opinion on this in the framework of the prophetic Word of God? Am I right to think that this is all part of a mass revolutionary (communist) movement among naive young people who are being deceived by the illuminati?
And thank you very much for your good work! God bless, Louise

A: The deception is of Satan but, it is carefully planned and orchestrated by his puppets in the Illuminati. I personally believe that this type of unrest points us very clearly to just how close the End Times are. Let’s not forget that the antichrist takes us his so-called mantle of power and authority when the whole world does end up in such turmoil (Rev. 13:1). I genuinely believe this is a precursor to such events.

Take care Louis and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Doc...I am going to mention you again if that’s OK, along with Natural News. The intent is to raise your readership. And get your name out there Thanks. Also....never forget about the Veterans Pension. Bill.

A: Alright William. Do what you believe you should. You take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hello Doc,
Do you think that the reborn Christians that will be in heaven after the rapture, will be aware of what is happening on earth during that period of the Great Tribulation?

A: We will be way too busy for that brief time (7 years) to pay attention to anything going on earth. We each will have to an account of what we did in our lives for His service, then we have a Wedding Supper to attend to, then we have to prepare for battle, and then we come down with Christ for the Battle of Armageddon. We’re going to be too busy before we come down to notice.

Take care and god keep you Louis...Doc!

Q: Is there any connection with the CN tower in Toronto Ontario with the Illuminati? The reason I ask is that if you would count the stairs leading up to the top, there are 1,776 steps. Thank you, and may Yahweh richly bless you Mr. Marquis.

A: As I recall it’s the tallest free-standing building in the Western Hemisphere but, I also believe it has a minaret at the top (an Islamic style of building), much like the one we now have on the Freedom Tower. It should have a rotating restaurant like "The Space Needle" at the Sea-Tac Mall in Washington state. It was built 200 years after the Illuminati had been officiated in 1776, but I just can’t recall how many steps there are. If I do remember correctly, you are right in that it DOES have 1776 steps; also another obvious connotation there. However, as far as my memory goes, it was important to the Illuminati but I don’t remember the whole of it. But, that is how much I can recall.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: hi doc, thank you very much for telling us the truth and working for the lord, i have a nephew who plays a game called magic the gathering , i think its witchcraft and the work of the devil, he said it just a game, what is your input on this game? thank you very much doc and god bless you , cathy

A: The card game, "Magic: The Gathering" is based upon using magic, magical creatures, spells, etc. It seems innocent enough but, that’s how it always begins Cathy. I would take them away from him.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: My name is Roy and I live in Norway. Do you know who Joel Richardson is?

He believe that the biblical Antichrist will comes from the middle east and that he will be a Muslim and that Gog is the name of Antichrist, and that the events that takes place in Ezekiel 38 and 39 are in fact the same thing that takes place in Revelation 19.

Joel Richardson has this website.: and I have order some very interesting and revealing dvd’s from his website.

I will tell you some information from the dvd’s that is called.: ISLAM & the end times Part 2.

Revelation 17:11.:

And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.

Identifying the beast empire from Revelation 17:11.

The traditional position of identifying the beast empire.:

The Revived Roman Empire

The Islamic position of identifying the beast empire.:

The Islamic Empire
Revived Islamic Empire

I think this information is very interesting and revealing. The traditional position of identifying the beast empire has just 7 empire, and that is not biblical, but the Islamic position of identifying the beast empire has 8 empire and that is biblical.

Joel Richardson believe that Antichrist: His religion and his empire will come out of the middle east and it will be Islamic in nature.

The peoples that come and destroy the temple in 70 A.D were the romans and thus the romans are the people of the antichrist. The romans in history were the Italian.

Traditional position of the antichrist.:

He will rise out of the heartland of the old Roman empire and that he will be of Italian descent...
both Jerusalem and the Jewish Temple were destroyed by the Romans in 70 A.D Therefore according to Daniel, the Antichrist must be of Roman heritage.

But Joel Richardson tell that historical facts tell a different story.

The Roman Legions that destroyed Jerusalem were roman citisence etnical speaking they were Syrians, and arabs and history thoroughly testifies this fact.

Roman Legions that destroyed Jerusalem

Legion 5: Syria/Judea
Legion 10: Asia Minor/Syria/Judea
Legion 15: Syria/Judea
Legion 12: Asia Minor/Syria

Some from the

Legion 18: Egypt
Legion 3: Egypt

Revelation 13:8.:

And all that dwell upon the earth (ge) shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

Greek:ge: means territory, region, a land enclosed with fixed boundaries.

Jesus Christ shall rule the whole globe

Revelation 11:15.:

The kingdoms of this world (kosmos) are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.

Greek:kosmos: means the world, universe, circle of the earth (the whole globe)

Here is evidence from the Bible that the Bible uses expressions.

Mark 1:5.: And there went out unto him ALL the land of Judea, and they of Jerusalem, and were ALL baptized of him in the river of Jordan, confessing their sins.

Did litterally every citizen from Judea and Jerusalem get baptized by John? Or only a great number of them?

Daniel 2:36-38

This is the dream; and we will tell the interpretation thereof before the king. Thou, O king, art a king of kings: for the God of heaven hath given thee a kingdom, power, and strength, and glory. And wheresoever the children of men dwell, the beasts of the field and the fowls of the heaven hath he given into thine hand, and hath made thee ruler over them all. Thou art this head of gold.

Daniel 4:1.:

Nebuchadnezzar the king, unto ALL people, nations, and languages, that dwell in ALL the earth; Peace be multiplied unto you.

Ezra 1:2

Thus saith Cyrus king of Persia, The Lord God of heaven hath given me ALL the kingdoms of the earth; and he hath charged me to build him a house at Jerusalem, which is in Judah.

Neither Nebuchadnezzar or Cyrus rule the whole world/every country of the world, just a territory, region, a land enclosed with fixed boundaries. Can the same be true of the kingdom of the Antichrist?

Conclusion: So is it not true that the biblical antichrist is not to rule over every country on this earth, but just a territory, region, a land enclosed with fixed boundaries? Yes, I think it is documented that the Illuminati are working for a new world order and that the whole world will be transformed into a world government, but is that biblical? Yes, Satan is the God of this world, and he desire and work for a world government, but is it biblical and will God allow it? Once Lucifer wanted to be like God, but that wanted of Lucifer were not met. Can the same be true of Satan’s plans for this new world order? Satan wants a world government, but is God just allow Antichrist to be the ruler of some or many country in the middle east and some in Africa?

A: The Antichrist will not be able to secure every nation under his control which is why he starts a lot of wars. Now, I don’t believe anyone knows who this antichrist person is going to be. There are a lot of guesses and speculations running rampant out there but, there is nothing which can conclusively point that so-and-so is the coming antichrist.

Take care Roy and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Sorry for not leaving my name before, I’m Alex. I also have a question about the reading of the Apocrypha and the Book of Jasher. Do you think its all right.

I hope and pray God’s blessings. and keep up the fascinating work. I do appreciate the work like you and Texe Marrs do.


A: They’re not canonical books so, you’ll have to make up your own mind about that one.

Take care Alex and God keep you...Doc!

Q: hi doc their any truth to project blue beam and does it have anything to do with the new world order....God Bless

A: You’ll need to be more specific than that considering I could speak for weeks on that alone.

Take car and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hi Doc, Thank you for your dedication to these studies and the teaching of them.
Do you have special package to buy all your dvd’s.

A: Yes. Just give me a call @: 402-228-9476 and I’ll tell them to you.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Did the Illuminati ever make an attempt on your life?

A: Of course. I’ve lost count after 34 years now.

Take care and God keep you Brion...Doc!

Q: Hi Doc, are the western nations allowing a mass increase of Muslim immigrants to create some type of civil war in the future? particularly in Europe. I think there will be a holy/cultural war launched within these western nations which will precipitate marshal law and giving away of freedoms. what is the story with this massive increase in Muslim immigration?

A: I’ve already been warning folks about such a possibility, especially since such an incident has been part of the Illuminati’s plans since the 60’s. Whether or not it will be the Muslims that cause this, I’m not certain. But it does fit in with the pattern.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hi Doc

I live in New Zealand, i have heard that our little country could be a hiding ground for the Illuminati now or in the future? And what are their plans for this small country?

God bless you.

A: Your country is not the hiding spot for the Illuminati. They live wherever they want because no one knows who they are. As far as future plans for it; like any other...a complete takeover by the New World Order.

Take care Andrew and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Doc, May I ask you a personal question? When did you first realize that the Illuminati was not what you wanted, and when and where did you get saved...Thank you.

A: I got saved on April 15, 1979 after Christians had witnessed to me for 3 years. That’s how I realized how very wrong I had been.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Why did GOD make man?

A: To love them, and so that they could love Him in return. Angels, the first of God’s creation, served God but, He wanted us to freely love Him and to choose Him by our own free will.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hello Doc,

have you had a chance to take a close look at the London beheading incident of May 22nd? It appears to be another false flag. I know you would give a truthful evaluation and I would love to know what you think. Here’s the link:

A: I am looking into this and something is fishy and terribly wrong.

Q: does the illuminati have anything to do with what happened in benghazi? thank you

A: I don’t have enough information at this point to say conclusively that the Illuminati is or isn’t involved. But, it certainly does appear that they may have had a hand in it.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hi Doc please answer something for me. I had johovah witnesses saying to my friend that michael the archangel is jesus because he comes down to fight with satan in the book of revelation. I don’t believe that is true. what is your opinion of this statement. thanks Ellie

A: It’s all rubbish!

Q: praise the Lord Doc..did the events at benghazi have anything to do with the aluminati and if so why....thank you

A: To long to explain here. Suffice it to say, this is part of the overall NWO agenda unfolding before us.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hi Doc.

How is China, Russia and Japan play into to this are they part of the Illuminati? why wouldn’t you celebrate Christmas? what do you thinks about Buddish religion?

We need more people like you Doc.

A: China and Russian play a definitive role in the future prophecies as being identified as the prophetical entities known as "Gog and Magog" and form a coalition to march against Israel to take it over or destroy it. Read Ezk. 38 & 39 for this. Why wouldn’t I celebrate Christmas? For all of the answers please refer to DVD 2 in my series called "America’s Occult Holidays". The "Buddish" religion, as you put it, holds many beliefs that were derived from the occult one. One quick example is that of "reincarnation" though there are a lot than just that. I would advise you do an in-depth study and compare it to the beliefs in the occult world for you to see all of the answers.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: hi ya doc .....are mermaids real?

A: Um, no. God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hi Doc!

My name is Roy and I live in Norway. I think this youtube teaching from Pastor Mike Hoggard about the danger of the hebrew roots movement is very good!

A: Thank you Roy. I know it is because Mike it my pastor.

Take care Roy and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hi Doc

i’m from South Africa and we are slandered by the Pentecostal churches in the country but that is not my query or question.

I noticed in one of you videos that the Club of Rome has divided South Africa and Namibia in one region. I watch quite allot of movies and have noticed over the years on how many times references have been made to South Africa.

My one friend who got me back to the Lord by giving me videos on the nonsense of evolution and spurred me on to do my own research has a theory on that.

He says that South Africa is one of the few countries where the Catholics do not have a foothold. This is true but mosques are popping up like mushrooms and not small one either. In the region where i stay people accept that most of the shops are closed between 12 and 2 due to the fact that the Muslims are ’’praying’’.

During your time when you were still in the Illuminati, was there any specific plans they had for South Africa and Namibia?

Thank you so much for your dedication on exposing the lies.

God Bless

A: South Africa, along with certain countries that are being purposely left in a state of poverty, are areas where the Illuminati were to experiment with certain chemicals and drugs so that they could measure population control. They have been using such chemical and drugs to see how fast of a mortality rate they could achieve for future usage. Gruesome and barbaric to say the least but, the Illuminati are precisely that.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hi Doc

Firstly thank you for answering my question in regards to baptism. I was curious to know if you have any plans to do a seminar over here in England anytime? It would be great to see you in person.

God Bless


A: Ooh, considering there is such a huge number of people in England who uses my materials, I would love to but, you folks would have to host it. It would be very easy for you good folks to do and I could show you how easy it is. Should you want to, please call me @: 402-228-9476 or email me.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: GENERALLY,(emphasis added) why does the city each sitting president is from become the murder capital of the country while they are in office? Does this have anything to do with the occult, conjuring, releasing devils, etc according to your knowledge? Thank you for all you do!

A: Please come up with a list of the 44 Presidents and their home cities. Then, I can compare the timelines of each to see if what you’re saying is spot on or not. If, as you stated, it has happened with every single one of them, I’ll have to look for an occult connection.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Dear Doc Marquis,

Have you seen the information in ?

There are still vestiges of this in Poland. Is the article accurate?

In Christ,

A: How are you doing today Gerard? Fine, I pray.

I am very familiar the various aspects of the "wild man" stories but, when I put together "America’s Occult Holidays" (DVD 2 in my series) I really didn’t need to put it in at the time because I had enough variations from other cultures across the globe. And, yes, various aspects of the Wild Man I’ve heard still go on to this very day in remote parts.

Take care Gerard and God keep you...Doc!

Q: hey doc just found your update to april 15.thanks for pointing out april 28. alex jones never mentioned that minortid bit of information. my question is can the fed. be brought up on charges such as economic treason? thanks for all you do...

A: They could be brought up on charges but I doubt it would go anywhere.

God keep you John...Doc!

Q: Hi, this is not really a question but a reply to The “Boston Marathon Race Bombing”, April 15, 2013, i can’t believe no one has caught this yet but in the turban cowboy episode, i watched it yesterday, at the very end after he helps stop the terrorist from blowing up the bridge, he pulls out that cell phone again and makes a call and the bridge blows, sooo actually there was 3 explosions...just like in boston (the 3rd explosion at the library)now that IS really odd! just thought you would like to know, thanks for your time...jim

A: Yeah, I noticed that also but I’m not really certain about that which is why I just left that part alone. Shrug.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Doc,do you think that maybe the Illuminati are the masterminds behind the Boston Marathon Bombing?You know,they always have their signature on events like this,if we can recognize the signs or numbers associated.Check out this video on You Tube.Here’s the link:
See the telltale signs
Would like to hear your comments
Thank You
God Bless

A: I’ve already posted an article about this on my web site @: under the section called "The Illuminati Playing Cards". Please read the article there.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: I was almost convinced that you may have something going on here, until I read your links for Attack on the 2nd amendment.

I know the saying "guns don’t kill people, people kill people" but another quote continues "but damn does it makes it easier".

I find it difficult for those who feel that they should be able to own an assault rifle, with 100 round drums, "to protect themselves", but at the same time feel that countries such as N Korea shouldn’t have that same right, makes almost no sense.

Everyone has the right to defend themselves from perceived threats, I am guessing real or not, most likely not.

The Illuminati is not real, and I can take any terrorist incident and wiki connections to any group I feel, even the boy scouts...

A: Then everyone in history, including the German courts who tried the Illuminati, are all incorrect in their history and the thousands of historical warnings about the Illuminati. You are ent8itled to believe what you wish to be.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Doc: In your article on Pope Francis, you stated the following: " And, because I am convinced the Church will be going through the Pre-Tribulation Rapture, we may never find out who this False Prophet is going to be until we come down in victory with Christ towards the end of the Battle of Armageddon." Did you mean that the Church will "not" be going through the Tribulation?

A: Precisely. The Bride of Christ, (the Church) will be taken away before the tribulation to the Marriage Super of the Bride (Christ).

Take care and God keep you...Doc!


A: No.

God keep you John...Doc!

Q: Hello, Doc! My name is Patty and I’ve just started watching your DVDs--I am purchasing them all! I enjoy your format of the show very much. I heard you are going to create DVDs series on the Occult? Will they be available on your web site? I have been buying your stuff on Tom Horn’s website. Thank you.

A: Yes, DVD 11 is called "Dark Rites and Rituals at the Bohemian Grove". Lord willing it’ll be available by the end of June of the beginning of July.

Take care Patty and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Doc, on one of your latest Blog-talk programs, you mentioned DVD 9 and 10. I have tried to locate these two videos but cannot find them. Can you help me? Thanks.

A: Please go to: and once you’re on the front page, look to the left and you’ll see a task bar. The first two choices have all of my DVDs but, the second one has DVDs 9 & 10. Click on the images and you’ll get a full description along with a trailer for any of the DVDs.

Take care and God keep you Mack...Doc!

Q: Is it permisssable to practice the THE Second BOOK OF THE HOLY MAGIC,
according to christian doctrine.

A: Absolutely not!

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hi,

We ordered a video on 3-15-13 and were just checking on the shipping status.

Gene Lancaster

A: I was in NM at the time so there could’ve been a mix-up. Wait until the end of the week Gene and, if the order still hasn’t come, please send me your name and full mailing address along with the DVDs you ordered, and I will personally ship them out to you.

Take care Gene and God keep you...Doc!

Q: doc , i heard u on omegaman, and i was wondering what the iluminati
has in store for the
economy and how its going to play out.

at this point a lot of people think theres going to be a catastrophic colapse
thnx robert

A: As I’ve often stated over past couple of years, the timeline for the Illuminati calls for a major financial disaster to occur between the years 2013 - 2018. When I originally saw this timeline back in the mid-70’s, the Illuminati hadn’t decided which country they were going to use, because it was so far down the road at that time, but they’re planning on causing a major economically disaster of such proportions that it’ll face other nations around the world to come and, for the first time in history, seriously consider creating a one world currency so nothing like this can happen to anyone else again.

Take care and God keep you Robert...Doc!

Q: Doc, I find your insight very informative and greatly appreciate your DVD’s. I have not seen the last two yet so hope you have not answered this question on those DVD’s. I also follow Chis Pinto and find his work very informative. You address the Illuminati and deal with their deceptions. Chris Pinto talks about the Jesuits and talks of their deception and evil. Could you explain to me how these groups are connected, who has higher ranking, and if or what the relationship is between these two groups? Thanks, David

A: In a nutshell, the Illuminati took over the Vatican back in the 1850’s and the Popes (including the Jesuits) have been following their orders ever since.

Take care and God keep you David...Doc!

Q: I would like to support your work but do not have paypal. Can I send a personal check? Thank you and May God keep Blessing the work he’s called you to do.

A: If you would like to Jeff, and I would greatly appreciate it.

Please send your check to:

Doc Marquis
1108 N. 12th St.
Beatrice, NE 68310

Take care Jeff and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hi. I’ve noticed that you know a lot about ancient Babylonian religion. I’ve a question regarding some Babylonian deities with regards to Ezekiel 38.
In Turkey there is a place called Bagog (in the 5th century AD this place was called Bet-Gaugal or Beth-Gawgal).
Andrew Palmer in his book “Monk and mason on the Tigris frontier: the early history of Tur Abdin” states:
"It is possible, that the ancient name Beth-Gawgal, which we find attached to the escarpment which looks southwards onto the Mesopotamian plain, may be evidence of the cult of an Assyrian deity*)49. Aramaic inscriptions copied in Midyat, Hesno d-Kifo and Sari yield some theophoric names and a date which Pognon interprets as c.200BC.
Gugal or gugallu means ‘inspector of canals’ in Akkadian and is used as a title for the weather-god and for Abad, who is called ‘gugallu of heaven and earth’.”
Also I’ve read that gugal was one of the 50 names of the babylonian god marduk.

Is it possible that this title was a variant of the name/title of Gog?
If you have any knowledge of the name gugallu/gugal, could you tell me more about it or point me to where I can find further information?

A: Gog and Magog (many people get these 2 confused) are the original names for China and Russia. It is these 2 nations which, as you pointed out in Ezk. 38:1-6 that shall come down in an attempt to take over Jerusalem but it "Divinely" delivered.

I would suggest looking on-line for more info because there are way too many for me to possibly recommend.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: hello doc, do you think that Hillary c. was born into an illuminati family? thanks,preacher.

A: No, though I believe she was recruited decades ago. As best as my memory services, that’s how she became a part of it all. Bill, on the other hand, had some sort of family ties which, quite honestly, it’s been so long I just can’t recall right now.

Take care John and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hi Doc, It seems like I can never get a straight answer with this question whether I research it or ask a Pastor. Is Lucifer and Satan the same entity? Thank you!

A: Yes. Satan’s original name was Lucifer before he fell. That’s it! Nothing more beyond that. If anyone says anything contrary to that; count them as a liar!

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Doc, I have been learning to recognize the occult symbols that have been popularized in pop culture. I have had a bit of trouble finding out about the specific occult meaning of the skull and skull and crossbones. I know those in particular i see every where from tattoos to clothing and based on what I know it never represents anything good. I do know the reference to Golgotha. Is there a specific demon or occult power behind either of them? Do these symbols retain power even though the individual doesn’t believe,and just think it looks cool?

A: It’s simply a very old symbol used by pirates as a warning to those who crossed their paths. There’s really nothing more to it.

God keep you Geoff...Doc!

Q: Is there a connection between the new pope and "Peter the Roman"?

A: I will be answering that question on my "Mailing List" on my web site @: when I get home from doing a 5 day seminar in NM.

Take care Charla and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hi Doc, been reading The Cutting Edge articles since early 2000s when I first came across your name. I’ve since watched videos of you and read on other articles where you were cited, and I must say the information and advice you’ve provided has been such a blessing!

There is one comment you made in one of the videos though that puzzles me: I’m sure you’re familiar with Brice Taylor, an ex-MK-Ultra Monarch. She claims that she had been a sex slave to Bob Hope, Henry Kissinger, George Bush, Nelson Rockefeller, Gerald Ford - and Ronald Reagan. I remember in one video you mentioned that, because the U.S. had Reagan as president, the country prospered during his time because he was a Christian. How could this be if he had been pointed out as a prominent figure among the U.S. government pedophiles? I myself believe that the 1980s was an artificial prosperity period, just like the period before the big Wall Street of 2008.

Thanks Doc and may the Holy Spirit continue to bless and protect your ministry.

- Rose

A: I didn’t point out Ronald Reagan because all the information on him being a pedophile is based on hearsay. Now, should I receive documentation, or anything even close to that which does point to him being a pedophile, I would examine to the teeth and make an honest conclusion based on such evidence.

Take care Rose and God keep you...Doc!

Q: The question I have is what are the different levels of or to preist hood and beyond and where can a person start to learn the first level class,books,online or travel?

Thanks for your hard work and God bless.

A: I’m really not sure what you’re asking me. Would you please rephrase your question?

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hello Doc, I just finished watching DVD’s 9 and 10 in your series and they really help explain the alien/UFO conditioning and deception going on. I am currently watching the TV show V. In the show there are 29 large ships that hover over major cities in the world. Does this number 29 have any occultic symbology? Patrick

A: Not really Patrick. Out of curiosity though, are you watching the old V t.v. series, or the new one?

Take care Patrick and God keep you...Doc!

Q: I know that you have a medical background and I have a question about doctors and how they can be detected as illuminati members. I have a condition called endometriosis and recently had a lapaoroscopic surgery to see how bad things were and they were very bad. I have to have a second surgery in a few months to have a complete hysterectomy. My surgeon has been pushing and pushing for me to take an injection called Lupron to stop my cycle. However, my research on this drug turned up very bad reviews. many people have been permanently disabled from taking these injections. I really do not see the how this drug will help me only harm me. Yet my doctor is trying EVERYTHING to get me to take the shot. Now I am frightened. How can I handle this situation and how do I know if this doctor is part of a program that I do not want to support? Thanks for all the information you give.

A: I would remind your doctor that you determine at any given time, what you will or not take. Remind him you pay him to provide and service and that you expect him to provide a service on your terms and not his. You’re paying for a service and if he can’t provide for it under your terms, you tell him you will find someone else who will provide the correct service. And you must tell him about your concern with those drugs and that he is to find a different and safer solution. If he can’t, or won’t, then find someone else who will.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hi doc,I have heard you on a few radio talk shows and thank god for what you are doing in waking us up about what is really going on,I just wish more Christians would listen! I would like to know when you’re DVD witchcraft in the churches is coming out..i also would like to know when you got saved did you have to go through alot of deliverance because of your background?may god bless you and keep you always and I will pray for you,love in Christ,dee

A: If I have the money Dnajera, I will be able to start producing the next series (with witchcraft at the beginning of it) by next year. No promises, but I will try.

God delivered me the moment I got saved; a most "unusual exception" to the rule as far as I understand deliverance. But, the problem back then was..."There was no one doing deliverances because no one really believed in them". And, nowadays, most people are doing it wrong anyways and wondering why they aren’t getting results, or any results that are lasting ones. That’s really the long and short of it; nothing really more to it than that.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Is Mike Hoggard still your pastoral covering? He has lambasted Messianic Judaism and also Sid Roth of "It’s Supernatural". How can you align yourself with someone who so severely criticizes a fellow believer in Yeshua? Thank you for your informative DVD’s and all that you do.

A: First of all, I have not heard Mike say such things, though I have no reason to doubt you. All I can say is that I’ll look in these matters and make a decision from there.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hi Doc, Thank you for your reply. I only just got it because it was in my junk folder for some strange reason. Then when I moved it to my in box, it disappeared! Fortunately, I did read it first and hopefully, can remember what you said. Did you know that Cathy’s book ’Trance-formation of America’ was originally written as testimony for the courts and was indeed used in court where the verdict was that it could be taken no further ’for reasons of national security’? The information was never passed over as lies or fabrication. It’s interesting that you never came across the MK Ultra ’Project Paperclip’which Chuck Mizzler claims is a fact. Are the Illuminati operations perhaps compartmentalised so that even the elite are denied access to everything for reasons of control through secrecy? I trust your information and I discern a spirit of honesty and integrity. The Lord has been preparing me all my life for Warfare and making me a tough nut to crack, though at times it seemed I did, ha! I am very encouraged and inspired by your amazing and intelligent ministry, straight to the point, remarkably informative and fascinatingly deep without being heavy. God bless you and your wonderful work. Janet

A: I know of "Operation Paperclip" which I have written about in DVDs 9 & 10 of my series. Since I have never met nor spoke with Cathy there is no way I can validate anything she says one way or the other. But, I am well aware of the MK Ultra Programs and "Operation Paperclip". And the elite have full access to whatever they want to look at and examine so, that was never a problem for me when I was.

Take care Janet and God keep you...Doc!

Q: I practice martial arts for self defense, the ones that instruct me don’t teach zen or Buddhist etc. religion, should I avoid any oriental type fighting teqniques , because of where they came from? Thanks, pray for me for direction, I’m praying Gods blessing and help for you. really appreciate your dedication.

A: If you’re solely practicing one of the various forms of martial arts for self-defense or health reasons, I see no reason to stop, especially when I consider 40% of adults are overweight, and many being morbidly obese. So, if you’re doing for the reasons I had given, there’s no problem that I can see.

Take care Rick and God keep you...Doc!


The link above is the link regarding moving of the papal throne to Jerusalem. If it is moved there...and now that we are aware the upcoming Pope is to be the final anti-christ pope...wouldn’t that mean that he would "rule" from Jerusalem and also be the abomination spoken of in Revelation? I would love to hear your input on this subject.
Thank you for all the work you do to serve Yahweh!
Yahweh bless you and yours.

A: The "Antichrist" will be the one who "rules from Jerusalem". The Pope (the future false prophet) will be the one who hands over to him the One World (occult) Religion which solidified his (the Antichrist) hold over the whole of the world.

The "Abomination of Desolation" occurs the exact, split second when the Antichrist sits on the throne in the Third Temple (the rebuilt temple of Jerusalem) and proclaims himself to be God.

I hope this answered all of your questions. Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: I just went through your conspiracy con review and then their site. They have some occult people running the convention and I’m wondering why and how you’re so enthralled and supportive? Is it the rest of the speakers? I’m really curious as to how your passion is reaching the world for Christ and warning of the Illuminati could be supportive of occult(my impression from their website) gatherings? Am I missing something or misinterpreting something?
Thanks for your time,

A: Both Neal. As I explained to someone last week, some Christian who’s not afraid of the occult must go into places like that and first, put out the truth about what’s really going on out there. Most of those people may never hear a Christian stand up and speak the truth, and the message I put out is NOT solely for the Christian world; it must needs be for everyone. Second, Christ went and ate and preached to the sinners and not to those who thought they were above board. Third, and what wasn’t shown on any of those DVDs is the fact that someone in the occult had come up to and we began a chat behind my table. The end result was, God allowed this sinner (me) to witness to them and they genuinely got saved. I’ve been in contact with that person every now and then just to check on their walk with the Lord, and on last report, they finally found every occult item in their home and threw them all out. God be Praised!

So, now you can better understand why I speak at those places. People need to hear the whole truth, no matter who they are or where they may be and, God be praised, I do have many opportunities to witness to folks and see many saved.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Long time fan, I know you only use the KJV 1611 Bible version, so do I, I was just wondering which Bible version do most former satanist turned Christian use and why do most of them choose that particular Bible version after coming out of the occult?

A: It’s the one that the Illuminati know is the true version and that the others they created in the 70’s and after all perversions because they made them that way. They know the Authorized KJV 1611 will definitely lead a person to salvation.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: I was just wondering, regarding the Illuminati - why do they hide their symbols everywhere? When watching your videos, specifically the ones about the layout of Washington DC, I keep thinking that it does look rather strange, but then I have to ask myself - why would they even go to the trouble? I thought they wanted to keep their business a secret.

Nobody has ever really answered this for me. I would love to hear what you have to say. Thanks!

A: Understand, they do those thing to "mark their territories". In other words, this shows that such and such place has been claimed for Lucifer. That’s the straight and short of it; they’re simply marking the territories they have claimed for Lucifer.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hello Doc. I heard you on the Hagman & Hagman show in December. You mentioned the the Illuminati has plans for South Africa, please can you expound on that, as I live in South Africa. Many thanks Dawn. God bless.

A: Suffice it to say S. Africa has been designated where they test most of their new virulent diseases to see just how deadly they truly are.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hi Doc,
What is the relationship with the Illuminati(specifically their religion) and the woman/Mystery Babylon of Revelation 17-18?

A: The Illuminati are the powers that will allow the occult religion (Mystery Babylon) to take over the world since theirs is an occult religion based on worshiping Lucifer.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hi Doc, I live in Australia and have become increasingly concerned with America’s meddling in our country. Our current Prime Minister not so long ago replaced our Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in an internal coup which I believe was instigated from Washington. After our new Prime Minister stepped in, it wasn’t long before Obama turned up to announce there would be US troops stationed in the top end of our country increasing in numbers over the coming years. Then recently Hillary Clinton turns up in Perth Western Australia to announce that a whole lot of radar tracking satellite dishes would be placed in our desert. What on Earth is being planned for Australia? Seeing we are a Commonwealth country.

A: Commonwealth state or no, the fact of the matter is that they’re creating the 10 Super-Nations of the World which is prophesied in the Books of Daniel and Revelation. Yours’, and I would have to check my own notes, should be Super-Nation #4 or 5. And, yes, it was a coup and, no, it wasn’t Obama who did this (he’s too big of a moron to lace his own shoes), but, it was the Illuminati who have been working on these 10 Super-Nation ever since they created "The Club of Rome". All this information is in DVD 3 and 6 of my series. If you would like more information, please go to my web site and reverence them @:
Take care femail8 and God keep you now...Doc!

Q: Pastor Steven Anderson and his DVD "After The Tribulation" was featured on the Friday edition of The Alex Jones Show. There was quite a bit of nasty exchanges in the comment section of the related article (

I myself believe (as you do) in the Pre-Tribulation Rapture of the Body of Christ as is today, after the Old Testament and post-Crucifixition church saints are raised from the dead.

It is frustrating to convey to those that are hostile not only to Christians but to "supposed" Christians that the Lord would not leave His ambassadors in a war zone (the domain of the Beast just before he declares war on God Almighty Himself)

What are your thoughts?

A: You already know my thoughts in this regard; I know for a FACT that the Bible teaches us the Pre-Tribulation Rapture of the Church!

God keep you...Doc!

Q: I am interested in when you think the rapture will occur. I heard that it is on your website, but I’m not able to locate it. Thanks so much.

A: Go to the section called: "It’s In The Bible" and you’ll find it there.

Q: Hi Bro. Just wondering what is the structure if the illuminati pyramid?
Lucifer-Rothschilds-council of 13- council of 300 etc.
You prob answer this in your dvds, which i am saving for.
Thanks Bro for answering all the questions and opening our eyes to the truth. Yahuwah Bless you.
Also do you know William Schnoeblen?

A: Dear Andrew;

The three sides of the Capstone represents the Antichrist, the Beast and the False Prophet, but the center is Lucifer (the Eye).

From left to right, the top row of the pyramid, the first block is "The Council of 13", "The Council of 33" and then "The Council of 500". After that, there are way too many blocks to go through. Sorry.

I know of William Schnoeblen but I do not know him personally.

Take care Andrew and God keep you...Doc!

Q: I live in New Zealand which seems to be the guinea pig nation of the world and have been hearing alot about the Jesuits lately, what is their connection with the Illuminati and is their agenda the same?

A: The Jesuits take orders from the Illuminati and follow whatever agenda they’re told to follow. So, that would be a yes!

Q: What is the 7-fold plan of the illuminati for world dominion?

A: I’m afraid in order to answer that question would take an hour to answer; it usually does take long to do it in a live presentation. It even takes long than that to cover it all like I did in DVD 5 of my series. However, in abbreviation, they would be:

1) Abolition of All Ordered Government
2) Abolition of all Private Property
3) Abolition of All Inheritance
4) Abolition of All Patriotism
5) Abolition of All Religion
6) Abolition of the Family
7) The Creation of a New World Order

Q: Hi there Doc. How are you? I’d never heard a thing about you until about a month ago when I found the "Arrival of the Antichrist pt 1" online. You are very special and I keep you in my prayers. I have often wondered if it was/is difficult for you since leaving the old way of life, and if your family was/is accepting or not. I’m sure you may have talked about that somewhere and I just haven’t found it. I try to mention to family & friends some things you talk about, but it’s such a foriegn subject to so many.. you’d think I was discussing a work of fiction or something, when really, I’m beginning to see that what the world would have us believe is the true fiction.

I commend you on all you do to help others, though I’m still unsure myself about the timing of the rapture. What I’ve read makes it seem like there will be a time of tribulation, then Rapture immediately before the Wrath of God begins. I’ve decided that not knowing this isn’t pertinent to being saved, and however it may happen we can be assured that one way or another, God will bring those written in the Book of life into His kingdom.

Take care and keep up the great work, God Bless and keep you always! (: Teresa

A: It was difficult leaving the Illuminati and my old life behind. What has been difficult was the fact that the Illuminati has tried to kill me on many different occasions but, God isn’t through me yet. But, when it is time for to go home, God will call me according to His time and nobody else’s.

I did leave my family behind because I was disowned after I did get saved. Truth be told I have nieces and nephews right now who are in their 30’s, but I’ll never be allowed to see them. Nevertheless, it’s all been worth it and I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Why is the ouija board dangerous?

A: Because it opens up spiritual doorways that was never meant to be opened.

Q: I have been dealing with this issue of "speaking in tongues" not as in Acts chapter 2, But what is spoken in the ecstatic or Holiness movements such as the pentecostal church, I have done much research, both historical and Biblical. I would like ask your counsel on the matter. I have read and prayed on the matter, I am leaning in one direction. i would appreciate your input.

A: I just don’t see it happening today. I don’t even see a prophecy for its return.

Q: Do you have Jewish roots and have you heard of Sid Roth?
You seem to have a Baptist bent?

A: No, I am of English decent.

Whether I am Baptist bent, as you put it, in anyone’s opinion really matters not. I see the Bible as God as revealed His truth to me and I stick with it. Too often people want to give up that truth for popularity. I only seek one person’s approval in this life, and that’s God’s.

Q: What was it like when you received salvation and changed from serving the darkness to serving the Lord Jesus? Was the experience like a miracle?

A: That would take hours to answer but, on DVD 1 in my series is the full version. The long and short of it is that for 3 years Christians had been witnessing to me and at the end of those 3 years I saw what the Christians were saying in light of what I had been doing all along. It was on April 15, 1979 that I walked into a Christian church and left as a Born-Again Child of the King!

Q: Researcher Michael Barkun mentions that the historical Illuminati and Masons were ’certainly hostile to absolutist monarchy’ and that the absolutist monarchies suppressed them. So it seems that the original Illuminati were anti-government. Why has it now evolved that the present day Illuminati are so closely allied with the government and are no longer hostile to absolutist monarchy ? [Reference: Burstein, Dan. SECRETS OF ANGELS & DEMONS: THE UNAUTHORIZED GUIDE TO THE BESTSELLING NOVEL]

A: Simply because they both under control now and they will do precisely what the Illuminati tells them to do.

Q: Is the RFID chip the mark of the beast? I do not want to place my soul in jeopardy by taking it. We are going to have our faith tested, surely.

A: No one knows for certain. It could fit into the description of Rev. 13:16 - 18, but, still, no one can prove it at this point in Biblical history.

Q: Should a person have some silver @ gold for the rough times ahead in our country? I was thinking mainly silver. Or are we wasting our time? Also I’ve heard to get your money out of banks except for day, today living expenses. Do you think the illuminati will go after certain banks and credit unions to close them?

A: What good is any precious commodities if the currency is going to be "debit points?" Gold, nor silver are debit points and will not be able to replace them are battering tools if you go shopping for food or what have you when the NWO hits the globe. It’s your call; you’ll have to decide what you want to do. As for me, I will rely solely on what God told me in His Words when He said he would provide for my needs every single day.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Mr. Marquis, You say to e-mail you but every time I try to send you a message, I get it back with the 550 error. I’ve tried this with another account and the same thing happens. Are your setting on your AOL account blocking us from e-mailing you or what? And why is your "Its in the Bible" link always empty?

A: Because right now the web site is still being worked on. Though, with the "It’s In The Bible" section, I am going to be posting up a 27 page article on The Rapture.

I have no idea why your mail is being blocked. That’s either a mechanical or technical problem that I can’t solve. Did you put in the correct address: ? Call if you need further help @: 402-228-9476

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Doc,
God Bless You and keep you!
Have you done any studies regarding the two houses of Jacob, Housse of Israel & House of Judah?
It seems to me that these prophcies are coming to pass; and that this too is part of the NWO. Steven Collins does a great job laying this piece of the puzzle together, Much like you do with the Illuminati.
Thanks for all you do, I will be sending you a booklet: ’Who Is Israel’. Blessings and Joy,

A: Looking forward to that book. Take care linarimple and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Greetings Doc! I was curious to know if you believe there might be counterfeit people walking around that are really demons or Nephilim in disguise. Do the illuminati use these beings if they do exist? Another person refers to them as the tares among the wheat.

A: Because they lost most of their powers during the "Fall", most demons could not pull off such a stunt. There are those that are known as "dopplegangers" that can take on the form of another person however, it can only be for a few minutes at most then they revert back to their "true" form.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hi Ya Doc
my name is Paris, I av seen everything that you have on YouTube, thank you for your up loads, I find what you have to say fascinating, Interesting a very informative and pray for you and your protection, I do have a question for you, I no longer subscribe to christmas or any of these non Christian holidays, as I no longer want to offend my Lord, its funny long before I knew you or about christmas being what it is, way down I never felt comfortable with it but could never put my finger on it, But now I know. any way I have cancelled it from this year along with every other misfit holiday, my problem is that I own a restaurant in Malta where I currently live, and people who book my restaurant for their christmas party want crackers trees and decks, I have not aloud this as im newly opened and have not had the time, well thats what im telling them for now, but they want crackers, is this part of the worship am I still on the pagan path if i allow them crackers? I want to obey God not man, so please let me know if this is acceptable, I do not have the tree, or decks, or the carols playing,
I would love to chat with you in person you are fascinating and I love your conviction and passion for what you stand for. If your ever in Malta let me kno and come and have dinner on me, may our Lord Keep you safe and strong in your work, God Bless you honey.

A: Well, if you folks ever want to see me in Malta, arrange a 3-day seminar for me and I’ll happily show up.

Now, you are in a customer service oriented business which means you have to go by what the customer wants. You can either accept his money and get paid for doing such services or, you can choose to refuse that business. That’s what it comes down to Paris. The decision is yours’!

You take care of yourself and when you have time send me some photos of your restaurant. I’d really enjoy seeing it. God keep you Paris...Doc!

Q: Is there a church / fellowship that teaches the Bible correctly? Do you attend one somewhere? Your information makes me think there are none out there. I would appreciate your comment.

A: Go to YouTube and type in "Pastor Mike Hoggard" or "Prophecy in the News". I would highly recommend both.

God keep you Janice...Doc!

Q: Dear Doc, you are a great beacon of light for all who love the Lord, God Bless you! My questions is since the Illuminati have had their hands in most disasters that have taken place, do you suspect their hands in the latest tragedy in Newtown Ct? Could it be possible they mind controlled that shooter into doing that to invoke fear and obedience for people to give up their guns? Any thoughts on this, thanks and thank you for your love of Christ and the Scripture! Praise the Lord!

A: I’m working on that right now. it seems that that young man may have been on certain prescriptive drugs that could have caused him to end up in a psychotic episode. I’m still waiting on evidence but, we’ll see. Plus, there was supposed to have been some sort of satanic material on his hard drive; the one that was damaged and be looked over by the police now. Though, if they find any such evidence I doubt we’ll hear it through any normal channels.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Oh, and when you have the time, please go to: and sign up for my mailing list so you don’t miss any information I’ll be putting out.

Q: Hi Doc, Why do you think people dont believe in the pretrib rapture? Or no rapture at all? And i believe if you dont believe in the rapture, you wont go in the rapture. Especially if someone is teaching there is none. Steve Quayle doesn’t believe in rapture.

A: What Steve Quayle say is his opinion. God’s opinion is that there is going to be one. In about 1 - 2 weeks there will be an article on the Rapture on my web @: and it will be under the "It’s in the Bible" section. After you read it contact me and let me know what you honestly think.

Take care JScott and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hey Doc
What is your opinion of Alex Jones or Linsey Williams are they tools of the n.w.o or are they genuinely people who are trying to spread the truth?

A: Hundreds have asked me that question and right now I do not have enough evidence one way or the other to give a responsible, Christian answer. For now, if you have any doubts than you’d best lean on the side of caution and beware of them. Keep looking like I do and see if there’s anything you can find.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: In your video Conspiracy Con 2011 you stated that the eye on the back of the bill is a Left handed eye. However the medial Canthus (Tear Duct) is located on the right side of the eye, hence it is a right eye. I was also a former Combat Medic trained at Fort Sam. I enjoyed the rest of the video.

A: Sorry Johnny but with the newer versions of that eye you would have the "canthus" on the right-hand to throw off the truth. Look at the original ones and you’ll see that it is still a left-handed eye. Oh, and just to let you know, they call me "Doc" because I have a lengthy medical background also.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: I really hate to use this forum for the question I have, but I am not sure how else to reach you. I ordered a DVD on 11/17/12, and still have not received it, the DVD is your first one, The Antichrist. If you could send me an email back, I can give you my name & address, thanks.

A: Please send me your e-mail and then your name and home address so I can check on this. In any case I will make sure your DVD is sent. I simply need the info I requested.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hi Doc,
Geoff again, regarding Russ Dizdar, I have been following his ministry Which deals with and reaches out to the occult world to bring them over to the Truth and love of Jesus Christ. I had heard you for the first time on Omega Man radio, I remember you were talking about reaching out to the members of the occult, and Russ’s ministry does exactly that. You may be of great help to him, although Russ is very well versed and experienced in this type of unique ministry.I might add, I truly believe you are doing God’s work and are giving the Christian community a what’s up. I thank Jesus every day for men like you.

A: I dearly appreciate your kind words Geoff and, all I can tell you is that I try to do the best that I can and leave the rest to God. I go about doing my Father’s work, at His calling and Will, and once I’ve done all that I step back and almost playfully say "Alright Father. It’s your turn". However, you can also speak with Russ, if you wish, and offer him this servant’s services should he ever need them.

Take care Geoff and God keep you...Doc!

Q: My ex husband has joined the freemasons. He knows I wholeheartedly disapprove and so aimed to try to keep it from me..but God warned me a few weeks ago. Now how can I warn my youngest son who thinks it’s not a cult. Can you suggest anything please. I am praying about this and pray God will step in and make sure both of them are rejected by the cult.
Blessings, Pam

A: Dear TurtPame; I hate to respond like this but it order to answer that question properly it would take over four hours. However, and this is where I REALLY hate answering you like this; I did write a 2 disc DVD set called "Magick, Mysticsm and Masonry" and it exposes absolutely everything you’re talking about and so much more. People have been using this particular DVD set as a witnessing to lead Masons out of such a satanic pit of vipers. And, the Lord just impressed my heart (this very second for your sake) that is you will please send me your home address, I will happily send you a copy. Now, if you believe i can genuinely help you in your situation, then you can pay for it. If you don’t believe it can be of service to you, then, please, just return it. But the Holy Spirit is letting me really sense your concern. So, please, just send me your home address and you’ll get your DVD. And, if you can’t afford to pay for it and want to keep it hon, you just do so and God bless you.

My earnest prayers for your situation goes out to you hon. Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hi Doc. Thanks for answering my previews question. I also posted a question about the rapture. See, if the Illuminati cards are the display of the doings of the Illuminati, I am convinced that the rapture was invented by them and they will create a fake rapture, so the believers once seeing the disappearance of some people they will think (because of what they were taught) that they were left behind and lose faith in God. Many people put their trust on the God that won’t let His people go through the tribulation, while that is exactly what He did EVERY SINGLE time in all the scriptures. He protects His own for a purpose and He had let His own suffer death and pain, also for a purpose. We are not better than the ones before us, and OUR GOD doesn’t change. I KNOW your desire is to seek the truth whatever it leads you and I KNOW you know that we must choose truth instead of traditions! Be blessed.

A: The rapture is a Biblical teaching that has been taught since the days of Christ. Even the students of John the Apostle taught the Pre-Tribulation Rapture of the Church in their own writings. This is not a new teaching but an old one; almost 2,000 years old now. So, no, it can’t be the creation of the enemy wanting to confuse the Christian Church.

Take care and God keep you Robert...Doc!

Q: Doc, I find your information quite valuable, I have long suspected things are not as they appear. My question is what is the truth about John Todd, and do you do much work with Russ Dizdar? I assume you know about his ministry.

A: Well, Geoff, I have never spoken to, nor met John Todd so I really can’t help you there. Recently a lot of folks have asked about him but, without having spoken to him directly there’s really nothing I can say or do.

What is it about Russ Dizdar that had you ask me about him? And, no, I have never worked with the man directly though I did meet him briefly at the Prophecy in Branson, Missouri this summer.

Take care Geoff and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hi Doc

Is there any church on earth that i could get baptised to become a born again christian that has no pagan influence eg xmas holidays, easter, etc that does not offend god;because i cannot! also do you believe in keeping the sabbath on saturday or is it really ok to keep sunday in your opinion.

Much appreciated


A: Brian, you don’t have to be Baptized to be Saved. They’re separate events. Baptism, simply put, is an out display of an inward event. You are, through Baptism, publicly proclaiming you were saved through Jesus Christ. It’s a symbolic act Brian.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hi Doc,

Whats your take on the "book of enoch" ?

Personally I am skeptical of this book. I am sticking with my "King James Bible 1611" only.

But recently its been popular with in the Christian community. They tend to mix sci-fi tech with ancient biblical history. I was quite surprised to hear people say its a credible book, whats your take on this.

Quite curious thanks in advance!
God bless.

A: I know what you mean. Too many people are looking for Biblical answers in dangerous places. The Books of Enoch are non-canonical, or extra-biblical books. The problem is there is a lot of occult knowledge in it that Christians shouldn’t be reading about let alone trying to figure out. I know that there is information in there about angels and such but I cannot count them are perfectly reliable as the word of God because the Books of Enoch were not part of the Word of God. So, I give a very stern warning to anyone who wants to work with such materials.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Sir. Isn’t the male of a witch called Wizard or Warlock? How is the title people use for each other in the Illuminati? I mean, do they call each other "member" , "brother" ?

A: Witch is the proper term used for either gender. By definition, it’s supposed to mean "a wise person, or a wise one". Nothing really more beyond that. Very few, if any nowadays, use wizard or warlock because those were Catholic terms used during the Dark Ages to denote anyone who was suspected of having anything to do with the dark arts.

Take care Robert and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Hello,

1) We know that the concept of the RAPTURE (or a secret rapture) is a very new idea that started by a dream/vision of a 15 year old girl(Margaret McDonald) and the spread of this teaching was done by John Darby. No earlier than 1800’s.

Could that be that the "rapture" was created by infiltrators inside the churches (maybe the same ones that brought Christmas and Easter?

A: You are incorrect in your assumption that the 15 year old girl, of Scottish/Irish descent, started the "Rapture" belief. First of all, her so-called vision was that of a "Post-Tribulation" perspective and NOT Pre-Tribulation perspective. Second, I traced the belief of the "Pre-Tribulation Rapture" all the way back to Ignatius of Antioch, the third Bishop and Patron of Antioch who was also a student of John the Apostle. And in 7 of his letters he wrote of the "Pre-Tribulation Rapture" perspective. This is not something new, this is not something taught in 1830, this originated and was taught all the way back to the 1st century.

Take care and God keep you Robert...Doc!

Q: hi doc, thanks for working for the true king and telling the truth, my question is? i had a freemason living in my house before i moved in, when taking pic of the inside of the house, these white orbs are on the pics, are these things demons? and we seen a black shadow. what can i do to get rid of them for good? im a born again christian, but my roomate is a pagan , is this causing more problems for the house that i live in? thank you , cathy

A: You can’t do a thing about without your roommate’s permission because she lives there also. And, the really big problem is she is probably the one that brought them in or, added to the ones that had already been there. You can try binding the demons in the name of Jesus and pray that helps but, I’ll honest with you, I don’t foresee much hope because you have a pagan living with you.

I honestly pray the best for you in this and pray that God keeps you...Doc!

Q: Exactly what are Aliens,are they the nephilim who have inhabited man or fallen angel produced bodies or are they Fallen Angels in disguise? Or finally are they from other planets in the universe? From a Biblical view point I believe they are one of the first two options,but obviously you would know better. Thanks for your work brother.

In Christ
Richie G.

A: I’m sorry Richie but those questions would take me hours to answer. However, it you would like to, please go to: and look at DVDs 9 and 10 or, you may contact me @: 402-228-9476

Take care Richie and God keep you...Doc!

Q: How many DVDs have you made? When you were on Hagmann & Hagmann, you referred to them by number. But when shopping, your DVDs are listed by title. Do you have a list of them all by number and title? I would like to buy them all but it’s too confusing. Thanks for your time!!! May The Lord Bless You!!! Mick

A: Call me @: 402-228-9476 and I will personally help you.

Take care and God keep you now...Doc!

Q: Hi Doc,
I just listened to you on the Hagmann and Hagmann report. What DVD set were you talking about? Do you recomend 1 or all of them to get the whole picture? Do you offer any package deals? Thank you for your work.

A: Well, there’s no doubt about it; if you order all 10 DVDs at once you will save $50. That means for all 10 DVDs, if you call me personally @: 402-228-9476 rather than order them on-line, the total amount with s/h comes to $204.50; a $50 dollar savings. Individually, it’s $19.95 + $5.00 s/h which comes out to $24.50. But, call me and I can tell you all the info you want.

And I just found your name is Roger. God keep you Roger...Doc!

Q: When I click on the "It’s in the Bible" section, nothing comes up. I am very interested in your explanation. My husband and I believe and are looking up in expectation however, I have a dear friend that is not sure. Any help you could offer me I would appreciate.

In His Service,

A: Some of those sections aren’t up yet Maggie because we haven’t finished working on them yet. As soon as we can we will be finishing them. Now, should you have any questions between now and then, please feel free to call me @ 402-228-9476 and I shall be happy to help you personally.

Take care Maggie and Bob and God keep you both...Doc!

Q: Your link to It’s in the Bible is broken

A: I don’t believe that section has been completed yet. The web site is still relatively new though we are working on these things.

Should you have any other questions, please feel free to call me @: 402-228-9476.

Take care Rachel and God keep you...Doc!

Q: How can I order multiple DVDs at one time. Is there a phone number, that I can order over the Phone. Thank you!

A: Just call me @: 402-228-9476 and I will personally help you.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Thanks for your very informative DVDs. Maybe you can answer a question no one else seems to be able to answer. The Pope has always claimed to be god. However, some believe that in end times the Pope will fill the shoes of the false prophet and some other person will emerge as antichrist. I find it hard to believe that the Pope will give up his perceived god/current antichrist position. Could it be possible that He will keep the position of antichrist and someone else, perhaps some other strong religious figure, will emerge as the false prophet who will succeed in encouraging mankind to worship the Pope as god? Just wondering. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. Your work is greatly appreciated.

A: Okay, your questions is really all over the place and I’m not exactly sure of what it is. Are you asking is the Pope planning on giving up his so-called godhood status once the antichrist shows up? In light of the fact that antichrist will be the ruler of the world, and the he is also going to be eventually possessed by Satan, then the answer would be "yes" because the antichrist (possessed of Satan) would kill him if he took away any worship from him.

Take care and God keep you...Doc!

Q: Doc...please tell me your views on the Rapture...I believe in many believe in mid or post trib...Much Thanks...Sarah

A: Same thing here Sarah, Pre-Trib all the way.

Q: Hello Doc, Thank you for your love for YAHSHUA and the desire to save souls. I am curious about the 2012 olympics in London. July 27 thru June 12. Is it possible the illuminati might strike on August 1(lammas)(6 days into the games) and August 2 is a full hitler took over germany on this date in 1934...also August 2 is 7 days into the games 6+7=13 and Rockefeller stated 13,000 estimated dead at london olympics??could this possibly be blood ritual to kick off the nwo? also look at the IOC international olympic committee’s THE BEST OF US VIDEO!!!its very informative!!!this is just my like to hear your input!! Thank you for your time and truth!! With the love of YAHSHUA,

A: You said Rockefeller stated 13,000 people will be dead at the Olympic Games? Please, what is your source for his quote? I would be most interested in learning your source...Doc!

Q: The United States of America appears to be rapidly heading towards communism, do you have any idea what the plans are for this country’s future?

A: That is just way too broad of a question. Suffice it to say that, the Illuminati plan to sink us with the rest of the world.

Q: should Christian’s celebrate Christmas and Easter?

A: NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!