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04/19/2018On 70th anniversary, Trump says US has ‘no better friends anywhere’ than Israel
04/19/2018On 70th anniversary, Netanyahu says Israel’s light will beat enemies’ ‘darkness’
04/19/2018WATCH: The Most Amazing Song to Celebrate Israel’s 70th Birthday!
04/19/2018Independence Trail: An Interactive Heritage Tour of Israeli ‘Firsts’!
04/19/2018WATCH: President Rivlin and Leading Vocalist Among 12,000 Celebrating Israel’s 70th Anniversary in Song!
04/19/2018Knesset Speaker to Independence Day Honorees: ‘You Illuminated Israel with a Great Light’
04/19/2018HEARTBREAKING: Hear Terror Victims’ Families Share Their Pain on Memorial Day
04/19/2018WATCH: Israel’s Amazing Achievements in Just 70 years!
04/19/2018Israel Celebrates 70 Years of Independence!
04/19/2018WATCH: America Sends Israel Happy 70th Birthday Wishes!
04/19/2018A Celebration of Jewish Survival and Strength: Never Again will Jews be Defenseless!
04/19/2018WATCH: 70 Nations Stand United with Israel at 70 Years!
04/19/2018WATCH: 15 Choirs Around the World Sing in ‘One Voice’ in Honor of the State of Israel
04/18/2018Porsche Enlists Israeli Tech Stars to Rev Up Artificial Intelligence
04/18/2018WATCH: Musical Tribute to Israel’s Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terror
04/18/2018WATCH: How the Family is Notified When an IDF Soldier Falls in Battle
04/18/2018Remembering the Israeli Air Force Legend Who Influenced Generations
04/18/2018WATCH: Moving Tribute to Fallen IDF Soldiers and Terror Victims
04/18/2018How Memorial Day Can Add Meaning to Our Lives, Every Day!
04/18/2018WATCH: Remembering the Past Year’s Victims of Terror
04/18/2018Court rules chanting ‘Nation of Israel Lives’ (Am Yisrael Chai) permitted on Temple Mount
04/18/2018Israel Bows its Head and Remembers Fallen IDF Soldiers and Terror Victims
04/18/2018Good News Israel! IDF Promotes Druze Soldier; 200,000 Syrians Get Help from Israel, and More
04/18/2018WATCH: What Makes Israel Different from All Other Nations?
04/18/2018What If the Holocaust Never Happened?
04/18/2018WATCH: Bereaved Mother of Fallen Soldiers Inspires Young Israeli Emissaries
04/18/2018IDF Soldier Injured in 1973 Yom Kippur War Succumbs to Wounds Days Before Israel’s Memorial Day
04/18/2018WATCH: A Moving Tribute to Fallen IDF Soldiers
04/18/2018WATCH: Israel Honors the Brave Women of the IDF
04/18/2018WATCH: Israel’s Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers Unifies the Citizens of Israel
04/18/2018IDF reveals terror tunnel-busting technology
04/18/2018IDF sanctions Gaza bus companies for aiding Hamas
04/18/2018Israeli lawmakers battle over ties with Nazi-linked Austrian party
04/18/2018WATCH: How Israel won military and diplomatic victories in 1948
04/18/2018Israeli radiation vest to be used on NASA’s moon mission
04/18/2018Jewish national freedom comes at a price
04/18/2018WATCH: IDF destroys longest, deepest Gaza terror tunnel to date
04/18/2018Israel halts to commemorate fallen IDF soldiers, terror victims
04/17/2018Justin Bieber Leads Crowd in Worship at Coachella Music Festival
04/17/2018Court rules Israelis on Temple Mount may call out, ‘Am Yisrael chai’
04/16/2018WATCH: An Animated Journey Through Israel’s History!
04/16/2018Israeli Drama About Reunited IDF Veterans Wins Top Film Award
04/16/2018Israel Successfully Reaching Arab World Through Digital Diplomacy
04/16/2018Israeli Civilian Who Neutralized Terrorist Receives Commendation
04/16/2018On 70th Birthday, Israel Boasts Tenfold Population Growth Since 1948
04/15/2018IDF soldier killed in operational accident
04/15/2018Start Your Engines! Israel Opens First Regulation Racetrack
04/15/2018WATCH: Survivors sing Israel’s future national anthem in liberated camp
04/15/2018WATCH: Two ‘Brothers’ in the Desert
04/15/2018Honduran Lawmakers Vote to Move Embassy to Jerusalem
04/13/2018Chinese Christians Wave Israeli Flag on Temple Mount For First Time Since ’67
04/13/2018Yad Vashem: Preserving the Memory of the Six Million
04/13/2018WATCH: Noble Albanian Rescue of Jews During the Holocaust
04/13/2018Israel Battles Regional Drought with 2 New Desalination Plants
04/13/2018WATCH: Fascinating Druze Villages Show Beauty of Israeli Diversity!
04/13/2018Living Torah: Can Wealth Be Both a Blessing and a Curse?
04/13/2018WATCH: Eurovision 2018 Contestants Plant Trees in Israel!
04/13/2018As Numbers Dwindle, Jews Who Fought Nazis Recall Struggle
04/13/2018WATCH: Confessions of an Israeli Combat Medic Who Saved Syrian Lives
04/13/2018In First, Israeli Drivers Participate in United Arab Emirates Off-Road Race
04/13/2018ACT NOW! Honor One of Israel’s Fallen Heroes on Memorial Day
04/13/2018Gaza Rioters Try to Breach Israeli Border with Explosives
04/13/2018ACT NOW! Honor One of Israel’s Fallen Heroes on Memorial Day
04/13/2018WATCH: Israeli leaders lay wreaths at Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony
04/13/2018Report: Anti-Semitism rises, violence against Jews falls
04/13/2018IDF continues strike in response to cross-border attack
04/13/2018Israeli Air Force rehearsal terrifies Tel Aviv
04/13/2018Experts: Israel-Iran conflict in Syria could spiral into war
04/13/2018WATCH: Remembering the Righteous Diplomats who saved Jews during the Holocaust
04/12/2018Israel Summons Irish Ambassador over Dublin Mayor’s Visit
04/12/2018UN ambassadors visit Auschwitz on Holocaust Remembrance Day
04/12/2018The Greek Rabbi Who Saved His Community from the Holocaust
04/12/2018WATCH: Testimony – My First Day in a Nazi Death Camp
04/12/2018WATCH: A Survivor’s Deep Faith in Divine Providence
04/12/2018After Decades of Silence, Holocaust Survivors Share Their Harrowing Accounts
04/12/2018WATCH: Israel Mourns 6 Million Souls on Holocaust Remembrance Day
04/12/2018Israel Stops to Commemorate 6 Million Jewish Holocaust Victims
04/12/2018World Jewish Population Has Yet to Recover from the Holocaust
04/12/2018POWERFUL: Holocaust Remembrance Day Siren Sounds Throughout Israel
04/12/2018On Holocaust Remembrance Day, Netanyahu Says Israel ‘Steadfast’ in Countering Iranian Threats
04/12/2018How Films Play a Special Role in Remembering the Holocaust
04/12/2018WATCH: Rising from the Ashes – Israel is Our Home
04/12/2018Where was God during the Holocaust?
04/12/2018Special Israeli Unit Helps Holocaust Survivors Find Lost Relatives
04/12/2018WATCH: Rising from the Ashes – Stories from Survivors
04/12/2018What Happens on Yom Hashoah, Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day?
04/12/2018Israel Remembers 6 Million on Holocaust Remembrance Day
04/11/2018Nike Ready to ‘Just Do It’ with Israeli Fashion-Tech Firm
04/11/2018IDF investigates ‘sniper’ video; man shot was warned during violent riot
04/11/2018Israeli Party Cuts Ties with UK Labour Head Over Anti-Semitism
04/11/2018WATCH: How a Jewish Singer Used Her Fame to Secretly Fight the Nazis
04/10/2018Former PM Ehud Olmert seeks presidential pardon
04/10/2018Holocaust survivors file groundbreaking lawsuit against pro-Nazi publisher
04/10/2018Netanyahu assures Sderot residents: Security is number one concern
04/10/2018Israeli sources: Palestinian ‘journalist’ killed on Gaza border was Hamas operative
04/10/2018[EXCLUSIVE] Olmert: ‘A return to public life not currently on my agenda’
04/10/2018Palestinian ‘Journalist’ Killed on Gaza Border was Hamas Operative, Israeli Officials Confirm
04/10/2018Grade Schoolers Find Proof of Jewish Life in Samaria Dating Back 1,500 Years
04/09/2018Israeli technology: Your voice will guide your chores, healthcare and driving
04/09/2018Liberman: Probe left-wing group for urging IDF troops to disobey Gaza orders
04/09/2018Impeachment process launched against Arab Knesset member
04/09/2018Israel bombs Hamas target, responding to cross-border attack
04/09/2018Israeli Air Force credited with deadly strike on Syrian airbase
04/09/2018Israel strikes ‘Hamas targets’ in Gaza
04/07/2018National Geographic Reveals Secret to Israelis’ Long, Satisfying Lives
04/07/2018WATCH: Israel Opens Nursing Home for Retired Service Dogs!
04/07/2018Tel Aviv: One of the World’s Greenest Cities!
04/07/2018Terrorist who wounded 4 charged with attempted murder
04/07/2018German Aid Group Probes Anti-Semitic Posts by Staff
04/07/2018IDF ‘did not target journalist’ killed in violent anti-Israel protest
04/05/2018Soviet Jewry: From Gulags to Liberation
04/05/2018WATCH: ‘When You Believe’ – Musical Praise of God for Miracles from Passover till Today!
04/05/2018WATCH: In Love with the Taste of Freedom
04/05/2018A Lesson from Pharaoh: Don’t Judge a Person at Face Value
04/05/2018WATCH: IDF Soldiers Think Outside-of-the-Box in 24-hour ‘Hackathon’
04/05/2018One Israeli Organization Declares: “All Who are Hungry, Come and Eat”
04/05/2018Global Salute to Israel’s Fallen Soldiers Honors 70 Years of Sacrifice
04/05/2018Former Qatar PM: Israelis Have Right to Live in Their Land
04/05/2018Suspecting car-ramming attack, IDF eliminates high-speed chase driver
04/05/2018Netanyahu seeking new ways to solve African migrant crisis
04/05/2018WATCH: David and Goliath come to life in hi-tech light show
04/05/2018WATCH: Jewish and Muslim soccer players play together, pray together
04/05/2018Israel prevents massive Islamic Jihad naval attack and kidnapping
04/05/2018Israel Arrests 10 Palestinians Suspected of Planning Terrorist Attack on Navy Ship
04/04/2018Netanyahu Gives Boot to Illegals Who Thought They Were Safe
04/04/2018Clinton Admits Meddling in Israel’s 1996 Elections
04/04/2018WATCH: The Israeli High-Tech ‘Passover Breakdance’
04/04/2018A Rabbi’s Unusual Passover Message: ‘Eat Bread and Save Jews’
04/04/2018WATCH: Wild Imagination and Robots Tell the Passover Story!
04/04/2018Ancient Evidence of the Exodus from Egypt
04/04/2018WATCH: How a Passover Matzah Miracle Prevented a Deadly Hamas Massacre
04/04/2018Not Merely Waiting for Redemption, but Doing our Part!
04/04/2018WATCH: This Passover Treasure is ‘One of the Most Beautiful Books’ Ever!
04/04/2018‘Israelis Have Right to Their Own Land,’ Says Saudi Crown Prince
04/04/2018WATCH: How Israeli Volunteer First-Responders Save Lives Every Day!
04/04/2018UWI’s ‘Passover Partners’ Project – a Win-Win for Soldiers and Lovers of Israel!
04/04/2018Bill Clinton Admits Campaign Against Netanyahu During 1996 election
04/04/2018Passover priestly blessing draws huge crowds to Jerusalem
04/04/2018Army to demolish home of Palestinian murderer of Israeli father of 4
04/04/2018Netanyahu announces final ‘nullification’ of migrant deal
04/04/2018WATCH: What do Israelis love about Passover?
04/04/2018Israel appears ready to consider body swap of soldiers and terrorists
04/04/2018WATCH: Israelis compete in Arab Gulf state ‘Desert Challenge’ race for first time
04/04/2018Imam shot dead at mosque entrance in Israeli Arab city
04/04/2018Gazans renew violence on border, Palestinians report 1 dead
04/03/2018Netanyahu Suspends UN Deal to Relocate Illegal African Migrants
04/02/2018The Passover Sacrifice and the Covenant with God
04/02/2018NEWEST Y-STUDS VIDEO: Have ‘the Greatest Passover’ Ever!
04/02/2018A Passover Prayer: May the Holy Temple be Built in Our Day
04/02/2018WATCH: Archaeology Proves Exodus from Egypt
04/02/2018Israelis Enjoy the 7-Day Passover Holiday!
04/02/2018WATCH: US Ambassador Delivers Priestly Blessing at Western Wall with Son and Grandson
04/02/2018How a Trump-Loving, ‘Hatikvah’-Singing Arab Helps Israelis Celebrate Passover
04/02/2018WATCH: Gaza Riot’s Choreographed Violence Was No ‘Peaceful Protest’
04/01/2018WATCH: Israel breaks solar power production record
04/01/2018Netanyahu blasts Turkey’s hypocrisy after Gaza condemnation
04/01/2018Israel warns of ‘much harsher’ response if Gaza riots continue
03/31/2018El Al petitions High Court over direct India flights
03/31/2018Why Israel did not condemn Russia for poisoning spy in Britain
03/31/2018WATCH: After Gaza riots, ‘IDF will continue to act’ against terrorists
03/31/2018IDF: At least 10 of the 16 killed in Gaza border clashes were terrorists
03/30/2018‘The banality of evil’ – ignoring Radical Islamist Jew-hatred
03/30/2018WATCH: Three chefs – Jewish, Muslim and Christian – cook together for peace
03/30/2018WATCH: Israeli monkeys enjoy matzah in preparation for Passover!
03/30/2018Tensions mount ahead of planned Hamas march into Israel
03/30/2018IDF mobilizes for massive task of prepping for Passover
03/30/2018New Israeli Technology Will Enable Computers to Run 100 Times Faster
03/30/2018‘Israel is an Example of a Model State,’ Says Bulgarian President
03/30/2018WATCH: IDF Helicopter Medics Train to Save Lives in Stabbing Attacks
03/30/2018The Passover Miracles of Unity and Mutual Respect!
03/30/2018BDS demands Netflix remove Israeli smash hit, threatens lawsuit
03/30/2018Manhunt successful: Terrorist caught in Be’er Sheva
03/30/2018World War III Fears Heat Up After Israel Sends Fighter Jets To…
03/29/2018World Leader Released from Hospital After Receiving Diagnosis
03/29/2018Who Wrote the Ancient Passover Haggadah?
03/29/2018WATCH: A Passover Favorite Like You’ve Never Heard Before!
03/29/2018Should Passover Really Be Called the ‘Festival of Matzah’?
03/29/2018Israeli Lawmakers Pack Food Packages for Needy Families Ahead of Passover
03/29/2018WATCH: Israel Hastens Construction Permits for US Embassy in Jerusalem
03/28/2018Israel Praises US for ‘Record-Breaking’ Missile Defense Aid
03/28/2018Israelis expand presence in Hebron, name buildings after biblical matriarchs
03/28/2018WATCH: Israeli doctors save lives in Ethiopia
03/28/2018IDF destroys Hamas targets in response to border provocation
03/28/2018Israel expedites US embassy move to Jerusalem
03/27/2018WATCH: NFL champions play with disabled kids in Israel
03/27/2018Armed Palestinians reach 12 miles into Israel from Gaza; IDF arrests 3
03/27/2018WATCH: Celebrate 70 Years of ‘Firsts’ with Israel
03/27/2018Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat enters national political stage
03/27/2018WATCH: Four Gazans penetrate security fence, illegally enter Israel
03/27/2018IDF destroys Hamas targets in response to gunfire
03/27/2018WATCH: US Ambassador Friedman bakes matzah, extends ‘Happy Passover’ greetings
03/27/2018Israeli court protects right to Jewish prayer near Temple Mount
03/27/2018DEVELOPING: Leaked Images Allegedly Show US Military Tanks Arriving In Jordan
03/26/2018Mario Lopez Blown Away by Jerusalem
03/26/2018Israeli Technology Able to Make Water From Thin Air Read Newsmax Article: Israeli Technology Able to Make Water From Thin Air
03/26/2018Israel Approves National Digital Health Plan that Will Benefit World
03/26/2018WATCH: The Life and Legacy of Golda Meir
03/26/2018WATCH: This Story Will Change Your Seder Night!
03/26/2018Israel to France After Attack: ‘Civilized World Must Unite to Defeat Terror’
03/26/2018Netanyahu: US ‘Stands for Truth’ with Law Stopping Palestinian Pay-for-Slay
03/26/2018Justice minister: Twitter must be reined in, Facebook gets it
03/26/2018WATCH: Israel to open second international airport near Eilat
03/26/2018New code of ethics bans calls for BDS at Israeli universities
03/26/2018Israel bombs Hamas target, responding to cross-border provocation
03/26/2018Iron Dome missiles fired in response to Gaza gunfire, not rockets
03/25/20185,000 March Against Extremism and ‘Ideologies that Rely on Terror’ in Birmingham
03/25/2018London Homeless DOUBLE After Deportations Blocked by EU Free Movement Rules
03/25/2018Italy Votes in Populist Leaders for Two Houses of Parliament
03/25/2018WATCH: Masked Men Forcibly Remove Far-Left University Occupiers
03/25/2018Opinion: World Jewish Congress Leader’s Lame Lament on Israel’s Future
03/25/2018WATCH: 5 Ways Israel Combats Water Scarcity
03/25/2018Netanyahu slams UN Human Rights Council’s ‘circus of the absurd’
03/25/2018WATCH: How Composer Leonard Bernstein Helped Israel Defeat Egypt!
03/25/2018Israeli Air Force Hits Gaza Target After Border Infiltration
03/25/2018Congress Passes Major Pro-Israel Legislation, Boosts Israeli Defense Funding
03/25/2018Palestinian terrorist prisoners continue academic studies, despite Israeli prohibition
03/25/2018Palestinian teen who assaulted IDF soldiers sentenced to 8 months
03/25/2018WATCH: ‘Wounded Warriors’ organization helps IDF veterans with PTSD
03/23/2018Living Torah: Let God Deal with the Sinners
03/23/2018WATCH: US Pilot Who Flew for Israel Passes Away at 94
03/23/2018Israel investigates Facebook over possible breach of citizens’ privacy
03/23/2018WATCH: Dershowitz Slams Allegations Against Netanyahu
03/23/2018Security forces prepare for Hamas mass march on Israel
03/22/2018Sanhedrin Invites Arabs to Join 3rd Temple Project
03/22/2018Israel Confirms It Destroyed Syrian Nuclear Reactor, Warns Iran It's Next
03/22/2018WATCH: Meet Israel’s New Ambassador to Japan!
03/22/2018‘Saved by the Bell’ Star Tours ‘Holiest City in the World’
03/22/2018WATCH: How Israel Became a Global Water Powerhouse!
03/22/2018IDF and US Army Celebrate Success of Joint Training Exercise
03/22/2018WATCH: How the Mossad Eliminates Top Terrorists, Deterring Further Attacks
03/22/2018IDF Chief: Strike on Syrian Reactor Shows Israel Will Not Tolerate Existential Threats
03/22/2018Residents of Israel’s South Fear Hamas’ Relentless Terror Tunnel Efforts
03/21/2018WATCH: Israeli pilot who destroyed Syrian nuclear tells all, 10 years later
03/21/2018Israel confirms it destroyed Syria’s nuclear reactor a decade ago
03/20/20189 Israeli Drone Startups are Soaring to Success
03/20/2018WATCH: Meet Avital Sharansky, Dedicated Wife and World-renowned Activist
03/20/2018Israel’s ‘Demographic Time Bomb’?
03/20/2018WATCH: Revolutionary Israeli Wheelchair Empowers Impoverished Children Around the World
03/20/2018‘Let There Be Light’: Jerusalem’s Ancient Tower of David Gets Futuristic Update!
03/20/2018Police arrest 8 Jerusalem Arabs for Ignoring Fatal Stabbing Attack
03/20/2018WATCH: IDF destroys two more Gaza terror tunnels
03/20/2018IDF soldier who killed wounded terrorist to be freed in May
03/19/2018Terror Victim Adiel Kolman, Father of 4, ‘Brought Joy to the World’
03/18/2018WATCH: Hatikva – Join Israel in Celebrating 70 Years of ‘Hope’ and Achievement
03/18/2018IDF Destroys 2 Terror Tunnels, Foils Hamas Efforts at Restoration
03/18/2018Comptroller report gives passing grade to IDF conduct in 2014 Gaza war
03/18/2018WATCH: Israeli spy poses as French painter in enemy territory
03/18/2018IDF identifies Palestinian terror victims Ziv Daos, 21, and Netanel Kahalani, 20
03/18/20182 Israeli soldiers dead; car-ramming terrorist admits he wanted to kill
03/18/2018Pompeo – great news for Israel, bad news for Iran
03/16/2018WATCH: ‘I Am Very Happy with My Choice’ to Move to Israel!
03/16/2018WATCH: Israel Makes Deserts Bloom Around the World
03/16/2018Zionist Leader Slams ‘Lie’ that Jerusalem is Holy to Muslims
03/16/2018Israel to provide free broadcast of FIFA World Cup to Arab neighbors
03/16/2018Diplomatic breakthrough as Israel and Arab states meet at White House
03/16/2018WATCH: Are Israel’s gun laws tougher than America’s?
03/15/2018Israeli Tech Pioneer Battles ‘Fake News’ Epidemic
03/15/2018WATCH: Israeli Team of Researchers Restore 20/20 Vision with Nanotechnology
03/15/2018Good News Israel! New High-Tech Center to Fight Crime; Making Roads Smarter
03/15/2018WATCH: Following the Aliyah Dream
03/15/2018WATCH: Pilot who saved thousands of Yemenite Jews in 1949 meets survivors
03/15/2018Social Media ‘Warriors’ from 6 Continents Band Together to Spread the Truth about Israel
03/15/2018IDF tanks pound Gaza after bomb explodes along border
03/15/2018WATCH: ‘Superman’ Visits Israel!
03/14/2018Fighting yesterday’s Jew-hatred
03/14/2018WATCH: Israeli President tells world’s media executives about BDS
03/14/2018Report: Israel has highest birthrate in Western world
03/14/2018Soldier who killed neutralized terrorist denied release from prison before Passover
03/14/2018Analysts: How Netanyahu’s coalition weathered the storm
03/14/2018WATCH: Former Kenyan president seeks medical care in Israel
03/14/2018Budget approved, ‘significant additions to health, education and welfare’
03/14/2018Justice minister: Dissolving government would be ‘historic mistake’
03/14/2018Hero pilot returns to Israel, 69 years after daring rescue of Yemenite Jews
03/14/2018WATCH: Are Israelis in favor of early elections?
03/14/2018Amid election fever, Netanyahu and Likud party rising in polls
03/14/2018Israeli president hosts 22 outstanding female students, Jewish and Arab
03/14/2018The Chutzpah of Preaching Ethics to Israel
03/14/2018WATCH: Israeli Startup Uses Virtual Reality Technology to Relieve Teen Stress
03/14/2018How Israel Helped after Parkland School Massacre
03/14/2018WATCH: Meet Israel’s Matriarchs of Diplomacy
03/14/2018Israel thwarts 2 terror smuggling attempts into Gaza
03/14/2018WATCH: As UN Rewrites Jerusalem History, the Truth is Revealed Right Here!
03/14/2018Netanyahu brokers coalition deal to avoid early elections
03/14/2018WATCH: In Israel, Even Oranges are High Tech!
03/13/2018In Jerusalem’s Old City, futuristic hi-tech illuminates ancient biblical past
03/13/2018Netanyahu: Israel Fights for Truth about Eternal Ties to Jerusalem
03/13/2018Mossad launches CIA-style ‘technological innovation fund’
03/13/2018Former chief rabbi’s daughter forms new Israeli political party
03/13/2018WATCH: Amb. Friedman visits troops engaged in joint US-Israel exercise
03/13/2018WATCH: Netanyahu reveals ‘major disagreements’ with Obama
03/13/2018Paraguay and Honduras ready ‘in principle’ to move embassies to Jerusalem
03/13/2018Netanyahu resolves political crisis, will continue to lead country
03/12/2018Opposing THIS Israeli Organization Unites the Israeli Public
03/12/2018WATCH: In Israel, Even Oranges are High Tech!
03/12/2018WATCH: Israelis Are Inventing a Computer Mouse for Amputees!
03/12/2018Netanyahu: Israel Fights for Truth about Eternal Ties to Jerusalem
03/12/2018WATCH: Netanyahu ‘Opens Up’ About his History with America
03/12/2018WATCH: As UN Rewrites Jerusalem History, the Truth is Revealed Right Here!
03/12/20182 shooting attacks against IDF within an hour in Ramallah area
03/12/2018WATCH: ‘Jacob’s Sheep’ now thriving in Israel
03/12/2018Jerusalem exhibit at UN shows ancient Jewish ties, despite UN ‘disclaimer’
03/12/2018Polish Chief Rabbi tells WIN: ‘Some Israeli politicians have made the crisis worse’
03/12/2018Netanyahu in emergency talks amid coalition crisis
03/11/2018WATCH: The largest-ever Jerusalem marathon
03/11/2018Israeli Doctors Perform Complicated Delivery, Save Syrian Woman and her Baby
03/11/2018Israel Hosts ‘Empowering’ Weekend for Religious Women in the Arts
03/11/2018WATCH: Jerusalem Exhibit ‘Doesn’t Represent the UN. It Represents the Truth,’ Netanyahu Says
03/11/2018Jewish officials slam Putin for accusing Jews of election meddling
03/09/2018Living Torah: If You Talk the Talk, then Walk the Walk!
03/09/2018Israel Donates Wheelchairs to Needy Children in South Africa
03/09/2018WATCH: Simple Approach to Ending the Arab-Israeli Conflict
03/09/2018Israel Assists Papua New Guinea After Devastating Earthquake
03/09/201835,000 from 72 Countries Race Through Streets of Jerusalem!
03/09/2018WATCH: How Israel Gives Syrian Children the Gift of Hearing
03/09/2018Preparing for War, US and Israel Participate in Joint Missile Defense Training
03/09/2018Israel’s political scene in turmoil as Netanyahu warns of early elections
03/09/2018Knesset bill paving way to cannabis legalization advances
03/09/2018Knesset approves anti-incitement bill blocking return of terrorists’ bodies
03/09/2018Bennett ready for new elections, will ask for defense portfolio
03/09/2018WATCH: Netanyahu thanks Haley for ‘defense of Israel’ at UN
03/09/2018Analysis: Is Hamas losing its grip on the Gaza Strip?
03/09/2018Massive explosion rocks Iran military base
03/09/2018WATCH: IDF and US military train together in Israel
03/08/2018WATCH: Israeli ‘Superheroes’ Bring Joy to Sick Children!
03/08/2018WATCH: Palestinian ‘Refugee’-Turned-Israeli Calls for Social Revolution in Middle East
03/08/2018WATCH: Israel Leads the World in Gender Equality!
03/07/2018IDF Exposes Hamas’ Theft of Electricity from Gaza Civilians
03/07/2018WATCH: Israeli Police Make Dream Come True for Child with Cancer!
03/07/2018Israel Brings Amazing Agricultural Advances to Russian-Speaking Countries
03/07/2018Muslim Diplomat Praises Israel and Muslim World’s Growing Ties with Jewish State
03/07/2018Netanyahu: 2 State Solution ‘Doesn’t Work with What We See’
03/06/2018Political tensions mount as IDF draft law threatens coalition’s stability
03/06/2018Terrorists firebomb Jerusalem hospital
03/06/2018WATCH: Can Israel live with Trump’s ‘deal of the century’?
03/06/2018Haley: ‘Jerusalem was, is, and will always be the capital of Israel’
03/06/2018‘US relationship with Israel best we’ve ever had,’ declares Trump
03/05/2018Israel posthumously honors Czech pastor who saved Jews in the Holocaust
03/05/2018WATCH: NFL Stars Reflect on the Experience of a Lifetime at the Western Wall
03/05/2018WATCH: Guatemalan President Says Recognizing Jerusalem is ‘Right Thing to Do’
03/05/2018WATCH: What Jerusalemites really think about Trump’s ‘peace plan’
03/05/2018Israel and South Korea Grow Closer Through History, Innovation… and Faith!
03/05/2018WATCH: A Heartwarming Reunion Between a Palestinian Hero and the Jews He Rescued!
03/05/2018Have Israeli, US astronomers uncovered proof of mysterious ‘dark matter?’ March 4, 2018
03/05/2018WATCH: IDF forces arrest 40 Palestinians illegally entering Israel
03/04/2018Trump Coin Minted to Honor Jerusalem Recognition
03/04/2018WATCH: Israel’s Wildlife Hospital Saves Thousands of Animals Each Year
03/04/2018Prophecy Is Edible In Israel
03/04/2018WATCH: Israel’s Most Incredible Nature Reserves
03/04/2018Israeli unemployment rate lowest since early ’70s
03/04/2018Netanyahu takes off for crucial meeting with Trump
03/02/2018A Purim Lesson: Be Careful How You Treat the ‘Little Guys’!
03/02/2018WATCH: Amazing Images Show Israelis Celebrating Purim Over 9 Decades
03/02/2018WATCH: Fascinating Footage of Pre-WWII Purim Celebrations in Tel Aviv!
03/02/2018‘Iran is Shiite ISIS,’ Israeli Lawmaker Warns Europeans
03/02/2018WATCH: What Prevents School Shootings from Happening in Israel?
03/02/2018WATCH: US delegation heading to Israel to begin Embassy move
02/28/2018Why is Purim So Different from All Other Holidays?
02/28/2018WATCH: 5-Minute Crash Course on the Joyous Holiday Purim!
02/28/2018Purim and Yom Kippur: Which is More Holy?
02/28/2018WATCH: Israeli Hospitals Make Sure Sick Children Have Fun on Purim!
02/28/2018A Purim Lesson: Love All Your Children Equally and Unconditionally
02/28/2018Happy Purim – Time to Celebrate!
02/28/2018WATCH: A Purim Message – Let’s All Get Along
02/28/2018Former US Senator’s Granddaughter Makes Aliyah to Israel
02/28/2018Netanyahu: In the Middle East, ‘It is the Strong Who Survive’
02/27/2018Jerusalem’s Church of Holy Sepulchre Closes Amid Bitter Argument With Israeli Government
02/27/2018WATCH: ‘It’s Awesome to Come to Israel!’ Declare Visiting US Congressmen
02/27/2018Israeli minister: Israel’s intelligence helped 30 countries thwart terror attacks in 2017
02/27/2018‘I’m a Big Believer in Israel’s Economy,’ Says Billionaire Warren Buffett
02/26/2018“If You Are Silent Now….” – A Timeless Lesson from Esther
02/26/2018WATCH: Eerie Connection Between Purim, Prophecy and Hitler
02/26/2018Purim: The Holiday that Dances to the Beat of its Own Drummer!
02/26/2018WATCH: How Israel Stopped ISIS from Blowing Up an Australian Airliner
02/25/2018‘Attack against Christians’: Jerusalem church closes to protest Israeli tax, land policies
02/25/2018The Importance of Tradition: The 3-Cornered Purim Cookie!
02/25/2018Getting Ready: Why Do We Wear Purim Costumes?
02/25/2018Bring Purim Joy to Israeli Victims of Terror!
02/25/2018WATCH: Israeli Kids’ Hockey Team Trains in Canada
02/25/2018WATCH: How Israel Stopped ISIS from Blowing Up an Australian Airliner
02/25/20182500 American Troops Land in Israel for Massive Air Defense Exercise with IDF
02/23/20182 rock attacks in Jerusalem, IDF troops hit by rocks in Beit El
02/23/2018Netanyahu, Herzl and the Ever So Relevant Story of Purim
02/23/2018WATCH: Amazing Israeli Program Empowers Even the Youngest Cancer Patients!
02/23/2018Israel Getting Global Recognition of Its Awesome Brainpower!
02/23/2018Police detain US congressmen on Temple Mount
02/22/2018Israeli Military and US troops prepare for drill to simulate massive missile attack on Israel
02/22/2018Israelis Establish New 'West Bank' Settlement, Say Trump Will Support Them
02/22/2018Israel Installs Tsunami Warning System on Western Coast
02/22/2018WATCH: Is Israel’s $15 Billion Egyptian Gas Sale the Deal of the Century?
02/22/2018WATCH: Jerusalem – an Ancient City and a Global Hub for Technology
02/22/2018In Jerusalem, Netanyahu Asks NFL ‘Gladiators’ to ‘Fight’ for Israel
02/21/2018Knesset Hosts 49 Parliament Heads at Its Largest Conference Ever
02/21/2018WATCH: Relive the Miraculous Rescue of Ethiopian Jews to Israel!
02/21/2018Tech Giant Intel Casts $5 Billion ‘Vote of Confidence in Israeli Economy’
02/21/2018WATCH: IDF Ready to Deploy Cutting-Edge Missile Defense System
02/21/2018Organs of IDF Soldier Killed in Accident Save 6 Israeli Lives
02/21/2018Israel pounds Hamas target in response to rocket attack
02/21/2018Israel busts Islamic cell that planned to assassinate defense minister
02/21/2018WATCH: Israel Fears Syrian Poison Gas May Leak Into Country
02/20/2018Sanhedrin Mints Coin With Images of Trump and Cyrus To Promote Rebuilding Temple
02/20/2018Israelis Build First Dairy Farm in Papua New Guinea
02/20/2018WATCH: Israeli Poet Exposes UN Hypocrisy in 3 Minutes Flat!
02/20/2018Israeli Martial Arts Teachers Provide Therapy to Children Fighting Cancer
02/20/2018WATCH: The Unbreakable Bond Between Israel and the US!
02/20/2018Israel conducts successful test of Arrow 3 anti-ballistic system
02/20/2018Israeli Scientists Conclude 1st ‘Mission to Mars’ in Negev Desert
02/19/2018‘When the Month of Adar Enters, We Increase our Joy’ – Adar Has Arrived!
02/19/2018Israel Announces Deal to Sell $15 Billion Worth of Natural Gas to Egypt
02/18/2018Israel to Apply Anti-BDS Law to Amnesty International
02/18/2018WATCH: NFL Player’s Eyes Opened by Experience in Israel!
02/18/2018Paul McCartney, ‘One of the Greatest Songwriters of All Time,’ Wins Prestigious Israeli Award
02/18/2018Netanyahu: ‘We Will Act if Necessary…Against Iran Itself’
02/18/2018Netanyahu Waves Piece of Captured Iranian Drone: ‘Mr. Zarif, Do You Recognize This?’
02/18/2018General from Cyprus visits Israel to strategize with IDF
02/18/2018WATCH: Popular Israeli performer introduces Jewish Yemenite music
02/18/2018Israeli court rules desertion from Eritrean army grounds for refugee status
02/18/2018Analysis: Police recommendations against Netanyahu – a coup d’état?
02/16/2018WATCH: Israeli Invention Tells Pet Owner when Dog’s in ‘Bad Mood’
02/16/2018WATCH: Netanyahu will meet Trump in Washington next month
02/16/2018Analysis: Israeli Public Supports Netanyahu, Defying the Odds
02/15/2018WATCH: Beautiful Views of the Holy Land from Space!
02/15/2018Sanhedrin and Temple Movement Issue Silver Half Shekel With Images of Trump and Cyrus
02/15/20182 IDF soldiers killed in road accident
02/15/2018Israel arrests Palestinian women with IDF uniforms and gun
02/15/2018Israeli President Rivlin supports annexation of Judea and Samaria, giving Arabs full rights
02/15/2018Netanyahu’s allies rally to his defense, opposition calls for resignation
02/14/2018Israeli doctors remove battery from infant’s stomach
02/14/2018‘Foolish and Devastating’: Israeli Leaders Condemn Gaza Disengagement
02/14/2018WATCH: Israeli police battle terrorism at sea
02/14/2018WATCH: Guatemala’s Amazing, Deep Friendship with Israel
02/14/2018WATCH: ‘We Have an Octopus Sitting in Tehran,’ Warns Bennett
02/14/2018US seeks to increase aid to Israel by $200 million in 2019
02/14/2018WATCH: Looking for a Job in Ramallah?
02/14/2018Turkish professor, Israeli Arab arrested for aiding Hamas
02/14/2018WATCH: Israel fields its largest Winter Olympics team ever for Pyeongchang 2018
02/14/2018Defiant Netanyahu claims innocence, predicts 2019 re-election
02/14/2018Israeli Police recommend indictment of Netanyahu
02/14/2018Israel will ‘teach Iran a lesson it will not forget,’ warns Intelligence Minister
02/13/2018WATCH: Britain Honors Officer Who Saved 10,000 Jews in the Holocaust
02/13/2018Arab Lawmaker Removed from Knesset Committee After Calling IDF ‘Murderers’
02/13/2018Israel Conveys ‘Sincere Condolences’ to Families of 71 Russian Plane Crash Victims
02/13/2018WATCH: A Handy Guide to Preventing ‘Israeli Brutality’!
02/13/2018IDF soldiers attacked after mistakenly entering Palestinian city
02/13/2018WATCH: Looking for a Job in Ramallah?
02/13/2018Israel delivered ‘major blow’ to Syria’s air defense, caused significant damage
02/12/2018WATCH: Israeli diamond industry draws dealers to Tel Aviv
02/12/2018Solution to the Gaza Crisis: Let Their People Go!
02/12/2018WATCH: Israeli Miracle Drug Targets MS, Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s, Colitis
02/12/2018WATCH: IDF Officer Describes Israel’s Response to Iranian Drone
02/12/2018After Decisive Response to Iran, IDF Ready to Strike Again
02/11/2018U.S.: Israel Has Full Support in Defending Itself Following Iran Drone Incursion
02/09/2018WATCH: Why Frank Sinatra was a Passionate Zionist
02/09/2018Israeli Employment Figures Break Records
02/09/2018WATCH: Amazing Street Juggler Puts Israelis in Good Mood!
02/09/2018Israeli Trauma Experts Teach Resilience in Houston
02/09/2018WATCH: Israel Honors Diplomats Who Saved Jews from Holocaust
02/09/2018Trump: Jerusalem recognition ‘high point’ of first year in office
02/09/2018No Peace with Palestinians Any Time Soon, Israel Tells Foreign Diplomats
02/08/2018WATCH: Come Explore Beautiful Haifa!
02/08/2018Israeli Tourism Booms with Hotel Occupancy Highest in a Decade
02/08/2018WATCH: IDF Simulates Stadium Attack in Frighteningly Realistic Drill
02/08/2018Legal Experts in Jerusalem Develop Strategy to Fight BDS
02/07/2018WATCH: The Sport of Rowing is Making Waves in Israel!
02/07/2018Israeli Military Technology—At Work for You!
02/07/2018WATCH: Israeli ‘Kibbutz’ Communities are Going Green!
02/07/2018Israeli Astronauts to Simulate Planet Mars’ Environment
02/07/2018WATCH: Israeli Woman Excels in Male-Dominated Extreme Sport
02/07/2018No Peace with Palestinians Any Time Soon, Israel Tells Foreign Diplomats
02/07/2018WATCH: ‘Lost Tribe’ Returns to Pray in Jerusalem
02/06/2018Knesset Delegation Lauds Croatian Jewish-Muslim Coexistence
02/06/2018WATCH: Israeli tech fights disease in impoverished countries
02/06/2018WATCH: Israeli Innovation Makes the World a Healthier Place!
02/06/2018Israeli Innovation Bears Fruit! (to those who want it)
02/06/2018Terror Victim Laid to Rest, ‘Murdered Because He was a Jew’
02/06/2018WATCH: ‘To Those who Sanctify Death We Sanctify Life,’ Declares Netanyahu
02/05/2018Film debunks U.N. denial of Israel's Jewish roots
02/05/2018Illegal African Migrants Receive Deportation Notices To Leave Israel Within 60 Days
02/05/2018WATCH: Israel Takes Leadership Role in World Cancer Day
02/05/2018WATCH: The Two-State Solution’s Immorality Exposed!
02/05/2018Israeli Star Shiri Maimon is Headed for Broadway
02/05/2018Israeli Cabinet approves legalization of terror victim’s community
02/05/2018WATCH: Israeli tech paves the way to a password-free future
02/05/2018Who are Israelis Rooting for in the Super Bowl?
02/04/201811-Year-Old Israeli Girl Sews and Sells Bags for Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief
02/04/2018Shin Bet Chief: Israel Thwarts Hacking Attacks From All Over World
02/04/2018WATCH: Israeli and Palestinian Dance Together on Roof of Car!
02/04/2018IDF Unveils New Initiatives to Benefit Palestinian Civilians
02/04/2018Israeli Educators Vow to Teach the Truth about Poland and the Holocaust
02/04/2018Diverse group of Israeli lawmakers unite for backgammon tournament
02/04/2018WATCH: ‘Startup nation Israel goes from strength to strength’
02/04/2018Jazz musician, Nazi camp survivor, Coco Schumann dies at 93
02/04/201817 graves to be exhumed in Yemenite missing children case
02/04/2018Palestinians carrying knives, grenade arrested after crossing Gaza border
02/04/2018Israel and US closely watch Turkish incursion into Syria
02/04/2018WATCH: Israel’s billion dollar plan to save Gaza from collapse
02/04/2018NY Times: Israel pounds ISIS in Egypt through ‘secret alliance’ with Cairo
02/02/2018Israeli lawmakers blast Poland’s ‘Holocaust denial’ law
02/02/2018WATCH: How Israel’s Border Authority Protects Citizens
02/02/2018Israelis are Generating Water in India and Saving Crops in Africa!
02/02/2018IDF strikes back following rocket attack from Gaza
02/02/2018Haim Gouri, legendary Israeli fighter and poet, dies at 94
02/02/2018Israel, US brace for growing Iranian threat in Lebanon and Syria
02/02/2018Rivlin concludes Greece visit with praise for strong ties, security cooperation
02/02/2018WATCH: How Israeli technology fights ‘customer hijackings’ on e-commerce sites
02/02/2018Minister Bennett: New system combats online anti-Semitism in real-time
02/02/2018WATCH: Israeli and Palestinian medics display true co-existence
02/02/2018First Temple-era structure, rare silver coin found in Jerusalem dig
02/02/2018After heavy rain, Israel’s Chief Rabbi lifts call for public prayer
02/02/2018WATCH: How the Mossad turned a former Nazi into Israel’s secret weapon
02/02/2018Israeli Ambassador to UN slams Poland’s Holocaust law
02/01/2018Israeli Economy is Thriving, More Money for Social Causes!
02/01/2018WATCH: Female IDF Search-and-Rescue Canine Unit in Action!
01/31/2018Rabbis Claim Convergence of Lunar Eclipse With Tu B’Shvat Signals “End of Ishmael’s Reign”
01/31/2018Tu B’Shvat in a Nutshell (Israel’s New Year for Trees!)
01/31/2018Israeli Activists Sue Instigators of Lorde’s Jewish State Boycott
01/31/2018WATCH: The ‘Innovation Nation’ Transforms the World with Technology!
01/31/2018Israeli lawmaker: time to ‘shatter blatant lies’ about African migrants
01/31/2018FLASHBACK: How a Blood Moon Heralded Sukkot Festival
01/31/2018Ultra-Rare Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse and Jewish Destiny
01/31/2018US envoy demands that ‘despicable’ Hamas release all captive Israelis
01/31/2018WATCH: Orthodox Jewish Israeli disguised as sheikh infiltrates ‘jihad’
01/31/2018Netanyahu’s demands to stop Iran likely to be ignored by Putin
01/30/2018The Jewish New Year for Trees Shows Our Love for Nature
01/30/2018‘Tu B’Shvat’ – A Joyful Day in Israel to Celebrate Trees!
01/30/2018WATCH: Israel honors righteous diplomats
01/30/2018Israeli President Rivlin begins state visit in Greece
01/30/2018Terrorists released in Shalit deal leading attacks against Israel
01/30/2018WATCH: Netanyahu and Putin visit Jewish Museum in Moscow
01/30/2018Bennett: Israeli schools to teach about Polish complicity in Holocaust
01/29/2018Ex-IDF Soldier Speaks in London as Protesters Call for Israel’s Destruction
01/29/2018WATCH: An Israeli Startup is Changing the Way We Pay!
01/29/2018WATCH: Precious Lessons From Holocaust Survivors
01/29/2018Israel Ranked 8th Most Powerful Nation
01/29/2018Palestinians in military garb try entering Jewish community in Samaria
01/28/2018WATCH: A Most Moving Rendition of Israel’s National Anthem!
01/28/2018Netanyahu slams Polish Holocaust bill, says ‘one cannot change history’
01/28/2018US urges Lebanon to cut off Hezbollah from financial system
01/28/2018Anti-Semitism on the rise in Europe, Israeli report warns
01/28/2018Changing the Israel conversation among Democrats
01/28/2018WATCH: Knesset advances bill to limit noise from Muslim calls to prayer
01/28/2018WATCH: Israel introduces anti-Semitism cyber monitoring system
01/27/2018Harassment of Messianic Jews’ Center in Israel Begins Anew
01/26/2018Jerusalem court sentences rock-throwers who killed Israeli driver
01/25/2018Israeli Cancer Researchers Discover Enzyme in Malignant Cells
01/25/2018WATCH: Israel is Revolutionizing Water Technology!
01/25/2018Israeli Lawmaker Slams Europeans’ ‘One-Sided’ Anti-US Resolution
01/25/2018WATCH: Israel’s Special Needs Programs Serve as Inspiration to Other Nations
01/25/2018Israel Ranked as One of the World’s Most Innovative Countries
01/25/2018‘Speed-dating’ with Presidents and Premiers, Netanyahu Pushes for Changes in Iran Deal
01/25/2018WATCH: Celebrities Show their Love for the Real Israel!
01/25/2018WATCH: Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders say ‘never again’ at Holocaust memorial
01/25/2018Pew poll: Republicans overwhelmingly back Israel, Democrats evenly divided
01/25/2018Pence’s Biblical Knesset Address Affirms America’s Christian Connection to Israel
01/24/2018Jerusalem Mayor Thanks Pence for ‘Unprecedented Support’
01/24/2018Police recommend indictment of Israeli Arab lawmakers for corruption
01/24/2018Border guards shoot 2 Palestinians, foil stabbing attack in Samaria
01/24/2018US and Israel pushing Europe to help fix Iran nuclear deal
01/24/2018Israeli Defense Minister bans songwriter who compared Palestinian soldier-slapper to Anne Frank
01/24/2018Pence displayed ‘intense passion for Israel and the Jewish people’
01/24/2018WATCH: Pence and Netanyahu Visit Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum
01/23/2018Hamas Preventing Gaza Rehabilitation, Causing Humanitarian Crisis, Israeli President Warns
01/23/2018WATCH: The Difference Between the PA and Israel
01/23/2018WATCH: Jerusalem combines ‘everything great about Israel’
01/23/2018Opinion: What did you hear when Mike Pence spoke to the Knesset?
01/23/2018WATCH: Pence ‘Inspired’ by Western Wall, Places Note in Ancient Stones
01/23/2018Recognizing Jerusalem will Move Peace Forward, Pence Tells Israeli President
01/23/2018U.S. Vice President Mike Pence's speech at the Knesset
01/23/2018Pence to Jordanian king: US committed to Israeli-Palestinian peace
01/23/2018Pence at Knesset: US embassy will move to Jerusalem by end of 2019
01/23/2018WATCH: An Israeli journalist’s fascinating experience on tour in Syria
01/23/2018Coalition ‘crisis’ in Netanyahu government is ‘just electioneering,’ says political analyst
01/23/2018Pence in Jerusalem: Proud to be in Israel’s capital
01/23/2018Arabs plan protests, general strike for 2nd day of Pence visit
01/23/2018WATCH: Pence thrills Knesset with fiery, biblical, pro-Israel speech
01/23/2018Pence: ‘The best days for the US and our most cherished ally, Israel, are yet to come’
01/22/2018DISGRACE: Arab Lawmakers Disrupt Pence Speech at Knesset
01/22/2018Pence to Knesset: U.S. Embassy Will Move to Jerusalem by End of 2019 2694
01/22/2018Gaza Family Kills Own Son After Hamas Says he Aided Israel
01/22/2018Sweden Considers ‘Third Gender’ Option for Government Documents
01/22/2018Paris ‘March for Life’ Draws 40,000 in Protest Against Legal Abortion
01/22/2018LIVE: Vice President Mike Pence speech at the Knesset
01/21/2018WATCH: This Israeli self-defense technique could save your life!
01/21/2018700,000 Sign UWI’s ‘Jerusalem Declaration’ Supporting Eternal, Undivided Israeli Capital
01/19/2018Living Torah: No Matter What the Situation, There is Always Hope
01/19/2018Israel’s Wine Industry Grows Better With Age
01/19/2018WATCH: Confusion at scene of gun battle between Israel Police and terrorists
01/19/2018Report: Israel only ‘free country’ in Mideast, Turkey no longer ‘free’
01/19/2018Soldier injured in attempted car-ramming in Jordan Valley
01/19/2018Defense minister: IDF will destroy all Hamas terror tunnels by end of 2018
01/19/2018WATCH: Israeli ‘Lone soldiers’ get a major surprise!
01/18/2018WATCH: Exciting New Method Uses Art to Teach Hebrew
01/18/2018Netanyahu Unveils Memorial for Israeli Mumbai Terror Victims
01/18/2018WATCH: 10 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About the Israel-India Relationship
01/18/2018Israel Appoints First Female Aviation Squadron Commander
01/18/2018In gun battle, Israeli police kill terrorist who murdered rabbi, father of six
01/18/2018Netanyahu: $500 Million Missile deal with India back on track
01/17/2018For Your Ears Only: Israelis Create Virtual Headphones
01/17/2018WATCH: Getting Ready for Israel’s 70th Anniversary!
01/17/2018WATCH: Why Non-Jews Should Be Proud Zionists
01/17/2018#WeRemember Holocaust Memorial Campaign Spreads to 45 Countries
01/17/2018WATCH: How Israel and India Innovate Together for a Better Future
01/17/2018Israeli Envoy Welcomes US Funding Cut for Palestinian ‘Refugees’
01/17/2018New Bridge of Peace? Trains to link Jordan to Israeli ports
01/17/2018Amid controversy, Knesset approves salary hike for ministers
01/17/2018IDF medic to advise UN emergency response course in Uganda
01/17/2018WATCH: Netanyahu blasts Abbas’ anti-Semitic speech
01/17/2018Israeli women demand better security in Judea and Samaria
01/17/2018Lebanon bans Spielberg’s new movie over director’s link to Israel
01/17/2018North Korea scoffs at Trump’s ‘nuclear button’ tweet
01/17/2018WATCH: Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu greeted like royalty in Agra, India
01/16/2018WATCH: Mumbai Orphan Survivor Returns to Site of Attack
01/16/2018Israel Reunites Palestinian Girl with Mother After Father Abandons Her
01/16/2018Israel Surges Ahead, Arab World Stuck in the Past
01/16/2018WATCH: ‘We Have Met Much Love,’ Netanyahu Says at Taj Mahal
01/16/2018United with Israel Reaches 5 Million Supporters with Former Spanish Leader Aznar!
01/15/2018Netanyahu deepens ties with India, looks to the future
01/15/2018Polls portray rise for Lapid and decline for Netanyahu
01/15/2018Israel announces ban on medical aid to Hamas family members
01/15/2018Israel stops biggest Gaza terrorist smuggling attempt ever
01/15/2018IDF officer: Israel has developed ‘underground Iron Dome’
01/15/2018‘You are a Revolutionary Leader,’ Netanyahu Tells Indian PM Modi
01/15/2018Israel slams Abbas for anti-Semitic, Holocaust-denying speech
01/15/2018WATCH: ‘In 2000 Years, Jews in India Never Experienced Anti-Semitism,’ Netanyahu Tells Modi
01/15/2018Opinion: Banning BDS Groups from Entering Israel is Necessary and Just
01/15/2018WATCH: Martin Luther King’s Dream for Peace in Israel
01/15/2018Israel Cracks Down on Arabs Planning ISIS-inspired Attacks
01/15/2018Israeli singer, scheduled to perform at UN, denied entry visa to US
01/15/2018WATCH: Will Israel’s BDS blacklist be effective?
01/15/2018IDF destroys terror tunnel penetrating Egypt and Israeli border crossing
01/15/2018WATCH: Israeli soldiers in disguise ​nab​ ​Arab rioters
01/15/2018Netanyahu arrives in India, receives ‘surprise welcome’ by Indian leader Modi
01/14/2018Netanyahu Says Israel Bombs Terror Tunnels, not ‘Sand Dunes’
01/14/2018WATCH: Feel the Warmth Between India and Israel!
01/14/2018Chris Rock Defies BDS, Performs in Israel; Jerry Seinfeld Blasted for Visiting Israeli Counter-Terror Facility
01/14/2018Netanyahu gets ‘surprise welcome’ to India by PM Modi, calls ties ‘a great blessing’
01/14/2018WATCH: IDF Discovers, Destroys 3rd Hamas Terror Tunnel in 2 Months
01/12/2018Living Torah: How Deeply Can a Grandparent Influence a Child?
01/12/2018Israel to allocate NIS 150 million to bolster northern homefront security
01/12/2018Autistic Recruits Usher in Age of Inclusivity for IDF
01/12/2018How Did Golda Meir Define the ‘Palestinians’?
01/12/2018WATCH: After week of violence, Jerusalem returns to calm
01/12/2018At request of terror victim’s widow, defense ministry to connect Samarian town to electric grid
01/12/2018Police thwart attempts by terror group to hold gathering in Jerusalem
01/12/2018Netanyahu accuses Abbas of ‘running away’ from peace process
01/11/2018Terror victim, father of 6, laid to rest
01/11/2018‘K’ is for Knowledge: New Israeli Medical App Gives Users Vital Information
01/11/2018WATCH: Druze Israeli Loves to Sing ‘HaTikvah,’ the National Anthem of the Jewish State
01/11/2018Dutch Foreign Minister in Israel: ‘We Are Opposed to BDS’
01/11/2018Israeli Boxing Champion Wins International Gold Medal
01/11/2018Major Jewish Orgs Back Israel’s BDS Entry Ban
01/11/2018WATCH: IDF Continues Search for Terrorists Who Murdered Father of 6
01/11/2018Join the World’s Largest Holocaust Remembrance Event
01/11/2018Israeli police save Czech tourists from Palestinian mob
01/11/2018WATCH: US Jerusalem declaration a ‘huge deal,’ says Netanyahu
01/11/2018International Criminal Court may investigate Israeli officials
01/11/2018WATCH: Hundreds attend funeral of rabbi killed in terror attack
01/11/2018IDF launches manhunt for terror cell that murdered father of 6
01/11/2018Mossad chief: ‘Israel has eyes and ears’ in Iran
01/10/2018Russia says it now recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital
01/10/2018Bedouin Women Become Emergency Responders in Israel’s Galilee
01/10/2018Israeli Specialists in Zambia Battle Deadly Cholera Outbreak
01/10/2018WATCH: What’s Your Favorite Hebrew Word?
01/10/2018Victims Urge Deduction of Terrorists’ Salaries from Palestinian Tax Funds
01/10/2018Netanyahu: Israel Has Foiled Dozens of Major Terror Attacks in Europe
01/10/2018Rabbi, Father of 6, Murdered in Samaria Shooting Attack
01/10/2018Netanyahu proposes construction of artificial islands to address overcrowding
01/10/2018Knesset passes law shuttering mini-markets on Shabbat
01/10/2018WATCH: Israeli victims of terror debate death penalty
01/10/2018Israel switches from defense to offense against BDS, ‘finally gets it’
01/09/2018North Korean Athletes to Compete in Winter Olympics
01/09/2018Netanyahu hints Israel has stopped hijacked planes crashing into European cities
01/09/2018Bravery: Multiple Terror Attacks Didn’t Stop IDF Officer’s Rise
01/09/2018WATCH: Tribute to Terror Victims Shows Israelis Will Not Succumb to Violence
01/09/2018Israeli Exports Exceed $100 Billion in 2017
01/09/2018Israel Celebrates Over 3,000 years of the Hebrew Language
01/09/2018WATCH: Israel’s war on BDS has ‘moved into higher gear’
01/09/2018New York Times Accuses Israel of ‘Annexation and Apartheid’ Over Political Moves
01/09/2018WATCH: NBC’s ‘Today Show’ Showcases Evidence of Biblical Truths in Ancient Jerusalem
01/08/2018WATCH: Israel Fails Miserably at Being an Apartheid State
01/08/2018Israel reveals blacklist of BDS groups not welcome in Jewish State
01/08/2018WATCH: Two children, elderly man rescued during Israel’s worst storm of season
01/08/2018Israeli Arabs jailed for torching concert venue ‘offensive to Islam’
01/08/2018At Knesset, ADL warns of spike in US anti-Semitism
01/08/2018Israeli chief rabbi objects to death penalty for terrorists
01/08/2018IDF: More terror victims in 2017, but number of attacks decreasing
01/08/2018In Israel, mixed reviews for US plan to cut UN funding for Palestinian ‘refugees’
01/08/2018Israeli experts doubt truth of shocking Trump peace plan revelations in book
01/08/2018Trump: 'We'll See' About Kim Jong Un's 'Nuclear Button' Claim
01/08/2018 Trump's First Year in Office Is Best Year for Manufacturing in 13 Years
01/08/2018WATCH: Israel Fails Miserably at Being an Apartheid State
01/07/2018WATCH! Chubby Israeli Hedgehog Put on a Diet!
01/07/2018Israeli Doctors Separate Infant’s Fused Jaws
01/07/2018WATCH: It’s Impossible to Boycott Israel!
01/07/2018Israeli Druze Firefighter Risks His Life to Save Torah Scrolls
01/07/2018Netanyahu: To Solve Palestinian Problem, Shut Down UN Agency Perpetuating ‘Refugees’
01/06/2018Israel nabs Iranian-run terror cell in Hebron
01/06/2018WATCH: Will Israel ban cryptocurrency trading?
01/06/2018IDF reveals secretive data intelligence unit
01/06/2018Did Netanyahu privately ask Trump not to cut aid to Palestinians?
01/06/2018WATCH: Hasidic Jew dances with Palestinian Arab during traffic jam
01/05/2018Israeli literary giant Aharon Appelfeld dies at 85
01/05/2018Living Torah: How Do We Know God Wants Us to Return to Him?
01/05/2018WATCH: Israelis Fight Famine, Drought in Africa
01/05/2018Israeli Pride: Technion to Launch First Autonomous Nanosatellite Into Space in 2018
01/05/2018Israeli lawmakers’ plan to deport illegal infiltrators moves forward
01/05/2018WATCH: Palestinians used computer store as headquarters for Iranian terror cell
01/05/2018ACT NOW! Israel Stands with the Iranian People, So Should You!
01/05/2018Major Jewish Groups Back Trump on Cutting Palestinian Aid, Voices on Left Disagree
01/05/2018Israel bombs ‘significant’ terror target in response to rocket fire
01/05/2018Netanyahu coalition ‘like a juggler with 65 plates in the air’
01/05/2018WATCH: A closeup look at the new ‘United Jerusalem’ law
01/05/2018Israeli lawmakers give initial nod to death penalty for terrorists bill
01/05/2018Exclusive: How an Israeli risked his life in Syria and got a government minister fired
01/04/201810,000 People from 80 Countries to Attend Israel’s Largest Investor Summit
01/04/2018WATCH: Israel considers switch to digital shekel
01/04/2018Terrorist who stabbed guard incited by Palestinian school
01/04/2018WATCH: Israelis’ record-breaking Lego tower honors 8-year-old’s memory
01/04/2018WATCH: Is it Really ‘Freezing’ in Jerusalem?
01/04/2018ACT NOW! Israel Stands with the Iranian People, So Should You!
01/04/2018WATCH: Latest Israeli water technologies could solve scarcity crises
01/04/2018WATCH: ‘Not the first time’ Iranian-sponsored terrorists foiled in Israel, says Netanyahu
01/04/2018Sparks fly over Israel’s death penalty bill for terrorists
01/04/2018WATCH: The Spirit and Beauty of Israel Captured with an iPhone
01/03/2018Israel: Government orders thousands of African migrants to leave country or face imprisonment
01/03/2018WATCH: The Real Reason Hebron is Divided: Palestinian Terror
01/03/2018Israel busts Hamas terror cell in Judea and Samaria
01/03/2018Israeli tourism shatters record in 2017
01/03/2018Israel nabs ex-Palestinian officer for anti-Semitic incitement
01/03/2018Knesset approves bill that prevents division of Jerusalem
01/03/2018Israel attacks Hamas target in response to rocket fire
01/03/2018WATCH: Israelis hope for peace in 2018
01/03/2018Israel sends ‘moral support’ to Iranians ‘seeking freedom and justice’
01/02/2018WATCH: Israel Mourns Egypt’s Christian Terror Victims
01/02/201813 of the biggest health breakthroughs in Israel in 2017
01/02/2018WATCH: An African-Israeli Soldier’s Passion for Dance and Protecting the Jewish People
01/02/2018Israel Ranked 11th Happiest Country in the World
01/02/2018Israeli-Arab Rhodes Scholar Proves Jewish State Gives Equal Opportunity to All
01/02/2018In Jerusalem Attack, Arabs force Ultra-Orthodox Jews to ‘Convert to Islam’
01/02/2018Making immunotherapy more effective
01/02/2018Israeli Scientist Develops Cancer Immunotherapy 30 Times More Effective than Current Treatments
01/01/2018Goal of party vote to annex ‘settlements’ is to strengthen Netanyahu
01/01/2018Netanyahu: Israel will hurt those who try to harm us
01/01/2018WATCH: New York’s Times Square Celebrates Israel!
01/01/2018Netanyahu’s Likud party votes unanimously for sovereignty in Judea and Samaria
01/01/2018WATCH: Rabbinical student explains Judaism to Muslims
01/01/2018Guitar Legend Steve Vai to Create ‘Gravity Storm’ in Israel
01/01/2018WATCH: Israeli scholar tells Al Jazeera, ‘We are nobody’s dhimmis!’
01/01/2018Israeli Scientist Develops Cancer Immunotherapy 30 Times More Effective than Current Treatments
01/01/2018Despite his busy schedule, Netanyahu was finally persuaded by some Russian friends to leave his work behind and take time out for a drink for the New Year. Novy God!
01/01/2018Rare First Temple-Era Discovery Brings Biblical Narrative Alive!
01/01/2018WATCH: The 10 Most Insane UN Anti-Israel Actions of 2017
12/31/2017Israel bombs Hamas targets in response to rocket attack, blames Iran
12/31/2017WATCH: All the Good Israel Gave the World in 2017
12/31/2017WATCH: Israel Stands with the Iranian People Against its Cruel Regime
12/31/2017Netanyahu is One of Top 10 Most Admired Figures in US
12/31/2017Road used in Halamish terror attack reopened to PA vehicles
12/31/2017Knesset opposition challenges law barring police from recommending ‘high profile’ indictments
12/31/2017WATCH: Christians persecuted throughout Middle East, protected in Israel
12/30/2017WATCH: ‘Birthright’ participants fall in love with Israel
12/30/2017WATCH: ISIS regrouping near Israeli border
12/30/2017Five key moments in US-Israel relations in 2017
12/30/2017WATCH: There’s No Zionism Without Zion! (Jerusalem)
12/30/2017Netanyahu to pilots: We will use all means to defend our sovereignty
12/30/2017Israel thanks NBA for removing ‘Palestine – occupied territory’ from website
12/30/2017Iron Dome intercepts Gaza missiles; IDF strikes back
12/29/2017Thousands pray at Western Wall for rain to break drought
12/29/2017WATCH: Gaza Missile Targets Ceremony for Fallen IDF Soldier, Crowd Runs for Safety
12/29/2017IDF shuts down illegal Palestinian weapons factory in Jenin
12/29/2017WATCH: Israel’s ‘top 5’ winter activities
12/29/2017200% increase in tourism to Samaria
12/29/2017Knesset passes bill barring police involvement in indictments
12/29/2017Farmers, rabbis pray for rain amidst drought
12/29/2017WATCH: Trump’s Jerusalem announcement gets support of Israeli left
12/29/2017WATCH: Netanyahu thanks Americans for their admiration
12/28/2017WATCH: Israelis Are Bringing to Life Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak
12/28/2017Massive Cut in Taxes to Lower Cost of Living for Israelis
12/28/2017WATCH: Israelis Fight Famine, Drought in Africa
12/28/2017Israeli Arabs Have Highest Life Expectancy in Arab-Muslim World
12/28/2017WATCH: Netanyahu visits, encourages IDF troops in the north
12/28/2017Netanyahu, Japanese foreign minister tout strengthening ties
12/28/2017Israel pledges $11 million for future of Judea and Samaria
12/28/2017WATCH: Newest female Israeli Air Force pilot gets surprise visit
12/28/2017Analysis: Which countries will be next to move their embassies to Jerusalem?
12/28/2017Jerusalem’s Western Wall train station will be named after Trump
12/27/2017WATCH: Does Saudi Arabia Fear Israeli Chess Masters?
12/27/2017ACT NOW! Thank Guatemala and President Morales for Moving Embassy to Jerusalem
12/27/2017US envoy: Stop calling Judea and Samaria ‘occupied’
12/27/2017WATCH: Do tourists feel safe in Jerusalem?
12/27/2017Leading contender for PM says dividing Jerusalem is a non-starter
12/27/2017WATCH: Masked Arabs stone Jews hiking in Samaria
12/27/2017Israel ‘not at all likely’ to reverse decision on leaving UNESCO
12/27/2017Israel arrests 7 Palestinians involved in lynch attempt on Israeli children
12/26/2017WATCH: ‘Come to Israel, Thrive in Israel,’ Netanyahu Tells Young Jews
12/26/2017WATCH: ‘God bless you,’ Netanyahu tells Guatemalan leader
12/25/2017WATCH: Netanyahu sends greetings to Christian friends of Israel
12/25/2017Jewish leaders Praise Trump Recognition that Israel Not Root of Mideast Turmoil
12/25/2017Guatemala is First to Follow Trump on Embassy Move to Jerusalem
12/25/2017Israel officially leaves UNESCO
12/25/2017WATCH: Meet the activists trying to save the Dead Sea
12/25/2017Terror victim’s parents advocate death penalty for murderers
12/25/2017Analysis: The international embassy race to Jerusalem
12/25/2017Anti-Netanyahu protester’s guillotine condemned by left and right
12/25/2017WATCH: In Jerusalem, ‘anywhere you put a shovel in the ground, you find Jewish roots’
12/25/2017Israeli analysts say results of UN Jerusalem vote are an improvement
12/25/2017Analysis: Nikki Haley, the Trump administration’s ‘breakout star’, shines for Israel
12/24/2017WATCH: Media Blackout of Viral Video After Teens Fail to Provoke IDF
12/24/2017Israel Officially Leaving UNESCO over ‘Attacks’ on Jewish State
12/24/2017Israel expects 100,000 or more Christians to visit during holidays
12/24/2017Palestinian teens arrested for assaulting IDF troops, hoping for response on film
12/24/2017Trump ‘moved’ by ‘great honor’ of having Israeli park named after him
12/24/2017Netanyahu: UN is ‘house of lies’
12/24/2017WATCH: ‘It’s about time US recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital’, says Netanyahu
12/22/2017Amid corruption allegations, Israeli politician resigns from leadership post
12/22/2017Hamas cell planned kidnap of Israeli lawmaker, senior IDF officer
12/22/2017Israel blasts ‘Palestinian puppet masters’ behind UN vote, says ‘no resolution will drive us from Jerusalem’
12/22/2017Netanyahu Blasts UN as a ‘House of Lies’
12/21/2017208 New Jewish Immigrants from Ukraine Celebrate First Chanukah in Israel
12/21/2017Prestigious Travel Magazine Includes Israel on List of Top Places to Visit in 2018
12/21/2017Despite Boycotts, Israel Launches Agricultural Program in India
12/21/2017WATCH: Life in Israel Under Palestinian Rocket Fire
12/21/2017Netanyahu Blasts UN as a ‘House of Lies’
12/20/2017Israeli soldier slapped in face, kicked by Palestinian teen girl. His restraint has people talking.
12/20/2017Trump thanks Israeli mayor for naming park after him following Jerusalem move
12/20/2017IDF arrests Palestinian woman for assaulting troops
12/20/2017Pence visit to region delayed till mid-January
12/20/2017Israeli Minister: Erdogan’s threat to open embassy in eastern Jerusalem ‘pathetic’
12/20/2017WATCH: Archaeological findings corroborate story of Chanukah
12/20/2017Netanyahu says ‘so what’ if police recommend indicting him
12/20/2017WATCH: Bennett calls Palestine a ‘fake state’
12/19/2017The Festival of Chanukah – It’s Not a ‘Jewish Christmas’!
12/19/2017Archaeological Evidence for Story of Chanukah
12/19/2017Majority of College Students Oppose Israel Boycotts, New Poll Finds
12/19/2017WATCH: A Chanukah Menorah Takes Selfies to the Next Level!
12/19/2017WATCH: ‘On Chanukah, You Spoke Like a Maccabee,’ Netanyahu Tells Haley
12/18/2017US expects Western Wall to be part of Israel in any peace deal
12/18/2017Living Torah: Why is the Story of Joseph Read on Chanukah?
12/18/2017A Kuwaiti Muslim’s Journey to Chanukah
12/18/2017Israel Improves Philippines’ First Responder Skills
12/18/2017WATCH: Israeli Food – Delicious AND Healthy!
12/18/2017Knesset Speaker: ‘Historical Record’ Shows Jerusalem is Israel’s Capital
12/17/2017High Court rules Israel cannot hold terrorists’ bodies as bargaining chips
12/17/2017Israel expects drought as Sea of Galilee nears historically low level
12/17/2017US says Western Wall to remain part of Israel; Palestinians enraged
12/16/2017Watch [GRAPHIC]: Israeli police shot, wounded Palestinian wearing suicide belt
12/15/2017Sderot population back in the firing line
12/15/2017Israel attacks Hamas targets for 3rd night in a row in response to rocket fire
12/15/2017WATCH: Which Chanukah donuts do Israelis love the most?
12/14/2017Modern Chanukah Miracle: First Pure Olive Oil in 2000 Years
12/14/2017WATCH: The Jewish Secret of Revenge – A Chanukah Lesson
12/14/2017The Menorah: Seven Branches or Nine?
12/14/2017WATCH: Fabulous Smash-Hit Chanukah Video by Six13!
12/14/2017The Obvious and the Hidden Miracles of Chanukah – Why Both?
12/14/2017Israeli Father Invents Device to Detect Autism in Newborns
12/14/2017Israel Honors Wounded IDF and Terror Victims
12/14/2017Israeli Archaeologists Reveal Ancient Chanukah Discoveries
12/14/2017Jerusalem Celebrates 100th Anniversary of Liberation from Ottomans by British Forces
12/14/2017Iron Dome intercepts more Gaza rockets
12/14/2017WATCH: The IDF ‘Dreams Big and Achieves Big’
12/14/2017WATCH: PM Netanyahu celebrates the first night of Chanukah
12/13/2017Palestinian shot during confrontation in Samaria
12/13/2017WATCH: Why Donuts Remain Israeli’s Favorite Food on Chanukah!
12/13/2017Sharansky pans Reform movement’s reaction to Trump’s Jerusalem move
12/13/2017IDF arrests senior Hamas leader for incitement to terrorism
12/13/2017Signs of stress for Knesset coalition after tight Sabbath law vote
12/13/2017Masked Palestinians use ambulance for ride to violent riot
12/13/2017WATCH: Is peace more likely after US recognition of Jerusalem?
12/13/2017Analysis: Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital equals recognizing reality
12/13/2017WATCH: Israel establishes maternity hospital in Syria
12/13/2017Israel thwarts Hamas Chanukah abduction plot
12/13/2017Israel bombs Hamas target in Gaza in response to rocket attack
12/13/2017WATCH: The IDF ‘Dreams Big and Achieves Big’
12/12/2017Bill safeguarding sanctity of Sabbath gets first nod at Knesset
12/12/2017Netanyahu’s EU meeting first of its kind in 22 years
12/12/2017Israeli defense minister calls to boycott Israeli Arabs in response to violence
12/12/2017Israel marks 100th anniversary of Allenby’s liberation of Jerusalem
12/12/2017WATCH: How Chanukah celebrates freedom’s triumph over tyranny
12/12/2017IDF pummels Hamas targets in Gaza in response to rocket attacks
12/12/2017Hundreds of thousands mourn ‘beacon of morality’ Rabbi Shteinman
12/12/2017‘Palestinian state may not be viable,’ Netanyahu tells EU leaders
12/12/2017Religious Muslim Woman Spends Her Time Saving Lives in Israel
12/12/2017WATCH: A Powerful Chanukah Anthem Against Anti-Semitism
12/12/2017Rabbi Shteinman, head of Lithuanian ultra-Orthodox world, dies at 104
12/12/2017WATCH: Hundreds of Thousands Attend Funeral of Israeli Torah Giant
12/12/2017Netanyahu: European Countries Will Follow US to Jerusalem
12/11/2017Skeptical Netanyahu to EU on Palestinian state: Would it be Costa Rica or Yemen?
12/11/2017Top US Jewish leader: Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital ‘the right thing’ to do
12/11/2017‘I will not accept a double standard,’ Netanyahu states on way to Europe
12/11/2017WATCH: Brutal stabbing attack in Jerusalem critically wounds Israeli
12/11/2017IDF destroys Hamas terror tunnel, prevents devastating terror attack
12/11/2017WATCH: Netanyahu blasts Turkish leader who ‘kills innocent people – don’t preach to us!’
12/11/2017‘Paris is the capital of France, Jerusalem is the capital of Israel,’ Netanyahu tells Macron
12/10/2017WATCH: Trump is Following US Law with Embassy Move
12/10/2017Netanyahu: ‘Trump has Inscribed Himself in the Annals of Our Capital’
12/10/2017250 Israeli Rabbis to Trump: ‘You are Fulfilling Biblical Prophecies’
12/10/2017WATCH: Palestinian Stabs Israeli Guard, Victim Critically Wounded
12/08/2017Ben Shapiro TEARS DOWN the two-state solution
12/08/2017Living Prophesy: Was Trump’s Historic Statement on Jerusalem Predicted by a Rabbi Hundreds of Years Ago?
12/08/2017WATCH: IDF responds to Palestinian riots over Jerusalem recognition
12/08/2017Violence escalates in Jerusalem after Friday Muslim prayers
12/08/2017Archaeologists Discover Muslim Artifacts Proving Jerusalem’s Jewish Identity
12/08/2017250 Major Israeli Rabbis Bless Trump in Manner of Biblical Joshua
12/08/2017Hailing Trump, Jerusalem projects US flag onto Old City walls
12/08/2017WATCH: Netanyahu would win new election, polls show
12/08/2017WATCH: Arab students at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University call to destroy Israel
12/08/2017WATCH: What do Jerusalemites think of Trump’s announcement?
12/08/2017IDF blasts Hamas in Gaza following rocket attacks against Israel
12/07/2017Jerusalem mayor calls on US to cancel travel warning ahead of Trump’s announcement on city’s status
12/07/2017Israel’s major opposition parties support Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem
12/07/2017WATCH: What security precautions is the IDF taking in anticipation Palestinian rage?
12/07/2017Netanyahu: ‘Jerusalem has been the focus of our prayers for 3000 years, it’s here that our temples stood’
12/07/2017US, Israeli flags adorn Jerusalem’s Old City walls in tribute to Trump
12/06/2017Israel’s Tubi 60 – From Apartment Distillery to Global Sensation
12/06/2017WATCH: Why Do We Light Chanukah Candles for 8 Days?
12/06/2017Knesset Unveils Cutting-Edge Technology for Disabled
12/06/2017WATCH: Israelis Unanimously Declare ‘Jerusalem is My Capital’!
12/06/2017Bennett: Embassy Move is a ‘Big Step Towards Regional Peace’
12/06/2017Awaiting Trump: Palestinians Threaten Violence, Israelis Plan Celebrations
12/06/2017WATCH: Trump misses deadline to sign waiver delaying embassy move
12/06/2017Jerusalem police watch fallout from Trump announcement very carefully
12/05/2017WATCH: The Jewish People Will Never Leave Jerusalem!
12/05/2017Palestinian Doctors Trained in Israel to Perform Life-Saving Ultrasound Treatment
12/05/2017WATCH: Israel Improves Law to Help Disabled Find Employment
12/05/2017WATCH: Why Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem is a Step Toward Peace
12/05/2017Syrian shell explodes in Israel
12/05/2017WATCH: Blind backpacker traveling the world visits Jerusalem
12/05/2017Students clash at Hebrew University over memorial to slain soldier
12/05/2017Netanyahu operating amid ‘political tsunami,’ professor says
12/05/2017Analysis: From Amman to Jerusalem
12/05/2017WATCH: Netanyahu sympathizes with Iranian wrestler, urges to ‘compete like hell, shake hands and go out for a drink’
12/05/2017Israel arrests 2 for murder of IDF soldier
12/05/2017WATCH: Jerusalem mayor makes final plea to Trump to move the embassy
12/05/2017Israel strikes outskirts of Damascus, loud explosions heard
12/04/2017WATCH: IDF Discovers Palestinians’ Terror Weapons Hidden in Toys
12/04/2017WATCH: Israeli Boy Genius Builds Robot to Solve Rubik’s Cube
12/04/2017WATCH: Parody of Broadway Hit ‘Hamilton’ Brings Chanukah Story to Life
12/04/2017Inspiring: Blind IDF Soldier Uses Disability to Teach Tolerance
12/04/2017Slain IDF Soldier ‘Will Always Be in Heart’ of Friends
12/04/2017WATCH: IDF Discovers Palestinians’ Terror Weapons Hidden in Toys
12/04/2017Israeli Man on a Bicycle Saves 2500 Lives
12/04/2017WATCH: ‘Seize the Opportunity’ to Stop Iran, Netanyahu Tells Influential Americans
12/04/201747 Out of 54 Countries Say they Benefit from Ties with Israel
12/04/2017Netanyahu says new law limiting police in criminal investigations won’t apply to him
12/04/2017‘We are not pulling out of Syria,’ US assures Israel
12/04/2017Netanyahu: Nazis and Iran share ‘ruthless commitment to murder Jews’
12/04/2017Israeli experts not expecting Trump to move embassy to Jerusalem
12/03/2017Education minister cancels event with NGO that ‘defends terrorists’
12/03/2017Israeli forces demolish home of terrorist who killed 70-year-old man
12/03/2017WATCH: Samaria – Where the Jewish People Became a Nation
12/03/2017WATCH: Ethiopian Jews succeeding in Israel
12/03/2017Netanyahu Talks Tough on Iran, Says Israel Will Not Tolerate Military Base in Syria
12/03/2017Report: US to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital, Palestinians Threaten Violence
12/03/2017Top UK general in Israel for strategic talks
12/03/2017WATCH: Netanyahu warns Iran’s ‘hell-bent regime’ to keep away from Israel’s borders
12/03/2017IDF strikes Iranian base near Damascus, Arab media reports
12/01/2017Analysis: Critical Lessons of 1947 Partition Plan Ignored
12/01/2017Newly Exposed Sites Show Jerusalem’s Fascinating Jewish History
12/01/2017Living Torah: Being Happy With What We Have
12/01/2017Terrorist Stabs, Kills Soldier, 19, in Southern City of Arad
12/01/2017WATCH: Israel responds to Switzerland’s warming ties with Hamas
12/01/2017WATCH: Jerusalem, the ‘Heart of the Jewish People’
12/01/2017UN votes 151-6 against Israel, an ‘occupying power’ with no rights to Jerusalem
12/01/2017Israel negotiating ambassador’s return to Jordan
12/01/2017WATCH: Is there a future for Jews in Europe?
12/01/2017WATCH: The silencing of Jewish suffering in Syria
12/01/2017Amnesty slams Knesset anti-infiltration bill; Netanyahu defends Israel’s right to protect its borders
12/01/2017Rare ancient temple and vessels discovered on IDF training grounds
12/01/2017Prestigious cycling race removes offensive reference to ‘West Jerusalem’
12/01/2017Top US Jewish leader secretly visits Qatar to release missing Israelis and bodies in Gaza
12/01/2017Could bill barring police involvement in indictments save Netanyahu?
12/01/2017BREAKING: IDF soldier stabbed to death in southern Israel, terror suspected
11/30/2017European Students’ Union Visits Israel Despite Boycott Calls
11/30/2017WATCH: How the Jews of Yemen Came Home – to Israel!
11/30/2017WATCH: Israel is Growing Live Bone!
11/30/2017Ethiopian-Israeli MK Slams Nelson Mandela’s Grandson Over ‘Apartheid’ Accusations
11/30/2017WATCH: Remember the 850,000 ‘Forgotten Jewish Refugees’
11/30/2017WATCH: November 29, 1947 – The Miracle of UN’s Vote to Establish State of Israel
11/30/2017Israel Deepens Ties with Africa, Opening Embassy in Rwanda
11/30/2017Netanyahu: ‘Imagine the Electricity in the Air 70 Years Ago’!
11/30/2017Israel Celebrates 70 Years Since UN Vote to Create Jewish State
11/30/2017Pence on Israel: It's Impossible Not to See the 'Hand of Heaven'
11/30/2017Israel to open embassy in Rwanda, deepen ties with Africa
11/30/2017Israel tells UN: PA signs deals with Hamas but not Israel
11/30/2017Bill to prevent division of Jerusalem approved, ready for final vote
11/30/2017[Eyewitness Report] Protesters and police clash at forced evacuation of ‘settler’ outpost in Judea
11/30/2017Former Israeli envoy to US decries Kerry’s ‘obsession’ with Israel
11/30/2017Report: Trump to move embassy to Jerusalem within days; White House says ‘premature’
11/29/2017WATCH: Israel and France cooperate in space
11/29/2017Israeli economy expected to continue significant growth
11/29/2017Underground wall is latest Israeli defense against Gaza terrorists
11/29/2017Netanyahu off to Kenya to foster ties with African countries
11/29/2017Israeli defense delegation travels to Russia to stop Iran threat in Syria
11/29/2017Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense becomes operational at sea
11/29/2017VP Pence: Trump ‘considering when and how’ to move embassy to Jerusalem
11/28/2017WATCH: Ship-based ‘Iron Dome’ Defends Israel at Sea
11/28/2017Despite risks, Netanyahu to attend Kenyan presidential inauguration
11/28/2017Terrorists fire at IDF troops in Judea and Samaria
11/28/2017WATCH: Israel successfully launches first remote space lab
11/28/2017Poll: Opposition Yesh Atid party in dead heat with Netanyahu’s Likud
11/28/2017WATCH: Is there a rift between American Jews and Israel?
11/28/2017Netanyahu signs petition to free soldier who shot wounded terrorist
11/28/2017‘Israel Trail’ hiking path to include Judea, Samaria; Netanyahu loves ‘walking through verses of Bible’
11/28/2017WATCH: Massive explosion in Jaffa/Tel Aviv
11/28/2017Israel threatens to attack Syria over Iranian bases near its border
11/24/2017Israeli High Tech Leads the World!
11/24/2017Iran Promises ‘Eradication’ of Israel in Next War
11/24/2017Hamas terrorist defects to Israel, provides intel on terror tunnels
11/24/2017WATCH: Israel joins US in bringing power to Africa
11/24/2017‘I’m very sorry,’ Israel’s deputy FM tells US Jews, but stands by her statement
11/24/2017Pence to address Knesset during Hanukkah visit
11/23/2017Israel’s First Permanent Marine Station Launched Off Haifa Coast
11/23/2017WATCH: Israel Prevents Smuggling of Explosives into Gaza
11/23/2017WATCH: How Israeli Rescuers Revived ‘Clinically Dead’ Baby Who Drowned
11/23/2017Poll: Vast Majority of Israel’s Arabs ‘Proud’ to be Israeli
11/23/2017WATCH: Why Christian Israeli Arabs Volunteer in the IDF
11/23/2017Knesset advances bill to crack down on BDS activists within Israel
11/23/2017Diaspora Jews want embassies to Israel moved to Jerusalem
11/23/2017Netanyahu discusses Middle East hot spots with world leaders
11/23/2017WATCH: Family of Israeli Man Held Captive in Gaza Appeals to UN for Help
11/23/2017IDF protects 1000 Jews praying at Joseph’s Tomb, rescues 3 Israelis
11/22/2017Selling holy land: Inside the Greek Patriarchate’s Jerusalem property deals
11/22/2017Israeli Minister Wants to Disqualify Pro-BDS Groups from National Service Program
11/22/2017WATCH: A Look Inside an IDF Field Hospital Treating Syrians
11/21/2017WATCH: Israeli retirees working to keep aging adults at home
11/21/2017102-year-old Holocaust survivor reunites with newly discovered nephew
11/21/2017IDF soldier wounded by fire on Egyptian border
11/21/2017Netanyahu: ‘I have not yet met the Palestinian Sadat’
11/21/2017Israeli Defense Minister: We need $5 billion boost to prevent next war
11/21/2017Dead Sea Scrolls Written by Celibate Jewish Essene “Monks”, Qumran Skeletons Confirm
11/21/2017Brother of Israeli Held by Hamas to UN: World Must Help Us
11/21/2017WATCH: How BDS Fails Miserably in Goal to Hurt Israel Economically
11/21/2017Nick Cave’s Concerts in Israel Made Roger Waters Go Ballistic
11/21/2017Minister Reveals Israel’s Covert Ties with Saudi Arabia
11/20/2017Clashes continue over IDF draft law for ultra-Orthodox
11/20/2017Netanyahu questioned by police for 6th time
11/20/2017Israeli forces nab terrorist harbored by Palestinian security forces
11/20/2017WATCH: Former Trump official Anthony Scaramucci ‘will never forget’ lessons of Yad Vashem
11/20/2017Israel again fires warning shot at Syrian military position
11/20/2017Police recover Torah scrolls stolen by Palestinians
11/20/2017Ancient statue of lioness found near Sea of Galilee
11/20/2017President Rivlin turns down pardon appeal of soldier who shot wounded terrorist
11/20/2017Israel to Shut Down Detention Facility, Deport 40,000 Illegal African Migrants
11/20/2017Israel’s ‘Culinary DNA’ Unites the Three Abrahamic Faiths
11/20/2017WATCH: 2nd Anniversary of the Horrific Terror Attack in which Father and Son were Murdered
11/20/2017Israeli-trained Palestinian Doctors Perform Corneal Transplants in Gaza
11/20/2017WATCH: When Disaster Strikes Around the World, Israel is First on the Scene
11/20/2017Rabin’s assassin Yigal Amir seeking retrial
11/20/2017Israel fires warning shot at Syrian military position
11/20/2017WATCH: Israel moving quickly to thwart revenge attack by Islamic Jihad
11/20/2017Israeli Defense Minister: Arab world should unite with Israel against Iran
11/20/2017Court orders Palestinian Authority, terrorists to pay victims’ families millions
11/20/2017WATCH: Former US Marine describes terrorist attack in Israel, ‘he smiled, then hit me’
11/20/2017Minister threatens to quit Israeli government amid Palestinian statehood talks
11/20/2017WATCH: Pigs aren’t kosher, but they’re helping Israel save lives
11/20/2017Netanyahu reacts to Trump’s rumored peace plan including Palestinian state
11/19/2017IDF soldier killed, another injured in car accident
11/19/2017US-Israeli visa deal may rest on US demand for easing Palestinian travel restrictions
11/19/2017WATCH: Israelis getting fatter but living longer
11/19/2017Israel bars European lawmakers for planned meeting with jailed Palestinian murderer
11/17/2017WATCH: Amazon offering huge salaries to snatch talent for new Israeli site
11/17/2017Historic objects displayed at Knesset as 70th Independence Day approaches
11/17/2017WATCH: Will former Israeli PM Ehud Barak make political comeback?
11/17/2017WATCH: Holocaust survivors celebrate long-awaited bar/bat mitzvah at Western Wall
11/17/2017New Israeli bills to feature famous women of the arts
11/17/2017WATCH: Long-lost Jews from India reunite with families in Israel
11/17/2017WATCH: Breakthrough Israeli technology can make you invisible!
11/17/2017US pressuring Israel to oppose UN ban on pro-Nazi rhetoric
11/17/2017Israel willing to share intelligence with Saudis, says IDF chief of staff
11/17/2017Living Torah: Don’t Let Work Take Over Your Life
11/17/2017Brain Takes a Nap When Sleep-deprived, Israeli Researchers Find
11/17/2017WATCH: Israeli politician pushing to annex Judea and Samaria
11/16/2017WATCH: 1000 International Pilots Take Off in Israel’s Largest-ever Combat Drill
11/16/2017WATCH: What it’s Like for an 18 Year-Old to Enter the IDF
11/16/2017Israeli Remote-Controlled Space Lab Docks at International Space Station
11/16/2017WATCH: The Story of a Jewish Palestinian Grandma!
11/16/2017A first! Israel Co-Sponsors Saudi Anti-Syria Motion at the UN
11/16/2017Defense Minister warns Israel will not tolerate Iranian presence in Syria
11/16/2017WATCH: Israel demolishes home of terrorist who murdered 3 in Har Adar
11/16/2017IDF steps up security measures around Gaza
11/16/2017Hebron leaders thank Netanyahu for supporting Jewish community
11/16/2017WATCH: Leader of Israeli rescue team attacked by lion
11/16/2017Defense Minister warns Israel will not tolerate Iranian presence in Syria
11/16/2017Israeli minister: Prepare for one million Israelis in Judea and Samaria
11/15/2017IDF Soldiers Petition Chief to Restore Army Bible Studies
11/15/2017Israel Bars Entry of Pro-BDS European Officials
11/15/2017WATCH: 10 Israeli companies revolutionizing energy
11/15/201745 Holocaust Survivors Celebrate Belated Bar Mitzvahs – at Western Wall!
11/15/2017WATCH: Take a Look Inside the IDF
11/15/2017Miss Israel, Miss Iraq Find Friendship Amid Mideast Tensions
11/15/2017WATCH: Israel Ready to Become 4th Nation to Land on the Moon!
11/15/2017Mexico to Stop Supporting Palestinians at International Bodies
11/15/2017US security team in Israel to discuss Syrian border deal
11/15/2017Court halts Palestinian construction near new Tel Aviv-Jerusalem railway
11/15/2017Israel: Poland rally ‘a dangerous march of extreme and racist elements’
11/15/2017US warns Islamic Jihad to drop war threat against Israel
11/15/2017WATCH: Secret Warsaw Ghetto archive goes on display
11/15/2017WATCH: Israeli Bar Mitzvah boy helps save African village
11/15/2017Netanyahu: Israeli ties around the world are better than ever
11/14/2017PHOTOS: US Astronaut Tweets Stunning Images of Israel From Space
11/14/2017WATCH: IDF Volunteers Sing National Anthem in Sign Language
11/14/2017Israel stops weapons smuggling to Gaza via AliExpress
11/14/2017WATCH: Can You Pass the Test like Abraham Did?
11/14/2017WATCH: Dershowitz Debunks Challenges to Legitimacy of Jewish State
11/14/2017Netanyahu Says Israel will Bomb Syria as Needed for its Security
11/14/2017President Rivlin: Israel Will Always Be Home of Every Jew
11/14/2017Discovery of Holocaust-era pendant brings closure to relatives
11/14/2017Israeli life expectancy up 10 years since 1970
11/14/2017WATCH: Israel objects to new ceasefire in Syria; Iran too close to border
11/14/2017Israel deploys ‘Iron Dome’ missile defense amid terror threats
11/13/2017Israel Planning Action Against Iran at UN
11/13/2017Netanyahu: ‘Powerful Israeli Response’ Awaits Terror from Any Source
11/13/2017WATCH: Palestinian Children Commit Terror to End Rumors They Support Israel
11/12/2017Report: Trump team drafts plan for Israeli-Palestinian peace
11/12/2017WATCH: Israeli politician says Diaspora Jews should vote in Israeli elections
11/12/2017IDF shoots down drone near Syrian border
11/12/2017Powerful earthquake jolts Middle East, tremors felt in Israel
11/12/2017WATCH: Take a cable car ride to the Western Wall!
11/12/201735,000 Jews flock to Hebron for Shabbat, setting ‘all-time record’
11/12/2017Iran builds military base in Syria, 30 miles from Israeli border
11/12/2017Israeli Task Force to Stop Flow of European Aid to Palestinian Terrorists
11/10/2017Israel leads world in blocking terrorists’ funding pipelines
11/10/2017The Other 100th Anniversary: The Battle of Beersheba
11/10/2017WATCH: Firefighter nabs terrorist at entrance to Jewish community
11/10/2017US Support for Israel ‘Has Never Wavered and Never Will,’ Says Former US Secretary Powell
11/10/2017WATCH: ‘Why should we reject the chosen capital city of a close ally?’
11/10/2017Palestinian carrying Quran and knives caught on way to attack Jews
11/09/2017WATCH: 79 Years After Kristallnacht – Never Again!
11/09/2017Israeli Athletes Again Subjected to Boycott by Arab Country
11/09/2017Israeli Shekel Emerges as World’s 2nd Strongest Currency
11/09/2017Painting looted during Holocaust, in US hands, ordered back to Jewish family
11/09/2017Israeli tech company sues Apple over alleged patent violations
11/09/2017British minister likely to be fired over meetings with Israeli officials
11/09/20172018 ‘Jewish Nobel Prize’ awarded to actress Natalie Portman
11/09/2017UN accused of building illegal compound in Jerusalem
11/08/2017Knesset Celebrates Centenary of the Balfour Declaration
11/08/2017WATCH: Israel is the UN’s Only Safe Gateway to Syria
11/08/2017WATCH: A Message to Lord Balfour – Thank You!
11/08/2017Israeli Task Force Finds Audacious, Innovative Way to Bankrupt Terrorism
11/08/2017Israel library makes famed Günzburg Collection accessible to the world
11/08/2017WATCH: Grieving Israeli mother tries forcing Hamas to release her son’s body
11/08/2017WATCH: 8 nations join Israel’s largest-ever air force drill
11/07/2017Netanyahu demands 2 billion shekels from Jewish National Fund
11/07/2017Israel sends emergency aid to plague-ridden Madagascar
11/07/2017WATCH: The Secret to Israel’s High-Tech Success
11/07/2017Miss Israel Keeps Kosher in China, Despite the Challenge
11/07/2017WATCH: How Israel’s Brave Border Police Keep the Holy Land Safe and Sound
11/07/2017Netanyahu Acts as Tour Guide for Israel’s 3-Millionth Visitor in 2017
11/07/2017New Allies: Israel and Saudi Arabia?
11/07/2017Israel builds massive fence to protect aircraft in southern airport
11/07/2017WATCH: Netanyahu says resignation of Lebanese PM is warning about Iran
11/07/2017Israeli olive oil company triumphant in combating online BDS attack
11/07/2017Israel hosts 7 air forces in largest drill in its history
11/07/2017WATCH: Terrorists nabbed planting bomb near Jerusalem
11/07/2017WATCH: Jewish and Muslim medics pray side by side in Jerusalem
11/07/2017WATCH: What the US can learn from Israel’s fight against ‘lone wolf’ terrorists
11/07/2017Palestinian Historian: ‘There Was Nothing Called a Palestinian People’
11/06/2017US No Longer ‘Standing by Passively’ While Israel is Bashed at UN, Haley Says
11/06/2017WATCH: Israeli Police Help Law-Abiding Arabs
11/06/2017Israel and Spain Celebrate 30 Years of Diplomatic Relations
11/06/2017Netanyahu After Texas Massacre: Our Hearts Are With the Victims
11/06/2017Netanyahu on Returning Terrorists’ Bodies: ‘No Free Gifts’
11/06/2017Arabs, Jews clash in Samaria during olive harvest
11/06/2017Netanyahu calls on world to heed ‘wake-up call’ on Iran
11/05/2017New Israeli Technology to Assist in Patients’ Pain Management
11/03/2017Living Torah: The Courage to be Different
11/03/2017Cooperation Soars Between Israeli and Indian Air Forces
11/03/2017ACT NOW! Urge Nick Cave NOT to Cancel Concert in Israel, Don’t Listen to Israel-Boycotters
11/03/2017Balfour Declaration turns 100, Netanyahu challenges Palestinians to recognize Israel
11/03/2017Netanyahu honors Rabin with call for ‘national reconciliation’
11/03/2017Report: Israeli jets bomb Syrian weapons facility, ‘violent explosions’ reported
11/02/2017Israel and Wisconsin Promote Water Tech Together
11/02/2017IDF Warns World of Iran’s Growing Cyber Threat
11/02/2017WATCH: How to Defend Israel as a Do-It-Yourself Media Watchdog
11/02/2017Meditation Cave of Mystical Jewish Leader Discovered
11/02/2017Netanyahu: 100 Years Later, Real Tragedy of Balfour is Palestinian Rejection
11/02/2017Israel fires lethal blow to George Soros, with new bill to prevent “hostile funding” from leftist organizations
11/02/2017WATCH: Israel helps save lives deep in Syria
11/02/2017Israeli archaeologists unearth intriguing find at King Solomon’s Mines
11/02/2017Netanyahu to US after Manhattan attack: Together we will defeat ‘scourge’ of terrorism
11/02/2017Report: Netanyahu asks Trump to allow Pollard to move to Israel
11/01/2017Israeli Software Gives New York Power Plants Iron Dome Protection Against Shutdown
11/01/2017WATCH: Israel Celebrates Urban Achievements on World Cities Day
11/01/2017Netanyahu Praises Australian Soldiers for ‘Liberating Holy Land’ 100 Years Ago
11/01/2017Netanyahu Tells Trump Israel ‘Stands with all Americans after Horrible Islamist Terror Attack’
11/01/2017WATCH: Israelis forced out of world youth event promoting ‘peace and solidarity’
11/01/2017Anti-Israel activist barred from entry into Israel
11/01/2017IDF forces shoot Palestinian during suspected attack
11/01/20173-D holograms preserve Holocaust survivor stories
11/01/2017WATCH: Netanyahu attends Israeli reenactment of cavalry charge from famous WWI battle
11/01/20178 terrorists killed, more wounded after IDF destroys terror tunnel
11/01/2017WATCH: High death toll in terror tunnel explosion not intended, but ‘we don’t cry when terrorists are killed’
10/31/2017Australian Riders in Israel Reenact Famed WWI Battle
10/31/2017Boycott Activists Call on Nick Cave to Cancel Israel Concert
10/31/2017WATCH: A Humorous Look at Invasions of the Jewish Homeland Throughout the Millennia
10/31/2017Australian PM in Israel: ‘We Are Part of the Same Mishpacha’
10/31/2017Israeli Technological Breakthrough Enabled Terror Tunnel Exposure and Destruction
10/31/2017Israeli minister, Palestinian PM discuss economic ties
10/31/2017WATCH: Migrating pelicans get free Israeli lunch
10/31/2017WATCH: Terrifying Arab road rage attack on Israeli bus full of passengers
10/30/2017WATCH: A Crash Course on the Balfour Declaration’s 100th Anniversary
10/30/2017Israeli Startup Makes Huge Progress in Artificial Cornea Implants
10/30/2017Another Terror Tunnel Discovered Under UN School in Gaza
10/30/2017IDF blows up Hamas terror tunnel
10/30/2017Palestinians murdered Israeli as revenge for terrorist’s death
10/30/2017WATCH: Birthday party for last Jew in Galilee village
10/30/2017WATCH: Israeli Judo Champion Proud of His Country and National Anthem
10/30/2017Trump now opposes ‘Greater Jerusalem’ bill, seen as obstacle to peace
10/29/2017Palestinians Again Fail to Oust Israel from International Sports Competition
10/29/2017Israeli Aid Boosts Kenyan Education and Next-Generation Leadership
10/29/2017Israeli Minister: Boycotting Judea and Samaria Equals Boycotting Israel
10/29/2017Israel wins 5 medals at Abu Dhabi, despite open anti-Semitism
10/27/2017Israel honors Chilean diplomat who saved Jews during Holocaust
10/27/2017Israeli tech brings clean water and healthcare to refugees in Africa
10/27/2017WATCH: Stunning aerial tour of rapid train ride from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem
10/27/2017Netanyahu thanks new immigrants for contributing to Israel’s ‘unimaginable prosperity’
10/27/2017WATCH: The Power of a Good Deed, No Matter What the Reason
10/27/2017Living Torah: Israel is a Jew’s Only True Home
10/27/2017WATCH: How Special Needs Israelis Make a Very Special Wine
10/27/2017WATCH: Ceding land would lead Arabs to wage war on Israel, not make peace
10/27/2017WATCH: Palestinian Sports ‘Expert’ Says Jews Played on ‘Palestinian Team’ in 1930s
10/27/2017Israeli ‘David’s Sling’ Defense System Receives Prestigious US Award
10/27/2017Report: White House Will Not Oppose Expanding Jerusalem’s Borders
10/27/2017WATCH: 50 members of one Israeli-Bedouin family working on world’s tallest solar tower
10/27/2017Israel honors Egyptian doctor who saved Jews during Holocaust
10/27/2017WATCH: Israel boosts minimum wage by 6 percent
10/27/2017US Vice President Mike Pence will Visit Israel on Hanukkah
10/26/2017WATCH: 67 Palestinians arrested in massive agricultural robbery
10/26/2017Knesset member thanks Netanyahu for allowing Temple Mount visit in honor of son’s wedding
10/26/2017Colombian pop star’s photo with IDF soldier triggers online Palestinian hate-fest
10/26/2017170,000 Pre-Holocaust Documents Discovered, Giving Glimpse Into Lost Jewish Culture
10/25/2017WATCH: IDF Relief Mission Creates Deep Bond with the People of Mexico
10/25/2017On United Nations Day, Israel celebrates its achievements at the UN
10/25/2017Former Israeli and Saudi intelligence chiefs meet in NYC synagogue
10/25/2017WATCH: Israeli family finds Roman-era caves in Galilee backyard
10/25/2017Israel thwarts Hamas attempt to smuggle military equipment
10/25/2017Israel and Germany sign deal on 3 new submarines
10/25/2017WATCH: Jerusalem’s Arabs and Jews connect over ancient game
10/25/2017Israeli forces raid Palestinian village to arrest terror suspects, seize funds
10/25/2017WATCH: Israeli journalist exposes mainstream media’s ‘industry of lies’
10/24/2017How Israel Teaches the World to Effectively Respond to Disasters
10/24/2017WATCH: What Muslim, Christian and Druze Arabs Love about Living in Israel!
10/24/2017Report: Israeli airstrike kills 10 ISIS terrorists in Syria
10/24/2017Israel arrests 51 Arabs suspected of terror-related violence
10/24/2017WATCH: Nazareth’s first guide dog tests Islamic taboo
10/24/2017Netanyahu to skip gathering of North American Jewish groups
10/24/2017Netanyahu criticizes political opposition, praises Trump at Knesset session opening
10/24/2017WATCH: Israeli artificial intelligence makes cars ‘smarter’ than humans
10/24/2017WATCH: Arab member of Knesset confirms efforts to destroy Jewish state
10/24/2017WATCH: Israeli and Saudi officials met, broke the ice, analysts say
10/23/2017WATCH: At Age 16, Israeli Launched Org to Help Special Needs Children
10/23/2017Israeli Boy Hospitalized after Vicious Palestinian Rock Attack
10/23/2017Israeli Ties with Arab Countries Improving, Thanks to Iranian Threat
10/23/2017WATCH: ‘We Could Speak with King David,’ Says Israeli Education Minister
10/23/2017WATCH: Arab Minorities Celebrate Israeli Civil Rights, Refute Lies About Israel
10/22/2017WATCH: History of exiled Jews told through art
10/22/2017WATCH: Was ‘lost theater’ of Jerusalem discovered beneath Western Wall?
10/22/2017Israel Strongly Condemns Terrorist Attack in Egypt
10/22/2017WATCH: Israel prepares for Hezbollah chemical attack
10/22/2017Israelis prepare to repeal failed disengagement, return to Samarian towns
10/22/2017Israel strikes Syrian army in response to rocket fire
10/20/2017Netanyahu, Tell the World the Truth!
10/20/2017Israeli Doctor Elected to Lead Prestigious Global Medical Organization
10/20/2017Israeli Police thwart truck-ramming attack on IDF soldiers
10/20/2017WATCH: Netanyahu won’t negotiate with ‘terrorists in disguise’
10/20/2017WATCH: Netanyahu announces investigation of foreign-funded NGOs
10/20/2017WATCH: Ultra-orthodox extremists protest IDF draft, block traffic
10/20/2017WATCH: Will Israeli apps surge as Uber stumbles?
10/20/2017US: Hamas must disarm to join Palestinian government
10/20/2017‘Jordan Valley will always be part of Israel,’ Netanyahu vows
10/20/2017Israeli delegation storms out of int’l summit amid vicious attacks, a ‘bad joke’
10/19/2017Israel Philharmonic Kicks Off North American Tour at Carnegie Hall
10/19/2017Oh Baby! Israel’s Birth Rate Reflects Energy and Optimism
10/19/2017Syrian Rocket Strikes Israel’s Golan Heights, IDF Responds
10/18/2017Victory: Israel Joins UN Space Committee Bureau
10/18/2017WATCH: Israeli Technology Creates Star Trek-style Food Capsules
10/18/2017Netanyahu to Russian Defense Minister: Israel Won’t Tolerate Iranian Presence in Syria
10/18/2017WATCH: Netanyahu Tells Iranian Foreign Minister to Quit Twitter
10/18/2017Israel Drops Peace Talks with PA Over its Union with Hamas
10/18/2017Netanyahu Praises UWI’s Historic Jerusalem Initiative and ‘Unflinching Defense of the Truth’
10/18/2017Israel’s Prime Minister Calls on Media to Defend Persecuted Christians
10/18/2017WATCH: Reagan provided precedent for fixing flawed Iran deal
10/18/2017Israel confronts Palestinian ‘unity’ pact with strict diplomatic conditions
10/18/2017Arabs brutally beat Jewish residents of Jerusalem’s Old City
10/17/2017Israel Harvests for the World!
10/17/2017Artificial Intelligence Shaping the IDF in Ways Never Imagined
10/17/2017Jerusalem Mayor: City’s Role is to Unite Religions
10/16/2017WATCH: US Ambassador Visits Sderot, Views Menorah Fashioned from Gaza Rockets
10/16/2017Israeli Lawmaker: Iran is Like Hitler with Nuclear Bomb
10/16/2017Netanyahu: Israel Has No Better Friends than Christian Communities Around the World
10/16/2017Israeli, Palestinian Leaders Gather in Sukkah in a Celebration of Coexistence
10/16/2017WATCH: Incredible Holiday Celebration Like You’ve Never Seen Before!
10/16/2017Israeli victims take fight over Arab Bank’s terror funding to US Supreme Court
10/16/2017WATCH: You Won’t Believe This – a Sukkah on Wheels!
10/16/2017WATCH: Trump Proves Netanyahu Critics Wrong, has ‘Last Laugh’
10/15/2017Jews Ascend Temple Mount With Message to God: We’re Ready for Third Temple
10/15/2017Israel Ranked 19th Most ‘Food Secure’ Nation by UN
10/15/2017WATCH: Special Sukkot Prayers at Isaac’s Tomb in Hebron
10/15/2017The First Rashi: Yes, it’s OUR Land!
10/15/2017WATCH: Netanyahu Congratulates Trump on ‘Courageous Decision’ to Confront Iran
10/15/2017Netanyahu Praises US Withdrawal from UNESCO, Says Israel Will Follow US Lead
10/11/2017WATCH: Israeli police enforce ‘no soccer playing’ rule on Temple Mount
10/11/2017Former Israeli defense chief: US should impose non-nuclear sanctions on Iran
10/11/2017Tens of Thousands of Christians from 80 countries march in Jerusalem
10/11/2017WATCH: The Strange Yet Fun Sukkahs
10/11/2017‘It Warms My Heart to View the Nation of Israel Together’
10/11/2017Shemini Atzeret: This Holiday is for My People!
10/11/2017WATCH: 60,000 Israel Supporters Flock to Jerusalem for Sukkot March
10/11/2017WATCH: Why Is Israel Hated So Much?
10/11/2017Dance for Joy with the Torah – We Need it for Everything in Life!
10/11/2017WATCH: ‘We’re Back!’ – Thousands of Jews from Around the World Ascend the Temple Mount on Sukkot
10/11/2017Water Offering on Sukkot: Most Festive Celebration Ever
10/11/2017WATCH: The Most Unbelievable Sukkah, Ever!
10/11/2017Commemorating the ‘Clouds of Glory’ on Sukkot
10/11/2017WATCH: Experience Sukkot in Israel – It’s Amazing!
10/11/2017Israelis Reviving Sukkot Holiday Pilgrimage
10/11/2017WATCH: Celebrating Sukkot in Jerusalem!
10/11/2017Netanyahu: ‘People who murder babies don’t have freedom on their minds’
10/11/2017Muslim, Christian and Druze Israelis on a Mission to Spread Truth about Jewish State
10/10/2017Family dog in Israel sprayed with swastika
10/10/2017WATCH: Police find combat boots inside slippers at Gaza border
10/10/2017Tens of thousands attended priestly blessing in Jerusalem
10/10/2017WATCH: Is Israel prepared for new threats resulting from ‘Arab Spring’?
10/10/2017Sukkot: Jacob’s Message of Appreciation Even to Our Animals
10/10/2017WATCH: Shakin’ The Lulav Song
10/10/2017Sukkot and the Significance of the Joyous Water Offering
10/10/2017WATCH: How Sukkot is a Celebration for Every Nation!
10/10/2017The Power of Unity – A Lesson from Sukkot
10/10/2017Defense Minister Calls for More Active American Role in Turbulent Middle East
10/10/2017WATCH: Arab-Israeli media star blasts Kuwait for anti-Israel discrimination
10/10/2017WATCH: Arab Village Chief: ‘We Want to Live Under Israel, Not the PA’
10/10/2017Israel’s Efforts to Fight Boycotts Reap Numerous Victories
10/09/2017Jewish man killed in Samaria was victim of Palestinian terror
10/09/2017WATCH: Israeli official says if Trump really wants peace then ‘move embassy to Jerusalem now’
10/09/2017IDF attacks Hamas target in response to rocket fired from Gaza
10/09/2017Report: Israel to approve massive construction in Judea and Samaria
10/09/2017Special Sukkot Customs of Jews from Arab Countries
10/09/2017WATCH: Don’t Worry, Be Happy on Sukkot!
10/09/2017Sukkot and our Father Jacob: A Message for the Ages!
10/09/2017Jewish child in Paris hospitalized after anti-Semitic beatings
10/09/2017WATCH: Prime Minister Netanyahu Celebrates Sukkot with the 4 Species!
10/09/2017WATCH: Birthday Party Turns into Funeral for Israeli Slaughtered by Palestinian in Samaria
10/08/2017Animal Rights and Sukkot – What’s the Connection?
10/08/2017WATCH: A Lively Musical Performance for Sukkot
10/08/2017A Lesson from the Lulav: Balancing Our Priorities
10/08/2017WATCH: Sukkot – Super JOY and MEANING!
10/08/2017Colorful Mahane Yehuda Market (‘Shuk’) is Ready for Sukkot!
10/08/2017WATCH: Netanyahu says ‘No!’ to his children entering politics
10/08/20175777 – What a Year it was for Israel!
10/08/2017WATCH: Massive Gathering at Jerusalem’s Western Wall for Priestly Blessings
10/04/2017Repentance on Sukkot – Through Wining and Dining!
10/04/2017Lesson of Sukkot: Transforming the Material into the Spiritual
10/04/2017WATCH: A Special Sukkot Holiday Greeting from the IDF
10/04/2017Why Do We Recall the ‘Clouds of Glory’ on Sukkot?
10/04/2017After Yom Kippur: Building with Joy for Sukkot
10/04/2017Sukkot: A Time to Count our True Blessings
10/04/2017Celebrating Sukkot in Israel: A Joyous Holiday for ALL Nations!
10/04/2017WATCH: 700 Israeli Start-Ups Develop Global Security Technology
10/03/2017The Festival of Sukkot ‘Protects’ our Spiritual Growth
10/03/2017WATCH: How to Make Delicious Challah for the Holidays without Kneading
10/03/2017Sukkot: What is this Joyous Holiday All About?
10/03/2017New Year Poll: Vast Majority of Israelis’ Mood is ‘Good’ or ‘Very Good’
10/03/2017WATCH: Harvesting Date Palms in Preparation for Sukkot
10/03/2017WATCH: New Music Video has the People of Jerusalem on their Feet!
10/03/2017WATCH: Should Israel Accept Another Prisoner Swap with Hamas?
10/03/2017Netanyahu to Americans after Las Vegas Massacre: We Stand Shoulder to Shoulder With You
10/03/2017WATCH: Israeli technology turns glass black with touch of a button October 1, 2017
10/03/2017Netanyahu denies Turkey’s claim of Israeli involvement in Kurdish vote
10/01/2017WATCH: Yom Kippur War Miracle – Why 150 Syrian Tanks Retreated
10/01/2017Israeli tennis star quits world tour match to avoid playing on Yom Kippur
09/29/2017Yom Kippur: Forgiving Is Awesome!
09/29/2017How to Get Your Prayers Answered on Yom Kippur!
09/29/2017WATCH: A Stirring Musical Rendition of a Yom Kippur Prayer
09/29/2017Why Do We SING During Yom Kippur Confessional Prayers?
09/29/2017On Yom Kippur, Sing Away Your Sins!
09/29/2017WATCH: IDF Cantor and Choir Chant Yom Kippur Prayer
09/29/2017Yom Kippur: A Unique Opportunity for Atonement and Repentance
09/29/2017WATCH: How Do You Want to be Remembered?
09/29/2017Yom Kippur: The Holiest – and Happiest – Day of the Year!
09/29/2017Kapparot: An Ancient, Mystical Antonement Ritual that Survived the Centuries
09/29/2017On Yom Kippur, Pray for Life, But Pay Attention to All of Life’s Possibilities
09/29/2017IDF Aid Mission ‘Conquered the Heart of Mexico and the Mexican People’
09/29/2017On Yom Kippur, Look Into Your Spiritual Mirror!
09/29/2017WATCH: Coming Clean – An Important Yom Kippur Message for Everyone!
09/29/2017Why Yom Kippur is the Happiest Day of the Year
09/29/2017The Yom Kippur War Miracle – Victory Against All Odds
09/29/2017WATCH: Shouting Out to God at the Western Wall
09/29/2017Netanyahu warns Palestinians: Diplomatic warfare will ‘not go unanswered’
09/29/2017Israel busts ISIS cell that planned attack on Temple Mount
09/29/2017WATCH: Israeli ‘see-through-the-wall’ tech saves lives in Mexico
09/29/2017US Ambassador: Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria ‘part of Israel’
09/28/2017Why Remember the Sin of the Golden Calf on Yom Kippur?
09/28/2017WATCH: A Yom Kippur ‘Violin Recital’ in Aushchwitz
09/28/2017Yom Kippur and the Lesson of the Two Goats
09/28/2017WATCH: Pre-Yom Kippur Prayers at the Western Wall
09/28/2017Don’t Wait for Yom Kippur to Bring God into Your Lives
09/28/2017Israel Thwarts ISIS Terror Attack on Temple Mount
09/28/2017Netanyahu: No More Uprooting of Israeli Communities
09/28/2017WATCH: Israel makes groundbreaking discovery in fight to save honeybees
09/28/2017IDF chief commutes sentence of soldier who shot wounded terrorist
09/28/2017WATCH: IDF raids village of Har Adar terrorist
09/27/2017Reflections Leading Up to Yom Kippur
09/27/2017Yom Kippur Facts & Thoughts You Need to Know
09/27/2017WATCH: Jewish Music Through the Centuries!
09/27/2017WATCH: Should Israel respond to terror attack by canceling Palestinian work permits?
09/27/2017Shin Bet: Terrorist who murdered 3 Israelis was wife beater
09/27/2017Throngs of mourners honor Israeli victims of Har Adar terror attack
09/27/2017Terror victims, all in their 20s, had big plans for the future
09/27/2017Three Israelis shot and killed by Palestinian terrorist, father of 4
09/26/2017WATCH: Israel Comes to the Rescue in Mexico
09/26/2017Bereaved Israeli Families Launch New Organization to Fight Terrorism
09/26/2017WATCH: Does Israel Discriminate Against Arabs?
09/26/2017Palestinian Terrorist with Work Permit Murders 3 Israelis
09/26/2017Media Fails to Report Deadly Palestinian Attack as ‘Terror’
09/25/2017Israel Works to Thwart Palestinian Bid to Join International Police
09/25/2017Ten Years Since Aliyah, Ten Years of Massive Change
09/25/2017WATCH: Why is Israel singled out for BDS attacks?
09/25/2017IDF Teams Work Around the Clock to Locate Survivors in Mexico
09/25/2017Israeli Ambassador Slams Palestinian ‘Lies and Incitement’ at UN
09/25/2017WATCH: Israel Responds to Humanitarian Needs Worldwide
09/25/2017Israel Presents the World with Projects to Benefit Palestinians
09/24/2017WATCH: IDF search and rescue team applauded in Mexico
09/24/2017WATCH: IDF general replicates pilgrimage to Jerusalem
09/20/2017Blowing the Shofar at Risk of Death – in Auschwitz
09/20/2017WATCH: The Awesome ‘Soldier Surprise’ with a Great New Year’s Message!
09/20/2017Rosh Hashana Omens
09/20/2017WATCH: On Rosh Hashana, Everything in Your Life Can Change
09/20/2017Rosh Hashana Customs among Diverse Communities
09/20/2017WATCH: A Musical New Year’s Greeting for You!
09/20/2017Living Torah: The Ability to Repent Rests Only Within Ourselves
09/20/2017WATCH: How to Make a Sweet – and Easy! – Rosh Hashana Cake
09/20/2017Ten Facts About the Symbolic Foods of Rosh Hashana
09/20/2017A Frightening Yet Encouraging Rosh Hashana Prayer
09/20/2017WATCH: Israeli Soldiers Wish You a Shana Tova – Happy New Year!
09/20/2017IDF Search and Rescue Team Departs for Mexico after Deadly Earthquake
09/20/2017WATCH: New Year’s Wishes from Israel’s Newest Citizens!
09/20/2017Netanyahu Praises Trump’s ‘Bold’ and ‘Courageous’ Comments on Iran in UN Speech
09/20/2017Warm Wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Sweet New Year!
09/20/2017WATCH: Netanyahu Dazzles UN with Israel’s ‘Remarkable Contributions to All Nations’
09/20/2017600,000 Sign ‘Jerusalem Declaration’ in Support of Eternal, Undivided Capital of Israel
09/20/2017The Power of the Holy Shofar!
09/20/2017WATCH: How to have the Happiest New Year, Ever
09/20/2017WATCH: What Change Will You Make for the New Year?
09/20/2017WATCH: How Hamas Planned to Massacre Jews on Rosh Hashana 2014
09/20/2017WATCH: UN ambassadors wish Israelis a ‘Happy New Year’ in Hebrew
09/20/2017WATCH: Netanyahu at UN signifies ‘an entirely new day’ in Israel’s global standing
09/20/2017Israel sends aid to Mexico after devastating earthquake claims 248 lives
09/20/2017WATCH: Trump lauds Jewish people’s ‘incredible character and spirit’ in New Year’s greeting
09/20/2017Israel arrests Palestinian for declaring intentions to execute attack
09/20/2017Israel’s border wall proves 100% effective in preventing infiltration
09/20/2017Israel shoots down Iranian-made drone over northern border
09/20/2017Netanyahu at UN: ‘The world is embracing Israel and Israel is embracing the world’
09/19/2017Israeli Doctors Perform Free Eye Surgery for Hundreds in Kenya
09/19/2017Israel Prepared To 'Neutralize' Hezbollah With 'Overwhelming' Force In Next war
09/19/2017Happy New Year from the Israel Border Police! Shana Tova!
09/19/2017Israel Destroys Hezbollah Aircraft by Firing Patriot Missile
09/19/2017Netanyahu Praises Israel’s Ties with US as ‘Stronger Than Ever’ Under Trump
09/18/2017Israel Brings Amazing Agricultural Advances to African Nations
09/18/2017WATCH: Boys Town Jerusalem Sings a New Year’s Greeting!
09/18/2017Israel and Mexico Sign Agreement on Cooperation in International Development
09/18/2017Netanyahu-Trump Meeting in New York to Focus on Iranian Threat
09/18/2017Washington Post: With Recent Strike on Syrian Chemical Weapons Facility, Israel May Have ‘Done a Service to Humanity’
09/15/2017The Jewish New Year Celebrates God as King of the Universe
09/15/2017Living Torah: Let’s Admit Our Flaws – as Moses Did!
09/15/2017WATCH: Streetball action hits the courts in Jerusalem
09/15/20171,200 Students from Around Globe Complete Israeli Agriculture Training
09/15/2017Human Rights Groups Refuse Aid to Victims of Palestinian Torture
09/15/2017WATCH: Terror-stricken Family Moves from Mourning to Celebration
09/15/2017Israel Becoming Key Player in ‘Bitcoin’ Technology
09/15/2017Innocent Israelis are Under Attack. ATVs Stop Terrorists on the Way!
09/15/2017WATCH: Netanyahu receives documents on Nazis from Argentina
09/15/2017IDF completes military drill simulating escalation in the north
09/15/2017WATCH: Netanyahu quotes Bible to affirm Israel’s claim to Judea and Samaria
09/14/2017Israeli Startup Brings Life-Changing Technology to the Visually Impaired
09/14/2017WATCH: Meet a Remarkable IDF Shooting Instructor!
09/14/2017IDF Concludes Biggest Exercise in 19 Years, Prepares for War in North
09/13/2017In Stunning Color, Photos of Turn-of-Century Jerusalem Reveal Holy City as Never Before
09/11/2017IDF Teams Up with Hi-Tech Companies to Help Disabled kids
09/11/2017Israeli Aid Groups Ready to Help with Hurricane Irma Disaster
09/11/2017Israel Aids Quake-Stricken Mexico Ahead of Netanyahu’s Historic Visit to Region
09/11/2017WATCH: Arab Mob Attacks Jewish Family with Rocks in Jerusalem
09/11/2017Palestinian Authority Arrests Peace Activist for Hosting Israeli Lawmaker at his Home
09/11/2017WATCH: The Incredible Story of the Secret Map to King Solomon’s Temple
09/11/2017Will US Demand Israel Return $75 Million in Aid?
09/09/2017Jews Practice Pesach Sacrifice, Declare: We Are Ready!
09/08/2017Pioneering Israeli App Helps Visually Impaired Find Their Way
09/08/2017WATCH: Israeli Expert on Internet Security Gives Important Advice
09/08/2017WATCH: Why Didn’t Palestinians Choose Peace in 1966?
09/08/2017Volunteers in ATVs Help Secure Border
09/07/2017Conan O’Brien: Israeli Doctors Who Treat Syrian Patients ‘Deserve a Nobel Peace Prize’
09/07/2017WATCH: Blind IDF Veteran Wins Bowling Competition, Sings Israeli Anthem in Japan
09/07/2017Rivlin Condemns Palestinians’ Praise of 1972 Munich Olympics Massacre
09/07/2017In Meeting with Red Cross President, Netanyahu Slams Hamas’ ‘Unbelievable Cruelty’
09/07/2017WATCH: Muslim Arab-Israeli Teen Loves the Jewish State
09/07/2017IDF Attacks Syrian Chemical Weapons Base, Syria Threatens Israel with ‘Repercussions’
09/07/2017Israel and Macedonia Laud Close Ties Between Countries
09/07/2017WATCH: Israeli start-up streamlines sales platforms
09/07/2017Israel and US Triple Budget for Joint Energy Research & Development
09/07/2017WATCH: Israel develops purple ‘super veggies’
09/07/2017US Police Officers Learn Counter-Terror Techniques in Israel
09/07/2017Israeli forces expose Palestinian weapons factory, confiscate cash
09/06/2017Tel Aviv shines as research hotbed for corporate giants
09/06/2017Israel arrests Palestinian officer who said ‘we need Hitler’
09/06/2017WATCH: Breakthrough technologies in next-generation IDF tanks
09/04/2017BDS Fails: Israeli Exports Up 6% in First Half of 2017
09/01/2017WATCH: Chief Medical Officer, a Druze, Shares his Pride in the IDF
09/01/2017Wounded IDF Soldier Returns to Service – in a Wheelchair!
09/01/2017IDF Paves Way for New Construction on Jewish Land in Judea
08/31/2017WATCH: What’s Your Israel ‘Happy Place’?
08/31/2017Knesset member urges ‘all Israelis’ to visit Temple Mount
08/31/2017WATCH: Israeli technology allows companies to catch employees stealing data
08/31/2017UN chief gets guided tour of Hamas terror tunnel with IDF Chief of Staff
08/31/2017WATCH: UN chief visits Yad Vashem, vows to fight anti-Semitism
08/31/2017Netanyahu slams ‘fake news’ at party toast, using term coined by Trump
08/30/2017Israeli Team Sent to Texas to Provide Emergency Hurricane Relief
08/30/2017Israel seized 220 illegal Palestinian weapons since beginning of year
08/30/2017WATCH: Menacing man from synagogue surveillance video turns himself in
08/30/2017Israeli diplomats return to embassy in Egypt after 8-month hiatus
08/30/2017WATCH: Israeli minister says it’s time to apply ‘sovereignty to Judea and Samaria’
08/30/2017Jewish Hebron officially recognized as Israeli municipality, after 38 years
08/30/2017WATCH: Israeli Knesset member ascends Temple Mount, ‘happy to see Moslems praying there’
08/30/2017‘No more uprooting of settlements in the Land of Israel,’ Netanyahu vows
08/29/2017‘Jews Know What it Takes to Survive,’ Proclaim Kurds Waving Israeli Flags
08/29/2017Bloggers with Millions of Followers Experience the Real Israel, Expose the Truth
08/29/2017WATCH: British Actress Helen Mirren Defends Israel in 32 Seconds!
08/29/2017Arab-Israeli Lawmaker Fumes Over Jewish Knesset Members’ Visit to Temple Mount
08/29/2017WATCH: US Journalist Exposes Human Side of Israeli ‘Settlers’ Seeking Security
08/29/2017Netanyahu: Judea and Samaria Will Forever Belong to Israel
08/29/2017Israeli lawmakers visit Temple Mount for first time since 2015
08/28/2017WATCH: Netanyahu asks, ‘Conan who?’
08/28/2017Court trying to force Israelis to leave Hebron compound
08/28/2017WATCH: F-35 Program Demonstrates Strong US-Israeli Partnership
08/28/2017A First: Israeli Knesset Delegation Visits South Africa
08/28/2017Groundbreaking Israeli procedure monitors cancer patients without radiation
08/27/2017Iran’s new army chief: Israel won’t exist in 25 years
08/27/2017VIDEO: The Holocaust Survivor who Fought in Every Israeli War
08/27/2017Syrian rebels told to come to terms with Assad’s survival
08/27/2017Haley rebukes UN peacekeeping commander in Lebanon for ‘blindness’ on Hezbollah
08/27/2017German magazine slammed for Trump ‘Nazi salute’ cover
08/27/2017Defense Minister: No more lopsided prisoner swaps with Hamas
08/27/2017WATCH: Putin gives Netanyahu extremely rare, medieval Bible
08/25/2017Former Argentine leader joined Iran in cover-up of bombing of Jewish center
08/25/2017WATCH: ‘I never knew one could redeem the Old City of Jerusalem’
08/25/2017WATCH: Israel delivers tons of food to famine-stricken South Sudan
08/25/2017Meet First Israeli to Enter International Basketball Hall of Fame
08/25/20179-Year-Old Finds Ancient Jewish Coin Used for Holy Temple in Jerusalem
08/25/2017IDF will stop Iranian threat in Syria, declares Israeli defense minister
08/25/2017Opinion: After Charlottesville, Netanyahu’s hard choice
08/25/2017Israel arrests suspected Temple Mount terror accomplice
08/25/2017Netanyahu to Kushner: Peace with the Arabs is ‘within our reach’
08/25/2017WATCH: Trump ‘really appreciates’ Netanyahu’s commitment to peace, US-Israel ties ‘stronger than ever’
08/24/2017WATCH: These British Muslims Support Jews Praying on Temple Mount
08/24/2017US Envoy to Syria Praises Israel’s Treatment of Syrian Refugees
08/24/2017WATCH: Feel the Joy of 200 American Jews Moving to Israel!
08/18/2017Israel demolishes home of terrorist who murdered policewoman
08/18/2017Police chase after Palestinian criminals ends with 10 injured
08/17/2017WATCH: Experience the Majesty of Israel – Filmed in the Air!
08/17/2017Israel Revokes Arab’s Press Card for Supporting Palestinian ‘Resistance’
08/17/2017WATCH: How Israel’s underground wall saves Jewish and Arab lives
08/17/2017Netanyahu ‘outraged by anti-Semitism, neo-Nazism and racism’
08/17/2017WATCH: Is it safe for Israel to reopen its Cairo embassy?
08/17/2017Israel strips Al Jazeera reporter’s credentials for clear ethics breach
08/17/2017Israel demolishes terrorist’s home; victim’s widow demands death penalty
08/16/2017Israelis Raise 1 Million Shekels for Policewoman Wounded in Terror Attack
08/16/2017WATCH: Disabled Survivor of Hamas Ambush Weds, Skis, Lives Life to Fullest!
08/16/2017WATCH: How to Stand Up for Israel in Just 30 Seconds!
08/15/2017Israel rearrests radical Islamic cleric for incitement
08/15/2017World’s largest database of Jewish art launched in Jerusalem
08/15/2017WATCH: Israeli app revolutionizes the reading experience
08/15/2017Israeli Minister: Hezbollah attack on Israel will bring destruction to Lebanon
08/15/2017WATCH: Israeli basketball brings Jews, Muslims, Christians together
08/14/2017Israeli Boy with Special Needs Realizes Dream by Becoming a Cop for a Day
08/14/2017WATCH: ‘Jews Are the Root of Envy,’ Sheikh Tells Palestinian TV Audience
08/14/2017Israelis Train Palestinian Farmers to Grow Avocados
08/08/2017In bizarre twist, Palestinians demand Jordan reopen Israeli embassy
08/08/2017WATCH: Police capture rock-throwing youths at Rachel’s Tomb
08/08/2017Al Jazeera booted from Israel for supporting terror
08/08/2017Netanyahu blasts minister for ‘undermining’ him amid corruption scandal
08/07/2017WATCH: Waking Up In Jerusalem
08/07/2017On Israel’s ‘Holiday of Love,’ EMS Couples Reflect on Saving Lives Together
08/07/2017Soldier who shot wounded terrorist appeals to IDF chief for clemency
08/07/2017WATCH: Is Jared Kushner Fit to Solve the Israeli-Arab Conflict?
08/07/2017WATCH: IDF ‘Monkeys’ Drop from the Sky to Rescue Hostages
08/06/2017IDF captures Hamas drone launched from Gaza
08/06/2017Court Ruling Deals Blow to Palestinian Efforts to Restrict Jewish Population in Jerusalem
08/04/2017Israel exposes Hamas’ Turkey-Gaza-Hebron money trail
08/04/2017Justice minister moves to deduct Palestinian debt from PA’s tax revenue
08/04/2017Israeli forces bust 15 more Palestinians for Temple Mount violence
08/01/2017Israelis March Demanding Access to Temple Mount and Building of Third Temple
08/01/2017‘Unprecedented’: Over 1,000 Jews ascend Temple Mount on Tisha b’Av morning
07/31/2017Israel to Launch Research Satellite, Will Track Climate Change
07/31/2017Saudi Editor: Arabs Envy Indian Prime Minister’s Visit to Israel
07/31/2017Police net 33 arrests in Jerusalem counter-terrorism sting
07/31/2017Deceased IDF Soldier Saves 5 Lives by Donating Organs
07/31/2017Israeli reporters faced ‘lynch mob’ attack by Arabs in Jaffa
07/31/2017Netanyahu, Liberman call for IDF ‘Hebron Shooter’ to be pardoned
07/31/2017Watch: Muslim woman goes crazy as she sees a Jew drinking water from a drinking fountain at the Temple Mount
07/28/2017Arabs riot on Temple Mount after metal detectors removed
07/28/2017Knesset gives initial support for bill preventing division of Jerusalem
07/28/2017Netanyahu threatens to expel Al-Jazeera for inciting violence at Temple Mount
07/28/2017WATCH: Salomon baby named after slaughtered grandfather
07/28/2017Thousands of Muslims flood Temple Mount area, 100 injured in riots
07/28/2017Netanyahu says despicable terrorists ‘must be executed’
07/27/2017Terrorists kill 2 policemen in Old City of Jerusalem attack
07/27/2017Palestinians continued Temple Mount riots despite removal of metal detectors
07/27/2017WATCH: Proof of Biblical account of Babylonian destruction of Jerusalem
07/27/2017Bennett exposes Arab Knesset members’ ‘blood libel’ against Israel
07/27/2017Survey: 77% of Israelis oppose removing Temple Mount metal detectors
07/27/2017Netanyahu supports bill annexing surrounding towns into Greater Jerusalem
07/26/2017WATCH: IDF Soldier Outraged by Comparing Deaths of Innocents to Violent Rioters
07/26/2017Israel Dismisses Turkey’s ‘Absurd’ Accusations Surrounding Temple Mount Crisis
07/26/2017Anti-Israel Activists Prevented from Boarding Flight to Tel Aviv
07/26/2017WATCH: Metal Detectors Aren’t a Problem in Mecca…or Anywhere Else
07/26/2017Responding to Palestinian Terror, Israelis Inhabit Building in Heart of Hebron
07/26/2017Israel’s decision to enhance security at the Temple Mount is not a political issue. Rather, it’s about saving peoples’ lives, Israel’s deputy foreign minister explains to an apparently biased BBC reporter.
07/26/2017Evidence of Destruction of First Temple-Era Jerusalem Unearthed
07/26/2017WATCH: Rare First Temple-Era Papyrus Proves Jewish Ties to Jerusalem
07/25/2017Palestinian Who Slaughtered Israeli Family to Receive $3,120 Monthly from PA
07/25/2017WATCH: Rabbi Muzzled on Temple Mount for Praying in Memory of Slaughtered Family
07/25/2017Media Equates Israeli Terror Victims with Violent Palestinian Rioters Killed in Clashes
07/24/2017Terror-Stricken Israelis Establish New Community After Palestinian Attack
07/24/2017Temple Mount Crisis: It’s Not About the Metal Detectors
07/24/2017Rushing to the Scene of Terror: A Medic Recounts the Horrific Moments
07/24/2017WATCH: Israeli Dogs Train to Attack Terrorists with No Mercy!
07/24/2017Rocket fired at Israel from Gaza causes no injuries
07/24/2017Israeli forces arrest 25 Hamas members
07/24/2017WATCH: ‘Murderers will never tell us how to search for murderers’
07/24/2017Defense Minister: We can cope without PA security coordination
07/24/2017WATCH: ‘We Deserve to Feel Safe in our Homes’
07/24/2017BDS activist ignores slaughter of Jews, praises Palestinian ‘resistance’
07/24/2017Terrorist breaks into home in Samaria, murders 3 members of same family
07/24/2017WATCH: Horrific attack – what do we say to the children?
07/24/201710,000 Israelis mourn 3 Solomon family victims of terror
07/24/2017US State Dept slammed for blaming Israel for Palestinian violence and terror
07/24/2017WATCH: ‘Don’t go in there without a gun!’
07/24/2017Senior Israeli ministers demand death penalty for terrorist who slaughtered family
07/24/2017Temple Mount Incitement Spurs Continued Palestinian Riots
07/23/2017WATCH: What’s Really Happening at Judaism’s Holiest Site?
07/21/2017IDF on Alert as Temple Mount Tension Threatens to Boil Over Friday
07/21/2017Israeli UNESCO ambassador calls agency ‘full partner’ in Palestinian incitement
07/21/2017WATCH: What’s Really Happening at Judaism’s Holiest Site?
07/21/2017Israeli-Arab Lawmakers Incite Protests Against Increased Security at Temple Mount
07/21/2017WATCH: Some Muslims break boycott of Temple Mount
07/21/2017ACT NOW! Thank Radiohead for Performing in Israel and Defying the Israel Haters
07/21/2017WATCH: New footage shows how terrorists got guns onto Temple Mount
07/21/2017WATCH: Violent Arab Riots Bring Chaos to Jerusalem; Palestinian Protesters Killed
07/21/2017UWI Inspires Israeli Knesset Leaders with Massive Global Support for a United Jerusalem
07/20/2017Netanyahu slams EU and Obama in leaked conversation
07/20/2017IDF fully exposes its massive humanitarian aid program for Syrian civilians
07/20/2017Israeli students discover First Temple-era water system
07/20/2017WATCH: Jerusalem terrorist uses police vehicle for cover
07/19/2017In hot mic comments, Netanyahu lashes EU’s ‘crazy’ policy on Israel
07/19/2017Israeli lawmaker: Waqf’s control of the Temple Mount is over
07/18/2017WATCH: Israeli Arab Blasts Arab Lawmakers for Not Condemning Terror
07/18/2017Is the Israeli Air Force Starting to Operate Like a High-Tech Startup?
07/18/2017Muslims riot against new Temple Mount security measures
07/18/2017Israeli lawmaker: Waqf’s control of the Temple Mount is over
07/18/2017Israel opposes US-Russia ceasefire in Syria, noting Iran’s presence
07/18/2017Security expert warns of Iranian bases in Syria
07/18/2017Muslims protest new Temple Mount security after deadly terror attack
07/18/2017WATCH: New unrest at scene of Temple Mount shooting
07/17/2017WATCH: Islamic Activists Instigate Scuffles, Block Entrances at Temple Mount
07/14/2017WATCH: Terrorists Attack Police on Temple Mount
07/13/2017Israeli minister envisions trans-Mideast train route
07/13/2017WATCH: Israel replacing battlefield llamas with drones
07/13/2017WATCH: ‘Never Again’ will genocide befall Jews or Rwanda, Netanyahu affirms
07/13/2017Israel, Palestinians ink historic water deal
07/13/2017WATCH: Ultra-Orthodox IDF paratroopers conduct first ‘drop’
07/13/2017WATCH: Will artificial island off Gaza provide ‘gateway’ to the world?
07/13/2017Under attack, IDF forces kill 2 terrorists in Jenin gun battle
07/13/20172 Arabs charged for aiding terrorists in murder of Israeli policewoman
07/13/2017Netanyahu clear front-runner in latest Israeli polls
07/13/2017Israel denies committing to construction freeze in Judea and Samaria
07/12/2017Israelis Fight Hunger by Cracking Wheat’s Genetic Code
07/09/2017Israel earmarks UN dues for Hebron Jewish history center
07/09/2017WATCH: The Last 10 Years of Hamas Control of Gaza
07/09/2017Netanyahu conditionally supports new Syria ceasefire
07/09/2017Defense Minister: No breakthrough with Hamas on missing Israelis
07/09/2017IDF: Hamas tunnels will be ‘deathtrap’ for terrorists
07/09/2017WATCH: Netanyahu condemns UN denial of Abraham as Jewish patriarch
07/09/2017WATCH: How the UN Erases Jewish History and Legitimizes Terror
07/09/2017Netanyahu reads from Bible to prove Hebron’s Tomb of Patriarchs is Jewish
07/09/2017UNESCO Rewrites Bible: Declares Hebron is Palestinian
07/07/2017UNESCO Harming Itself with Anti-Israel Resolutions
07/07/2017WATCH: India’s sentimental attachment to Israeli terror survivor
07/07/2017WATCH: 41 years ago, Israeli commandos led by Netanyahu’s heroic brother, rescued over 100 hostages
07/07/2017Orphaned terror victim meets Indian Prime Minister in Israel
07/05/2017WATCH: Emotional footage captures new immigrants arriving in Israel
07/05/2017WATCH: Netanyahu Visits USS George H.W. Bush, Likens Israel to a Supercarrier
07/05/2017Israeli officials blast UNESCO resolution calling Israel ‘occupying power’
07/05/2017WATCH: Leader of India addresses Israelis in Hebrew
07/02/2017For 18th time in a week, IDF responds to Syrian fire
07/02/2017Netanyahu approves ‘trial run’ for Temple Mount visits by lawmakers
07/02/2017WATCH: Jewish Couple Secretly Weds on Temple Mount
06/30/2017WATCH: Israelis welcome India’s prime minister – in Hindi!
06/30/2017IDF removes PA monument to terrorist who murdered 22 children
06/30/2017WATCH: Israeli official defends Israel during Australian media grilling
06/30/2017Tension flares up between IDF and UN in Lebanon
06/30/2017WATCH: IDF Veterans Destroy Anti-Israel Activists on Campus
06/30/2017Analysis: Developments in Saudi Arabia Signal New Ties with Israel
06/30/2017WATCH: Palestinian TV Claims Israel Gives Drugs to Young Palestinians
06/30/2017Iraqi army vanquishes ISIS stronghold in Mosul
06/30/2017WATCH: Evidence reveals which color blue King Solomon wore
06/30/2017Israel pressures Hamas to release captive and remains of IDF soldiers
06/30/2017Elite IDF troops kill armed Palestinian in shootout
06/24/2017What happens when the NFL meets the IFL?
06/22/2017NFL Hall of Famers Celebrate Opening of Jerusalem Sports Complex
06/22/2017Terrorist shot dead while trying to stab IDF forces
06/22/2017Comprehensive Book on Palestinian History Published – Full of Blank Pages
06/22/2017Palestinians Name Town Square after Evil Mastermind of Massacre of 22 Israeli Children
06/22/2017Are the Palestinians Planning to Deceive the US – Again?
06/22/2017WATCH: An Important Message from a Survivor of Islamic Terror
06/21/2017WATCH: How Israel Makes the Desert Bloom
06/21/2017Trump’s Son-in-law in Israel: First Stop is Bereaved Family of Terror Victim
06/21/2017WATCH: Kushner Arrives in Israel to Boost Peace Talks
06/19/2017WATCH: Israeli video exposes Hamas’ abuse of Palestinians
06/19/2017Israel implements cut to Gaza’s power
06/19/2017WATCH: Trump’s son-in-law heads to Jerusalem for peace talks
06/19/2017Jewish student brutalized in North Korean prison dies after return to US
06/16/2017800 run in memory of 4-year-old terror victim
06/16/2017Watch: Tanzanian Amb. surprises president with Hebrew prayer
06/16/2017Parent calls class trip to Western Wall 'too political'
06/16/2017Jewish, Arab Lawmakers Clash over Terror-Funding Bill
06/16/2017Prestigious US Association Again Rejects BDS
06/15/2017The Six Day War and the Liberation of Jerusalem
06/15/2017'Netanyahu deceived us'
06/15/2017WATCH: Ivanka Trump’s Visit to Western Wall ‘Beyond Special’
06/15/2017Israel, New Zealand restore diplomatic ties after brief spat
06/15/2017WATCH: PA says Islam requires Muslims to die for Western Wall
06/15/2017Israel, Palestinians reject US claim that PA stopped funding terror
06/15/2017WATCH: Footage shows Israeli security nabbing 3 ISIS teens
06/14/2017'Netanyahu lied to Religious Zionists'
06/13/2017Nevada Becomes 21st US State to Pass Anti-BDS Legislation
06/13/2017OPINION: Trump Sends Wrong Message to the Palestinians
06/13/2017ADL Chief Duped by Radical Anti-Israel Groups
06/13/2017Family of Terror Victim Uses Damages Paid by Iran to Save Lives
06/13/2017WATCH: Global Unity Day Empowers Worldwide Jewish Community
06/13/2017Israel considers closing Al Jazeera bureau in Jerusalem
06/13/2017WATCH: A Palestinian ‘Refugee’ Speaks Up, Reveals the Truth
06/13/2017Palestinian Boycott of ‘Wonder Woman’ Exposes ‘Weakness and Fear,’ IDF Official Says
06/13/2017WATCH: Liberating the Old City of Jerusalem – A Personal Story
06/13/2017WATCH: US Taxpayers Fund Anti-Semitic Hatefest on Capitol Hill Slamming ‘Jews’ and ‘Jewish State’
06/13/2017Hamas Threatens ‘Explosion’ over Reduced Energy Supply
06/12/2017Rae Kushner helped lead a path to freedom through the longest escape tunnel of its kind in Nazi-occupied Europe
06/12/2017Netanyahu: Close down Palestinian UN agency
06/12/2017Red Cross presses Hamas to release captive Israelis, bodies of IDF soldiers
06/12/2017India rejects Palestinian Authority invitation
06/12/2017WATCH: Netanyahu wishes Muslims a Blessed Ramadan
06/11/2017'Is Ramallah afraid of Wonder Woman?'
06/11/2017'A Toldot Aharon hasid saved my son'
06/09/2017“Streaked, Speckled, Spotted”, First Jacob’s Lambs in 2,000 Years Born in Native Land
06/09/2017'We're closer than ever to a peace agreement'
06/09/2017Trump administration: No condemnation of settlement construction
06/09/2017Living Torah: There’s No Alternative to Hard Work
06/09/2017The Facts Show: ‘Israeli Occupation’ is Good for the Palestinians
06/09/2017WATCH: Celebrating Israel Can Be So Much Fun!
06/09/2017Knesset and Congress Jointly Celebrate 50 Years of Jerusalem Reunification
06/09/2017Pro-Terrorist ad in Jewish newspaper is shocking and disgraceful
06/09/2017Wonder Woman ban spreads across Arab world
06/07/2017Netanyahu to Haley: I think you're standing up for the UN
06/07/2017All IDF construction work halted
06/07/2017Netanyahu: Israel will not relinquish security control over Judea and Samaria
06/07/2017Haley arrives in Israel, has ‘no patience for bullies’ at UN
06/06/2017WATCH: Israeli Groundbreaking Technology Helps Visually Impaired
06/06/2017Netanyahu Meets with West African Leaders, Boosts Ties
06/06/2017Republic of Vanuatu Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital
06/06/2017Continuing Biblical Connection, Ethiopian PM Visits Jerusalem
06/06/2017Jerusalem Mayor to London Mayor: ‘We Stand by Your Side’
06/06/2017WATCH: Israeli app will transform your travel experience!
06/06/2017Israeli forces raid Palestinian village and seize weapons
06/06/2017Gulf Nations Cut Ties with Qatar in Move that Could Benefit Israel
06/06/2017NYC turns blue and white in honor of Israel parade
06/05/2017This Island Nation, Led by an Evangelical Christian, Just Recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital
06/05/2017Don't talk to soldiers about Israel's rights to Judea, Samaria
06/05/2017WATCH: Reporter recalls covering Israel’s historic victory in Six Day War
06/05/2017Israel’s Goodwill Gestures Send Wrong Message to Palestinians
06/05/2017Poll: Vast majority of Israelis prefer sovereignty in Jerusalem over peace deal
06/05/2017Netanyahu: London Terrorists ‘Worship Death’ but ‘Will Not Frighten Us’
06/02/2017Holocaust-era Torah scroll fragments returned to Jewish hands
06/02/2017WATCH: Israel ‘disappointed’ Trump delayed embassy move
06/02/2017WATCH: Evidence of Last Battle of Jerusalem 2,000 Years Ago
06/02/2017WATCH: Israel Prefers Diplomacy Over War, but Fights if Necessary
06/02/2017WATCH: ‘We Don’t Need Embassies in Jerusalem – the World Needs Them’
06/02/2017Palestinian Authority Forces Christians to Fast in Public During Ramadan
06/02/2017State to approve wave of construction in Judea and Samaria
06/02/2017Israeli team travels to Ramallah, makes concessions to Palestinians
06/02/2017Palestinian terrorist wounds IDF soldier in Samaria stabbing attack
06/02/2017War crimes suit filed against former Israeli minister
06/02/2017WATCH: Digging up a 4,000-year-old house near Jerusalem
06/02/2017Netanyahu: Land for peace formula ‘not right’
06/02/2017WATCH: IDF hesitates to fire on advancing female terrorist
06/01/2017Stabbing attack in Samaria - soldier wounded
05/30/2017WATCH: The Torah Tango!
05/30/2017Shavuot: A Celebration of Torah and the Totality of Jewish Tradition
05/30/2017WATCH: The Holiday of Shavuot in Just 60 Seconds!
05/30/2017Shavuot – Celebrating our ‘Victory’ over the Angels
05/30/2017WATCH: The Most Important Moment in Israel’s History
05/30/2017Jews and Arabs Agree: Jerusalem Must Remain a United City!
05/30/2017Cable car tourism project improves access to Western Wall
05/30/2017Israel appoints Druze to head ministry of communications
05/30/2017Archaeologists expose Ottoman-era well in central Israel
05/29/2017Elor Azaria court-martial appeal underway in Tel Aviv
05/29/2017Israel Condemns Muslim Terror Attack on Christians in Egypt
05/29/2017Trump to Palestinian leader Abbas: ‘You lied to me’
05/29/2017WATCH: Western Wall a monument to Jewish perseverance, Trump says
05/29/2017500,000 Names of Jerusalem Supporters Drape Old City Walls
05/26/2017I Grew Up in Chavez’s Socialist Venezuela. Here’s What I Think About the Current Crisis.
05/26/2017'I've never seen anything like this on the Temple Mount before'
05/26/2017Series of Ramadan concessions to PA and Gaza Arabs
05/26/2017Minister Katz: EU chutzpah and hypocrisy
05/26/2017'Netanyahu should have told the truth'
05/26/2017Israel Celebrates 50th Anniversary of the Liberation of Hebron
05/26/2017WATCH: Arabs steal 150 sheep in Judea and Samaria
05/26/2017Ancient pools serving Jews in Temple era discovered in Jerusalem
05/26/2017Trump, Netanyahu and Barkat Receive ‘Jerusalem Declaration’
05/26/2017Trump concluded trip to Holy Land with pro-Israel speech
05/26/2017Trump discusses peace without calling for a Palestinian state
05/26/2017Jordan: Israeli visits on Temple Mount ‘provoke’ Muslims
05/26/2017For first time, Netanyahu sees hope for peace
05/26/2017Knesset member who ‘took selfie’ with Trump annoyed Netanyahu
05/26/2017Tillerson: Trump put ‘pressure’ on Netanyahu and Abbas to revive negotiations
05/26/2017WATCH: Arab guards arrested for attacking Jews on Temple Mount
05/25/2017WATCH: Jerusalem – In the Eye of the Universe!
05/25/2017Trump’s Middle East envoy, UN ambassador on way to Israel
05/25/2017WATCH: Life in the United City of Jerusalem
05/25/2017Trump: ‘Terrible’ Nuclear Deal Has ‘Emboldened’ Iran
05/25/2017WATCH: Why Did Israel Go to War in 1967?
05/25/2017Jerusalem Experiences Significant Population Growth
05/25/2017WATCH: Jerusalem of Old, in Living Color!
05/25/2017Netanyahu: Temple Mount will remain under Israeli sovereignty forever
05/25/2017WATCH: Senator Cruz commemorates Jerusalem Day, calls for embassy move
05/25/2017Netanyahu: We Did Not Conquer Jerusalem, We Liberated It
05/25/2017In Israel, Trump Makes No Mention of Palestinian State
05/25/2017WATCH: Tens of Thousands Join in Jerusalem Day ‘Flag Dance’
05/25/2017WATCH: ‘Our History and our Destiny are in Jerusalem’
05/25/2017Israel Celebrates Jubilee Anniversary of the Reunification of Jerusalem
05/24/2017Netanyahu’s Son Met the Trumps and Noted He's Had Experiences Similar to Barron
05/23/2017Cameras Capture Personal Moment Between Trumps and Netanyahus
05/23/2017Trump: I never mentioned Israel to Russia
05/23/2017Melania Trump gets AMAZING message from Israel’s first lady
05/22/2017Arutz Sheva's Salute to Jerusalem - in pictures
05/22/2017Watch: President Trump arrives in Israel
05/22/2017Watch: MK sneaks in selfie with Trump
05/22/2017Netanyahu: Jerusalem will always be Israel's capital
05/22/2017Bennett's mid-handshake message to Trump: Recognize Jerusalem
05/22/2017'We love Israel, we respect Israel, we are with you'
05/22/2017Trump urges Mideast leaders to fight ‘crisis of Islamic extremism’
05/22/2017Hamas sentences 3 Palestinians to death for assassination of commander
05/22/2017WATCH: Trump tells Islamic summit, ‘terrorists worship death,’ not God
05/22/2017Trump and Israeli President Rivlin seek to join forces against terror
05/22/2017Netanyahu makes concessions to Palestinians before Trump arrives
05/22/2017In Israel, Trump cites ‘rare opportunity for security and peace’
05/22/2017Trump becomes first US president to visit the Western Wall
05/22/2017Attempted stabbing in Jerusalem as Trump visits Old City
05/22/2017WATCH: Walls of Jerusalem glitter with electrifying light show
05/22/2017Hamas Accuses Trump of Bias Towards Israel
05/22/2017WATCH: Trump responds to Israeli minister’s request to ‘recognize Jerusalem’
05/22/2017WATCH: Trump deep in thought as he prays at Western Wall
05/22/2017Trump in Israel to ‘Reaffirm Unbreakable Bond with Israel’
05/19/2017WATCH: Jerusalem mayor welcomes Trump to united, eternal Jewish capital
05/19/2017Trump confident he’ll make a deal; Palestinians issue demands ahead of visit
05/19/2017Netanyahu blasts Hebrew U for banning national anthem at graduation ceremony
05/19/2017Jerusalem Mayor Barkat: Move US embassy to Jerusalem!
05/19/2017WATCH: Israeli shoots his way out of attempted lynching
05/18/2017Official Trump Itinerary Confirmed: Western Wall Yes, Masada No
05/17/2017WATCH: Israel develops kit to grow vegetables at home
05/17/2017WATCH: While Countries Boycott Israel, Businesses are Running Here!
05/17/2017Historic 50-Year Celebration in Judea on Eve of Trump Visit
05/17/2017WATCH: Netanyahu Welcomes US Ambassador, ‘Appreciates’ his Visit to the Western Wall
05/17/2017US Ambassador to Israel: Trump will not demand settlement freeze
05/16/2017Rivlin to Friedman: Time to recognize Jerusalem as our capital
05/16/2017Netanyahu: Moving US embassy to Jerusalem will advance peace
05/16/2017More than 10,000 police to secure Trump in Israel
05/16/2017WATCH: New US ambassador to Israel goes directly from airport to Western Wall
05/16/2017Netanyahu slams ‘false’ Fox News report that he told Trump not to move embassy
05/16/2017‘Western Wall is not your territory,’ US official tells Israelis
05/15/2017WATCH: An Electrifying Experience of Fire and Soul!
05/15/2017Understanding Lag B’Omer: The Mystical Holiday of Holy Fire
05/15/2017Hundreds of thousands celebrate Lag B’Omer at Mount Meron
05/15/2017WATCH: What’s on the agenda for Trump’s 26 hours in Israel?
05/15/2017Netanyahu slams Jordan for backing terror attack in Jerusalem
05/15/2017WATCH: Security camera captures terrorist stabbing Jerusalem policeman
05/12/2017WATCH: Jews resettle Temple Mount area ahead of 50th anniversary of Six Day War
05/12/2017Israel 1 Palestinians 0: Israeli Teams NOT Removed from International Football
05/12/2017Living Torah: Teaching by Example
05/12/2017WATCH: Israel fights Palestinian antiquities trafficking
05/12/2017Israeli Rescue Unit Trains in US with National Guard
05/12/2017Palestinian caught trying to blow up Israeli court
05/12/2017Hezbollah in Syria is ‘big threat’ to Israel, US top general says
05/12/2017IDF general accuses left-wing group of ‘slander’ against Israeli soldiers
05/11/2017Reports: Unusual troop movements in Jordan near Syrian border
05/10/2017Netanyahu: Every country should move their Embassy to Jerusalem
05/10/2017Netanyahu and US general agree to enhance security cooperation
05/10/2017Jerusalem mayor invites Turkish president to see ‘reality on the ground’
05/10/2017WATCH: ‘Jacob’s Sheep’ are Back Home in Israel
05/10/2017Trump aims to strengthen ‘success story’ of Israel-US relationship
05/10/2017Abbas Ignores Trump’s Request, Refuses to Stop Paying Terrorists
05/10/2017Israel Slams Turkish President’s Anti-Israel Tirade as ‘Baseless Slander ‘
05/09/2017Friedman's Tweet: Fake news
05/09/2017Ministerial bill recognizes Israel as Jewish nation-state
05/08/2017'We should tell the truth: There will be no Palestinian state'
05/08/2017Trump dodges Arab trap in Ramallah
05/08/2017UK Cancels Prince Charles’ Planned Visit to Israel
05/07/2017'Prosecution lacks courage to back down'
05/07/2017Nationality Law approved in Ministerial Committee
05/07/2017Trump to visit Western Wall?
05/05/2017Embassy move nixed - or just delayed?
05/04/2017Full Recording - Israeli Declaration of Independence
05/04/2017WATCH: Israel by the numbers on its 69th birthday
05/04/2017Israel summons Swedish envoy over anti-Israel UNESCO vote on Jerusalem
05/04/2017WATCH: IDF performs moving rendition of Israeli national anthem
05/04/2017Israeli minister calls for closure of UNESCO mission in Jerusalem
05/04/2017Israel: Hamas Trying to Fool World with Revised Charter
05/04/2017‘We deny UNESCO,’ Netanyahu states upon its rejection of Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem
05/04/2017Even before meeting Trump, Abbas demands ‘state on 1967 borders’
05/04/2017WATCH: Muslim Arab-Israeli Expresses ‘Neverending Love’ for the Jewish State
05/04/2017WATCH: Trump tells Abbas to stop paying terrorists in Israeli jails
05/04/2017Israel Slams ‘Absurd’ UNESCO Resolution Denying Israeli Sovereignty over Jerusalem
05/03/2017Stabbing attack in Jerusalem foiled
05/03/2017'Israel will deduct $1 million from funds Israel gives UN'
05/03/2017'Netanyahu: Punish UNESCO'
05/02/2017Opening ceremony of Independence Day
05/01/2017'We will not allow civilians to be injured'
05/01/2017'There was blood everywhere - it was a horrible scene'
05/01/2017Watch: Memorial Day ceremony at Kfar Etzion cemetery
05/01/2017Jewish Home MK: Legacy of fallen soldiers remains with us
05/01/2017Israeli Surgeons Perform World’s First-Ever Dual Robotic Surgery
04/30/2017Hotovely: I'm waiting for Trump to announce US Embassy move
04/28/2017Watch: Israel destroys Hezbollah weapons depot in Syria during missile strike
04/28/2017Jews attacked by Arab mob - then arrested
04/28/2017WATCH: Netanyahu posts shock video to influence Trump-Abbas meeting
04/28/2017IDF official: US-North Korea tensions could impact Israel
04/28/2017WATCH: Begin’s Brilliant Rebuke to German Official Still Relevant
04/28/2017Patriot missile intercepts aircraft flying over Israel’s Golan Heights
04/28/2017Report: Trump to Visit Israel Ahead of Jerusalem Day Festivities
04/28/2017WATCH: Trump tells story of survivor who married Jewish-American rescuer
04/28/2017Report: Israel bombs targets in Syria causing massive explosions
04/27/2017Five of Israel’s latest ‘miracles’ leading up to its 69th birthday
04/27/2017World Bible Quiz contestants
04/26/2017WATCH: A Young US Immigrant to Israel is Happy to Be ‘Home’
04/26/2017Rivlin criticizes Le Pen for denying French role in Holocaust
04/26/2017WATCH: The Dirty Secret Behind the Anti-Israel BDS Movement
04/26/2017Netanyahu on Holocaust Memorial Day: Israel Can Rely Only on Itself for Defense
04/25/2017German Foreign Minister responds to Netanyahu's ultimatum
04/25/2017Serial killer on the loose?
04/25/2017Netanyahu issues ultimatum to German foreign minister
04/25/2017Tel Aviv Terrorist Entered Israel on ‘Peace Tour’
04/25/2017Holocaust Remembrance Day 2017: Focusing on the Individual Victim
04/25/2017Suspect in JCC bomb threats indicted in Israel for 2,000 incidents
04/25/2017WATCH: Netanyahu says Allies knew about Holocaust in 1942, ‘did nothing’
04/25/2017Female Palestinian Terrorist with Death Wish Attacks, Wounds Israeli Soldier
04/25/2017WATCH: ‘Never Again,’ Trump Affirms on Holocaust Memorial Day
04/25/2017WATCH: Israel pauses to remember Six Million
04/25/2017‘Four million Jews could have been saved,’ Netanyahu states on Yom Hashoah
04/24/2017WATCH: Netanyahu tells Hannity who’s fighting to be ‘king of the Islamist hill’
04/23/2017Palestinian terrorist stabs 4 in Tel Aviv attack
04/23/2017WATCH: Hotel lobby security camera captures Tel Aviv stabbing attack
04/23/2017Israel Air Force attacks pro-Assad militia in Syria
04/23/2017Israel commemorates 6 million Jewish Holocaust victims
04/21/2017'Your hero is a terrorist and a murderer'
04/21/2017'Trump WH has brought a welcome change to US policy'
04/21/2017WATCH: What is the ‘real stumbling block to making peace’?
04/21/2017US and Israel agree on twin threats of militant Islam: Iran and ISIS
04/21/2017US General: Gassing Israelis Would Be ‘Virtually Regime Suicide’ for Assad
04/21/2017Netanyahu Welcomes ‘Great Change in Direction’ of US Policy
04/21/2017Remnants of Torah scrolls from Holocaust buried in Warsaw
04/21/2017Israeli warning: Syria still has deadly chemical weapons
04/20/2017'We're not doing enough to bring the boys home'
04/20/2017Palestinian car-ramming injures 60-year-old Israeli; terrorist killed
04/19/2017NY Times Blasted for Hiding Palestinian Author’s Terrorist Murder Convictions
04/16/2017Trump: Israel a ‘Monument to Faith and Endurance’
04/16/2017Act of kindness results in brutal murder of compassionate British student in Jerusalem
04/10/2017ISIS Rockets from Sinai hit southern Israel on Eve of Passover
04/10/2017Israel set to celebrate 50th anniversary of Six Day War victories
04/10/2017Netanyahu supports Trump’s attack on Syria for ‘moral reasons’
04/09/2017Netanyahu: 'There is a price for using chemical weapons'
04/07/2017Was Christopher Columbus a Jew Led by Belief in the Prophet Isaiah?
04/07/2017With Boots on the Ground, These Millennial Pastors Are Seeing Israel Through a "Fresh Lens"
04/06/2017Soldier murdered near Ofra: Elhai Taharlev
04/06/2017Trump Middle East Summit 2017: Building 3rd Temple?
04/04/2017IDF exercise simulates ISIS infiltration
04/03/2017Netanyahu preparing package of good-will 'gestures' for PA
04/03/2017David’s Sling, Israel’s long-range anti-missile system, goes online
04/03/2017Jerusalem stabbing attack injures 3, terrorist killed
04/03/2017Israel, US reportedly suspend talks on ‘settlements’
04/02/2017Parents to Education Ministry: Don't send our girls to the IDF
04/02/2017Israel launches new anti-rocket system
03/31/2017Israel will Fight UN Ignoring Jewish Ties to Jerusalem Holy Sites
03/31/2017Israel Approves Site for New ‘Settlement’; Others Restricted as Gesture to Trump
03/30/2017PM: Israel ‘committed’ to working with Trump on peace process
03/29/2017WATCH: Canadian Indian Explains Why Jews are Indigenous to Judea and Samaria
03/29/2017Israeli Group Sues UN for Illegal Construction in Jerusalem
03/29/2017WATCH: Why Isn’t There a Palestinian State?
03/29/2017AIPAC Conference Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Liberation of Jerusalem
03/29/2017WATCH: House Speaker says ‘Trump’s commitment to Israel sacrosanct’
03/29/2017WATCH: How Do IDF Soldiers Train for Battle?
03/29/2017Advanced Hamas Rockets Pose New Threat to Israel
03/28/2017Israeli students unearth 2000-year-old Jewish town
03/28/2017Netanyahu: ‘US and Israel will stand shoulder to shoulder’
03/28/2017WATCH: Trump Seriously Considering Moving Embassy to Jerusalem
03/28/2017VP Pence: Trump and I Stand ‘Without Apology’ for Israel
03/27/2017Judea and Samaria population growth kills two-state solution
03/27/2017Hamas threatens retaliation against Israel for death of military leader
03/27/2017IDF on High Alert After Death of Hamas Commander
03/27/2017Israel Defies UN Call to Stop Building in Judea and Samaria
03/27/2017Israel’s US ambassador: No daylight between US & Israel
03/24/2017WATCH: Israelis Discover New Effective Way to Save Terror Victims
03/24/2017Senior Israeli official denies Trump restrictions on ‘settlements’
03/24/2017Israel prepares for mass war evacuations
03/24/2017WATCH: China’s wall ‘inspired’ Netanyahu to build Israel’s defense barrier
03/24/2017Senate confirms David Friedman as US ambassador to Israel
03/21/2017Israeli envoy rejects Syrian accusations on Israeli strike
03/21/2017Shin Bet: Terror attacks will intensify ahead of Passover holiday
03/21/2017WATCH: Israel threatens to destroy entire Syrian air defense
03/20/2017'There'll be attempts to carry out terror attacks on Passover'
03/20/2017Israeli delegation to resume peace talks in Washington
03/20/2017WATCH: IDF Soldiers Embrace ‘Love of Country and Service’
03/20/2017WATCH: Holocaust survivor tells incredible story of meeting Mengele
03/20/2017Israel strikes Hamas targets in response to rocket attack
03/17/2017OPINION: NY Times Journalist Lied About the Saudi ‘Peace Plan’
03/17/2017The Real Hamas: Still Committed to Killing Jews and Israel’s Destruction
03/17/2017Arab Knesset Member Who Aided Terrorists Gets 2 Years
03/17/2017PA Head Abbas Again Hosts Families of Murderous Terrorists
03/17/2017Israel’s Arrow Defense System Intercepts Syrian Missile
03/17/2017Israel shuts down PA agency that tracked land sales to Jews
03/17/2017Jordan reportedly refuses to extradite Sbarro bombing terrorist to US
03/17/2017UN Outrageously Accuses Israel of Establishing ‘Apartheid Regime’
03/17/2017Netanyahu: Israel working on ‘settlement policy’ agreement with US
03/17/2017WATCH: US furious over UN report accusing Israel of ‘apartheid’
03/17/2017Trump to maintain US aid to Israel despite budget cuts to State Dept.
03/16/2017Iranian Jewish lawmaker: Netanyahu is an ‘insane vampire’
03/16/2017WATCH: Car-Ramming Terror Attack in Gush Etzion
03/16/2017Visiting Arab Journalists Describe Israel as ‘Western and Free’
03/15/2017State secrets revealed: Bush agreed to settlement construction
03/15/2017WATCH: IDF soldiers dressed as Muslim women grab Arab terrorist
03/15/2017Israeli Defense Minister Nixes Land-for-Peace Talks, Suggests Population Swap
03/14/2017UK: Muslims outnumber Christians in dozens of church schools
03/13/2017'Israelis are human waste. We must get rid of them'
03/10/2017Poll: Netanyahu easily wins additional term as PM
03/10/2017Army to seal off West Bank for Purim
03/10/2017Christians Worldwide Proclaim Jerusalem the "Undivided Capital of Jewish State"
03/08/2017Arab hitchhiker stabs Jewish driver south of Jerusalem
03/06/2017'Trump will keep his promise to move embassy to Jerusalem'
02/24/2017Paris attack: 'The ugliest anti-Semitism is rearing its head'
02/23/2017Watch: Pence helps repair vandalized Jewish cemetery
02/19/2017Netanyahu, Trump, agree to create Judea and Samaria 'team'
02/16/2017'Trump: Good for the Jews' - Boaz Bismuth
02/16/2017Watch: Trump says parties must decide about two-state solution
02/16/2017Honor, affection, and glory
02/15/2017Netanyahu's brother-in-law sends him clear message
02/14/2017'Secretary of State Tillerson, Stop funding terror!'
02/14/2017'A Palestinian state is a bad idea'
02/13/2017Erdan: Tell the world that Israel is ours
02/10/2017"My Family Is Proud of the Declaration That Returned the Jews to Israel" Says the Current Lord Balfour
02/07/2017Supreme Court targets additional neighborhood for demolition
02/06/2017Israeli Air Force hits Hamas targets across Gaza
02/06/2017Terror gang nabbed plotting synagogue attack, kidnappings
02/03/2017Watch: Three wounded in attack near Jerusalem
01/29/2017Netanyahu: US Embassy needs to be in Jerusalem
01/26/2017Netanyahu meets with Rudy Giuliani
01/24/2017'Imagine an Israel without checkpoints from Jenin to Jerusalem'
01/24/2017Israel plans 2,500 new settlement homes in occupied West Bank
01/23/2017'Netanyahu is ruining the chance of a lifetime'
01/22/2017Is Netanyahu making excuses?
01/18/2017Israel is the legal occupant of the West Bank, says the Court of Appeal of Versailles, France
01/18/2017'This was an attack against the State of Israel'
01/17/2017'Security Council Resolution provided inspiration for terrorism'
01/17/2017UK, Australia disagree with Paris conference conclusions
01/16/2017Paris Peace Talks Were A Win for Israel Despite Being "A Last Gasp for Breath From Yesterday's World"
01/16/2017Stone-throwers target police in Jerusalem haredi neighborhood
01/16/2017Majority of Israelis want Netanyahu to remain Prime Minister
01/13/2017New York Arab student leader praises murder of Israelis
01/12/2017Major legal victory against terror
01/09/2017'This isn't about occupation - it's a clash of civilizations'
01/09/2017ISIS in the heart of Jerusalem
01/08/2017Watch: PM says terror attack inspired by ISIS
01/01/2017Bennett: We'll propose law to annex Ma'ale Adumim
12/29/2016Bennett tells Kerry: Pick up your Bible and Read it
12/29/2016Watch: Secretary Kerry says 'settlements' preventing peace
12/29/2016PM: Kerry's speech biased like the UN
12/29/2016Bennett on BBC: ''UN vote gives tailwind to terror attacks'
12/28/2016Benjamin Netanyahu responds to John Kerry and the outgoing Obama administration in fiery speech
12/28/2016Egyptian report: US led the charge to pass the UN resolution
12/28/2016YESHA Council Envoy: Kerry is a liar, he's not saying the truth
12/26/2016There is no such thing as Israel's "pre-1967 borders"
12/26/2016'Obama could harm Israel on his last day in office'
12/20/2016Israeli wounded in Berlin terror attack
12/16/2016'A great friend of Israel'
12/14/2016Two wounded in stabbing attack in Old City of Jerusalem
12/13/2016'Why on earth did Netanyahu offer Trump a Palestinian state?'
12/09/2016Shooting attacks foiled in Jerusalem
12/09/2016Israel Braces for "Tidal Wave" of Hostile UN Resolutions: "Shameful!"
12/06/2016BDS activist stopped at Ben-Gurion Airport
12/06/2016Stunning Miracle: Numbers 14 Biblical Pillar Shields Israel From the Islamic State
12/05/2016Kerry: Bennett's ideas are 'profoundly disturbing'
12/01/2016Report: Obama won't force a peace plan before he leaves
12/01/2016Posthumous honor for US officer who saved 200 Jewish GIs from the Nazis — and never told a soul
11/23/2016'Now is the time to get Trump on our side'
11/21/2016Bennett: Submarine purchase essential to Israel's security
11/18/2016'They are terrorizing the rabbis'
11/17/2016Report: PM refused Trump meeting 'so as not to embarrass Obama'
11/11/2016Israel preparing for one-sided UN Security Council resolutions
11/10/2016'Trump does not view Jewish settlement as an obstacle to peace'
11/08/2016"Abolish Western Wall arrangement"
10/21/2016UNESCO Ignorant for Denying Temple Mount Holy to Jewish People 1 Week Before Sukkot: Israeli Ambassador
10/20/2016Islam originally recognized Jews as owners of Israel
10/18/2016Anti-Israel UNESCO resolution passes again
10/11/2016Israel prepares for Yom Kippur
10/02/2016Shaked: Abbas is inciting violence and hatred
10/02/2016Netanyahu stopped Peres from establishing Palestinian state
09/28/2016Unprecedented preparations for Peres funeral
09/21/2016Accept Palestine or face ‘sea of hatred,’ Jordanian king warns Israel
09/20/2016Watch: Israeli air force shoots down unmanned Hamas aircraft
09/20/2016Israelis believe Trump better for Israel - but prefer Clinton
09/19/2016Attempted terror attack in Hevron - terrorists neutralized
09/15/2016Barak slams Israel-US defense agreement
09/14/2016BIN EXCLUSIVE: Prophetic Lost Stone From High Priest’s Breastplate Believed Found After 1,000-Year Journey
09/07/2016Most Israelis support referendum on two states
09/05/2016“Hamas Funds Terror in Judea and Samaria,” Gaza Businessman Admits
09/04/2016Netanyahu Decision to Halt Train Construction on Sabbath Causes Crisis
09/02/2016Israeli pilots return from giant US aerial exercise
09/01/2016'Israeli Air Force takes part in US drill with Pakistan, United Arab Emirates'
09/01/2016Erdogan signs bill enabling reconciliation with Israel
08/31/2016Tel Aviv is Now Capital of Israel, According to Czech Republic
08/31/2016California passes anti-BDS bill, sends law to governor for final approval
08/29/2016Report: Israel agrees to peace summit, but PA places conditions
08/29/2016Sanhedrin Appoints High Priest in Preparation for Third Temple
08/28/2016'IDF preparing for scenario in which hundreds of terrorists from Sinai attack'
08/25/2016IDF Soldiers Cleared of Alleged Crimes During 2014 Gaza War
08/25/2016After Devastating Earthquake Kills 73 in Italy, Israel Extends Offer of Help
08/22/2016As Obama prepares to betray Israel at the UN, this is Bibi’s response
08/21/2016Turkey wedding suicide bomber 'was child aged 12-14'
08/21/2016Gaza rocket explodes in southern Israel's Sderot; none injured
08/18/2016Pro-Palestinian Campus Group Collecting Lists of Jewish College Students: Report
08/18/2016India to tap Israeli radar tech to thwart terrorism in volatile Kashmir
08/18/2016Could Barak testify against Netanyahu in the Knesset?
08/18/2016“Thy Children Shall Return to Their Borders”: Israel365 Welcomes 223 New Immigrants from US [PHOTOS]
08/18/2016The Jewish woman who was nearly sold to ISIS
08/17/2016US, Israel, and United Arab Emirates Team Up for Joint Air Force Drills
08/17/2016Trump Vows to Screen Immigrants for Anti-Semitism, Keep Out Offenders
08/17/2016Major Hezbollah Terror Attacks in Israel Thwarted, Terror Cell Busted
08/17/2016Radio Station Announces Arrival of Messiah in Jerusalem
08/16/2016African-American Churches Reject Black Lives Matter "Apartheid Israel" Platform
08/16/2016Series of planned Hezbollah attacks in Israel foiled
08/16/2016Hezbollah cells in West Bank busted by Israeli security forces
08/16/2016"A House for All Believers" to Open in Jerusalem
08/16/2016King David’s Descendants Are Ready to Rebuild Davidic Kingdom in Jerusalem
08/15/2016The women waiting, and weaving, for the Third Temple
08/15/2016Jordan's King Abdullah vows to fight Israeli 'extremism' at Temple Mount
08/15/2016Hacked Soros e-mails reveal plans to fight Israel's 'racist' policies
08/15/2016Police, Palestinians scuffle on Temple Mount as Jews flock to Western Wall for Tisha B’Av
08/15/2016Clashes Erupt on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount as Thousands Gather to Mourn Destroyed Temples
08/15/2016Ben-Gurion on Israel, Peace and Back Pain: A Lost Interview Is Brought to Life
08/14/2016Watch: Arabs riot on Temple Mount during Tisha B'Av
08/14/2016Israeli-Saudi Ties Warming; Hizballah and Iran Livid
08/14/2016BREAKING—- George Soros’s Open Society Hacked and Information Leaked Online
08/14/2016Togolese President to Rivlin: “Nations of Africa Admire Israel’s Achievements”
08/14/2016Obama’s Legacy
08/13/2016US: Israeli seizure of abandoned Palestinian property ‘unprecedented’
08/13/2016WATCH: Netanyahu Says, “I Care More About Palestinians Than Their Own Government Does”
08/13/2016The third Jewish Temple is coming to your Facebook feed
08/12/2016Israeli Teenager Stabbed Near Mount of Olives Cemetery in Jerusalem, Terrorist Escaped
08/09/2016More UN Corruption and Lies as UN Employee Arrested for Aiding Hamas
08/08/2016Will Biblical Mystery Site Gilgal Reveal its Secrets Before Palestinian Dump Destroys It? [PHOTOS]
08/05/2016School to Train Levite Priests for Third Temple Service to Open in Jerusalem
08/05/2016Some good news: Terror attacks in Israel hit 10 month low in July. Here’s the latest.
08/05/2016Israel: Hamas Dominates World Vision Christian Charity, Usurping Cash, Provisions, Permits
08/05/2016Can Israel’s New Proactive UN Posture Lead to Security Council Seat?
08/04/2016Israeli Start-Up Hacks ISIS Chats and Finds Newest Target Kill Lists
08/04/2016'Foiled Jerusalem tram bombing planned by Palestinian student over Temple Mount'
08/04/2016Abbas’s Fatah Party Achievement List Includes Killing 11,000 Israelis
08/03/2016Is Israel's success against terror a model for the US Army against ISIS?
08/03/2016With bomb covered in poisoned nails, Palestinian tried to attack Jerusalem tram
08/02/2016Israeli Security Firm Wants to Help Trump Build Mexico Wall
08/02/2016Israel Gearing Up for Worst-Case ‘Day After’ Scenarios Against ISIS, Hezbollah if Russia-Brokered Syria Deal Materializes
08/01/2016Nasrallah calls out Saudi Arabia for normalizing ties with Israel
07/28/2016[Blog] Why will Gog Attack Israel?
07/28/2016You’ll Never Guess What the Dead Sea and a Woman’s Body Have in Common
07/27/2016IDF captures terrorists who murdered Rabbi Michael Mark
07/27/2016Sanhedrin Blasts UNESCO Vote Denying Jewish Connection to Temple Mount
07/27/2016Incredible Evidence of Dead Sea Coming to Life as Foretold in Ezekiel 47:9
07/20/2016Sanhedrin: UNESCO Temple Mount Vote Will Pave the Way for More Terrorism
07/12/2016Israel Operating in the Sinai - With Egypt's Blessing
07/11/2016American officials believe Netanyahu will sign MoU with Obama
07/11/2016Report: Israel has conducted drone strikes against terrorists in Sinai
07/11/2016Sanhedrin Declares Jubilee and the Third Arrival of the Jews in Israel
07/10/2016Israel-US ties are going to get stronger
07/10/2016Sanders Supporter Likens IDF to Hamas, Says Both “Kill Innocents"
07/09/2016Message to Arab states: 'Netanyahu supports 2 states, but hampered by right-wing'
07/06/2016Netanyahu to Kenya’s Christian Zionists: “We Have No Better Friends in the World Than You”
07/06/2016Rabbinical Congress for Peace Wants Netanyahu to Suspend Everybody’s Basic Rights
07/06/2016Clinton campaign slams 'hateful' Max Blumenthal comments on the late Elie Wiesel
07/04/2016When Gutsy Israeli Commandos Terrorized the Terrorists
07/04/2016Israeli minister says Facebook a 'monster', hindering security
07/03/2016Netanyahu: Israel employing anti-terror measures not used in the past
07/03/2016Israeli minister says Facebook a 'monster', hindering security
07/01/2016Looking Back on the IDF’s Miraculous and “Impossible” Entebbe Rescue 40 Years Later
07/01/2016Father murdered in front of his children in Har Hevron shooting
07/01/2016ISIS Gearing Up to Attack Israel
06/30/201613-Year-Old Jewish Girl Stabbed to Death While Sleeping in Her Bed
06/30/2016After West Bank attack, Netanyahu implores world to pressure Palestinians to condemn terror
06/25/2016Abbas: Stop global terrorism by ending the 'Israeli occupation of Palestine'
06/25/2016Son of Hamas commander gives an EPIC speech that will BLOW you...
06/23/2016Abbas: Israel is committing mass-murder
06/22/2016After Obama touts military gains, US officials warn campaign against ISIS could backfire
06/21/2016Is Israel Engaged in a Holy War Commanded by God?
06/21/2016Israel slams EU backing of international peace conference
06/21/2016Rare Summer Solstice Marked by “Strawberry Moon
06/21/2016Israeli Minister Proposes an Artificial Island Harbor in Gaza "Not Promised by God to Anyone"
06/20/2016BDS activists 'evict' Jews from US campuses
06/20/2016US House of Representatives approves defense aid increase for Israel despite Obama Administration opposition
06/20/2016Government to pass new holiday: 'Aliyah Day'
06/20/2016Israel’s New Stealth Jets Will Transform IAF Combat Strength
06/15/2016Obama Rejects Increased Missile Defense Aid to Israel
06/15/2016Senior Hamas member defects to Israel
06/15/2016White House rejects increased Israel missile defense funding
06/15/2016The Art of Baking Biblical Bread: Preparing for the Third Temple
06/15/2016Netanyahu slams 'misleading' reports of US aid cut
06/14/2016MKs may be allowed visit Temple Mount after Ramadan
06/14/2016PM Netanyahu Meets Ambassadors from NATO Member States
06/14/2016All-Powerful IDF Stops Terrorism in its Tracks
06/13/2016Historic Jerusalem Conference Strives to Bring Reconciliation to All 12 Tribes After 2,000 Years
06/12/2016The unhappy new normal in the Middle East