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06/18/2018WATCH: The Outrageous Lies People Believe About Israel
06/12/2018Tel Aviv U nixes national anthem at graduation ceremony
06/12/2018Decorated religious soldier not promoted, prompting claims of bias
06/12/2018Thousands protest demolition of Netiv Ha’Avot community in Judea
06/12/2018WATCH: IDF warns of growing threat of Hamas naval tunnels
06/12/2018Security minister criticizes IDF policy not to open fire on terror kite fliers
06/12/2018Indonesian leader of 60 million Muslims visits Israel despite backlash at home
06/11/2018Latvian FM criticizes Israel’s use of force in Gaza, affirms right to self-defense
06/11/2018Netanyahu backs pluralistic prayer at Western Wall without recognition of Reform Judaism
06/11/2018WATCH: 40 Israeli planes train in Greece for long-range missions
06/11/2018Israel shares water technology with Iranian people
06/11/2018Netanyahu: Those who support Trump on North Korea should back him on Iran
06/11/2018An Archaeological Mystery: Which King’s Sculpted Head was Found in Israel?
06/08/2018Living Torah: How Appearances Can Be Deceiving
06/08/2018Where is our Temple? Are We Still Living with the Spies?
06/08/2018WATCH: Israeli Flag Made of Cookies Breaks World Record and Helps Charities!
06/08/2018Israeli Minister: Fire Kite Terror Shows ‘Wretchedness’ of Our Enemies
06/08/2018WATCH: For Gaza Belt Residents, Paradise Outweighs Hell of Cross-Border Attacks
06/08/2018IDF Soldier Describes Real Life on the Gaza Front
06/08/2018ACT NOW! Urge International Football Body to Sanction Palestinians Over Threats to Israel and Messi
06/08/2018‘Renegade’ Palestinian Authority Just ‘Terrorists and Thieves,’ Giuliani Tells Israeli Media
06/08/2018WATCH: Do You Know Israel?
06/06/2018Israel: PA taxes will pay for arson damage in south
06/06/2018WATCH: IDF officer claims recognizing Gaza as sovereignty entity is key to solution
06/06/2018We ‘will settle all accounts’ with Gaza terror groups, Liberman vows
06/06/2018WATCH: ‘Hamas had a choice,’ says former Canadian envoy to Israel
06/06/2018In precedent-making divorce case, rabbinical court frees woman after 21 years
06/06/2018Minister rejects claims that Israel ‘politicized’ soccer game with Argentina
06/06/2018Economic realities will end Iran’s nuclear plans, Netanyahu tells Macron
06/06/2018WATCH: The World Ignores Anguish of Israelis Living Near Gaza
06/06/2018WATCH: Ancient Jewish Synagogue Rebuilt in the Golan
06/05/2018Coins Dating to Time of Ezra Unearthed in Jerusalem
06/05/2018Netanyahu to French Jews: Israel doing everything to make immigration easier
06/05/2018WATCH: Iran deal key sticking point for Netanyahu in Paris
06/05/2018Rabbis to Netanyahu: Israeli security tortured ‘Jewish terrorists’ to extract confessions
06/05/2018Israeli aid reaches volcano-stricken Guatemala as death toll climbs
06/05/2018Israeli intelligence minister: US-led coalition will fight Iran
06/05/2018WATCH: Hi-tech talent seekers praise Israel’s unique startup culture
06/05/2018Netanyahu says Iran’s renewed uranium enrichment aimed at destroying Israel
06/05/2018Israeli intelligence foils plot to assassinate Netanyahu, Jerusalem Mayor, other officials
06/05/2018WATCH: The Proof that Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism
06/04/2018Ultra-Orthodox party threatens to leave government over military deferrals
06/04/2018Danon: Classify Hamas as a terrorist group
06/04/2018Terrorist armed with ax killed on Gaza border
06/04/2018Liberman blasts lawmakers for blocking impeachment of radical Arab Knesset Member
06/04/2018WATCH: Israeli minister clashes with anti-Israel activists
06/04/2018Netanyahu: Only two issues on agenda during trip to Europe, ‘Iran and Iran’
06/04/2018Israel accepted 6,000 Gazans for medical treatment in past four months
06/04/2018Israel Sends Aid to Volcano-Stricken Guatemala
06/04/2018US envoy to media: ‘Keep your mouths shut’ on Israel’s response in Gaza
06/03/2018Netanyahu did not ask to ‘specifically’ tap Mossad chief’s phone, says former intelligence head
06/03/2018Israel denies reaching deal with Russia on Iran presence in Syria
06/03/2018High Court to decide fate of law seeking to legalize settlements
06/03/2018WATCH: Iranian official slams Russia’s demand to leave Syria
06/03/2018Eyeing Turkish elections, Israel delays Armenian genocide debate
06/03/2018IDF bombs 15 Hamas targets in response to rocket fire from Gaza
06/01/2018WATCH: Times Square to Host Largest Israeli Street Party
06/01/2018ACT NOW! International Court Must Prosecute Hamas, Demand Justice for Israel’s Farmers
06/01/2018Report: Kremlin gives Israel green light to attack Syria
05/31/2018WATCH: Yesh Atid party leader insists on ‘toppling Hamas’
05/31/2018The IDF on Wednesday night released video and information on six of the more than 65 Hamas and Islamic Jihad weapons sites it bombed Tuesday in the Gaza Strip in response to rocket and mortar fire.
05/31/2018Former Mossad head: Netanyahu almost triggered war with Iran
05/31/2018US avoids criticizing housing boom in Judea and Samaria
05/31/2018Israel issues tenders for 1,162 homes in Judea and Samaria
05/31/2018Knesset Speaker: Attacks on Israel ‘Will Not End Favorably for Our Neighbors’
05/31/2018WATCH: Young Israeli Mothers Who Live in Jerusalem’s Muslim Quarter
05/31/2018WATCH: Israel Blows Hamas Terror Tunnel to Pieces
05/31/2018Israel’s South Sustains Worst Bombing in 4 Years, IDF Strikes Back
05/30/2018SHOCKING VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi’s in DEEP trouble after this (1:02 long)
05/30/2018'This Is Full Force Terror': Israel Strikes Back After 100+ Rocket Attacks from Gaza
05/29/2018Israel to grant humanitarian visas to 300 Sudanese migrants
05/29/2018Analysis: Israel’s Left veers to the Right
05/29/2018IDF strikes Gaza terror targets in response to mortar fire
05/29/2018Israel to discuss ‘anti-Iran pact’ with US during visit to Washington
05/29/2018Chelsea Football Club owner moves to Israel, becoming richest Israeli citizen
05/29/2018WATCH: Iron Dome intercepts dozens of mortars fired from Gaza
05/29/2018Justice Minister: Option to invade Gaza is on the table
05/29/2018Barrage of mortars strikes southern Israel, kindergarten yard hit
05/28/2018Hamas prisoners will not watch World Cup, public security minister decides
05/28/2018Israel begins construction of underwater barrier at border with Gaza
05/28/2018WATCH: Israeli archaeologists use drones to map ancient towns
05/28/2018Israeli farmers sue Hamas for torching fields
05/28/2018Eurovision invites Gal Gadot to host contest in Jerusalem
05/28/2018Israel rejects UN collaboration, will issue own report on Gaza
05/28/2018WATCH: Israel security forces shoot terror suspect in Jerusalem
05/27/2018Israel Celebrates 70 Years of Contributions to ‘Helping Others Live a Better Life’
05/27/2018WATCH: Prince William to make first official royal visit to Israel
05/27/2018Israeli technologies are in ‘great demand by the UN’
05/27/2018Knesset speaker leads call for Israel to recognize Armenian Genocide
05/27/2018IDF soldier hit with marble object dies; Netanyahu vows to bring terrorist to justice
05/27/2018WATCH: Gazans cross security fence into Israel
05/27/2018Israeli Air Force strikes Hamas positions in Gaza
05/25/2018Israel Calls on European Union to Stop Funding Pro-BDS Groups
05/25/2018Israeli Air Force destroyed half of Syria’s air defenses, says senior officer
05/24/2018WATCH: Why Israel is Justified in Deporting Anti-Israel Activist Omar Shakir
05/24/2018Israeli Forces Capture Terrorist Who Carried Out Shooting Attack
05/24/2018WATCH: Supporters Across the Globe Unite to Sing Israeli Anthem
05/24/2018Israel Launches Legal Battle to Combat Discrimination at Arab-hosted Sports Events
05/24/2018Defense Minister announces 3,900 new Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria
05/23/2018‘The EU can go to a thousand hells,’ says Israeli minister
05/23/2018Report: US may recognize Israeli sovereignty in Golan
05/23/2018WATCH: England’s Lacrosse Team Falls in Love with Israel!
05/23/2018Israel Condemns Dutch Eurovision Parody’s ‘Jews and Money’ Jokes
05/23/2018WATCH: Israel First to Fly F-35 Fighter Jets in Combat
05/23/2018Israel Rejects Palestinians’ ‘Cynical’ Demand for War Crimes Probe
05/23/2018IDF Destroys Gaza Terror Tunnel after Terrorists Enter Israel
05/23/2018Rare and Ancient Jewish Coins Found on Temple Mount
05/22/2018Israel Hosts 20 Air Force Chiefs from Around the World
05/22/2018WATCH: How Israel’s ‘Ultimate Survivor’ Beat the Nazis, Survived Munich Terror, Won Olympic Gold
05/22/2018Palestinian Mob Assaults US Convoy in Bethlehem Area
05/22/2018WATCH: The Palestinians’ Real Enemy in Gaza is Hamas
05/22/2018Israel Hosts 20 Air Force Chiefs from Around the World
05/22/2018WATCH: How Israel’s ‘Ultimate Survivor’ Beat the Nazis, Survived Munich Terror, Won Olympic Gold
05/22/2018Palestinian Mob Assaults US Convoy in Bethlehem Area
05/21/2018WATCH: Israel is Solving World Hunger with Honey Bees!
05/18/2018Living Torah: What Does it Take to Be a Leader?
05/18/2018New, Accurate Israeli Method Detects Early Breast Cancer
05/18/2018ACT NOW! Thank President Trump for Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem
05/18/2018WATCH: The Most Important Moment in Israel’s History
05/18/2018Israeli Kids Respond to Gazan ‘Kites of Fire’ with ‘Kites of Love and Peace’
05/18/2018Netanyahu: ‘I Completely Agree’ with Hamas about Gaza Protests
05/17/2018Revealed! 50 “protesters” killed were militants, terror organization admits
05/16/2018Got Milk: How Israelis Celebrate Judaism’s ‘Dairy’ Festival
05/16/2018WATCH: ‘America Did It Again,’ Lauds Bennett After Embassy Move
05/16/2018Here’s Why Israel Used Lethal Force During Mass Protests in Gaza Today
05/15/2018Israel opens crossing into Gaza; Hamas blocks passage of goods
05/15/2018WATCH: Will US bolster protection of Middle East embassies after Jerusalem move?
05/15/2018Netanyahu to Erdogan: Don’t preach morality to us
05/15/2018Druze IDF Veterans chairman thanks Trump from ‘depths of our heart’
05/15/2018WATCH: Bennett’s Message to Critics of US Embassy Move to Jerusalem
05/15/2018Jerusalem’s Old City walls glow with Guatemala flags ahead of embassy launch
05/15/2018Israel bombs 11 Hamas targets, braces for another day of violence
05/15/2018Netanyahus Wish Melania Trump a Speedy Recovery After Operation
05/15/2018WATCH: US Support for Israel, From Past to Present
05/15/2018Israel Opens Crossing into Gaza; Hamas Blocks Passage of Goods
05/15/2018Israeli Minister: ‘Hamas Gangsters Hold 2 Million Palestinians Hostage’
05/15/2018WATCH: Jerusalem Mayor Thanks Trump for ‘Standing with the Truth’
05/14/2018Hogan Gidley: Embassy Move to Jerusalem Another Promise Donald Trump Has Kept
05/14/2018Donald Trump Officially Opens U.S. Embassy in ‘Historic and Sacred Land of Jerusalem’
05/14/2018At least 55 killed at Gaza border; US defends Israel’s ‘right to defend itself’
05/14/2018Israeli Innovation Provides Big Boost to Farmers in India
05/14/2018WATCH: Discover the Heart of Jewish Life and History – Jerusalem!
05/14/2018Jerusalem Pro Soccer Team to Rename Itself After Trump
05/14/2018WATCH: IDF Protects Israeli Civilians on Deadliest Day of Gaza Border Riots
05/14/2018Netanyahu: ‘This is a Momentous Time, President Trump is Making History’
05/14/2018WATCH: The Official US Embassy Launch in Jerusalem
05/14/2018WATCH: Israel and US Celebrate True Friendship
05/14/2018‘We Are Here to Stay,’ Netanyahu States at US Embassy Opening in Jerusalem
05/14/2018IDF drops leaflets in Gaza, warns civilians to keep away from border
05/14/2018Dozens of Palestinian rioters killed in Gaza border riots, number keeps rising
05/14/201840 nations attend opening ceremony of US embassy in Jerusalem
05/14/2018WATCH: The history behind Trump’s embassy move to Jerusalem
05/14/2018WATCH: Harley bikers celebrate US Embassy move
05/14/201837 killed in Gaza clashes ahead of U.S. Embassy move
05/14/2018WATCH: The US Embassy Launch in Jerusalem
05/14/2018IDF drone knocks out 40 Palestinian terror kites
05/14/2018Israel wins Eurovision Song Contest
05/14/2018Record number of Jews visit Temple Mount, clashes ensue
05/14/2018Israel celebrates 51st anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem
05/14/2018Netanyahu to ambassadors: ‘Move your embassies to Jerusalem’
05/14/2018Israel ‘eternally grateful’ to Trump for embassy move, declares Netanyahu
05/13/2018WATCH: Jerusalem Day Celebrates Long-Awaited Jewish Homecoming
05/13/2018Netanyahu Shakes Hands with Ambassadors of United Arab Emirates, Bahrain
05/13/2018WATCH: ‘The Temple Mount is in Our Hands!’
05/13/2018Jerusalem is for the Entire World!
05/13/2018WATCH: What Do the People of Jerusalem Think of the New US Embassy?
05/13/2018Israeli Wins Eurovision Song Contest, Says ‘I Love My Country’
05/13/2018WATCH: A Peek at the New US Embassy in Jerusalem!
05/13/2018WATCH: Jerusalem, Israel’s Eternal Capital
05/13/2018Netanyahu: Jerusalem Mentioned in Bible 650 Times, our Capital for 3,000 Years
05/13/2018WATCH: A Peek at the New US Embassy in Jerusalem!
05/13/2018Watch LIVE as Israel Celebrates True Friendship with the United States
05/13/2018IDF strikes Hamas terror tunnel just meters from border
05/11/2018Israel, Iran move closer to open war after exchanging missile barrages
05/11/2018Living Torah: It’s the Effort that Counts!
05/11/2018IDF Makes Dream Come True for Special Needs Soldier Zohar
05/11/2018WATCH: A United Jerusalem Celebrates its Rich Diversity
05/11/2018Southern Israeli Communities Grow Despite Security Threat from Gaza
05/11/2018Israeli Embassy in Cairo holds first Independence Celebration in 7 years
05/11/2018WATCH: Bennett Says US Withdrawal from Iran Deal is Good for the Free World
05/11/2018ACT NOW! Urge UN to Condemn Hamas ‘Fire Terror’
05/11/2018WATCH: Israel Strikes Syrian Air Defense with Pinpoint Accuracy
05/11/2018Special Update on Trump's Decision on Iran & Jerusalem, May 8, 2018
05/10/2018Iran attacks Israeli forces for the first time – 20 missiles lobbed
05/10/2018WATCH: Iranian forces in Syria Launch Missile Attack Against Israel
05/10/2018Israel says it strikes 'dozens' of Iranian targets in Syria in response to attack
05/09/2018IDF Celebrates 70 Years of Defending Israel
05/09/2018WATCH: The Jews of the Ancient Silk Road
05/09/2018WATCH: A Beautiful Place for an Embassy
05/09/2018Israel Backs US’ ‘Bold Decision’ to Nix Iran Nuclear Deal
05/09/2018WATCH: Netanyahu Has Trump’s Back on Iran Deal Exit
05/09/2018Flammable kites from Gaza border reach Judea and Samaria
05/09/2018WATCH: Netanyahu condemns Iranian aggression at trilateral summit
05/09/2018Israel celebrates its independence for first time in Egypt since Arab Spring
05/09/2018Israel to deport human rights official over BDS activities
05/09/2018WATCH: Israel extends olive branch to Iranian people with Persian radio station
05/09/2018Several Iranian soldiers killed in Israeli strike in Syria
05/09/2018Ignoring BDS, Shakira Will Perform in Israel
05/08/2018Trump: ‘US will withdraw from Iran nuclear deal’
05/08/2018WATCH: Discover the Heart of Jewish Life and History – Jerusalem!
05/07/2018WATCH: Gazan ‘wounded’ by IDF gets off stretcher when filming stops
05/07/2018Israeli PM steps up call to end the Iranian nuclear deal
05/06/2018Tel Aviv Unveils First Olympic Cycling Track in Middle East
05/06/2018WATCH: Recently Discovered Silent Movie Predicted Holocaust 20 Years Earlier
05/06/2018Analysis: Netanyahu’s Frustrated Rivals Can’t Beat Him – Especially Not in America
05/06/2018WATCH: ‘Rabin Never Would Have Divided Jerusalem,’ Declares Former Israeli Ambassador
05/06/20181,800-Year-Old Coin from Jewish Revolt Against Romans Discovered
05/06/2018WATCH: Gaza Palestinians Use Kites to Set Southern Israel on Fire
05/06/2018Netanyahu to visit Moscow for talks on Syria, Iran
05/06/2018Israel withdraws bid for UN Security Council seat
05/06/2018WATCH: Israel detects unusual activity at Iran uranium enrichment plant
05/04/2018DEVELOPING: US will ask Israel to withdraw from four Arab neighborhoods in east Jerusalem
05/04/2018Lag B’Omer, the Town of Peki’in and its Significance to Jewish Mysticism
05/04/2018WATCH: NASA Tech Reveals Invisible Text in Dead Sea Scrolls
05/04/2018Living Torah: Greatness Often Lives in the ‘Little Guy’
05/04/2018Iran Nuclear Deal Like Munich Agreement with Hitler, Liberman Says
05/04/2018WATCH: The Reality of the ‘Peaceful’ Gaza Border Protests
05/04/2018ACT NOW! Urge Argentina’s National Soccer Team to Ignore BDS and Come to Israel
05/04/2018Former Top US Intel Official: World ‘Much Safer’ Due to ‘Heroism’ of Israel’s Mossad
05/04/2018Poll: 44% of Israelis Support Strike on Iran’s Nuclear Facilities
05/04/2018Report: Trump’s peace plan includes giving away parts of Jerusalem
05/03/2018WATCH: Israeli Doctors Save Palestinian Woman’s Life
05/02/2018Firing back at international condemnations over Gaza border casualties
05/02/2018Knesset approves bill banning convicted terrorists from running for office
05/02/2018WATCH: Netanyahu given power to declare war in ‘extreme circumstances’
05/02/2018Revealed: New details about Mossad’s ‘greatest operation’, exposing Iran’s secret nuclear program
05/02/2018WATCH: Meet Israel’s ‘Special Needs’ Soldiers in Uniform
05/01/2018Multi-Million Dollar Building for Visiting Christians Planned Next to U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem
05/01/2018Jewish groups praise Iceland’s dismissal of circumcision ban
05/01/2018WATCH: Israeli deputy defense minister says ‘war with Iran unlikely’
05/01/2018Military expert: Israel must be proactive, hit Hamas harder
05/01/2018Bill defining Israel as ‘Jewish nation-state’ passes first reading in Knesset
05/01/2018Netanyahu updates world leaders on Iran’s threatening nuclear program
05/01/2018Arab MK demands right to receive BDS funding for anti-Israel US tour
05/01/2018WATCH: Israel Keeps Innovating Agricultural Breakthroughs!
05/01/2018Rivlin first Israeli president to visit Ethiopia, aims to ‘deepen friendship and cooperation’
05/01/2018PM Spokesman: What the Media Doesn’t Tell You About Hamas
05/01/2018Could US Embassy open in Jerusalem with Pollard in attendance?
04/30/2018UPDATE: Iranians Killed in recent Israeli strike in military site in Syria
04/30/2018Mole Rats Help Archaeologists Discover Davidic Dynasty City
04/30/2018Netanyahu reveals evidence that Iran lied about its nuclear weapons program
04/30/2018Israel reveals 100,000+ secret docs that show Iran ‘brazenly lying’ about nuclear weapons program and Iran deal
04/30/2018Israelis Win Big in European Judo Championships
04/30/2018Roseanne Barr: I Want to Move to Israel
04/30/2018WATCH: Israel Does What? Former IDF Soldier Exposes Heinous Lies about Israel
04/30/2018WATCH: Meet Golda Meir, the ‘Iron Lady’ of Israeli Politics
04/30/2018US Secretary of State: Israel has a ‘Special Place in My Heart’
04/30/2018Ben Gurion Airport gets huge makeover as Israeli tourism on rise
04/30/2018Israel’s UN ambassador exposes Iranian recruitment center in Syria
04/30/2018WATCH: Israeli team discovers genetic memory
04/30/2018Israel bombs Hamas targets in response to cross-border violence
04/30/2018WATCH: Emotional Israeli judoka gold medalist sings national anthem
04/30/2018Three more terrorists killed in violent attempts to infiltrate Israel from Gaza
04/30/2018Report: Trump may allow Jonathan Pollard to immigrate to Israel
04/30/2018New American secretary of state: “We’re with Israel in this fight”
04/30/2018WATCH: Israeli Pilot, Grandson of Holocaust Victims, Flies Over Germany with a Proud Message
04/29/2018WATCH: Israeli teenage twins invent system to prevent forest fires
04/29/2018US Supreme Court rules against Israeli victims of terror attacks
04/29/2018Trump may attend opening of US Embassy in Jerusalem, ‘very proud of it’
04/29/2018Israeli ‘Save a Child’s Heart’ Organization Wins UN Award
04/29/2018Analysis: Netanyahu-Pompeo smiles mask Israeli concerns over unclear US policy
04/29/2018WATCH: ‘You Occupy a Special Place in My Heart,’ US Secretary of State Tells Netanyahu
04/27/2018Israelis Train South African Medics in Emotional First Aid
04/27/2018Living Torah: Being Jewish is a 24/7 Commitment
04/27/2018BDS: The Attempt to Destroy Israel
04/27/2018WATCH: Israeli Pilot, Grandson of Holocaust Victims, Flies Over Germany with a Proud Message
04/27/20182 arrested following death of 10 teens hit by flash floods on school trip
04/27/2018WATCH: Breakthrough – Israeli scientists complete mapping of entire human genetic code
04/27/2018Thousands Join ‘Kippah March’ in Solidarity with Germany’s Jewish Community
04/27/2018WATCH: Israeli undercover police arrest weapons smugglers
04/27/2018Israeli rights group sues Hamas for using children as human shields
04/27/2018Liberman: If Iran attacks Tel Aviv, Israel will strike Tehran and destroy every threat
04/27/2018Analysis: US Rejection of Term ‘Occupied Territories’ Brings Peace Closer
04/26/2018Paralyzed Man Completes London Marathon Using Israeli Technology
04/26/2018WATCH: Did You Know the Bible is Taught in Israel’s Public Schools?
04/26/2018WATCH: Why a Zionist Fears the Liberal Left
04/26/2018Israel’s 70th Anniversary Celebrated on Broadway
04/26/2018WATCH: Jewish and Arab Children Embrace Coexistence in Northern Israel
04/26/2018Freak Storm Pummels Israel, Kills at Least 9 Teens; Others Missing
04/25/2018WATCH: Meet the Israeli Arab Doctor Who is One of Israel’s Top Surgeons
04/25/2018WATCH: Netanyahu Demonstrates Biking Skills Ahead of Giro d’Italia Cycling Race in Jerusalem!
04/24/2018Syrian mortar falls in Israel; IDF responds
04/24/2018Israel nabs armed terrorists on Gaza border
04/24/2018WATCH: Canadians ride Harleys in Holy Land to celebrate Israel’s 70th
04/24/2018Report: New Israel Fund, EU use proxy to fight Jerusalem embassy move
04/24/2018Israel halts deportation proceedings against illegal immigrants
04/24/2018WATCH: Israel warns Russia any S-300 missiles in Syria will be destroyed
04/24/2018Massive US Delegation to Attend Jerusalem Embassy Dedication
04/23/2018Israel Nabs Second Place in Worldwide Cybersecurity Rankings
04/23/2018WATCH: A ‘Flash’ of Inspiration ‘Drives’ this Israeli Inventor!
04/23/2018Massive US Delegation to Attend Jerusalem Embassy Dedication
04/23/2018World Leaders Congratulate Israel on 70 Years
04/22/2018WATCH: US Embassy in Jerusalem on course for May opening
04/22/2018WATCH: 70 Years of Israeli Humanitarian Aid Around the World
04/20/2018WATCH: How Can Such a Tiny Country Break So Many Records?
04/19/2018On 70th anniversary, Trump says US has ‘no better friends anywhere’ than Israel
04/19/2018On 70th anniversary, Netanyahu says Israel’s light will beat enemies’ ‘darkness’
04/19/2018WATCH: The Most Amazing Song to Celebrate Israel’s 70th Birthday!
04/19/2018Independence Trail: An Interactive Heritage Tour of Israeli ‘Firsts’!
04/19/2018WATCH: President Rivlin and Leading Vocalist Among 12,000 Celebrating Israel’s 70th Anniversary in Song!
04/19/2018Knesset Speaker to Independence Day Honorees: ‘You Illuminated Israel with a Great Light’
04/19/2018HEARTBREAKING: Hear Terror Victims’ Families Share Their Pain on Memorial Day
04/19/2018WATCH: Israel’s Amazing Achievements in Just 70 years!
04/19/2018Israel Celebrates 70 Years of Independence!
04/19/2018WATCH: America Sends Israel Happy 70th Birthday Wishes!
04/19/2018A Celebration of Jewish Survival and Strength: Never Again will Jews be Defenseless!
04/19/2018WATCH: 70 Nations Stand United with Israel at 70 Years!
04/19/2018WATCH: 15 Choirs Around the World Sing in ‘One Voice’ in Honor of the State of Israel
04/18/2018Porsche Enlists Israeli Tech Stars to Rev Up Artificial Intelligence
04/18/2018WATCH: Musical Tribute to Israel’s Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terror
04/18/2018WATCH: How the Family is Notified When an IDF Soldier Falls in Battle
04/18/2018Remembering the Israeli Air Force Legend Who Influenced Generations
04/18/2018WATCH: Moving Tribute to Fallen IDF Soldiers and Terror Victims
04/18/2018How Memorial Day Can Add Meaning to Our Lives, Every Day!
04/18/2018WATCH: Remembering the Past Year’s Victims of Terror
04/18/2018Court rules chanting ‘Nation of Israel Lives’ (Am Yisrael Chai) permitted on Temple Mount
04/18/2018Israel Bows its Head and Remembers Fallen IDF Soldiers and Terror Victims
04/18/2018Good News Israel! IDF Promotes Druze Soldier; 200,000 Syrians Get Help from Israel, and More
04/18/2018WATCH: What Makes Israel Different from All Other Nations?
04/18/2018What If the Holocaust Never Happened?
04/18/2018WATCH: Bereaved Mother of Fallen Soldiers Inspires Young Israeli Emissaries
04/18/2018IDF Soldier Injured in 1973 Yom Kippur War Succumbs to Wounds Days Before Israel’s Memorial Day
04/18/2018WATCH: A Moving Tribute to Fallen IDF Soldiers
04/18/2018WATCH: Israel Honors the Brave Women of the IDF
04/18/2018WATCH: Israel’s Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers Unifies the Citizens of Israel
04/18/2018IDF reveals terror tunnel-busting technology
04/18/2018IDF sanctions Gaza bus companies for aiding Hamas
04/18/2018Israeli lawmakers battle over ties with Nazi-linked Austrian party
04/18/2018WATCH: How Israel won military and diplomatic victories in 1948
04/18/2018Israeli radiation vest to be used on NASA’s moon mission
04/18/2018Jewish national freedom comes at a price
04/18/2018WATCH: IDF destroys longest, deepest Gaza terror tunnel to date
04/18/2018Israel halts to commemorate fallen IDF soldiers, terror victims
04/17/2018Justin Bieber Leads Crowd in Worship at Coachella Music Festival
04/17/2018Court rules Israelis on Temple Mount may call out, ‘Am Yisrael chai’
04/16/2018WATCH: An Animated Journey Through Israel’s History!
04/16/2018Israeli Drama About Reunited IDF Veterans Wins Top Film Award
04/16/2018Israel Successfully Reaching Arab World Through Digital Diplomacy
04/16/2018Israeli Civilian Who Neutralized Terrorist Receives Commendation
04/16/2018On 70th Birthday, Israel Boasts Tenfold Population Growth Since 1948
04/15/2018IDF soldier killed in operational accident
04/15/2018Start Your Engines! Israel Opens First Regulation Racetrack
04/15/2018WATCH: Survivors sing Israel’s future national anthem in liberated camp
04/15/2018WATCH: Two ‘Brothers’ in the Desert
04/15/2018Honduran Lawmakers Vote to Move Embassy to Jerusalem
04/13/2018Chinese Christians Wave Israeli Flag on Temple Mount For First Time Since ’67
04/13/2018Yad Vashem: Preserving the Memory of the Six Million
04/13/2018WATCH: Noble Albanian Rescue of Jews During the Holocaust
04/13/2018Israel Battles Regional Drought with 2 New Desalination Plants
04/13/2018WATCH: Fascinating Druze Villages Show Beauty of Israeli Diversity!
04/13/2018Living Torah: Can Wealth Be Both a Blessing and a Curse?
04/13/2018WATCH: Eurovision 2018 Contestants Plant Trees in Israel!
04/13/2018As Numbers Dwindle, Jews Who Fought Nazis Recall Struggle
04/13/2018WATCH: Confessions of an Israeli Combat Medic Who Saved Syrian Lives
04/13/2018In First, Israeli Drivers Participate in United Arab Emirates Off-Road Race
04/13/2018ACT NOW! Honor One of Israel’s Fallen Heroes on Memorial Day
04/13/2018Gaza Rioters Try to Breach Israeli Border with Explosives
04/13/2018ACT NOW! Honor One of Israel’s Fallen Heroes on Memorial Day
04/13/2018WATCH: Israeli leaders lay wreaths at Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony
04/13/2018Report: Anti-Semitism rises, violence against Jews falls
04/13/2018IDF continues strike in response to cross-border attack
04/13/2018Israeli Air Force rehearsal terrifies Tel Aviv
04/13/2018Experts: Israel-Iran conflict in Syria could spiral into war
04/13/2018WATCH: Remembering the Righteous Diplomats who saved Jews during the Holocaust
04/12/2018Israel Summons Irish Ambassador over Dublin Mayor’s Visit
04/12/2018UN ambassadors visit Auschwitz on Holocaust Remembrance Day
04/12/2018The Greek Rabbi Who Saved His Community from the Holocaust
04/12/2018WATCH: Testimony – My First Day in a Nazi Death Camp
04/12/2018WATCH: A Survivor’s Deep Faith in Divine Providence
04/12/2018After Decades of Silence, Holocaust Survivors Share Their Harrowing Accounts
04/12/2018WATCH: Israel Mourns 6 Million Souls on Holocaust Remembrance Day
04/12/2018Israel Stops to Commemorate 6 Million Jewish Holocaust Victims
04/12/2018World Jewish Population Has Yet to Recover from the Holocaust
04/12/2018POWERFUL: Holocaust Remembrance Day Siren Sounds Throughout Israel
04/12/2018On Holocaust Remembrance Day, Netanyahu Says Israel ‘Steadfast’ in Countering Iranian Threats
04/12/2018How Films Play a Special Role in Remembering the Holocaust
04/12/2018WATCH: Rising from the Ashes – Israel is Our Home
04/12/2018Where was God during the Holocaust?
04/12/2018Special Israeli Unit Helps Holocaust Survivors Find Lost Relatives
04/12/2018WATCH: Rising from the Ashes – Stories from Survivors
04/12/2018What Happens on Yom Hashoah, Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day?
04/12/2018Israel Remembers 6 Million on Holocaust Remembrance Day
04/11/2018Nike Ready to ‘Just Do It’ with Israeli Fashion-Tech Firm
04/11/2018IDF investigates ‘sniper’ video; man shot was warned during violent riot
04/11/2018Israeli Party Cuts Ties with UK Labour Head Over Anti-Semitism
04/11/2018WATCH: How a Jewish Singer Used Her Fame to Secretly Fight the Nazis
04/10/2018Former PM Ehud Olmert seeks presidential pardon
04/10/2018Holocaust survivors file groundbreaking lawsuit against pro-Nazi publisher
04/10/2018Netanyahu assures Sderot residents: Security is number one concern
04/10/2018Israeli sources: Palestinian ‘journalist’ killed on Gaza border was Hamas operative
04/10/2018[EXCLUSIVE] Olmert: ‘A return to public life not currently on my agenda’
04/10/2018Palestinian ‘Journalist’ Killed on Gaza Border was Hamas Operative, Israeli Officials Confirm
04/10/2018Grade Schoolers Find Proof of Jewish Life in Samaria Dating Back 1,500 Years
04/09/2018Israeli technology: Your voice will guide your chores, healthcare and driving
04/09/2018Liberman: Probe left-wing group for urging IDF troops to disobey Gaza orders
04/09/2018Impeachment process launched against Arab Knesset member
04/09/2018Israel bombs Hamas target, responding to cross-border attack
04/09/2018Israeli Air Force credited with deadly strike on Syrian airbase
04/09/2018Israel strikes ‘Hamas targets’ in Gaza
04/07/2018National Geographic Reveals Secret to Israelis’ Long, Satisfying Lives
04/07/2018WATCH: Israel Opens Nursing Home for Retired Service Dogs!
04/07/2018Tel Aviv: One of the World’s Greenest Cities!
04/07/2018Terrorist who wounded 4 charged with attempted murder
04/07/2018German Aid Group Probes Anti-Semitic Posts by Staff
04/07/2018IDF ‘did not target journalist’ killed in violent anti-Israel protest
04/05/2018Soviet Jewry: From Gulags to Liberation
04/05/2018WATCH: ‘When You Believe’ – Musical Praise of God for Miracles from Passover till Today!
04/05/2018WATCH: In Love with the Taste of Freedom
04/05/2018A Lesson from Pharaoh: Don’t Judge a Person at Face Value
04/05/2018WATCH: IDF Soldiers Think Outside-of-the-Box in 24-hour ‘Hackathon’
04/05/2018One Israeli Organization Declares: “All Who are Hungry, Come and Eat”
04/05/2018Global Salute to Israel’s Fallen Soldiers Honors 70 Years of Sacrifice
04/05/2018Former Qatar PM: Israelis Have Right to Live in Their Land
04/05/2018Suspecting car-ramming attack, IDF eliminates high-speed chase driver
04/05/2018Netanyahu seeking new ways to solve African migrant crisis
04/05/2018WATCH: David and Goliath come to life in hi-tech light show
04/05/2018WATCH: Jewish and Muslim soccer players play together, pray together
04/05/2018Israel prevents massive Islamic Jihad naval attack and kidnapping
04/05/2018Israel Arrests 10 Palestinians Suspected of Planning Terrorist Attack on Navy Ship
04/04/2018Netanyahu Gives Boot to Illegals Who Thought They Were Safe
04/04/2018Clinton Admits Meddling in Israel’s 1996 Elections
04/04/2018WATCH: The Israeli High-Tech ‘Passover Breakdance’
04/04/2018A Rabbi’s Unusual Passover Message: ‘Eat Bread and Save Jews’
04/04/2018WATCH: Wild Imagination and Robots Tell the Passover Story!
04/04/2018Ancient Evidence of the Exodus from Egypt
04/04/2018WATCH: How a Passover Matzah Miracle Prevented a Deadly Hamas Massacre
04/04/2018Not Merely Waiting for Redemption, but Doing our Part!
04/04/2018WATCH: This Passover Treasure is ‘One of the Most Beautiful Books’ Ever!
04/04/2018‘Israelis Have Right to Their Own Land,’ Says Saudi Crown Prince
04/04/2018WATCH: How Israeli Volunteer First-Responders Save Lives Every Day!
04/04/2018UWI’s ‘Passover Partners’ Project – a Win-Win for Soldiers and Lovers of Israel!
04/04/2018Bill Clinton Admits Campaign Against Netanyahu During 1996 election
04/04/2018Passover priestly blessing draws huge crowds to Jerusalem
04/04/2018Army to demolish home of Palestinian murderer of Israeli father of 4
04/04/2018Netanyahu announces final ‘nullification’ of migrant deal
04/04/2018WATCH: What do Israelis love about Passover?
04/04/2018Israel appears ready to consider body swap of soldiers and terrorists
04/04/2018WATCH: Israelis compete in Arab Gulf state ‘Desert Challenge’ race for first time
04/04/2018Imam shot dead at mosque entrance in Israeli Arab city
04/04/2018Gazans renew violence on border, Palestinians report 1 dead
04/03/2018Netanyahu Suspends UN Deal to Relocate Illegal African Migrants
04/02/2018The Passover Sacrifice and the Covenant with God
04/02/2018NEWEST Y-STUDS VIDEO: Have ‘the Greatest Passover’ Ever!
04/02/2018A Passover Prayer: May the Holy Temple be Built in Our Day
04/02/2018WATCH: Archaeology Proves Exodus from Egypt
04/02/2018Israelis Enjoy the 7-Day Passover Holiday!
04/02/2018WATCH: US Ambassador Delivers Priestly Blessing at Western Wall with Son and Grandson
04/02/2018How a Trump-Loving, ‘Hatikvah’-Singing Arab Helps Israelis Celebrate Passover
04/02/2018WATCH: Gaza Riot’s Choreographed Violence Was No ‘Peaceful Protest’
04/01/2018WATCH: Israel breaks solar power production record
04/01/2018Netanyahu blasts Turkey’s hypocrisy after Gaza condemnation
04/01/2018Israel warns of ‘much harsher’ response if Gaza riots continue
03/31/2018El Al petitions High Court over direct India flights
03/31/2018Why Israel did not condemn Russia for poisoning spy in Britain
03/31/2018WATCH: After Gaza riots, ‘IDF will continue to act’ against terrorists
03/31/2018IDF: At least 10 of the 16 killed in Gaza border clashes were terrorists
03/30/2018‘The banality of evil’ – ignoring Radical Islamist Jew-hatred
03/30/2018WATCH: Three chefs – Jewish, Muslim and Christian – cook together for peace
03/30/2018WATCH: Israeli monkeys enjoy matzah in preparation for Passover!
03/30/2018Tensions mount ahead of planned Hamas march into Israel
03/30/2018IDF mobilizes for massive task of prepping for Passover
03/30/2018New Israeli Technology Will Enable Computers to Run 100 Times Faster
03/30/2018‘Israel is an Example of a Model State,’ Says Bulgarian President
03/30/2018WATCH: IDF Helicopter Medics Train to Save Lives in Stabbing Attacks
03/30/2018The Passover Miracles of Unity and Mutual Respect!
03/30/2018BDS demands Netflix remove Israeli smash hit, threatens lawsuit
03/30/2018Manhunt successful: Terrorist caught in Be’er Sheva
03/30/2018World War III Fears Heat Up After Israel Sends Fighter Jets To…
03/29/2018World Leader Released from Hospital After Receiving Diagnosis
03/29/2018Who Wrote the Ancient Passover Haggadah?
03/29/2018WATCH: A Passover Favorite Like You’ve Never Heard Before!
03/29/2018Should Passover Really Be Called the ‘Festival of Matzah’?
03/29/2018Israeli Lawmakers Pack Food Packages for Needy Families Ahead of Passover
03/29/2018WATCH: Israel Hastens Construction Permits for US Embassy in Jerusalem
03/28/2018Israel Praises US for ‘Record-Breaking’ Missile Defense Aid
03/28/2018Israelis expand presence in Hebron, name buildings after biblical matriarchs
03/28/2018WATCH: Israeli doctors save lives in Ethiopia
03/28/2018IDF destroys Hamas targets in response to border provocation
03/28/2018Israel expedites US embassy move to Jerusalem
03/27/2018WATCH: NFL champions play with disabled kids in Israel
03/27/2018Armed Palestinians reach 12 miles into Israel from Gaza; IDF arrests 3
03/27/2018WATCH: Celebrate 70 Years of ‘Firsts’ with Israel
03/27/2018Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat enters national political stage
03/27/2018WATCH: Four Gazans penetrate security fence, illegally enter Israel
03/27/2018IDF destroys Hamas targets in response to gunfire
03/27/2018WATCH: US Ambassador Friedman bakes matzah, extends ‘Happy Passover’ greetings
03/27/2018Israeli court protects right to Jewish prayer near Temple Mount
03/27/2018DEVELOPING: Leaked Images Allegedly Show US Military Tanks Arriving In Jordan
03/26/2018Mario Lopez Blown Away by Jerusalem
03/26/2018Israeli Technology Able to Make Water From Thin Air Read Newsmax Article: Israeli Technology Able to Make Water From Thin Air
03/26/2018Israel Approves National Digital Health Plan that Will Benefit World
03/26/2018WATCH: The Life and Legacy of Golda Meir
03/26/2018WATCH: This Story Will Change Your Seder Night!
03/26/2018Israel to France After Attack: ‘Civilized World Must Unite to Defeat Terror’
03/26/2018Netanyahu: US ‘Stands for Truth’ with Law Stopping Palestinian Pay-for-Slay
03/26/2018Justice minister: Twitter must be reined in, Facebook gets it
03/26/2018WATCH: Israel to open second international airport near Eilat
03/26/2018New code of ethics bans calls for BDS at Israeli universities
03/26/2018Israel bombs Hamas target, responding to cross-border provocation
03/26/2018Iron Dome missiles fired in response to Gaza gunfire, not rockets
03/25/20185,000 March Against Extremism and ‘Ideologies that Rely on Terror’ in Birmingham
03/25/2018London Homeless DOUBLE After Deportations Blocked by EU Free Movement Rules
03/25/2018Italy Votes in Populist Leaders for Two Houses of Parliament
03/25/2018WATCH: Masked Men Forcibly Remove Far-Left University Occupiers
03/25/2018Opinion: World Jewish Congress Leader’s Lame Lament on Israel’s Future
03/25/2018WATCH: 5 Ways Israel Combats Water Scarcity
03/25/2018Netanyahu slams UN Human Rights Council’s ‘circus of the absurd’
03/25/2018WATCH: How Composer Leonard Bernstein Helped Israel Defeat Egypt!
03/25/2018Israeli Air Force Hits Gaza Target After Border Infiltration
03/25/2018Congress Passes Major Pro-Israel Legislation, Boosts Israeli Defense Funding
03/25/2018Palestinian terrorist prisoners continue academic studies, despite Israeli prohibition
03/25/2018Palestinian teen who assaulted IDF soldiers sentenced to 8 months
03/25/2018WATCH: ‘Wounded Warriors’ organization helps IDF veterans with PTSD
03/23/2018Living Torah: Let God Deal with the Sinners
03/23/2018WATCH: US Pilot Who Flew for Israel Passes Away at 94
03/23/2018Israel investigates Facebook over possible breach of citizens’ privacy
03/23/2018WATCH: Dershowitz Slams Allegations Against Netanyahu
03/23/2018Security forces prepare for Hamas mass march on Israel
03/22/2018Sanhedrin Invites Arabs to Join 3rd Temple Project
03/22/2018Israel Confirms It Destroyed Syrian Nuclear Reactor, Warns Iran It's Next
03/22/2018WATCH: Meet Israel’s New Ambassador to Japan!
03/22/2018‘Saved by the Bell’ Star Tours ‘Holiest City in the World’
03/22/2018WATCH: How Israel Became a Global Water Powerhouse!
03/22/2018IDF and US Army Celebrate Success of Joint Training Exercise
03/22/2018WATCH: How the Mossad Eliminates Top Terrorists, Deterring Further Attacks
03/22/2018IDF Chief: Strike on Syrian Reactor Shows Israel Will Not Tolerate Existential Threats
03/22/2018Residents of Israel’s South Fear Hamas’ Relentless Terror Tunnel Efforts
03/21/2018WATCH: Israeli pilot who destroyed Syrian nuclear tells all, 10 years later
03/21/2018Israel confirms it destroyed Syria’s nuclear reactor a decade ago
03/20/20189 Israeli Drone Startups are Soaring to Success
03/20/2018WATCH: Meet Avital Sharansky, Dedicated Wife and World-renowned Activist
03/20/2018Israel’s ‘Demographic Time Bomb’?
03/20/2018WATCH: Revolutionary Israeli Wheelchair Empowers Impoverished Children Around the World
03/20/2018‘Let There Be Light’: Jerusalem’s Ancient Tower of David Gets Futuristic Update!
03/20/2018Police arrest 8 Jerusalem Arabs for Ignoring Fatal Stabbing Attack
03/20/2018WATCH: IDF destroys two more Gaza terror tunnels
03/20/2018IDF soldier who killed wounded terrorist to be freed in May
03/19/2018Terror Victim Adiel Kolman, Father of 4, ‘Brought Joy to the World’
03/18/2018WATCH: Hatikva – Join Israel in Celebrating 70 Years of ‘Hope’ and Achievement
03/18/2018IDF Destroys 2 Terror Tunnels, Foils Hamas Efforts at Restoration
03/18/2018Comptroller report gives passing grade to IDF conduct in 2014 Gaza war
03/18/2018WATCH: Israeli spy poses as French painter in enemy territory
03/18/2018IDF identifies Palestinian terror victims Ziv Daos, 21, and Netanel Kahalani, 20
03/18/20182 Israeli soldiers dead; car-ramming terrorist admits he wanted to kill
03/18/2018Pompeo – great news for Israel, bad news for Iran
03/16/2018WATCH: ‘I Am Very Happy with My Choice’ to Move to Israel!
03/16/2018WATCH: Israel Makes Deserts Bloom Around the World
03/16/2018Zionist Leader Slams ‘Lie’ that Jerusalem is Holy to Muslims
03/16/2018Israel to provide free broadcast of FIFA World Cup to Arab neighbors
03/16/2018Diplomatic breakthrough as Israel and Arab states meet at White House
03/16/2018WATCH: Are Israel’s gun laws tougher than America’s?
03/15/2018Israeli Tech Pioneer Battles ‘Fake News’ Epidemic
03/15/2018WATCH: Israeli Team of Researchers Restore 20/20 Vision with Nanotechnology
03/15/2018Good News Israel! New High-Tech Center to Fight Crime; Making Roads Smarter
03/15/2018WATCH: Following the Aliyah Dream
03/15/2018WATCH: Pilot who saved thousands of Yemenite Jews in 1949 meets survivors
03/15/2018Social Media ‘Warriors’ from 6 Continents Band Together to Spread the Truth about Israel
03/15/2018IDF tanks pound Gaza after bomb explodes along border
03/15/2018WATCH: ‘Superman’ Visits Israel!
03/14/2018Fighting yesterday’s Jew-hatred
03/14/2018WATCH: Israeli President tells world’s media executives about BDS
03/14/2018Report: Israel has highest birthrate in Western world
03/14/2018Soldier who killed neutralized terrorist denied release from prison before Passover
03/14/2018Analysts: How Netanyahu’s coalition weathered the storm
03/14/2018WATCH: Former Kenyan president seeks medical care in Israel
03/14/2018Budget approved, ‘significant additions to health, education and welfare’
03/14/2018Justice minister: Dissolving government would be ‘historic mistake’
03/14/2018Hero pilot returns to Israel, 69 years after daring rescue of Yemenite Jews
03/14/2018WATCH: Are Israelis in favor of early elections?
03/14/2018Amid election fever, Netanyahu and Likud party rising in polls
03/14/2018Israeli president hosts 22 outstanding female students, Jewish and Arab
03/14/2018The Chutzpah of Preaching Ethics to Israel
03/14/2018WATCH: Israeli Startup Uses Virtual Reality Technology to Relieve Teen Stress
03/14/2018How Israel Helped after Parkland School Massacre
03/14/2018WATCH: Meet Israel’s Matriarchs of Diplomacy
03/14/2018Israel thwarts 2 terror smuggling attempts into Gaza
03/14/2018WATCH: As UN Rewrites Jerusalem History, the Truth is Revealed Right Here!
03/14/2018Netanyahu brokers coalition deal to avoid early elections
03/14/2018WATCH: In Israel, Even Oranges are High Tech!
03/13/2018In Jerusalem’s Old City, futuristic hi-tech illuminates ancient biblical past
03/13/2018Netanyahu: Israel Fights for Truth about Eternal Ties to Jerusalem
03/13/2018Mossad launches CIA-style ‘technological innovation fund’
03/13/2018Former chief rabbi’s daughter forms new Israeli political party
03/13/2018WATCH: Amb. Friedman visits troops engaged in joint US-Israel exercise
03/13/2018WATCH: Netanyahu reveals ‘major disagreements’ with Obama
03/13/2018Paraguay and Honduras ready ‘in principle’ to move embassies to Jerusalem
03/13/2018Netanyahu resolves political crisis, will continue to lead country
03/12/2018Opposing THIS Israeli Organization Unites the Israeli Public
03/12/2018WATCH: In Israel, Even Oranges are High Tech!
03/12/2018WATCH: Israelis Are Inventing a Computer Mouse for Amputees!
03/12/2018Netanyahu: Israel Fights for Truth about Eternal Ties to Jerusalem
03/12/2018WATCH: Netanyahu ‘Opens Up’ About his History with America
03/12/2018WATCH: As UN Rewrites Jerusalem History, the Truth is Revealed Right Here!
03/12/20182 shooting attacks against IDF within an hour in Ramallah area
03/12/2018WATCH: ‘Jacob’s Sheep’ now thriving in Israel
03/12/2018Jerusalem exhibit at UN shows ancient Jewish ties, despite UN ‘disclaimer’
03/12/2018Polish Chief Rabbi tells WIN: ‘Some Israeli politicians have made the crisis worse’
03/12/2018Netanyahu in emergency talks amid coalition crisis
03/11/2018WATCH: The largest-ever Jerusalem marathon
03/11/2018Israeli Doctors Perform Complicated Delivery, Save Syrian Woman and her Baby
03/11/2018Israel Hosts ‘Empowering’ Weekend for Religious Women in the Arts
03/11/2018WATCH: Jerusalem Exhibit ‘Doesn’t Represent the UN. It Represents the Truth,’ Netanyahu Says
03/11/2018Jewish officials slam Putin for accusing Jews of election meddling
03/09/2018Living Torah: If You Talk the Talk, then Walk the Walk!
03/09/2018Israel Donates Wheelchairs to Needy Children in South Africa
03/09/2018WATCH: Simple Approach to Ending the Arab-Israeli Conflict
03/09/2018Israel Assists Papua New Guinea After Devastating Earthquake
03/09/201835,000 from 72 Countries Race Through Streets of Jerusalem!
03/09/2018WATCH: How Israel Gives Syrian Children the Gift of Hearing
03/09/2018Preparing for War, US and Israel Participate in Joint Missile Defense Training
03/09/2018Israel’s political scene in turmoil as Netanyahu warns of early elections
03/09/2018Knesset bill paving way to cannabis legalization advances
03/09/2018Knesset approves anti-incitement bill blocking return of terrorists’ bodies
03/09/2018Bennett ready for new elections, will ask for defense portfolio
03/09/2018WATCH: Netanyahu thanks Haley for ‘defense of Israel’ at UN
03/09/2018Analysis: Is Hamas losing its grip on the Gaza Strip?
03/09/2018Massive explosion rocks Iran military base
03/09/2018WATCH: IDF and US military train together in Israel
03/08/2018WATCH: Israeli ‘Superheroes’ Bring Joy to Sick Children!
03/08/2018WATCH: Palestinian ‘Refugee’-Turned-Israeli Calls for Social Revolution in Middle East
03/08/2018WATCH: Israel Leads the World in Gender Equality!
03/07/2018IDF Exposes Hamas’ Theft of Electricity from Gaza Civilians
03/07/2018WATCH: Israeli Police Make Dream Come True for Child with Cancer!
03/07/2018Israel Brings Amazing Agricultural Advances to Russian-Speaking Countries
03/07/2018Muslim Diplomat Praises Israel and Muslim World’s Growing Ties with Jewish State
03/07/2018Netanyahu: 2 State Solution ‘Doesn’t Work with What We See’
03/06/2018Political tensions mount as IDF draft law threatens coalition’s stability
03/06/2018Terrorists firebomb Jerusalem hospital
03/06/2018WATCH: Can Israel live with Trump’s ‘deal of the century’?
03/06/2018Haley: ‘Jerusalem was, is, and will always be the capital of Israel’
03/06/2018‘US relationship with Israel best we’ve ever had,’ declares Trump
03/05/2018Israel posthumously honors Czech pastor who saved Jews in the Holocaust
03/05/2018WATCH: NFL Stars Reflect on the Experience of a Lifetime at the Western Wall
03/05/2018WATCH: Guatemalan President Says Recognizing Jerusalem is ‘Right Thing to Do’
03/05/2018WATCH: What Jerusalemites really think about Trump’s ‘peace plan’
03/05/2018Israel and South Korea Grow Closer Through History, Innovation… and Faith!
03/05/2018WATCH: A Heartwarming Reunion Between a Palestinian Hero and the Jews He Rescued!
03/05/2018Have Israeli, US astronomers uncovered proof of mysterious ‘dark matter?’ March 4, 2018
03/05/2018WATCH: IDF forces arrest 40 Palestinians illegally entering Israel
03/04/2018Trump Coin Minted to Honor Jerusalem Recognition
03/04/2018WATCH: Israel’s Wildlife Hospital Saves Thousands of Animals Each Year
03/04/2018Prophecy Is Edible In Israel
03/04/2018WATCH: Israel’s Most Incredible Nature Reserves
03/04/2018Israeli unemployment rate lowest since early ’70s
03/04/2018Netanyahu takes off for crucial meeting with Trump
03/02/2018A Purim Lesson: Be Careful How You Treat the ‘Little Guys’!
03/02/2018WATCH: Amazing Images Show Israelis Celebrating Purim Over 9 Decades
03/02/2018WATCH: Fascinating Footage of Pre-WWII Purim Celebrations in Tel Aviv!
03/02/2018‘Iran is Shiite ISIS,’ Israeli Lawmaker Warns Europeans
03/02/2018WATCH: What Prevents School Shootings from Happening in Israel?
03/02/2018WATCH: US delegation heading to Israel to begin Embassy move
02/28/2018Why is Purim So Different from All Other Holidays?
02/28/2018WATCH: 5-Minute Crash Course on the Joyous Holiday Purim!
02/28/2018Purim and Yom Kippur: Which is More Holy?
02/28/2018WATCH: Israeli Hospitals Make Sure Sick Children Have Fun on Purim!
02/28/2018A Purim Lesson: Love All Your Children Equally and Unconditionally
02/28/2018Happy Purim – Time to Celebrate!
02/28/2018WATCH: A Purim Message – Let’s All Get Along
02/28/2018Former US Senator’s Granddaughter Makes Aliyah to Israel
02/28/2018Netanyahu: In the Middle East, ‘It is the Strong Who Survive’
02/27/2018Jerusalem’s Church of Holy Sepulchre Closes Amid Bitter Argument With Israeli Government
02/27/2018WATCH: ‘It’s Awesome to Come to Israel!’ Declare Visiting US Congressmen
02/27/2018Israeli minister: Israel’s intelligence helped 30 countries thwart terror attacks in 2017
02/27/2018‘I’m a Big Believer in Israel’s Economy,’ Says Billionaire Warren Buffett
02/26/2018“If You Are Silent Now….” – A Timeless Lesson from Esther
02/26/2018WATCH: Eerie Connection Between Purim, Prophecy and Hitler
02/26/2018Purim: The Holiday that Dances to the Beat of its Own Drummer!
02/26/2018WATCH: How Israel Stopped ISIS from Blowing Up an Australian Airliner
02/25/2018‘Attack against Christians’: Jerusalem church closes to protest Israeli tax, land policies
02/25/2018The Importance of Tradition: The 3-Cornered Purim Cookie!
02/25/2018Getting Ready: Why Do We Wear Purim Costumes?
02/25/2018Bring Purim Joy to Israeli Victims of Terror!
02/25/2018WATCH: Israeli Kids’ Hockey Team Trains in Canada
02/25/2018WATCH: How Israel Stopped ISIS from Blowing Up an Australian Airliner
02/25/20182500 American Troops Land in Israel for Massive Air Defense Exercise with IDF
02/23/20182 rock attacks in Jerusalem, IDF troops hit by rocks in Beit El
02/23/2018Netanyahu, Herzl and the Ever So Relevant Story of Purim
02/23/2018WATCH: Amazing Israeli Program Empowers Even the Youngest Cancer Patients!
02/23/2018Israel Getting Global Recognition of Its Awesome Brainpower!
02/23/2018Police detain US congressmen on Temple Mount
02/22/2018Israeli Military and US troops prepare for drill to simulate massive missile attack on Israel
02/22/2018Israelis Establish New 'West Bank' Settlement, Say Trump Will Support Them
02/22/2018Israel Installs Tsunami Warning System on Western Coast
02/22/2018WATCH: Is Israel’s $15 Billion Egyptian Gas Sale the Deal of the Century?
02/22/2018WATCH: Jerusalem – an Ancient City and a Global Hub for Technology
02/22/2018In Jerusalem, Netanyahu Asks NFL ‘Gladiators’ to ‘Fight’ for Israel
02/21/2018Knesset Hosts 49 Parliament Heads at Its Largest Conference Ever
02/21/2018WATCH: Relive the Miraculous Rescue of Ethiopian Jews to Israel!
02/21/2018Tech Giant Intel Casts $5 Billion ‘Vote of Confidence in Israeli Economy’
02/21/2018WATCH: IDF Ready to Deploy Cutting-Edge Missile Defense System
02/21/2018Organs of IDF Soldier Killed in Accident Save 6 Israeli Lives
02/21/2018Israel pounds Hamas target in response to rocket attack
02/21/2018Israel busts Islamic cell that planned to assassinate defense minister
02/21/2018WATCH: Israel Fears Syrian Poison Gas May Leak Into Country
02/20/2018Sanhedrin Mints Coin With Images of Trump and Cyrus To Promote Rebuilding Temple
02/20/2018Israelis Build First Dairy Farm in Papua New Guinea
02/20/2018WATCH: Israeli Poet Exposes UN Hypocrisy in 3 Minutes Flat!
02/20/2018Israeli Martial Arts Teachers Provide Therapy to Children Fighting Cancer
02/20/2018WATCH: The Unbreakable Bond Between Israel and the US!
02/20/2018Israel conducts successful test of Arrow 3 anti-ballistic system
02/20/2018Israeli Scientists Conclude 1st ‘Mission to Mars’ in Negev Desert
02/19/2018‘When the Month of Adar Enters, We Increase our Joy’ – Adar Has Arrived!
02/19/2018Israel Announces Deal to Sell $15 Billion Worth of Natural Gas to Egypt
02/18/2018Israel to Apply Anti-BDS Law to Amnesty International
02/18/2018WATCH: NFL Player’s Eyes Opened by Experience in Israel!
02/18/2018Paul McCartney, ‘One of the Greatest Songwriters of All Time,’ Wins Prestigious Israeli Award
02/18/2018Netanyahu: ‘We Will Act if Necessary…Against Iran Itself’
02/18/2018Netanyahu Waves Piece of Captured Iranian Drone: ‘Mr. Zarif, Do You Recognize This?’
02/18/2018General from Cyprus visits Israel to strategize with IDF
02/18/2018WATCH: Popular Israeli performer introduces Jewish Yemenite music
02/18/2018Israeli court rules desertion from Eritrean army grounds for refugee status
02/18/2018Analysis: Police recommendations against Netanyahu – a coup d’état?
02/16/2018WATCH: Israeli Invention Tells Pet Owner when Dog’s in ‘Bad Mood’
02/16/2018WATCH: Netanyahu will meet Trump in Washington next month
02/16/2018Analysis: Israeli Public Supports Netanyahu, Defying the Odds
02/15/2018WATCH: Beautiful Views of the Holy Land from Space!
02/15/2018Sanhedrin and Temple Movement Issue Silver Half Shekel With Images of Trump and Cyrus
02/15/20182 IDF soldiers killed in road accident
02/15/2018Israel arrests Palestinian women with IDF uniforms and gun
02/15/2018Israeli President Rivlin supports annexation of Judea and Samaria, giving Arabs full rights
02/15/2018Netanyahu’s allies rally to his defense, opposition calls for resignation
02/14/2018Israeli doctors remove battery from infant’s stomach
02/14/2018‘Foolish and Devastating’: Israeli Leaders Condemn Gaza Disengagement
02/14/2018WATCH: Israeli police battle terrorism at sea
02/14/2018WATCH: Guatemala’s Amazing, Deep Friendship with Israel
02/14/2018WATCH: ‘We Have an Octopus Sitting in Tehran,’ Warns Bennett
02/14/2018US seeks to increase aid to Israel by $200 million in 2019
02/14/2018WATCH: Looking for a Job in Ramallah?
02/14/2018Turkish professor, Israeli Arab arrested for aiding Hamas
02/14/2018WATCH: Israel fields its largest Winter Olympics team ever for Pyeongchang 2018
02/14/2018Defiant Netanyahu claims innocence, predicts 2019 re-election
02/14/2018Israeli Police recommend indictment of Netanyahu
02/14/2018Israel will ‘teach Iran a lesson it will not forget,’ warns Intelligence Minister
02/13/2018WATCH: Britain Honors Officer Who Saved 10,000 Jews in the Holocaust
02/13/2018Arab Lawmaker Removed from Knesset Committee After Calling IDF ‘Murderers’
02/13/2018Israel Conveys ‘Sincere Condolences’ to Families of 71 Russian Plane Crash Victims
02/13/2018WATCH: A Handy Guide to Preventing ‘Israeli Brutality’!
02/13/2018IDF soldiers attacked after mistakenly entering Palestinian city
02/13/2018WATCH: Looking for a Job in Ramallah?
02/13/2018Israel delivered ‘major blow’ to Syria’s air defense, caused significant damage
02/12/2018WATCH: Israeli diamond industry draws dealers to Tel Aviv
02/12/2018Solution to the Gaza Crisis: Let Their People Go!
02/12/2018WATCH: Israeli Miracle Drug Targets MS, Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s, Colitis
02/12/2018WATCH: IDF Officer Describes Israel’s Response to Iranian Drone
02/12/2018After Decisive Response to Iran, IDF Ready to Strike Again
02/11/2018U.S.: Israel Has Full Support in Defending Itself Following Iran Drone Incursion
02/09/2018WATCH: Why Frank Sinatra was a Passionate Zionist
02/09/2018Israeli Employment Figures Break Records
02/09/2018WATCH: Amazing Street Juggler Puts Israelis in Good Mood!
02/09/2018Israeli Trauma Experts Teach Resilience in Houston
02/09/2018WATCH: Israel Honors Diplomats Who Saved Jews from Holocaust
02/09/2018Trump: Jerusalem recognition ‘high point’ of first year in office
02/09/2018No Peace with Palestinians Any Time Soon, Israel Tells Foreign Diplomats
02/08/2018WATCH: Come Explore Beautiful Haifa!
02/08/2018Israeli Tourism Booms with Hotel Occupancy Highest in a Decade
02/08/2018WATCH: IDF Simulates Stadium Attack in Frighteningly Realistic Drill
02/08/2018Legal Experts in Jerusalem Develop Strategy to Fight BDS
02/07/2018WATCH: The Sport of Rowing is Making Waves in Israel!
02/07/2018Israeli Military Technology—At Work for You!
02/07/2018WATCH: Israeli ‘Kibbutz’ Communities are Going Green!
02/07/2018Israeli Astronauts to Simulate Planet Mars’ Environment
02/07/2018WATCH: Israeli Woman Excels in Male-Dominated Extreme Sport
02/07/2018No Peace with Palestinians Any Time Soon, Israel Tells Foreign Diplomats
02/07/2018WATCH: ‘Lost Tribe’ Returns to Pray in Jerusalem
02/06/2018Knesset Delegation Lauds Croatian Jewish-Muslim Coexistence
02/06/2018WATCH: Israeli tech fights disease in impoverished countries
02/06/2018WATCH: Israeli Innovation Makes the World a Healthier Place!
02/06/2018Israeli Innovation Bears Fruit! (to those who want it)
02/06/2018Terror Victim Laid to Rest, ‘Murdered Because He was a Jew’
02/06/2018WATCH: ‘To Those who Sanctify Death We Sanctify Life,’ Declares Netanyahu
02/05/2018Film debunks U.N. denial of Israel's Jewish roots
02/05/2018Illegal African Migrants Receive Deportation Notices To Leave Israel Within 60 Days
02/05/2018WATCH: Israel Takes Leadership Role in World Cancer Day
02/05/2018WATCH: The Two-State Solution’s Immorality Exposed!
02/05/2018Israeli Star Shiri Maimon is Headed for Broadway
02/05/2018Israeli Cabinet approves legalization of terror victim’s community
02/05/2018WATCH: Israeli tech paves the way to a password-free future
02/05/2018Who are Israelis Rooting for in the Super Bowl?
02/04/201811-Year-Old Israeli Girl Sews and Sells Bags for Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief
02/04/2018Shin Bet Chief: Israel Thwarts Hacking Attacks From All Over World
02/04/2018WATCH: Israeli and Palestinian Dance Together on Roof of Car!
02/04/2018IDF Unveils New Initiatives to Benefit Palestinian Civilians
02/04/2018Israeli Educators Vow to Teach the Truth about Poland and the Holocaust
02/04/2018Diverse group of Israeli lawmakers unite for backgammon tournament
02/04/2018WATCH: ‘Startup nation Israel goes from strength to strength’
02/04/2018Jazz musician, Nazi camp survivor, Coco Schumann dies at 93
02/04/201817 graves to be exhumed in Yemenite missing children case
02/04/2018Palestinians carrying knives, grenade arrested after crossing Gaza border
02/04/2018Israel and US closely watch Turkish incursion into Syria
02/04/2018WATCH: Israel’s billion dollar plan to save Gaza from collapse
02/04/2018NY Times: Israel pounds ISIS in Egypt through ‘secret alliance’ with Cairo
02/02/2018Israeli lawmakers blast Poland’s ‘Holocaust denial’ law
02/02/2018WATCH: How Israel’s Border Authority Protects Citizens
02/02/2018Israelis are Generating Water in India and Saving Crops in Africa!
02/02/2018IDF strikes back following rocket attack from Gaza
02/02/2018Haim Gouri, legendary Israeli fighter and poet, dies at 94
02/02/2018Israel, US brace for growing Iranian threat in Lebanon and Syria
02/02/2018Rivlin concludes Greece visit with praise for strong ties, security cooperation
02/02/2018WATCH: How Israeli technology fights ‘customer hijackings’ on e-commerce sites
02/02/2018Minister Bennett: New system combats online anti-Semitism in real-time
02/02/2018WATCH: Israeli and Palestinian medics display true co-existence
02/02/2018First Temple-era structure, rare silver coin found in Jerusalem dig
02/02/2018After heavy rain, Israel’s Chief Rabbi lifts call for public prayer
02/02/2018WATCH: How the Mossad turned a former Nazi into Israel’s secret weapon
02/02/2018Israeli Ambassador to UN slams Poland’s Holocaust law
02/01/2018Israeli Economy is Thriving, More Money for Social Causes!
02/01/2018WATCH: Female IDF Search-and-Rescue Canine Unit in Action!
01/31/2018Rabbis Claim Convergence of Lunar Eclipse With Tu B’Shvat Signals “End of Ishmael’s Reign”
01/31/2018Tu B’Shvat in a Nutshell (Israel’s New Year for Trees!)
01/31/2018Israeli Activists Sue Instigators of Lorde’s Jewish State Boycott
01/31/2018WATCH: The ‘Innovation Nation’ Transforms the World with Technology!
01/31/2018Israeli lawmaker: time to ‘shatter blatant lies’ about African migrants
01/31/2018FLASHBACK: How a Blood Moon Heralded Sukkot Festival
01/31/2018Ultra-Rare Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse and Jewish Destiny
01/31/2018US envoy demands that ‘despicable’ Hamas release all captive Israelis
01/31/2018WATCH: Orthodox Jewish Israeli disguised as sheikh infiltrates ‘jihad’
01/31/2018Netanyahu’s demands to stop Iran likely to be ignored by Putin
01/30/2018The Jewish New Year for Trees Shows Our Love for Nature
01/30/2018‘Tu B’Shvat’ – A Joyful Day in Israel to Celebrate Trees!
01/30/2018WATCH: Israel honors righteous diplomats
01/30/2018Israeli President Rivlin begins state visit in Greece
01/30/2018Terrorists released in Shalit deal leading attacks against Israel
01/30/2018WATCH: Netanyahu and Putin visit Jewish Museum in Moscow
01/30/2018Bennett: Israeli schools to teach about Polish complicity in Holocaust
01/29/2018Ex-IDF Soldier Speaks in London as Protesters Call for Israel’s Destruction
01/29/2018WATCH: An Israeli Startup is Changing the Way We Pay!
01/29/2018WATCH: Precious Lessons From Holocaust Survivors
01/29/2018Israel Ranked 8th Most Powerful Nation
01/29/2018Palestinians in military garb try entering Jewish community in Samaria
01/28/2018WATCH: A Most Moving Rendition of Israel’s National Anthem!
01/28/2018Netanyahu slams Polish Holocaust bill, says ‘one cannot change history’
01/28/2018US urges Lebanon to cut off Hezbollah from financial system
01/28/2018Anti-Semitism on the rise in Europe, Israeli report warns
01/28/2018Changing the Israel conversation among Democrats
01/28/2018WATCH: Knesset advances bill to limit noise from Muslim calls to prayer
01/28/2018WATCH: Israel introduces anti-Semitism cyber monitoring system
01/27/2018Harassment of Messianic Jews’ Center in Israel Begins Anew
01/26/2018Jerusalem court sentences rock-throwers who killed Israeli driver
01/25/2018Israeli Cancer Researchers Discover Enzyme in Malignant Cells
01/25/2018WATCH: Israel is Revolutionizing Water Technology!
01/25/2018Israeli Lawmaker Slams Europeans’ ‘One-Sided’ Anti-US Resolution
01/25/2018WATCH: Israel’s Special Needs Programs Serve as Inspiration to Other Nations
01/25/2018Israel Ranked as One of the World’s Most Innovative Countries
01/25/2018‘Speed-dating’ with Presidents and Premiers, Netanyahu Pushes for Changes in Iran Deal
01/25/2018WATCH: Celebrities Show their Love for the Real Israel!
01/25/2018WATCH: Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders say ‘never again’ at Holocaust memorial
01/25/2018Pew poll: Republicans overwhelmingly back Israel, Democrats evenly divided
01/25/2018Pence’s Biblical Knesset Address Affirms America’s Christian Connection to Israel
01/24/2018Jerusalem Mayor Thanks Pence for ‘Unprecedented Support’
01/24/2018Police recommend indictment of Israeli Arab lawmakers for corruption
01/24/2018Border guards shoot 2 Palestinians, foil stabbing attack in Samaria
01/24/2018US and Israel pushing Europe to help fix Iran nuclear deal
01/24/2018Israeli Defense Minister bans songwriter who compared Palestinian soldier-slapper to Anne Frank
01/24/2018Pence displayed ‘intense passion for Israel and the Jewish people’
01/24/2018WATCH: Pence and Netanyahu Visit Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum
01/23/2018Hamas Preventing Gaza Rehabilitation, Causing Humanitarian Crisis, Israeli President Warns
01/23/2018WATCH: The Difference Between the PA and Israel
01/23/2018WATCH: Jerusalem combines ‘everything great about Israel’
01/23/2018Opinion: What did you hear when Mike Pence spoke to the Knesset?
01/23/2018WATCH: Pence ‘Inspired’ by Western Wall, Places Note in Ancient Stones
01/23/2018Recognizing Jerusalem will Move Peace Forward, Pence Tells Israeli President
01/23/2018U.S. Vice President Mike Pence's speech at the Knesset
01/23/2018Pence to Jordanian king: US committed to Israeli-Palestinian peace
01/23/2018Pence at Knesset: US embassy will move to Jerusalem by end of 2019
01/23/2018WATCH: An Israeli journalist’s fascinating experience on tour in Syria
01/23/2018Coalition ‘crisis’ in Netanyahu government is ‘just electioneering,’ says political analyst
01/23/2018Pence in Jerusalem: Proud to be in Israel’s capital
01/23/2018Arabs plan protests, general strike for 2nd day of Pence visit
01/23/2018WATCH: Pence thrills Knesset with fiery, biblical, pro-Israel speech
01/23/2018Pence: ‘The best days for the US and our most cherished ally, Israel, are yet to come’
01/22/2018DISGRACE: Arab Lawmakers Disrupt Pence Speech at Knesset
01/22/2018Pence to Knesset: U.S. Embassy Will Move to Jerusalem by End of 2019 2694
01/22/2018Gaza Family Kills Own Son After Hamas Says he Aided Israel
01/22/2018Sweden Considers ‘Third Gender’ Option for Government Documents
01/22/2018Paris ‘March for Life’ Draws 40,000 in Protest Against Legal Abortion
01/22/2018LIVE: Vice President Mike Pence speech at the Knesset
01/21/2018WATCH: This Israeli self-defense technique could save your life!
01/21/2018700,000 Sign UWI’s ‘Jerusalem Declaration’ Supporting Eternal, Undivided Israeli Capital
01/19/2018Living Torah: No Matter What the Situation, There is Always Hope
01/19/2018Israel’s Wine Industry Grows Better With Age
01/19/2018WATCH: Confusion at scene of gun battle between Israel Police and terrorists
01/19/2018Report: Israel only ‘free country’ in Mideast, Turkey no longer ‘free’
01/19/2018Soldier injured in attempted car-ramming in Jordan Valley
01/19/2018Defense minister: IDF will destroy all Hamas terror tunnels by end of 2018
01/19/2018WATCH: Israeli ‘Lone soldiers’ get a major surprise!
01/18/2018WATCH: Exciting New Method Uses Art to Teach Hebrew
01/18/2018Netanyahu Unveils Memorial for Israeli Mumbai Terror Victims
01/18/2018WATCH: 10 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About the Israel-India Relationship
01/18/2018Israel Appoints First Female Aviation Squadron Commander
01/18/2018In gun battle, Israeli police kill terrorist who murdered rabbi, father of six
01/18/2018Netanyahu: $500 Million Missile deal with India back on track
01/17/2018For Your Ears Only: Israelis Create Virtual Headphones
01/17/2018WATCH: Getting Ready for Israel’s 70th Anniversary!
01/17/2018WATCH: Why Non-Jews Should Be Proud Zionists
01/17/2018#WeRemember Holocaust Memorial Campaign Spreads to 45 Countries
01/17/2018WATCH: How Israel and India Innovate Together for a Better Future
01/17/2018Israeli Envoy Welcomes US Funding Cut for Palestinian ‘Refugees’
01/17/2018New Bridge of Peace? Trains to link Jordan to Israeli ports
01/17/2018Amid controversy, Knesset approves salary hike for ministers
01/17/2018IDF medic to advise UN emergency response course in Uganda
01/17/2018WATCH: Netanyahu blasts Abbas’ anti-Semitic speech
01/17/2018Israeli women demand better security in Judea and Samaria
01/17/2018Lebanon bans Spielberg’s new movie over director’s link to Israel
01/17/2018North Korea scoffs at Trump’s ‘nuclear button’ tweet
01/17/2018WATCH: Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu greeted like royalty in Agra, India
01/16/2018WATCH: Mumbai Orphan Survivor Returns to Site of Attack
01/16/2018Israel Reunites Palestinian Girl with Mother After Father Abandons Her
01/16/2018Israel Surges Ahead, Arab World Stuck in the Past
01/16/2018WATCH: ‘We Have Met Much Love,’ Netanyahu Says at Taj Mahal
01/16/2018United with Israel Reaches 5 Million Supporters with Former Spanish Leader Aznar!
01/15/2018Netanyahu deepens ties with India, looks to the future
01/15/2018Polls portray rise for Lapid and decline for Netanyahu
01/15/2018Israel announces ban on medical aid to Hamas family members
01/15/2018Israel stops biggest Gaza terrorist smuggling attempt ever
01/15/2018IDF officer: Israel has developed ‘underground Iron Dome’
01/15/2018‘You are a Revolutionary Leader,’ Netanyahu Tells Indian PM Modi
01/15/2018Israel slams Abbas for anti-Semitic, Holocaust-denying speech
01/15/2018WATCH: ‘In 2000 Years, Jews in India Never Experienced Anti-Semitism,’ Netanyahu Tells Modi
01/15/2018Opinion: Banning BDS Groups from Entering Israel is Necessary and Just
01/15/2018WATCH: Martin Luther King’s Dream for Peace in Israel
01/15/2018Israel Cracks Down on Arabs Planning ISIS-inspired Attacks
01/15/2018Israeli singer, scheduled to perform at UN, denied entry visa to US
01/15/2018WATCH: Will Israel’s BDS blacklist be effective?
01/15/2018IDF destroys terror tunnel penetrating Egypt and Israeli border crossing
01/15/2018WATCH: Israeli soldiers in disguise ​nab​ ​Arab rioters
01/15/2018Netanyahu arrives in India, receives ‘surprise welcome’ by Indian leader Modi
01/14/2018Netanyahu Says Israel Bombs Terror Tunnels, not ‘Sand Dunes’
01/14/2018WATCH: Feel the Warmth Between India and Israel!
01/14/2018Chris Rock Defies BDS, Performs in Israel; Jerry Seinfeld Blasted for Visiting Israeli Counter-Terror Facility
01/14/2018Netanyahu gets ‘surprise welcome’ to India by PM Modi, calls ties ‘a great blessing’
01/14/2018WATCH: IDF Discovers, Destroys 3rd Hamas Terror Tunnel in 2 Months
01/12/2018Living Torah: How Deeply Can a Grandparent Influence a Child?
01/12/2018Israel to allocate NIS 150 million to bolster northern homefront security
01/12/2018Autistic Recruits Usher in Age of Inclusivity for IDF
01/12/2018How Did Golda Meir Define the ‘Palestinians’?
01/12/2018WATCH: After week of violence, Jerusalem returns to calm
01/12/2018At request of terror victim’s widow, defense ministry to connect Samarian town to electric grid
01/12/2018Police thwart attempts by terror group to hold gathering in Jerusalem
01/12/2018Netanyahu accuses Abbas of ‘running away’ from peace process
01/11/2018Terror victim, father of 6, laid to rest
01/11/2018‘K’ is for Knowledge: New Israeli Medical App Gives Users Vital Information
01/11/2018WATCH: Druze Israeli Loves to Sing ‘HaTikvah,’ the National Anthem of the Jewish State
01/11/2018Dutch Foreign Minister in Israel: ‘We Are Opposed to BDS’
01/11/2018Israeli Boxing Champion Wins International Gold Medal
01/11/2018Major Jewish Orgs Back Israel’s BDS Entry Ban
01/11/2018WATCH: IDF Continues Search for Terrorists Who Murdered Father of 6
01/11/2018Join the World’s Largest Holocaust Remembrance Event
01/11/2018Israeli police save Czech tourists from Palestinian mob
01/11/2018WATCH: US Jerusalem declaration a ‘huge deal,’ says Netanyahu
01/11/2018International Criminal Court may investigate Israeli officials
01/11/2018WATCH: Hundreds attend funeral of rabbi killed in terror attack
01/11/2018IDF launches manhunt for terror cell that murdered father of 6
01/11/2018Mossad chief: ‘Israel has eyes and ears’ in Iran
01/10/2018Russia says it now recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital
01/10/2018Bedouin Women Become Emergency Responders in Israel’s Galilee
01/10/2018Israeli Specialists in Zambia Battle Deadly Cholera Outbreak
01/10/2018WATCH: What’s Your Favorite Hebrew Word?
01/10/2018Victims Urge Deduction of Terrorists’ Salaries from Palestinian Tax Funds
01/10/2018Netanyahu: Israel Has Foiled Dozens of Major Terror Attacks in Europe
01/10/2018Rabbi, Father of 6, Murdered in Samaria Shooting Attack
01/10/2018Netanyahu proposes construction of artificial islands to address overcrowding
01/10/2018Knesset passes law shuttering mini-markets on Shabbat
01/10/2018WATCH: Israeli victims of terror debate death penalty
01/10/2018Israel switches from defense to offense against BDS, ‘finally gets it’
01/09/2018North Korean Athletes to Compete in Winter Olympics
01/09/2018Netanyahu hints Israel has stopped hijacked planes crashing into European cities
01/09/2018Bravery: Multiple Terror Attacks Didn’t Stop IDF Officer’s Rise
01/09/2018WATCH: Tribute to Terror Victims Shows Israelis Will Not Succumb to Violence
01/09/2018Israeli Exports Exceed $100 Billion in 2017
01/09/2018Israel Celebrates Over 3,000 years of the Hebrew Language
01/09/2018WATCH: Israel’s war on BDS has ‘moved into higher gear’
01/09/2018New York Times Accuses Israel of ‘Annexation and Apartheid’ Over Political Moves
01/09/2018WATCH: NBC’s ‘Today Show’ Showcases Evidence of Biblical Truths in Ancient Jerusalem
01/08/2018WATCH: Israel Fails Miserably at Being an Apartheid State
01/08/2018Israel reveals blacklist of BDS groups not welcome in Jewish State
01/08/2018WATCH: Two children, elderly man rescued during Israel’s worst storm of season
01/08/2018Israeli Arabs jailed for torching concert venue ‘offensive to Islam’
01/08/2018At Knesset, ADL warns of spike in US anti-Semitism
01/08/2018Israeli chief rabbi objects to death penalty for terrorists
01/08/2018IDF: More terror victims in 2017, but number of attacks decreasing
01/08/2018In Israel, mixed reviews for US plan to cut UN funding for Palestinian ‘refugees’
01/08/2018Israeli experts doubt truth of shocking Trump peace plan revelations in book
01/08/2018Trump: 'We'll See' About Kim Jong Un's 'Nuclear Button' Claim
01/08/2018 Trump's First Year in Office Is Best Year for Manufacturing in 13 Years
01/08/2018WATCH: Israel Fails Miserably at Being an Apartheid State
01/07/2018WATCH! Chubby Israeli Hedgehog Put on a Diet!
01/07/2018Israeli Doctors Separate Infant’s Fused Jaws
01/07/2018WATCH: It’s Impossible to Boycott Israel!
01/07/2018Israeli Druze Firefighter Risks His Life to Save Torah Scrolls
01/07/2018Netanyahu: To Solve Palestinian Problem, Shut Down UN Agency Perpetuating ‘Refugees’
01/06/2018Israel nabs Iranian-run terror cell in Hebron
01/06/2018WATCH: Will Israel ban cryptocurrency trading?
01/06/2018IDF reveals secretive data intelligence unit
01/06/2018Did Netanyahu privately ask Trump not to cut aid to Palestinians?
01/06/2018WATCH: Hasidic Jew dances with Palestinian Arab during traffic jam
01/05/2018Israeli literary giant Aharon Appelfeld dies at 85
01/05/2018Living Torah: How Do We Know God Wants Us to Return to Him?
01/05/2018WATCH: Israelis Fight Famine, Drought in Africa
01/05/2018Israeli Pride: Technion to Launch First Autonomous Nanosatellite Into Space in 2018
01/05/2018Israeli lawmakers’ plan to deport illegal infiltrators moves forward
01/05/2018WATCH: Palestinians used computer store as headquarters for Iranian terror cell
01/05/2018ACT NOW! Israel Stands with the Iranian People, So Should You!
01/05/2018Major Jewish Groups Back Trump on Cutting Palestinian Aid, Voices on Left Disagree
01/05/2018Israel bombs ‘significant’ terror target in response to rocket fire
01/05/2018Netanyahu coalition ‘like a juggler with 65 plates in the air’
01/05/2018WATCH: A closeup look at the new ‘United Jerusalem’ law
01/05/2018Israeli lawmakers give initial nod to death penalty for terrorists bill
01/05/2018Exclusive: How an Israeli risked his life in Syria and got a government minister fired
01/04/201810,000 People from 80 Countries to Attend Israel’s Largest Investor Summit
01/04/2018WATCH: Israel considers switch to digital shekel
01/04/2018Terrorist who stabbed guard incited by Palestinian school
01/04/2018WATCH: Israelis’ record-breaking Lego tower honors 8-year-old’s memory
01/04/2018WATCH: Is it Really ‘Freezing’ in Jerusalem?
01/04/2018ACT NOW! Israel Stands with the Iranian People, So Should You!
01/04/2018WATCH: Latest Israeli water technologies could solve scarcity crises
01/04/2018WATCH: ‘Not the first time’ Iranian-sponsored terrorists foiled in Israel, says Netanyahu
01/04/2018Sparks fly over Israel’s death penalty bill for terrorists
01/04/2018WATCH: The Spirit and Beauty of Israel Captured with an iPhone
01/03/2018Israel: Government orders thousands of African migrants to leave country or face imprisonment
01/03/2018WATCH: The Real Reason Hebron is Divided: Palestinian Terror
01/03/2018Israel busts Hamas terror cell in Judea and Samaria
01/03/2018Israeli tourism shatters record in 2017
01/03/2018Israel nabs ex-Palestinian officer for anti-Semitic incitement
01/03/2018Knesset approves bill that prevents division of Jerusalem
01/03/2018Israel attacks Hamas target in response to rocket fire
01/03/2018WATCH: Israelis hope for peace in 2018
01/03/2018Israel sends ‘moral support’ to Iranians ‘seeking freedom and justice’
01/02/2018WATCH: Israel Mourns Egypt’s Christian Terror Victims
01/02/201813 of the biggest health breakthroughs in Israel in 2017
01/02/2018WATCH: An African-Israeli Soldier’s Passion for Dance and Protecting the Jewish People
01/02/2018Israel Ranked 11th Happiest Country in the World
01/02/2018Israeli-Arab Rhodes Scholar Proves Jewish State Gives Equal Opportunity to All
01/02/2018In Jerusalem Attack, Arabs force Ultra-Orthodox Jews to ‘Convert to Islam’
01/02/2018Making immunotherapy more effective
01/02/2018Israeli Scientist Develops Cancer Immunotherapy 30 Times More Effective than Current Treatments
01/01/2018Goal of party vote to annex ‘settlements’ is to strengthen Netanyahu
01/01/2018Netanyahu: Israel will hurt those who try to harm us
01/01/2018WATCH: New York’s Times Square Celebrates Israel!
01/01/2018Netanyahu’s Likud party votes unanimously for sovereignty in Judea and Samaria
01/01/2018WATCH: Rabbinical student explains Judaism to Muslims
01/01/2018Guitar Legend Steve Vai to Create ‘Gravity Storm’ in Israel
01/01/2018WATCH: Israeli scholar tells Al Jazeera, ‘We are nobody’s dhimmis!’
01/01/2018Israeli Scientist Develops Cancer Immunotherapy 30 Times More Effective than Current Treatments
01/01/2018Despite his busy schedule, Netanyahu was finally persuaded by some Russian friends to leave his work behind and take time out for a drink for the New Year. Novy God!
01/01/2018Rare First Temple-Era Discovery Brings Biblical Narrative Alive!
01/01/2018WATCH: The 10 Most Insane UN Anti-Israel Actions of 2017
12/31/2017Israel bombs Hamas targets in response to rocket attack, blames Iran
12/31/2017WATCH: All the Good Israel Gave the World in 2017
12/31/2017WATCH: Israel Stands with the Iranian People Against its Cruel Regime
12/31/2017Netanyahu is One of Top 10 Most Admired Figures in US
12/31/2017Road used in Halamish terror attack reopened to PA vehicles
12/31/2017Knesset opposition challenges law barring police from recommending ‘high profile’ indictments
12/31/2017WATCH: Christians persecuted throughout Middle East, protected in Israel
12/30/2017WATCH: ‘Birthright’ participants fall in love with Israel
12/30/2017WATCH: ISIS regrouping near Israeli border
12/30/2017Five key moments in US-Israel relations in 2017
12/30/2017WATCH: There’s No Zionism Without Zion! (Jerusalem)
12/30/2017Netanyahu to pilots: We will use all means to defend our sovereignty
12/30/2017Israel thanks NBA for removing ‘Palestine – occupied territory’ from website
12/30/2017Iron Dome intercepts Gaza missiles; IDF strikes back
12/29/2017Thousands pray at Western Wall for rain to break drought
12/29/2017WATCH: Gaza Missile Targets Ceremony for Fallen IDF Soldier, Crowd Runs for Safety
12/29/2017IDF shuts down illegal Palestinian weapons factory in Jenin
12/29/2017WATCH: Israel’s ‘top 5’ winter activities
12/29/2017200% increase in tourism to Samaria
12/29/2017Knesset passes bill barring police involvement in indictments
12/29/2017Farmers, rabbis pray for rain amidst drought
12/29/2017WATCH: Trump’s Jerusalem announcement gets support of Israeli left
12/29/2017WATCH: Netanyahu thanks Americans for their admiration
12/28/2017WATCH: Israelis Are Bringing to Life Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak
12/28/2017Massive Cut in Taxes to Lower Cost of Living for Israelis
12/28/2017WATCH: Israelis Fight Famine, Drought in Africa
12/28/2017Israeli Arabs Have Highest Life Expectancy in Arab-Muslim World
12/28/2017WATCH: Netanyahu visits, encourages IDF troops in the north
12/28/2017Netanyahu, Japanese foreign minister tout strengthening ties
12/28/2017Israel pledges $11 million for future of Judea and Samaria
12/28/2017WATCH: Newest female Israeli Air Force pilot gets surprise visit
12/28/2017Analysis: Which countries will be next to move their embassies to Jerusalem?
12/28/2017Jerusalem’s Western Wall train station will be named after Trump
12/27/2017WATCH: Does Saudi Arabia Fear Israeli Chess Masters?
12/27/2017ACT NOW! Thank Guatemala and President Morales for Moving Embassy to Jerusalem
12/27/2017US envoy: Stop calling Judea and Samaria ‘occupied’
12/27/2017WATCH: Do tourists feel safe in Jerusalem?
12/27/2017Leading contender for PM says dividing Jerusalem is a non-starter
12/27/2017WATCH: Masked Arabs stone Jews hiking in Samaria
12/27/2017Israel ‘not at all likely’ to reverse decision on leaving UNESCO
12/27/2017Israel arrests 7 Palestinians involved in lynch attempt on Israeli children
12/26/2017WATCH: ‘Come to Israel, Thrive in Israel,’ Netanyahu Tells Young Jews
12/26/2017WATCH: ‘God bless you,’ Netanyahu tells Guatemalan leader
12/25/2017WATCH: Netanyahu sends greetings to Christian friends of Israel
12/25/2017Jewish leaders Praise Trump Recognition that Israel Not Root of Mideast Turmoil
12/25/2017Guatemala is First to Follow Trump on Embassy Move to Jerusalem
12/25/2017Israel officially leaves UNESCO
12/25/2017WATCH: Meet the activists trying to save the Dead Sea
12/25/2017Terror victim’s parents advocate death penalty for murderers
12/25/2017Analysis: The international embassy race to Jerusalem
12/25/2017Anti-Netanyahu protester’s guillotine condemned by left and right
12/25/2017WATCH: In Jerusalem, ‘anywhere you put a shovel in the ground, you find Jewish roots’
12/25/2017Israeli analysts say results of UN Jerusalem vote are an improvement
12/25/2017Analysis: Nikki Haley, the Trump administration’s ‘breakout star’, shines for Israel
12/24/2017WATCH: Media Blackout of Viral Video After Teens Fail to Provoke IDF
12/24/2017Israel Officially Leaving UNESCO over ‘Attacks’ on Jewish State
12/24/2017Israel expects 100,000 or more Christians to visit during holidays
12/24/2017Palestinian teens arrested for assaulting IDF troops, hoping for response on film
12/24/2017Trump ‘moved’ by ‘great honor’ of having Israeli park named after him
12/24/2017Netanyahu: UN is ‘house of lies’
12/24/2017WATCH: ‘It’s about time US recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital’, says Netanyahu
12/22/2017Amid corruption allegations, Israeli politician resigns from leadership post
12/22/2017Hamas cell planned kidnap of Israeli lawmaker, senior IDF officer
12/22/2017Israel blasts ‘Palestinian puppet masters’ behind UN vote, says ‘no resolution will drive us from Jerusalem’
12/22/2017Netanyahu Blasts UN as a ‘House of Lies’
12/21/2017208 New Jewish Immigrants from Ukraine Celebrate First Chanukah in Israel
12/21/2017Prestigious Travel Magazine Includes Israel on List of Top Places to Visit in 2018
12/21/2017Despite Boycotts, Israel Launches Agricultural Program in India
12/21/2017WATCH: Life in Israel Under Palestinian Rocket Fire
12/21/2017Netanyahu Blasts UN as a ‘House of Lies’
12/20/2017Israeli soldier slapped in face, kicked by Palestinian teen girl. His restraint has people talking.
12/20/2017Trump thanks Israeli mayor for naming park after him following Jerusalem move
12/20/2017IDF arrests Palestinian woman for assaulting troops
12/20/2017Pence visit to region delayed till mid-January
12/20/2017Israeli Minister: Erdogan’s threat to open embassy in eastern Jerusalem ‘pathetic’
12/20/2017WATCH: Archaeological findings corroborate story of Chanukah
12/20/2017Netanyahu says ‘so what’ if police recommend indicting him
12/20/2017WATCH: Bennett calls Palestine a ‘fake state’
12/19/2017The Festival of Chanukah – It’s Not a ‘Jewish Christmas’!
12/19/2017Archaeological Evidence for Story of Chanukah
12/19/2017Majority of College Students Oppose Israel Boycotts, New Poll Finds
12/19/2017WATCH: A Chanukah Menorah Takes Selfies to the Next Level!
12/19/2017WATCH: ‘On Chanukah, You Spoke Like a Maccabee,’ Netanyahu Tells Haley
12/18/2017US expects Western Wall to be part of Israel in any peace deal
12/18/2017Living Torah: Why is the Story of Joseph Read on Chanukah?
12/18/2017A Kuwaiti Muslim’s Journey to Chanukah
12/18/2017Israel Improves Philippines’ First Responder Skills
12/18/2017WATCH: Israeli Food – Delicious AND Healthy!
12/18/2017Knesset Speaker: ‘Historical Record’ Shows Jerusalem is Israel’s Capital
12/17/2017High Court rules Israel cannot hold terrorists’ bodies as bargaining chips
12/17/2017Israel expects drought as Sea of Galilee nears historically low level
12/17/2017US says Western Wall to remain part of Israel; Palestinians enraged
12/16/2017Watch [GRAPHIC]: Israeli police shot, wounded Palestinian wearing suicide belt
12/15/2017Sderot population back in the firing line
12/15/2017Israel attacks Hamas targets for 3rd night in a row in response to rocket fire
12/15/2017WATCH: Which Chanukah donuts do Israelis love the most?
12/14/2017Modern Chanukah Miracle: First Pure Olive Oil in 2000 Years
12/14/2017WATCH: The Jewish Secret of Revenge – A Chanukah Lesson
12/14/2017The Menorah: Seven Branches or Nine?
12/14/2017WATCH: Fabulous Smash-Hit Chanukah Video by Six13!
12/14/2017The Obvious and the Hidden Miracles of Chanukah – Why Both?
12/14/2017Israeli Father Invents Device to Detect Autism in Newborns
12/14/2017Israel Honors Wounded IDF and Terror Victims
12/14/2017Israeli Archaeologists Reveal Ancient Chanukah Discoveries
12/14/2017Jerusalem Celebrates 100th Anniversary of Liberation from Ottomans by British Forces
12/14/2017Iron Dome intercepts more Gaza rockets
12/14/2017WATCH: The IDF ‘Dreams Big and Achieves Big’
12/14/2017WATCH: PM Netanyahu celebrates the first night of Chanukah
12/13/2017Palestinian shot during confrontation in Samaria
12/13/2017WATCH: Why Donuts Remain Israeli’s Favorite Food on Chanukah!
12/13/2017Sharansky pans Reform movement’s reaction to Trump’s Jerusalem move
12/13/2017IDF arrests senior Hamas leader for incitement to terrorism
12/13/2017Signs of stress for Knesset coalition after tight Sabbath law vote
12/13/2017Masked Palestinians use ambulance for ride to violent riot
12/13/2017WATCH: Is peace more likely after US recognition of Jerusalem?
12/13/2017Analysis: Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital equals recognizing reality
12/13/2017WATCH: Israel establishes maternity hospital in Syria
12/13/2017Israel thwarts Hamas Chanukah abduction plot
12/13/2017Israel bombs Hamas target in Gaza in response to rocket attack
12/13/2017WATCH: The IDF ‘Dreams Big and Achieves Big’
12/12/2017Bill safeguarding sanctity of Sabbath gets first nod at Knesset
12/12/2017Netanyahu’s EU meeting first of its kind in 22 years
12/12/2017Israeli defense minister calls to boycott Israeli Arabs in response to violence
12/12/2017Israel marks 100th anniversary of Allenby’s liberation of Jerusalem
12/12/2017WATCH: How Chanukah celebrates freedom’s triumph over tyranny
12/12/2017IDF pummels Hamas targets in Gaza in response to rocket attacks
12/12/2017Hundreds of thousands mourn ‘beacon of morality’ Rabbi Shteinman
12/12/2017‘Palestinian state may not be viable,’ Netanyahu tells EU leaders
12/12/2017Religious Muslim Woman Spends Her Time Saving Lives in Israel
12/12/2017WATCH: A Powerful Chanukah Anthem Against Anti-Semitism
12/12/2017Rabbi Shteinman, head of Lithuanian ultra-Orthodox world, dies at 104
12/12/2017WATCH: Hundreds of Thousands Attend Funeral of Israeli Torah Giant
12/12/2017Netanyahu: European Countries Will Follow US to Jerusalem
12/11/2017Skeptical Netanyahu to EU on Palestinian state: Would it be Costa Rica or Yemen?
12/11/2017Top US Jewish leader: Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital ‘the right thing’ to do
12/11/2017‘I will not accept a double standard,’ Netanyahu states on way to Europe
12/11/2017WATCH: Brutal stabbing attack in Jerusalem critically wounds Israeli
12/11/2017IDF destroys Hamas terror tunnel, prevents devastating terror attack
12/11/2017WATCH: Netanyahu blasts Turkish leader who ‘kills innocent people – don’t preach to us!’
12/11/2017‘Paris is the capital of France, Jerusalem is the capital of Israel,’ Netanyahu tells Macron
12/10/2017WATCH: Trump is Following US Law with Embassy Move
12/10/2017Netanyahu: ‘Trump has Inscribed Himself in the Annals of Our Capital’
12/10/2017250 Israeli Rabbis to Trump: ‘You are Fulfilling Biblical Prophecies’
12/10/2017WATCH: Palestinian Stabs Israeli Guard, Victim Critically Wounded
12/08/2017Ben Shapiro TEARS DOWN the two-state solution
12/08/2017Living Prophesy: Was Trump’s Historic Statement on Jerusalem Predicted by a Rabbi Hundreds of Years Ago?
12/08/2017WATCH: IDF responds to Palestinian riots over Jerusalem recognition
12/08/2017Violence escalates in Jerusalem after Friday Muslim prayers
12/08/2017Archaeologists Discover Muslim Artifacts Proving Jerusalem’s Jewish Identity
12/08/2017250 Major Israeli Rabbis Bless Trump in Manner of Biblical Joshua
12/08/2017Hailing Trump, Jerusalem projects US flag onto Old City walls
12/08/2017WATCH: Netanyahu would win new election, polls show
12/08/2017WATCH: Arab students at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University call to destroy Israel
12/08/2017WATCH: What do Jerusalemites think of Trump’s announcement?
12/08/2017IDF blasts Hamas in Gaza following rocket attacks against Israel
12/07/2017Jerusalem mayor calls on US to cancel travel warning ahead of Trump’s announcement on city’s status
12/07/2017Israel’s major opposition parties support Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem
12/07/2017WATCH: What security precautions is the IDF taking in anticipation Palestinian rage?
12/07/2017Netanyahu: ‘Jerusalem has been the focus of our prayers for 3000 years, it’s here that our temples stood’
12/07/2017US, Israeli flags adorn Jerusalem’s Old City walls in tribute to Trump
12/06/2017Israel’s Tubi 60 – From Apartment Distillery to Global Sensation
12/06/2017WATCH: Why Do We Light Chanukah Candles for 8 Days?
12/06/2017Knesset Unveils Cutting-Edge Technology for Disabled
12/06/2017WATCH: Israelis Unanimously Declare ‘Jerusalem is My Capital’!
12/06/2017Bennett: Embassy Move is a ‘Big Step Towards Regional Peace’
12/06/2017Awaiting Trump: Palestinians Threaten Violence, Israelis Plan Celebrations
12/06/2017WATCH: Trump misses deadline to sign waiver delaying embassy move
12/06/2017Jerusalem police watch fallout from Trump announcement very carefully
12/05/2017WATCH: The Jewish People Will Never Leave Jerusalem!
12/05/2017Palestinian Doctors Trained in Israel to Perform Life-Saving Ultrasound Treatment
12/05/2017WATCH: Israel Improves Law to Help Disabled Find Employment
12/05/2017WATCH: Why Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem is a Step Toward Peace
12/05/2017Syrian shell explodes in Israel
12/05/2017WATCH: Blind backpacker traveling the world visits Jerusalem
12/05/2017Students clash at Hebrew University over memorial to slain soldier
12/05/2017Netanyahu operating amid ‘political tsunami,’ professor says
12/05/2017Analysis: From Amman to Jerusalem
12/05/2017WATCH: Netanyahu sympathizes with Iranian wrestler, urges to ‘compete like hell, shake hands and go out for a drink’
12/05/2017Israel arrests 2 for murder of IDF soldier
12/05/2017WATCH: Jerusalem mayor makes final plea to Trump to move the embassy
12/05/2017Israel strikes outskirts of Damascus, loud explosions heard
12/04/2017WATCH: IDF Discovers Palestinians’ Terror Weapons Hidden in Toys
12/04/2017WATCH: Israeli Boy Genius Builds Robot to Solve Rubik’s Cube
12/04/2017WATCH: Parody of Broadway Hit ‘Hamilton’ Brings Chanukah Story to Life
12/04/2017Inspiring: Blind IDF Soldier Uses Disability to Teach Tolerance
12/04/2017Slain IDF Soldier ‘Will Always Be in Heart’ of Friends
12/04/2017WATCH: IDF Discovers Palestinians’ Terror Weapons Hidden in Toys
12/04/2017Israeli Man on a Bicycle Saves 2500 Lives
12/04/2017WATCH: ‘Seize the Opportunity’ to Stop Iran, Netanyahu Tells Influential Americans
12/04/201747 Out of 54 Countries Say they Benefit from Ties with Israel
12/04/2017Netanyahu says new law limiting police in criminal investigations won’t apply to him
12/04/2017‘We are not pulling out of Syria,’ US assures Israel
12/04/2017Netanyahu: Nazis and Iran share ‘ruthless commitment to murder Jews’
12/04/2017Israeli experts not expecting Trump to move embassy to Jerusalem
12/03/2017Education minister cancels event with NGO that ‘defends terrorists’
12/03/2017Israeli forces demolish home of terrorist who killed 70-year-old man
12/03/2017WATCH: Samaria – Where the Jewish People Became a Nation
12/03/2017WATCH: Ethiopian Jews succeeding in Israel
12/03/2017Netanyahu Talks Tough on Iran, Says Israel Will Not Tolerate Military Base in Syria
12/03/2017Report: US to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital, Palestinians Threaten Violence
12/03/2017Top UK general in Israel for strategic talks
12/03/2017WATCH: Netanyahu warns Iran’s ‘hell-bent regime’ to keep away from Israel’s borders
12/03/2017IDF strikes Iranian base near Damascus, Arab media reports
12/01/2017Analysis: Critical Lessons of 1947 Partition Plan Ignored
12/01/2017Newly Exposed Sites Show Jerusalem’s Fascinating Jewish History
12/01/2017Living Torah: Being Happy With What We Have
12/01/2017Terrorist Stabs, Kills Soldier, 19, in Southern City of Arad
12/01/2017WATCH: Israel responds to Switzerland’s warming ties with Hamas
12/01/2017WATCH: Jerusalem, the ‘Heart of the Jewish People’
12/01/2017UN votes 151-6 against Israel, an ‘occupying power’ with no rights to Jerusalem
12/01/2017Israel negotiating ambassador’s return to Jordan
12/01/2017WATCH: Is there a future for Jews in Europe?
12/01/2017WATCH: The silencing of Jewish suffering in Syria
12/01/2017Amnesty slams Knesset anti-infiltration bill; Netanyahu defends Israel’s right to protect its borders
12/01/2017Rare ancient temple and vessels discovered on IDF training grounds
12/01/2017Prestigious cycling race removes offensive reference to ‘West Jerusalem’
12/01/2017Top US Jewish leader secretly visits Qatar to release missing Israelis and bodies in Gaza
12/01/2017Could bill barring police involvement in indictments save Netanyahu?
12/01/2017BREAKING: IDF soldier stabbed to death in southern Israel, terror suspected
11/30/2017European Students’ Union Visits Israel Despite Boycott Calls
11/30/2017WATCH: How the Jews of Yemen Came Home – to Israel!
11/30/2017WATCH: Israel is Growing Live Bone!
11/30/2017Ethiopian-Israeli MK Slams Nelson Mandela’s Grandson Over ‘Apartheid’ Accusations
11/30/2017WATCH: Remember the 850,000 ‘Forgotten Jewish Refugees’
11/30/2017WATCH: November 29, 1947 – The Miracle of UN’s Vote to Establish State of Israel
11/30/2017Israel Deepens Ties with Africa, Opening Embassy in Rwanda
11/30/2017Netanyahu: ‘Imagine the Electricity in the Air 70 Years Ago’!
11/30/2017Israel Celebrates 70 Years Since UN Vote to Create Jewish State
11/30/2017Pence on Israel: It's Impossible Not to See the 'Hand of Heaven'
11/30/2017Israel to open embassy in Rwanda, deepen ties with Africa
11/30/2017Israel tells UN: PA signs deals with Hamas but not Israel
11/30/2017Bill to prevent division of Jerusalem approved, ready for final vote
11/30/2017[Eyewitness Report] Protesters and police clash at forced evacuation of ‘settler’ outpost in Judea
11/30/2017Former Israeli envoy to US decries Kerry’s ‘obsession’ with Israel
11/30/2017Report: Trump to move embassy to Jerusalem within days; White House says ‘premature’
11/29/2017WATCH: Israel and France cooperate in space
11/29/2017Israeli economy expected to continue significant growth
11/29/2017Underground wall is latest Israeli defense against Gaza terrorists
11/29/2017Netanyahu off to Kenya to foster ties with African countries
11/29/2017Israeli defense delegation travels to Russia to stop Iran threat in Syria
11/29/2017Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense becomes operational at sea
11/29/2017VP Pence: Trump ‘considering when and how’ to move embassy to Jerusalem
11/28/2017WATCH: Ship-based ‘Iron Dome’ Defends Israel at Sea
11/28/2017Despite risks, Netanyahu to attend Kenyan presidential inauguration
11/28/2017Terrorists fire at IDF troops in Judea and Samaria
11/28/2017WATCH: Israel successfully launches first remote space lab
11/28/2017Poll: Opposition Yesh Atid party in dead heat with Netanyahu’s Likud
11/28/2017WATCH: Is there a rift between American Jews and Israel?
11/28/2017Netanyahu signs petition to free soldier who shot wounded terrorist
11/28/2017‘Israel Trail’ hiking path to include Judea, Samaria; Netanyahu loves ‘walking through verses of Bible’
11/28/2017WATCH: Massive explosion in Jaffa/Tel Aviv
11/28/2017Israel threatens to attack Syria over Iranian bases near its border
11/24/2017Israeli High Tech Leads the World!
11/24/2017Iran Promises ‘Eradication’ of Israel in Next War
11/24/2017Hamas terrorist defects to Israel, provides intel on terror tunnels
11/24/2017WATCH: Israel joins US in bringing power to Africa
11/24/2017‘I’m very sorry,’ Israel’s deputy FM tells US Jews, but stands by her statement
11/24/2017Pence to address Knesset during Hanukkah visit
11/23/2017Israel’s First Permanent Marine Station Launched Off Haifa Coast
11/23/2017WATCH: Israel Prevents Smuggling of Explosives into Gaza
11/23/2017WATCH: How Israeli Rescuers Revived ‘Clinically Dead’ Baby Who Drowned
11/23/2017Poll: Vast Majority of Israel’s Arabs ‘Proud’ to be Israeli
11/23/2017WATCH: Why Christian Israeli Arabs Volunteer in the IDF
11/23/2017Knesset advances bill to crack down on BDS activists within Israel
11/23/2017Diaspora Jews want embassies to Israel moved to Jerusalem
11/23/2017Netanyahu discusses Middle East hot spots with world leaders
11/23/2017WATCH: Family of Israeli Man Held Captive in Gaza Appeals to UN for Help
11/23/2017IDF protects 1000 Jews praying at Joseph’s Tomb, rescues 3 Israelis
11/22/2017Selling holy land: Inside the Greek Patriarchate’s Jerusalem property deals
11/22/2017Israeli Minister Wants to Disqualify Pro-BDS Groups from National Service Program
11/22/2017WATCH: A Look Inside an IDF Field Hospital Treating Syrians
11/21/2017WATCH: Israeli retirees working to keep aging adults at home
11/21/2017102-year-old Holocaust survivor reunites with newly discovered nephew
11/21/2017IDF soldier wounded by fire on Egyptian border
11/21/2017Netanyahu: ‘I have not yet met the Palestinian Sadat’
11/21/2017Israeli Defense Minister: We need $5 billion boost to prevent next war
11/21/2017Dead Sea Scrolls Written by Celibate Jewish Essene “Monks”, Qumran Skeletons Confirm
11/21/2017Brother of Israeli Held by Hamas to UN: World Must Help Us
11/21/2017WATCH: How BDS Fails Miserably in Goal to Hurt Israel Economically
11/21/2017Nick Cave’s Concerts in Israel Made Roger Waters Go Ballistic
11/21/2017Minister Reveals Israel’s Covert Ties with Saudi Arabia
11/20/2017Clashes continue over IDF draft law for ultra-Orthodox
11/20/2017Netanyahu questioned by police for 6th time
11/20/2017Israeli forces nab terrorist harbored by Palestinian security forces
11/20/2017WATCH: Former Trump official Anthony Scaramucci ‘will never forget’ lessons of Yad Vashem
11/20/2017Israel again fires warning shot at Syrian military position
11/20/2017Police recover Torah scrolls stolen by Palestinians
11/20/2017Ancient statue of lioness found near Sea of Galilee
11/20/2017President Rivlin turns down pardon appeal of soldier who shot wounded terrorist
11/20/2017Israel to Shut Down Detention Facility, Deport 40,000 Illegal African Migrants
11/20/2017Israel’s ‘Culinary DNA’ Unites the Three Abrahamic Faiths
11/20/2017WATCH: 2nd Anniversary of the Horrific Terror Attack in which Father and Son were Murdered
11/20/2017Israeli-trained Palestinian Doctors Perform Corneal Transplants in Gaza
11/20/2017WATCH: When Disaster Strikes Around the World, Israel is First on the Scene
11/20/2017Rabin’s assassin Yigal Amir seeking retrial
11/20/2017Israel fires warning shot at Syrian military position
11/20/2017WATCH: Israel moving quickly to thwart revenge attack by Islamic Jihad
11/20/2017Israeli Defense Minister: Arab world should unite with Israel against Iran
11/20/2017Court orders Palestinian Authority, terrorists to pay victims’ families millions
11/20/2017WATCH: Former US Marine describes terrorist attack in Israel, ‘he smiled, then hit me’
11/20/2017Minister threatens to quit Israeli government amid Palestinian statehood talks
11/20/2017WATCH: Pigs aren’t kosher, but they’re helping Israel save lives
11/20/2017Netanyahu reacts to Trump’s rumored peace plan including Palestinian state
11/19/2017IDF soldier killed, another injured in car accident
11/19/2017US-Israeli visa deal may rest on US demand for easing Palestinian travel restrictions
11/19/2017WATCH: Israelis getting fatter but living longer
11/19/2017Israel bars European lawmakers for planned meeting with jailed Palestinian murderer
11/17/2017WATCH: Amazon offering huge salaries to snatch talent for new Israeli site
11/17/2017Historic objects displayed at Knesset as 70th Independence Day approaches
11/17/2017WATCH: Will former Israeli PM Ehud Barak make political comeback?
11/17/2017WATCH: Holocaust survivors celebrate long-awaited bar/bat mitzvah at Western Wall
11/17/2017New Israeli bills to feature famous women of the arts
11/17/2017WATCH: Long-lost Jews from India reunite with families in Israel
11/17/2017WATCH: Breakthrough Israeli technology can make you invisible!
11/17/2017US pressuring Israel to oppose UN ban on pro-Nazi rhetoric
11/17/2017Israel willing to share intelligence with Saudis, says IDF chief of staff
11/17/2017Living Torah: Don’t Let Work Take Over Your Life
11/17/2017Brain Takes a Nap When Sleep-deprived, Israeli Researchers Find
11/17/2017WATCH: Israeli politician pushing to annex Judea and Samaria
11/16/2017WATCH: 1000 International Pilots Take Off in Israel’s Largest-ever Combat Drill
11/16/2017WATCH: What it’s Like for an 18 Year-Old to Enter the IDF
11/16/2017Israeli Remote-Controlled Space Lab Docks at International Space Station
11/16/2017WATCH: The Story of a Jewish Palestinian Grandma!
11/16/2017A first! Israel Co-Sponsors Saudi Anti-Syria Motion at the UN
11/16/2017Defense Minister warns Israel will not tolerate Iranian presence in Syria
11/16/2017WATCH: Israel demolishes home of terrorist who murdered 3 in Har Adar
11/16/2017IDF steps up security measures around Gaza
11/16/2017Hebron leaders thank Netanyahu for supporting Jewish community
11/16/2017WATCH: Leader of Israeli rescue team attacked by lion
11/16/2017Defense Minister warns Israel will not tolerate Iranian presence in Syria
11/16/2017Israeli minister: Prepare for one million Israelis in Judea and Samaria
11/15/2017IDF Soldiers Petition Chief to Restore Army Bible Studies
11/15/2017Israel Bars Entry of Pro-BDS European Officials
11/15/2017WATCH: 10 Israeli companies revolutionizing energy
11/15/201745 Holocaust Survivors Celebrate Belated Bar Mitzvahs – at Western Wall!
11/15/2017WATCH: Take a Look Inside the IDF
11/15/2017Miss Israel, Miss Iraq Find Friendship Amid Mideast Tensions
11/15/2017WATCH: Israel Ready to Become 4th Nation to Land on the Moon!
11/15/2017Mexico to Stop Supporting Palestinians at International Bodies
11/15/2017US security team in Israel to discuss Syrian border deal
11/15/2017Court halts Palestinian construction near new Tel Aviv-Jerusalem railway
11/15/2017Israel: Poland rally ‘a dangerous march of extreme and racist elements’
11/15/2017US warns Islamic Jihad to drop war threat against Israel
11/15/2017WATCH: Secret Warsaw Ghetto archive goes on display
11/15/2017WATCH: Israeli Bar Mitzvah boy helps save African village
11/15/2017Netanyahu: Israeli ties around the world are better than ever
11/14/2017PHOTOS: US Astronaut Tweets Stunning Images of Israel From Space
11/14/2017WATCH: IDF Volunteers Sing National Anthem in Sign Language
11/14/2017Israel stops weapons smuggling to Gaza via AliExpress
11/14/2017WATCH: Can You Pass the Test like Abraham Did?
11/14/2017WATCH: Dershowitz Debunks Challenges to Legitimacy of Jewish State
11/14/2017Netanyahu Says Israel will Bomb Syria as Needed for its Security
11/14/2017President Rivlin: Israel Will Always Be Home of Every Jew
11/14/2017Discovery of Holocaust-era pendant brings closure to relatives
11/14/2017Israeli life expectancy up 10 years since 1970
11/14/2017WATCH: Israel objects to new ceasefire in Syria; Iran too close to border
11/14/2017Israel deploys ‘Iron Dome’ missile defense amid terror threats
11/13/2017Israel Planning Action Against Iran at UN
11/13/2017Netanyahu: ‘Powerful Israeli Response’ Awaits Terror from Any Source
11/13/2017WATCH: Palestinian Children Commit Terror to End Rumors They Support Israel
11/12/2017Report: Trump team drafts plan for Israeli-Palestinian peace
11/12/2017WATCH: Israeli politician says Diaspora Jews should vote in Israeli elections
11/12/2017IDF shoots down drone near Syrian border
11/12/2017Powerful earthquake jolts Middle East, tremors felt in Israel
11/12/2017WATCH: Take a cable car ride to the Western Wall!
11/12/201735,000 Jews flock to Hebron for Shabbat, setting ‘all-time record’
11/12/2017Iran builds military base in Syria, 30 miles from Israeli border
11/12/2017Israeli Task Force to Stop Flow of European Aid to Palestinian Terrorists
11/10/2017Israel leads world in blocking terrorists’ funding pipelines
11/10/2017The Other 100th Anniversary: The Battle of Beersheba
11/10/2017WATCH: Firefighter nabs terrorist at entrance to Jewish community
11/10/2017US Support for Israel ‘Has Never Wavered and Never Will,’ Says Former US Secretary Powell
11/10/2017WATCH: ‘Why should we reject the chosen capital city of a close ally?’
11/10/2017Palestinian carrying Quran and knives caught on way to attack Jews
11/09/2017WATCH: 79 Years After Kristallnacht – Never Again!
11/09/2017Israeli Athletes Again Subjected to Boycott by Arab Country
11/09/2017Israeli Shekel Emerges as World’s 2nd Strongest Currency
11/09/2017Painting looted during Holocaust, in US hands, ordered back to Jewish family
11/09/2017Israeli tech company sues Apple over alleged patent violations
11/09/2017British minister likely to be fired over meetings with Israeli officials
11/09/20172018 ‘Jewish Nobel Prize’ awarded to actress Natalie Portman
11/09/2017UN accused of building illegal compound in Jerusalem
11/08/2017Knesset Celebrates Centenary of the Balfour Declaration
11/08/2017WATCH: Israel is the UN’s Only Safe Gateway to Syria
11/08/2017WATCH: A Message to Lord Balfour – Thank You!
11/08/2017Israeli Task Force Finds Audacious, Innovative Way to Bankrupt Terrorism
11/08/2017Israel library makes famed Günzburg Collection accessible to the world
11/08/2017WATCH: Grieving Israeli mother tries forcing Hamas to release her son’s body
11/08/2017WATCH: 8 nations join Israel’s largest-ever air force drill
11/07/2017Netanyahu demands 2 billion shekels from Jewish National Fund
11/07/2017Israel sends emergency aid to plague-ridden Madagascar
11/07/2017WATCH: The Secret to Israel’s High-Tech Success
11/07/2017Miss Israel Keeps Kosher in China, Despite the Challenge
11/07/2017WATCH: How Israel’s Brave Border Police Keep the Holy Land Safe and Sound
11/07/2017Netanyahu Acts as Tour Guide for Israel’s 3-Millionth Visitor in 2017
11/07/2017New Allies: Israel and Saudi Arabia?
11/07/2017Israel builds massive fence to protect aircraft in southern airport
11/07/2017WATCH: Netanyahu says resignation of Lebanese PM is warning about Iran
11/07/2017Israeli olive oil company triumphant in combating online BDS attack
11/07/2017Israel hosts 7 air forces in largest drill in its history
11/07/2017WATCH: Terrorists nabbed planting bomb near Jerusalem
11/07/2017WATCH: Jewish and Muslim medics pray side by side in Jerusalem
11/07/2017WATCH: What the US can learn from Israel’s fight against ‘lone wolf’ terrorists
11/07/2017Palestinian Historian: ‘There Was Nothing Called a Palestinian People’
11/06/2017US No Longer ‘Standing by Passively’ While Israel is Bashed at UN, Haley Says
11/06/2017WATCH: Israeli Police Help Law-Abiding Arabs
11/06/2017Israel and Spain Celebrate 30 Years of Diplomatic Relations
11/06/2017Netanyahu After Texas Massacre: Our Hearts Are With the Victims
11/06/2017Netanyahu on Returning Terrorists’ Bodies: ‘No Free Gifts’
11/06/2017Arabs, Jews clash in Samaria during olive harvest
11/06/2017Netanyahu calls on world to heed ‘wake-up call’ on Iran
11/05/2017New Israeli Technology to Assist in Patients’ Pain Management
11/03/2017Living Torah: The Courage to be Different
11/03/2017Cooperation Soars Between Israeli and Indian Air Forces
11/03/2017ACT NOW! Urge Nick Cave NOT to Cancel Concert in Israel, Don’t Listen to Israel-Boycotters
11/03/2017Balfour Declaration turns 100, Netanyahu challenges Palestinians to recognize Israel
11/03/2017Netanyahu honors Rabin with call for ‘national reconciliation’
11/03/2017Report: Israeli jets bomb Syrian weapons facility, ‘violent explosions’ reported
11/02/2017Israel and Wisconsin Promote Water Tech Together
11/02/2017IDF Warns World of Iran’s Growing Cyber Threat
11/02/2017WATCH: How to Defend Israel as a Do-It-Yourself Media Watchdog
11/02/2017Meditation Cave of Mystical Jewish Leader Discovered
11/02/2017Netanyahu: 100 Years Later, Real Tragedy of Balfour is Palestinian Rejection
11/02/2017Israel fires lethal blow to George Soros, with new bill to prevent “hostile funding” from leftist organizations
11/02/2017WATCH: Israel helps save lives deep in Syria
11/02/2017Israeli archaeologists unearth intriguing find at King Solomon’s Mines
11/02/2017Netanyahu to US after Manhattan attack: Together we will defeat ‘scourge’ of terrorism
11/02/2017Report: Netanyahu asks Trump to allow Pollard to move to Israel
11/01/2017Israeli Software Gives New York Power Plants Iron Dome Protection Against Shutdown
11/01/2017WATCH: Israel Celebrates Urban Achievements on World Cities Day
11/01/2017Netanyahu Praises Australian Soldiers for ‘Liberating Holy Land’ 100 Years Ago
11/01/2017Netanyahu Tells Trump Israel ‘Stands with all Americans after Horrible Islamist Terror Attack’
11/01/2017WATCH: Israelis forced out of world youth event promoting ‘peace and solidarity’
11/01/2017Anti-Israel activist barred from entry into Israel
11/01/2017IDF forces shoot Palestinian during suspected attack
11/01/20173-D holograms preserve Holocaust survivor stories
11/01/2017WATCH: Netanyahu attends Israeli reenactment of cavalry charge from famous WWI battle
11/01/20178 terrorists killed, more wounded after IDF destroys terror tunnel
11/01/2017WATCH: High death toll in terror tunnel explosion not intended, but ‘we don’t cry when terrorists are killed’
10/31/2017Australian Riders in Israel Reenact Famed WWI Battle
10/31/2017Boycott Activists Call on Nick Cave to Cancel Israel Concert
10/31/2017WATCH: A Humorous Look at Invasions of the Jewish Homeland Throughout the Millennia
10/31/2017Australian PM in Israel: ‘We Are Part of the Same Mishpacha’
10/31/2017Israeli Technological Breakthrough Enabled Terror Tunnel Exposure and Destruction
10/31/2017Israeli minister, Palestinian PM discuss economic ties
10/31/2017WATCH: Migrating pelicans get free Israeli lunch
10/31/2017WATCH: Terrifying Arab road rage attack on Israeli bus full of passengers
10/30/2017WATCH: A Crash Course on the Balfour Declaration’s 100th Anniversary
10/30/2017Israeli Startup Makes Huge Progress in Artificial Cornea Implants
10/30/2017Another Terror Tunnel Discovered Under UN School in Gaza
10/30/2017IDF blows up Hamas terror tunnel
10/30/2017Palestinians murdered Israeli as revenge for terrorist’s death
10/30/2017WATCH: Birthday party for last Jew in Galilee village
10/30/2017WATCH: Israeli Judo Champion Proud of His Country and National Anthem
10/30/2017Trump now opposes ‘Greater Jerusalem’ bill, seen as obstacle to peace
10/29/2017Palestinians Again Fail to Oust Israel from International Sports Competition
10/29/2017Israeli Aid Boosts Kenyan Education and Next-Generation Leadership
10/29/2017Israeli Minister: Boycotting Judea and Samaria Equals Boycotting Israel
10/29/2017Israel wins 5 medals at Abu Dhabi, despite open anti-Semitism
10/27/2017Israel honors Chilean diplomat who saved Jews during Holocaust
10/27/2017Israeli tech brings clean water and healthcare to refugees in Africa
10/27/2017WATCH: Stunning aerial tour of rapid train ride from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem
10/27/2017Netanyahu thanks new immigrants for contributing to Israel’s ‘unimaginable prosperity’
10/27/2017WATCH: The Power of a Good Deed, No Matter What the Reason
10/27/2017Living Torah: Israel is a Jew’s Only True Home
10/27/2017WATCH: How Special Needs Israelis Make a Very Special Wine
10/27/2017WATCH: Ceding land would lead Arabs to wage war on Israel, not make peace
10/27/2017WATCH: Palestinian Sports ‘Expert’ Says Jews Played on ‘Palestinian Team’ in 1930s
10/27/2017Israeli ‘David’s Sling’ Defense System Receives Prestigious US Award
10/27/2017Report: White House Will Not Oppose Expanding Jerusalem’s Borders
10/27/2017WATCH: 50 members of one Israeli-Bedouin family working on world’s tallest solar tower
10/27/2017Israel honors Egyptian doctor who saved Jews during Holocaust
10/27/2017WATCH: Israel boosts minimum wage by 6 percent
10/27/2017US Vice President Mike Pence will Visit Israel on Hanukkah
10/26/2017WATCH: 67 Palestinians arrested in massive agricultural robbery
10/26/2017Knesset member thanks Netanyahu for allowing Temple Mount visit in honor of son’s wedding
10/26/2017Colombian pop star’s photo with IDF soldier triggers online Palestinian hate-fest
10/26/2017170,000 Pre-Holocaust Documents Discovered, Giving Glimpse Into Lost Jewish Culture
10/25/2017WATCH: IDF Relief Mission Creates Deep Bond with the People of Mexico
10/25/2017On United Nations Day, Israel celebrates its achievements at the UN
10/25/2017Former Israeli and Saudi intelligence chiefs meet in NYC synagogue
10/25/2017WATCH: Israeli family finds Roman-era caves in Galilee backyard
10/25/2017Israel thwarts Hamas attempt to smuggle military equipment
10/25/2017Israel and Germany sign deal on 3 new submarines
10/25/2017WATCH: Jerusalem’s Arabs and Jews connect over ancient game
10/25/2017Israeli forces raid Palestinian village to arrest terror suspects, seize funds
10/25/2017WATCH: Israeli journalist exposes mainstream media’s ‘industry of lies’
10/24/2017How Israel Teaches the World to Effectively Respond to Disasters
10/24/2017WATCH: What Muslim, Christian and Druze Arabs Love about Living in Israel!
10/24/2017Report: Israeli airstrike kills 10 ISIS terrorists in Syria
10/24/2017Israel arrests 51 Arabs suspected of terror-related violence
10/24/2017WATCH: Nazareth’s first guide dog tests Islamic taboo
10/24/2017Netanyahu to skip gathering of North American Jewish groups
10/24/2017Netanyahu criticizes political opposition, praises Trump at Knesset session opening
10/24/2017WATCH: Israeli artificial intelligence makes cars ‘smarter’ than humans
10/24/2017WATCH: Arab member of Knesset confirms efforts to destroy Jewish state
10/24/2017WATCH: Israeli and Saudi officials met, broke the ice, analysts say
10/23/2017WATCH: At Age 16, Israeli Launched Org to Help Special Needs Children
10/23/2017Israeli Boy Hospitalized after Vicious Palestinian Rock Attack
10/23/2017Israeli Ties with Arab Countries Improving, Thanks to Iranian Threat
10/23/2017WATCH: ‘We Could Speak with King David,’ Says Israeli Education Minister
10/23/2017WATCH: Arab Minorities Celebrate Israeli Civil Rights, Refute Lies About Israel
10/22/2017WATCH: History of exiled Jews told through art
10/22/2017WATCH: Was ‘lost theater’ of Jerusalem discovered beneath Western Wall?
10/22/2017Israel Strongly Condemns Terrorist Attack in Egypt
10/22/2017WATCH: Israel prepares for Hezbollah chemical attack
10/22/2017Israelis prepare to repeal failed disengagement, return to Samarian towns
10/22/2017Israel strikes Syrian army in response to rocket fire
10/20/2017Netanyahu, Tell the World the Truth!
10/20/2017Israeli Doctor Elected to Lead Prestigious Global Medical Organization
10/20/2017Israeli Police thwart truck-ramming attack on IDF soldiers
10/20/2017WATCH: Netanyahu won’t negotiate with ‘terrorists in disguise’
10/20/2017WATCH: Netanyahu announces investigation of foreign-funded NGOs
10/20/2017WATCH: Ultra-orthodox extremists protest IDF draft, block traffic
10/20/2017WATCH: Will Israeli apps surge as Uber stumbles?
10/20/2017US: Hamas must disarm to join Palestinian government
10/20/2017‘Jordan Valley will always be part of Israel,’ Netanyahu vows
10/20/2017Israeli delegation storms out of int’l summit amid vicious attacks, a ‘bad joke’
10/19/2017Israel Philharmonic Kicks Off North American Tour at Carnegie Hall
10/19/2017Oh Baby! Israel’s Birth Rate Reflects Energy and Optimism
10/19/2017Syrian Rocket Strikes Israel’s Golan Heights, IDF Responds
10/18/2017Victory: Israel Joins UN Space Committee Bureau
10/18/2017WATCH: Israeli Technology Creates Star Trek-style Food Capsules
10/18/2017Netanyahu to Russian Defense Minister: Israel Won’t Tolerate Iranian Presence in Syria
10/18/2017WATCH: Netanyahu Tells Iranian Foreign Minister to Quit Twitter
10/18/2017Israel Drops Peace Talks with PA Over its Union with Hamas
10/18/2017Netanyahu Praises UWI’s Historic Jerusalem Initiative and ‘Unflinching Defense of the Truth’
10/18/2017Israel’s Prime Minister Calls on Media to Defend Persecuted Christians
10/18/2017WATCH: Reagan provided precedent for fixing flawed Iran deal
10/18/2017Israel confronts Palestinian ‘unity’ pact with strict diplomatic conditions
10/18/2017Arabs brutally beat Jewish residents of Jerusalem’s Old City
10/17/2017Israel Harvests for the World!
10/17/2017Artificial Intelligence Shaping the IDF in Ways Never Imagined
10/17/2017Jerusalem Mayor: City’s Role is to Unite Religions
10/16/2017WATCH: US Ambassador Visits Sderot, Views Menorah Fashioned from Gaza Rockets
10/16/2017Israeli Lawmaker: Iran is Like Hitler with Nuclear Bomb
10/16/2017Netanyahu: Israel Has No Better Friends than Christian Communities Around the World
10/16/2017Israeli, Palestinian Leaders Gather in Sukkah in a Celebration of Coexistence
10/16/2017WATCH: Incredible Holiday Celebration Like You’ve Never Seen Before!
10/16/2017Israeli victims take fight over Arab Bank’s terror funding to US Supreme Court
10/16/2017WATCH: You Won’t Believe This – a Sukkah on Wheels!
10/16/2017WATCH: Trump Proves Netanyahu Critics Wrong, has ‘Last Laugh’
10/15/2017Jews Ascend Temple Mount With Message to God: We’re Ready for Third Temple
10/15/2017Israel Ranked 19th Most ‘Food Secure’ Nation by UN
10/15/2017WATCH: Special Sukkot Prayers at Isaac’s Tomb in Hebron
10/15/2017The First Rashi: Yes, it’s OUR Land!
10/15/2017WATCH: Netanyahu Congratulates Trump on ‘Courageous Decision’ to Confront Iran
10/15/2017Netanyahu Praises US Withdrawal from UNESCO, Says Israel Will Follow US Lead
10/11/2017WATCH: Israeli police enforce ‘no soccer playing’ rule on Temple Mount
10/11/2017Former Israeli defense chief: US should impose non-nuclear sanctions on Iran
10/11/2017Tens of Thousands of Christians from 80 countries march in Jerusalem
10/11/2017WATCH: The Strange Yet Fun Sukkahs
10/11/2017‘It Warms My Heart to View the Nation of Israel Together’
10/11/2017Shemini Atzeret: This Holiday is for My People!
10/11/2017WATCH: 60,000 Israel Supporters Flock to Jerusalem for Sukkot March
10/11/2017WATCH: Why Is Israel Hated So Much?
10/11/2017Dance for Joy with the Torah – We Need it for Everything in Life!
10/11/2017WATCH: ‘We’re Back!’ – Thousands of Jews from Around the World Ascend the Temple Mount on Sukkot
10/11/2017Water Offering on Sukkot: Most Festive Celebration Ever
10/11/2017WATCH: The Most Unbelievable Sukkah, Ever!
10/11/2017Commemorating the ‘Clouds of Glory’ on Sukkot
10/11/2017WATCH: Experience Sukkot in Israel – It’s Amazing!
10/11/2017Israelis Reviving Sukkot Holiday Pilgrimage
10/11/2017WATCH: Celebrating Sukkot in Jerusalem!
10/11/2017Netanyahu: ‘People who murder babies don’t have freedom on their minds’
10/11/2017Muslim, Christian and Druze Israelis on a Mission to Spread Truth about Jewish State
10/10/2017Family dog in Israel sprayed with swastika
10/10/2017WATCH: Police find combat boots inside slippers at Gaza border
10/10/2017Tens of thousands attended priestly blessing in Jerusalem
10/10/2017WATCH: Is Israel prepared for new threats resulting from ‘Arab Spring’?
10/10/2017Sukkot: Jacob’s Message of Appreciation Even to Our Animals
10/10/2017WATCH: Shakin’ The Lulav Song
10/10/2017Sukkot and the Significance of the Joyous Water Offering
10/10/2017WATCH: How Sukkot is a Celebration for Every Nation!
10/10/2017The Power of Unity – A Lesson from Sukkot
10/10/2017Defense Minister Calls for More Active American Role in Turbulent Middle East
10/10/2017WATCH: Arab-Israeli media star blasts Kuwait for anti-Israel discrimination
10/10/2017WATCH: Arab Village Chief: ‘We Want to Live Under Israel, Not the PA’
10/10/2017Israel’s Efforts to Fight Boycotts Reap Numerous Victories
10/09/2017Jewish man killed in Samaria was victim of Palestinian terror
10/09/2017WATCH: Israeli official says if Trump really wants peace then ‘move embassy to Jerusalem now’
10/09/2017IDF attacks Hamas target in response to rocket fired from Gaza
10/09/2017Report: Israel to approve massive construction in Judea and Samaria
10/09/2017Special Sukkot Customs of Jews from Arab Countries
10/09/2017WATCH: Don’t Worry, Be Happy on Sukkot!
10/09/2017Sukkot and our Father Jacob: A Message for the Ages!
10/09/2017Jewish child in Paris hospitalized after anti-Semitic beatings
10/09/2017WATCH: Prime Minister Netanyahu Celebrates Sukkot with the 4 Species!
10/09/2017WATCH: Birthday Party Turns into Funeral for Israeli Slaughtered by Palestinian in Samaria
10/08/2017Animal Rights and Sukkot – What’s the Connection?
10/08/2017WATCH: A Lively Musical Performance for Sukkot
10/08/2017A Lesson from the Lulav: Balancing Our Priorities
10/08/2017WATCH: Sukkot – Super JOY and MEANING!
10/08/2017Colorful Mahane Yehuda Market (‘Shuk’) is Ready for Sukkot!
10/08/2017WATCH: Netanyahu says ‘No!’ to his children entering politics
10/08/20175777 – What a Year it was for Israel!
10/08/2017WATCH: Massive Gathering at Jerusalem’s Western Wall for Priestly Blessings
10/04/2017Repentance on Sukkot – Through Wining and Dining!
10/04/2017Lesson of Sukkot: Transforming the Material into the Spiritual
10/04/2017WATCH: A Special Sukkot Holiday Greeting from the IDF
10/04/2017Why Do We Recall the ‘Clouds of Glory’ on Sukkot?
10/04/2017After Yom Kippur: Building with Joy for Sukkot
10/04/2017Sukkot: A Time to Count our True Blessings
10/04/2017Celebrating Sukkot in Israel: A Joyous Holiday for ALL Nations!
10/04/2017WATCH: 700 Israeli Start-Ups Develop Global Security Technology
10/03/2017The Festival of Sukkot ‘Protects’ our Spiritual Growth
10/03/2017WATCH: How to Make Delicious Challah for the Holidays without Kneading
10/03/2017Sukkot: What is this Joyous Holiday All About?
10/03/2017New Year Poll: Vast Majority of Israelis’ Mood is ‘Good’ or ‘Very Good’
10/03/2017WATCH: Harvesting Date Palms in Preparation for Sukkot
10/03/2017WATCH: New Music Video has the People of Jerusalem on their Feet!
10/03/2017WATCH: Should Israel Accept Another Prisoner Swap with Hamas?
10/03/2017Netanyahu to Americans after Las Vegas Massacre: We Stand Shoulder to Shoulder With You
10/03/2017WATCH: Israeli technology turns glass black with touch of a button October 1, 2017
10/03/2017Netanyahu denies Turkey’s claim of Israeli involvement in Kurdish vote
10/01/2017WATCH: Yom Kippur War Miracle – Why 150 Syrian Tanks Retreated
10/01/2017Israeli tennis star quits world tour match to avoid playing on Yom Kippur
09/29/2017Yom Kippur: Forgiving Is Awesome!
09/29/2017How to Get Your Prayers Answered on Yom Kippur!
09/29/2017WATCH: A Stirring Musical Rendition of a Yom Kippur Prayer
09/29/2017Why Do We SING During Yom Kippur Confessional Prayers?
09/29/2017On Yom Kippur, Sing Away Your Sins!
09/29/2017WATCH: IDF Cantor and Choir Chant Yom Kippur Prayer
09/29/2017Yom Kippur: A Unique Opportunity for Atonement and Repentance
09/29/2017WATCH: How Do You Want to be Remembered?
09/29/2017Yom Kippur: The Holiest – and Happiest – Day of the Year!
09/29/2017Kapparot: An Ancient, Mystical Antonement Ritual that Survived the Centuries
09/29/2017On Yom Kippur, Pray for Life, But Pay Attention to All of Life’s Possibilities
09/29/2017IDF Aid Mission ‘Conquered the Heart of Mexico and the Mexican People’
09/29/2017On Yom Kippur, Look Into Your Spiritual Mirror!
09/29/2017WATCH: Coming Clean – An Important Yom Kippur Message for Everyone!
09/29/2017Why Yom Kippur is the Happiest Day of the Year
09/29/2017The Yom Kippur War Miracle – Victory Against All Odds
09/29/2017WATCH: Shouting Out to God at the Western Wall
09/29/2017Netanyahu warns Palestinians: Diplomatic warfare will ‘not go unanswered’
09/29/2017Israel busts ISIS cell that planned attack on Temple Mount
09/29/2017WATCH: Israeli ‘see-through-the-wall’ tech saves lives in Mexico
09/29/2017US Ambassador: Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria ‘part of Israel’
09/28/2017Why Remember the Sin of the Golden Calf on Yom Kippur?
09/28/2017WATCH: A Yom Kippur ‘Violin Recital’ in Aushchwitz
09/28/2017Yom Kippur and the Lesson of the Two Goats
09/28/2017WATCH: Pre-Yom Kippur Prayers at the Western Wall
09/28/2017Don’t Wait for Yom Kippur to Bring God into Your Lives
09/28/2017Israel Thwarts ISIS Terror Attack on Temple Mount
09/28/2017Netanyahu: No More Uprooting of Israeli Communities
09/28/2017WATCH: Israel makes groundbreaking discovery in fight to save honeybees
09/28/2017IDF chief commutes sentence of soldier who shot wounded terrorist
09/28/2017WATCH: IDF raids village of Har Adar terrorist
09/27/2017Reflections Leading Up to Yom Kippur
09/27/2017Yom Kippur Facts & Thoughts You Need to Know
09/27/2017WATCH: Jewish Music Through the Centuries!
09/27/2017WATCH: Should Israel respond to terror attack by canceling Palestinian work permits?
09/27/2017Shin Bet: Terrorist who murdered 3 Israelis was wife beater
09/27/2017Throngs of mourners honor Israeli victims of Har Adar terror attack
09/27/2017Terror victims, all in their 20s, had big plans for the future
09/27/2017Three Israelis shot and killed by Palestinian terrorist, father of 4
09/26/2017WATCH: Israel Comes to the Rescue in Mexico
09/26/2017Bereaved Israeli Families Launch New Organization to Fight Terrorism
09/26/2017WATCH: Does Israel Discriminate Against Arabs?
09/26/2017Palestinian Terrorist with Work Permit Murders 3 Israelis
09/26/2017Media Fails to Report Deadly Palestinian Attack as ‘Terror’
09/25/2017Israel Works to Thwart Palestinian Bid to Join International Police
09/25/2017Ten Years Since Aliyah, Ten Years of Massive Change
09/25/2017WATCH: Why is Israel singled out for BDS attacks?
09/25/2017IDF Teams Work Around the Clock to Locate Survivors in Mexico
09/25/2017Israeli Ambassador Slams Palestinian ‘Lies and Incitement’ at UN
09/25/2017WATCH: Israel Responds to Humanitarian Needs Worldwide
09/25/2017Israel Presents the World with Projects to Benefit Palestinians
09/24/2017WATCH: IDF search and rescue team applauded in Mexico
09/24/2017WATCH: IDF general replicates pilgrimage to Jerusalem
09/20/2017Blowing the Shofar at Risk of Death – in Auschwitz
09/20/2017WATCH: The Awesome ‘Soldier Surprise’ with a Great New Year’s Message!
09/20/2017Rosh Hashana Omens
09/20/2017WATCH: On Rosh Hashana, Everything in Your Life Can Change
09/20/2017Rosh Hashana Customs among Diverse Communities
09/20/2017WATCH: A Musical New Year’s Greeting for You!
09/20/2017Living Torah: The Ability to Repent Rests Only Within Ourselves
09/20/2017WATCH: How to Make a Sweet – and Easy! – Rosh Hashana Cake
09/20/2017Ten Facts About the Symbolic Foods of Rosh Hashana
09/20/2017A Frightening Yet Encouraging Rosh Hashana Prayer
09/20/2017WATCH: Israeli Soldiers Wish You a Shana Tova – Happy New Year!
09/20/2017IDF Search and Rescue Team Departs for Mexico after Deadly Earthquake
09/20/2017WATCH: New Year’s Wishes from Israel’s Newest Citizens!
09/20/2017Netanyahu Praises Trump’s ‘Bold’ and ‘Courageous’ Comments on Iran in UN Speech
09/20/2017Warm Wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Sweet New Year!
09/20/2017WATCH: Netanyahu Dazzles UN with Israel’s ‘Remarkable Contributions to All Nations’
09/20/2017600,000 Sign ‘Jerusalem Declaration’ in Support of Eternal, Undivided Capital of Israel
09/20/2017The Power of the Holy Shofar!
09/20/2017WATCH: How to have the Happiest New Year, Ever
09/20/2017WATCH: What Change Will You Make for the New Year?
09/20/2017WATCH: How Hamas Planned to Massacre Jews on Rosh Hashana 2014
09/20/2017WATCH: UN ambassadors wish Israelis a ‘Happy New Year’ in Hebrew
09/20/2017WATCH: Netanyahu at UN signifies ‘an entirely new day’ in Israel’s global standing
09/20/2017Israel sends aid to Mexico after devastating earthquake claims 248 lives
09/20/2017WATCH: Trump lauds Jewish people’s ‘incredible character and spirit’ in New Year’s greeting
09/20/2017Israel arrests Palestinian for declaring intentions to execute attack
09/20/2017Israel’s border wall proves 100% effective in preventing infiltration
09/20/2017Israel shoots down Iranian-made drone over northern border
09/20/2017Netanyahu at UN: ‘The world is embracing Israel and Israel is embracing the world’
09/19/2017Israeli Doctors Perform Free Eye Surgery for Hundreds in Kenya
09/19/2017Israel Prepared To 'Neutralize' Hezbollah With 'Overwhelming' Force In Next war
09/19/2017Happy New Year from the Israel Border Police! Shana Tova!
09/19/2017Israel Destroys Hezbollah Aircraft by Firing Patriot Missile
09/19/2017Netanyahu Praises Israel’s Ties with US as ‘Stronger Than Ever’ Under Trump
09/18/2017Israel Brings Amazing Agricultural Advances to African Nations
09/18/2017WATCH: Boys Town Jerusalem Sings a New Year’s Greeting!
09/18/2017Israel and Mexico Sign Agreement on Cooperation in International Development
09/18/2017Netanyahu-Trump Meeting in New York to Focus on Iranian Threat
09/18/2017Washington Post: With Recent Strike on Syrian Chemical Weapons Facility, Israel May Have ‘Done a Service to Humanity’
09/15/2017The Jewish New Year Celebrates God as King of the Universe
09/15/2017Living Torah: Let’s Admit Our Flaws – as Moses Did!
09/15/2017WATCH: Streetball action hits the courts in Jerusalem
09/15/20171,200 Students from Around Globe Complete Israeli Agriculture Training
09/15/2017Human Rights Groups Refuse Aid to Victims of Palestinian Torture
09/15/2017WATCH: Terror-stricken Family Moves from Mourning to Celebration
09/15/2017Israel Becoming Key Player in ‘Bitcoin’ Technology
09/15/2017Innocent Israelis are Under Attack. ATVs Stop Terrorists on the Way!
09/15/2017WATCH: Netanyahu receives documents on Nazis from Argentina
09/15/2017IDF completes military drill simulating escalation in the north
09/15/2017WATCH: Netanyahu quotes Bible to affirm Israel’s claim to Judea and Samaria
09/14/2017Israeli Startup Brings Life-Changing Technology to the Visually Impaired
09/14/2017WATCH: Meet a Remarkable IDF Shooting Instructor!
09/14/2017IDF Concludes Biggest Exercise in 19 Years, Prepares for War in North
09/13/2017In Stunning Color, Photos of Turn-of-Century Jerusalem Reveal Holy City as Never Before
09/11/2017IDF Teams Up with Hi-Tech Companies to Help Disabled kids
09/11/2017Israeli Aid Groups Ready to Help with Hurricane Irma Disaster
09/11/2017Israel Aids Quake-Stricken Mexico Ahead of Netanyahu’s Historic Visit to Region
09/11/2017WATCH: Arab Mob Attacks Jewish Family with Rocks in Jerusalem
09/11/2017Palestinian Authority Arrests Peace Activist for Hosting Israeli Lawmaker at his Home
09/11/2017WATCH: The Incredible Story of the Secret Map to King Solomon’s Temple
09/11/2017Will US Demand Israel Return $75 Million in Aid?
09/09/2017Jews Practice Pesach Sacrifice, Declare: We Are Ready!
09/08/2017Pioneering Israeli App Helps Visually Impaired Find Their Way
09/08/2017WATCH: Israeli Expert on Internet Security Gives Important Advice
09/08/2017WATCH: Why Didn’t Palestinians Choose Peace in 1966?
09/08/2017Volunteers in ATVs Help Secure Border
09/07/2017Conan O’Brien: Israeli Doctors Who Treat Syrian Patients ‘Deserve a Nobel Peace Prize’
09/07/2017WATCH: Blind IDF Veteran Wins Bowling Competition, Sings Israeli Anthem in Japan
09/07/2017Rivlin Condemns Palestinians’ Praise of 1972 Munich Olympics Massacre
09/07/2017In Meeting with Red Cross President, Netanyahu Slams Hamas’ ‘Unbelievable Cruelty’
09/07/2017WATCH: Muslim Arab-Israeli Teen Loves the Jewish State
09/07/2017IDF Attacks Syrian Chemical Weapons Base, Syria Threatens Israel with ‘Repercussions’
09/07/2017Israel and Macedonia Laud Close Ties Between Countries
09/07/2017WATCH: Israeli start-up streamlines sales platforms
09/07/2017Israel and US Triple Budget for Joint Energy Research & Development
09/07/2017WATCH: Israel develops purple ‘super veggies’
09/07/2017US Police Officers Learn Counter-Terror Techniques in Israel
09/07/2017Israeli forces expose Palestinian weapons factory, confiscate cash
09/06/2017Tel Aviv shines as research hotbed for corporate giants
09/06/2017Israel arrests Palestinian officer who said ‘we need Hitler’
09/06/2017WATCH: Breakthrough technologies in next-generation IDF tanks
09/04/2017BDS Fails: Israeli Exports Up 6% in First Half of 2017
09/01/2017WATCH: Chief Medical Officer, a Druze, Shares his Pride in the IDF
09/01/2017Wounded IDF Soldier Returns to Service – in a Wheelchair!
09/01/2017IDF Paves Way for New Construction on Jewish Land in Judea
08/31/2017WATCH: What’s Your Israel ‘Happy Place’?
08/31/2017Knesset member urges ‘all Israelis’ to visit Temple Mount
08/31/2017WATCH: Israeli technology allows companies to catch employees stealing data
08/31/2017UN chief gets guided tour of Hamas terror tunnel with IDF Chief of Staff
08/31/2017WATCH: UN chief visits Yad Vashem, vows to fight anti-Semitism
08/31/2017Netanyahu slams ‘fake news’ at party toast, using term coined by Trump
08/30/2017Israeli Team Sent to Texas to Provide Emergency Hurricane Relief
08/30/2017Israel seized 220 illegal Palestinian weapons since beginning of year
08/30/2017WATCH: Menacing man from synagogue surveillance video turns himself in
08/30/2017Israeli diplomats return to embassy in Egypt after 8-month hiatus
08/30/2017WATCH: Israeli minister says it’s time to apply ‘sovereignty to Judea and Samaria’
08/30/2017Jewish Hebron officially recognized as Israeli municipality, after 38 years
08/30/2017WATCH: Israeli Knesset member ascends Temple Mount, ‘happy to see Moslems praying there’
08/30/2017‘No more uprooting of settlements in the Land of Israel,’ Netanyahu vows
08/29/2017‘Jews Know What it Takes to Survive,’ Proclaim Kurds Waving Israeli Flags
08/29/2017Bloggers with Millions of Followers Experience the Real Israel, Expose the Truth
08/29/2017WATCH: British Actress Helen Mirren Defends Israel in 32 Seconds!
08/29/2017Arab-Israeli Lawmaker Fumes Over Jewish Knesset Members’ Visit to Temple Mount
08/29/2017WATCH: US Journalist Exposes Human Side of Israeli ‘Settlers’ Seeking Security
08/29/2017Netanyahu: Judea and Samaria Will Forever Belong to Israel
08/29/2017Israeli lawmakers visit Temple Mount for first time since 2015
08/28/2017WATCH: Netanyahu asks, ‘Conan who?’
08/28/2017Court trying to force Israelis to leave Hebron compound
08/28/2017WATCH: F-35 Program Demonstrates Strong US-Israeli Partnership
08/28/2017A First: Israeli Knesset Delegation Visits South Africa
08/28/2017Groundbreaking Israeli procedure monitors cancer patients without radiation
08/27/2017Iran’s new army chief: Israel won’t exist in 25 years
08/27/2017VIDEO: The Holocaust Survivor who Fought in Every Israeli War
08/27/2017Syrian rebels told to come to terms with Assad’s survival
08/27/2017Haley rebukes UN peacekeeping commander in Lebanon for ‘blindness’ on Hezbollah
08/27/2017German magazine slammed for Trump ‘Nazi salute’ cover
08/27/2017Defense Minister: No more lopsided prisoner swaps with Hamas
08/27/2017WATCH: Putin gives Netanyahu extremely rare, medieval Bible
08/25/2017Former Argentine leader joined Iran in cover-up of bombing of Jewish center
08/25/2017WATCH: ‘I never knew one could redeem the Old City of Jerusalem’
08/25/2017WATCH: Israel delivers tons of food to famine-stricken South Sudan
08/25/2017Meet First Israeli to Enter International Basketball Hall of Fame
08/25/20179-Year-Old Finds Ancient Jewish Coin Used for Holy Temple in Jerusalem
08/25/2017IDF will stop Iranian threat in Syria, declares Israeli defense minister
08/25/2017Opinion: After Charlottesville, Netanyahu’s hard choice
08/25/2017Israel arrests suspected Temple Mount terror accomplice
08/25/2017Netanyahu to Kushner: Peace with the Arabs is ‘within our reach’
08/25/2017WATCH: Trump ‘really appreciates’ Netanyahu’s commitment to peace, US-Israel ties ‘stronger than ever’
08/24/2017WATCH: These British Muslims Support Jews Praying on Temple Mount
08/24/2017US Envoy to Syria Praises Israel’s Treatment of Syrian Refugees
08/24/2017WATCH: Feel the Joy of 200 American Jews Moving to Israel!
08/18/2017Israel demolishes home of terrorist who murdered policewoman
08/18/2017Police chase after Palestinian criminals ends with 10 injured
08/17/2017WATCH: Experience the Majesty of Israel – Filmed in the Air!
08/17/2017Israel Revokes Arab’s Press Card for Supporting Palestinian ‘Resistance’
08/17/2017WATCH: How Israel’s underground wall saves Jewish and Arab lives
08/17/2017Netanyahu ‘outraged by anti-Semitism, neo-Nazism and racism’
08/17/2017WATCH: Is it safe for Israel to reopen its Cairo embassy?
08/17/2017Israel strips Al Jazeera reporter’s credentials for clear ethics breach
08/17/2017Israel demolishes terrorist’s home; victim’s widow demands death penalty
08/16/2017Israelis Raise 1 Million Shekels for Policewoman Wounded in Terror Attack
08/16/2017WATCH: Disabled Survivor of Hamas Ambush Weds, Skis, Lives Life to Fullest!
08/16/2017WATCH: How to Stand Up for Israel in Just 30 Seconds!
08/15/2017Israel rearrests radical Islamic cleric for incitement
08/15/2017World’s largest database of Jewish art launched in Jerusalem
08/15/2017WATCH: Israeli app revolutionizes the reading experience
08/15/2017Israeli Minister: Hezbollah attack on Israel will bring destruction to Lebanon
08/15/2017WATCH: Israeli basketball brings Jews, Muslims, Christians together
08/14/2017Israeli Boy with Special Needs Realizes Dream by Becoming a Cop for a Day
08/14/2017WATCH: ‘Jews Are the Root of Envy,’ Sheikh Tells Palestinian TV Audience
08/14/2017Israelis Train Palestinian Farmers to Grow Avocados
08/08/2017In bizarre twist, Palestinians demand Jordan reopen Israeli embassy
08/08/2017WATCH: Police capture rock-throwing youths at Rachel’s Tomb
08/08/2017Al Jazeera booted from Israel for supporting terror
08/08/2017Netanyahu blasts minister for ‘undermining’ him amid corruption scandal
08/07/2017WATCH: Waking Up In Jerusalem
08/07/2017On Israel’s ‘Holiday of Love,’ EMS Couples Reflect on Saving Lives Together
08/07/2017Soldier who shot wounded terrorist appeals to IDF chief for clemency
08/07/2017WATCH: Is Jared Kushner Fit to Solve the Israeli-Arab Conflict?
08/07/2017WATCH: IDF ‘Monkeys’ Drop from the Sky to Rescue Hostages
08/06/2017IDF captures Hamas drone launched from Gaza
08/06/2017Court Ruling Deals Blow to Palestinian Efforts to Restrict Jewish Population in Jerusalem
08/04/2017Israel exposes Hamas’ Turkey-Gaza-Hebron money trail
08/04/2017Justice minister moves to deduct Palestinian debt from PA’s tax revenue
08/04/2017Israeli forces bust 15 more Palestinians for Temple Mount violence
08/01/2017Israelis March Demanding Access to Temple Mount and Building of Third Temple
08/01/2017‘Unprecedented’: Over 1,000 Jews ascend Temple Mount on Tisha b’Av morning
07/31/2017Israel to Launch Research Satellite, Will Track Climate Change
07/31/2017Saudi Editor: Arabs Envy Indian Prime Minister’s Visit to Israel
07/31/2017Police net 33 arrests in Jerusalem counter-terrorism sting
07/31/2017Deceased IDF Soldier Saves 5 Lives by Donating Organs
07/31/2017Israeli reporters faced ‘lynch mob’ attack by Arabs in Jaffa
07/31/2017Netanyahu, Liberman call for IDF ‘Hebron Shooter’ to be pardoned
07/31/2017Watch: Muslim woman goes crazy as she sees a Jew drinking water from a drinking fountain at the Temple Mount
07/28/2017Arabs riot on Temple Mount after metal detectors removed
07/28/2017Knesset gives initial support for bill preventing division of Jerusalem
07/28/2017Netanyahu threatens to expel Al-Jazeera for inciting violence at Temple Mount
07/28/2017WATCH: Salomon baby named after slaughtered grandfather
07/28/2017Thousands of Muslims flood Temple Mount area, 100 injured in riots
07/28/2017Netanyahu says despicable terrorists ‘must be executed’
07/27/2017Terrorists kill 2 policemen in Old City of Jerusalem attack
07/27/2017Palestinians continued Temple Mount riots despite removal of metal detectors
07/27/2017WATCH: Proof of Biblical account of Babylonian destruction of Jerusalem
07/27/2017Bennett exposes Arab Knesset members’ ‘blood libel’ against Israel
07/27/2017Survey: 77% of Israelis oppose removing Temple Mount metal detectors
07/27/2017Netanyahu supports bill annexing surrounding towns into Greater Jerusalem
07/26/2017WATCH: IDF Soldier Outraged by Comparing Deaths of Innocents to Violent Rioters
07/26/2017Israel Dismisses Turkey’s ‘Absurd’ Accusations Surrounding Temple Mount Crisis
07/26/2017Anti-Israel Activists Prevented from Boarding Flight to Tel Aviv
07/26/2017WATCH: Metal Detectors Aren’t a Problem in Mecca…or Anywhere Else
07/26/2017Responding to Palestinian Terror, Israelis Inhabit Building in Heart of Hebron
07/26/2017Israel’s decision to enhance security at the Temple Mount is not a political issue. Rather, it’s about saving peoples’ lives, Israel’s deputy foreign minister explains to an apparently biased BBC reporter.
07/26/2017Evidence of Destruction of First Temple-Era Jerusalem Unearthed
07/26/2017WATCH: Rare First Temple-Era Papyrus Proves Jewish Ties to Jerusalem
07/25/2017Palestinian Who Slaughtered Israeli Family to Receive $3,120 Monthly from PA
07/25/2017WATCH: Rabbi Muzzled on Temple Mount for Praying in Memory of Slaughtered Family
07/25/2017Media Equates Israeli Terror Victims with Violent Palestinian Rioters Killed in Clashes
07/24/2017Terror-Stricken Israelis Establish New Community After Palestinian Attack
07/24/2017Temple Mount Crisis: It’s Not About the Metal Detectors
07/24/2017Rushing to the Scene of Terror: A Medic Recounts the Horrific Moments
07/24/2017WATCH: Israeli Dogs Train to Attack Terrorists with No Mercy!
07/24/2017Rocket fired at Israel from Gaza causes no injuries
07/24/2017Israeli forces arrest 25 Hamas members
07/24/2017WATCH: ‘Murderers will never tell us how to search for murderers’
07/24/2017Defense Minister: We can cope without PA security coordination
07/24/2017WATCH: ‘We Deserve to Feel Safe in our Homes’
07/24/2017BDS activist ignores slaughter of Jews, praises Palestinian ‘resistance’
07/24/2017Terrorist breaks into home in Samaria, murders 3 members of same family
07/24/2017WATCH: Horrific attack – what do we say to the children?
07/24/201710,000 Israelis mourn 3 Solomon family victims of terror
07/24/2017US State Dept slammed for blaming Israel for Palestinian violence and terror
07/24/2017WATCH: ‘Don’t go in there without a gun!’
07/24/2017Senior Israeli ministers demand death penalty for terrorist who slaughtered family
07/24/2017Temple Mount Incitement Spurs Continued Palestinian Riots
07/23/2017WATCH: What’s Really Happening at Judaism’s Holiest Site?
07/21/2017IDF on Alert as Temple Mount Tension Threatens to Boil Over Friday
07/21/2017Israeli UNESCO ambassador calls agency ‘full partner’ in Palestinian incitement
07/21/2017WATCH: What’s Really Happening at Judaism’s Holiest Site?
07/21/2017Israeli-Arab Lawmakers Incite Protests Against Increased Security at Temple Mount
07/21/2017WATCH: Some Muslims break boycott of Temple Mount
07/21/2017ACT NOW! Thank Radiohead for Performing in Israel and Defying the Israel Haters
07/21/2017WATCH: New footage shows how terrorists got guns onto Temple Mount
07/21/2017WATCH: Violent Arab Riots Bring Chaos to Jerusalem; Palestinian Protesters Killed
07/21/2017UWI Inspires Israeli Knesset Leaders with Massive Global Support for a United Jerusalem
07/20/2017Netanyahu slams EU and Obama in leaked conversation
07/20/2017IDF fully exposes its massive humanitarian aid program for Syrian civilians
07/20/2017Israeli students discover First Temple-era water system
07/20/2017WATCH: Jerusalem terrorist uses police vehicle for cover
07/19/2017In hot mic comments, Netanyahu lashes EU’s ‘crazy’ policy on Israel
07/19/2017Israeli lawmaker: Waqf’s control of the Temple Mount is over
07/18/2017WATCH: Israeli Arab Blasts Arab Lawmakers for Not Condemning Terror
07/18/2017Is the Israeli Air Force Starting to Operate Like a High-Tech Startup?
07/18/2017Muslims riot against new Temple Mount security measures
07/18/2017Israeli lawmaker: Waqf’s control of the Temple Mount is over
07/18/2017Israel opposes US-Russia ceasefire in Syria, noting Iran’s presence
07/18/2017Security expert warns of Iranian bases in Syria
07/18/2017Muslims protest new Temple Mount security after deadly terror attack
07/18/2017WATCH: New unrest at scene of Temple Mount shooting
07/17/2017WATCH: Islamic Activists Instigate Scuffles, Block Entrances at Temple Mount
07/14/2017WATCH: Terrorists Attack Police on Temple Mount
07/13/2017Israeli minister envisions trans-Mideast train route
07/13/2017WATCH: Israel replacing battlefield llamas with drones
07/13/2017WATCH: ‘Never Again’ will genocide befall Jews or Rwanda, Netanyahu affirms
07/13/2017Israel, Palestinians ink historic water deal
07/13/2017WATCH: Ultra-Orthodox IDF paratroopers conduct first ‘drop’
07/13/2017WATCH: Will artificial island off Gaza provide ‘gateway’ to the world?
07/13/2017Under attack, IDF forces kill 2 terrorists in Jenin gun battle
07/13/20172 Arabs charged for aiding terrorists in murder of Israeli policewoman
07/13/2017Netanyahu clear front-runner in latest Israeli polls
07/13/2017Israel denies committing to construction freeze in Judea and Samaria
07/12/2017Israelis Fight Hunger by Cracking Wheat’s Genetic Code
07/09/2017Israel earmarks UN dues for Hebron Jewish history center
07/09/2017WATCH: The Last 10 Years of Hamas Control of Gaza
07/09/2017Netanyahu conditionally supports new Syria ceasefire
07/09/2017Defense Minister: No breakthrough with Hamas on missing Israelis
07/09/2017IDF: Hamas tunnels will be ‘deathtrap’ for terrorists
07/09/2017WATCH: Netanyahu condemns UN denial of Abraham as Jewish patriarch
07/09/2017WATCH: How the UN Erases Jewish History and Legitimizes Terror
07/09/2017Netanyahu reads from Bible to prove Hebron’s Tomb of Patriarchs is Jewish
07/09/2017UNESCO Rewrites Bible: Declares Hebron is Palestinian
07/07/2017UNESCO Harming Itself with Anti-Israel Resolutions
07/07/2017WATCH: India’s sentimental attachment to Israeli terror survivor
07/07/2017WATCH: 41 years ago, Israeli commandos led by Netanyahu’s heroic brother, rescued over 100 hostages
07/07/2017Orphaned terror victim meets Indian Prime Minister in Israel
07/05/2017WATCH: Emotional footage captures new immigrants arriving in Israel
07/05/2017WATCH: Netanyahu Visits USS George H.W. Bush, Likens Israel to a Supercarrier
07/05/2017Israeli officials blast UNESCO resolution calling Israel ‘occupying power’
07/05/2017WATCH: Leader of India addresses Israelis in Hebrew
07/02/2017For 18th time in a week, IDF responds to Syrian fire
07/02/2017Netanyahu approves ‘trial run’ for Temple Mount visits by lawmakers
07/02/2017WATCH: Jewish Couple Secretly Weds on Temple Mount
06/30/2017WATCH: Israelis welcome India’s prime minister – in Hindi!
06/30/2017IDF removes PA monument to terrorist who murdered 22 children
06/30/2017WATCH: Israeli official defends Israel during Australian media grilling
06/30/2017Tension flares up between IDF and UN in Lebanon
06/30/2017WATCH: IDF Veterans Destroy Anti-Israel Activists on Campus
06/30/2017Analysis: Developments in Saudi Arabia Signal New Ties with Israel
06/30/2017WATCH: Palestinian TV Claims Israel Gives Drugs to Young Palestinians
06/30/2017Iraqi army vanquishes ISIS stronghold in Mosul
06/30/2017WATCH: Evidence reveals which color blue King Solomon wore
06/30/2017Israel pressures Hamas to release captive and remains of IDF soldiers
06/30/2017Elite IDF troops kill armed Palestinian in shootout
06/24/2017What happens when the NFL meets the IFL?
06/22/2017NFL Hall of Famers Celebrate Opening of Jerusalem Sports Complex
06/22/2017Terrorist shot dead while trying to stab IDF forces
06/22/2017Comprehensive Book on Palestinian History Published – Full of Blank Pages
06/22/2017Palestinians Name Town Square after Evil Mastermind of Massacre of 22 Israeli Children
06/22/2017Are the Palestinians Planning to Deceive the US – Again?
06/22/2017WATCH: An Important Message from a Survivor of Islamic Terror
06/21/2017WATCH: How Israel Makes the Desert Bloom
06/21/2017Trump’s Son-in-law in Israel: First Stop is Bereaved Family of Terror Victim
06/21/2017WATCH: Kushner Arrives in Israel to Boost Peace Talks
06/19/2017WATCH: Israeli video exposes Hamas’ abuse of Palestinians
06/19/2017Israel implements cut to Gaza’s power
06/19/2017WATCH: Trump’s son-in-law heads to Jerusalem for peace talks
06/19/2017Jewish student brutalized in North Korean prison dies after return to US
06/16/2017800 run in memory of 4-year-old terror victim
06/16/2017Watch: Tanzanian Amb. surprises president with Hebrew prayer
06/16/2017Parent calls class trip to Western Wall 'too political'
06/16/2017Jewish, Arab Lawmakers Clash over Terror-Funding Bill
06/16/2017Prestigious US Association Again Rejects BDS
06/15/2017The Six Day War and the Liberation of Jerusalem
06/15/2017'Netanyahu deceived us'
06/15/2017WATCH: Ivanka Trump’s Visit to Western Wall ‘Beyond Special’
06/15/2017Israel, New Zealand restore diplomatic ties after brief spat
06/15/2017WATCH: PA says Islam requires Muslims to die for Western Wall
06/15/2017Israel, Palestinians reject US claim that PA stopped funding terror
06/15/2017WATCH: Footage shows Israeli security nabbing 3 ISIS teens
06/14/2017'Netanyahu lied to Religious Zionists'
06/13/2017Nevada Becomes 21st US State to Pass Anti-BDS Legislation
06/13/2017OPINION: Trump Sends Wrong Message to the Palestinians
06/13/2017ADL Chief Duped by Radical Anti-Israel Groups
06/13/2017Family of Terror Victim Uses Damages Paid by Iran to Save Lives
06/13/2017WATCH: Global Unity Day Empowers Worldwide Jewish Community
06/13/2017Israel considers closing Al Jazeera bureau in Jerusalem
06/13/2017WATCH: A Palestinian ‘Refugee’ Speaks Up, Reveals the Truth
06/13/2017Palestinian Boycott of ‘Wonder Woman’ Exposes ‘Weakness and Fear,’ IDF Official Says
06/13/2017WATCH: Liberating the Old City of Jerusalem – A Personal Story
06/13/2017WATCH: US Taxpayers Fund Anti-Semitic Hatefest on Capitol Hill Slamming ‘Jews’ and ‘Jewish State’
06/13/2017Hamas Threatens ‘Explosion’ over Reduced Energy Supply
06/12/2017Rae Kushner helped lead a path to freedom through the longest escape tunnel of its kind in Nazi-occupied Europe
06/12/2017Netanyahu: Close down Palestinian UN agency
06/12/2017Red Cross presses Hamas to release captive Israelis, bodies of IDF soldiers
06/12/2017India rejects Palestinian Authority invitation
06/12/2017WATCH: Netanyahu wishes Muslims a Blessed Ramadan
06/11/2017'Is Ramallah afraid of Wonder Woman?'
06/11/2017'A Toldot Aharon hasid saved my son'
06/09/2017“Streaked, Speckled, Spotted”, First Jacob’s Lambs in 2,000 Years Born in Native Land
06/09/2017'We're closer than ever to a peace agreement'
06/09/2017Trump administration: No condemnation of settlement construction
06/09/2017Living Torah: There’s No Alternative to Hard Work
06/09/2017The Facts Show: ‘Israeli Occupation’ is Good for the Palestinians
06/09/2017WATCH: Celebrating Israel Can Be So Much Fun!
06/09/2017Knesset and Congress Jointly Celebrate 50 Years of Jerusalem Reunification
06/09/2017Pro-Terrorist ad in Jewish newspaper is shocking and disgraceful
06/09/2017Wonder Woman ban spreads across Arab world
06/07/2017Netanyahu to Haley: I think you're standing up for the UN
06/07/2017All IDF construction work halted
06/07/2017Netanyahu: Israel will not relinquish security control over Judea and Samaria
06/07/2017Haley arrives in Israel, has ‘no patience for bullies’ at UN
06/06/2017WATCH: Israeli Groundbreaking Technology Helps Visually Impaired
06/06/2017Netanyahu Meets with West African Leaders, Boosts Ties
06/06/2017Republic of Vanuatu Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital
06/06/2017Continuing Biblical Connection, Ethiopian PM Visits Jerusalem
06/06/2017Jerusalem Mayor to London Mayor: ‘We Stand by Your Side’
06/06/2017WATCH: Israeli app will transform your travel experience!
06/06/2017Israeli forces raid Palestinian village and seize weapons
06/06/2017Gulf Nations Cut Ties with Qatar in Move that Could Benefit Israel
06/06/2017NYC turns blue and white in honor of Israel parade
06/05/2017This Island Nation, Led by an Evangelical Christian, Just Recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital
06/05/2017Don't talk to soldiers about Israel's rights to Judea, Samaria
06/05/2017WATCH: Reporter recalls covering Israel’s historic victory in Six Day War
06/05/2017Israel’s Goodwill Gestures Send Wrong Message to Palestinians
06/05/2017Poll: Vast majority of Israelis prefer sovereignty in Jerusalem over peace deal
06/05/2017Netanyahu: London Terrorists ‘Worship Death’ but ‘Will Not Frighten Us’
06/02/2017Holocaust-era Torah scroll fragments returned to Jewish hands
06/02/2017WATCH: Israel ‘disappointed’ Trump delayed embassy move
06/02/2017WATCH: Evidence of Last Battle of Jerusalem 2,000 Years Ago
06/02/2017WATCH: Israel Prefers Diplomacy Over War, but Fights if Necessary
06/02/2017WATCH: ‘We Don’t Need Embassies in Jerusalem – the World Needs Them’
06/02/2017Palestinian Authority Forces Christians to Fast in Public During Ramadan
06/02/2017State to approve wave of construction in Judea and Samaria
06/02/2017Israeli team travels to Ramallah, makes concessions to Palestinians
06/02/2017Palestinian terrorist wounds IDF soldier in Samaria stabbing attack
06/02/2017War crimes suit filed against former Israeli minister
06/02/2017WATCH: Digging up a 4,000-year-old house near Jerusalem
06/02/2017Netanyahu: Land for peace formula ‘not right’
06/02/2017WATCH: IDF hesitates to fire on advancing female terrorist
06/01/2017Stabbing attack in Samaria - soldier wounded
05/30/2017WATCH: The Torah Tango!
05/30/2017Shavuot: A Celebration of Torah and the Totality of Jewish Tradition
05/30/2017WATCH: The Holiday of Shavuot in Just 60 Seconds!
05/30/2017Shavuot – Celebrating our ‘Victory’ over the Angels
05/30/2017WATCH: The Most Important Moment in Israel’s History
05/30/2017Jews and Arabs Agree: Jerusalem Must Remain a United City!
05/30/2017Cable car tourism project improves access to Western Wall
05/30/2017Israel appoints Druze to head ministry of communications
05/30/2017Archaeologists expose Ottoman-era well in central Israel
05/29/2017Elor Azaria court-martial appeal underway in Tel Aviv
05/29/2017Israel Condemns Muslim Terror Attack on Christians in Egypt
05/29/2017Trump to Palestinian leader Abbas: ‘You lied to me’
05/29/2017WATCH: Western Wall a monument to Jewish perseverance, Trump says
05/29/2017500,000 Names of Jerusalem Supporters Drape Old City Walls
05/26/2017I Grew Up in Chavez’s Socialist Venezuela. Here’s What I Think About the Current Crisis.
05/26/2017'I've never seen anything like this on the Temple Mount before'
05/26/2017Series of Ramadan concessions to PA and Gaza Arabs
05/26/2017Minister Katz: EU chutzpah and hypocrisy
05/26/2017'Netanyahu should have told the truth'
05/26/2017Israel Celebrates 50th Anniversary of the Liberation of Hebron
05/26/2017WATCH: Arabs steal 150 sheep in Judea and Samaria
05/26/2017Ancient pools serving Jews in Temple era discovered in Jerusalem
05/26/2017Trump, Netanyahu and Barkat Receive ‘Jerusalem Declaration’
05/26/2017Trump concluded trip to Holy Land with pro-Israel speech
05/26/2017Trump discusses peace without calling for a Palestinian state
05/26/2017Jordan: Israeli visits on Temple Mount ‘provoke’ Muslims
05/26/2017For first time, Netanyahu sees hope for peace
05/26/2017Knesset member who ‘took selfie’ with Trump annoyed Netanyahu
05/26/2017Tillerson: Trump put ‘pressure’ on Netanyahu and Abbas to revive negotiations
05/26/2017WATCH: Arab guards arrested for attacking Jews on Temple Mount
05/25/2017WATCH: Jerusalem – In the Eye of the Universe!
05/25/2017Trump’s Middle East envoy, UN ambassador on way to Israel
05/25/2017WATCH: Life in the United City of Jerusalem
05/25/2017Trump: ‘Terrible’ Nuclear Deal Has ‘Emboldened’ Iran
05/25/2017WATCH: Why Did Israel Go to War in 1967?
05/25/2017Jerusalem Experiences Significant Population Growth
05/25/2017WATCH: Jerusalem of Old, in Living Color!
05/25/2017Netanyahu: Temple Mount will remain under Israeli sovereignty forever
05/25/2017WATCH: Senator Cruz commemorates Jerusalem Day, calls for embassy move
05/25/2017Netanyahu: We Did Not Conquer Jerusalem, We Liberated It
05/25/2017In Israel, Trump Makes No Mention of Palestinian State
05/25/2017WATCH: Tens of Thousands Join in Jerusalem Day ‘Flag Dance’
05/25/2017WATCH: ‘Our History and our Destiny are in Jerusalem’
05/25/2017Israel Celebrates Jubilee Anniversary of the Reunification of Jerusalem
05/24/2017Netanyahu’s Son Met the Trumps and Noted He's Had Experiences Similar to Barron
05/23/2017Cameras Capture Personal Moment Between Trumps and Netanyahus
05/23/2017Trump: I never mentioned Israel to Russia
05/23/2017Melania Trump gets AMAZING message from Israel’s first lady
05/22/2017Arutz Sheva's Salute to Jerusalem - in pictures
05/22/2017Watch: President Trump arrives in Israel
05/22/2017Watch: MK sneaks in selfie with Trump
05/22/2017Netanyahu: Jerusalem will always be Israel's capital
05/22/2017Bennett's mid-handshake message to Trump: Recognize Jerusalem
05/22/2017'We love Israel, we respect Israel, we are with you'
05/22/2017Trump urges Mideast leaders to fight ‘crisis of Islamic extremism’
05/22/2017Hamas sentences 3 Palestinians to death for assassination of commander
05/22/2017WATCH: Trump tells Islamic summit, ‘terrorists worship death,’ not God
05/22/2017Trump and Israeli President Rivlin seek to join forces against terror
05/22/2017Netanyahu makes concessions to Palestinians before Trump arrives
05/22/2017In Israel, Trump cites ‘rare opportunity for security and peace’
05/22/2017Trump becomes first US president to visit the Western Wall
05/22/2017Attempted stabbing in Jerusalem as Trump visits Old City
05/22/2017WATCH: Walls of Jerusalem glitter with electrifying light show
05/22/2017Hamas Accuses Trump of Bias Towards Israel
05/22/2017WATCH: Trump responds to Israeli minister’s request to ‘recognize Jerusalem’
05/22/2017WATCH: Trump deep in thought as he prays at Western Wall
05/22/2017Trump in Israel to ‘Reaffirm Unbreakable Bond with Israel’
05/19/2017WATCH: Jerusalem mayor welcomes Trump to united, eternal Jewish capital
05/19/2017Trump confident he’ll make a deal; Palestinians issue demands ahead of visit
05/19/2017Netanyahu blasts Hebrew U for banning national anthem at graduation ceremony
05/19/2017Jerusalem Mayor Barkat: Move US embassy to Jerusalem!
05/19/2017WATCH: Israeli shoots his way out of attempted lynching
05/18/2017Official Trump Itinerary Confirmed: Western Wall Yes, Masada No
05/17/2017WATCH: Israel develops kit to grow vegetables at home
05/17/2017WATCH: While Countries Boycott Israel, Businesses are Running Here!
05/17/2017Historic 50-Year Celebration in Judea on Eve of Trump Visit
05/17/2017WATCH: Netanyahu Welcomes US Ambassador, ‘Appreciates’ his Visit to the Western Wall
05/17/2017US Ambassador to Israel: Trump will not demand settlement freeze
05/16/2017Rivlin to Friedman: Time to recognize Jerusalem as our capital
05/16/2017Netanyahu: Moving US embassy to Jerusalem will advance peace
05/16/2017More than 10,000 police to secure Trump in Israel
05/16/2017WATCH: New US ambassador to Israel goes directly from airport to Western Wall
05/16/2017Netanyahu slams ‘false’ Fox News report that he told Trump not to move embassy
05/16/2017‘Western Wall is not your territory,’ US official tells Israelis
05/15/2017WATCH: An Electrifying Experience of Fire and Soul!
05/15/2017Understanding Lag B’Omer: The Mystical Holiday of Holy Fire
05/15/2017Hundreds of thousands celebrate Lag B’Omer at Mount Meron
05/15/2017WATCH: What’s on the agenda for Trump’s 26 hours in Israel?
05/15/2017Netanyahu slams Jordan for backing terror attack in Jerusalem
05/15/2017WATCH: Security camera captures terrorist stabbing Jerusalem policeman
05/12/2017WATCH: Jews resettle Temple Mount area ahead of 50th anniversary of Six Day War
05/12/2017Israel 1 Palestinians 0: Israeli Teams NOT Removed from International Football
05/12/2017Living Torah: Teaching by Example
05/12/2017WATCH: Israel fights Palestinian antiquities trafficking
05/12/2017Israeli Rescue Unit Trains in US with National Guard
05/12/2017Palestinian caught trying to blow up Israeli court
05/12/2017Hezbollah in Syria is ‘big threat’ to Israel, US top general says
05/12/2017IDF general accuses left-wing group of ‘slander’ against Israeli soldiers
05/11/2017Reports: Unusual troop movements in Jordan near Syrian border
05/10/2017Netanyahu: Every country should move their Embassy to Jerusalem
05/10/2017Netanyahu and US general agree to enhance security cooperation
05/10/2017Jerusalem mayor invites Turkish president to see ‘reality on the ground’
05/10/2017WATCH: ‘Jacob’s Sheep’ are Back Home in Israel
05/10/2017Trump aims to strengthen ‘success story’ of Israel-US relationship
05/10/2017Abbas Ignores Trump’s Request, Refuses to Stop Paying Terrorists
05/10/2017Israel Slams Turkish President’s Anti-Israel Tirade as ‘Baseless Slander ‘
05/09/2017Friedman's Tweet: Fake news
05/09/2017Ministerial bill recognizes Israel as Jewish nation-state
05/08/2017'We should tell the truth: There will be no Palestinian state'
05/08/2017Trump dodges Arab trap in Ramallah
05/08/2017UK Cancels Prince Charles’ Planned Visit to Israel
05/07/2017'Prosecution lacks courage to back down'
05/07/2017Nationality Law approved in Ministerial Committee
05/07/2017Trump to visit Western Wall?
05/05/2017Embassy move nixed - or just delayed?
05/04/2017Full Recording - Israeli Declaration of Independence
05/04/2017WATCH: Israel by the numbers on its 69th birthday
05/04/2017Israel summons Swedish envoy over anti-Israel UNESCO vote on Jerusalem
05/04/2017WATCH: IDF performs moving rendition of Israeli national anthem
05/04/2017Israeli minister calls for closure of UNESCO mission in Jerusalem
05/04/2017Israel: Hamas Trying to Fool World with Revised Charter
05/04/2017‘We deny UNESCO,’ Netanyahu states upon its rejection of Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem
05/04/2017Even before meeting Trump, Abbas demands ‘state on 1967 borders’
05/04/2017WATCH: Muslim Arab-Israeli Expresses ‘Neverending Love’ for the Jewish State
05/04/2017WATCH: Trump tells Abbas to stop paying terrorists in Israeli jails
05/04/2017Israel Slams ‘Absurd’ UNESCO Resolution Denying Israeli Sovereignty over Jerusalem
05/03/2017Stabbing attack in Jerusalem foiled
05/03/2017'Israel will deduct $1 million from funds Israel gives UN'
05/03/2017'Netanyahu: Punish UNESCO'
05/02/2017Opening ceremony of Independence Day
05/01/2017'We will not allow civilians to be injured'
05/01/2017'There was blood everywhere - it was a horrible scene'
05/01/2017Watch: Memorial Day ceremony at Kfar Etzion cemetery
05/01/2017Jewish Home MK: Legacy of fallen soldiers remains with us
05/01/2017Israeli Surgeons Perform World’s First-Ever Dual Robotic Surgery
04/30/2017Hotovely: I'm waiting for Trump to announce US Embassy move
04/28/2017Watch: Israel destroys Hezbollah weapons depot in Syria during missile strike
04/28/2017Jews attacked by Arab mob - then arrested
04/28/2017WATCH: Netanyahu posts shock video to influence Trump-Abbas meeting
04/28/2017IDF official: US-North Korea tensions could impact Israel
04/28/2017WATCH: Begin’s Brilliant Rebuke to German Official Still Relevant
04/28/2017Patriot missile intercepts aircraft flying over Israel’s Golan Heights
04/28/2017Report: Trump to Visit Israel Ahead of Jerusalem Day Festivities
04/28/2017WATCH: Trump tells story of survivor who married Jewish-American rescuer
04/28/2017Report: Israel bombs targets in Syria causing massive explosions
04/27/2017Five of Israel’s latest ‘miracles’ leading up to its 69th birthday
04/27/2017World Bible Quiz contestants
04/26/2017WATCH: A Young US Immigrant to Israel is Happy to Be ‘Home’
04/26/2017Rivlin criticizes Le Pen for denying French role in Holocaust
04/26/2017WATCH: The Dirty Secret Behind the Anti-Israel BDS Movement
04/26/2017Netanyahu on Holocaust Memorial Day: Israel Can Rely Only on Itself for Defense
04/25/2017German Foreign Minister responds to Netanyahu's ultimatum
04/25/2017Serial killer on the loose?
04/25/2017Netanyahu issues ultimatum to German foreign minister
04/25/2017Tel Aviv Terrorist Entered Israel on ‘Peace Tour’
04/25/2017Holocaust Remembrance Day 2017: Focusing on the Individual Victim
04/25/2017Suspect in JCC bomb threats indicted in Israel for 2,000 incidents
04/25/2017WATCH: Netanyahu says Allies knew about Holocaust in 1942, ‘did nothing’
04/25/2017Female Palestinian Terrorist with Death Wish Attacks, Wounds Israeli Soldier
04/25/2017WATCH: ‘Never Again,’ Trump Affirms on Holocaust Memorial Day
04/25/2017WATCH: Israel pauses to remember Six Million
04/25/2017‘Four million Jews could have been saved,’ Netanyahu states on Yom Hashoah
04/24/2017WATCH: Netanyahu tells Hannity who’s fighting to be ‘king of the Islamist hill’
04/23/2017Palestinian terrorist stabs 4 in Tel Aviv attack
04/23/2017WATCH: Hotel lobby security camera captures Tel Aviv stabbing attack
04/23/2017Israel Air Force attacks pro-Assad militia in Syria
04/23/2017Israel commemorates 6 million Jewish Holocaust victims
04/21/2017'Your hero is a terrorist and a murderer'
04/21/2017'Trump WH has brought a welcome change to US policy'
04/21/2017WATCH: What is the ‘real stumbling block to making peace’?
04/21/2017US and Israel agree on twin threats of militant Islam: Iran and ISIS
04/21/2017US General: Gassing Israelis Would Be ‘Virtually Regime Suicide’ for Assad
04/21/2017Netanyahu Welcomes ‘Great Change in Direction’ of US Policy
04/21/2017Remnants of Torah scrolls from Holocaust buried in Warsaw
04/21/2017Israeli warning: Syria still has deadly chemical weapons
04/20/2017'We're not doing enough to bring the boys home'
04/20/2017Palestinian car-ramming injures 60-year-old Israeli; terrorist killed
04/19/2017NY Times Blasted for Hiding Palestinian Author’s Terrorist Murder Convictions
04/16/2017Trump: Israel a ‘Monument to Faith and Endurance’
04/16/2017Act of kindness results in brutal murder of compassionate British student in Jerusalem
04/10/2017ISIS Rockets from Sinai hit southern Israel on Eve of Passover
04/10/2017Israel set to celebrate 50th anniversary of Six Day War victories
04/10/2017Netanyahu supports Trump’s attack on Syria for ‘moral reasons’
04/09/2017Netanyahu: 'There is a price for using chemical weapons'
04/07/2017Was Christopher Columbus a Jew Led by Belief in the Prophet Isaiah?
04/07/2017With Boots on the Ground, These Millennial Pastors Are Seeing Israel Through a "Fresh Lens"
04/06/2017Soldier murdered near Ofra: Elhai Taharlev
04/06/2017Trump Middle East Summit 2017: Building 3rd Temple?
04/04/2017IDF exercise simulates ISIS infiltration
04/03/2017Netanyahu preparing package of good-will 'gestures' for PA
04/03/2017David’s Sling, Israel’s long-range anti-missile system, goes online
04/03/2017Jerusalem stabbing attack injures 3, terrorist killed
04/03/2017Israel, US reportedly suspend talks on ‘settlements’
04/02/2017Parents to Education Ministry: Don't send our girls to the IDF
04/02/2017Israel launches new anti-rocket system
03/31/2017Israel will Fight UN Ignoring Jewish Ties to Jerusalem Holy Sites
03/31/2017Israel Approves Site for New ‘Settlement’; Others Restricted as Gesture to Trump
03/30/2017PM: Israel ‘committed’ to working with Trump on peace process
03/29/2017WATCH: Canadian Indian Explains Why Jews are Indigenous to Judea and Samaria
03/29/2017Israeli Group Sues UN for Illegal Construction in Jerusalem
03/29/2017WATCH: Why Isn’t There a Palestinian State?
03/29/2017AIPAC Conference Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Liberation of Jerusalem
03/29/2017WATCH: House Speaker says ‘Trump’s commitment to Israel sacrosanct’
03/29/2017WATCH: How Do IDF Soldiers Train for Battle?
03/29/2017Advanced Hamas Rockets Pose New Threat to Israel
03/28/2017Israeli students unearth 2000-year-old Jewish town
03/28/2017Netanyahu: ‘US and Israel will stand shoulder to shoulder’
03/28/2017WATCH: Trump Seriously Considering Moving Embassy to Jerusalem
03/28/2017VP Pence: Trump and I Stand ‘Without Apology’ for Israel
03/27/2017Judea and Samaria population growth kills two-state solution
03/27/2017Hamas threatens retaliation against Israel for death of military leader
03/27/2017IDF on High Alert After Death of Hamas Commander
03/27/2017Israel Defies UN Call to Stop Building in Judea and Samaria
03/27/2017Israel’s US ambassador: No daylight between US & Israel
03/24/2017WATCH: Israelis Discover New Effective Way to Save Terror Victims
03/24/2017Senior Israeli official denies Trump restrictions on ‘settlements’
03/24/2017Israel prepares for mass war evacuations
03/24/2017WATCH: China’s wall ‘inspired’ Netanyahu to build Israel’s defense barrier
03/24/2017Senate confirms David Friedman as US ambassador to Israel
03/21/2017Israeli envoy rejects Syrian accusations on Israeli strike
03/21/2017Shin Bet: Terror attacks will intensify ahead of Passover holiday
03/21/2017WATCH: Israel threatens to destroy entire Syrian air defense
03/20/2017'There'll be attempts to carry out terror attacks on Passover'
03/20/2017Israeli delegation to resume peace talks in Washington
03/20/2017WATCH: IDF Soldiers Embrace ‘Love of Country and Service’
03/20/2017WATCH: Holocaust survivor tells incredible story of meeting Mengele
03/20/2017Israel strikes Hamas targets in response to rocket attack
03/17/2017OPINION: NY Times Journalist Lied About the Saudi ‘Peace Plan’
03/17/2017The Real Hamas: Still Committed to Killing Jews and Israel’s Destruction
03/17/2017Arab Knesset Member Who Aided Terrorists Gets 2 Years
03/17/2017PA Head Abbas Again Hosts Families of Murderous Terrorists
03/17/2017Israel’s Arrow Defense System Intercepts Syrian Missile
03/17/2017Israel shuts down PA agency that tracked land sales to Jews
03/17/2017Jordan reportedly refuses to extradite Sbarro bombing terrorist to US
03/17/2017UN Outrageously Accuses Israel of Establishing ‘Apartheid Regime’
03/17/2017Netanyahu: Israel working on ‘settlement policy’ agreement with US
03/17/2017WATCH: US furious over UN report accusing Israel of ‘apartheid’
03/17/2017Trump to maintain US aid to Israel despite budget cuts to State Dept.
03/16/2017Iranian Jewish lawmaker: Netanyahu is an ‘insane vampire’
03/16/2017WATCH: Car-Ramming Terror Attack in Gush Etzion
03/16/2017Visiting Arab Journalists Describe Israel as ‘Western and Free’
03/15/2017State secrets revealed: Bush agreed to settlement construction
03/15/2017WATCH: IDF soldiers dressed as Muslim women grab Arab terrorist
03/15/2017Israeli Defense Minister Nixes Land-for-Peace Talks, Suggests Population Swap
03/14/2017UK: Muslims outnumber Christians in dozens of church schools
03/13/2017'Israelis are human waste. We must get rid of them'
03/10/2017Poll: Netanyahu easily wins additional term as PM
03/10/2017Army to seal off West Bank for Purim
03/10/2017Christians Worldwide Proclaim Jerusalem the "Undivided Capital of Jewish State"
03/08/2017Arab hitchhiker stabs Jewish driver south of Jerusalem
03/06/2017'Trump will keep his promise to move embassy to Jerusalem'
02/24/2017Paris attack: 'The ugliest anti-Semitism is rearing its head'
02/23/2017Watch: Pence helps repair vandalized Jewish cemetery
02/19/2017Netanyahu, Trump, agree to create Judea and Samaria 'team'
02/16/2017'Trump: Good for the Jews' - Boaz Bismuth
02/16/2017Watch: Trump says parties must decide about two-state solution
02/16/2017Honor, affection, and glory
02/15/2017Netanyahu's brother-in-law sends him clear message
02/14/2017'Secretary of State Tillerson, Stop funding terror!'
02/14/2017'A Palestinian state is a bad idea'
02/13/2017Erdan: Tell the world that Israel is ours
02/10/2017"My Family Is Proud of the Declaration That Returned the Jews to Israel" Says the Current Lord Balfour
02/07/2017Supreme Court targets additional neighborhood for demolition
02/06/2017Israeli Air Force hits Hamas targets across Gaza
02/06/2017Terror gang nabbed plotting synagogue attack, kidnappings
02/03/2017Watch: Three wounded in attack near Jerusalem
01/29/2017Netanyahu: US Embassy needs to be in Jerusalem
01/26/2017Netanyahu meets with Rudy Giuliani
01/24/2017'Imagine an Israel without checkpoints from Jenin to Jerusalem'
01/24/2017Israel plans 2,500 new settlement homes in occupied West Bank
01/23/2017'Netanyahu is ruining the chance of a lifetime'
01/22/2017Is Netanyahu making excuses?
01/18/2017Israel is the legal occupant of the West Bank, says the Court of Appeal of Versailles, France
01/18/2017'This was an attack against the State of Israel'
01/17/2017'Security Council Resolution provided inspiration for terrorism'
01/17/2017UK, Australia disagree with Paris conference conclusions
01/16/2017Paris Peace Talks Were A Win for Israel Despite Being "A Last Gasp for Breath From Yesterday's World"
01/16/2017Stone-throwers target police in Jerusalem haredi neighborhood
01/16/2017Majority of Israelis want Netanyahu to remain Prime Minister
01/13/2017New York Arab student leader praises murder of Israelis
01/12/2017Major legal victory against terror
01/09/2017'This isn't about occupation - it's a clash of civilizations'
01/09/2017ISIS in the heart of Jerusalem
01/08/2017Watch: PM says terror attack inspired by ISIS
01/01/2017Bennett: We'll propose law to annex Ma'ale Adumim
12/29/2016Bennett tells Kerry: Pick up your Bible and Read it
12/29/2016Watch: Secretary Kerry says 'settlements' preventing peace
12/29/2016PM: Kerry's speech biased like the UN
12/29/2016Bennett on BBC: ''UN vote gives tailwind to terror attacks'
12/28/2016Benjamin Netanyahu responds to John Kerry and the outgoing Obama administration in fiery speech
12/28/2016Egyptian report: US led the charge to pass the UN resolution
12/28/2016YESHA Council Envoy: Kerry is a liar, he's not saying the truth
12/26/2016There is no such thing as Israel's "pre-1967 borders"
12/26/2016'Obama could harm Israel on his last day in office'
12/20/2016Israeli wounded in Berlin terror attack
12/16/2016'A great friend of Israel'
12/14/2016Two wounded in stabbing attack in Old City of Jerusalem
12/13/2016'Why on earth did Netanyahu offer Trump a Palestinian state?'
12/09/2016Shooting attacks foiled in Jerusalem
12/09/2016Israel Braces for "Tidal Wave" of Hostile UN Resolutions: "Shameful!"
12/06/2016BDS activist stopped at Ben-Gurion Airport
12/06/2016Stunning Miracle: Numbers 14 Biblical Pillar Shields Israel From the Islamic State
12/05/2016Kerry: Bennett's ideas are 'profoundly disturbing'
12/01/2016Report: Obama won't force a peace plan before he leaves
12/01/2016Posthumous honor for US officer who saved 200 Jewish GIs from the Nazis — and never told a soul
11/23/2016'Now is the time to get Trump on our side'
11/21/2016Bennett: Submarine purchase essential to Israel's security
11/18/2016'They are terrorizing the rabbis'
11/17/2016Report: PM refused Trump meeting 'so as not to embarrass Obama'
11/11/2016Israel preparing for one-sided UN Security Council resolutions
11/10/2016'Trump does not view Jewish settlement as an obstacle to peace'
11/08/2016"Abolish Western Wall arrangement"
10/21/2016UNESCO Ignorant for Denying Temple Mount Holy to Jewish People 1 Week Before Sukkot: Israeli Ambassador
10/20/2016Islam originally recognized Jews as owners of Israel
10/18/2016Anti-Israel UNESCO resolution passes again
10/11/2016Israel prepares for Yom Kippur
10/02/2016Shaked: Abbas is inciting violence and hatred
10/02/2016Netanyahu stopped Peres from establishing Palestinian state
09/28/2016Unprecedented preparations for Peres funeral
09/21/2016Accept Palestine or face ‘sea of hatred,’ Jordanian king warns Israel
09/20/2016Watch: Israeli air force shoots down unmanned Hamas aircraft
09/20/2016Israelis believe Trump better for Israel - but prefer Clinton
09/19/2016Attempted terror attack in Hevron - terrorists neutralized
09/15/2016Barak slams Israel-US defense agreement
09/14/2016BIN EXCLUSIVE: Prophetic Lost Stone From High Priest’s Breastplate Believed Found After 1,000-Year Journey
09/07/2016Most Israelis support referendum on two states
09/05/2016“Hamas Funds Terror in Judea and Samaria,” Gaza Businessman Admits
09/04/2016Netanyahu Decision to Halt Train Construction on Sabbath Causes Crisis
09/02/2016Israeli pilots return from giant US aerial exercise
09/01/2016'Israeli Air Force takes part in US drill with Pakistan, United Arab Emirates'
09/01/2016Erdogan signs bill enabling reconciliation with Israel
08/31/2016Tel Aviv is Now Capital of Israel, According to Czech Republic
08/31/2016California passes anti-BDS bill, sends law to governor for final approval
08/29/2016Report: Israel agrees to peace summit, but PA places conditions
08/29/2016Sanhedrin Appoints High Priest in Preparation for Third Temple
08/28/2016'IDF preparing for scenario in which hundreds of terrorists from Sinai attack'
08/25/2016IDF Soldiers Cleared of Alleged Crimes During 2014 Gaza War
08/25/2016After Devastating Earthquake Kills 73 in Italy, Israel Extends Offer of Help
08/22/2016As Obama prepares to betray Israel at the UN, this is Bibi’s response
08/21/2016Turkey wedding suicide bomber 'was child aged 12-14'
08/21/2016Gaza rocket explodes in southern Israel's Sderot; none injured
08/18/2016Pro-Palestinian Campus Group Collecting Lists of Jewish College Students: Report
08/18/2016India to tap Israeli radar tech to thwart terrorism in volatile Kashmir
08/18/2016Could Barak testify against Netanyahu in the Knesset?
08/18/2016“Thy Children Shall Return to Their Borders”: Israel365 Welcomes 223 New Immigrants from US [PHOTOS]
08/18/2016The Jewish woman who was nearly sold to ISIS
08/17/2016US, Israel, and United Arab Emirates Team Up for Joint Air Force Drills
08/17/2016Trump Vows to Screen Immigrants for Anti-Semitism, Keep Out Offenders
08/17/2016Major Hezbollah Terror Attacks in Israel Thwarted, Terror Cell Busted
08/17/2016Radio Station Announces Arrival of Messiah in Jerusalem
08/16/2016African-American Churches Reject Black Lives Matter "Apartheid Israel" Platform
08/16/2016Series of planned Hezbollah attacks in Israel foiled
08/16/2016Hezbollah cells in West Bank busted by Israeli security forces
08/16/2016"A House for All Believers" to Open in Jerusalem
08/16/2016King David’s Descendants Are Ready to Rebuild Davidic Kingdom in Jerusalem
08/15/2016The women waiting, and weaving, for the Third Temple
08/15/2016Jordan's King Abdullah vows to fight Israeli 'extremism' at Temple Mount
08/15/2016Hacked Soros e-mails reveal plans to fight Israel's 'racist' policies
08/15/2016Police, Palestinians scuffle on Temple Mount as Jews flock to Western Wall for Tisha B’Av
08/15/2016Clashes Erupt on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount as Thousands Gather to Mourn Destroyed Temples
08/15/2016Ben-Gurion on Israel, Peace and Back Pain: A Lost Interview Is Brought to Life
08/14/2016Watch: Arabs riot on Temple Mount during Tisha B'Av
08/14/2016Israeli-Saudi Ties Warming; Hizballah and Iran Livid
08/14/2016BREAKING—- George Soros’s Open Society Hacked and Information Leaked Online
08/14/2016Togolese President to Rivlin: “Nations of Africa Admire Israel’s Achievements”
08/14/2016Obama’s Legacy
08/13/2016US: Israeli seizure of abandoned Palestinian property ‘unprecedented’
08/13/2016WATCH: Netanyahu Says, “I Care More About Palestinians Than Their Own Government Does”
08/13/2016The third Jewish Temple is coming to your Facebook feed
08/12/2016Israeli Teenager Stabbed Near Mount of Olives Cemetery in Jerusalem, Terrorist Escaped
08/09/2016More UN Corruption and Lies as UN Employee Arrested for Aiding Hamas
08/08/2016Will Biblical Mystery Site Gilgal Reveal its Secrets Before Palestinian Dump Destroys It? [PHOTOS]
08/05/2016School to Train Levite Priests for Third Temple Service to Open in Jerusalem
08/05/2016Some good news: Terror attacks in Israel hit 10 month low in July. Here’s the latest.
08/05/2016Israel: Hamas Dominates World Vision Christian Charity, Usurping Cash, Provisions, Permits
08/05/2016Can Israel’s New Proactive UN Posture Lead to Security Council Seat?
08/04/2016Israeli Start-Up Hacks ISIS Chats and Finds Newest Target Kill Lists
08/04/2016'Foiled Jerusalem tram bombing planned by Palestinian student over Temple Mount'
08/04/2016Abbas’s Fatah Party Achievement List Includes Killing 11,000 Israelis
08/03/2016Is Israel's success against terror a model for the US Army against ISIS?
08/03/2016With bomb covered in poisoned nails, Palestinian tried to attack Jerusalem tram
08/02/2016Israeli Security Firm Wants to Help Trump Build Mexico Wall
08/02/2016Israel Gearing Up for Worst-Case ‘Day After’ Scenarios Against ISIS, Hezbollah if Russia-Brokered Syria Deal Materializes
08/01/2016Nasrallah calls out Saudi Arabia for normalizing ties with Israel
07/28/2016[Blog] Why will Gog Attack Israel?
07/28/2016You’ll Never Guess What the Dead Sea and a Woman’s Body Have in Common
07/27/2016IDF captures terrorists who murdered Rabbi Michael Mark
07/27/2016Sanhedrin Blasts UNESCO Vote Denying Jewish Connection to Temple Mount
07/27/2016Incredible Evidence of Dead Sea Coming to Life as Foretold in Ezekiel 47:9
07/20/2016Sanhedrin: UNESCO Temple Mount Vote Will Pave the Way for More Terrorism
07/12/2016Israel Operating in the Sinai - With Egypt's Blessing
07/11/2016American officials believe Netanyahu will sign MoU with Obama
07/11/2016Report: Israel has conducted drone strikes against terrorists in Sinai
07/11/2016Sanhedrin Declares Jubilee and the Third Arrival of the Jews in Israel
07/10/2016Israel-US ties are going to get stronger
07/10/2016Sanders Supporter Likens IDF to Hamas, Says Both “Kill Innocents"
07/09/2016Message to Arab states: 'Netanyahu supports 2 states, but hampered by right-wing'
07/06/2016Netanyahu to Kenya’s Christian Zionists: “We Have No Better Friends in the World Than You”
07/06/2016Rabbinical Congress for Peace Wants Netanyahu to Suspend Everybody’s Basic Rights
07/06/2016Clinton campaign slams 'hateful' Max Blumenthal comments on the late Elie Wiesel
07/04/2016When Gutsy Israeli Commandos Terrorized the Terrorists
07/04/2016Israeli minister says Facebook a 'monster', hindering security
07/03/2016Netanyahu: Israel employing anti-terror measures not used in the past
07/03/2016Israeli minister says Facebook a 'monster', hindering security
07/01/2016Looking Back on the IDF’s Miraculous and “Impossible” Entebbe Rescue 40 Years Later
07/01/2016Father murdered in front of his children in Har Hevron shooting
07/01/2016ISIS Gearing Up to Attack Israel
06/30/201613-Year-Old Jewish Girl Stabbed to Death While Sleeping in Her Bed
06/30/2016After West Bank attack, Netanyahu implores world to pressure Palestinians to condemn terror
06/25/2016Abbas: Stop global terrorism by ending the 'Israeli occupation of Palestine'
06/25/2016Son of Hamas commander gives an EPIC speech that will BLOW you...
06/23/2016Abbas: Israel is committing mass-murder
06/22/2016After Obama touts military gains, US officials warn campaign against ISIS could backfire
06/21/2016Is Israel Engaged in a Holy War Commanded by God?
06/21/2016Israel slams EU backing of international peace conference
06/21/2016Rare Summer Solstice Marked by “Strawberry Moon
06/21/2016Israeli Minister Proposes an Artificial Island Harbor in Gaza "Not Promised by God to Anyone"
06/20/2016BDS activists 'evict' Jews from US campuses
06/20/2016US House of Representatives approves defense aid increase for Israel despite Obama Administration opposition
06/20/2016Government to pass new holiday: 'Aliyah Day'
06/20/2016Israel’s New Stealth Jets Will Transform IAF Combat Strength
06/15/2016Obama Rejects Increased Missile Defense Aid to Israel
06/15/2016Senior Hamas member defects to Israel
06/15/2016White House rejects increased Israel missile defense funding
06/15/2016The Art of Baking Biblical Bread: Preparing for the Third Temple
06/15/2016Netanyahu slams 'misleading' reports of US aid cut
06/14/2016MKs may be allowed visit Temple Mount after Ramadan
06/14/2016PM Netanyahu Meets Ambassadors from NATO Member States
06/14/2016All-Powerful IDF Stops Terrorism in its Tracks
06/13/2016Historic Jerusalem Conference Strives to Bring Reconciliation to All 12 Tribes After 2,000 Years
06/12/2016The unhappy new normal in the Middle East