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Southwest Prophecy Ministries

In 2015, Doc Marquis was one of the founding partners of Southwest Prophecy Ministries. He did not have to get involved, but he did. Doc helped in many ways to promote and establish this new ministry. It is now time for Southwest Prophecy Ministries to step up and be of service in perpetuating Doc Marquis’ life work, which includes the marvelous DVDs which he created. I truly believe that the content of Doc’s videos are uniquely valuable for discerning “the secrets of the Illuminati.” No one knew the Illuminati like Doc and he was fearless in exposing their dark secrets.

Therefore, I have partnered with Doc’s estate in distributing all of Doc’s DVDs. Doc’s friend Tom will continue to produce the videos and we will distribute them from our office in Oklahoma City. We are going to continue offering these videos at the price Doc established ($19.95) to make them affordable to all. You may obtain Doc’s videos by going to and clicking on the BOOKSTORE link on the homepage. You may also click on a link on the homepage of Doc’s website: This will also take you to the Southwest Prophecy Ministries website. Thank you for your partnership as we seek to extend the legacy of truth that Doc gave over 30 years of his life to create.

Dr. David Schnittger, President
Southwest Prophecy Ministries