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How Close Are We?

You may obtain Doc’s videos by going to and clicking on the BOOKSTORE link on the homepage.
WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THIS PLANET? Seriously, what has been going on within the last 7 years? Rivers and lakes are seemingly turning into blood, plagues of locusts and frogs take over and destroy whole towns and areas, huge hailstorms devastate everything they come in contact with, the moon is turning into blood, and other plague-like events continue to occur.

Asteroids, comets and meteors are hurling past the earth in record breaking numbers. Any of which could cause an "Extinction Level Event" to happen. And what's really frightening is that so many of those heavenly objects that could destroy us are only being seen "after" they've passed us.

God's creation is in a state of sheer rebellion! Volcanoes appear to be erupting all over the planet, earthquakes are happening in diver places, dust storms are blanketing the planet, and so many of these events scientists cannot explain. Even cosmic signs are appearing which are making everyone wonder "What is going on?"

In this DVD, "How Close Are We?" Doc Marquis shows us so much of what he had forewarned us back in 2010 and why these events would occur. Next he takes us into the Holy Bible and shows us the warning signs and pre-signs of those events we were instructed to keep an eye out for. Then once we've connected all the pieces together Doc will show us, in his humble opinion, just how close we are to the next Rapture and the imminent return of Jesus Christ in the clouds where we shall all meet Him and be taken home with Him to heaven. This is truely one of those DVDs you don't want to miss out on.

2 DVD set, nearly 3 hours long