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There Were Giants In The Earth

You may obtain Doc’s videos by going to and clicking on the BOOKSTORE link on the homepage.
In this riveting DVD, "There Were Giants in the Earth", former Illuminati witch, Doc Marquis, falls back on over 50 years' worth of ocult knowledge and takes us back to the ancent days when giants walked upon the earth. Step by step Doc reveals that ancient giants were responsible for the creation of ancient, megalithic stone circles and then shows us the direct connection between them and modern-day crop circles. Then using his vast occult knowledge, Doc will show us that not all crop formations are created equal. Using one startling example after another Doc will show us, through various crop formations, that aliens could not be responsible for their creation. That there is something very diabolical, something very occultic going on with crop formations.

There is an element, an occult element which no researcher in the past has ever really considered in relationship to giants, and it's this paticular element that is missing from the equation that will prove, once and for all, that there is a direct kinship between ancient giants and so-called aliens from outer space.

Using never before seen footage, Doc will reveal the missing element in a way never done before in human history. Pastors have preached about such things, lay folk have wondered about such things and theologins are going to split theological hairs over what shall be revealed in the last section of this exciting DVD. Once again, Doc delivers the facts and all the necessary evidence to go along with those facts.

2 DVD set, nearly 3 hours long