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Dark Rites And Rituals At The Bohemian Grove

The Bohemian Grove! Strange and mysterious place located on 2700 acers in the thick forest of Monte Rio, CA

The Bohemian Grove! Where Presidents, Princes, Nobility and Government officials from across the globe meet in secret.

The Bohemian Grove! An enigmatic place where members meet every year for two to three weeks during the summer months and worship in front of a 40 foot illuminati owl.

Who are these global power brokers that are determining the course of global policies, national and internatinal finacnes, and what secret projects had they designed and approved while at this illuminati summer camp? And are they predetermining who will become Presidents, Heads of State, and other offical positions?

The "Cremation of Care" Ritual; is it truly an occult ritual, and is it a genuine, Illuminati Ritual of Human Sacrifice?

National/Internatinal lecturer, producer, television/radio personality, and author Doc Marquis once again falls back on his days as a 7th generation witch in the Order of the Illuminati and throws open the front doors to the Bohemian Grove to give us all a deep look into the dark world of covert plans, hidden agendas and occult rituals at the heart of the Bohemian Grove and how they affect the lives of ordinary people throughout the world.

Just when you think you know all there is to know about the Bohemian Grove, Doc Marquis comes along and gives you another lesson from a "former insider's perspective"!
You may obtain Doc’s videos by going to and clicking on the BOOKSTORE link on the homepage.

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