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Conspiracy Con 2012

After more than a decade’s worth of Conspiracy Con gatherings you would think that some of the luster and excitement about “Conspiracy Con” would’ve waned. But, not so! Once again Brian Hall had risen to the challenge and produced yet another success: this time at “Conspiracy Con 2012”.

As always, professionalism was the mainstay in which Brian coordinated and ran this event. The speakers, too numerous to go into, pulled out presentation after presentation and riveted their audience with very informative and exciting materials.

For me, the one speaker which really stood out and touched me deeply was Deborah Tavares and her presentation on “Smart Meters”. Her presentation was not only brilliantly put together and explained, but it was also outshined by her depth of sincerity which was genuinely palpable as she gave her lecture. And even after her lecture, Deborah’s sincerity did not wane; in fact, it only grew in intensity as the sun at high noon with everyone she had spoken to.

Deborah, simply another mom in California, became aware of the “legal”(?) “Smart Meters” being forced upon average CA citizens, took it upon herself to sound the warning cry and all of its hidden dangers. Such a daunting and frightening task brought out the sleeping giant within her and, to this very day she boldly stands up and cries out “NO!”; this cannot be tolerated. And for those of you who are unaware of Deborah’s herculean stance against “Smart Meters”, I urge you to look into it on Yahoo and other places and learn the heinous truth for yourself.

Then there was Dr. Stan Monteith. That’s really all I need to say. As always, he gave an amazing presentation; this time on “Agenda 21: The Master Plan to Destroy Civilization”. Always expect nothing but nuggets of gold wisdom to come from this Man of God. Avail yourself to his presentation once it has become available on DVD.

Brian Hall. Sincere, genuine, and concerned. These are three of the best words I could ever use to describe Brian and his heartfelt concern as the movers and shakers of the New World Order continuously try to ensnare us all. Dauntlessly he continues on, year after year, producing and directing “Conspiracy Con” in the hopes of making everyone of us aware of the truth of what’s really going on out there. And every time I have met, or spoken for him, I am so very proud of his unrelenting stance against those who would seek to enslave us all, his unwillingness to bend in the face of such overwhelming odds and his gut wrenching determination to stay the course no matter what the cost.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you “Conspiracy Con 2012: The Success Continues”!